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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  June 14, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> developing now on "action news" a fire tragedy unfolding right now in london. flames have raced through a highrise apartment tower. dozens are in the hospital. many others are feared dead. >> awaiting a verdict. the jury in the bill cosby trial returns for a third day of deliberations. >> the heat just makes for havoc at a high school graduation. ambulances had to surround the stadium to tend to people showing signs of exhaustion. >> good morning everyone. it is 5:30 on this wednesday, june 14th. heat wave is over. let's turn to david and karen. >> yes, still feels pretty muggy out there but you're right matt the temperatures
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are not going to be as bad today and the humidity should settle. we have a couple pop-up showers that i'll show in you a second on storm tracker6 but for right now there's cloud cover out there, some clear spaces and just a couple of showers here and there. one of them pushing in on manayunk is really dumping a lot of rain in a hurry for pow five minutes but then it's gone. temperatures right now 78 degrees in philadelphia, 74 in wilmington, 72 in allentown, 73 in millville and the dewpoints are still pretty high. 69 in philadelphia. that's just beneath what we call oppressive humidity and you see a lot of 70's that is oppressively humid air in place in atlantic city wilmington and points south. not so bad up in allentown but these numbers are expected to drop gradually during the day and two things happen. it's not as humid later today and also not as hot. 76 degrees by 7 o'clock, 82 by noon and a high of 83 degrees we'll probably hit that early around 1:00 or 2:00 and back down to 80 degrees by 5 o'clock and 78 by 7 o'clock. tomorrow looks like a beauty.
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then we start to ratchet up that heat and humidity towards the weekend. karen rogers i'll have more on that. what do you have. >> i saw an ambulance when you were talking leave the scene of the accident in south philadelphia. this accident looks like it's blocking the left lane. fire truck moving right now. it was blocking the two left lanes he. now that that fire truck is moving out of the way we'll have to see if they open one of those. nope, i think still blocking the two left lanes and creating a jam i-95 approaching broad street as you're traveling northbound towards the walt whitman bridge dealing with this accident scene out here this morning. let's go live to the vine street expressway. it is opened after overnight construction. everything is looking good and clear right here. it will shut down at 11 o'clock tonight again. outside live on the schuylkill expressway still have this disabled tractor-trailer just stuck here in the median -- or the gore point at passyunk as you're traveling eastbound towards broad street watch for that tractor-trailer. it's not really affecting traffic too much. it's light volume and it's kind of in the middle there so
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it's doing all right but you see speeds near there about 44 miles an hour. this accident we showed you on i-95 near broad street you can see how that is an area of yellow creating a slow go. those are the only issues on the big picture. the rain is the other issue. we watched this fast moving downpour that we're tracking on the cameras. this is the schuylkill expressway approaching gladwyne. you can see how people are slowing it down because the roads very quickly got wet there tam. >> thank you, karen. now back to our developing story that we've been watching all morning. a highrise apartment building in west london has gone up in flames overnight. it's an absolute inferno engulfing this entire structure. take a look at this incredible video. this is the 24 story building. it began to incinerate as people slept in their beds, flames shooting out of windows and plumes of smoke rising into the night and day sky. hundreds of firefighters have been trying feverishly to douse this blaze and to get to
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trapped residents. just a short while ago the mayor sadiq khan saying dozens of people many elderly or children are still missing. now let's take a live picture of the highrise and you can see it's just charred and smoking. people nearby here say that they're hearing creeks and pops that firemen and police officers are pushing them back because they fear that that is the building putting off sounds that suggest that it is going to collapse. london fire officials confirming again that there are a number of people dead. they cannot say how many. again, so many people gone missing. particular concerns about children and the elderly. we do know they've taken 50 people to several hospitals and one of the residents gave a horrifying account after making it out of the highrise alive. >> you hear people screaming for help, asking us help us, help us, little kids, people actually throwing themselves out of the window and kids actually -- kids being dangled
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out of the window. >> people say it's horrible that you can hear people in the building screaming holding up their cell phones trying to shine a light to let people know they're still in there saying it's one of the most terrifying scenes they've ever seen. >> ♪ >> new this morning, three people are hospitalized following a street corner shooting in wilmington, delaware. the action cam was on the 1100 block of reed street as a team of medics rushed to help the victims. two men and a female are in serious condition. police say about a dozen shell casings littered the street. they are still searching for the shooter. the condition of a young boy who was caught in the crossfire of a shooting in wilmington is improving. the family of six-year-old jashown banner is responsive. banner was not in the head while sitting in his mother's car at sixth and spruce streets on tuesday of last week. we are awaiting to learn more pout man who was killed by an out of control driver in
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center city. the driver's minivan had just been in a crash and jumped onto a sidewalk striking two pedestrians yesterday. the second victim is in that stable condition. the van came to a stop when it smashed into a newsstand and a bank at 16th street and j.f.k. boulevard. police had earlier said no one was charged. >> now to the cosby trial. the cosby sometimes adding to the frenzy. >> hey, hey, hey. >> hey, hey, hey. >> that was cosby saying hey, hey, hey. if you watched the cartoon you know that's the famous line from the show fat albert. he did that as he left the montgomery county courthouse last night. a crowd of media and spectators shouted back as he walked by. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes has been following all the deliberations for us this week. jeanette those jurors may be
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tired but they'll be back this morning. >> reporter: that's right, tam. as you can see there cosby at times looked care free other times a bit wary but the jury who as you mentioned is exhausted will be arriving to begin the 17th hour of deliberations asking a lot of questions and they seem to be focusing in on bill cosby's decade old deposition testimony. tensions rose inside of the montgomery county courthouse every time parties were summoned. each time the jury had a question. >> what's the feeling in the room? >> calm relaxed feelingism the a total of four times cosby was led into courtroom a the jury needed context from the 2005 deposition testimony. in it cosby admitted to giving then mentee andrea constand benadryl pill. the judge reread two different parts of the statement and testimony from the detective who took constand's initial report. after the jury's second question was answer add and
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deliberations resumed cosby's spokesperson took the opportunity to turn to the court of public opinion. he read aloud a statement from the woman who claims to be constand's former roommate. she says constand planned to lie about cosby sexually assaulting her to get money out of him. >> there was a lot of false information from miss constand and the jurors have come back three, four times -- i think a total of three times asking questions. so, that's good. >> you do not try your case on the courtroom steps. >> reporter: and even if cosby is found not guilty in this case, his legal troubles are far from over. he's facing 10 lawsuits, civil lawsuits from women from around the country, three of them are for sexual battery. he has denied any wrongdoing. reporting live jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." tam. >> jeanette thank you for
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that. of course we'll alert you on the 6abc app and when there's a verdict. until then check out our special online section trial to read all about the latest developments. >> 5:39. happening today nearly 200 congressional democrats are taking president trump to court over foreign payments. the senators and representatives claim the president is violating the emoluments clause of the constitution. the democratics claim he stands to benefit from the trump organization profits even though he turned over control of his international real estate empire to his sons. >> this heat was too much for some people at a high school graduation. six ambulances responded to the ceremony at central bucks south in warrington yesterday. bucks county officials say only one person in the end had to go to the hospital for treatment. the rest they were able to tend to there at the scene.
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fortunately none oft health issues here are reported to be serious. >> let's turn now to dave murphy joining us here and the heat wave is over but this morning's not necessarily refreshing. >> no its not. it's still muggy out there. as you take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan despite the fact that most of the area is dry and the main thunderstorm activity is moving away from new york city if we go in tight we have a thunderstorm that popped up over manayunk and wynnefield pushing towards the southeast. looks like center city philadelphia is going to get clipped by this probably in another five minutes and after that camden and cherry hill as well and this is producing about a five to 10 minutes long downpour and karen showed us a moment ago how on the schuylkill expressway, which you can see right there labeled in 76 or by the number 76, we had a sky6 camera and a penndot camera a moment ago really showing the results of that and you do get a lot of ponding and puddling temporarily on roadways as it comes through. that's broad street in north philadelphia. that's about to get hammered. there's i-95 pushing up along
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the river north of the ben franklin bridge, the betsy ross bridge, that all looks like it's going to get clipped in another five, 10 minutes and then of course cherry hill and eventually marlton probably getting hit by this as well. there's another smaller cell by media and maybe before i leave this i'll let that lapse and then just move out a it little bit wider see if there's anything else popping. looks like just media and this stuff up here is just ground clutter. that's the main issue and it's heading towards the delaware river over the next 10 minutes. we have sky6 and we are looking at the commodore barry bridge. looks a little bit cloudy over the bridge this morning although we do eventually expect some sunshine to return today aren't and the other issue is how warm and muggy it is this morning. matt mentioned 78 degrees is your temperature, the dewpoint in philadelphia still at 69. and in a lot of south jersey and delaware we still got dewpoints in the 70's. starting out muggy. the humidity hasn't escaped us yet but the heat is over.
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we're only going to get up into the low 80's today and it should get gradually less humid as the day goes on. we could have periods today where we're looking at more clouds than sun and vice versa and later in the afternoon the model does have a few more showers and maybe another thunderstorm dancing around mainly west of philadelphia. whether or not we actually see a lot of that is a little bit of a question but i wanted to show it to you just in casement as we go through the day not as hot. a high of 83. we'll be back into the 70's by the time we head into the dinner hour. today's high is going to be 83, not as hot gradually less humid. we get into the weekend and the humidity starts to inch back up, a high of 84 on saturday. a late spotty thunderstorm can't be ruled out. then on father's day hot and humid, a high of 90 with another late thunderstorm possible. looks like monday's still humid but then by tuesday we're comfortable again. this next hit of the higher
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heat and humidity are not as bad. why are you laughing. >> you keep saying humidity. >> humidity. >> humidity. >> he's a weatherman. >> one of those things -- i say snow a lot in the winter, too. >> all right. >> there will be time for that. 5:43. an avocado attack caught on video. enraged customers in new york city turn fruit into weapons seriously injuring a cook for messing up their order. >> beachgoers jump into action when they see two women struggling in the water off the jersey coast. karen. >> finally found a way to get tam to stop complaining about the humidity. we just say snow. >> and i'll be really quiet. >> looking outside on the schuylkill at city avenue. the rain is really coming down. roads are wet. it's not wet everywhere. we'll check that accident in south philadelphia when we come back. >> ♪ millions of you are online right now,
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>> welcome back. the flag at the vietnam veterans memorial it is flag day today. a good day to take a look up at old glory and think about what it means to us. it is 5:46 and it is a piping 78 degrees right now. >> piping. it's good. [laughter] >> that's right, it feels warm and sticky out there even though it's currently in the 70's. let's talk about traffic right now. we've got this problem in
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south philadelphia. we've got an accident here. look at all the emergency workers we see on the left lane. this is i-95 northbound just approaching broad street blocking the left lane. it was blocking the two left lanes. unclear if there's something up ahead that that sign is showing but right now we've got at least the left lane blocked. earlier i saw fire crews and ambulance leave the scene but the police are still out there. penndot is out there so watch for this accident live in south philadelphia. you want to expect some slowing on the girard point bridge as well as we see the crews looks like pen to the do the is get -- penndot is getting ready to leave. construction blocking on the the right lane and center lane. in cherry hill one lane gets by in both directions. it's right on route 70 both ways near haddonfield road. this always slows down. it's only 36 miles an hour near that area right now. i want to go over here to storm tracker6 live double scan because we've been tracking this quick moving shower that's been pouring through the area.
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switch to the weather you'll be able to see that here so there you can see the area of red and yellow. we watched it ride along the schuylkill. we saw it start near radnor and move out toward the city. you can see i-95 near this area near palmyra starting to get wet. you'll see cherry hill, route 130, that will be next. in the morning hours it's possible with those clouds we'll see showers. 78 right now, muggy but gradually going to decrease with the humidity. 83 today. not as hot as the heat wave. >> a the nypd released video of an assault. one man pelt the worker with the avocados. then another man joined in. one frustrated customer finally hurls a bunch of bananas over on the counter. the unripened avocados left the clerk with a broken jaw
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and cuts to his face. >> two young new jersey women have a good samaritan for saving them after they were carried away by an ocean current. they were enjoying a walk along the rocks yesterday when one of the girls fell into the water. the other one jumped in to try to help but moments later they both were in need of rescue. there were no lifeguards on duty but karen diaz was nearby and she rushed in to save them. >> had the one girl on top of me and just kept going stay alive, okay, stay with me, keep going. she kept screaming and -- but then she nod -- she stopped talking and i was bringing her back into shore. >> both women were taken to the hospital. one of them is still in serious condition but the other one was treated and released.
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[laughter] >> do like to annoy you. >> like two little sisters here. >> i could throw a phone at you or something. >> i'm glad he called us the little sisters. >> let's go on to traffic. [laughter] >> traffic headed towards center city the rain is coming down. slowing you down there on the schuylkill k it is wet. not everywhere. we're watching these downpours causing a problem anew accident in camden county, stratford avenue at the white horse pike, route 30, dave. >> all right, we've got that shower coming in on the i-95 corridor near philadelphia. most of our bus stops are dry this morning but it is muggy. mainly clear out there. some of you seeing some clouds. but still in the 70's and still pretty humid. as we take a look at temperatures across the region everybody in the 70's from allentown down to cape may. again, dewpoints in the second -- southern half of the region are still pretty high so it does still feel on the muggy side but some changes today.
5:53 am
76 degrees by 7:00 only going a high of 83 so the heat wave is done. that 83 is kind of early in the day, say, one, 2 o'clock. and by 95 clock 80, by 7 o'clock 78 and while it is starting out muggy we expect the humidity levels to gradually decline as we go through the day. matt. >> thank you david. you can get that seven-day forecast and a look at the hourly rise or fall in temperatures by going to >> we're featuring our second episode in a digital series called hidden philadelphia. in this one we're looking at birds called gaum king fishers. they live at the philadelphia zoo and only the philadelphia zoo. you won't find them anywhere in the wild. find out why in the series. it will surprise you. it's trending right now on philadelphia. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:56 and sky6 capturing some of that haze and some of that early morning rain that's moving across the region west to east. looks like it's arriving or already arrived in the city of philadelphia. the heat wave is over but it's really muggy right now. 78 degrees but our high temperature only going to be in the low 80's today. >> a wandering bear captured in bucks county will be relocated this morning.
5:57 am
the animal named yogi was caught in a trap in new britain township yesterday. the pennsylvania game commission says the bear has been checked and it is okay to go back to the wild. there have been several bear sightings in central bucks in the past few weeks including in doylestown and chalfont. >> classmates in delaware made sure a senior with a medical condition did not miss out on his graduation. >> we can now officially say isaiah anthony lewis, you are a graduate of middletown high school. [cheers and applause] this was the second ceremony for isaiah lewis. he had a seizure and was taken to the hospital during middletown's high school commencement back on sunday. the principal offered to visit isaiah so he could have the full graduation experience. >> the t.s.a. is testing a high check way for people to check into their flight. >> aloe vera is an easy household plant to grow. it comes with plenty health benefits. as it turns out you can also eat it.
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that's coming up in today's produce tip later on "action news." >> ♪ it takes a lot of people to make a good school day.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. now on this wednesday june 14. we have developing news. >> an apartment building in london is engulfed in flames and fears are growing about the structure's integrity and the number of fire victims. >> hey, hey, hey. >> hey, hey, hey. >> hey, hey, hey. bill cosby shouts his fat albert cartoon character's catch phrase as he leaves the courthouse. jurors will be back at work today trying to reach a verdict. >> relief finally arrives from a short but brutal heat wave. it comes with


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