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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  April 25, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley it's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday april 25th. here's what's happening. >> we're just two days away from the nfl draft. today the city gets the party started a little early. but it is going to mean some more closures. we'll tell you how that will impact your morning commute. >> breaking news. rain is falling and water is flowing from the middle of a southwest philadelphia street due to a water main break. >> so, grab that umbrella. it is going to be a wet day
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with a chance of some heavy downpours. we're timing it all out for you. >> matt pelman joins us and karen is in for david. she's testing things out for us outside. good morning. >> yeah and it's windy out here right now and a chilly damp wind at that. we had a band of rain that moved through the sitting now hitting reading. we can see this on storm tracker6 live double scan. if you're in south jersey, in philadelphia you're dry even now in trenton but you can see that rain hitting pottstown on 422. it's north of malvern and norristown and willow grove right now. in doylestown you're wet, in new hope and north of trenton right now. that was just band number one. we'll see more bands of rain kind of pulling in off the ocean so these bands that you see are lifting out to the northwest. that heavier rain is still down to the south. that's going to hit us a little later this morning. so, 53 degrees right now in philadelphia. feels windy and damp and chilly. 54 in allentown. 53 right now in millville and temperatures really aren't budging. we're staying in the 50's today. at 7:00 a.m., 53 degrees.
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i think the shrug of steadier rain happens late this morning through the evening hours so noon, 3:00 5 o'clock and temperatures will dip a little bit in the afternoon when that heavy rain is coming down. you'll stay in the 50's today. at 5 o'clock still raining pretty hard in spots and 58. at 7 o'clock, it will be 58 and it might be breaking back up to periods of rain so rainy with a chilly wind, a high of 58. i'll time this out with future tracker and we will talk about when we finally see the sun again and i'll see if i could fix my hair before we do that. back to you, matt. >> seems like the results of your test might be that it's not the best morning to be hanging out outside but good morning to you anyway. also not the best morning to go for a drive around the art museum because yes, karen, more closures did take effect overnight here by eakins oval. this is where spring garden street mlk drive the ben franklin parkway come together by the art museum. what we have seen are a few cars this morning coming off of spring garden coming off of mlk drive heading toward 24th street and the vine
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expressway. you can still do that during the heart of the morning rush today and tomorrow. end of the week you won't even be able to do that. what is blocked this morning are both drives of the parkway, kelly drive on the backside of the art museum at fairmount, numbered streets, et cetera. katherine is going to have more coming up on all that in just a minute. otherwise roads are wet. we've seen a bunch of accidents like one on 95 southbound side in south philadelphia just off the girard point bridge. left lane is out of commission. police and penndot are on the scene and it is a slow go as you head southbound toward the airport. just to the north of that, we're still watching a massive water main break in southwest philadelphia. action cam is on the scene here at the intersection of 58th and chester close to francis myers park. they still haven't turned off the water. police are out here but the water is still bubbling up from the ground. several blocks away streets are closed so i would try and stay many block blocks away if you can. fifty-fourth and woodland some possible alternates. fifty-eighth and chester is this intersection we're looking at in southwest
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philadelphia. back out here with one more accident in burlington county, it's 130 southbound at neck road. some congestion there as a result. matt. >> thank you, matt. the nfl draft is on thursday. the city of philadelphia has spent months preparing to showcase itself to football fans across the world. now it is time to kick off draft week. "action news" reporter katherine scott who is our number one pick out of harvard university joins us live from the parkway to help us do that. hey, katherine. >> reporter: hey, matt, i think you can probably do better but as far as what's happening here today, the work continues along the parkway. it is a community kickoff. now, the community kickoff for the draft isn't taking place here its actually taking place in society hill but you can see that they are in full swing getting ready for the draft on thursday. roads are closed here. there are a lot of traffic restrictions. you do want to avoid this area, if you can. you can see there's so many tents, lots of equipment, the fencing set up. the big stage is over on eakins oval up the street here from where we are but the
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inner and outer lanes of the ben franklin parkway are closed. as work continues here today over at star garden park in society hill there will be time for play. it's the nfl draft community kickoff and ron jaworski the mayor school district superintendent and representatives from the nfl will be there. little bit of found get this week going. after the press conference the nfl is going to host a flag football clinic for fruits mccall elementary and middle school weather permitting but on the parkway here this massive setup will continue today. of course it's in the final stretch after weeks of work. the community has been watching everything going up over the last few weeks. some more enthusiastic about it than others but the big day, of course, is on thursday. we're live along the parkway, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> thank you, katherine. our coverage continues at draft or you can access it through our mobile sites. you can get on the iphone or android devices. you can also take a look at the history of the draft in philadelphia.
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>> ♪ >> it is 6:05 and new this morning, an 87-year-old is in critical condition injured in a house fire in wilmington. the delaware state marshall is now trying to figure out what caused the fire in the first place. flames startd the shootinged shooting from the home just after 10:00 on the unit block of belmont drive. firefighters were able to pull the victim out of the home. he was later taken to crozer medical center. an elderly couple in west philadelphia got some violent treatment from a man who stalked them all the way home and then robbed them. police have released surveillance video. 86-year-old william ravenell says the man followed him from the store to his home near 60th and market streets. he says the same man then barged into his home and attacked him and his 83-year-old wife. the suspect took off with $60 worth of lottery tickets. we're going to have much more on this story coming up in a live report. >> ♪ >> president trump prepares to mark 100 days in office this weekend and there may be a little less concern this morning that the milestone could coincide with a u.s.
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government shutdown. the president is backing off his demand that that funding for a wall on the mexican border must be included in the funding bill needed to prevent a government shutdown. congress has to pass that bill by the end of this week before the government runs out of money on saturday. president trump says funding for that wall can be resolved later in september. the entire u.s. senate will visit the white house tomorrow to be briefed on north korea. there have been reports overnight that north korea conducted a large live fire drill that involved up to 400 artillery pieces. it happened after a u.s. submarine pulled into a south korean port. south korea fears the north could mark today's 85th anniversary of the korean peoples army by holding another missile test. >> general motor center city getting no relief from the supreme court. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square with more on that and other stories. goodgood morning, maribel. >> reporter: hey, good morning tam. general motor loss have to face lawsuits tied to its ignition switch defect after
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the supreme court declined to consider an appeal from gm. the argue maker argued its bankruptcy created a new company and claims from before that could not be filed. the decision by the supreme court could expose gop new liabilities for the defect that killed at least 124 people. stocks rallied yesterday following the results of the french presidential vote. right now futures pointing to a higher open. reports on new home sales and home prices are due out later today. that's the latest in biz. from nasdaq back over to you matt and tam. hope you brought your umbrella-ella. >> rihanna would be proud of of us. >> i didn't bring my umbrella. >> you're just like my kids. >> i don't mind getting wet. >> that's good. >> i don't want to stand out there for hours. >> you might do that if you don't have your umbrella. >> now that we have that debate done, let's take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan. you're right not everybody uses umbrellas anymore. we can see this band of rain that has lifted north of the city. i've got our street level view up showing us that you're dry now in coatesville in downtown
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ing town, it's in pottstown, quakertown you're about to get wet doylestown you're wet and new hope. that's band number one moving through. let's go outside right now and show you what it looks like and yeah, lots of low clouds. hard to even see the center city skyline there, isn't it? and we have rain that has moved through the city so all your roads are wet. not currently raining in the city at the moment. the temperature is 53 degrees and temperatures staying in the 50's today. kind of a nasty day. the dewpoint 51 degrees t-the pressure is falling. the winds out of the northeast sustained currently at 17 miles an hour but we could see gusts up to 35 today and the ocean 52. satellite6 and action radar showing these rounds of rain and they're kind of moving in from these bands off the coastline. that's why they're lifting up to the north and west. the actual area of low pressure is still down to the south and there you see it kind of sitting and spinning in the atmosphere and just allowing all of this rain to move through. see that heavier rain still down to the south. that's going to hit us late this morning.
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so, here's what you can expect today at 8:00 a.m., 54 degrees. some rain around, some showers, lots of clouds here or there. by 10:00 a.m., 57. the steadiest rain comes at some point late morning hours into the afternoon hours. so, by lunchtime, raining steadily 57. temperatures dip a little bit with that heavy rain at 3 o'clock, 55. at 6 o'clock, still rain in parts of the region and 58 degrees. so, periods of rain today. future tracker6 showing some of that steady rain null from the south. this is at lunchtime at noon and we see these pockets of heavy rain with yellow and orange and then it lifts straight through 3:30 in the afternoon when some of the kids are coming home you see some heavy rain coming in off the ocean. at 7:30 and i know the phils play tonight we're still going to have rain in spots. it may be more back to periods of rain at that point instead of the steadiest rain so you want to watch before you head out. in the overnight hours just some showers into tomorrow morning, maybe a little bit of drizzle and lots of clouds. but it gets out of here in time for thursday which is day one of the nfl draft.
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so on thursday we're going have clouds and sunshine and very warm temperatures. a high of 80 degrees at 4 o'clock we'll be sitting at 79 degrees. so things change with some pretty good timing i think. here's your exclusive accuweather seven day. periods of rain today and a chilly northeasterly wind 58 for your high. tomorrow we start with a little morning drizzle, some clouds, 68 degrees for your high by day's end maybe it too too -- tries to brighten a bit. thursday 80 degrees for your high. friday partly sunny 84. how about saturday? chasing that record high of 90 set back in 1974. we'll have a high of 89 degrees. sunday it's warm, it's humid, 86, chance for a shower or a thunderstorm it stays warm, 80 degrees, chance for a shower or a thunderstorm so we're starting off with a soaking, ending up with summer-like weather. just got to wait it out but today is a wet one. >> accuweather is bringing the copper tone. >> right.
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>> yet another scam snaking is its way through the socials. facebook users need to be aware. a $50 coupon has been popping up on news feeds. the coupon happens to be worthless. >> also, it's nacho type of promposal. doritos helps a teen get a date t now the company is sending them off in style. matt. >> tam, we had a broken down vehicle for just a few minutes here on the ramp from columbus boulevard, delaware avenue. go north on 95. they just got it towed out of the way. do not fear, there are plenty of other problems including a crash elsewhere on 95. we'll talk about it when "action news" continues on this tuesday morning. >> ♪ he's hiding a card!
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here. sort of a hazy cloudy penn's landing. we are dealing with some rain and it is a cold one today, the high is only going to get up to 58 degrees. >> today in history with matt pelman. >> yes. >> we get music now matt. >> oh, i like it. yeah, keep that coming. little background music. it's national zucchini bread day today. a little too healthy for me. national telephone day t give somebody a call. national hug a plumber day because they do good work and deserve it and it's national dna day when we celebrate the discovery and understanding of dna. but these days i'm giving you a dna, a do not attempt to drive around the art museum area. it is a mess because of all the new closures that went into place overnight in preparation for the nfl draft. and we didn't have this closure for awhile but now here it is.
6:16 am
it's the ramp from the westbound side of the vine street expressway to 27 twenty twond street. they just set up the crews out here blocking off that ramp so you can't get to the parkway from the westbound side of the vine now, which is good because the parkway is closed in both directions, both drives all the numbered streets around there are also blocked, kelly drive is blocked on the backside of the art museum. mlk drive is opened at the moment. you can get to 24th street and the vine from mlk. over the next few days this will put a lot of extra traffic on north broad, ridge avenue maybe some people stay on the other side of the river. expect extra traffic on belmont, on lancaster avenue, girard avenue. it's just kind of going to be a mess as everybody tries to get around the art museum area which is pretty much completely shut down. on the big picture we're watching this. big water main break in southwest philadelphia this morning here at the intersection of 58th and chester. they still haven't turned off the water. there's water everywhere.
6:17 am
it's a mess. fifty-fourth and woodland would be some alternates. and we're watching this, a crash along 95 southbound side just off the girard point bridge. it's knock, out the left lane as you can see. so slowing as you said southbound toward the airport. one more starting today wissahickon avenue closing in tioga-nicetown for water department work beginning at 9:00 this morning lasting several months. fox street the way to go around that if you're a northbound driver. matt. >> thank you, matt. a prank in southwest philadelphia resulted in a 17-year-old being critically injured and his friend being placed under arrest. police say a 16-year-old went to his friend's home on the 5300 block of lindbergh boulevard yesterday morning to wake him up for school, something he's done before but yesterday police say the teen decided to point a gun at his friend's face as a joke. the 17-year-old woke up startled, smacked the gun away and that caused it to go off. the bullet struck his eye and then became lodged in his throat. that victim remains in the
6:18 am
hospital. >> a quick thinking firefighter in tennessee helped to save an infant from a burning building. the fire broke out in the back stairwell of an apartment building in knoxville on sunday morning. senior firefighter beau merit looked up to see a man holding his two month old baby boy out of a third floor window. >> so, i said drop him. i'll catch him. he trusted me for some reason. by far the scariest thing i've ever done. >> my heart is racing just thinking about it. little josiah still asleep there is okay. two people were injured in the fire. >> in today's tech bytes a new warning about a scam on facebook. >> it shows up on feeds as a $50 mother mother's day coupon at lowes but when you click on it it takes you to a fake lowes web site which lowes says is that designed to steal your personal information. the company's advice avoid the coupon altogether. >> a major milestone for linked in. the social network is clipping of claiming half a billion users.
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>> microsoft bought it last year and has improved its mobile and desktop versions among other upgrades. futuristic new flying machine is taking to the skies. >> the kitty hawk it's a flying car they say and it just made its debut on youtube. it's a pet project of google co-founder larry page. all electric design specifically to fly over water. could be on sale by the end of the week. >> a good way to get to work. >> it could if you lived on an island. >> those are your tech bytes. g ? break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist you may not even notice. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one.
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>> ♪ >> what's up everybody shoshana at soul beats studio with "action news" fitness tip. let's work the chest and booty. let's get right to work. grab a set of weights or water
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bottles place them in your hands pushing the hips all the way up to the top floating those arms. squeeze the arms up as you press the hips. then drop. pressing the hips and squeezing the arms. three sets of 15. you will feel it in the chest, you will feel it in the glutes. and don't stop until you feel that burn. >> that's a good one. >> that is a good one. >> oh. >> that's not going to do it. [laughter] >> it's weighted though. >> you can get on the floor and do the whole thing. >> feeling the burn already. >> you got some great guns matt. [laughter] >> we have this crash on 202 at route 29 southbound side pushed off to the side now. you might remember the vehicle was facing sideways. that's the case no longer. penndot is there helping out. new crash by the public service this is a facility along old york road 611 at church road. and don't forget the 13 trolley is shuttle busing because of that huge water main break at 58th and
6:23 am
chester. also new schedules now in effect on the regional rails and patco. karen. >> we have a narrow band of rain that has moved through philadelphia heading toward the lehigh valley. the next round of steady rain is still well down to our south but look at all that rain they're getting in raleigh. that's headed in our direction for late this morning into the afternoon and evening hours. so today it's periods of rain, it's a raw chilly wind out of the northeast gusting at times to 35 miles an hour. we stay in the 50's. at 7:00 a.m., lots of clouds, there could be some showers in spots but it's really late this morning into the late afternoon hours where that shrug of steady rain cups down. noon 57 dipping to 55 another 3 o'clock back up to 58 at 5:00. 7 o'clock still some rain in spots and 58 degrees. kind of a nasty day, matt. >> thank you, karen. the phillies begin a three game set with the marlins tonight. vince velasquez will take the mound. make sure you watch our draft preview party. we'll break down the options
6:24 am
with their 14th pick and showcase some local prospects tomorrow night on at 7:30 on 6abc.
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>> a teen hoop clearly loves doritos chips loves them more. impressed with his prom the company sent a helicopter take him and his date to the big dance in style. last month shayden asked his best friend's little sister to be his day. he was wearing a doritos shirt
6:27 am
that said i know i'm not nacho. doritos arranged for the couple and carly's brother and his date to all get a ride on the company's helicopter. >> this is so cool. such a cool experience. especially to do it with her though. like to be able to have her this happy it's all i wanted. >> the company also gave carly a year's worth of free doritos. >> nice gesture. >> yes. >> 6:27. two days are left until the nfl draft. we're live along the busy ben franklin parkway with how the city is kicking things off. >> and breaking right now, water rushes down roads in southwest philadelphia. we're helping you get around the messy water main break. that's up next. >> ♪ horns on their helmets.
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>> now on "action news" the blitz is on before the nfl draft. we're live along the parkway where the final preps are now under way. >> a korean war veteran comes under attack. philadelphia police release new video in their search for the attacker. >> steady rain will be moving in for the second half of your morning commute. you can see the green all around us. it is going to be stick around all day long. >> good morning. 6:30 on this tuesday april 25th. david is off. we have karen rogers and matt pelman. good morning. >> good morning. we tracked a band of rain as it moved through south jersey into the city and now in the lehigh valley. let's take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan. so you see not a lot of rain happening right now. going in a little bit tighter we can watch the movement pushing towards the northwest so heading towards allentown. it's now in reading, it's just north of pottstown. it's in quakertown on the northeast extension and in flemington in new jersey. so, other than that, no rain at the moment here but satellite6 and action radar showing more coming. we can see some of those
6:31 am
showers forming off the coast in cape may. they'll be all pulling in that heavier rain is still well down to the south. it's late this morning and into the afternoon and early evening hours where we get the steadiest rain but it's kind of misty and miserable out here right now. 53 degrees the current temperature. 54 in allentown, 53 in millville. here's a look at the day. by 7:00 a.m. it's just clouds and by lunchtime we're in some heavy rain, 57. the temperatures will dip in the afternoon with that heavy rain to the mid-50's then come back up at 5 o'clock to about 58 degrees as we're going to see some still areas of rain at 7 o'clock and 58 so a chilly day, a strong wind and it's rainy. that's lovely. but it's dry at the moment in philadelphia if you're heading out right now on the roads, matt. >> we'll take that. we'll take any little bit of help you can give us because, yes, the closures are now in place, karen. welcome to phase four of the nfl draft closures and it is kind of a mess here around the art museum with both drives of
6:32 am
the ben franklin parkway blocked off. what's not blocked at the moment for the morning commute today and tomorrow are spring garden street and mlk drive if you want to get to 24th street and the vine expressway right here. you can't get into the oval but if you want to take spring garden to the mlk to get to the vine you can do that for this morning's commute and tomorrow morning's commute. won't be an option thursday and friday. kelly drive is blocked off on the backside of the art museum at fairmount avenue. numbered streets shut down. pennsylvania avenue. they're all blocked. and katherine scott is going to have more coming up in just a bit. on the big picture slow speeds now on the schuylkill and along 95 in the typical spots. we've also been watching a water main break in southwest philadelphia and the water, what, more than two hours later now continues to bubble up out of the ground. we're still waiting on the water department to turn it off here at 58th and chester. it is a flooded mess in this area by francis myers park. i would stay at least several block block away, 54th and
6:33 am
woodland could be some alternates. a crash along 95 southbound side just off the girard point bridge near enterprise avenue. now pushed to the left shoulder but sluggish as you head southbound toward philadelphia international airport this morning. tam. >> all right, thank you, matt. the final road closures for the nfl draft went into effect overnight. you just heard matt talking about some of them between the gridiron and the gridlock there's going to be a lot going on around the ben franklin parkway. so let's get you some details even more on what to expect. katherine scott is down there at the parkway with the latest on the preps. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that's right, there's a lot of road restrictions. there already have been and they've just been rolling them out over the last several weeks. so, this morning there are even more and of course what happened yesterday is that the inner and the outer lanes are now closed of the ben franklin parkway. you can still see some cars might be coming through on the cross streets, we're on 22nd street. occasionally you might see cars passing behind me but they're just going through on
6:34 am
the cross street. the inner lanes are now closed. of course the outer lanes closed last week. you can see the tents, you can see the equipment, you can see the work continues here. there is going to be a little bit of fun today. the community kickoff will take place this afternoon in society hill but in the meantime, the work continues in this final stretch before the draft on thursday. >> it's massive. i can't believe how big it is. it goes back like five blocks. >> reporter: the stage is nearly set. the nfl draft begins thursday. last night at 7:00 the city closed the inner lanes of the ben franklin parkway. the outer lanes were already shut down last week. workers are in the final stages of preparations and the excitement is building. >> it's exciting. there's a lot going on this weekend. we have the penn relays. we have, you know, the draft obviously. it's pretty cool to see the setup. >> reporter: but the enthusiasm is not universal as traffic restrictions get tighter and mobility more limited. barricades and equipment are set up up and down the parkway. >> it's like so much chaos, so much before it's actually
6:35 am
happening. >> it's not fair to the people who live here. i mean they could have done things differently. >> we had the pope, we had the dnc. we can handle it. it won't be that bad at all. >> reporter: and back here live along the parkway where you can barely actually see the parkway with all the tents and fences and equipment around. today's community kickoff will take place in society hill. it's over at star garden park. ron jaworski the mayor and representatives from the nfl will be there and after today's press conference, the nfl will be hosting a flag football clinic for kids at mccall elementary and middle school so a little bit of fun today amid all the work that is going on here along the parkway. we are live along the parkway, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> katherine thank you. and stay with "action news" for complete live coverage of the nfl draft. our sports and news teams will be broadcasting on the ben franklin parkway. we'll also have a team in our studio at the embassy suites which will offer you a bird's eye view. >> ♪ >> 6:35 now and testimony is set to resume in the case of the camden county father
6:36 am
charged with killing his toddler son. prosecutors say david creato jr. murdered brendan creato to keep his teenaged girlfriend from leaving him. brendan was that found partially submerged in the creek in a wooded area in cooper river park more than a half fly his father's apartment. a judge barred members of the media from observing the jury's upcoming visit to the crime scene. creato's lawyer told jurors there is a complete lack of evidence in the case. a korean war veteran fell victim to a desperate krimial willing to follow him from a corner store and attack him in his house all for a few lottery tickets. jeanette reyes is live at southwest detectives with the full story. jeanette. >> reporter: well, matt, the search is on this morning for the man behind this disturbing attack. william ravenell tells police he actually ran into the suspect at the corner store when the suspect asked him for money. he brushed him off but he would run into him a second time.
6:37 am
this time in the victim's home this surveillance video captures the moment a brazen suspect sets his eye on his unsuspecting victim. william ravenell was buying lottery tickets at a convenience store along 60th and market. here you can see the 86-year-old walked over to the register, tickets in hand. he has no idea he's being closely watched by the suspect who is patiently waiting outside of the store for him. he would later follow ravenell home where they'd have a violent encounter. >> he asked me for a couple dollars. i said all right. i came in the house and i brought the -- the scratch offs, i brought them with me. then this fellow came in and he got me down. >> reporter: the 86-year-old is ambushed. the suspect repeatedly punches his frail victim in the face and jaw. ravenell's 83-year-old wife darts up from the basement. >> she was going to get some
6:38 am
help but he pushed her away. >> he didn't need to take that kind of force and then go a little step further and grabbed the wife by the throat on thrown her down. >> reporter: the suspect got away with the tickets. ravenell says he doesn't know the man but police say he may be a familiar face in the area and someone may have seen him. >> i'm very bitter with him. he has no -- has no business being on the streets. >> reporter: and aside from some pain in his jaw ravenell says he's doing okay. he's a bit shaken up, though. police say anyone with information please contact them. reporting live at southwest detectives, jeanette reyes, channel6 "action news." tam. >> all right, i hope they get some details. thank you jeanette. new this morning fire gutted an suv in philadelphia's hunting park section. the vehicle burst into flames at west venango and north warnock streets around 2:00 this morning. crews though quickly knocked down the fire. no injuries were reported.
6:39 am
officials have not said if the fire was an accident or if they think it was set on purpose. >> meteorologist karen rogers tracking showers out there. >> that's right. let's take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan help you plan this morning. we're dry in philadelphia. in south jersey and delaware at the moment we can see those showers that are off the coast in cape may. they're actually pulling in off the coast so they'll be hitting atlantic city and cape may before you know it. i want to go in closer to the area that's getting some rain right now. it's in reading, in allentown and bethlehem and quakertown driving on the northeast extension you're wet and in milford township but dry currently in philadelphia. we're having rounds of rain today. let's go outside and show you what it looks like right now. looking pretty miserable. you know, even though we don't have any actual rain there, it's just misting and you kind of get in sense, we have low clouds, mist, periods of rain a chilly wind. we've had some better days. look at that temperature right now. sitting at 53 degrees. the dewpoint 51. the pressure is falling. the winds are out of the east-northeast sustained at 15
6:40 am
but we could see gusts up to 35 miles an hour today. even more so along the coastline. the ocean temperature is 52. here's satellite6 and action radar and you can see this rain in motion, these rounds of rain kind of pulling in off the ocean wrapping around an area of low pressure. so you can see the neck band that's down to our south. that will be crossing through the area. i think the steadiest rain, though, that's that rain that's still well down to the south. i've got a better view of this. right around this area of low pressure. see that circulation? watch right there. okay, so that's the rain wrapping around it and when this heavy rain hits us, that will be the steadier slug of rain that we get late this morning into the early afternoon hours so periods of rain today, a nasty day. a chilly wind. highs staying in the 50's. we're in the 50's now. we're not budging out of the 50's. by 8:00 a.m. 54. at that point clouds with some showers. by 10:00 a.m., 57. i think sometime late morning into the afternoon and evening that's when that steadier rain comes in. raining pretty good at noon at 57. at 3:00 p.m. temperatures
6:41 am
dipping a little bit, 55. back up to 58 at 6 o'clock and i think future tracker gives you a good perspective of this. this model shows at 11:30 most of the area coming in with rain especially south of the city and pulling through the area at 4 o'clock you see some areas of heavy rain moving in as well with these periods of rain. by 7:30 and i know the phils play tonight t-it looks like some of that steadier rain lifting out but we'll still be in and out of some rain. kind of get the showers through. tomorrow morning kind of drizzly and not as bad but starting off tomorrow damp. by thursday nfl draft things are great. we have clouds and sunshine and very warm temperatures, a high of 80. we'll be about 79 at 4 o'clock. so, hang in there. we will see the sunshine again. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, periods of rain today and a chilly wind. 58 for your high. looks like the steadiest might be late morning into the afternoon hours. wednesday, maybe some morning drizzle and low clouds, 68. by thursday, turning warmer, 80 degrees and partly sunny.
6:42 am
friday partly sunny, 84. saturday chasing a record r-89 degrees. normally we would be in the upper 60's. 89 degrees chasing that record high of 90 set back in 1974. sunday it's not only warm it's humid, 86, chance for a shower or a thunderstorm. monday stays warm, 80, chance for a shower or thunderstorm so not only warm but turning more humid by the end of the seven day. not today. we got the rain out there. >> all right, thank you, karen its now 6:42 and when we come back, foiled by a fitbit. an accused killer might lose his case because of what investigators found on his wife's fitness tracker. >> a heartwarming message spreading to police stations across the country. matt. >> in the height of the wetness here along 202 in malvern matt a vehicle lost control, was facing sideways. now we're drying out and the accident is pushed off to the side here by 29. still we're tapping the brakes as we head down toward exton this morning. we're tapping the brakes on 95 and we're dealing with a lot of closures because of the draft.
6:43 am
we'll talk about what's new this morning when "action news" continues on this tuesday. >> ♪
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6:45 am
>> ♪ >> 6:45, tuesday morning. good morning everyone, i-95 there. little rain drop there on the camera. some of us seeing some rain right now and more of us will see it later on. 53 degrees right now getting up to only 58. >> so, let's head on over to matt pelman. a wet morning usually means trouble on the roads. good morning. >> raindrops look a little bit like the tears coming from the eyes of the drivers this morning and probably the rest of this week. it is kind of going to be a mess with the big events that are going on in town and as if we needed it, we are expecting
6:46 am
extra traffic on the highways around here like the vine street expressway and the schuylkill expressway as people avoid the whole area around the art museum. this morning like normal you see plenty of westbound traffic here on the vine heading towards 76 and the off ramp from the westbound side of 22nd street is now closed. one of a number of new closures that took effect overnight in preparation for the draft. now both drives of the parkway are blocked in both directions. kelly drive is blocked on the backside of the art museum at fairmount avenue. and most of the time the mlk drive and spring garden street are blocked but for the morning commutes today and tomorrow you can use those two to get to 24th street and the vine street expressway there on the west side of the oval. so i would also expect extra traffic for the next few days along broad street, along ridge avenue, even on the west side of the river along belmont, along lancaster, girard as people try and steer clear of the art museum area which, again, is pretty much completely shut down. on the big picture plenty of
6:47 am
slowing now speeds in the teens along 95 southbound. have that crash near enterprise avenue that's off to the side and we're watching this. big water main break in southwest philadelphia this morning. water crews are now on the scene but the water is still bubbling up here at 58th and chester. you want to stay far away. fifty-fourth and woodland could be good alternates. don't forget about the construction now mid days. this is going on in lower merion belmont avenue closed by west laurel hill cemetery. stick with 76 or 23 instead. and in cheltenham townsthere's t church road. matt. >> thank you, matt. the state of arkansas completed the nation's first double execution in 17 years overnight. jack jones and marcel williams were both convicted murderers and were executed by lethal injection. attorneys for williams convinced a judge to briefly delay his punishment in a concern over how jones' execution was carried out. arkansas governor asa hutchinson set an aggressive
6:48 am
schedule for death sentences because the state's supply of a lethal injection drug is set to expire at the end of the month. >> a fitbit fitness tracker is a key piece of evidence in a connecticut murder case. man is charged with killing his wife connie in december of 2015. court papers released show from connie's fitbit it records things like motion and heart rate and her fitbit disproves richard's time line of when he says a home intruder killed his wife. police also point out that richard had a pregnant mistress. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> just a couple things going on around here. >> just a few. >> our plates are full and then we've got all the normal nonsense as well like here on 422 eastbound side now plenty slow from past 29 collegeville on into route 23. getting word of a new crash not too far away along linfield trap road at main street and the 13 trolley, that's still not running because of that huge water main break at 58th and chester. you're on the buses instead and of course there are plenty of septa bus detours as we get ready for the big nfl draft. karen. >> it's chilly and misty out there but not a lot of actual rain. it's raining in allentown and north of reading the the moment. a few more cells trying to pop up through south jersey coming in off the coast but he see all this moisture down to the
6:52 am
south. that steadier slug of rain hits us late morning into the afternoon and evening hours. so by 7:00 a.m., just lots of clouds, 53 in philly. by noon, 57. it's raining pretty good through the afternoon. temperatures staying in the 50's all day and with a chilly gusty wind really feeling nasty. at 5 o'clock 58. still periods of rain at 7 o'clock tonight. matt pelman tells us it's national hug a plumber day so i tweeted this picture. i'm ready to hug a plumber but if you can, take me a picture hugging a plumber send it to me. >> i tweeted out a hug to my plumber. hearts of plumbing. they've shown up when we've been in trouble. a stuffed moose from montgomery county has made its way to ohio. mr. moosey is with the kenzie brownolice department. gave the toy to -- >> i do, too. >> towamencin police officer james gibbous during a traffic stop in december. the child said she wanted the officer to have it to help keep him safe.
6:53 am
gibbous then shared it with other police and fire departments. mr. moosey has made its way to illinois new jersey new hampshire and massachusetts and new hampshire. >> ♪
6:54 am
we're out ink,nk! not ink. printing doesn't have to be painful. now, during "hp savings month" at staples, get up to $180 off hp printers.
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>> ♪ >> top stories at 6:view. an 87-year-old man was critically injured in a house fire in wilmington. firefighters pulled the victim
6:56 am
from the home on the unit block of belmont drive. no word on what caused the fire. philadelphia police are looking for this man who they say stalked an elderly korean war veteran and then attacked him and his wife in their home and the attacker only stole the man's lottery tickets. the final road closures went into effect ahead of the nfl draft on thursday night. the ben franklin parkway is closed between 20th street and the eakins oval. >> with all those new closures extra people are headed for the schuylkill. now there's a broken down truck on the eastbound side of montgomery drive in the right lane. still have that huge water main break in southwest philadelphia. water still bubbling up from the ground at 58th and chester. the 13 trolley is running with detours and shuttle buses. karen. >> water is coming from the sky, too its kind of misty cloudy with a chilly wind. you see that first band of rain that moved through philly up in the lehigh valley now. the next band is approaching cape may a it will be periods of rain today, that heavy rain you see down to the south doesn't hit us until late this
6:57 am
morning into the evening hours. by 8:00 a.m., lots of clouds, 54. by 11:00 a.m., 57. by 2 o'clock, raining pretty good, your high is 58. >> all right, well, we'll be back in 30 to give you the latest on the road closures and the rain. for david matt o'donnell matt, matt, karen, i'm tam. >> seial later. -- see ya' later.
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good morning, america. backing down. new signs president trump willing to compromise on his demapd that congress fund the border wall right now, as he tries to make a deal to avoid a government shutdown. an unusual meeting at the white house. the president summons every senator to help tackle the north korean threat. first daughter ivanka trump takes the world stage. attending a summit of women leaders. the personal invitation coming from one of the the most powerful people in the world. sflmgts overnight, the former fox anchor speaks out on his podcast for the first time since being fired. >> i'm very confident the truth will come out. >> we'll have his response to those harassment allegation that ended his fox career. ♪ and i think it's gonna be a long long


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