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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  June 13, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and david murphy. we start 12:30 with breaking news. chopper 6 hd is live where police and rescue crews remain on the scene of an accident here in center city philadelphia. the vehicle went off the road here at 16th and jfk. it jumped the curb and hit at least three people we are talking about the intersection to the right of your screen, you see that minivan off the sidewalk. that happened just before noon, no one was transported from the scene because the injuries are not considered life-threatening. >> lets go to ground video from the scene, it's active 16th and jfk not far from suburban station, several officials are are there and no serious injuries are reported but we
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heard from a witness describing the incident. >> yes, she came out of nowhere trying to turn and she hit the back of the car and then i don't know how she ended up and the sidewalk. >> to serious injuries but police continue to investigate exactly what happened here at is ofth and jfk in center city. now to the building anticipation for a verdict in the bill cosby trial. jurors resumed deliberating after they did not reach a verdict last night. cosby decided not to testify. and they put on just six minutes of testimony before the closing arguments and andrea constand is in court waiting for the verdict as well. lets go to vernon odom live outside of the courthouse with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon rick
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and sara, the jury just broke for their mid-day lunch break five minutes ago that means no verdict within the hour, the first full day of deliberations is generating excitement around this courthouse in norristown, speculation of what this jury will ultimately do. bill cosby arrived without his wife. camille cosby made her first appearance in court yesterday. four initial hours of tleb ration, the jury spent 13 hours at the courthouse before retiring for the night just after 9:30. this morning the jury was in the courtroom nearly an hour at their request as the judge read back testimony of a decades old deposition he gave. it was her version of the story saying that he drugged her and
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assaulted her on her third visit. in that deposition he gave explicit details about their heavy petting and fondling, say that constand a temple university employee, never resisted. she testified she was too drugged to stop him. cosby said he gave cosby three half benadryl pills and that is all. andrea constand were back in court for the reading of that portion of the deposition. >> rick, we should note again this jury was chosen from among a pool of jurors from allegheny county surrounding pittsburgh. a guilty verdict would require a unanimous vote here the same for an acquittal. live at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> we of course continue to monitor vs from the courthouse min by minute, stay with for all the breaking
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details online. the former husband of a popular radio host killed in new jersey five years ago is arrested. april kauffman was found shot to death on may 10th, 2012, her husband dr. james kauffman told police she was alive when he left that morning. at one point during a search dr. kauffman displayed a gun and a hostage negotiator was called in and got him to sounder to police. he was taken into the custody of a psychiatric intervention program for monitoring and faces charges including unlawful possession a weapon. we are officially in a heat wave. at 11:00 we reached 90 degrees making it three days in a row of temperatures in the 90s. as we look live at sky 6 hd showing you the ben franklin bridge another hot and sunny day and more humid as you know
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making it feel even worse. the worst of the second heat wave of the year. lets get the latest from david murphy with the latest. >> that is all right i'm only out here a couple of minutes and i got a nice big gulp of water. take a look the national weather service issue aid heat advisory and we did not have this the last couple of hot days, today up until 7:00 and kicks in until noon than is mainly for your ban centers in the i-95 corridor. for for these areas highlighted in orange have to be careful because we have the high heat with the humidity today and that is making things more impressive. 92 in philadelphia and 92 in wilmington and 90 in allentown and low 90s in trenton and lancaster and even cape may upper 80s at this hour. the dew points are pretty high and higher than yesterday in spots. philadelphia getting a break currently with the dew point of
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63. anything over 60 is humid and have you to get over 65 for it to start to feel really sticky. but check out reading and down below wilmington and dover, delaware and cape may and beach haven the airport in atlantic city. when you get dew points of 70 or better we talk oppressive humidity that is what we have in parts of the region now. what it feels like? i expect the dew points to get in the 65 to 70 range. it is another great day to get the heat tips going. seek out the a.c. and breaks in the shade are important and a lot of that cool sports drink or water if you are working out and about. and also check if on seniors and pets and make sure they are behaving correctly and it's important to keep the a.c. on and fans going and windows
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cracked even if it doesn't feel that bad to you. big time relief over the next couple of days. i'll have details in the seven day. >> thank you. as the extreme heat continues use our mobile app to stay informed from tips to staying cool and stormtracker 6 live double scan it's a free download for your mobile device. we learned the details of of the death of a woman in dover, delaware along college road yesterday afternoon where the body of 58-year-old pamela guy was found. police say that guy was drinking heavily sunday and helping the operator of a tractor trailer wash his vehicle and she apparently came back to that same spot and fell asleep near the truck many the next morn the driver went back to work and ran her over. she died instantly. the pole flipped on to its
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side and the victim was flown to christiana hospital. this portion of old coach road is closed and delmarva power was also called to the scene. and attorney general, jeff sessions will publically answer questions on the russia investigation later today and he and rod rosenstein will testify on capitol hill in a few hours. lana zach is following it all. she is live from the capital with more. >> reporter: hi there rick. in this hot, humid weather here in d.c. there is plenty of questions that are awaiting attorney general, jeff sessions, not least of which is what did he know about bob mueller feeling uncomfortable with president trump. >> attorney general, jeff sessions praised the president yes. >> he sent the exact light message and the response is fabulous around the country. when he faces the senate today he will face tough questions
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about russia and fired fbi director james comey. >> the attorney general knew he he shouldn't be leave that is why he was lingering. and rod rosenstein. >> director mueller will have the the full independent abc he needs to conduct the investigation. >> speaker of the house, paul ryan said. >> i know bob mueller and i have confidence in bob mueller and tweeted that if president trump fires bob mueller congress will reappoint bob mueller. where is the apology for me for all the incorrect stories, but the suggestion that he is considering firing mueller is not fake news it came from a long time friend of of president trump chris ruddy, here he is on
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pbs news hour in his own words. >> i think he is perhaps thinking about firing the special council. i think it's clear by what one of his lawyers said on television -- >> and the white house official's comment on that is that ruddy speaks for himself and as you pointed out we heard from the deputy a.g. it wouldn't matter to him what anyone session bob mueller will not be fired without justifiable cause. >> and abc news will bring you the sessions testimony live at 2:30 this afternoon and brian taff's live reports beginning at 4:00 here on "action news." and because of today's special report, today's regularly scheduled episode of general hospital will be moved to tomorrow. don't worry you won't miss a
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thing. tomorrow at 3:00 a repeat episode of general hospital will be played instead. some people in the area are finding rodents gnawing away on their vehicles and that leaves a hefty bill. a special report tonight. >> reporter: critics say that these car parts are suppose to be environmentally friendly but giving rats and rodents something to chew on. >> don't think anything was left, everything was eaten. why this costly and potentially dangerous problem is not included on warranty. and a lawsuit to get car manufacturers to pay up. it affects a lot of people and costs a lot of people a lot of money. >> and what the experts say you can do right now to protect your vehicle. on "action news" tonight at 11:00. >> more ahead at 12:30, a first aid lesson that helped to save a
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girl when she got hurt. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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the remains of the three soldiers killed in afghanistan are returned to the united states. last night a somber ceremony at dover air force base to honor the soldiers. vice president, mike pence attended. they were killed when an afghan soldier they were working to train turned on them over the weekend. the taliban claimed responsibility. reading the book the hunger games when a girl suffered a serious injury. she cut open her leg on a piece of metal and her friend megan heard her cries and came to help. >> tied a tourniquet around it, i grabbed sara's shorts and wrapped it around the cut and held it tight. >> mackenzie is okay and her
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family will honor megan later this summer. >> the bride and groom got a special escort. when their trolley caught fire. the firefighters put out the flames and then gave them a ride. the happy couple started their journey today with a ride they will never forget. >> good for them. a group of cherry hill students took their learning from the classroom to the landfill this morning. students from the young adolescent learning school visited the financing authority landfill in pennsauken. they learned about waste management and how to protect the environment. and the students got a walking tour of the landfill and learned how trash is disposed and how a compacter works.
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they won it all in oakland three games to one. kevin durant took him his first championship last night. >> you going to carry that thing around. for the rest of the summer. >> smells like champagne. >> final four champagne shower in the locker room and experiencing the next level. >> howl are you waiting for this moment? >> since i was 10 or is he years old man. first watching the finals as we kid and how important it is to basketball. you know what i'm saying. this is a team sport i'm not playing golf or tennis, you know it's a team sport and i try to do by best for the team. >> you ever have a moment in your career that you shared with your mom like the moment you shared with your mom tonight? >> i shared so many moments with
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my mom that are way more important than basketball. but to win, and do something i love to do and she knows i love it so much and how much i come home at night with the experience and how happy i am when i win the game it's so many different emotions she sees if me. your mom sees everything. but this experience is where she knows how important this is to me. it's something we'll be talking about for the rest of our lives. >> so much debate is whether or not you are now -- should be considered the best player in the world. >> not at all. i know who i am, and i know what to bring to the table as a basketball player. that is all that matters and i'll enjoy this championship with my team it's about the team our group. the warriors. >> what about you and lebron
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james on the court. >> we became friended and even bigger competitors, he appreciates what i bring and i appreciate what he brings to the table. >> what do you all say on the court? >> nothing serious. i told him after the game we are tied up 1-1 if the finals. he beat me in 2012 and i beat in in 2017 and he said lets do it again. we'll see what happens next season but right now i got the leg up this year. i'm going to ride this wave forever a while. and get back to it when i'm ready. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> all right those two teams could very well be back -- >> yes. in 18, and 19 and 20. a dynasty there. stormtracker 6 live double scan right now shows us we are precipitation free and you probably would not mind a shower
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on your noggin. we have chopper 6 hd flying down by the shore looking back to atlantic city over the back bays and you see the haze across the region and a lost this is moving across the area. and combining to make things uncomfortable today. 92 is the temperature in philadelphia and the dew point is down a little bit from where it was earlier. many of you experiencing dew points in the 70s and that is a noticeable humidity. winds south southwest 12 miles per hour. satellite shows you a lack of real significant cloud cover but we have gotten that fair weather cumulous selling and some are big impressive clouds and we expect nor of that to dive into the afternoon and evening. 96 is your high in philadelphia. and the same thing in trenton and wilmington that would be a new record in philadelphia andself records in the region could be broken ore at least tied in the afternoon. 95 is the high in reading and down the shore cape may 84 and they have reached 88 now.
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so the heat is on. what to expect the rest of the day the heat is similar to yesterday maybe a couple of degrees higher on the them meter. it's more uncomfortable and humid today. take it easy out there. especially if you are in a risk group and risk groups the third straight quality air aalert day. heart and lung condition sufferers. and youngle elderly. we are heading to the summer solstice a week ago and sun is at its strongest now and get the sunscreen on and guard again the high uv indexes in play today. overnight tonight a front drops through and we may get a thunderstorm popping north of philadelphia in the lehigh valley and poconos. you may want to take cover from those if they have strong wind gusts. humidity drops during the morning and a high of 85. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast-record heat
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on tap. we get the nighttime thunderstorm and tomorrow morning a shower in spots, and mainly we are dry and dew points drop and partly sunny and not as hot in the afternoon with a high of 83. thursday is looking great and 78 and partly sunny and 76 on sunday and pretty manageable numbers there. for the weekend back up to 84 on saturday spotty storm cannot bee ruled out but not a washout. on father's day 70s and muggy for the gary papa run nothing to prevent us from getting there for the run and 88 and warm and humid and another spotty thunderstorm is possible on sunday. >> father's day is coming. good reminder i have to get on that. thank you. >> our digital digging into philadelphia's secrets continue at we continue our episode hidden philadelphia. we are look agent birds called guam king fishers and they live at the philadelphia and only the philadelphia zoo.
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a quick check of the steamy forecast. we have high numbers for you. heat advisory until 7:00. a lot of mid-90s and probably looking at heat indexes in the upper 90s and same on the i-95 corridor. breezy and not that that will help. and at the shore 80s and still uncomfortable. cool drinks and a.c. breaks are very important today. >> thank you. abc news continues to wait for a verdict in the bill cosby trial. we a team of producers and
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reporters in norristown. "action news" will have live team coverage at 4:00 and bring you the decision on air and online as soon as we know it. >> for david murphy and rick williams and the entire "action news" team time sara bloomquist. have a great afternoon.
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