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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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deliberations at the bill cosby sexual assault trial and still no verdict, breaking news a towering inferno in london as flames are sweeping through a 24 story apartment building, this is happening right now and it's next. pacing... a constant urge to move. if someone you know is suffering from schizophrenia they may also be struggling with akathisia: a common side effect of some schizophrenia medications. learn more at action news delaware valleys leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ it is tuesday night and the big story on action news tonight is
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breaking news from london where an inferno has fully engulfed a 24 story apartment story the bbc is reporting 40 fire engines and 200 firefighters are battling this blaze, there are fears at this point that the building might collapse. we now have a live picture from london, there are terrifying reports from witnesses who claim that they saw people shining flashlights from the top floor. unable to escape the flames. while them si is unfolding there are no official details yet on casualties but this is an image that we don't see very often, flames coming from windows, from the lower floors, the middle floors and the upper floors of the 24 story apartment building in london england. four hours yesterday another 12 hours today the jury is working
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hard but has been unable to arrive at a verdict and so bill cost bee went home again tonight with no indication if he will be found guilty of sexually assaulting andrea constand, they will try again tomorrow. yes it is day to of deliberations still no verdict action news reporter's christie ileto and dann cuellar are outside the courthouse and let's start with you christie take us through the day. >> reporter: well jim the jurors came back just after 9:00 this evening and told the judge they were exhausted the judge respected their wishes and said that jury deliberation is hard work. now that being said it's not clear what exactly is keeping them from reaching a verdict but we do know over the last day and a half they repeatedly came back to the courtroom to ask questions to get context. bill cosby kept quiet as he left the courthouse deliberations continue for a second night in a
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row his face still uncertain as jurors decide whether he drugged and molested andrea constand a total of four times jurors requested additional context from his 2005 deposition, the judge reread two different parts of the 79-year-old's testimony to police and most recently testimony from the detective who took constand's initial report. >> what is the feeling in the room? >> it's calm. >> reporter: cost bee's spokesperson stayed positive late tuesday adding his defense should have been allowed to present a statement who claimed to have shared a room with constand and said the temple university employee told her she could set up a high profile person saying she had been sexually assaulted and get money, the judge refused calling it here say. >> it was a lot of false information from ms. constand and i think the jurors have come back three, four times asking questions so that is good. >> you do not try your case on
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the courtroom steps. >> reporter: his team is deflecting from the truth. >> no matter whether this is a guilty or not guilty i think andrea has proven what she is made of. >> the judge told jurors he understands they miss their loved ones and doing a good job and says they will return tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m., live in norris town live from channel sex action news. outside the courthouse is dann cuellar and the main drama here obviously inside but there is a lot going on outside as well. >> that is right and a prolonged wait has brought together a cast of observers people from all walks of life who had their own thoughts on the cost bee trial. for two days straight a social worker has been riding round and round the courthouse in a u-haul
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truck. no equals no and #no more and calls herself a serious feminist with an interest with bill cost bee being brought to justice. >> because we live in a culture that is a rape culture and we need to tell the world what cost bee and other men are doing is not okay. >> reporter: north philadelphia has her own thoughts on the cosby case. >> i think he really did something this bad why would this lady wait so long to come out like why wouldn't they do something back then. >> reporter: ryan smith has been out here daily. what is that all about? >> well i mean i have a criminal record. >> reporter: you think cost bee is guilty? >> no. no i don't. it's too long. >> reporter: then there is jennings of west chester. >> i kind of looked up to bill cost bee as a role model but i can't believe a person of his nature would ruin his career.
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>> reporter: michael wells brought his whole family out here to sit in front of the courthouse to see the whole spectacle. >> it's pretty neat and surprised we could get this close. >> wanted to pull over and see bill, he is a big fan of bill so i'm just along for the ride. >> reporter: what do you think the verdict is going to be, do you have a feel for that? >> i hope not guilty. >> reporter: finally there is elizabeth mcrather who sat out here for hours and views on the verdict are kept alive by the long night of waiting. >> i think that he is going to get off. >> reporter: okay based on a gut. >> based on my gut. >> reporter: and one thing you learn out here is people have views on how this thing will turn out and what the verdict is going to be, we are live at montgomery courthouse i'm dann cuellar channel six action news jim. >> thank you dann and throughout this trial we have been posting all of our reporting to a special section on line trial so go there to read and watch the latest
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developments and of course we will alert you on the 6abc app when and if there is a verdict. day three of our heat wave saw several people overcome by temperatures during a high school graduation this afternoon. six ambulances responded to the ceremony at central bucks south in warrington and bucks county officials say only one person had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. the rest were tended to on the scene fortunately none of the health issues are reported to be serious. metrologist cecily tynan is tracking arrival of a cold front tonight that will snap our second heat wave of the year cecily what is the story. >> cold front and heat wave come with plenty of thunder and lightning and heavy downpour but double scan live showing this cold front will be sneaking through with very little fans here, not much at all with the way of a shower or thunderstorm activity but what this will do is get rid of this oppressive
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heat and humidity, the heat wave it was a three-day heat wave like our last one sunday 94, yesterday 94, today up to 96 degrees that is a new record high for philadelphia breaking the old record of 95 setback in 1956. allentown and reading second day in a row of tying record highs allentown and reading 96 the rest of the viewing area not quite records but still very warm and things will be changing so the morning rush you wake up lots of clouds and could have a shower or two, it's warm and it's very muggy 75 at 6:00, 77 by 8:00 by you will feel a difference in the air mass by the afternoon i'm tracking even slightly below normal temperatures and also rain and details on that in the seven day forecast jim. >> thank you cecily news from washington president donald trump has no intention of filing special counselor mueller the word from sarah sanders this is
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trump as he arrived from washington from a trip from wisconsin and he made no comment but sanders said while trump has a right to he has no intention of firing mueller and meanwhile trump thought jeff sessions did a good job in his appearance before the senate intelligence committee this afternoon and he was asked about his meetings with russian ambassador sur gay kislyak. >> a suggestion that i participated in any collusion that i was aware of any collusion with the russian government to hurt this country is appalling and detestable lie. >> do you believe the russians interfered with the 2016 elections? . >> it appears so the intelligence community seems to but nighted in that but i have to tell you senator king i know nothing but what i read in the paper. >> you never sought any information about this rather dramatic attack on our country? >> no. >> you never asked for a
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briefing or attended a briefing or read the intelligence reports? >> might have been very critical of me. >> reporter: sessions went on to say he recused himself from any investigation in the campaign for president but not from defending his honor against scurrilous and false allegations. the husband of slain new jersey radio host april kauffman under arrest dr. james kauffman taken in custody this morning after a standoff with police and f.b.i. agents, prosecutors say he pulled out a gun after being served with one of two search warrants and also say the warrants are not connected to his wife's murder in 2012. a tragic update with an out of control mini van in center city philadelphia today that jumped the sidewalk and struck two pedestrians one of those victims has died. investigators say the mini van lost control after an accident involving an suv then went out of control and finally came to a stop after smashing in a news
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stand at a bank at 16 and jfk police earlier said that no one would be charged. a hail of bull bullets in wilmington put a man in the hospital and shattered windows on to block of west 29th street and erupted an hour and 15 minutes ago and the victim struck multiple times in the chest and do not have a suspect or motive and former vice president joe biden was in philadelphia tonight honored guest at the whyy president's dinner and biden received the lifelong learning award for his commitment to the education of america's children, still to come on action news tonight an american released from imprisonment in north korea arrives on american soil moments ago and video from inside the operating room at chop as doctors improve the lives of these rarest of conjoined twins cecily. >> live on sky six overlooking reading on this warm and humid night but the heat wave is ending i'll let you know how low
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temperatures will drop and when to expect rain in the accuweather seven-day forecast. we invite you to chew on this an action news investigation reveals the bizarre reason why rats and other rodents have been eats parts of people's car and ducis rodgers looking for redemption against the red sox when action news continues. reaction from dc as attorney jeff sessions testifies in the russia investigation, not as hot or humid tomorrow but warm and give you numbers as you get ready to head out the door and wake up to everything that is going on tomorrow on action news mornings.
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a university of virginia opportunity who was recently released from a north korean prison returned to his home state of ohio in a coma. 22-year-old otto freed serving a 15 year year prison term for hard labor for his alleged antistate acts the trump administration arranged for a trade for his release we do not know what the trump administration gave back in trade. and his parents learned today that he has been in a coma since march. all fury culprit is
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causing problems for car manufactures and people whose cars are being destroyed and lawsuits are popping up rodents are responsible from eating the cars from the inside out and action news investigative reporter wendy explains it is likely not covered by your warranty. >> did you ever think the parts in your car were edible critics say wire coverers are used in many new cars and also a tasty food source attracting rodents and chewing through wires and costing car owners thousands of dollars. come running when they see you and lick you. >> reporter: a rat and animal enthusiast said they would not hurt anyone but what they could do to the inside of your car is a different tail. >> anything that is edible. >> reporter: feeds soy and going green and have turned to soy as echo friendly for wrapping car wires and parts. >> and the casing was completely chewed. >> reporter: sandy doesn't know how long she has had fury
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friends living under her hood. >> driving around there could have been something underneath while i was driving it. >> reporter: after owning her toyota runner for three months the first sign of trouble is when her engine light went on and took it to the dealer. >> there was a nest in the car with rodents. >> reporter: mechanics told her the pests were not just making their car her home they were making it their meal. >> i don't think there was anything left, everything was eaten. >> reporter: she fears it was not only bad for her car. >> it lit up the entire engine. >> reporter: potential fire and safety hazard too. >> i felt that my life was in danger. >> design defect which has affected a lot of people and costs a lot of people a lot of money. >> reporter: filed a class action lawsuit against toyota one using the soy base compound for wire installation. >> rats think it's delicious. >> reporter: the soy is baiting rodents and chew through the wiring and could leave the vehicle partially or completely
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inoperab inoperable. >> can be a safety hazard and cause the car to stop in the middle of a highway and cause it to shut down. >> reporter: it's unknown how many manufacturers are using soy in their cars but toyota and honda and using it to cut costs, not necessarily go green and leaving car owners to pay for it. >> ate 6,000 out of -- and toyota will not cover it under their warranty. >> it's sweeter than chewing on a product. >> reporter: there are things car owners can do honda said chewing wiring has been a longstanding problem and see no evidence that anything in their wiring is increasing rodents tendencies and have come up with a fix spicy tape that costs about 45. >> it has a spicy flavor in it that deters them wanting to chew on it. >> medina part of the class action lawsuit wants to warn
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other drivers. >> why wait until something catastrophic to occur what if the break brakes don't work and you can't stop. >> reporter: damage occurs across the industry and not brand or model specific and they are not aware of any scientific evidence that shows rodents are attracted to wiring because of the alleged soy based content and honda believe the class action lawsuits are the merit and we have full statements and more information on line on i'm wendy with channel six action news. ten-month-old conjoined twins will have a chance to live independent lives that following a marathon surgery at children's hospital of philadelphia, the hospital today announced the success of a 30 person team working nearly 12 hours to separate the girls last week er rain and abby delaney from north carolina had the rarest form being joined at the head. children's hospital does some extraordinary work.
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>> amazing they are. >> let's get that accuweather forecast from cecily tynan and accuweather. >> we are cooling things off, the heat wave is ending i think a lot of people will be happy about that double scan live showing yet the cold front that is ending our heat wave is really not sparking much activity at all, perhaps a stray thunderstorm across the poconos but generally it's putting clouds our way and shifting the winds and i had to share the photo posted on my facebook page from ron of the sunsetting over the delaware river, the sunsetting on our second heat wave of the year. temperatures though still very warm, we still have winds out of the southwest so that is an indication the cold front has not arrived yet philadelphia 85, allentown 82 wilmington 83 and same in trenton and cape may cooler 73 degrees but you step outside dew points are extremely high some areas in the 70s, that is oppressive but once this front completely clears our region you will feel the
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humidity dropping as we head through the day tomorrow. so satellite and radar showing there is a front right there so basically it doesn't have much moisture at all, it's generally just a line of clouds and behind it a wind shift i also do want to point out we had some clouds along the coast of virginia so that nasa rocket launch was scrubbed at the last-minute for the 7th time. perhaps a reschedule for next week i'll keep you posted on that. back at home tomorrow 8:00 in the morning lots of clouds a front is really taking its sweet time getting through and could get a scattered shower and not much activity and pretty warm temperatures in the 70s and dew point generally in the 60s and humidity up as well. however by wednesday afternoon that northeasterly flow really will cause cooler air to move in and it will bring kind of a breath of fresh air the dew points will be dropping and feel a lot more comfortable this is indicating the chance of a stray shower i really think that is confined to the morning and then
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thursday this is the pick of the week high pressure sitting to the east, we get the wind out of the northeast 78 degrees loads of sunshine low humidity but the front moving through tonight as a cold front comes back to haunt us as a warm front right in time for the weekend and that will bring us more warm and very muggy air and also some unsettled conditions for the weekend some showers and thunderstorms so exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast could have a scattered showers in the morning generally lots of cloud giving way to sunshine it's lower as far as the humidity temperatures lower as well pretty comfortable 83 degrees, thursday bright sunshine low humidity a gorgeous day and 78 and friday transition day with the warm front moving through we will see a lot of clouds and occasional shower it will be muggy but not that warm, 76 behind that warm front though warm and humid for your saturday, 84 degrees perhaps in the father's day and bump it up to
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out less of 85 and father's day we>> at least setdrexel class of 2017 tonight tks temperat be getting their graduates admitted it was caps isaia graduate ofplause] in delaware diploma at home this second gra seizure and taken to the hospital during the formal ceremony last sun and they went to isaiah so he could have the full high school graduation experience. ♪
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superfast internet at an month online for 1 year. and only $5 more per month for the second year. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years. all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at boston second night in a row against the two teams plenty of peaks and valleys in major league baseball season forgot which camera i was looking at and phillied had more than the other and 16 losing streak against the red sox and 2-zip in the third inning and not afraid of the green monster. that is gone the tenth home run of the season ties the game at
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two in the bottom half of the frame ben lively gives it right back, mitch moreland crushes this one 3-2 boston lively gives up three runs in 7 innings not bad and same count in the sixth inning and on the course from saunders he is still struggling but avoids the double play for a tying run and we are in the 12th inning tied up at three a piece and before the game the phillies said that hernandez will miss about six weeks second baseman has oblique injury and leads the team in hits and walks. eagles mandatory mini camp opened for business this morning a lot earlier than we expected, a power outage at the facility was to blame because of that the players hit the field at 9:00 a.m. instead of the scheduled 12:50 it was so hot the team then had to go to lincoln financial field to watch film because the nova care complex still had no juice oppressive heat and power issues made an interesting first day of mini
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camp. >> it was smoking out there. i mean it was a lot of water getting passed rounaround a lot guys trying to find the shade there was none out there but it was hot out there. >> be ready to hit the curve ball and as a proathlete things change and never the same and a good exercise in hitting a curve ball. >> jason peters is back the left tackle missed the voluntary ota and up set the birds asked him to take a pay cut but would like to work something out to finish in green and as for skipping out on voluntary work peter said it was about preservation. >> i'm just resting my body you know, 14 years, 14 years and you know just trying to go as long as i can just resting my body a little bit. >> feel refreshed out here? >> yeah i felt good today a little hot but felt good. >> just the tone and comes in the locker room and you have the papa bear everything is going to be okay that is the feeling when he comes in the building. marcus smith is another player mia during the off season
11:30 pm
program and defensive end back on the field today and smith roster spot is tenuous with the additions of barnett and chris long and talk sixers after the break. ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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round of predraft workers in the week anvil nova will workout for the team thursday morning and monk will have a workout thursday and the kentucky freshman available and sixers take third in next week's nba draft and averaged 20 points a
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game last season and finally leave it to a little league baseball player to give us the play of the year wild pitch and runners headed home check out his slide or should i say his jump, he takes to the seat and look how high he is going through the air and make the major leaguer do that, who was that that did that this season? >> you put me on the spot like that. he is copying him. >> a man of my age cannot remember. >> unbelievable we will figure it out. >> all right homework. jimmy kimmel is next followed by night line and the guest is johnny k xhshgs oxville st. claire and music from the band of horses and action news continues at 4:30 with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers, dave murphy. and for cecily tynan old man ducis rodgers and the entire news team i'm jim gardner good night.
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tonight's "jimmy kimmel live" is brought to you by pokemon go. remember that? that was stupid. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, johnny knoxville. jessica st. clair and lennon parham. from "mr. robot", rami malek. and music from band of horses. and now, sure enough, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thanks very much. welcome. that's very kind. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thank you for coming on this beautiful night here in southern califo


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