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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  June 7, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor about jardiance- the one and only type 2 diabetes treatment with heart. visit for a free consultation with a certified diabetes educator if you qualify. >> developing now on "action news" a stray bullet strikes a pregnant woman in philadelphia. police have new details on the investigation. >> caught in the os crosshairs. neighbors in wilmington reeling after a senseless random crime that has a young boy clinging to life. >> cosby's accuser takes the stand andrea constand details her claims on how the comedian took an innocent friendship too far. >> yes, i'm going tell you there's rain out there again today. you knew that was coming. dave murphy has more on that and karen rogers has your commute.
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>> not real moist though tam the not a bad start. we've got cloudy skies across most of the region to the north of us up around the lehigh valley, actually some breaks in the clouds and as we look north across northeast philadelphia on some of our sky6 cameras this morning we've also seen some paps where it's a little brighter there's the possibility some of drizzle out there, no the really seeing a lot of showers right now and i think the best chance of that is in the morning. in the afternoon probably starting to dry out a bit in most cases. 54 degrees in the city t it is a cooler start this morning, 52 in allentown where there are a few more breaks in those clouds. 51 in trenton. 54 in millville, still stuck under the clouds there for the most part. 55 in wilmington and 56 in cape may. winds are on the light side today down by sea isle city and dover, 12 miles per hour breeze a little bit stronger there. as we roll through the day we're expecting some improvement. by 7 o'clock, 55 degrees. we can't rule out drizzle in some spots as we move through the morning and by noon 65 degrees and i think some of you are starting to see some breaks in the clouds. by 3 o'clock, 68 degrees and
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we expect a high around 4 o'clock today of 69, might still be holding close to that by 5 o'clock. and karen, notice how i am posting the possibility of sunny breaks as we go through the day probably a little bit better chance that of later in the day. we're looking at a warmup as we head toward the weekend which i know is perfect timing for you. might be another heat wave on the way. >> i'm so exciting. >> look at you in the 60's finally we'll get a little better. hey they're trying to improve the roads out here for you. this is the ramp i-95 southbound to woodhaven road and you can see they're doing some paving and we just saw some construction equipment move out of the way. traffic's getting by at times. at one point they weres mostly off to the side. the ramp from i-95 southbound to woodhaven road westbound, most of the time traffic's getting by but they're doing some page worth right now. the vin it was shut down overnight for construction butinow tonight. watch for that closure no major
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problems. constrtis cross bridge. it has since long gone.s like 5n hour there. an accen township concorde road near vi couple spots. 422 looking good nice andume asu look eastbound at oaks that's traffic heading towards king of prussia moving nicely matt. >> thanks karen. a little boy struck by a stray bullet in delaware is fighting for his life. his wilmington community plans to come together tonight for a prayer rally at the shot where the senseless shooting took place. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at a.i. dupont hospital for children where the six-year-old remains in intensive care. katherine. >> reporter: matt that's right. at the scene of the shooting the community is holding a rally and a prayer for this little boy who remains here in intensive care in critical condition at a.i. dupont hospital. let's go to video from the scene in wilmington.
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this happened around 2:30 yesterday afternoon at sixth and spruce. police say a gunman opened fire into the intersection hitting cars and hitting a six-year-old boy in his head and his 31-year-old mother, she was behind the wheel and struck in her arm. again, he was hit in the head. police do not believe they were the intended target. the little boy was rushed to a.i. dupont in critical condition. his mother was that taken to saint francis in stable condition. she has since been released and joins the boy's father at their son's bedside in the icu. the gunman was last seen fleeing south on spruce. witnesses say he was in a white pickup with another person inside. there's no clear motive in this case. >> people need to be outraged. 'cause i'm outraged when i see something like that. any shooting. >> it's senseless violence that's going on in the city of wilmington. >> reporter: as for tonight's rally and prayer it takes place at 7 o'clock at the scene of the shooting
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which is at sixth and spruce. we're live at at i dupont katherine scott channel6 "action news" matt. >> stray gunfire in the tioga-nicetown section of the city struck a woman who is seven months pregnant. the 27-year-old woman was leaving a friend's house on the 3800 block of archer street when she was shot once in the leg. she is in stable condition. police say the intended target was shot twice at the other end of the block. he has nonlife-threatening injuries. the shooter got away. >> bill cosby's accuser will be back on the stand today. she was emotional yesterday giving her account of sex assault, an account that was torn into by prosecutors. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live outside of the montgomery county courthouse with a preview of what you can expect today. good morning, jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, tam. bill cosby walked into the courtroom yesterday with a crowd of supporters outside. and missing by his side was his wife of more than 50 years camille cosby but the folk cause today will continue to
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be on his main accuser, the defense's main goal is poking holes in her testimony and pointing to contradiction -- contradictory statement. andrea constand walked into the courthouse tuesday morning appearing ready for day two of what has already proven to be an emotional trial. for the first time since the alleged incident 12 years ago she gave chilling testimony before a packed courtroom. the 44-year-old said an innocent friendship with man she considered a mentor suddenly became sexual in nature. constand alleges that cosby became more flirtatious and suggestive grabbing her thigh on one occasion in his home and attempting to unboston her pants on another. she said both times she made it clear that she didn't welcome the advances. the next time she visited his home to discuss a career change constand tearfully told the jury that he gave her pills that left her incapacitated and began groping her. she later woke up confused and
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humiliated and left. >> she managed to maintain her composure. she was obviously emotional after certain points in her testimony and it's hard. >> reporter: in an intense cross-examination t-cosby's corners tore apart constand's testimony. they pointed the jury to her contradictory statements given to police and said she had in fact contacted cosby dozens of times after the alleged assault. and constand's mother is expected to take the stand at some point during this trial. if cosby is convicted he faces 10 years behind bars. reporting live in norristown jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> a bucks county man has been convicted of sexually assaulting six sisters from the same family. prosecutors say 52-year-old lee kaplan brain washed the girls' parents who then gifted the which -- children him. feasterville man fathered two
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children with the oldest girl when she was a teenager. >> the two frontrunners for new jersey governor solidified their status by sweeping the primary election. >> republicans picked governor chris christie's top deputy run on their side of the ticket. lieutenant governor kim guadagno celebrated her victory last night. she kept her political distance with christie who has had low ratings during the campaign. christie who was neutral during the race revealed yesterday he voted for guadagno calling her the best person to represent the gop in the fall. guadagno will be facing off against democrat phil murphy. the former goldman sachs executive was attacked for his wall street background but that background allowed him himo loan his campaign $16 million. >> voters also cast ballots in two local mayoral races. in camden t-city council president frank moran will likely succeed two term mayor dana redd who chose not to run again. moran claimed victory on the
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democratic side. republicans are not fielding a candidate in november. atlantic city council president marty small eked out the democratic nomination over frank gilliam for ac mayor. small will face incumbent mayor don guardian. >> time to turn to dave murphy who has your wednesday accuweather. good morning. >> good morning. we're off to a little bit of a cloudy start across most of the region but as you check out storm tracker6 live double scan there aren't any showers out there. there is the possibility that clouds are low enough you're getting drizzle on the windshield in some spots but not everybody is seeing that. as we take a look outside we have sky6, mainly cloudy skies over the commodore barry bridge although out on the horizon you can see some orange and every now and then it's possible that you will see some sunny breaks. i think the better chance of that is probably in northern areas like the lehigh valley this morning but we can't rule it out just everywhere. the clouds still factor this morning. temperatures a little bit cooler, 54 degrees winds out of the northeast at 12 miles per hour right now t we've
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seen them fluctuating from the upper single digits to the low double digits. not a big breeze out there. and future tracker6 shows that you while we are starting out cloudy and every now and then you might get some drizzle here and there, it does look like as we roll through the day, particularly past about, maybe 11, 12, 1:00 p.m., that the clouds break up a little bit and some of you start seeing some sunny breaks. and more of the same as we go later into the afternoon. the 6 o'clock view on future tracker starts to put more holes in the clouds. i don't know that the cloud placement is exactly correct here but the idea is that while we start out cloudy we have the chance of at least some sunny breaks as we go later into the day and then later tonight we transition to partly cloudy skies and you start to see some stars out. today's forecast, 55 degrees by 8 o'clock. 60 by 10:00 a.m. we start out kind of cool. by noon, probably still just the mid 60's with some of those sunny breaks in some neighborhoods. by 3 o'clock, 68 and i'm looking for a high around 69 this afternoon. we'll probably hit that at about 4 o'clock and still be sitting close though that by five and 6 o'clock tonight. again, open for some sunny
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breaks as we go through the morning and especially later in the day. 69 is your high in philadelphia, similar numbers in wilmington millville allentown. 67 today in trenton. could get some 70's here and there. we'll pop one that were in reading and see about that. a light breeze at time. down the shore a little cooler 66 in ac and chillier as you head down the coast toward cape may a high of just 62 degrees there. tomorrow improvement. we get up to 72 and it looks like a coastal feature will be far enough off the coast where it ditches in clouds later in the day and we could see a shower at night but generally speaking that's a low impact situation with the storm so far off the coast. your seven-day from accuweather 69 clouds sunny breaks possible as we go through the day and then sun to clouds on thursday with that low off the coast, maybe a shower at night but generally speaking a decent day with a high of 72. speaking of decent how about partly sunny skies on friday and a much more seasonable high of 78. if we see any rain it's early in the morning. otherwise partly sunny and nice. for the weekend on saturday,
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partly sunny and warm with a high of 84 degrees. that's a great day. on sunday, starts to get a little bit sweatier with humidity going up possible to 90. hot and humid on monday and tuesday with a tuesday thunderstorm. if we hit that 90 on sunday it looks pretty easy we'll get the season's second heat wave. >> okay, thank you david. it is 5:42 and new this morning, next up a convenience store blow is held up in the overnight hours in the city's approximate -- roxborough section. >> a a construction worker is trapped in a deep dirty trench. >> spring garden street approaching the schuylkill lawsuit and traffic moving nicely. we'll check on that construction in bucks county coming up. >> ♪ that's comfortable long time.
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and that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. ♪ >> ♪ >> 5:45. you see it's not horrible and terrible every morning you wake up. there was some rain this morning, just a little bit but then you look out and sky6 you see the ben franklin bridge, the sun coming up over the clouds and you say you know what, i'm going to go out there and give them the business. as you say sometimes. [laughter] >> you're idea of giving them the business and my idea of giving them the business i wonder if they're the same ideas.
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>> i'm thinking no. nobody has the same ideas that matt does. you're right there's a little bit of hope as you look at some of that sunshine kind of coming through the clouds there. we're not looking bad here either. you can see how the roads are pretty dry. we have one or two spots of drizzle around parts of the region. most of the area is dry and it's not bad at all. this is bucks county, route one at oxford valley road. traffic moving nicely. from 9:00 until 3:00 there will be midday restrictions because of construction but doesn't happen until 9 o'clock. for now you're looking good out here in bucks county on route one. still in montgomery county have edgehill road blocked from monday's big water main break. it's closed between bradfield road and tyson. you can stick to easton road or highland avenue. an early accident in aston township. it's cleared. traffic on concorde road moving fine. dennis county cape may blocking each lane on route nine doing paving work. on the waze app we found an object on the road on the schuylkill expressway westbound near gladwyne. looking at cameras recently.
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traffic seems to be moving okay but watch for that report just coming in. let's look at the temperatures right now. we may see a little bit of some sunshine but it's cool out there, just in the 40's in quakertown, pottstown, 52 in coatesville, 52 in media. even the low 50's in center city. 54. in new jersey it's just 51 in browns mills, 50 in glassboro, 57 in dover delaware. yes we'll see clouds but yes, we will see some sunny breaks. not looking as bad. a little bit of drizzle in central pa but pretty dry right here so getting better, tam. >> thank you, karen. new this morning, an armed robber held up a 7-eleven store in roxborough. philadelphia police say the suspect threatened the clerk with a gun. this all going on around midnight on the 6100 block of ridge avenue. the worker in the end, though, was not physically hurt. and philadelphia police have apprehended all four suspects involved in an attack on a mentally challenged man. the video of the unprovoked punches on a germantown sidewalk on memorial day has now gone viral. we've blurred the suspect since they're juveniles
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ranging in age from 12 to 15. detectives released the children to their parents and we're told charges are pending. the 38-year-old victim is okay. and a woman who was that robbed at a florida gas station refused to give up without a fight perhaps to a dangerous extent. the thieves rode away while the victim was hanging on the passenger side door. police say the suspects smashed out window on the woman's suv and then grabbed her purse and medical kit. the dragged her along and tried to wrestle her iphone out of her hand. the crooks ended up escaping. it's unclear if the woman was injured. >> new on "action news" rescue crews in michigan helped free a construction worker who became trapped in an trench. he was putting equipment into the hole in warren yesterday when it collapsed. the man found himself buried 15 feet below ground. somehow he was able to put his head above the dirt line and continue breathing. it took firefighters about two hours of digging by hand to pull the man out.
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he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. >> it is 5:48. high school graduations are meant to be unforgettable but see the surprise that really put one over the top. >> she's back. a great white shark is pinged again off the jersey shore. >> ♪
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>> a friend captured this heartwarming soldier's surprise in spring, texas over the week. dalea thomas didn't expect her brother derek to make it to her high school graduation. derek who serves in the army arrived just in time to witness her proud moment and make it even more memorable. >> fair to say all those years of get out of my room, give it back, go away in the end they
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love each other it's awesome. >> videos get me every time. >> i know. >> let's take you outside right here and thank you for your service, by the way. chester county, this is 202 approaching 401. nice and dry. i've even seen a little sunshine shining down on parts of the roadway. yes, it is going to be okay. that's what i just tweeted out with a picture of some sun. this is malvern chester county here paoli pike is blocked near long lane. there's a downed tree. stick to king street to get around that. we've seen a couple early morning problems with mass transit. we have some equipment problems and the lansdale doylestown line had to cancel a train. the airport line is canceled train number 405. cynwyd line is shuttle busing dave. >> all right, karen. we do have cool conditions out there on the bus stop this morning. a fair amount of clouds. we are starting to see some sunny breaks in some neighborhoods and we can't totally rule out some drizzle but it's pretty sparse at this point. i wouldn't recommend umbrellas. i think you're fine in that regard but a little bit of a jacket for temperatures in the mid-50's between 6 o'clock and
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8 o'clock. here's what it looks like as we roll through the day. stays cool through noon, 65 degrees. by 3 o'clock 68 and we're expecting an increased chance that most neighborhoods of some sunny breaks as we go later into the afternoon f your high is 69 degrees. we'll hit that at about 4 o'clock, probably holding close to that by 5 o'clock and again some sunny breaks likely, already seeing a little bit of that a better chance later in the day if you don't happen to be seeing it right now in your neighborhood. on the big board at the airport all green aircraft, no major delays but boston has been looking at rain this morning. matt. >> thank you david. check the accuweather forecast any time you are ready to get it or anywhere you are by going to >> pop star ariana grande will resume her concert tour in paris tonight. a suicide bombing killed 22 people and injured more than a hundred people at the end of her concert in manchester back on may 22nd. grande organized and performed during this weekend's one love manchester concert to honor those victims. the show raised nearly three and a half million dollars for
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things up here around here. >> it's great. >> you see some sun amongst the clouds. getting up to the mid 60's. it's kind of chilly right now. it's 54 degrees. >> all right. police looking for the bank robber who held up a pnc bank in bucks county. surveillance cameras captured the suspect on the branch on west trenton avenue in the morrisville section of falls township yesterday morning. detectives say the suspect pulled down a ski type mask before demanding cash before the teller. the suspect took off with an undetermined amount of money. >> mary lee the shark continues to swim up and down the coast along the jersey shore. the great white shark was pinged in the waters near margate yesterday. mary lee has been detected off the coast of atlantic city and cape may over the past two weeks. scientists have been tracking the shark since they tagged it in 2012. >> it is now 5:57. one stop shopping. wal-mart is testing another way to save you some time. you don't even have to step foot in the store. >> get the most of your mango. today's produce tip is all about the right way to slice
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>> ♪ >> good morning it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday june 7. and here's what's happening. >> courtroom show down. bill cosby's accuser faces the comedian. now andrea constand aheadd back on the stand in new details emerge about fricks between president trump and one of the earliest supporters of his presidential campaign attorney general jeff sessions. >> no, don't expect to see much sunshine this morning. we're in for another gray start but some spring summer like weather is set to return soon. >> just a sliver. >> yeah, right there. >> could we see more? >> there's a little bit more than a sliver well out over my shoulder. some of you are seeing


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