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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  June 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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relationship with his accuser andrea constand was consensual as the defense argues this morning. the prosecution contends it was a crime. bill cosby arrived at the courthouse this morning with his wife of 53 years, camille. she sat front and center as the defense called just one witness. the detective who led the investigation into allegations that cosby drugged and violate the andrea constand at his cheltenham home in 2004. defense attorney brendan campbell, who is not associated with the cosby case, explained one possible strategy for calling one witness. >> obviously, they would not do that unless they believed that they had a reasonable doubt. >> reporter: cosby declined to take the stand. his attorney, brian mcmonagle, told the jury that the comedian and constand were actually lovers who enjoyed secret
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romantic interludes and while cosby may have been unfaithful, he didn't commit a crime. as couldby spokesperson. >> no matter what this d.568 or judge try to do to distort the truth, mr. cosby will prevail. i'm pretty sure those jurors -- i have confidence that they see the truth. >> reporter: with constand in the courtroom, brian mcmonagle pointed out inkiss feanses in her story and detailed dozen of times she contactled cosby after the alleged assault. >> why come back and see a man multiple times when you're drugged? come on, people. you got to see this. >> reporter: constand, a 44-year-old former temple employee, testified last week that cosby gave her three blue pills and then assaulted her while she lay paralyzed. district attorney kevin steele told the jury that fancy lawyering can't save cosby from his own admission in a previous deposition. >> under oath in the civil deposition about his admission that he provides quaaludes or
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did to young women with the intention to have sex with him. >> reporter: of note today, camille cosby did not return to the courtroom to listen to the prosecution closing arguments. at 79 years old, if convicted, cosby could be looking at the rest of his life in prison. again, the jury is deliberating right now. the judge telling them he's going to let them go for a reasonable amount of time. it's unclear how late that would be tonight. live in norristown, i'm sarah bloomquist, "channel 6 action news." jim? >> thank you, sarah. when the verdict is reached, we will bring it to you here on channel 6 and online. our coverage continues at trial. we have a collection of videos and photographs from the courthouse, and of course, a time line of this case. for the second day in a row, temperatures soared well into the 90s today in the tri-state area. and for people who had to work outside, it was tough going.
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better if you could spend the day at the shore and cool off in the ocean. let's go live outside to meteorologist cecily tynan. cecily, what's the latest information from accuweather? >> and, jim, this day two of what will be our second heatwave of the year. philadelphia's high hitting 94 degrees. that's 12 degrees above normal. our record high today, 95, set two years ago. so one degree shy of a record. but some areas did set new records and tied records. allentown, 92. reading, 93. both those localities tying the record high. atlantic city airport, 94 degrees. that's a new record high. trenton and wilmington, not records, but certainly very hot, 93. even cape may hit achigh of 90 dros -- degrees before that sea breeze kicked in. so your evening planner -- once the sun sets, temperatures will be dropping into the mid-80s. but the problem is when the sun sets, the humidity will increase. it's going to be a warm and muggy night. by 11:00, 82 degrees. that's the normal high for this
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time of the year. overnight low dropping to 74. and tomorrow, the heat will be intensifying. we have a heat advisory posted from noon until 7:00 for the heat index close to 100 degrees. but relief is on the way on wednesday, a backdoor front pulls in dropping temperatures back into the 80s. but that front returns as a warm front by the end of the week. i'll talk about what that means for your weekend coming up in the full seven-day forecast. back to you, jim. >> thank you, cecily. because of the extreme heat, all philadelphia school district schools will be closed early tomorrow. school also let out at 12 noon. after-school activists -- activity also be canceled. a 39-year-old motorist was charged in saturday night's deadly accident in port richmond. this is where a mother was killed while saving the lives of her two children. "action news" reporter walter perez is live at the scene of the accident. walter, you've actually talk to one of the children here. >> reporter: i've got to tell you it was just about the most
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emotional interview i think i've ever done. a live look here at the memorial that continues to grow for that heroic mom who gave up her life for her kits. a bit of good news first. the son jadiyn underwent successful surgery to stop the internet bleeding and his prognosis is improving. we spoke exclusively to the daughter who walked a i way thanks to her mom. this is 9-year-old leani perez and her mom, rosa lydia rojas is a hero. >> i heard somebody scream, the car's going to hit the car somebody and my mom pushed me. and when she tried to push my brother, it was too late. >> reporter: leani is describing what happened on saturday night when she, her mom and her 7-year-old brother, jadiyn, were walking home after getting a bite to eat along the 3500 block of aramingo avenue. that's when an suv allegedly driven by 39-year-old ryan mchugh barld toward them after jumping the curb. instinctively, rosa pushed leani and then acted as a human shield to protect jadiyn.
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>> i put my hand over my head and when i came back up, i saw my brother and my mom. >> reporter: rosa was killed. and jadiyn was padly injured. rosa's mother said she will never get over the death of her daughter but she always knew that rosa was kind of woman who would willingly give her life for her children. >> she die a hero. my baby's a hero. she saved her babies. but she couldn't save herself. but she saved her babies. she's a hero. >> reporter: witnesses held mchugh until police arrived. today leani had this message for those good samaritans and the first responders who tried to save her mother's life. >> i want to thank the people that came to my mom and the police officers that caught the man who hurt my mom. >> reporter: ryan mchugh faces a slew of charges including homicide by vehicle and dui.
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meanwhile, a go fund me page has been set up to help the family cover the medical bails and to bash bills and to pay for rosa's funeral. walter perez, "channel 6 action news." jim? >> walter, thank you. a nasty crash on the northeast extension this afternoon. is still causing backups for drivers between lansdale and quakertown. this is the scene just before 1:00 in the northbound lanes. in milford a box truck spilled its load when it collided with a tractor-trailer. first responders had to rescue the truck driver who was trapped inside the cab. northbound lanes of the highway are still closed as crews work to clear the accident scene. testimony continues at a preliminary hearing in bellefonte, pennsylvania, where a judge must decide if there is sufficient evidence to hold 18 penn state students over for trial. all are accused in the alleged hazing death of tim piazza of new jersey. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live outside the
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courthouse tonight. what's the story, chad? >> reporter: yes, jim. most of today's hearing was listening to the lead detective on the case in watching the final hours of tim piazza's life and it was painful to watch. most of the 18 defendants were in the courtroom and watched the painful and disturbing final hours of tim piazza. the surveillance video inside betbeta theta pi shows him chugg alcohol in what's called the gauntlet. the 19-year-old then has a series of falls including two down a flight of stairs where he smashes his head and shatters his spleen. >> no one calls for help. it's unfathomable. >> reporter: the video shows the fraternity president getting the party start the along with joseph from philadelphia and nick from downingtown. nick is seen handing beer to piazza and other pledges to shotgun. and one is shown on video slapping piazza with an open
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hand on his stomach to try to revive him. he is charged with just one count of reckless endangerment. >> i didn't see any evidence of criminal behavior on my client's part. and the video speaks for itself. so they can put whatever spin on it they like. >> reporter: the coroner ruled piazza died of massive head injuries and likely had a blood alcohol content four times the legal limit in his drunken stupor. his parents left the courtroom once the video of his final hours played. >> they know what that video shows. they heard evidence of it today. they read the grand jury report. and they just cannot bring themselves to watch the video. >> reporter: and as the hearing continues, it's expected to last for several hours. then the judge will decide if this case -- these cases will go to trial. i'm live in bellefonte, chad pradelli, "channel 6 action news." jim? >> thank you, chad. coming up on "action news"
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tonight, philadelphia police identify and are now searching for one of the gunmen who shot a father and his 1-year-old son. and a former temple football player is looking for a job with the glls. ducis rodgers shows us how he's trying to get his message across. cecily? sky6 is live showing the place to be at the beach during this heatwave. i'm tracking one more day of extreme heat and humidity tomorrow. but then big changes, a cooldown. i'll have all the details in the accuweather forecast. those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight.
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philadelphia police are searching for this man --
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revoire harris. investigators identified him as one the suspects wanted for shooting a man and his 1-year-old son in kensington last month. police say harris and another suspect were riding bicycles on the 3300 block of malta street when they fired 16 rounds. both victims survived. as part of ongoing efforts to fight opioid abuse, pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware will begin sharing prescription information. it allows doctors to track when and how often patients are prescribed addictive drugs. congressmen announced plan this afternoon in camden. i-676 in philadelphia will close to drivers for the next four nights. lanes in both directions will close between 76 and broad street each night from 11:00 to 5:00 a.m. wrapping up on friday morning. this will allow crews to complete work on the new 22nd
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street bridge and demolish the existing 18th street bridge. also, the 22nd street ramp to the westbound lanes of 676, the vine street expressway will be closed for the next three to four weeks. that ramp is undergoing reconstruction. a whole lot of work going on. brown shoprite along with the groups uplift and share worked together to address hunger. volunteers gathered at the shoprite in hunting park to pack hundreds of food care packages for families who struggle to keep food on the table. brown's shoprite says it wants to address the issue in every community where it has stores. it was quite a sendoff for catholic stool teachers, nine of them, in montgomery county today, an emotional day it was, because dozens of alum neigh returned to visitation of the blessed virgin mary to say goodbye. teachers are being laid off. there were plenty of hugs and tears and many thanks for their more than 30 years in the
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classroom. seniors from upper dublin high school took a trip back to where it all began today. the graduates walked the halls of fort washington elementary school in their caps and gowns. nearly 500 students cheered on the class of 2017. it was a special moment for the seniors and a bit of inspiration for the youngsters. retired principal bill depaulo also returned today to surprise the graduates.
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with top prizes of 100 grand! that's some catch! (giggles) (crowd cheers) keep on scratchin'! it's like they're teasing us. the eagles various off-season workouts have different names but the one that starts tomorrow gets us closer to real deal. the eagles will open mandatory mini camp tomorrow. everything revolves around quarterback carson wentz. that's just the nature of the game and the position he plays. qb coach john defilippo knows he has to exercise patience with his quarterback. >> every day is a new day
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especially with the young quarterback. we take it day by day with him. and he's going to have some good days, and he's gonna have some bad days. and this year coming up he's probably not going to play great in all 16 games. hopefully he'll play more than 16 games. but i guarantee he's going to play good the majority of them. other nfl news, former eagles wide receiver jerry maclin has agreed to a deal with the baltimore ravens. game five of the nba finals is tonight with the oaklands. looking to stave off elimination again. they won friday night to make it a 3-1 series in favor of golden state. cleveland needs more of the same. >> just go on and play. like i said, i've put in the homework. i've got my mind ready for these games. i've got my body prepared. and like i said he if i leave everything on the floor, then i'm happy with the result. what will happen in tonight's game five? find out tonight here on 6abc. you can also view the game on the abc app. coverage begins at 8:30.
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call it a doubleheader of sorts. the phillies tonight will begin a series against the boston red sox. they will also pick eighth overall in the mlb draft. the sixers continue to work out prospects for the nba draft. a small forward from clemson will likely be a second-round pick. he gained average 17 points per game last season. i really try to show my versatility. being able to score around the rim, being able to attack the basket. but mainly defensively. that's where my make my mark as a rookie, being able to come in, guard players, at a high level. >> the stanley cup champion penguins returned to pittsburgh this morning. they took the series inicism games. pittsburgh's third cup in the past nine years. trophy winner sydney cosby gets the cup first. finally tonight, back to the eagles. actually an eagles hopeful. rashon sligh has been camping
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out outside the eagles novacare facility for the past few days. he's looking for a job. but he's no crackpot. he's -- he was a receiver at temple. the 24-year-old says he's just chasing a dream. >> i'm out here trying to get the attention for my hometown philadelphia eagles. i really think i can compete at this level and i'm hoping to get attention for a workout or at least a conversation or something to get myself on this team. if i had any message to anyone, it would be you got to go out there, anything that youhart desires, and sometimes you got to deal with certain adverts. getting the respect of players and coaching staff, but i have to start somewhere. >> you got to give him a look, right? >> some players have been honking their horns at him, following him on social media. got goat the coaching staff to get him with side the building. >> you think i got pull? >> sure, absolutely. cecily tynan, accuweather when we continue in just a
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little toasty outside. let's get that accuweather forecast. >> and it's going to get hotter and even more humid tomorrow. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing there's no rain falling from the sky to cool you off. but a good idea to try to find walter, drinking water and plenty of -- playing in water. this is the place to be in philadelphia. dilworth park. and those fountains getting cool. live on sky6, a lot of youngsters taking a advantage of that. and that's something you'll really want to do tomorrow. tomorrow, make your run for the records. philadelphia's record high, 95 set back in 1956.
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forecasting a high of 96. so that will be a new record. hottest day of the year. and i really think we'll be in record territory across the region. allentown's record, 95, the same in trenton, wilmington, and the atlantic city airport, 96. also, it's not just the heat. it's also the humidity. and the humidity will be peaking tomorrow. dew points will be in the mid-60s to around 70 degrees. so it will be noticeably more humid today. you add that with a temperature, that enmoose the heat index will soar. right now, it's hot out there. philadelphia, 92. allentown and trenton, atlantic city airport, wilmington, 91. reading, 90. and cape may, that sea breeze is kicking up. that feels good. currently 78 degrees. satellite and radar showing right now we've got lots of sunshine. fair weather -- nothing more than a few fair-weather cumulus clouds popping up. that will the haute and humidity heat and humidity buster. it will sneak down late in the
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day tomorrow and behind it we have more comfortable conditions on the way for wednesday. so tonight, mostly clear. it will be warm. it will be very humid. 74 in philadelphia. allentown, 68. wilmington, 70. toms river, 70. and the boardwalk in atlantic city, 71. so future showing this is the heat index. this is the way it feels on your body. the combination of the temperature and the humidity. 9:00 in the morning, it's already close to 90 degrees. the heat index along the i-95 corridor, you so definitely do want to get out early if you like to exercise, outside. by 5:00, the heat index, philadelphia and trenton, about 95 degrees. wilmington, 98. so we're looking at a heat index of close to 100 before that front roles through. and behind that front wednesday, we get a wind out of the northeast so that means dooler air off the ocean, the high 85 degrees. it will still be warm but the heatwave will be over. but that front returns as a warm front on friday. and that will bring us more humid air and bring us warmer air was he head into father's
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day weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, calling for a record heat tomorrow, a high of 96 degrees. could have a pop-up shower or thunderstorm late in the day. right now it looks like the best chance will be well up to the north. the poconos, lehigh valley, and then that front kind of washes out. on wednesday, releaf arrives. 85 degrees, mixture of clouds and sunshine. could have a early shower, especially south and west of philadelphia. and wednesday morning. thursday, very nice. probably the nicest day of the week if you like things a little bit cooler. 78 degrees. it will be dry, partly sunny. on friday, that warm front pushes in, bring us more clouds, a few showers. 76 degrees, but increasingly more humid and saturday, temperatures back into the 80s. 82 degrees. some sunshine, a possibility of a pop-up thunderstorm. for father's day, it will be warm and humid with a high of 88 degrees. an afternoon thunderstorm is possible but not a washout. and monday, partly sunny and warm with a high of 89 degrees. so the good news is only one more day of the heat and humidity.
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the bad news is tomorrow will be the most oppressive day. >> thank you, cecily. some seniors in our area are going for the gold. the 27th delaware county senior games got underway today in media. athletes ages 50 to 101 are flexing a little muscle and showing considerable skill in events such as golf and table 10is and bocci. these games run through june 23rd. abc's "world news tonight with david muir" next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:0. please join us for "action news" at 11:00 on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, several breaking developments atsz we come on the air. president trump's attorney general jeff sessions will testify in public. just days after the fired fbi director told the country that the president asked the ag and everyone else to leave the room. also tonight, after the president told our jon karl he wants the testify, what the white house is now saying tonight. also, the defense rests in the bill cosby sexual assault trial, after just six minutes and a single witness. the penn state fraternity members waiting nearly 12 hours before calling for help. tonight the stunning moment in court as video of the dying student is played before everyone. the urgent manhunt at the hour for inmates.


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