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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  April 25, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> now on "action news," the blitz is on before the nfl draft. we're live along the parkway where those final preps are now under way. >> a korean war veteran comes under attack. philadelphia police release new video in their search for the attacker. >> steady rain will be moving in for the second half of your morning commute and you know what, it's going to stick around all day long. >> going to be one of those days. good morning, everyone, 5:30 on this tuesday april 25th. karen is in for david and we have matt pelman. good morning. >> a rainy chilly day and add the wind too. not feeling very pretty. let's start off with your local view of storm tracker6 live double scan where we can track this band of rain that already moved, in the process of moving through the city lifting to the north. you're really wet in malvern. that's one of the areas you have the areas of yellow indicate something good downpours. in norristown it's just beginning and we can see in jenkintown and willow grove it's wet. lifting through north
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philadelphia and florence township and trenton it's wet right now but this isn't the steady rain as we can see. let's show you storm tracker6 live 3-d. we see this one band of rain lifting through here. the other showers and periods of rain are a bit further down to the south but all of this is working its way into our region today t let's show you the motion here of satellite6 and action radar. stuck in the clouds. you've got this on-shore flow. we continue to have these periods of rain through the morning. currently 53 degrees right now in philadelphia. 47 in mount pocono. 54 in millville. temperatures aren't budging very far today. it's kind of a chilly day. we're staying in the 50's. periods of rain. add a chilly wind and it's just nasty. looks like the heaviest rain will be late this morning into the later afternoon hours. kind of a shrug of moisture working its way through. we'll slow you -- show was that looks like on future future tracker6 and when we'll see sun again. but it's in that seven day.
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>> the nfl draft preparations it was pouring a half hour ago as you know, karen, not pouring anymore so we've got that going for us here on eakins oval but not a whole lot else because all the new closures went into effect overnight. so, once you get out of the oval, both drives of the parkway in both directions are now blocked. we've got kelly drive blocked off by the backside of the art museum at fairmount avenue. mlk drive is blocked most of the time at sweetbriar but will not be blocked for the morning commute and tomorrow morning's commute. same with spring garden street. so if you want to take mlk or spring garden to get to 24th and the vine street expressway on the -- that would be the west side of the oval, you can still do that this morning and tomorrow morning. otherwise, local streets all around the parkway are closed and katherine scott is going to have more coming up in just a bit. on the major highways dealing with wet conditions now but still good speeds along 95 and the schuylkill and it's extra wet in southwest philadelphia. action cam is on the scene of a big water main break. a lot of water still coming out of the ground.
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we're still waiting on the water department to turn off the valve. this is the intersection of 58th street and chester of a close to francis myers park. still a ton of water bubbling up there. the streets are flooded. stay at least several blocks away coming back out here 54th and woodland could be alternates. fifty-eighth and chester is that intersection to avoid. tam. >> all right, thank you, matt. let's get back to the nfl draft. the final road closures for the draft went into effect overnight. between the gridiron and the gridlock there's a lot going on around the ben franklin parkway. that's where we find "action news" reporter katherine scott she's got the latest on the preps and katherine, we should remind people it's not all bad. there's some good stuff coming today, too, related to the draft. >> reporter: there is some time for fun today, that's the good news tam but in the meantime before that happens, probably best to just avoid this area. there are so many restrictions in place around here it real is difficult for drivers to get around in this area so take another route, if you can and you can see here are the closures along the ben
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franklin parkway here. we're at 22nd street. you can see there's tents and there's fencing and there's barricades. there's all sorts of things along the parkway. you can barely see it. but as for that little fun we mentioned the community kickoff takes place today. that's happening in society hill this afternoon. but here on the parkway the work continues. >> it's massive. i can't believe how big it is. it goes back like five months ago. >> reporter: the stage is nearly set. the nfl draft begins thursday. last night at 7:00 the city closed the inner lanes of the ben franklin parkway. the outer lanes were already shut down last week. workers are in the final stages of preparations and the excitement system building. >> it's exciting. there's a lot going on this weekend. we have the penn relays. we have, you know, the draft obviously. it's pretty cool to see the setup. >> reporter: but the enthusiasm is not universal as traffic restrictions get tighter and mobility more limited. barricades and equipment are set up up and down the parkway. >> it's like so much chaos, so much before it's actually
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happening. >> it's not fair to the people who live here. i mean, they could have done things differently. >> we had the pope, we had the dnc. we can handle it. it won't be that bad at all. >> reporter: live along the parkway where you can see a lot of restrictions are in place. that massive stage is up by eakins oval. today's community kickoff takes place in society hill. it's over at star garden park. ron jaworski the mayor representatives from the nfl will be there and after the press conference the nfl will be hosting a flag football league little fun with some kids from a local elementary and middle school. we are live along the parkway, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> okay, thank you, katherine. stay with "action news" for complete live coverage of the nfl draft. our sports and news teams will be broadcasting on the ben franklin parkway. we'll also have a team in our studio at the embassy suites which will offer you a bird's eye view. >> ♪ >> time is now 5:35. testimony is set to resume in the case of the camden county father charged with killing his toddler son.
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prosecutors say david creato jr. murdered brendan creato to keep his teenaged girlfriend from leaving him. brendan was found partially submerged in a creek in a wooded area in cooper river park more than a half mile from his father's apartment. a judge barred members of the media from observing the jury's upcoming visit to the crime scene. creato's lawyer told jurors there is a complete lack of evidence in the case. a korean war veteran fell victim to a desperate criminal who was willing to follow the man from a corner store and attack him inside his house all for a few lottery tickets. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live at southwest detectives with that story. jeanette. >> reporter: matt, the search is on this morning for the man behind this attack. william ravenell says he first bumped into the man at the corner store when the suspect asked him for money. he would later find him again, this time in his home. this surveillance video captures the moment a brazen
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suspect sets his eye on his uneasessing victim. william ravenell was buying lottery tickets at a convenience store along 60th and market. here you can see the 86-year-old walk over to the register tickets in hand. he has no idea he's being closely watched by the suspect who is that patiently waiting outside of the store for him. he would later follow ravenell home where they would have a violent encounter. >> he asked me for a couple dollars and i told him all right. i came in the house and i brought the scratch ons, i brought them with me and then this fellow came in and he got me down. >> reporter: the 86-year-old is ambushed. the suspect repeatedly punches his frail victim in the face and jaw. ravenell's 83-year-old wife darts up from the basement. >> she would you going get some help but he pushed her away. >> he didn't need to take that kind of force and then go a
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step further and grabbed the wife by the throat and throw her down and use a knife. onuses assembly. >> reporter: the suspect got away with the tickets. ravenell says he doesn't know the man but police say he may be a familiar face in the area and someone may have seen him. >> i'm very bitter with him. he had no -- has no business being on the streets. >> reporter: and ravenell says aside from some pain in his jaw, he is doing okay. police say someone in that area might be able to lead them to the suspect. anyone with information is encouraged to contact authorities. tam. >> thank you, jeanette. new this morning, fire gutted an suvly in philadelphia's hunting park section. the vehicle burst into flames at west venango and north warnock streets around 2:00 this morning. crews quickly knocked down the fire. no injuries were reported and officials have not said if the fire was an accident or if they think it was set on purpose. >> rain starting to arrive and karen you say it might be enough to cause some problems
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today. >> yes, currently along the coast where we have that coastal flood advisory goes until 6 o'clock tonight for the rain and the on-shore flow, it's kind of a double whammy there at the coast. let's take a look right now at storm tracker6 live double scan and we can see that we've got a good amount of rain moving through the area. move through the city now. in downingtown and coatesville you're almost done with this round as well as in malvern but it's still wet in norristown jenkintown and willow grove. we're dry currently in center city. and in trenton the last of those showers lifting up towards lansdale, doylestown and pottstown. but don't worry, there's more behind it. let's go on outside right now and show you what it looks like. sky6 looking live in penn's landing where we have lots of clouds. it's a damp out there right now and with periods of rain moving through for your morning commute. the temperature is 53 degrees, the dewpoint 51 the pressure is falling. the winds are northeasterly sustained at 13 miles per hour but we could see gusts up to 35 miles an hour during the day. the ocean temperature
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53 degrees. let's show you what it looks like right now on satellite6 and action radar and you can see these periods of rain. so, the current batch of rain right here through the city. not a lot just behind it but it's kind of pulling off the coast so we'll see a few rounds of rain and then steadier rain when this arrives down to the south. i've got a wider view of this. look at that area of low pressure sitting and spinning. it's been slowly moving up the coast bringing all of this rain into our area today and tonight so we're really getting hit with it today. so, today's high will be 58 with periods of rain. at 8:00 a.m. 54. by 10:00 a.m., 57. sometime later morning into the evening hours we get a chunk of steady rain moving through. at lunchtime 57. then with that that steady rain temperatures may dip a little, kind of waffling in the low to mid-50's. by 3:00 p.m., 55. back up to 58 degrees at 6 o'clock today. let's show you what it looks like on future tracker. this is 11:30 this morning and we see that steady rain moving in especially south and east of the city. we advance this to 3 o'clock.
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you're still in it. look at the areas of orange and even red showing some really good downpours at times with this rain. this is 7:30 tonight. i know the phils play tonight and it looks like they certainly could at least have a rain delay. check in with that. then we watch it change to showery on and off. tomorrow a few showers left over and lots of clouds but in time for day one of the nfl draft on thursday, we get the rain out of here, introduce sunshine and warmer temperatures. so, things will be looking good for you for thursday's nfl draft and the penn relays. let's start with your exclusive accuweather 7-day. today periods of rain, a chilly wind, 58 degrees for your high. wettest seems to be late morning into the afternoon, early evening hours. and then wednesday morning drizzle, some low clouds, peaks of sunshine by day's end, 68 degrees. wednesday's kind of a transition day. by thursday, it's turning warmer, 80 degrees. clouds and sunshine, looking good. friday partly sunny 84. then we really heat things up. saturday we're chasing the
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record high of 90. 89 degrees for our forecasted high. sunday warm and humid, 86. chance for a shower or a thunderstorm. monday stays warm, 80 degrees chance for a shower or a thunderstorm. so, look at the temperature range. i always like to do this, right because it's been crazy. 58 to 89. >> wow. >> we are heading -- >> quite a big range. >> thank you, karen. 5:42 right now and next we have new video that shows the moment an earthquake rattled chile. >> also a montgomery county girl's kind gesture is cherry is bringing smiles to police departments around the country. matt. >> very wet in malvern chester county tam and a vehicle lost control. it's now facing sideways in the southbound lanes of 202 here by route 29. it's right in the curve, so dangerous situation. we'll keep watching this anew crash in burlington county when "action news" continues on this tuesday morning. >> ♪
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we do business where you do business. >> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here philadelphia international airport. you can see the tarmac here is wet. we're dealing with rain today. the high will only get up to 58 degrees. >> as the traffic builds, matt, well, could be some problems along the roadways today. >> yes, especially with the wet conditions. we're slip sliding away
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already out here, matt and tam, in chester county. this is malvern. southbound lanes of 202 right here and this vehicle spun out, lost control. you can see it now facing sideways here in the southbound lanes by route 29, the great valley exit and it's kind of in the curve here so vehicles are flying along, at the last minute seeing this car facing sideways in the southbound lanes and hitting their brakes and trying to go around at the last minute its a very dangerous situation here on the southbound side of 202. we'll keep watching it but if you're heading south on 202 toward exton, please watch out for this guy facing sideways. luckily here come emergency crews as we watch live, the ambulance and possibly fire truck pulling up to the scene. 202 southbound by route 29 in malvern by the great valley exit, it's a changing situation now with emergency crews arriving on the scene. elsewhere in chester county with the waze app getting reports of an object on the road. this is route one the oxford bypass as you head southbound near west nottingham. watch out for that if you're
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headed to herr's potato chips. that spot in chester county, this is this 1202 southbound near 29 emergency crews now on the scene of the crash. but elsewhere you want to use 202 in bucks county, starting at 7:00 this evening, the new hope lambertville bridge is closing for construction until tomorrow afternoon so 202 going to be the way to get around that. in burlington county, getting word of a new crash along 130 at neck road by wheel works and in mount holly don't forget these days from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., woodlane road is closing for construction all week. high street gets you around that. let's take you outside one last live look at the water main break in southwest philadelphia at 58th and chester. it's a mess of a situation with detours on the route 13 trolley. matt. >> thank you, matt. the state of arkansas completed the nation's first double execution in 17 years overnight. jack jones and marcel williams
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were both convicted murderers and were executed by lethal injection. attorneys for williams convinced a judge to briefly delay his punishment in a concern over how jones' execution was carried out. arkansas governor asa hutchinson set an aggressive and schedule for death sten tenses because a state supply of a lethal injection drug is set to expire at the end of the month. a powerful earthquake struck off chile's central coast last night. the magnitude 6.9 quake was centered in the pacific. buildings swayed in the capitol of santiago 70 miles to the east. no major damage or injuries have been reported so far and authorities ruled out the possibility of a tsunami. >> a stuffed moose from montgomery county has made its way to ohio. mr. moosey is now with the cincinnati police department. five-year-old mackenzie brown
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gave the toy to towamencin police officer james gibbous during a traffic stop back in december. the child said she wanted the officer to have it help keep him safe. gibbous shared it with other police and fire departments. mr. moosey has made his way to illinois, new jersey, massachusetts and the new hampshire. >> ♪ (dog) yeah, these new beneful break-n-bites are great. they'll break off a couple if you sit, you stay. but if you want all four, mmmm... you gotta get cute. you gotta let a baby sleep on your belly. (vo) new beneful break-n-bites,
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maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx >> actress faye dunaway is talking about this year's botched best picture announcement. dunaway says she thought co-presenter warren beatty was joking when he paused before showing her the envelope. dunaway mistakenly announced "la-la land" as the best picture winner at the 89th academy award. the official had given her and beatty the wrong envelope
5:52 am
backstage. actually it was "moonlight" that was the winner. dunaway says she later felt guilty because she thought she could have done something to prevent the debacle. karen and i agree you just read the movie title. you don't look at anything else. >> they might be more used to reading a line whereas a news anchor would be used to thinking it through. >> interpreting. >> but i still would think with the millions and millions of eyes on you, that would be a little bit of a nerve wracking moment. >> they should give them the line beforehand like they're used to doing. >> let's head outside. we're starting to see a line of traffic develop here along 202 southbound side getting by this accident scene by route 29. more emergency crews are on scene now. the vehicle spun out, it's facing sideways, hopefully out of here but for now restrictions on 202 southbound. more and more restrictions around the art museum so that means a bunch of septa bus detours and the 13 trolley is not running between yeadon and the darby loop because of that huge water main break at 58th and chester. shuttle buses are running between the 40th street portal and yeadon.
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karen. >> it was dreary yesterday but heavier heavier rain today. storm tracker6 showing this band of rain moving through south jersey and the city and now we can see it's in norristown and areas north. in malvern you're pretty dry. it's really wet in pottstown, doylestown lansdale and new hope. trenton you're dry. it's north of you. there's more coming.we'll see pf rain, it's chilly and the wind is an issue today. a raw northeasterly wind. philadelphia and inland sustained 12 to 20 miles per hour but we could see gusts up top 30 miles an hour or so. along the coast 40 to 45 miles an hour gusts. that's why they have a coastal flood advisory going into effect at 6 o'clock tonight for minor coastal flooding tam. >> thank you, karen. and you can always get that seven-day forecast and a live look at storm tracker6 double scan radar any time of day that you need it. it's right there on our web site. just go on over to >> princeton police are looking for a man who followed a woman into a restaurant
5:54 am
bathroom. this is a surveillance picture of the suspect. he was at triumph brewery late sunday night. the woman says he followed her into the ladies' room and peaked at her through a crack in the stall door. the man was gone by the time police arrived. >> ♪
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>> a money at a health expert is among the witnesses expected to testify for the defense today in the penalty phase of the eric frein trial. a pike county judge rejected a request for an emergency competency evaluation yesterday. the 33-year-old convicted cop killer had to be carried out of court. his lawyer says frein is refusing to walk or talk and seems to be in a stupor but prosecutors are calling it all an act. frein was couldn't be visibilityd of capitol murder last week in the ambush that killed pennsylvania state police corporal bryan dickson and wounded trooper alex douglass. >> two bucks county police officers paid a visit to the newborn baby who they helped bring into the world. jennifer diaz started experiencing intense contractions late thursday night. she and her husband jumped into the car and headed to doylestown hospital but they knew they weren't going to make it. so they called 911 and pulled into a parking lot off route 313. the officers arrived and helped therefore baby jace safely. and were able to visit the newborn along with the rest of the diaz family. >> very nice.
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5:57. next and new this morning, firefighters pull a man out of a burning home in delaware. we have an update on the victim's condition. >> shoshana grabs her mat for a move that will tone two problem areas at the same time. today's fitness tip is next.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley it's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday april 25th. here's what's happening. >> we're just two days away from the nfl draft. today the city gets the party started a little early. but it is going to mean some more closures. we'll tell you how that will impact your morning commute. >> breaking news. rain is falling and water is flowing from the middle of a southwest philadelphia street due to a water main break. >> so, grab t


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