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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  April 26, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the suspect jumped into the car driving 15 miles to a neighborhood in middletown. and s.w.a.t. teams converged on brick middle circle. annie mccormick is near the neighborhood but we begin with chad pradelli outside of that wawa in bear. >> reporter: yes, a still fluid situation and investigators remain on the scene here where the trooper was shot. they are collecting evidence, you see just behind me is where the trooper went down. we won't push in too much it's graphic and bloody, where you see the flashing lights, the soup behind it, we are told that the suv of the trooper who was shot. he pulled up and there was some sort of interaction with the suspect and then shots were fired. somewitied with whom we spoke saw the shooting and othered heard it. here are the witnesses.
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>> he went over and pushed him and when he pushed the officer he had room to run and he pushed hip and ran and he ran for like seven or eight feet and then turned around and started shooting. just instantly started shooting. >> i jumped out the car to see if i could help and the other people, the witnesses were moving into action as i was moving into action and turned him over and started cpr right away and i hollered out keep pumping, and another witness came and she was upset and i tried to help her too and called 911. >> and that trooper was rushed to christiana hospital in grave condition, his current condition is unknown and state police are expected to hold a press conference here within the last half hour. his name is not released and we know he was a trooper at troop 2, and was relatively new.
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and as for the suspect delaware state police tell "action news" that they know who the suspect is. they are now investigating over in middletown a house in an area looking for that suspect. trying to take him into custody and we are expected to have more information here in the next half hour after police hold a press conference but a trooper has been shot and in last check grave condition in bear, delaware. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> okay the suspect known to police chad. thank you. we turn now to annie mccormick live near the s.w.a.t. situation unfolding in middletown. >> reporter: this is still going on behind me, behind me you see where the police are in the neighborhood where chad was talking about where they believe the suspect does live. this situation is linked to the search for the man that shot a delaware state trooper and they ordered the man to surrender and
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he continued to fire shots at police. witnesses describe hearing dozens of shots. this is chopper video when police and s.w.a.t. responded to that neighborhood. and police confirmed that multiple police agencies are on the scene after shots were fived at the 500 block of saint michaeled drive in the brick farm development. the suspect lives in the initial hood with his family but we are told he is alone inside. and troopers have surrounded the house and that they got help from the public and that led them here to the suspect's home and they did not elaborate on exactly what details they did get from the public that led them here. we just got an update from state police, we spoke to residents in that neighborhood where s.w.a.t. be police remain and they are told that they still can't go home. >> the investigation at the wawa and the witness statements and the people that were contacted during the investigation were
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able to provide us with information as to who this person was. and we were able to respond to the area locate him and try to establish contact with him that led to ultimately him firing rounds at the officers that arrived. hostage negotiators are trying to establish communication with him. whether or not that has been established, i am unabe to tell you that. >> three cop cars lights are on and floored it past us and five minutes later my mom called me and said the shots were going off in the neighborhood. and sent me a picture. they were in the back corner of our yards and an s.w.a.t. team in the trees. we came by the house and we were leaving and we talked to police and they said we could not get into our neighborhood until later tonight. >> reporter: back out live you see the school bus there and
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traffic behind it. this is on brick mill road. behind the traffic is the brick mill elementary school and the kids spirited are up. and the local school district sent out a release saying that the schools are on lock down and there happens to be a school field trip and those children on the school field trip had to go to another area. and about a half hour ago we spoke to one parents that was on the field trip and they were able to return back to the school and we are waiting to hear from the school district if the lockdown is lifted on all the schools but some students are able to leave the brick mill elementary school at this time. the police say it's an ongoing situation in the neighborhood still on lockdown and still time for the reads to stay in their homes or not return for now. reporting live from middletown, channel 6 "action news." >> >> thank you a fast moving situation and more information
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yet to come. we are getting word that delaware state police are hold a news conference at 4:30 today at christiana hospital. we'll bring that live when it happens. now, to the nfl draft. the wait is nearly over and we are just over 24 hours away from the first pick of the 2017 draft. which has totally transformed the area in front of the philadelphia museum of art. that is one day three hours according to the clock here. sky 6 hd looking live down ben franklin parkway and right now the crews are in crunch mode putting the finishing touches that opens to the public at noon. "action news" has complete team coverage and we start with walter perez, you got a look at selection square where all the teams are set up over the next few days. >> reporter: that is right guys. nfl officials are entirely
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confident that the draft festival will be complete and ready to open at noon tomorrow. as you can see they are not done yet and tens are up and things in crates as well. crews are working hard to get things in place. but the two most important sites are ready. the massive stage in front of the art museum and selection square. >> the nfl is going out of its way to convey the spirit of philadelphia during tomorrow's nfl draft. that is why selection square has been set up inside of of the trank lynn institute. >> what better space to be in for the actual selection process than this space right here and having ben franklin standing guard and looking out and officiating over everything we are doing in this room. >> here is the best part, selection square is open to the public and you can be in the room when your team makes its selections. >> there are viewing areas and it's free and open to the public and just another experience part of what we are putting on here.
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the space will actually open to coincide with the draft experience down on the parkway. >> the parkway is where you'll want to be if you want to see the first round draft picks take the stage when their names are announced in front of the art museum. the nfl says this project is ambitious but worth it. >> it's a massive job in scope and dreaming it up has been a lot of fun and for us it's exciting to be ready to go tomorrow. >> reporter: all right back out live. if you are coming down make sure you download the fan mobile pass app before you come and it will make your trip easier and everything is free except for what you buy in the nfl shop and concessions. looking forward to t reporting live, channel 6 "action news." >> we know you are. as are all of us. thank you. lets turn to adam joseph who is having a great time.
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. >> never. you'll notice it has all been switched to the team flags and we found the eagles right next to us. lets look at satellite and radar, there are crowded upstairs when we look up and now we look at the satellite. clouds are locked in here close to new england. so it's cool and cloudy and we'll break that cloud cover apart here as we go into friday season saturday. high temperatures, right now here so far for today in the lower 60s and you can see the 80s blossoming from cincinnati to the ohio valley and the 80s will be starting tomorrow and lasting through the rest of the
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draft here in philadelphia. so guys coming up we'll take a look at all the free things you can do down here. and i'll have fun as you know and also we'll head into the nfl shop next and see if we can find some goodies for you here. the doors are locked but they'll open it up in the full accuweather forecast. >> we believe you. "action news" is excited to bring you complete coverage of the draft, our team has built a special set on eakins oval. brian and i will be there live tomorrow along the ducis rogers and jaime apody who are live right there right now. there is a lot of speculation swirling around the team's picks. >> that is right sharrie, the eagles have eight picks coming up tomorrow throughout the next three days. the first pick is 14th and one luxury being a team with a lot of holes you can go in a number of different directions. running back or a top wide
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receiver in the draft. >> or a corner. >> or a corner back we could use one of those or two. >> or three. and yes, the question is will they be ready to make the pick/they will. after months and months of research. behind the scenes there is work to be done and inside they are getting the stage ready and the red carpet ready and there is where the pick will be made on the podium tomorrow. it's an exciting time and you know who is the most exciting? mr. draft, ron jaworsky who has waited for this for more than a year and the wait is almost over. >> i am excited about it but excited for philadelphia, it will showcase our great city, over 200 thousand people are expected on the parkway. thursday friday and saturday. it's going to be nuts on thursday night. absolutely crazy and it's going to fun and it's going to be
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football and philly football passion. i'm pumped about it. it's going to be great. >> jaws certainly jacked up and so are we for the draft special tonight. it comes your way at 7:30 here on 6 abc. we'll talk about what the eagled might do and feature plenty of local draft prospects from our own area. >> that is what makes this so special. there are a lot of them that will probably see their dreams come true right here in their home town. >> lives change. we can't wait and it will be a lot of fun. i'm here to bring you the best coverage, jaime apody, live on the parkway, channel 6 "action news" brian back to you. >> good stuff. nice setup. you'll find comprehensive coverage on draft. we posted a list of closures and a list of what you are and are not allowed to bring past security. now we can find out where you can and cannot go in your car.
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time for the "action news" traffic report. matt pellman has the update. >> it's a lengthy list and more closures went into affect today. and unlike yesterday today you can't use the mlk drive and you cannot use spring garden street to get to spring garden and the vine street expressway, and they were open yesterday afternoon and this morning but they are blocked off and thor drives of the parkway both shut down in both directions. we are not seeing much gridlock like yesterday afternoon but the afternoon is young. we have a crash with gridlock results near reading at 422 at 176 and single digit speeds stay far away from that area. and stay far away from bear, delaware where the investigation into the shooting continues on 40 westbound near salem church road and stay on old baltimore pike instead. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report. a crash along mantua pike near
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evergreen avenue. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> still ahead on "action news" president trump's tax plan is unveiled promising massive cuts, we'll break it down to see how the changes impact your bottom line. plus high school students get a sober, lesson. the action cam is live for a mock drunk driving crash.
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we want to get back to breaking news. we are of course covering the shooting of a delaware state police trooper that shooting happening this afternoon during an interaction at a wawa in bear, delaware but this is video from chopper 6 hd over a neighborhood in middletown where we believe the suspect is hold up there were the police are looking to make contact with him
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and flush him out. >> we have intermittent reports of shots being fired and this is an active situation here in the brick mill farm section of middletown. all we know about the trooper is that he was taken to christiana hospital in grave condition and we anticipate a live update from the hospital at 4:30 this afternoon and live coverage when that does happen. >> meanwhile, in the nation's capital. the trump administration is calling it one of the biggest tax cuts in u.s. history. the white house unveiled the tax reform plan including major cuts for businesses and simplied codes for individuals. here are the highlights and how they affect you. the new plan reduces the current seven personal tax brackets to three. 10% to 25% to 35%.
4:19 pm
and it doubles the standard deduction for married couples so they won't pay any taxes again. there is a double standard deduction they won't pay any taxes on the first $24,000. the tax proposal eliminates most personal tax deductions especially for high earners. >> take a listen. >> we'll eliminate most of the tax breaks that are mainly benefits to high income individuals and home ownership and givings and savings will be protected. >> and the corporate tax rate is reduced to 15% with the goal of making u.s. companies more competitive. and there is still a lot of questions today but administration officials are calling this a first draft. one other note. when asked today whether the president would release his tax returns to the public u.s.
4:20 pm
treasury secretary told reporters that president trump has no intention of doing so. >> thank you. and coming up tonight on "action news" at 11:00, are restraining orders doing enough to protect victims from their alleged abusers. and wendy saltzman looks at high-profile deaths. >> she had said to the police that she knew he was going to kill her. she knew he was going to kill her. >> so is this piece of paper enough? why the families say no. and how a local lawmaker is looking to toughen laws and track the men that are accused of repeatedly violating restraining orders tonight at 11:00. time now to accuweather again on this dreary wednesday. as adam tells us there is a reason to smile soon. >> whand adam at the heart of t
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nfl experience today. >> i can't have a straight face who so ever. i make team 33, channel 6 is the new team for football. the other 33 team members behind me they have the stance. we are inside of of the shop here where you can purchase a lot of great things, one thing i have on my head. this is a helmet signed by tom brady himself from the last super bowl. i was told that this is one of the more expensive helmets can you check out down here. the stats are on there as well. that is heavy and hot and i am on the hair with my hair amess. lets look outside. temperature-wise in the 60s in philadelphia right now and all points to the south and east. and warmer to the north and west. it's in the upper 60s for the lehigh valley. and the clouds really dominating across the sky today. but it has been dry other than a
4:22 pm
few scattered showers and drizzle early on in the day. as you can see west of harrisburg there are breaks developing and the breaks continue to work to the east as we get into the end of the week. as we look at the forecast for tonight mostly cloudy and late fog developing. and 57 degrees for center city. and it will be a mild night with the clouds and watch for the fog to develop. if you come to the parkway tomorrow to experience the ultimate fanfare down here on the parkway the weather it is going to cooperate. 78 with the sunshine at 2:00 and 5:0081 degrees and as the draft begins, 74 at 8:00 and even at 11:00 this place is still open. we'll just be closed at 68. warm as the sun returns tomorrow 81 degrees and summer like friday giving way to sun for the rest of the day and 85 on saturday warm and slightly humid with a late day thunderstorm and much cooler the second half of
4:23 pm
the weekend with sun and clouds on sunday of 72 degrees. as you can see they are setting things up. this is one of the first places you'll enter as you come into the parkway and everything is free and not only can you get something you see every day in every store, they have special hats and t-shirts and jerseys for the nfl draft here in philadelphia. and also guys you can see a lot of signatures here. you got brian dawkins here a signed helmet be also a poster. we'll have more coming up in the next half hour. free stuff to do outside guys. >> good stuff. >> get your hair back in shape there. "action news" at 4:00 will be right back.
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this was a staged accident scene and it showed real consequences. today pen crest high school students watched a mock dui
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crash tonight was meant to discourage students from driving distracts or under the influence of drugs or alcohol and the actors carried them on stretchers and showed how deadly it could be when drivers ignored the rules of the road. there is still much more to come in the next half hour including the latest on the delaware state trooper shot in bear this afternoon. >> a live look inside of christiana hospital where we expect a news conference to get underway in any moment. continuing live coverage here on "action news." dear fellow citizen,
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it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with breaking news from newcastle county delaware. right now state police have converged on a middletown neighborhood cornerering a danger yours suspect that not only stands of gunning down a state trooper he is reportedly still shooting at officers. this is the scene at the brick mill farm area as they surrounded the home where the gunman is believed to be held up. people are told to stay inside and lock their doors. several schools were placed on lockdown this afternoon. and they know who the gunman is and believe he is in the home by himself. >> police say that the gunman shot a state trooper outside of this bear wawa and the trooper was rushed to the hospital in newark in grave condition. you are looking live now at the hospital from chopper 6 hd where a news conference on the trooper and the trooper's
4:30 pm
condition is expected to begin any moment. we'll of course bring you that live wherever it gets underway and we continue to update the story as the details come in. and now a developing story involving law enforcement. in the last hour a philadelphia police officer was charged with homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter in connection with a fatal crash in january. gray hall has the breaking details. >> reporter: exactly brian, we spoke to the family and they are still grieving by all of this and know nothing can bring their loved one back but they want to see justice served in this case. >> he was a great brother. they stole him from us. >> the family of 50-year-old danny dimitri says their lives
4:31 pm
forever changed after being hit and killed by an off-duty police officer. >> he was going about his day and got struck and killed. >> dimitri was hit in philadelphia. the family believes that the officer, adam soto was drag racing against two other officers in another car when he hit and killed dimitri when he was crossing the street. >> the police officers knew that drive that fast could kill somebody and unfortunately it had to be my brother. my only sibling, i miss him every day. my life will never be the same. >> the district attorney is investigating the case and three officers were involved in the incident including officer soto. is he charged with death by motor vehicle. >> and three officers were suspended with intent to dismiss status and one is arrested and
4:32 pm
that officer is adam soto. >> dimitri's family says this is not about bashing the police department but having a voice. >> we mow they put their lives on the line for us every day. we want to see the guys, you know get held accountable for what they did. like if it were me or you or anybody else. >> the second officer involved in this has been identified as officer tony force. a veteran. and he is suspended with the intent to dismiss. a third officer his name is not released but he has resigned on a separate incident and now this case is in the hands of the district attorney. live from police headquarters, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> okay gray thank you. jurors in the trial of a south jersey father accused of
4:33 pm
murdering his toddler heard more about the relationship with his teenage girl. the tape of police telling david creato jr. that his son brendon was found dead. after sobbing and yelling no. he went on to explain that his then girlfriend gave him an ultimatum. he told her that brendon would always be a part of his life. and he has pleaded not guilty saying his son wandered away from home on his own. >> five min mates already searching time for child pornography are facing new charges for allegedly continuing their crimes from inside of ft. dix. the convicts used contraband and storage cards to share pornography with others inside of the prison. they each face additional years behind bars.
4:34 pm
a good samaritan rushed in to put out a house fire in trenton today. it broke out in the 900 block of greenwood avenue. one man was passing by the house and noticed spoke and went inside to help and he and the woman that lived there tried to douse the fire with buckets of water. >> went upstairs and tried to put the fire out. but there is only so much water can you put in the bucket but she had to get out. the smoke started to come down. >> despite his efforts the pair called 911 and that brought out firefighters to beat out the flames. nobody was injured and investigators are working to figure out swha caused this. today the mayor of chester and city council members presented a proclamation to recognize two islamic holidays. it was presented to recognize a three day celebration that marks
4:35 pm
the end of ramadan and one that commemorates when god appeared to abraham. and he accepted the proclamation on behalf of the city of chester's muslim community. it's one of the biggest spectacles in sports and it's happening right here in our backyard. the 82nd nfl draft kicked off tomorrow from the steps of the museum of art. the countdown is on to the first name being called but first organizers are on the clock to get everything in place. now that we have seen what it looks like from up high lets check out what it looks like from the ground. lets go to adam joseph. >> reporter: yes, there is so much to do down here and it's free for everyone to come down and check out. we are in the combine corner,
4:36 pm
this is where you can do a lot of different free obstacles and test your limits or either embarrass yourself or impress yourself. that is the vertical jump where you jump up and hit the spikes to see how high you can go. maybe i'll try that on the air for you and around here you have the agility testing here as you go through the obstacles and the 40 yard dash and half of the screen is working the workers are putting this all together at this hour. >> you know what this is a perfect day to test it. look at the temperatures around the region. right now in philadelphia 63 degrees with the cloud cover, the dew point at 56 and wind now light at 3 miles per hour. and as we go through the next three days, we are going to sweat down here. this is not football weather. 81 degrees tomorrow with a lot of sunshine and early shower on friday and 83 degrees. and by saturday, 85 degrees sun and clouds and there could be a
4:37 pm
spotty storm very late in the day but overall it looks dry here on saturday. guys again workers are still putting things together and there is the field goal challenge and i think we'll skip that one. adam is embarrassing himself kind of mode there. we'll have that coming up in just a bit. >> we want to see you do the sprint. are you fast but not that fast. >> i could do that one maybe. >> we'll be watching. still ahead it's hard to watch but the outcome is nothing short of a miracle. a toddler breaks free from her grandmother and gets hit by not one but two cars, the little girl walks away with nothing more than a few bruises why and her parents wanted people to see the video. and play doh in a k cup holder, if you have little ones you'll want to see what's the deal today. we'll break down genius toy
4:38 pm
organizing tips to keep your play room tidy.
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we want to get back to the breaking news we are following all afternoon. >> a delaware state police trooper was shot in the noon hour today during some interaction with a man at a wawa in bear delaware. at this point we know that the trooper was taken to christiana hospital. and this is video from the wawa where it happened in bear, delaware. we know that police are in an armed shootout with the suspect who is hold up in a neighborhood in middletown. we are keeping an eye on what is happening in middletown but also awaiting a press conference to happen. that expected to be held from christiana hospital with more on the officer and his condition. a toddler run over by not one but two cars in china. may be okay for now but her parents wanted people to see the video as a warning.
4:41 pm
the 2-year-old was at the edge of a busy road and her grandmother was standing off screen and seconds later the girl darted into traffic and disappeared beneath the two white suvs and emerges from the other side and the toddler had the good sense to duck down and miss the tires. and the grandmother ran over and scooped her up and other than a bruise on her head. her parented hope this served an a reminder if you take your eyes off a child for a split second. a police officer in connecticut is hailed a hero for saving an elderly man attempting to jump off a sixth floor terrace. par continue spoke with the man briefly and then ran up the stairs and martin lan up after
4:42 pm
him just as he reached the tar he is martin reached out and grabbed him. >> i was able to avert a tragic situation. >> i said oh did that really just happen. >> officer martin plays basketball in college and credits his long reach with saving the man's life. big talkers now if you wondered about the education level of your neighbors and neighborhood. there is a fascinating new interactive map that breaked it down. by pretty machine every block in the country. the work of an assistant profess professor, calling it the education ala entertainment in america app. here in philadelphia we checked it out. in center city the majority of residents finished high school and have graduate degrees and head out to the suburbs you see the even more.
4:43 pm
you can zoom in and zoom out and see how the level of education changes. we have a link at >> if you have ever post aid picture on social media by stent wo whoops you are not alone. even celebrities get clumsy. serena williams admits she accidentally announced her pregnancy to the world by pressing the wrong button on snap chat. she accidentally showed her first baby bump there it is with the caption 20 weeks. like many moms she was documenting her journey and whoops she pretty much shared it with the entire world. she figured out when her phone starts ringing with gr
4:44 pm
congratulati congratulations. and two men are angry about what they call bags of air. these plaintiffs are suing a chip company for justice everywhere. suing wise chips saying their bags are 75% air and only 30% chips and even entered proof with the suit showing what they found when they opened a few different bags of ships. of course the air serves as padding and called slack fill and used to keep your chips in tact. so they are not all that crumbly. they are seeking $1500 for a violation due to the procedure act. i don't know if it covers ships, but they are suing and they want wise to repackage the chips. less air more chips. it's heading to washington exhibit a. >> we can start a movement now.
4:45 pm
lets get a check of the roads tonight. matt is standing by with the update for us. >> chips and national pretzel day today. grab your favorite snack food whatever it may be plenty of snacks to munch on and a new accident on the vine street expressway eastbound side near broad street. it looks like the truck involved is on the move right now. hopefully getting out of the left lane and here is the other vehicle we may get this pushed off to the side as we watch live penndot is on the scene assisting and this is just adding insult to injury extra people have been on the vine and the schuylkill trying to dodge the closures along the parkway. and a crash live at eastbound broad street pushed to the side and that is progress but still jammed on the vine in both directions and the parkway remains closed and this afternoon you can't use the local vine that is also blocked off unlike yesterday afternoon we are not seeing westbound taillights here, they have it
4:46 pm
blocked at broad. new this afternoon the mlk drive is blocked and you can't get to 24th or the vine. and waiting for the closures to take affect and they have now. upper southford a truck accident with downed wires. and in berks county major mess along 422 with an accident by 176 this afternoon. stay local through reading on pen street and perkiomen avenue. and stay on old baltimore pike or even 95 which at this point doesn't look too bad. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you. meteorologist, adam joseph standing by near the ben franklin parkway with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
4:47 pm
to protect our families and our civil rights. he's represented black lives matter, occupy wall street, and parents protesting the closing of schools.
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larry krasner will reform the criminal justice system, ending a war on drugs and the era of mass incarceration that targets poor and minority communities. because justice makes us safer. not just talking the talk, walking the walk. larry krasner, democrat for district attorney.
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we have a live picture this afternoon. chopper 6 hd is over the christiana hospital in delaware this afternoon. that is the center of some police activity now because of that state trooper we told you was shot today at a wawa in bear. at last check that trooper was told to us to be in grave condition. but of course you can see troopers and other officers lining up here in a procession that often denotes something more grave than that. and we are waiting for word from the hospital and that comes by way of the news conference expected to get underway there at christiana hospital at any moment. >> this is not the video we want to see. we don't have confirmation of the status of the trooper, but what we do see live from chopper 6 hd the men and women in blue lining up here appearing to make two lines here not only on foot but also with their motorcycle
4:50 pm
unit is also there. of course we are keeping an eye on what is happening here at christiana hospital where this delaware state trooper was taken after being shot. we do see these officers in uniform assembling themselves in such a way we are waiting to get details what may indeed be the status of this state trooper. the live update when the conference gets underway. lets check in with meteorologist can adam joseph. >> yes guys. i have take and the jacket off because when are you down here tomorrow number one it's going to be really hot and number two it's free and you'll want to test your limits with everything football driven. one of the things here is the vertical jump, and you are suppose to go like that. and see how high you can go. you can go higher than that. you jump down -- i got all the way to the top, and they gave me
4:51 pm
a handicap. there is much more to do and i thereafter this forecast but take a look at the numbers now it is a cool day with the clouds not breaking the sweat down here as all the folks down at the parkway continues to set things up for you starting at noon tomorrow. 63 in philadelphia and we are in the mid to upper 60s north and west and warmer towards the lehigh valley and reading where you are away from the wind coming off the water and cloud cover here in eastern parts of pennsylvania and a lot of breaks in central and western pennsylvania and that is arriving here for thursday. mostly cloudy skies and late fog developing, 54 and 57 degrees. along the parkway tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. 70 degrees and spiking into the upper 70s with sun at 2:00. 81 at 5:00 p.m. thursday the low is off cape cod
4:52 pm
and we are squeezed between the two at 81 and that crosses here on friday and warming to summer levels of 83. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast warm and the sun returns tomorrow and 81 and 83 on friday and 85 saturday, and warm slightly humid late day storm and cooler sunday and 72 and as we get into early next week pretty nice after the thunderstorm on monday back to the 70s tuesday and wednesday when it stays fairly sunny. another thing 20 to do is the touch pass and throw it into the basket and i did miss. >> we have to go back to you for the news conference. >> we want to take you to the news conference we understand is just getting underway here in newark. >> the tragic event impacting our delaware state police family. with us here today is the
4:53 pm
honorable governor john carnie. honorable secretary robert coopand thomas bracket. >> and at this time we will have our superintendant colonel mcqueen jr. provide information as to the current investigative status of this event that is still unfolding. we unfortunately will not be taking questions at this time and we'll update you later as detailed become available. >> it's a great sadness and heavy heart that we announce the death of a delaware state trooper. the name of the trooper is being withheld at this time pending notification of next of kin.
4:54 pm
at improvemently 12:10:00 p.m. the trooper noticed a suspicious vehicle at the wawa and the two made contact with the occupant and shortly thereafter the struggle enshoe sued and one of the two suspects exit the the vehicle and fired rounds that struck the trooper. responding trooper as rived at the scene and took one suspect into custody without incident and the other fled on foot prior to the arrival and the trooper was treated by paramedics and transported to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries and the investigative measures brought us to the resident in brick mill farm area. and the suspect refused to surrender. and continues to fire rounds at
4:55 pm
police officers. this is a sad day for our state and for the delaware state police family. we ask that you keep the trooper's family and the members of the delaware state police family in your thoughts and prayers. i would like to thank all the law enforcement agencies and the community for their assistance and support during this tragic event. to the media, if you will be observing the dignified escort to of the trooper to the forensic science in wilmington respect for the privacy please stage across the churchman's road at the home depot. we'll allow you time to get to the location and the escort we estimate will take place in 15 minutes. thank you.
4:56 pm
>> all right as we feared may be the case given what we saw unfold from chopper 6 hd in the way of the state police officers lined up outside of the hospital in christiana this afternoon. police have announced the sad news of the death of the state trooper shot today in the wawa parking lot in bear. we don't know the name of the trooper that is not being released at this moment but as we heard from the superintendant of delaware state police he called it a sad day for the state and a sad day for the state police tamly and we expect the dignified escort to leave christiana hospital in the next 15 minutes, of the course "action news" will continue to follow the story. that continues next on "action news" at 5:00 tonight.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. breaking news tonight from newcastle county. a delaware state trooper has died after being shot multiple times in a wawa parking lot. the suspect remains barricaded in a house and is continuing to fire shots at the officers outside. it is wednesday night. and the big story on "action news" is the dangerous standoff with the man that allegedly killed that state trooper. >> our team coverage begins with chad pradelli live at the wawa on polanski highway where the trooper was shot. >> reporter: yes, delaware state police wrapped up the press
5:00 pm
conference providing new deties and confirmed that the trooper has succumbed to his injuries and his name is not released but state police tell us that at noon today the state trooper arrived at the wawa parking lot and saw two men suspicious men in the vehicle and pulled up next to them over there. there is some sort of altercation and one suspect according to state police got out and fired on the state trooper where he went down, responding officers were able to arrest one suspect and he was taken into custody and that suspect fled the scene and he is in midtown in a home. now barricades actually firing on state police there according to delaware state police. we spoke to several eyewitnesss and heard from state police and here is what they have to say about the shooting. >> the suspicious vehicle occupied by two suspected at the wawa co


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