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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  April 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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state trooper and two more were fired excuse style. and it happened in the parking lot of the wawa parking lot. the trooper lost his life and now the alleged gunman is fighting to preserve him by fiving salvos at lawmen outside of his home. it's an intense situation now outside of the house of a gunman that allegedly shot and killed a trooper this afternoon. this was the scene as the trooper's body was put in a vehicle for a procession to the medical examiner in wilmington. the body was accompanied by four motorcycle officers and a dignified but somber convoy. >> "action news" reporter annie mccormick is near the house in middletown and chad pradelli is live at the original shooting scene in bear. lets start with you chad. what have you learned about what
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happened there today? >> reporter: jim, delaware state police say that it happened near noon and the trooper whose name is not released pulls up in the wawa parking lot and he got out and approached the vehicle with two suspicious individuals and there was some sort of confrontation and one suspect got out of the vehicle and put him down where the wet concrete is. >> it's a sad day for our state and the delaware state police family. >> responding officers rushed to the wawa parking lot at polanski highway and arrested one suspect but the shooter had already fled. the witnesses rushed to the aid of the wounded officer franticly try toing to save his life. >> and the other people were moving into action as i was moving into action and they turned him over and started cpr right away and i hollered out keep pumping keep pumping. >> and jared saw the shooting at
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noon and works at barbershop next to the wawa. >> he had room to run and he pushed him and ran for like seven or eight feet, he turned around and instantly started shooting. >> they learned the identify of the gunman and found him holed up in a home in brick mill neighborhood. >> the gunman refused to surrender and continues to fire rounds at police officers. >> reporter: and state police are withholding information about the killed trooper, until pending notification of family. i am told that he did work at troop 2 but was relatively new to the troop. i am live in bear delaware, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> let us switch live to annie mccormick near the brick mill farm development where police are desperately trying to bring
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this guy in without anyone else getting hurt. what is the latest there? >> this is still an active situation you see behind me there, where brick mill road is blocked off by police officers also in the air there is still a police helicopter likely giving authorities an aerial view over the active situation and negotiators are working with the suspect to surrender and the suspect has fired shots at police. and this is video from 15 minutes ago where we saw several ambulances leaving the scene and the last update from state police saying this is still an ongoing situation. this is chopper video from 2:00 this afternoon shortly after police responded to the home at the 500 block of saintplyingales drive in the brick mill farm development. witnesses described hearing dozens of shots fired this afternoon and according to delaware state police the suspect lives in the neighborhood with his family but
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is alone inside at this moment and troopers surrounded the house and they got help from the public and that led them here to the suspect's home. they know the suspect's identity but are not releasing it and there was a lock down in the district and a bus on a field trip from brick field elementary was diverted until the lockdown was lifted and we spoke to residents that live in the neighborhood some waiting to get inside of their homes and some say their family members are locked down inside of the homes now. >> the whole family is there. >> are you talking to them? >> yes. >> what are they saying? >> they heard gunshots and helicopters and what is going on. >> just trying to keep me up to date. and letting them know i'm here and with our neighbors and good. hopefully it will be over soon. >> i got a hold of my husband and met here and i got my other daughter from school but i cannot get home to my daughter.
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>> and she is 13? >> yes. >> are you talking to her? >> she was scared and very, very scared especially when we told her to go down to the basement. >> back out here live, this is brick mill road. the area shut off by police. all the lock downs are lifted and people are allowed to leave the elementary school and we see traffic still from people living as well. and the woman you heard about her 13-year-old daughter inside of the home. both her daughter and their dog was able to go to a next door neighbor's home and staying with them now and the lock down in the neighborhood has not been lifted. annie mckofrmic, channel 6 "action news." >> we want to go live to wilmington where this procession is now arriving at the division of forensic sciences in the city as you can see enormous respect but very much a somber scene.
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as this procession now comes in off the highway to deliver the body of this state trooper who was killed by three gunshots earlier today in bear, delaware. this is the most that the men and women live in fear off not just for their own lives but the lives of their brothers and sisters. it happened today to delaware state police. this is the scene in wilmington and of course we urge you to stay with "action news" for updates on this developing story. not just on the air but also at our website at a philadelphia police officer is under arrest tonight adam soto is charged with homicide by vehicle. and involuntarily manslaughter after the death of a pedestrian in january. the family of danny dimitri
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believes that he was racing another office when he struck dimitri. it happened on cotman avenue in northeast philadelphia and the officer is suspended with intent to dismiss. and jury is deliberate on whether or not cop killer eric frein gets the death sentence or life in prison. prosecutors played a jail house phone call in which frein's father told his son that the defense strategy would be to portray him, the father as a nut job. >> good samaritans ran into a burning home this morning. flames sparked on green wood avenue at 9:00 one rescuer said he saw the smoke and felt compelled to go and help. and everybody was able to evacuate safely. 200,000 people are expected to make their way to the ben franklin parkway as the 32 nfl
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teams make their draft selections for 2017. those fans will make their way through metal detectors and concrete barriers and vehicles blocking trucks will protect people on the parkway. both philadelphia police and private security officers will be on patrol. you can see a list of prohibited items at draft. a look from sky 6 hd looking at the parkway. they have set up all kinds of facilities for the draft experience much the clock is counting down to 8:00 tomorrow night when the cleveland browns will be on the clock to make the first pick of the draft and of course the eagles will pick 14th. save for any trades or action that we are not necessary counting on. "action news" reporter walter perez is live at 21st and the parkway, and walter we heard
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about the draft experience that the nfl experience brought to town, what can folks expect to find when they get there. >> jim, if i detailed everything the nfl put together for tomorrow's crowd and this piece would be 10 minutes long and a little bit of everything, everything football. >> selection square has been set up inside of the franklin institute and open to the public at the draft and that means you can be there when your team makes its picks. >> there are viewinging areas and free and open to the public and just another experience as part of what we are putting on here. the space will actually open to coincide with the draft experience down on the parkway. >> the parkway is where you'll want to be if you would rather see the first round draft picks take the stage tomorrow night. legal officials say that this year's nfl draft will go down as the most ambitious outdoor event
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in league history. >> it's big in scope and fun to dream it up and it's exciting to go to tomorrow. >> being ready means working through the muddy mess left by the recent rains and it's expected to open at noon tomorrow and there is still work to be done nfl officials say they will be ready. >> the rain set us back but we were ready for it. 100% by tomorrow. >> some of the really fun things set up include photo-ops with the actual vince lombardi troughy that goes to the winner of next year's super bowl and a slip line and a mini version of the nfl hall-of-fame. >> we have the full collection of super ball rings and something called the hall-of-fame generator and use the mobile pass that everyone registered for you can get a digital version of your bust to share it socially. now, you heard mention there
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the fan mobile pass app. if you come down here tomorrow or through the weekend you would be wise to download the app and all the information you need can be found there on reporting live from the parkway walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. and we would like to you watch our special preview draft party tonight. the "action news" sports team breaks down the eagles options with their 14th overall pick and showcase local prospects that is tonight at 7:30 here on channel 6. coming up on "action news" tonight. a terrible act has generated many acted of kindness. ahead on the update on a stolen wheelchair and the efforts to get a 10-year-old boy moving again. >> and ducis rogers and jaime apody is on eakins oval covering the nfl draft. hi guys. >> hey there jim, we are giving you names of whom the eagles may be looking at in the nfl draft. and we'll hear from experts. a little coming up.
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>> well, lots of clouds still today thanks to the slow moving low pressure and drift as way tomorrow and temperatures are set to soar i'll explain in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. those stories and more.
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last night we told you about the theft of a young cerebral palsy victim's wheel chair. it's not returned. but we have a story of extreme compassion and generosity. sara bloomquist has the story. >> it's a happy day at the proud household in west oak lane.
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a new wheelchair for 10-year-old robert is on the way. >> it's been amazing and at this point i'm past is the fact that the old chair was stolen, it's just now it's overwhelming how the city has reached out to just help me help my son. >> yesterday we report that robert's custom wheelchair was stolen outside of the family's home at forest avenue. robert suffers from cerebral palsy and cannot get anywhere without it. within minutes of our story offers to help came pouring into "action news.." >> i came into it talking about hoping i would get his chair back. never did i think in a million years did i think people would reach out and help me in the way they are right now. >> this morning a young woman who wished to romaine anonymous call the mr. wheelchair and told
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mike sierra that she wanted to provide robert with a custom wheelchair and cost was not a factor. >> she doesn't care about the expense but she cares about the child. so she and i will build a nice wheelchair for the young child and make him comfortable again. >> he when to the home and give them the good news and get him fitted for the new chair. one like this that retails for around $5,000. police are investigating they believe that so-called scrappers took the wheelchair believing it was set out as trash in any event the new wheelchair is expected to arrive here on friday. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news."
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announcer: washington politicians are at it again with another disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage for millions. and their latest plan is worse than ever.. affordable coverage for maternity care, cancer treatment, substance abuse treatment, and preexisting conditions would no longer be gauranteed. the plan
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threatens care for seniors and the disabled... and imposes a massive age tax for people over 50. tell congressman costello - don't repeal our health care. ducis rogers and jaime apody has their draft preview party in little over an hour. >> jim tonight and tomorrow and
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the next day a spectacle. a little more than 25 hour as way from the nfl draft. the eagles have the 14th pick overall and could go in a number of different directions with the pick. >> they may have brought in two new weapons at wideout. but you can't have too many. this is who they say is the top as a receiver, his name is corey davis and comes from a small school, western michigan, last year he caught over 100 passes for over 1500 yards and one of his predraft visits was here and he really like the philadelphia. >> a lot of mixed emotions going into it and you work your whole life for this moment and it's right around the corner, the all a blessing. >> what about philly? >> i mean i would love it. honesty i mentioned it multiple time it would be great to play here and the city is great and the fans treat me well and reach
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out to me on social media. >> i would love it. >> davis hopes his nfl dreams begin in philly and continue here. and the eagles have holes to fill but the experts at espn think the priority should be to help carson went . >> they have carson wentz because cleveland gift wrapped an early christmas present saying we don't want him and you can have him and that move alone is why you can build around your quarterback and now everything is moving forward. >> and it's not an offensive line type of draft. a weak offensive line group. but protecting the quarterback is the most important thing this team can do going forward. >> we'll have nor tonight on our special draft preview party comed your way tonight at 7:30,
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here on 6 abc. espn ron jaworsky will join us as we broadcast live from eakins oval. >> how about other sports. they go on. not just the draft. phillies winner of four out of their last six and and back at it tonight against the marlins. >> when are you winning games it kind of snowballs, the same when we usual losing everything seems to snowball and one day off won't hurt us and in our case it benefits our bullpen and everybody is well rested and ready to go. >> well rest is good and .500 is good. 9-9. please join us for our special at 7:30. thank you cecily tynan has the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment.
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summer like weather moving in tomorrow. we'll bring back the sunshine and temperatures in the 80s. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing getting a break after plenty of rain yesterday and last night. still a lot of cloud cover and the clouds are starting to thin out. and you can actually see the areas that saw more of the sunshine areas farther away from the coast. the low pressure is spinning to the east and reading right now is 70 degrees, also peeks of sunshine and allentown 69 and philadelphia our high so far 64 degrees but right along the coast near the ocean 53 and cape may and atlantic city 60. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the low pressure.
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you can see it's spinning to the east and yesterday it was to the south and it's just meandering away and as it does it's pulling in the thicker cloud cover and skies are clearing and that is moving in during the day tomorrow. during the day mostly cloudy and areas of fog developing and temperatures mild for this time of year and 54 in allentown and the same in cape may and wilmington 55 degrees and tomorrow of course the nfl draft if you head to the nfl draft experience it begins at noon. if you head down there early at 11:00 already 70 degrees with partly sunny skies and we warm up to 81 degrees by 5:00 when the draft begins at 8:00, 74 and when it all ends partly cloudy skies 68 degrees. a cold front moving through could bring a round of predawn showers, and behind it the air is slightly warmer and future tracker 6 showing at 4:30 the
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sunshine making it up to 82 and 83 degrees and the really warm day on saturday. and it will be noticeably more humid. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow start the day with fog and low clouds and the sunshine is back by midmorning and the high of 81 degrees and friday predawn shower and then the sunshine 83 degrees and on saturday. 85 degrees and late day thunderstorms first time this year we have three days in the 80s and sunday a back door front moves through and cools us off to 72 degrees and we spike up to 82 degrees on monday with afternoon showers and thunderstorms. and then temperatures drop a tad but still pretty mild. tuesday plenty of sunshine and 73 and wednesday partly sunny and 72 degrees. definitely on the warm side and back in the 70s. a nice looking seven-day forecast. we have sun for the seven-day forecast. >> all in all a good amount of sunshine.
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world news tonight is next on channel 6. and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rogers and then please join us for a special report at 11:00 on channel 6. wendy saltzman investigates if restraining orders are enough to protect victims from their alleged abusers, this after several high-profile deaths when police say women were brutally slain by the men this were suppose to stay away. and how a local lawmakers looking to toughen the laws and track the men accused of repeatedly violating restraining orders. tonight at 11:00. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers, i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight -- several developing stories as we come on the air. the white house now claiming it will be the biggest tax cut ever. tonight, we'll show you the one-page proposal. corporate taxes cut by more than a half. who will pay for it? and our jon karl asks, will the president release his taxes? also tonight, the showdown with north korea, new tensions. now all 100 senators invited to the white house late today. new word from inside that rare briefing. severe weather threat as we come on the air. tornado warnings and now major storms. fox news under fire again. just days after pushing out bill o'reilly, what another fox host said about ivanka trump in this moment. accident we do have breaking news. the state trooper shot while on


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