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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 6, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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as accuser andrea faces bill cosby and trouble shooters get answers to a home warranty that wasn't. next. . >> action news, delaware's leading news program. >> this is where it happened, the 700 block of the 6th street in wilmington. bullets were following, and it appears a that a mother and her 6 -year-old son just got in the
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way. the mother was grazed, but the boy was shot in the head and is in critical condition. it is tuesday night and the big story tonight is the latest on the gun violence that has a young boy fighting for his life. action news reporter was live add police headquarters. what have we learned about this since our last story at 6:00? >> the 6 -year-old has been in the icu all evening long, trying to make sense of this gun violence that has now become so personal. >> started hearing the gunshots ring out. >> a gunman sprayed a barrage of bullets into an intersection in broad daylight. >> the force of it cracked the window. it didn't hit the grass. >> piercing car metal, glass windows and a 6 -year-old in the head and his 31 -year-old mother
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behind the wheel of the car. >> there is senseless violence going on in the city of wilmington. >> the minister spent the majority of the evening at the hospital before returning to the scene of the crime. >> my nephew's son and he's in critical condition. the doctor said it's a tough situation, but he is strong. he's a fighter. >> the 6 -year-old, being the latest victim, activists fear it's only getting worse. >> they've rammed up the foot patrol, added more officers to the street. you're saying that's not enough. >> no, it hasn't been enough. it's more shootings. it's even more shootings now. >> police don't believe the 6 -year-old nor his mother were the intended target. but family members are asking the shooter to have a conscience. >> turn yourself in. just because you've got to feel
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bad about it because they were innocent bystanders so whoever you were even trying to shoot, you didn't even get them. turn yourself in and suffer the sequences. >> a desperate plea from the family this evening. the suspect was last seen heading south on spruce street. witnesses said he was in a white pick-up truck with a second vinyl inside. anyone with information is asked to contact detectives. >> thank you. police say the murder of a new jersey transit bus driver this afternoon was the result of domestic violence. a woman allegedly killed her ex-boyfriend and then herself. the deadly day started in washington township of 1:30. after 44 -year-old jackson shot 45 -year-old reynolds, she fled
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to a nearby business where she took her own life. tonight, philadelphia police have identified all four juvenile suspects involved in an attack against a mentally challenged man. the video of this unprovoked attack punches on a german town sidewalk on memorial day has gone viral. in it, you can see some of the youngsters laughing. >> obviously, the video is very disturbing. it appears this male who's 38 years old was targeted because he was mentally challenged. and it's a senseless act of violence. >> detectives detained two of the suspects, then released them to their parents. but they're also questioning another boy in an alleged assault of a school principal last week. >> andrea took the stand today in efforts to convince a jury that bill cosby druged and sexual assaulting her 17 years ago. live at the courthouse, dan is
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live. one day down, one more to go. >> that's right. andrea gave her harrowing testimony to a packed courtroom. testimony that would later be vehemently challenged by bill cosby's high powered defense team. >> the central figure finally made her appearance. she walked resolutely into the packed courtroom. the room was silent as she described medical marijuana visits to the mansion for dinner. she said on her first visit, he put her hand on her thigh. on the fourth visit, he tried to undo her pants. on the fifth visit, she told a jury in a shaky voice how he plied her with three blue pills and wine. she said, i got woozy. my vision was impaired. her next recollection was being jolted away as she felt cosby's hands groping her breasts under her shirt. sniffling and shaking, she
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testified, i was not able to tell him to stop or resist him. later, she woke up humiliateed and confuseed and left. throughout her testimony, cosby sat somber faceed and at times appeared to be looking off into space. asked by assistant da if she ever had a romantic relationship with cosby, she said he was a friend, somebody i trusted, a men tore. cosby has maintained his sexual contact with shelter was consensual. she in fact had called cosby dozens of times after the alleged assault and before she contacted police. at the end of the day, cosby left the courthouse smiling and making small talk with his lawyers to shouts from a thrown of admirers. >> meantime, constant former lawyer at the time of the allege thinks she did just fine on the
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witness stand. >> she managed to maintain her composure. she was obviously emotional at certain points in her testimony. and it's hard. >> and jim, as you indicated, constant will take the stand again tomorrow as the defense team continues their intense cross-examination. her mother and also expected to take the stand add some point. >> thank you, dan. our coverage continues at 6 trial. you can read the latest on the proceedings and you can view our collection of videos and photographs plus ongoing social media updates from our action news team. a jury found caplin guilty on all counts today in the so-called gifted girls station trial. parents daniel and gave their 6 daughters to the 52 -year-old man as thanks for his financial help. prosecutors say caplin
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brainwashed the family into thinking that he was a prophet and that child rape was okay. >> several of the victims testified they believed they were his wives. and caplin fath chid two children with one of the girls, then 14. caplin and the family are now awaiting sentencing. a form shh south jersey chef admitted today to 81 spiring with his former photograph to produce child pornography. 43 -year-old alexander pleaded guilty in federal court. he ran several restaurants at the time of his arrest in 2015, including crow and the pitcher in center city, philadelphia. we have two candidates who will now face off in the race for new jersey governor. lieutenant governor celebrateed a big victory tonight for the republican nomination, even though she kept her political distance from chris christie during the campaign. and even though he remained neutral, he said today he voted for her and that she would be
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the best person to represent the party in the fall. on the democratic side, former goldman executive fillip murphy racked up even bigger numbers across the state. he was attacked by his opponents. he also loaned his own campaign $16 million, but he won in a land slide. and this was the scene tonight as the president frank moran claimed victory and his victory tonight will make him mayor of camden because there was no republican candidate. moran will succeed two term mayor who chose not to run again. he hailed a recent bricks and mortar development they've seen. he will hit the streets tomorrow to touch every man and woman who needs his attention. in atlantic city, council president small democratic nomination. he will face republican guardian who's running for a second term. a water boil advisory affecting
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35 thousand people has been lifted tonight. the alert went into affect this morning for a section of the capitol city along the river. authorities say a technical issue with the water treatment plan caused chloropidaeeen levels to temporarily drop, but that has now been cleared up. again, the boil water advisory is over. coming up tonight, we'll see surveillance video of today's attack in paris outside noter dom. and we'll see what happened to the tourists inside. plus a team of top doctors in philadelphia hospitals come to the aid of a pregnant gorilla at the philadelphia zoo. we'll neat the wonderful result. >> another cloudy and damp night, but i'm tracking brightening skies and a big temperature turn around. yes, we've deposit a heat wave on the way. i'll explain in the forecast. >> complaints again a home warranty company are rolling in from all over the country. the business supposedly based in philadelphia. the action news trouble shooters paid a visit with unexpected
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results. >> and we have breaking baseball news. a one man home run derby ties a major league report when action news continues in just a moment.
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>> abc news has obtained surveillance video of today's attack in paris as it happened. the attacker runs up to a group of three police officers outside the world famous noter domcathedral and starts hitting another one of them with a hammer. another officer shot the suspect, wounding him and ending the assault. witnesses fled in panic. at least 600 visitors inside the church were put on lock down. the meseman was only slightly wounded. the attacker allegedly yelled this is for syria, but no group has claimed responsibility. investigators say the suspected master mind behind saturday's rampage was the subject of an investigation in 2015. ncaa, authorities determined the 27 -year-old that he was not a threat.
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but authorities say he and his accomplices plotted their attack for month. they killed 7 people. some 50 more were hurt. the middle east has been thrown into diplomatic turmoil. cutting all ties with katar. they are accusing them of financing terrorism with its support of the muslim brotherhood. it's a tiny country, very wealthy and importantly to the united states, we have 11 thousand troops stationed at the air base. president trump tweeted this morning it was his visit that may have spread this diplomat attic action. the township dedicated the new police station tonight. officer said welcomed visitors to tour the facility. the new station is outfitted with new equipment, state of the
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art equipment and peoples of the police department. >> many people buy home warranties in case something goes wrong with their plumbing or a major appliance. one company is not honoring claims or even returning phone calls. our action news went to the company. the philadelphia office of that company for answers and she got some surprising results. >> the worst thing you could have is a backed up sink. >> when it happened, she contacted her home warranty company. she paid secure home warranty $399 to protect her appliances and plumbing and says this is the second time its failed to return her calls. she says the first was when her heater broke down. >> i had the call the original installer of the heating and air conditioning and he fixed the problem. mont nez says even when the company has dispatched
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technicians, nothing's been successfully repaired. >> finally, one of the girls says the me, the company went of business. >> i've received over 20 complaints from across the nation for consumers who bought their product and then were unable to get their claims satisfied. >> some people report no call backs, others a recording the number is unassigned and then their calls dissgheektd or when they filed the claim online, nobody came out, nobody did the work. >> the company address is 1735 market street. >> we've never seen them. >> you've never seen one person from secure home warranty in this build something. >> no. >> that's because secure home warranty paid to use this location only as a virtual office. >> they're not actually here. there's no one to talk to here and the company doesn't exist here. >> the virtual office manager tells me she's now terminated the service. >> i did finally talk to a
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representative from secure home warranty on the phone. he refused to tell me where the company is actually staffed. but secure home warranty did have this to say. >> they say they've been out of business for the last five or six weeks because their computer broke, their server was down. >> secure home warranty tells me, we're back up androning, our claims representatives are standing pie. our sole goal is to make sure our customers are taken care of. but mont nez warrant her money back. >> they never did anything for me. >> secure home warranty says they will give mont nez a full refund as a sign of good faith and will hook into the other customer accounts. in the meantime, avoid home warranties all together. instead, put money into a savings account so it's there when you need it. and if you have a complaint about secure home warranties, e-mail me and let me know. >> congratulations are in order
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for the clone ies. they are now the parents of twins a boy and a girl. the famous couple announced that their first children were born this morning in london, both mom and babies are happy, healthy anding to fine. a statement from the family joked that george is sedated and should recover in a few days. he better hurry up. yeah. we have another birth to celebrate. yeah. as a friend of map would say, look at that. philadelphia zoo today announced its newest baby gor iloff. he doesn't yet have a name. it wasn't an easy delivery for 17 -year-old mother kiera who went into labor thursday and still hadn't given birth by friday. until a team of specialists who deliver human babies were brought in for some extraordinary steps to help the process along. the baby boy is now doing well, snuggling with mom and spending
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time with 32 -year-old dad. >> it's so important because western low land gorillas are critically endangered in the wild. and this little boy joins his half sister born last august and i get to visit them august 23rdrd. >> and they'll be on action news. >> yeah, at 5:00. so mark your calendar. i'm exiled already. >> you are. i envy that job. >> we are improving. it's a slow process. but double scans show we have widespread downpours earlier this evening, and now they are lighting up and dropping to the south. we've got light showers and that steady rain is south of newark. it's passing over the delaware. and this is from a piece of energy which is moving through. it will continue to sink to the south tomorrow and what the that will do is get rid of most of the shower activities. still going to be a damp day. still a cool day right now.
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temperatures in the 50s. 56 in philadelphia. allen town, sgooefsh. wisdomtop, 58. satellite and radar showing this closed upper level low, been talking about it for a while that's meandering over us. it's dropping south. it will keep us entrenched tomorrow. but it won't be as wet today. so bus stop forecast, cool and cloudy with a little spotty drizzle. through the day tomorrow, mostly cloudy but not widespread shower activity. a little drizzle in the morning. i think we'll see peaks of sunshine but with the wind out of the northeast, i didn't tell going to be cold. on thursday, going to be a bit of a squeeze play. high pressure is building in, but i am tracking this low pressure just offshore. as long as it stays offshore, we have a dry day. 72 degrees. if it nudge as little further to the best, could clip the coast with some showers.
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either way, that low pressure is out of here by friday. high pressure building in and that will bring us loads of sunshine over the weekend and a dramatic warmup. so tomorrow, kind of transition. early shower possible and mostly cloudy but with a few breaks opsunshine. still a cool day with a high of 67 on thursday. it gets better. mixture of clouds and sunshine, cloth chance of a shower along the shore. the highs still cool, 72 degrees but a brighter day and friday should be beautiful. partly sunny with a seasonal high of 79 degrees and temperatures keep climbing right through the weekend. saturday, temperatures back above norm. 84, mostly sunny. i'm allowing for a pop-up shower or thunderstorm late in the afternoon. i think most areas will be rain free and the heat is on for sunday, 90 degrees. monday, it gets hotter. 92, the odd humidity and tuesday, up to 93 degrees, officially making it our second heat wave of the year.
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and there are a lot of indications that heat will continue for much of next week. so everyone complaining about the chowdy cool weather tomorrow or next week, we'll really have the opposite. tonight a preview of one of philadelphia's most anticipated events. we joined members for a little decorating. they decorated specialty themed tables for this super secretive event that draws thousands to an all white outdoor dining experience. this year, the theme, philadelphia history. proceeds from a silent auction will go towards helping women trying to get back into the work force. career wardrobe hosted the event in center city. the nonprofit provides clients with professional attire and other employment related services. and these are the proud men of father judge high school and their very proud family. it was graduation tonight for the class of 2017. the seniors receive their
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with speeds up to 940 megs. that's 20x faster than most people have. and, it's just $79.99 a month online for 1 year. and only $5 more per month for the second year. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years. all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at >> phillies try to restore some dignity and they're making progress. they're doing well as of late. it's been a good few days. i officially take back every negative thing i'ved about the phillies in the month of may. tonight, the pitcher is the star. first, kendrick got a home run
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in the fourth inning. game tied at 1. the phillies add two more runs in the 6th inning. herrera and hernandez, 9 on the last four games. nola does his job on the mound. he pitches eight innings, one run, six strike outs. the phillies win 3 -1 after a fourth win in the row. he also ties the reds record, 10 rbi. the reds beat the cardinals, 13 -1. to the eagles, it was an interesting off season for kelsie. they would cut their longtime center. kelsie is due to make $5 million in base serl this season and he didn't particularly play well in the last season. kelsie says he never lets the negative talk affect him. >> you are doing yourself a
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disservice if you're paying attention to that stuff. at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is what i'm trying to do to get better. you know, at the end of the day, how i'm mralg, regardless of what happens in that round is going to be a much bigger deal. that's all you're really trying. >> still ahead in sport, we'll catch up with jenkins. hear how he's using a negative to motivate him as the nba draft approaches. it takes a lot of people to make a good school day.
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entertain more prospects for a predraft work outs. the guard them, the guard who played at st. joe's prep. this would not be a bad fit. japingens is not allotted to be drafted. he says he's using that as fuel for his fire. >> nobody has me getting drafted right now, but i'm going to try my best to change that for sure. >> i look at everything. i watch anything. any athlete that tell you they don't, they lying just a little bit. but yeah, i watch all that stuff, everything. hear everything they got to say. everything. been that way since i was little. >> honesty. game 3 of the nba finals is tomorrow night in cleveland. the warriors lead 2 games to none. you can watch here on 6 abc or with the abc app. coverage begins at 8:30. the west chester golden rams baseball team is still
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celebrating its national championship. sunday, west chester defeated san diego to capture the division series crown. >> congratulations to them. >> absolutely. >> teachers hoping to work for the philadelphia school district had one last chance to stand out for their prospective employer. the district hosted a meet and greet for applicants this afternoon. right at district headquarters, the district is looking to hire up to 1 thousand new teachers for the 2017 -2018 school year. jimmy kimmel live next on channel 6 followed by life line. action news continues at 4:30. for the entire action news team, i'm jim gardner. have a great night.
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