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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  June 7, 2017 4:00pm-4:59pm EDT

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with using his place of employment as a drug deal. authorities are radnor say this is the culmination of a weeks long investigation with undercover officers converging on the chipotle restaurant on lancaster avenue this morning. >> this morning they came out with the intention of buying a significant amount of marijuana. that happened. the person had at least a half pound of marijuana. that suspect is identified as robert lane of philadelphia. and they arrested another man he is charged as a conspirator if this case. after the arrests, investigators then found a toilet tank inside of a chipotle bathroom loaded with drug paraphernalia and garbage and towed a vehicle belonging to someone in this
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case. people said it was like a seen from the movie. >> i saw someone on the grown getting arrested and the cop came in and said everyone get out now we what like whoa the dogs came in and were sniffing everything. >> they were on the scene sorting through what they call is substandard conditions in the kitchen. manager robert says as a result this chipotle location will be shut down indefinitely. >> something in my opinion it's not acceptable and i think our health specters right now have made them throw away all the food. >> meanwhile this is the fourth such bus in radnor over the last several years. a bartender was arrested accused of selling cocaine from his place of employment. reporting live walter perez,
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channel 6 "action news." >> walter, thank you. a 16-year-old was rushed to the hospital late this afternoon after being hit by a csx train. she was walking in the train area on the tracks near 58th street and grays avenue in southwest philadelphia. police say that the girl lost her footing and grabbed the passling train and her feet were caught underneath. we know that one of the girl's feet is amputated and the other was crushed. right now she is in critical condition at childrens hospital of philadelphia. it has been another day filled with high tensions in bill cosby's trial. andrea constand was back on the stand for most of the day. while defense lawyers are trying to pick apart her account of the story in 2004. vernon odom is live outside of the courthouse what can you tell us today? >> reporter: good day brian, andrea constand had a lot of trouble remembering details from her previous statement from the
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two days here on the witnessstant bill cosby's lawyers were working hard to tear down her creditability and they claim the sex was and tirely consensual. >> andrea constand was on the witness stand and she raced questions about the phone calls to cosby after the date of the alleged sexual assault from the mansion. >> she told the jury she were professional calls only made to the trust ebecause she was at the time the manager of the womens basketball team. her civil lawyers are here to back up her explanation. >> they are job. they are on all temple phones. you know his association with temple. d to admit she hered cosby at times to arrange family and friends, and she had
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to defend not giving police about a statement about their ongoing friendship before the alleged brandyrugs and wine assault in be noted heresecute cosby ad decade ago because constand's story was too shaky and insistent. live from the montgomery county courthouse in norristown i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> all right vernon, thank you. our coverage continues on trial. there we continue to have the lightest updates on the proceedings and a timeline of events leading up to cosby's day in court and a look at the key figures involved in this case.
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>> we now know the child shot in the head in wilmington delaware was in kindergarten at thomas edison charter school. the 6-year-old boy was shot inside of a suv on east 6th street at 2:30 yesterday. the child was rushed to ai dupont hospital in critical condition. the mother suffered a cut from her arm and debris from gunshots from the vehicle and they do not believe they are the intended targets, and on the loose today. president trump took to twitter surprising washington with his nominee to be the new head of the fbi. he selected christopher ray for the high-profile post. ray is his most recent lawyer to deal with the bridge gate scandal tore chris christie. >> meanwhile on capitol hill. the first of two days of hearings into the russia probe. and the committee is holding two
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highly anticipated hearings with top officials. tomorrow is the main event with fired fbi director james comey set to testimony. his prepared testimony has already been released to the public and according to the documents in his opening statement comey will say that president trump told him quote, i need loyalty and i expect loyalty during a dinner in january. a friend of comey's commented on this. >> he told me that the president is uncomfortable with me because he asked for loyalty and i told him i would only give him honesty. >> told the president that he was not personally under investigation in the fbi's russia counter intelligence investigation, this will all play out tomorrow during comey's hearing and read his prepared testimony now on and "action news" is in washington, d.c. at this very hour. sara bloomquist will have a live report coming up on "action news" at 5:00. and meanwhile, one day
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before the blockbuster testimony the president is focusing on his agenda. 'arrived in iowa with his infrastructure plan. standing on the ohio river in cincinnati he talked about upgraded roads and bridges and waterways and did not give details of the plan and while in ohio he called on the senate to follow the house and vote on a bill to overhaul america's health care system. inspectors are checking the integrity of the delaware memorial bridge. the picture shows the black smoke in the sky. the crews closed the bridge at noon and chopper 6 hd was over head as firefighters worked to extinguish the flames and the fire started when sparks from welding equipment ignited construction materials that were underneath the bridge. >> from black smoke to gray skies another lousy day out there.
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we are almost out of the woods there. >> for now lousy, we'll go outside to adam joseph. most would agree with you. there are some on my social media accounted saying i absolutely love this for june but look at the temperatures, it's pretty cool for this time of year. 69 yesterday for a high and today 66 degrees there was a little bit of sunshine but the clouds quickly gobbled that sun right back up. the normal high is 88 degrees, running 14 degrees below average. the window of opportunity of a cloud in the sky there, but the clouds dominating at this time as the area of low pressure is now sinking to the south and west. as it continues its journey to the south and west. we'll start to see the clouds break apart tonight and this evening. 65 degrees at 8:00 and 62 by 10:00 and near 60 at 11:00 and under the partly cloudy skies temperatures drop to 54 degrees by the time we wake up tomorrow morning. as we look at the full
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accuweather forecast that sunshine yes returns starting tomorrow temperatures will be rising slowly at first and then they will jump over the weekend and in fact. next week we'll feel like the upper 90s around here. so talk about a big extreme. we'll show you all the numbers coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> on the way back up adam thank you. >> police are searching for a suspect wanted for an armed robbery in the roxborough section of philadelphia. investigator says he ran into the intersection at midnight and pointed a gun at the clerk but they are not sure if he got away with anything yet. the employee was not hurt. teachers and staff at new foundation high school gathered in front of the school to voice their support to unionize. the teachers wore union yes stickers as they marched outside of a staff meeting. officials with the alliance for charter school employees say that 90% of the teachers and staff members want to be
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unionized. the school has not commented on the matter. we made it to the halfway point in the work week as we try to get home this afternoon. matt pellman is the guy to help you out there in the traffic center. on the matters that is unfortunate on the roads, here on 95 vehicle is on its side a nasty crash in the northbound lanes just north of allegheny avenue. there and the betsy ross bridge and a tow truck is here as well and we hope that this vehicle there it goes i think. back on its wheels right now. back on its wheels, watching it live. by allegheny avenue hopefully they have it towed out of here shortly and the two right lanes are squeezing by approaching the betsy ross bridge. still the activity associated with the teen being struck by the freight train in kingsessing
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and avoid 58 and grays ferry, 54th and woodland is a better bet. a fire location along 252 at 320 and stay on 352 to get around that. the big fire at the delaware memorial bring two lanes are getting by delaware bound but a jam and extra traffic at the commodore barry bridge as people avoid the delaware memorial. and in delaware what a mess on 495, southbound just 3 miles per hour. it's emergency construction that is out there all day. 95 is also jammed as a result. i would stay local in wilmington on 13 instead. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report. chadded ford painters crossing an accident with injures. route 1 baltimore pike approa approaching 202. >> thank you. next on "action news" an international drug ring is busted here in delaware. the case against this group reads like the script of a crime
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show. drugs and cash were hidden in oxygen tanks. >> we'll have the details next and a video shows a routine trip to the gas station became a crime scene from a florida woman. and thieves ended up dragging her through the parking lot. ♪
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an international cartel was busted in delaware, today we have the details on this complicated scheme that reads like a hollywood crime drama, three men are accused of bringing cocaine from mexico to delaware. according to police the way they got it here was quite the plot. drugs and cash were stashed inside of oxygen tanks while a home in bear concealed an
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underground bunker filled with marijuana. the cartel members include one man from bear delaware and one from california and one from mexico. they have all been indicted and are in custody and officials say they were bringing in 20 kilos of cocaine a month from december of 2016 until they were busted last month. >> that is a lot of cocaine to hit this community and needless to say that is a devastating effect for the delaware area. >> they seizes a million dollars worth of cash and three homes and another one in bear and wilmington and a third in aston, pennsylvania. this home is the one with the marijuana growing operation it was underneath the house. and you had to enter through a fake fireplace. all three suspects in this case. the investgation is still ongoing. >> investigators in paris have
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now released video showing the attack on police there. you see the suspect quickly come to a crowd of people and jump on to the officers, the officers shot the man that was hospitalized today and he allegedly screamed this was for syria. police are searching his home, a declaration of allegiance to the is islamic state. and woman saw her life flash before her eyes in a routine errand. taking her from a gas is stake and drag her through the parking lot. they pull up from the vehicle pumping gas. a man tried to remove things from her car. he got back into his arm and grabbed her through the window and dragged her as they drove away. her injuries are unknown and no
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arrests have been made. >> a new video shows a massive dust storm engulfing a town in sudan, it's called a haboob, a weather phenomenon burying homes in sand and dust. this one tore through the area last week and turned the sky red and covered everything in its path in dust. speaking of the skies, nasa has chosen a dozen new astronauts from the largest pool of candidates ever. vice president mike pence was on hand for the big announcement. more than 18,300 people applied for the job and just seven men and five women were picked. they have to undergo training for two years before they are eligible for their first mission. >> that is a lot of smart people there. >> that is incredible. time for the accuweather forecast. the big question is where is the sun? where has it been? when will it come back?
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another guy with his head in the clouds. >> nowhere to be found. it will be back tomorrow. the sun will come out tomorrow. i'll say it and not sing it. sky 6 hd from temple university. a gloomy shot here and beautiful structures through the clouds and darkness and lightness here and no rain this afternoon. temperature right now 66 degrees, it is very cool for june. the dew point is nice and low at 47 degrees, and that number we'll watch, the second half of the weekend next week as this number goes back into the the upper 60s when it starts to turn tropical and uncomfortable outside. winds from the northeast at 5 miles per hour. and the ocean temperature at 62. numbers are all in the 60s here. allentown to trenton. with the light northeasterly wind and lancaster 64 degrees and 65 in dover the coolest day of the week.
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there is little hits of sun here and there at times during the day today. and overall the clouds as expected dominating the sky and showers with the upper level low are now way to the south and west. and so we are not going to see a return of any of that rain. we are tracking a storm to the south and it starts to pull itself together with all the moisture from the out banks of north carolina and the panhandle of florida. and the storm ramps up and whacks new england on friday and misses us off the coast we won't see the return of any heavy rain with that system. tonight partly cloudy and the clouds start to part a bit and cooler though. 48 in allentown and 49 in reading and 54 philadelphia and dover at 53 degrees. as we get into our thursday it's brighter tomorrow and with a little more sunshine and again at times the clouds will try to fight the sun but overall it's brighter and better with temperatures responding back into the middle 70s so a good 10
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degree jump in temperatures tomorrow and then as we get into friday. they go higher no 80 degrees here as we round out the week and the temperatures really explode here. the second half of the weekend. sun and clouds tomorrow and 74 degrees. partly sunny on friday and 84 degrees, a lot of clouds to start and the upper level low lifts away. it opens the door to the june like feeling low humidity at 84 degrees. breezy and hot. full blast here at the beginning of next week. >> never happy. you heard it here first. most of the time. the sun made an appearance in south philadelphia today. that sun right there.
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you see it adam we did find him. mayor jim kenney and carlton williams was here for the check ceremony at the elementary school. recycle bank, $325 for their community garden. they provide an invaluable learning tool for the students. >> up next on "action news" today. can credit scores be the key to true love. >> coming up in big talkers, find out why he says the three digit number can tell wonders about personality and combatibility. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer.
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in response to violence ymca are expanding their programs in delaware. they are inviting kids 12 to 18 to be part of it. monday through friday they have fwr free access to gyms and pools and some will provide free lunch.
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a protest of a different kind outside of city hall. they picked up brooms and garbage bags for the litter march. hundreds of volunteers took part in the event and mayor jackson kicked things off. and they spent their day cleaning up debris across the city streets. >> a big congratulations is in in order for the class of 2017 from bishop mcdevity t high school. it was filled with family and friends eager to see the students awarded with hard earned diplomas. >> people gathered at the wells fargo center store a huge pep rally. >> a rapper got the crowd pumped for the third annual reach higher annual college signing
4:27 pm
day. 3,000 students from across the city gathered to celebrate the next chapter in their lives. going to college. they heard from dr. william hite before meeting with classmates an event hosted by former first lady, michelle obama. >> still to come a live report from center city, roughly 24 hours after a philadelphia police officer was attacked while trying to break up a fight among teenagers.
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"action news" delaware it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with a what's the deal every parent should see from trendy trips to fashions that are not worth the money to parents. and it's call the the holy grail of weight loss followed by celebrities, but is the kito diet go for you? coming up. if donald trump does not want to face legal action he better let them see tweets. a group of constitutional lawyers says that they are violating voters constitutional rights by blocking them. >> and philadelphia police have increased their presence after one of their own is hurt
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breaking una fight yesterday. chad pradelli is live now with the details. >> reporter: yes brian, this police officer was left bloodied. the attack happened at 15th and chestnut. the officer was sucker punched from behind and the investigation continues but at last check one person was arrested. >> 24th district police officer was treat ford a swollen eye after breaking up a fight here at chestnut yesterday afternoon. superiors say they was treated at a local hospital and is recovering at home. >> he is doing well. we see the fphenomenaon lately where they come to center city. >> the philadelphia police department bike detail was out in force. the bike patrols at city hall
4:31 pm
are not new but it led them to deploy a videographer hoping to curtail more problems or fights. johnson works in center city. >> it's scary. you never know what is going to happen. you look at someone the wrong way, if they are going to retaliate on you. >> the bike detail deploys people all over the city. but the move was in response to flash mobs and other problems some students have been causing in recent years. >> youtube everyone wants to go viral. you have different states of bad kids, show who is the baddest and toughest. and on facebook it's all for camera. >> officer wilson is expected to make a full recovery. the name of the juvenile arrested has not been released and juveniles create problems all over the city. and they have the septa city passes that they can use and go
4:32 pm
anywhere. police will have those passes taken away for good. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> new jersey state police say one of their troopers crashed into a tree in salem county it happened at pennsville auburn road just afternoon. the officer was not seriously hurt officers are trying to figure out why the trooper lost control. >> we have breaking news from delaware county this afternoon. chopper 6 hd was over the scene of a two alarm fire at 800 block of south providence road from the air there doesn't seem to be a significant amount of damage from the home and we are working to get more details including if anyone was injured on the inside of that home. >> we are are learning more today about the deaths of a mother and two young children in lancaster county. the coroner has now confirmed
4:33 pm
that 43-year-old shot her 10-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son several times before setting fire to their strasburg county home and then taking her own life. the young children appear to have been shot while they slept and the family dog was also found dead. an emergency response exercise was held at temple today. during the exercise campus emergency medical services acted like they were responding to a real emergency situation. as part of this simulation, actors who pretended to be victims were triaged outside of peabody hall and the siren was also tested today. the family of the police officer letty brown arrived by limousine for a special service and a hero
4:34 pm
plaque was set to honor brown. he was struck by a car on the way to the thanksgiving day parade in 1997 and this was the 118th hero plaque dedication. we like the number six around here but as he look at the temperature. there are two of them 66. not the ideal high temperature in the month of june. >> no it is not. sunny it's one thing but cloudy and 60s this time of year. everybody is just waiting. >> i'm so over my jacket i'm ready to ditch it. the sun comes out and temperatures go back to normal we'll go it's too hot out there. >> it's always something. >> center city a gloomy look and the clouds have the structure to them heavy and holing water and not the case and no showers we are tracking and 66 again and the dew point 47 and the chilly north-northeast wind at 5 miles
4:35 pm
per hour and the sun is out in cape may and take a look at this, lots of sunshine at the shore right now. that is the place to be. you should jump in the car and go. 66 degrees with the wind off the water trying to blow the clouds inland and as we head into the upcoming weekend a preview here now. sunday sun and clouds and hot and breezy and touch humid on sunday of 90 degrees and the good stuff is coming soon enough and we talk about hotter and humid temperatures in the seven-day forecast. in just a little bit. >> nice shore weekend. >> thanks adam. okay who wants to be a millionaire? a lot of people in philadelphia do. this is the line to get in the auditions for the popular game show for the popular game show. if you missed the early session and others being held foent from 5:00 until 7:00 you have to be at least 18 years old to audition and this reminder for you. you can watch who wants to be a
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millionaire here on 6 abc weekdays at 2:00 in the afternoon. it was an early morning show of heroism in south jersey a man tackled an armed robber in a wawa rick williams is live now with details we are gathering now. quite a story that is for sure. it happens overnight in camden county. the robber seen here wearing a mask pulls out a gun and orders everyone to the ground but as he was heading to the register his robbery plans started to crumble. you'll hear from the man that put his life on the line to put a stop to the whole situation. coming up at 5:00, we told but this story last week a reward for a missing stuffed animal and in true fashion one viewer stepped in to help because they recognized something in the photo. we'll explain what happened next. and just some of the stories we are following for you when we
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see you for "action news" at 5:00. >> thank you rick. the free library of philadelphia kicked off the 2017 summer reading program the summer of wonder focuses on enhanced education focused on experience based learning and the explore theme highlights the the mysteries and detectives celebrated in the we are detectives initiative and the craft shop hosted by the philadelphia museum of art. there were plenty of tears in delaware county a sea of red and white. caps and gowns there as seniors at arch bishop john carroll high school picked up their diplomas. still to come on "action news" at 4:00, if you think about buying your child a claire net or new bicycle, stay tuned. experted say why to put the money away. and if you are one of many blocked by donald trump on twitter, turns out you may have
4:38 pm
a legal case. why a group of lawyers say that the commander and chief is violating users first amendment rights. >> and one man says he created a dating site to help people find partners with compatible scores. this is funny. >> maybe comb combatible. when "action news" coming back.
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on monday we showed you some still peck pictures that pulled off what is called the most dangerous free climb ever attempted. now we have video of alex scaling yosemites yo captain peek. just incredible. he made a career of tackling the most difficult mountains,
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concurring some up to 2500 feet. but this was quite literally on a whole new level. my goodness. >> health check at 4:00, a new diet is beginning to trend from celebrities to athletes, the kito diet is expected to get you into a state called kitosis. dieters drastically cut cashes to 20% of their diet and cut meals to get 20% of protein and making 70% of their diet fat but some say it could lead to muscle loss and deprive your brain of the source of fuel which is carbs. some people are threatening legal action against donald trump saying they blocked him on twitter. after they tweeted the president with unflattering remarks or hashtags they were immediately blocked. in this suit they want the president to unblock them or
4:42 pm
they will face legal action. they say being blocked is unconsal and suppressed their freedom of of speech and can no over the weekend when he tweeted about pittsburgh after trump mentio hdis speech about the climate agreement and than is ocitd. no word from the white house on this one. sound >> we milly hernandez, she was based that she had short hair and now we hear from the director of the tournament and he said thinothi someone accidentallylly as a bo.
4:43 pm
and he insisted that this hadit. >> i never said she is out of the tournament because she looked like a boy. we have a male and female roster that is an issue and when the coach confirmed it we are done. so i feel bad for the teen but rules are rules. >> he adds that since the incident got so much attention he is getting threats over this one. there are apologies made to milly and they are conducting a review of the tournaments organizers to assure this doesn't happen again. >> and here is a question could credit scores be the key to true love? a local entrepreneur thinks so. this is norm green he created a dating site that matches people based on their credit scores. the tag line good credit e. sexy. it can tell wonders about personality and compatibility.
4:44 pm
it's called credit score dating. you learn about their trustworthiness and naturally learn about their ability to prioritize and learn about looking at the things like as far as moderation. like how they moderate how they moderate their debt and wants and needs. >> he says that when you get down to real life issues how people handle their finances really says a lot about them. so you know you but some people consider that very important in you ask for their roads right no center with more numbercrediting the big fire atn
4:45 pm
of the bridge. jersey turnpigetting on to the a slow crawl over into the state of delaware. lets hit the maps, the speeds in this area just 5 miles per hour at this hour. a lot of people are saying we are using the commodore barry instead and teens there on 322 as you approach the bridge and stay farther away up the walt whitman into delaware are you better off. the problem is all of this is putting extra traffic on 95 southbound into wilmington and 495 southbound is a mess all day long because of an emergency construction. just past edgemore road and two lanes blocked we hear it could clear out shortly 10 miles per hour. if you can stay local on wilmington on 213 that is your
4:46 pm
best bet. a crash on route 1 baltimore pike painters crossing and the fire location on nether providence, use 352 a better bet for you. 95 approaching the walt whitman there is a crash on the shoulder and the over turned vehicle by the betsy ross bridge that is cleared out and locked up from tasker to the betsy ross. we'll check it again coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> see you then. lets step outside and get a look at the center city skyline which my producer jessica described as creepy. it works i'm going to steal her words there it is. >> i agree.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
meteorologist adam joseph, here with a check of the accuweather forecast. we saw the skyline. >> as youed called it creepy and ominous let look at another shot from the action cam earlier in the day and breaks of sun here and there and this confirms it in parts of center city with breaks of blue above and a decent amount of sun at the present time at the shore. stormtracker 6 live double scan underneath the clouds we don't see rain drops because the clouds are not tall enough in the atmosphere to hold a lot of precipitation tore get rain to form so we have a clean radar sweep now and temperatures are cool no matter where we are from the mid-60s at the shore to the mid-60s in philadelphia. to the mid-60s in reading and a little bit better in allentown. 68 degrees and some sun trying to pop up there to move the
4:50 pm
temperature up a bit and the poconos only 59 degrees. if we take a close look at satellite 6 along with action radar you see all the cloud cover inland and there were breaks of sunshine but there are sunny breaks and as you can see here a window of opportunity is opened up with the clouds inland and clouds off the coast here right along the immediate shore. there are no clouds now and the tip of cape may seeing a beautiful late afternoon here with the sun. but for tonight. many clouds again will start to open up a little bit so partly cloudy and another chilly night. 49 in the suburbs and 54 degrees for center city. and as we take a look at thursday, partly sunny out there much brighter than today. 5-in allentown 74 philadelphia and 71 in millville. with the east-northeasterly wind at 6 to 12 miles per hour. that will pull off the water and we see the temperatures anywhere near the water much lower, dover 6 and cape may 65 and the boardwalk also in the mid-60s.
4:51 pm
so the current pattern, that will continue into the day tomorrow is that upper level low, that is the cold pool of air basically entrenched itself here for the last several days here that is why it's gloomy and on and off rain this low finally moves to the north and east and that allows a ridge to build an area of high pressure that is very warm air above and that upper level air it does have a link to the surface and it warms above it warms below and that is what is happening here as we get into the second half of the weekend on sunday as the ridge starts to peak over the southeastern united states. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we show sun and clouds tomorrow and 74 and 80 and beautiful on friday, low humidity and a little bit of cloud cover in the morning and a good amount of sun going through the day. feeling more like june on saturday. 84 degrees and it feels hot and breezy and a tad humid sunday and 92 on monday and the heat
4:52 pm
index feels like the upper 90s on tuesday. as the humidity cranks up with a high of 94 and the heat wave will continue into wednesday next week and ends with thunderstorms at the end of the day on wednesday. so from one extreme to the next, your heat and humidity will be back soon enough. summer will arrive. >> good day for a stay-cation at the shore. what's the deal is next including things that parents should hold off on if they want to save money with the kids. ♪ health, is having the freedom to do what you want to do with your life, every single day. so at aetna, we promise to keep finding new ways to join you so nothing gets in your way. because no matter where it is you're going,
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and you can buy one secondhand and the way kids grow and grow out of things, and with the travel they say this don't travel with the little kids so they can remember it. >> makes sense. that does it for "action news" at 4:00, for alicia vitarelli and brian taff, join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. next at 5:00 cecily tynan is live at the philadelphia zoo. >> hi brian and sharrie. i have what is not the most cuddly animal but really interesting, this is the madagascar hissing cockroach only found on the island of madagascar, they are call that because they have opening in their abdomen if they feel threatened they can blow air out and it creates a hiss. the males have horns and they
4:57 pm
are important for the forest floor because they eat decays plants and fruit and decaying animal carcasses. and we have cool animals here including mere cats.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. an early act of heroism is caught on camera. wednesday night and the big story on "action news" is the robbery take down in camden county. gray hall spoke to that man who is now hailed a hero tonight live at the scene in sickl sicklervil sicklerville. >> i can say many are calling this good samaritan a hero and a title he is not ready to accept and not encourage anyone to do what he did but they are impressed with his act of bravery. violence erupted at this wawa at cross keys road in camden county. i suspect with a gun and mask storms inside and orders all
5:00 pm
employees to the ground and before the suspect could reach the register a good samaritan tackles him. >> he is a hero in my eyes, we have ladies working at the wawa young ladies working the overnight shift and i'm sure they were scared to death. the would be robber pistol whipped the victim in an attempt to escape. we learned that the good samaritan goes by the name of darryl. he does not want to go on camera or release his name and described what happened in the wawa. >> put the gun to the back of her head and said open the register now, he was so focused on her, i would not advise anyone to do what i did. but in the same t


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