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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 5, 2017 7:00am-8:58am EDT

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good morning, america. brealondon terrorovernight show police hunting down claiming rey for that brutal assault on lo then jumped out stabbing and se. taki omorning. what we're now learning about the terrorists' past and theo mm as the uk's prime minister theresa may says it's time for things to change. >> enough is overnight, preside speaking out about the attack. >> this bloodshed must end. >> vowing to help the uk bring the terrorists to justice but comingtacking london's mayor, j
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hours after the rampage while back here at home he braces wit the fired fbi director prepares to testify about the russia investigation. ♪ ♪ turn the other cheek rld's bi stars and millions around the globe c >> where's the love? >> you nighting against terror in a defiant show of urning to manchester with the world ♪ where is the love where's the l benefit concert f victims of that attack and the hate. ♪ where is the love the love and good morning, americ what an emotional scene in manchester last night. a big take that to the >> the powerful show of out ths
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you can hear her singing with her rendition over the rainbow" and she had to stop for a moment in the middle ofhe overcome with emotions. something we can all he families of the victims so she really felt their pain but it was such a beautiful thing to see last night. something that all of britain needed this morning, london bridge now open again after sunday's attack in the heart of london. here is what we know. isis claiming responsibility for e killed at least seven people. that rampage lasting just eight minutes before the three suspects were eventually shotpo. this is the third deadly terror attack in thece march. >> which is why the prime minister speaking out so strongly. we have team coverage this morning starting with our foreign correspondent terry moran on the scene in london where there were more arrests overnight. good morning, y. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, on this monday morning, on
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the surface, anyway, it looks as if lon normal. the roadways are full of traffic, the subways are crowded but look again. flowers at the makeshift memorials that have cropped up at these sites. young the sidewalks on the bridges to protect against another bridge . and intense police activity as they hunt down possible collaborators. this morning, police launching more raids in the same area of east london where they've arrested 12 so far. >> it's all going on right now. people running. i don't know out of eo capturing frightened residents fleeing restaurants and bars shortly after a hail of gunfire. >> get down, get down. >> reporter: theok the city began before 10:00 p.m. saturday. on london bridge suddenly swerves off the road up on the sidewalk andning down
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pedestrians leaving them broken and bloodied on the >> it just reminds me of something like 9/11. halt at the just steps from the bustling borough market packed with bars and restaurany saturday night. >> we were in lockdown because there's just been an attack. >> reporter: three men jumped out armed with long knives and began slashing and stabbing the innocent. the knife and just dit turn around again. >> they werehe thing only, to kill people, stab them, stab them to death. he fi emergency calls came in. police swarm the attack scene. terrified locals watching from it took police just eight minutes to corner the suspects then gunfire. my god. >> reporter: all told, 50 shots were fired by eight officers.
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>> hear shooting. i'm trying to keep myself safe. >> reporter: seven people killed. the apparent suicide vests worn by the attackers were found to be fakes. overnight president trump at a gala in washington making his first televised remarks since the attack. >> america sends our thoughts, our prayers and our deepest sympathies to the victims of this evil slaughter, this bloodshed must end. this bloodshed will end. >> reporter: and this morning, prime minister theresa maywarti. >> this was an attack on london and the united kingdom but it was also an attack on the free world. ♪ >> reporter: in the wake of the attack the police presence doubled at the site of ariana grande's one love manchester benefit concert, a encircling t venue keeping the sold out crowd of 50,000 safe.
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and in the wake of this attack prime minister may putting a big issue on the table, she's looking for an international agreement among governments and corporations to regulate cyberspace, to deny what she calls safe spaces for terrorists online. amy. >> all right, terry, thanks so much. overnight british police conducting raids in east london. one of the suspects is believed to have lived in that area and we now know isis is claiming responsibility for the attack. this morning investigators racing to find out if the attackers were part of a larger terror network. our chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here with those details. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, amy. authorities this morning say they already know a lot about the plot and the plotters. officials tell abc news there's evidence the three terrorists seen in this video before they were killed had been waiting for months to carry out their attack saturday night and that the trigger may have been this message posted by isis just saturday that called on followers to use vehicles, guns and knives to attack.
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>> work is ongoing to understand more about them, about their connections and about whether they were assisted or supported by anyone else. >> reporter: police into that w east london neighborhood making at least 12 arrests. many of those arrested were connected to the dead terrorist seen in this photo wearing a fake bomb vest. a vest intended to cause panic and assure martyrdom. >> juan way to guarantee becoming martyrs is to wear a suicide vest or what appears to be a suicide vest so the police take lethal action. >> reporter: neighbors told abc news the dead terrorist is of pakistani descent, the father of a toddler with a wife who is expecting. others said they had called police to report him because of his open radical views, even complaining his local mosque was not devout enough. >> he just said it was not a good mosque. >> reporter: with more than 3,000 potential terrorists on british watch lists, authorities
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say they simply cannot track every suspect or stop every attack. >> there have been 13 or 14 plots that have been foiled in the last 12 months. and it tells us that this wave out there is beginning to break against britain and that we've probably got to be prepared for more. >> reporter: british authorities say they see no connection between this attack and the attacks at the manchester concert and the earlier westminster bridge attack. what they do see is an increased tempo of plots especially with isis calling for its followers to attack during the holy month of ramadan which lasts for two more weeks. >> brian, thanks very much. you know, those televised remarks we showed from the president not his first public statements on the tweet storm s after the attacks and called for the travel ban saying we need an extra level of safety and say h gun debate. at least 7 dead and 48 wounded. mayor of london says there is no reason to be alarmed.
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jon karl for more on this and, jon, the president taking the london mayor a bit out of context there. >> reporter: he is flagrantly taking him out of context and misrepresenting what he said about the attack. the mayor did not say do not be alarmed. he called the attack deliberate and cowardly and barbaric, what he was saying not to be alarmed about is the increased presence of armed security officers on the streets of london in response. the mayor's office said the mayor has more important things than to respond to donald trump's ill-informed tweet that deliberately takes out of context his remarks urging londoners not be to alarmed when they see more police including armed officers on the streets. george, in one of those we just have never seen it before moment, the u.s. ambassador to london has put out a tweet directly contradicting the president of the united states saying i commend the strong leadership of the mayor of london. >> sticking with never seen
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before the president back on twitter this morning basically attacking his own justice department over the travel ban saying they should have never submitted what he called the watered down version to the supreme court. this could actually complicate the travel ban's chances in the courts. >> reporter: it sure could. we have seen the president's own words, his own tweets usedt the the lower courts and, george, this is not only attacking his own justice department, this is actually attacking an executive order that the president himself signed. >> just incredible. see something new every day, jon karl, thanks very much. amy. >> this morning we are learning more about the victims and heroes in that attack. james longman is outside saints thomas' hospital. good morning and welcome, james. >> reporter: thank you, amy. good morning. yes, this morning more and more details emerging of just what happened on saturday night. some terrifying images but also as is so often the case in these
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among the more than 48 victims injured in that horrific attack three dozen remain hospitalized this morning with 21 in critical condition. >> the man run up to him and said this is for my family for islam. looked him trait in the face and stabbed him. >> reporter: we're also learning more about the seven who lost h national and christine archibald, a 30-year-old canadian woman who worked with the homeless before moving to europe to be with her fiance. they were together when she was struck down on the bridge. a number of young visitors wounded. many were slashed or stabbed after bravely stepping up to confront the attackers. >> the guy comes up with a knife and i'm like this, and i was like pushing him off. blood is going everywhere and i'm like, someone help me. i've just been stabbed. >> reporter: one transit officer being praised. he was armed with just a baton risking his life to face down
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attackers. geoff ho in intensive care. his confrontation coming just moments after he recorded this video of the men as they approach a group of bars. this morning, more stories emerging of heroes who ran towards the danger as others ran away. >> held the door tore a few seconds possibly saving a good >> reporter: carlos pinto rushing to the rescue of a woman staying by her side for two hours until paramedics arrived. >> we tried to manage the best way to keep her alive. >> reporter: others bravely drawing the attackers away from the innocent. >> just trying to get him to chase me. >> reporter: throughout london and around the world an outpouring for the others badly hurt including brett freeman, an australian waitress, candice hedge. well, we're outside saints thomas' hospital in central london, one of five across capital where people are being treated but, remember, 21 in
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critical condition and 7 have died. so that death toll, that may go up. amy. >> james, thank you. joining us now is mark kindschuh, an american college student in a pub in borough market during the terror attack. mark, thanks for being with us this morning. we're certainly flat that you're okay. but tell us what happened. you were sitting there with classmates. when did you notice something was wrong? >> well, we had been sitting there, myself and about five of my classmates just eating for probably like 20, 25 minutes at most and all of a sudden we just heard really out of nowhere like four or five really loud successive gunshots and that's when everybody in the pub and we knew immediately something was wrong so everybody got down at once and went below their tables and got on the floor and then a wave of people who had been out on the street, maybe like about 30 people stormed in to see sanctuary or refuge and they all
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pushed their way towards the back of the pub. so i realized something was happening when the gunshots went off. >> that had to be a surreal moment when everyone came running in. among the people who ran in was a man who was suffering a gunshot wound and i know you rushed in to help. tell me what happened there. >> i picked my head up from where i was under my table with my classmates and just saw towards the front door just right off at the foot of the door a man just who had been pretty clearly injured badly with a pool of blood forming just next to his head. i got up and ran over to go see what i could do to help. >> and i know you took your belt off, you tried to put some pressure on the wound and then incredibly brave of you, you decided to go out of the pub to try and get help. >> i just couldn't sit there as this man was bleeding to death and just let it happen so i exited and told a member of s.w.a.t. or of the police force
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who was right there about the fact that there was a man bleeding profusely from a head wound inside and at that point he just acknowledged it and yelled at me to go back inside because the situation was still dangerous. >> and then when you got back inside i understand the bartender decided to lock the door but then tell me what happened next. >> the attackers were right outside the glass windows and the front door and were banging trying to get in apparently and then that's when -- when they were right when eventually the s.w.a.t. team was able to take him out. >> i want to ask you about how you feel today there in london and how londoners are reacting after such a horrific frightening weekend. >> well, in terms of londoners, i don't think thatust walking ag to the grocery store, supermarket, i don't think there's really much of a difference, everyone is still out and about as they would be
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in any city just go about their daily live, the only sort of difference is there have been constant police sirens like over the past day and a half just because the counterterrorism services have been looking for the people who have connections to the attackers, so other than the police sirens going off a little more frequently than usual, everybody is going about their daily lives going to their jobs, so, yeah. >> a resilient city indeed and certainly again glad that you are safe. thanks so much for joining us, mark. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> yeah, business as usual in london today. >> a picture and this picture says a thousand words. it shows it all. tells the whole story. been circulated all over britain of this man running away from the attacks on the london bridge beer in hand, not spilling a drop and it really shows how the british keep calm and carry on and they also fought back with this headline, saying the country is reeling, j.k. rowling
7:17 am
tweeting don't confuse grief with a lack of courage. they are strong. they are resilient. and they are courageous. >> something i saw in manchester too. there was a sign up that said isis don't scare us. >> they are resolute, not reeling. back here at home president trump facing a big showdown from the fired former director of the fbi, james comey, blockbuster testimony on thursday. abc's mary bruce has the latest on that. >> reporter: from chicago to los angeles. [ chanting ] >> stand up, fight back. >> reporter: and new york. voters are demanding answers about the administration's possible ties to russia. >> we have to get to the bottom of the craziness that's happening in this administration. >> reporter: but this morning, the president is trying to change the subject to infrastructure. >> we will rebuild our roads, bridges, tunnels, highways, airports, schools, hospitals, all of it. >> reporter: a week-long push to fulfill that campaign pledge including an announcement today to privatize the nation's air
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traffic control system. but overshadowing the president, the biggest moment yet for the russia investigation. fired fbi director james comey set to tell congress his side of the story. front and center at thursday's hearing, comey's private conversations with the president. and questions about whether trump urged him to drop the investigation into fired national security adviser michael flynn. >> it would be very, very troubling if the president of the united states is interfering in investigations. >> reporter: but could the president try to block comey from speaking out by invoking his executive privilege? >> by publicly commenting and tweeting about discussions he's had with comey, the white house itself might have inadvertently waived the privilege. >> reporter: as of right now there are no plans for the president to try to block comey from testifying but ultimately this decision is up to the president. george. >> mary, thanks. i'll anchor our coverage of the testimony live at 10 eastern. let's check in quickly with ginger. >> one of america's biggest
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cities flash flood warnings andr rescues, too, there is more on the way, i'll tell you about it in just a bit, first select cities brought to you by petco. >> reporter: good morning everyone, david murphy here with an update from accuweather, we've got light sprinkles and showers out by gettysburg, right now we're looking at cloudy skies and bright patches here and there, tempts in the 60s across the region. closer to 70 by the shore. 79 is the high. clouds and sunny breaks, at times there could be a spotty
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shower, down the shore high of 73. later today and tonight, thunderstorms north and west of philadelphia. americans - 83% try to eat healthy.
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get everyday low prices on everyday essentials, targetrun and done. >> good morning i'm matt o'donnell, 7:23 a.m., monday, june 5. we're starting out in the first state with karen rogers. >> reporter: yeah, matt we have an accident in hockessin, delaware. involving an tractor-trailer that flipped over and caught on fire. there's a fuel spill here, as well. chopper 6 hd heading to the scene near lancaster pike in new castle county. watch for an overturned tractor-trailer that's causing a problem this morning. schuylkill expressway the problem is volume eastbound traffic heading toward center city looking live at montgomery. we're jammed from city avenue to the vine street expressway. 31 minute scram westbound from the vine to the blue route. on the big picture, slow speeds on the schuylkill expressway, you have the blue route, 19 miles per hour near the route 1 media bypass. the exit -- accident in tacony .
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state road and cottman avenue better. slow 14 miles per hour at girard. david murphy is up to tell us about the rain heading our way.
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>> reporter: all right, everybody we're off to a mostly cloudy start. take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan, most of us are dry. we have showers to the west, but too far to the west to be a bother just yet. we're starting out cool, 67 in philadelphia. 61 in allentown. closer to 70 do you want shore. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high today of 79 degrees clouds and sunny breaks. at times a spotty shower can't be ruled out. down the shore showers likely in the afternoon. north and west of philadelphia
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this afternoon we have at chance of thunderstorms. matt. >> thanks david, the central bucks school district is closed as police search for an escaped inmate the story at
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♪ that one right there. ♪ ♪ ♪
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prudential. bring your challenges. ♪ welcome back to " s on stage last night with ariana grande for the powerful one love manchester concert in the wake of those recent terror attacks. this moment is getting so much reaction. a police officer dancing with young fans. it's good to see some happiness out there in manchester and much more on that coming up. >> they did it right in manchester last night. also this morning we are learning new details about the terror attack and new rays overnight. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack but -- and authorities say they know the identities of the attackers, of course, that a people, injured dozens more before police took down the three terrorists. and let's go back now to our
7:31 am
chief foreign correspondent terry moran on the scene for us in london for cing in right now. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, amy. well, as londoners get back to work the police investigation is moving at high speed. overnight those two more raids in the same general easte area arrested over the weekend, one man was led er theresa may saying that all three names of the attackers are known to authorities. the big question now, how long had authorities known about these attackers who drove that van over the london bridge, then descended with lon the borough market slashing and stabbing people. 21 victims remain in critical condition, a sign of just how horrible their wounds were. meanwhile, londoners getting back to work here, prime minister may saying this was an attack not just on the city of london, not just on the united kingdom but on the free world and there is a sense here of responsibility to stand up to
7:32 am
these attacks, three in three months and to carry on and keep calm as the british will. amy. >> all right, terry moran, we appreciate it. thanks so much. we turn to bill cosby's sexual assault trial that starts today. cosby expected to appear in court for opening arguments. abc's linsey davis is outside the courtroom. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. to call this a highly anticipated trial may be a bit of an understatement. it's expected to last for two weeks. no cameras in the courtroom. among those expected in the courtroom today, keshia knight pulliam who played rudy on "the cosby show." the stakes are high as the sexual assault trial is set to begin today against the man once known as america's dad. bill cosby will not take the witness stand. cosby is charged with felony aggravated indecent assault stemming from a 13-year-old claim from accuser andrea constand, a former temple university employee.
7:33 am
constand alleges the comedian drugged and sexually assaulted her at his home in pennsylvania in 2004. cosby has denied wrongdoing and says their encounter was consensual. while the 79-year-old has been accused by more than 50 women of drugging and/or sexual misconduct this is the only case where he faces criminal charges. when we brought up the allegations in an interview with cosby two years ago, he had this to say. >> i have been in this business 52 years and i will -- i've never seen anything like this. >> reporter: back in 2005 the district attorney at the time decided not to criminally prosecute cosby citing insufficient credible and admissible evidence. >> one of the things that the prosecution was relying heavily on is the ability to bring forth many more of the women who have made similar allegations against bill cosby. >> reporter: the prosecution petitioned to have as many as a dozen accusers testify on constand's behalf but the judge
7:34 am
is only allowing one other accuser to take the stand. >> whenever you try a case, a decade old in this case we're talking about over 14, 13, 14 years, quite naturally memories fade. >> reporter: the jury is made up of seven men and five women. eight of those jurors are under the age of 40 which could actually be somewhat significant because the cosby show stopped taping in 1992 so while those jurors could have seen reruns they may not be familiar with bill cosby at the height of his career which is something that legal analysts say could actually be good for the prosecution, george. >> that could make a difference. thanks very much. let's bring in dan abrams for more. what do you make of the prosecution's case? >> look, this is not an easy case. i think people who have been watching this from the outside are saying, oh, there are all these allegations and accusation, this will be a slam dunk case for prosecutors are not paying attention to this case. the key reason is, number one,
7:35 am
all those other accusers aren't going to be able to testify in this case except for one. and that's critical. that one is going to be in my view the linchpin of the prosecution's case. yes, her testimony will be critical meaning the actual alleged victim in this case. but it is the other person i think who is going to be so important, because if the jury believes the other person, it sort of negates any possibility this was a misunderstanding, that there was confusion here, that there was any gray lines, et cetera, and so the fact that this judge even allowed one other person to come in is very important, but as i said before, this is an old case and not an easy case. >> they'll hear about the deposition where cosby gave quaaludes to women and he's not going to take the stand. >> he says he isn't going to take the stand and i guess he's not going to take the stand but, yeah, the deposition is going to be important testimony. the deposition is the reason he was ultimately indicted in this case. it's going to be a critical
7:36 am
piece of evidence. but, remember, we talk about this in every trial but this is important in this case as in any, when the standard is proof beyond a reasonable doubt the prosecution doesn't just have to convince the jurors it likely happened, they have to convince the jurors beyond a reasonable doubt it did happen. >> no other reasonable explanation. >> exactly. >> thanks very much. coming up next in just two minutes joyous defiance, ariana grande hosting that all-star benefit concert. the most powerful moments and her message next. 80 percent of recurrent ischemic strokes
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♪ we are back now with the powerful performances uniting the world, ariana grande and other top musicians defiantly holding the one love manchester concert just a day after london was attacked by terrorists and abc's lama hasan was backstage and joins us from manchester this morning. good morning, lama. >> reporter: and good morning to
7:39 am
you, michael. wow, what a night. the energy, the atmosphere here, it was electric. there were tears but there were also a lot of cheers at a concert that hit all the right notes and we had the best access talking to all the stars backstage. >> manchester, i love you with all my heart. >> reporter: overnight the 50,000 strong crowd in manchester joyously defiant. ♪ ♪ stronger than i've been before this is the part when i break free ♪ >> reporter: in a tribute to manchester seen by millions around the world, ariana grande taking the stage again, less than two weeks after the horrific bombing of her concert which killed 22 people and wounded more than 100 others. >> i love you guys so much and i think that the kind of love and unity that you're showing is the medicine that the world r50e8ly needs. >> reporter: starting with a moment of silence, grande speaking about meeting the mother of 15-year-old olivia campbell who was killed in the
7:40 am
attack. >> as soon as i met her i started crying. i gave her a big hug and she said that i should stop crying because olivia wouldn't have wanted me to cry and then she told me that olivia would have wanted to hear the hits. >> reporter: and the hits kept on coming. ♪ 'cause i'm happy clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth ♪ >> reporter: pharrell williams and miley cyrus leading the crowd with "happy." >> were you scared given what happened here -- >> we're protected by all this love and nothing can kind of come through our walls of union, i would say. ♪ father, father help us with some guidance from above because people got me questioning where is the love ♪ >> reporter: grande joining the black eyed peas on their anthem "where is the love." >> people want to feel joy and smile and dance and laugh, you know, they're bombarded by so much hate, why can't we answer
7:41 am
that with love. ♪ i got the eye of the tiger inside of me ♪ >> reporter: katy perry wearing a tribute to the victims pictured on her dress. ♪ if you think that i'm still holding on to something you should go and love yourself ♪ >> reporter: justin bieber inspiring this policeman to join in with some young fans. ♪ >> reporter: coldplay taking the stage as the sun went down. >> all of us as humans feel terrified by certain things but the best response is the love. >> reporter: with all that star power onstage -- ♪ you are you are >> reporter: nothing was more powerful than this manchester high school choir bringing the crowd to tears. ♪ you are you are my everything ♪ >> what better way to be strong than to say, you know what, the show will go on and i'm thinking
7:42 am
to myself whatever evil there is, if they saw that tonight, it didn't work. >> reporter: grande fighting back tears as she closed out the show with an emotional performance of "somewhere over the rainbow." ♪ if happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow ♪ ♪ why, oh, why can't i >> reporter: of course, there was a benefit concert to raise money for the families of the victims. raising $3 million and counting and there were so many heartwarming moments but i think ariana grande summed it up best when she told her fans the love and unity that they were showing here was the medicine that this world needs. michael. >> all right, lama, that was beautiful to see and thank you for bringing that to us.
7:43 am
>> so powerful. wow. coming up next on "gma" on our big board, comedians pushing the limits. the new fallout after bill maher used a racial slur. we are back in two minutes. >> an issue that's always near and dear to my heart. e big guys. and they have the best price for unlimited among national carriers and... wait! are you watching this on the awesome iphone 7? you gotta get iphone 7 from sprint! and they'll give you a second one on them! what are you doing? go switch to sprint! who's he talking to? i don't know. but i better go to sprint. wait! two iphone 7s. love you! (vo) get sprint unlimited. and now get iphone 7 on us. for people with hearing loss, visit true radiance comes from within. new radiant toothpaste by colgate optic white. whitens teeth both inside and out. for a radiant, whiter smile. be radiant by colgate optic white. ♪
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winning shot. that was it for me. that's why i'm quitting with nicorette. only nicorette mini has a patented fast dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. every great why needs a great how. we are back now with our big board. we have larry hackett and yannis pappas at the table with us and first we're talking about trouble for big name comedian, bill maher the latest. he is taking heat for using a racial slur on his hbo show friday night. take a look at the exchange. >> got to get to nebraska more. >> you're welcome. we'd love to have you working the fields with us. >> working the fields? >> that's part of that -- >> the senate. i'm a house [ bleep ]. no, it's -- it's a joke. >> all right. so, guys this all comes on the heels of kathy griffin's now infamous bloody trump head. we know comedians have a big voice in this country but where is the line?
7:46 am
yannis, i'll start with you. >> often i don't know until a comedian crosses it. >> did bill maher cross the line. >> yeah, yeah, you could tell by the reaction of people when he crossed the line and he definitely crossed the line. >> in saying, no, no, it's a joke. >> you know, i'm all for free speech like free speech means you don't get put in jail. it doesn't mean people aren't going to get offended. >> larry. >> he's reacting to what people say to imhad. why when senator ses saasse, wh that a phrase you would pick out and take. i understand the line idea. comedy is like invisible electrified fences for dogs. if you bounce into one of those a couple of times and bill maher and kathy griffin have, you know where the fence is and one would have thought he definitely bounced into the fence on that. >> i mean, saying it in the first place and the ease in which he said it says a lot too but what roles do comedians play in political discourse when the politics -- political world is crazy.
7:47 am
what is the role of the comedian? >> well, lets off steam and when you look at -- people waiting for "saturday night live" to lit off the steam and see what outrageous things they say. they're supposed to be funny and package what the culture is thinking so i think it's hugely important. job one to be funny. >> illuminate hypocrisy. once it crosses the line into punditry, it becomes useless. we work for the people and want to expose hypocrites. >> we saw stephen colbert get into hot water making a comment a lot said or some critics said was homophobic. kathy griffin lost her job at cnn nearly immediately. colbert seems to be perfectly fine. what do you think will happen to bill maher? >> i don't think he'll get fired. his ratings are too good. >> he's in a marketplace where i think it's going to be tolerated. whatever -- whether it's billy bush or others who lose their job for comments like that it's the workplace and the marketplace and both of these
7:48 am
bill will get through. >> we'll keep our eye on it. the nba finals, fellas, golden state opening up a two-game lead over cleveland with a huge 132-113 win last night in oakland. if there's one play that's a metaphor for the series, steph curry weaving around the king lebron james and putting it in the hoop for this third quarter layup and t.j. holmes, our man, he was in oakland for it all. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: hey, good morning, stra. that play you're talking about, that was steph curry went globetrotter on lebron james last night and was the signature moment of the game in a lot of ways, put the golden state warriors on a run last night and they did not look back. you have to keep in mind here since 2012 only three people have won the mvp and the nba, steph curry, lebron james and kevin durant. well, two of those guys are on the same team and they're too much for lebron james right now. they just have an offensive onslaught attacking the cavs and
7:49 am
they have not proven to be able to do anything with the warriors and again last night kevin durant had 33, steph curry had 32 on his way to a triple-double last night so right now, stra, robach, these cavs just do not have an answer for this offensive juggernaut that is the golden state warriors. >> yeah, but, t.j., i still think it's fair to point out lebron had a good game. >> does this man ever have a bad game? we've been watching him so long. in the league, really, no matter what he puts on a show and had a triple-double of his own last night. in fact, he tied magic johnson for the most triple-doubles in finals history. he makes history even though his cavs lose the game and they lose in major fashion but we are just in line with what we saw last year, the warriors went up 2-0 last year in games one and two, they blew the cavs out in game two last year, as well so after the game last night people were asking lebron, reporters were asking what his thoughts are going into game three, going
7:50 am
back to cleveland. he said, well, i just need to get me some food and wine and i'll be all right. he's been down this road before. they know they'll be fine and can win it because they did last year. >> steve kerr is back on the sidelines for the golden state warriors. can they come back. >> it is last year except for two word, kevin durant is standing in the middle of the road. >> too many weapons. >> you know what, see game three of the nba finals wednesday at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc and coming up we have the story behind this incredible picture. and protecting your privacy while shopping. the app that may be spying on you and you don't even know it and the steps you can take to make sure it stops. the uncertainties of hep c. wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more
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back here on "good morning america" if you haven't seen it yet. he is mowing the lawn. his wife takes a picture because, yeah, that's behind him. that would be a tornado. a high base low precipitation tornado as we call it. alberta, canada. they do have a tornado season in canada. it's usually later because the jet stream moves north. that was just east of the rockies. looks a lot like those high based tornadoes and low precipitation tornados that happen in northeast colorado. that is a good sign when it's moving east to west. if it looks like it's stagnant it's either coming
7:55 am
restlessness... extreme anxiety... pacing... a constant urge to move. if someone you know is suffering from schizophrenia they may also be struggling with akathisia: a common side effect of some schizophrenia medications. learn more at "good morning america" is brought to you by bush's beans. whatever your mood, we've got a bean for you.
7:56 am
>> good morning i'm matt o'donnell, 7:56 a.m., monday, june 5. karen rogers is here with an update on an accident in delaware. >> reporter: it's a big one, matt hockessin delaware, an overturned tractor-trailer carrying so i beans of all things. chopper 6 hd is overhead you can see the tractor-trailer flipped over. they have so i beans on the road and the grass. it's a mess in hockessin, delaware. they have a fuel spill there, as well. fire crews and ambulance on the scene with the accident closing both 48 which is lancaster pike and chapel court. it briefly caught fire, it was a mess out there. they are still doing the cleanup looks like they have a lot of cleaning up to do. it's true the trees and the grass, what a messy accident this morning. let's check out i-95 this is
7:57 am
girard southbound traffic trying to head to center city jammed from torresdale to injured. >> taking a look outside, a cloudy scene over center city philadelphia. we could see rain today. here's meteorologist david murphy. >> reporter: all right, we have sun trying to break through the clouds, matt, but storm tracker 6 live double scan shows rain pushing out of lancaster county and gettysburg and popping into western chester county before too much longer. temperatures, 67 degrees in philadelphia. low 60s in allentown. close to 70 down the shore. this afternoon high of 79 in philadelphia. 73 on the beach. everybody is dealing with mostly cloudy skies and sunny breaks, there could showers at the shore, a thunderstorm in the northern and western suburbs is possible late today and tonight, matt. >> thank you, david, the search continues for an escaped inmate in bucks county. he was being trapped when he managed to escape near bristol and lower state road in doylestown. a shelter in place has been
7:58 am
lifted for warrington and the sex assaultf bill cosby beginsng. "action news" is waiting for th. . and if you still need help along with diet and exercise... in adults with type 2 diabetes. jardiance is also the only type 2 diabetes treatment with heart-
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. new arrests this morning in the london terror attack as new video emerges overnight of the authorities tracking down the terrorists. three men ran over tourists in a van then leapt out to go after the victims. at least seven dead. dozens more injured. the attackers taken out at the scene as isis claims responsibility for the attack. ♪ where is the love >> one love manchester. the joyously defiant celebration of love over hate. ariana grande's emotional return less than two weeks after the attack. her emotional embrace center stage with miley singing along with the black eyed peas. katy perry's tribute to the vic, justin bieber, coldplay, pharrell and more all coming together with millions watching to help and honor victims of the concert attack. retail revolution. is your phone spying on you?
8:01 am
are shopping apps from your favorite stores actually accessing your location to give you good deals? can you protect your privacy and still get all those good deals? snore wars. the groundbreaking new gadget that could fix snoring for good. we put it to the sleep challenge with a couple that can't even be in the same bed. is their snore war finally over? ♪ get ready for "cars 3" to zoom into the theaters. armie hammer is here live. >> good morning, america. and good morning, america. happy monday. good to see lara down here as well and good to see armie hammer here. >> cannot wait to hear about "cars 3." and then so much reaction to last night's blockbuster concert, so many stars and fans coming together in manchester and then seeing it felt all over
8:02 am
the world. >> that's ariana grande's mother there walking through the crowd telling fans do not be afraid. and these pictures they've been shared hundreds of thousands of times. ariana and miley hugging and so many of their fans hugging along with them. we love to see those. >> power of love. a "gma" alert. is your phone tracking you while you shop? becky is here. she is going to show you how to make sure it is not. shop in peace, please. so a lot coming up. first amy with the news. a lot of news to get to. we begin with british police conducting more raids as they investigate saturday's attack on london bridge and the nearby market and say they have identified the three attackers and abc's terry moran has detail as long with new images of one of the suspected attackers. terry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the focus of the investigation now the identity of the attackers and the big question, did authorities know who they were and know they were
8:03 am
dangerous in advance of the attack? on that issue neighbors are now identifying one of the attackers as a man known as an extremist, not just to the government but to the media. he had appeared in documentaries apparently about jihadist extremism. that's how notorious he was. the police have said they have identified all three men and they have said it is possible that all three were known to security services in advance of the attack. that's putting a lot of pressure on this government and prime minister theresa may. just days before a general election. london today back to business. but also preparing to come to a halt this evening at 6:20 p.m. for a moment of silence to remember the seven killed in the attack here saturday night. amy. >> terry moran in london for us, thank you. president trump is again pushing for his proposed travel ban to help fight terrorism. this morning he tweeted the justice department should have stayed with the original travel ban, not the watered down, politically correct version they submitted to the supreme court. the ban would block travel from
8:04 am
six muslim majority countries. the red cross says the one love benefit concert in manchester helped raise $3 million for the victims of the attack. abc's lama hasan has highlights from the concert and details on what was changed before it started. lama, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. it was a star-studded lineup with a-listers front on stage honoring the victims and their families. powerful performances from ariana grande. ♪ over the rainbow >> reporter: to miley cyrus. ♪ happiness is the truth >> reporter: coldplay and black eyed peas. grande revealing her emotional conversation with the mother of 15-year-old olivia campbell who was killed in the attack made grande make a last-minute shake-up to the show telling the superstar olivia wouldn't have wanted her to cry she would have wanted her to hear the hits. >> reporter: a heartwarming evening with a fitting tribute from katy perry who had pictures
8:05 am
of the victims on her dress. it was an electric night. there were cheer, there were also tears but most of all, there was defiance. the fans right here facing terror head on. amy. >> so powerful, lama, thank you. new diplomatic tensions overnight in the persian gulf. six arab nations are cutting ties with qatar saying they're angry over that country's support of iran and terror groups. qatar is home to an air base where 10,000 u.s. troops are stationed. today u.s. officials appear to downplay concerns. today president trump is announcing a plan to privatize the air traffic control system saying the move will help modernize the system faster. critics say efforts by the faa to upgrade the system have been hampered by inconsistent funding. 14 people have been arrested after clashes with police during competing protests in portland, oregon. supporters and opponents of president trump were kept on different sides of the street, some in the crowd threw bottles and bricks. finally a little girl in kansas city really wants to be a
8:06 am
police officer when she grows up so 3-year-old hanna started a lemonade stand raising money for a uniform. she got it. then her parents were worried so they posted something and guess what, more than 50 local police officers saw the post or at least it went viral and her goal was met and they all came to support and hug her. it's just very heartwarming and very cute. >> she said i got to go squeeze some lemons. thank you, amy. coming up, "gma's" retail revolution. are your shopping apps tracking you, becky worley has steps to protect your privacy. in "pop news," lara will tell us about "wonder woman"'s record-breaking weekend at the box office and how it's changing the game for women everywhere. summer took a hit this morning when frankie popped the alligator floaty. plus, the snacks and drinks are gone, people. and one of us used up all the sunscreen! i wonder who... . we're gonna need some reinforcements...quick. copy that.
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dentists are going to really want to recommend the new pronamel strong and bright. it helps to strengthen and re-harden the enamel. it also has stain lifting action. it's going to give their patients the protection that they need and the whiter teeth that they want. ♪ with the laughing cow's nine flavorful varieties of creamy cheese, there's no end to what the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. welcome back to "gma." big welcome to our audience this
8:11 am
morning. okay, you guys are clearly read. great crowd here and good morning to you. a major shoutout to girl power with "wonder woman's" smashing its way into the record books. yes. very happy to report this movie is now the biggest domestic debut of all time for a female director grossing over $100 million here and another $122 million irkly busting the competition. the record-breaking recorder patty jenkins just with us on "gma" at the helm of this first major studio franchise featuring a female superhero, that would be the amazing gal gadot as wonder woman. >> i saw it last night with my daughters. it is so, so good. you feel powerful watching all of these strong women. i love it. >> a distant second i ripped this doing my research was
8:12 am
"captain under pants." interesting dichotomy. "wonder woman," first place, second place, "captain underpants." another sign angelina jolie is moving on. the oscar winner paying a cool $25 million for a very famous hollywood home. legendary director cecil b. demille's mansion. he lived there for over 30 years until his passing. the main residence a 1920s italian 8 revival. it is gorgeous, 11,000 square feet, grand central hallways, sunken living room. a dining room where so many stars of the golden ear were entertained. the grounds have a rolling lawn, swimming pool, a japanese tea house because we all need one and a smaller second house on the property was occupied by demille's pal, the great charlie chaplin. >> history. >> a lot of hollywood history in that home and a fresh start hopefully for angelina jolie and those kids.
8:13 am
so congratulations and good luck to them. then a new study -- thank you, thank you. >> you love real estate. >> i do. i really, really do and also love -- i love real estate and decor but love hearing about, you know, like happy news and gorgeous houses. and looking in them like a weirdo in the windows. like. >> this is a new study you thought was interesting. i know none of us ever say naughty words but for those who might a study reveals that -- >> george, did you just look at me? >> no, he was looking at me. through you. >> i'm not going to say who on this team likes to use swear words but one of us does. a new study reveals that using swear words can actually help fix a broken heart by diluting the intensity of your emotional pain. you get it out there and dilutes that emotional pain. however, though, before you launch into an expletive-filled rant about your ex we want you to know that the study also shows that using too many swear
8:14 am
words weakens the power of those -- >> moderation. >> everything in mod race. >> is there a word count like eight, nine, what is it? >> i think that is all personal to you and i just -- >> depends on how bad the breakup is. >> exactly. and finally a monday fun fact for you guys. video here of a corgi puppy flopping down went totally viral. you can see why. it's just absolutely adorable but also -- we learned something. we uncovered -- a name for this phenomenon that he's doing where it looks like he has no bone structure. it's -- this is called splooting and it is believed they do it to get a good stretch in their hip. >> who came up with that? >> it's a scientific name. they do it to stretch or cool themselves up by pressing their belly on the ground. >> he looks narcoleptic.
8:15 am
>> also very flexible. that, everybody, is "pop news." >> great job. [ applause ] coming up, everybody, are your shopping apps tracking you? well, we've got the key steps to stop it if they are. that's coming up next. o golfer. i'm karen, i'm a teacher. my psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra can be a sign of existing joint damage that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to help relieve pain and help stop further damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common, or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness.
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♪ [laughter] we all drive... some just for the fun of it. ♪
8:19 am
back now with "gma's" retail revolution and so many of us use our phones to shop and now pri berkeley reveries that as many as 70% of smartphone apps track users meaning all that saving you're doing on time and money may be costing you your privacy. abc's becky worley has the details. >> reporter: have you ever received a notificat of your fa brands that seems ridiculously well timed? >> all of a sudden the gap will pop up on my phone stating i have a coupon and can go shopping. >> referee time. >> eveere. >> do you ever get ads on your phone that seem to know where you are. >> oh, absolutely. >> reporter: he says the urban outfitters app has his number. >> whenever i come within like 50 feet, i get like, hey, did you know there's this sale ending in a couple of days. >> reporter: it's not just a coincidence, shopping apps from
8:20 am
outfitters use the phone's gps to access your location. >> they have technologies that can follow you as you walk through sectors of the store and connect to your data so they know who you are. >> reporter: sure enough, after i installed the urban me as i wa store in philadelphia. in san francisco, it was almost a block away when the app lit my phone up with notifications. it makes sense, their best chance to get me into the wn i'. the macy's notifications were even more interesting. they pinged me once when i entered their store in philadelphia. i just put my hand on the door handle and a notification popped up saying welcome to macy's. they know i'm here. then again in san francisco two timely notifications, not in a macy's store but get this, while i was in other stores. they sent me a 30% off notification while i was in this store, one of their direct competitors. they also pinged me while i was in a small independent boutique.
8:21 am
in addition to gps stores are using bluetooth, wi-fi and even your phone's microphone to let them know where you are. and then selectively target you with ads. retailers hoping to keep your money in their stores and off the internet. make stores into the internet. >> yeah, essentially be able to track people in stores like wel connect the two. [ applause ] now, michael, macy's told us they only send relevant store information to those who have opted in when they're geographically near a macy's store. for some that's still giving them too much information? a little too much information. show of hand, how many audience members use a retail app? >> quite a few. >> by another show of hands how many you are creeped out they're tracking your location? everybody. the good news, can you turn that off. let me show you. you go to settings on your phone
8:22 am
and then you scroll down to privacan straightforward. location services is the top one here and look at all these shopping apps. macy's always using -- >> is that your phone? >> i have a lot of apps. >> you do a lot of shopping. >> you can turn it off. i do a lot of shopping. >> none of my business. >> i am a consumer reporter. i have to consume. you turn these apps off. >> never. >> it depends what you like. some like the appreciation of getting a coupon. >> they like a deal and coupons. >> i will keep researching this and do more shopping. >> you got all the apps for it. thank you, thank you becky. we really appreciate that. more information on how to turn off location tracking for both iphones and androids and that's on our website and we're going to go to ginger now. this time outsi good morning to this wonderful crowd but also to get your "gma" moment. so it's monday a little
8:23 am
cappuccino to get us going fro see everybody needs a good cup of coffee in the morning, thank you for sending that in, this is so fun, send me your "g.m.a." moment on my facebook page and we can share positivity on a monday morning. >> reporter: all right, gingers moving into western chester county. we have cloud cover and temperatures in the 60s and spots down south in the 70s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, high of 79 this afternoon clouds and sunny breaks and spotty shower possible. down the shore they could be steady at times. a thunderstorm in the northern and western suburbs tonight. tomorrow not as warm, 68 and still a spotty shower sleep foundation. but a new high-tech device that
8:24 am
you tuck under your pillow may help those restless nights become a thing of thes paula fa the good news, we hope. >> yes, i think the one thing we all want more of is sleep. right? when you're snoring you're not getting a good night sleep and neither is the person sleeping next to you. over the next few weeks we'll be exploring this very topic, the meth 240ds, device, techniques to solve it. this morning we're getting our start with a device we discovered on kickstarter. prentiss gray is a self-proclaimed chronic snoring. >> my snoring doesn't impact me. >> reporter: but he might be in defile about its effects if you ask his wife leslie. they've spent nearly $3,000 on various anti-snoring tools from headphones to dental appliances. it's gotten so bad, most nights leslie kicks him out of bed. >> i have a second bed over in my office. >> it's annoying, you know, i mean he's my husband. i would like to sleep with lesl bought the smart nora, once a
8:25 am
kickstarter campaign, this new device is like nothing else on the market. makers of the device say it detects when you snore and then inflates an insert in your pillow that gently moves your head changing your head and neck position to change the snoring. >> you can sleep in any position or on any part of the pillow. it's just as effective. >> reporter: it has not undergone rigorous studies but past research suggests changing the angle of the neck might help with snoring and worked for prentiss. >> it's the best solution we've seen. >> when it works, it works well. >> reporter: it's not perfect, leslie says it's not always consistent and often not fast enough to stop his snoring before she it's a huge improvement. >> i was excited. being rabel to have a good night sleep and wake up with my husband was a really nice thing. >> all right, so smart nora is a n nonmedical device. they don't make any claims abou
8:26 am
conditions you have. you can use it with a pillow. i want to know how you use it. use it with a pillow you have. slide it right in the back and make sure the cord is facing towards the device and then you turn it on right here. it's about 300 bucks. >> really cool. $3 money, any other less expensive. >> yes, lara, i'm glad you asked. number one, take a hot shower to clear out all of those passages, and another thing, a glass of water. here's the water bottle for you because the one thing that really causes us -- >> trying to portray me as a snorer. >> she doesn't snore, by the way. solve us snore because our mouth is dry and finally let's walk over here to the front of the bed. a body pillow right here, lara. >> body pillow. sleep on your side to cut it out. >> thank you very much. paula faris, we will be right
8:27 am
>> hi everyone, 8:27 monday, june 5 i'm matt o'donnell. we're looking at 202 with karen rogers. >> reporter: yeah, matt we had an accident blocking two lanes for over20 minutes, 202 southbound it just cleared. 48 minute jam from the schuylkill expressway to route 30. jammed on 202 southbound because of the earlier accident on route 29. the big accident is in hockessin overhead involving a tractor-trailer that flipped over. looks like sand all over thee. you can see it piled into the trees and the grass and road. this tractor-trailer filmed over and caught filer briefly at one point. a terrible accident in hockessin new castle county. route 48 is closed so is chapel
8:28 am
coulter. clean up.a fuel spill there, as north wales we have an accident here on sumneytown pike at dekalb pike. live in new jersey, a lot of people complaining about 42. looking better now, we had shore traffic coming back, now a 16 minute ride from the ac expressway to 295. >> we have rain on the way, let's go over to david murphy. >> reporter: mostly cloudy skies, matt, as you look at storm tracker 6 live double scan there are light showers coming in out ever lancaster county and gettysburg and pushing into western chester 67 degrees in philadelphia. up over 70 in some areas to the south of the city. and this afternoon high of 79. mostly cloudy skies with sunny breaks at times a spotty shower late today in the northern and western suburbs, gusty thunderstorms can't be ruled out. down the shore, low 70s and showers. tomorrow, 68 and cooler, showers
8:29 am
around at time. >> the bill cosby sexual assault trial begins in about an hour in norristown. "action news" will be there for opening statements today. ♪ health, is having the freedom to do what you want to do with your life, every single day. so at aetna, we promise to keep finding new ways to join you so nothing gets in your way. because no matter where it is you're going, or whatever stage of life you're in. we believe that when it comes to health.
8:30 am
you don't join us. we join you. everybody. as you can see, we have a great audience with us this monday morning. thank you guys for joining us. and speaking of great, we have a great guest joining us. winklevoss twins pleasure of in "the social network" then starred in "the man from uncle." you can see him play jackson "c" please welcome the one and only armie hammer. [ applause ] >> hi, guys. how are you? >> good to see you. >> hi, how are you? >> hi. >> good to see you, dude. >> you too.
8:31 am
>> we're going to talk about the movie in just a moment. i want to get your take on some interesting news. an article in "business insider" about the ages we peak at doing different things. >> i peaked. i know it. it's all downhill. >> you're 30. >> that's bad news for the rest of us at this table. all right. so they went through a ton of research. muscle strength peaks at 25 so you're in decline. >> i don't think so. >> really? >> no, they have something called old man strength. >> let's be honest. you're a physical specimen, my old man strength would look different. >> what size shoe do you wear. >> 15. >> that's bigger than mine, so hey, big guy over there. your strength is doing all right. you'll be okay. >> well, math skills peak at 50 -- >> math? >> math. >> mine peak at about 6. >> life satisfaction first peaks at 23 and then again at 69. >> i love that. we did that story.
8:32 am
i think that's so -- gives us hope. >> have you peaked at anything? >> i'm sure. i'm sure -- yeah, i got married at like 23, 24. this was definitely like a high. i haven't become 69 yet so i have yet to determine that one so we'll see. hopefully that one is nice in another interesting stat. most likely to make big decisions when their age ends in a 9. that wasn't true -- i was working out of my office. all my bigs were at 20, 30 and 40. >> you wait till the top of the year. >> i do. you just turned 30. does it work for you or not? >> well, i had -- i just had a son at 30. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> i found out we were pregnant. >> that counts. >> discovery. our daughters have the same name. harper. >> how funny. >> same reason for the name? >> it depends. what's your reason? >> my wife dreamt it so -- >> i thought it was for the
8:33 am
book. >> so, yeah. >> absolutely. >> but we're very happy to talk about the movie but know you had to fly overnight. you wore your lucky pants. >> i got lucky travel pants, yeah. i'm convinced if i'm not wearing those the plane will crash. >> really? >> yeah. >> you always have those pants on when you're flying. >> never send them out to dry cleaning. >> never cleaned them. that's not true but i do like to -- >> they're distinctive. >> just like -- they're just like horses. funny pajamas. >> if somebody sees you on a plane and you're not wearing them they'll be like, let me off. >> how long has this been going on. and do you have multiple pairs. >> no, just one pair. >> you have to stay in peak physical condition. >> when i'm 39 and they break again. >> your daughter is 2 1/2.
8:34 am
is she a fan of the "cars" movies. >> not at all. i probably country say that. i tried to so her "cars 1" because we have the premiere and go to cars land and do the whole thing. let's watch it so she can get excited. she watched it for a minute and she goes, i want to watch "moana" and i was like, okay. >> i love that. >> which is fine with me. i can't really argue, so, yeah, couldn't carele less. >> your character is the new guy in town. >> keekt. >> tell us about him. >> his name is jackson storm. they call him the next gener racer. he's peaking as opposed to peak. >> how does lightning mcqueen feel about jackson. >> i mean he sort of takes the soul out of racing. he sort of takes the joy out of the sport and it's up to lightning mcqueen to sort of like find that again. >> let's see him in action.
8:35 am
>> hey, jackson storm, right? great race today. >> wow. thank you, mr. mckean. you have no idea what a pleasure it is for me to finally beat you. >> thanks. but hang on. did you say beat or meet? >> i think you heard me. >> it gets icy. it gets icy. >> speaking of "cars" i heard you had a pretty eventful time the first time you drove a car. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. yeah, first time i stole a car, i was 8 and my dad taught me to drive when i was really young stick shift because he drove and he used to race cars and all that stuff so it was like a big part of us was like cars on the weekend he'd go race or whatever. so he taught me to drive a stick shift when i was 8 and when you're 8 you also don't learn the responsibility of what a car is, so he came home one day from work and his car was gone and he was like, honey, where is my car
8:36 am
and she's like, i don't know. i thought -- what do you mean? where is my car. where is my car? >> where is my son. >> so then they realize i'm gone and he's like, oh, no. so he gets in the car and drives around and goes basically to my friend's house where i took my dad's car and i was like, i can drive. >> your legs could reach. >> i was tall. >> reach the clutch. >> that could have been. i came out 6'2", yeah. >> that's a crazy story. >> yeah. >> i also saw you the other night with andy cohen. very funny. >> yeah, yeah. >> you said you loved kissing leo dicaprio in "j. edgar." we won't go with the whole conversation but also got to embrace henry cavill on a vespa in "the man from uncle." which of those embraces would you rather? >> i'm basically living the dream of like every 18-year-old girl. you know. >> you really are. you understand that. >> it's all right. my wife is incredibly jealous.
8:37 am
>> but it somehow has led to or -- "the man from uncle" is continuing so henry and you could really go the distance. >> we can really cement this relationship. yeah, i mean hopefully we're working on the sequel right now. it's being written. >> awesome. i love the movie. it's really happening. it started because you -- >> it started because i was doing a press conference and someone was like we love "the man from uncle" and i said you know we're doing another and i e-mailed guy the director and also the producer. just a heads-up guys, i just told a roomful of international reporters that you're working on another "man from uncle" and the response was, dot, dot, dot, are you serious. >> yeah, pretty serious and the news came out and lionel wrote back and said, i'll have a script by the end of the year. >> amazing. >> that's how you do it in hollywood. just put pressure on the writer
8:38 am
and director. you know what, there is no pressure for people to go out and watch the movie, all right. "cars 3," it races into theaters on june 16th. make sure you check out armie hammer, everybody. when we come back, kate mara is here live. garfunkel (instrumental)
8:39 am
[ snoring ] [ deep sleep snoring ] the all-new volkswagen atlas. seats seven, sleeps six. life's as big as you make it.
8:40 am
all right, back now on "good morning america," just talkintalking to danny. her 16th birthday. we were talking "the bachelorette" and we have a
8:41 am
little sneak peek. rachel has to make a tough choice about whether to let demario back in. i don't know. she kicked him out but check it out. >> i understand that your trust is something i might not have but i want to gain that trust back and feel like the number one way for me to be wabl to do that is by me coming here speaking to you and hopefully be on that panel tonight and see if i can earn a rose from you. >> yesterday i sent demario home. as much as what he did to hurt me he's coming to the mansion tonight. >> i realize these thoughts last night not being able to sleep so i'm begging this from the bottom of my entire heart. will you please give me another chance to come into this house? >> see what happens next on "the bachelorette" tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. i don't know. should she let him back in. >> yeah, yeah, all right let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: we'll see, storm tracker 6 live double scan ginger shows sprinkles and
8:42 am
showers in gettysburg and areas south of lancaster and pushing into chester county. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 79, thundershowers possible north and west today. taking on a tru "megan leavey" about a marine corporal and her love for her best friend, a bomb-sniffing dog named rex. take a look. >> i heard the enemy likes to steal the dogs, right. strap bombs on them. send them back to their owner. >> since rex can break someone's arm with his teeth i'm not too worried. [ applause ] >> there you are in action. welcome. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> i heard you and varko, one of
8:43 am
the dogs in the movie had an immediate bond. when the movie was over was it hard to say good-bye. >> it was quite hard to say good-b good-bye. we had good chemistry that you never know with a dog and can't have a screen test, we hope it goes well. we bonded quickly. it was hard, it was hard to say good-bye. >> they do say children and animals are, you know, those are the two things you should avoid. >> i know. >> did he ever upstage you. >> oh, every day. every scene. he was -- every take we did together, you know, everyone would be watching and they'd be like, varko, great jobs, i would be sitting there tears, i exploded and no one said a thing about me. >> show me some love, people. >> exactly, exactly. >> you know, you played a lot of characters and how is it playing a real person, though? is that tougher? >> it's definitely more pressure when you're playing someone and you're telling their life story, especially when that person is a marine, you know, that's quite intimidating. >> how much training did you have to do.
8:44 am
>> a lot. a lot. i did the obvious physical training but that was sort of the easiest part. all of the other stuff, the weapons training and learning how to march and respond correctly and then all, of course, the training with the dog, as well. >> now, the new season, one of the characters you played was "house of cards." you played zoe barnes and we loved you as zoe barnes. >> thank you. >> and i remember before you told me you had to lie to your parents and the whole train thing happened which i didn't think was real but what is the craziest thing that a fan has said to you about that show since it's back? >> well, people -- i'm still surprised that people when they see me especially in a subway people look at me like, oh, watch out. >> she got off the tracks. >> usually they say i'm so happy you're alive and, you know, >> housewives" of any
8:45 am
city. yeah. >> really. >> yeah. i love me some "housewives." oh, yeah, there they are. beverly hills is a great one but new york might be the best one. they just tell it how it is. >> i got to check it out. and something else, congratulations to you. you're engaged. >> i am. yes. thank you. >> your fiance, jamie bell and i've known you a long time back to you used to sing the national anthem at giants games. >> as a tween. >> as a tween. wedding plans. >> uh-huh. >> give me a hint. >> all i can tell you is that my dogs will be in the wedding. yeah. >> you know what, you talked about upstaged once. you'll get upstaged again. >> i know. i know. >> james is -- a picture of him. >> i like you calling him james. that is his real name. there you go. >> we were close. we're tight. but i know -- i saw a picture of him wearing a giants hat and --
8:46 am
>> oh, yeah. >> your great grandparent, one founded the pittsburgh steelers, the other ones founded the giants. did he know you the ticket hookup when he met you? >> well, he is english so he's a soccer and football fan and then when we started dating he had to learn very quickly about everything american football related and now he knows way more than i do. >> you know what, if he wants to learn some more you send him to me. congratulations on you and your engagement. congratulations on this movie. >> thanks. >> i'm always happy to see you. "megan leavey" opens on friday. make sure you check out kate mara, everybody. coming up, "judah & the lion," they're going to perform live for us right here in the studio. we'll be right back.
8:47 am
donald tmeet phil murphy,by former goldman sachs bankers. another wall street banker running for governor, whose firm helped trigger the financial meltdown that put millions out of work and out of their homes. murphy's trying to buy the election, paying off new jersey bosses.
8:48 am
my name's john wisniewski, and i'm running for governor of new jersey. john wisniewski, the son of a millwright, who uncovered the bridgegate scandal and exposed chris christie's corruption. the choice -- insider wall street politics or main street, new jersey, values. we are with the up and coming band "judah & the lion," a nashville based group that does it all. a mix of eclectic amazing
8:49 am
welcome to "judah & the lion." >> thank you so much. >> very happy to see you guys in person. you have a song i absolutely love tha hear. how would you cry your sound? nashville we think country but not exactly. >> yeah, we named the record so we could our music called "folk hop n' roll," a little fo rock 'n' rol >> how did you come to be. >> we met in nashville at belmont university. shoutout to my bruins out there. >> and you guys are no joke. you toured with twenty one pilots, hitting the road with incubus and heading on your own tour later this year. are you ready. >> i think we are ready. we'll see just give us a few seconds if we're ready or not. could be really awkward the next few minutes i guess. >> this is live tv. this is great. why not. let's just go for it then, shall we. everybody, "judah & the lion" here they are now with "take it all back" from their album "folk hop n' roll."
8:50 am
♪ you know i'd take it all back take it all back take it all back i'd take it all back just to have you ♪ ♪ you know i'd take it all back take it all back take it all back i'd take it all back just to have you ♪ ♪ hey my life is real great feel i'm well on my way to my dreams ♪ ♪ coming true and i'm getting to do it with you ♪ ♪ and it feels so nice when the people sing along they're singing along with the banjo ♪ >> all right. ♪ but i'd take it all back take
8:51 am
it all back take it all back ♪ ♪ i'd take it all bac ♪ you know i'd take it all back take it all back take it all back ♪ ♪ i'd take it all back just to have you ♪ ♪ and one day we might have a big house with nice cars and fancy clothes and a wife with a ♪ 'cause the people they dancing along they dancing along to the mando and some sort of hip-hop ♪ but i'd take it all back take it all back take it all back ♪ ♪ i'd take it all back just to have you ♪
8:52 am
♪ and i'd take it all back take it all back take it all back ♪ ♪ i'd take it all back just to have you ♪ ♪ i'm waking up i'm waking up ♪ ♪ i'm waking up i'm waking up ♪ ♪ with a rock and it don't make a difference because in the end i'd give it all back to you ♪ ♪ but i'd take it all back take it all back take it all back ♪ ♪ i'd take it all back just to have you ♪
8:53 am
♪ life is real great feel i'm well on my way to my dreams coming true and i'm getting to do it with you ♪ [ applause ] your eyes work as hard as you do. but do they need help making more of their own tears? if you have chronic dry eye caused by reduced tear production due to inflammation, restasis multidose™ can help... with continued use twice a day, every day, one drop at a time. restasis multidose™ helps increase your eyes' natural ability to produce tears, which may be reduced by inflammation due to chronic dry eye. restasis multidose™ did not increase tear production in patients using anti-inflammatory eye drops or tear duct plugs. to help avoid eye injury and contamination, do not touch the bottle tip to your eye or other surfaces. wait 15 minutes after use before inserting contact lenses. the most common side effect is a temporary burning sensation.
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your eyes. your tears. ask your eye doctor about restasis multidose™.
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with the laughing cow's nine flavorful varieties of creamy cheese, there' the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. ♪ i take it all back "good morning america" is brought to you by ford.
8:56 am
going further so you can. we're not taking any of it back. we want to thank "judah & the lion." great job, you guys. good luck with everything. >> thanks so much. >> have a great day, everyone. >> breaking news 8:56 bill cosby once known as america's dad who developed a ground breaking tv sitcom about a regular african-american family
8:57 am
with regular problems is about to stand trial for sex all assault. he just arrived in norristown there's come out of the elevator in the courtroom. he is 79 years old and stated he is blind and needs help to get to and from court. extra fencing surrounds the building. extra security is on hand. cosby is charged with sexually assaulting andrea constan a former temple employee at his home in cheltenham township in 2004. he claims he had a consensual romantic relationship with constan him constan who has never spoken publicly about the incident claims cosby drugged and molested her. these claims will be heard in a courtroom in front of 12 people this week and possibly the next. let's turn to karen rogers. >> reporter: this accident is
8:58 am
blocking warminster p chapel court. i-95 heavy traffic, southbound traffic jammed from the tacony-palmyra bridge to girard. 23 minute ride. some of the delay easing a little bit. the ben is stacked approaching theth and vine you're jammed the length matt. >> reporter: david murphy has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: mostly cloudy skies across the region. storm tracker 6 live double scan tracking light showers coming into chester those are getting e bit thicker in the western part of the county. 69 degrees right now in this afternoon we're going for a high of 79. later today north and west of philadelphia a gusty thunderstorm possible matt. >> we'll have a live report from the bill cosby trial on "action news" at noon. "live with kelly and ryan" is next on 6abc. i'm matt o'donnell.
8:59 am
goldman sachs was one of those companies whose illegal activity helped destroy our economy... vo: as a goldman sachs president, phil murphy made his fortune in a rigged system. now the jersey machine has lined up with murphy and his millions. leaders should stand for the people, not the political machine. as a prosecutor, at treasury, and as head of the brennan center, i've taken on the powerful - from the mafia, to the nra, to the dark money that poisons our politics. i'll be nobody's governor but yours.
9:00 am
>> ryan: kelly, are using this? >> kelly: oh, yeah, i am seeing it. >> ryan: that is a lot of water. >> kelly: so much water! >> ryan: amazing! ♪ >> kelly: can you feel the cool spray of water on your cheeks? >> ryan: yes, i can, kelly. yes, i can. >> announcer: it is "live with kelly and ryan" from canada.
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