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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  June 14, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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virginia, where the baseball field remains roped off as a crime scene and the gunshots started at 7:00 this morning. the shooter james hodgkinson use aid third base dugout as a shed for cover. he fired shots at the congressmen practicing. >> it was the capital police that saved us all. if it wasn't for the capital police i would assume that everyone would have been killed this morning. >> "action news" learned that two pennsylvania representatives are on that very team but by a twist of fate neither was at practice today. walter perez talked to pat meehan and costello and joins us live. >> reporter: that baseball field is behind me here in alexandria, as and you mentioned two local lawmakers are on that charity
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team practicing today and one squeezed in practice yesterday and the other missed his ride. chester county congressman ryan costello says he plays shortstop for the charity baseball team and he was suppose to be at the morning practice but missed the shuttle bus by two minutes. >> if i was quicker with my life at 6:00 a.m. i would have been at shortstop with the first base man and third base man with the shooter fires at us. i heard on the television baseball practice shooting congress -- and i looked up and it was the baseball practice field that we play at. >> but congressman costello is not the only local lawmaker owe on the team. patrick meehan pitches for the team but was not in the cages today. >> four of us gathered in the cage, but for the grace of god
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you don't know when something might happen. >> both lawmakers are sending thoughts and prayers to the victim and expressed their growing concern that political debate is moving farther from a change of idea, to public resentment and anger. >> i'm a human being with a wife and child. people can disagree with me and that is fine but we are down here with a public responsibility. people disagree with us and that doesn't make us bad people. >> together we all care about this nation, and we have to stop the vitriolic rhetoric. let us debate. but it doesn't need to be vitriolic rhetoric. >> that game is still a go and they both will wear lsu jerseys. in support of congressman steve scalise.
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>> quite the twist of fate there. >> president trump is calling for unity following the shooting on lawmakers and says that political parties have their differences but those that serve in d.c. do so because they love this country. >> many lives would have been lost if not for the heroic actions of the two capital police officers who took down the gunman despite sustaining gunshot wounds during a very, very brutal assault. >> president trump added that the country is praying for all of those that were hurt. >> as we continue to learn more about the shooter and his alleged anti-republican motives. he volunteered in some capacity on bernie sanders's campaign. >> i am sickened by this
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despicable act and let me be as clear as i can be. violence of any kind is unacceptable in our society. and i condemn this action in the strongest possible terms. >> and in a show of bipartisan in the wake of the shooting democrats preparing for the same charity baseball game joined together in prayer for the republican colleagues as they practiced. and this today from house speaker paul ryan. >> we are united. united in our shock and united in our anguish. and attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. >> the speaker went on to say that despite differences in total tics lawmakers are united in humanity and humanity will win the day. "action news" will have continuing coverage on this story throughout the evening and
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david muir will anchor live from alexandria, at 6:30 this evening. the big story we are following of course, is the continued jury deliberations in the bill cosby case. >> jurors asked for more testimony to be read back. the third day they are weighing the sexual assault against the comedian. john rawlins is live now to begin the coverage from there. >> reporter: good afternoon brian of course the waiting game continues here at the montgomery county courthouse. and while there was a sense of palpable suspense and anticipation here yesterday, i think it's fair to say as -- a fire engine -- comes down the street -- the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed. of course that will change emfatcly once there is word. a verdict. bill cosby arrived at 9:00 this
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morning in what has become a familiar ritual. the big question is will the third day of deliberations produce a verdict that convicts him of drugging and assaulting andrea constand or will the the jury acquit? there say third alternative the jury could be deadlocked, the jury could be hung. interesting points the experts thought the testimony phase was shorter than expected and deliberations are longer than expected. i want to bring in "action news" reporter, chad pradelli who is monitoring the goings on in the courtroom and courthouse all day long. what is the latest on this? >> reporter: well jim, the jury had another question for the judge yesterday four questions from jurors and today just one, it was raised an hour and a half ago the jurors wanted to hear
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andrea constand's testimony of the assault read back to them and that was done and the jury is back deliberating. >> bill cosby gave a thumbs up as he made his way into court and still has not learned his fate. the jury of seven men and five women continued to ask questions that could steer them to a verdict. they wanted to see or hear the testimony in the alleged assault. after an hour of arguments from attorneys the judge ruled the testimony would be read back but not before reviewing 300 pages of testimony. while the jury deliberated. the media grew impatient outside each hour speculation of a hung jury grew larger. but surprising what the jury is thinking is a guessing game and several alleged victim address rived at the school and the waiting game is difficult.
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gloria allred represents several of the women. >> they constantly check in to see what is happening. why is it taking so long? what we predict will happen? when will it end? we can't answer those questions. moments ago we saw bill cosby's spokesman bill wyatt emerge from the courthouse and now the deliberations are approaching 24 hours. >> thank you chad. let me give you an example of courthouse humor. this jury came from pittsburgh and there was so notion that the jury would reach a quick verdict because the pittsburgh penguins championship parade is today in pittsburgh and they are still here taking the case seriously and we await a verdict. sharrie williams in the studio -- >> thank you. we continue to monitor developments from the the
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courthouse minute by minute, stay with trial for the, of the course, breaking details. turning now to the accuweather forecast. it remains hot and we have broken the heat wave that gave us oppressive conditions the last few days. >> lets head outside to adam joseph with a bit of an overcast day today. >> a lot of clouds, the frontal boundary continues to push through the reaction and wipe the humidity away. and it's a slow progress here this afternoon. as we take a look at satellite and radar as the front was pushing through much of the area it did pop a few downpours around the region. especially near wilmington and parts of south jersey to atlantic city. and at this point the sun is returning and philadelphia points to the north and that is the trend clearing as we get into the overnight hours. heat wave yes officially over and peaked yesterday at 96 record degrees. normal is 82 and today we sit a couple degrees higher than the
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normal of 84. and the dew point how icky it feels in the 60s and 70s it's humid and oppressive. we are still there philadelphia to baltimore but notice you drop into the 40s and 30s in burlington, vermont, and with the northeasterly wind will keep invading the comfy air tonight and for one day tomorrow. looking ahead, tomorrow is a beauty of a day and then the muggies return on friday and a somewhat unsettled pattern returns on friday for the upcoming father's day weekend. when the most unsettled weather could come through and the rising temperatures in the full accuweather forecast. >> adam thank you. we have an update now from wilmington where police say they are looking for new suspects in the shooting that critically injured a 6-year-old boy. chelsea outlaw was arrested last week but the charges are dismissed. they have new evidence showing he was not involved. investigators are actively
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following other lead and the young victim is still in critical condition. he was shot last tuesday in a car at 6th and spruce streets. you are asked to contact police if you know anything about the sho shooting. a 25-year-old pregnant woman was shot in a home invasion when someone kicked in her front door, she told investigators she saw two men coming up stairs and one man fired a shot hitting her in the leg and they left without taking anything the victim is being treated in temple hospital no word on a motive or arrests. multiple people shot and killed in an ups facility in california. new developments about the shooter and the victim. plus, a horrific scene in london as investigators try to figure out why this fire spread so quickly engulfing that high rise apartment building. pro tip: giant has great prices on produce.
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we are following developing news from san francisco. where a gunman shot and killed three ups employees. the shooting happened inside of a massive sorting and delivery hub, the shooter was dressed in an ups uniform but have not confirmed if the shooter is an actual employee. two other people are injured in the shooting and the gunman took his own life when police arrived. investigators are searching for a motive but believe it's not related to terrorism. at least 12 people have died and 70 others injured after a high rise erupted into flames. the fire engulfed the greenville tower in 30 minutes. some fires were burning up to 12 hours later. there are 120 apartments in the tower and the death toll is
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expected to rise. >> i saw one person trying to jump out and one actually jumped out and obviously what happened. it's just a nightmare. >> the building's manager says it's too early to speculate what caused the inferno and continued to spread. they have spend millions refurbishing over the last few years. and now they are determining how many troops are in afghanistan. even the president is allowing him to do so that does not mean the country has changed their military strategy. mattis announced that decision this morning and that there will be no immediate inies in the number of troops in afghanistan. and it's flag day and the guests were invited on the battleship new jersey and bring their own torn flags to the american legion and sons of
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lesion and take the flags for proper disposal. and visitors to the ship on the camden waterfront saw the flag fly high above. as part of the 75th flag day they welcomed 13 new citizens at the betsy ross house. the citizens took the oath of allegiance during a patriotic ceremony. another check of the accuweather forecast. meteorologist, adam joseph, standing by with the accuweather details. >> the humidity will go away and that is fine for a day or so. if you like that sticky feeling and that summer soup, so to speak. it will be back on the menu and the upcoming menu, in easton a live look here. lots of blue the sun is returning north of philadelphia working to the south and in addition to that bright blue sky. the humidity is starting to
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drop. the high humidity the sky turns milky white. but it's warm 85 degrees down the road in allentown 85 degrees and 86 in reading and 83 in wilmington and philadelphia. and right along the shore the east-northeasterly wind taking affect and you can see a sea breeze own in the 70s down there. quite a change over the last 24 hours, dropping 12 degrees in philadelphia and 14 degrees cooler in trenton and 15 degrees cooler in wildwood and dover quite the change over the last 24 hours. that will continue to fall as the front continues to sink to the south and we saw over an inch of rain with the hit or miss downpours as the first boundary passed down and the scattered downpours are way to the south and west of virginia and west virginia. partly cloudy skies overnight tonight and turning less humid
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and 59 and comfortable in the lehigh valley. and trenton not far from that at 60 degrees, 63 for philadelphia as well as dover and future tracker temperatures as we get into your thursday, we'll be around 70 or so for most locations at 9:00 in the morning. cooler at the shore and with that wind coming in off the water. and a really pleasant afternoon. temperatures in the 70s even 60s at times at the shore tomorrow. with that wind again still out of the east and low 80s inland and definitely the pick of the week here on your thursday way mixture of sun and clouds. the dew points are in the 50s for tomorrow. once they go back into the upper 60s it turns humid once again and on the verge of oppressive saturday and sunday. with the rising humidity friday, saturday and sunday it turns unsettled as well. because there is moisture in the air. as we look at your four day at 4:00 forecast. nice tomorrow and 82 with the comfy air in place and the humidity is back with a lot of
4:20 pm
clouds and scattered showers and not a washout of 80 degrees. warm and muggy with a scattered storm in spots, saturday afternoon at 5:00. and any of those storms that pop saturday and even late on sunday could contain heavy rainfall and father's day it looks fairly hazy, hot and humid. 90 degrees and most storms should hold off until late in the day on sunday. into next week there are more changes in the seven-day forecast in the next half hour. >> if you are given a tie don't feel compelled to try it on in the 90 degree heat. >> thanks adam. veterans in chester county have a new place to stay. leaders cut the ribbon on 48 departments, the building was once the home to the historic whitehall inn. and any medical services needed will be provided by the coatesville veterans center.
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time for a check of the "action news" traffic report. >> lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic senter. a slow one on the blue route, past the schuylkill past villanova on down to broomall. that is where we have a broken down truck in the center lane but it's not there any more luckily. we see the southbound lanes break up. but still 47 minutes southbound delay on the blue route. at this point you may want to stick with 320 or 252 asalities nates. springfield temperature a bad crash at baltimore pike by the office depot and watching a motorcycle crash in hunting park south of the boulevard at pike street another good spot to avoid. northbound side a sluggish pace from 452 to 320 an accident there on the on ramp and traffic
4:22 pm
is barely able to squeeze by on the ramp and the main lanes are open and attracting attention. slow but we are getting back to normal on the tacony palmyra bridge. here in mount laurel a northbound accident at 73 by 295, taking out the right lane. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report in robbinsville mercer county a crash on 195 eastbound side toward the new jersey turnpike, that is causing congestion there in mercer county. we'll check it again brian and sharrie in the next half hour. >> matt, thank you. "action news" at 4:00 continues right after this.
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they connecticut the ribbon fast enough fast enough in fishtown. the excited kids couldn't wait to play on penn treaty park. they installed ad accessible equipment and a new surface.
4:26 pm
and includes the clining and restoration of sculptures in the area and the kids were loving it. dozens gathered to discuss camden's commitment to going green. they were at the rowan university for the summit. it's put on by the camden collaborate initiative. each year nonprofits and agencies come together to work on air quality to waste management. south jersey students celebrated the start of summer with a surprise sendoff. >> that will get you going. the philly phanatic got it started with a dance party in mullica hill. phillies outfielder aaron oh tear was there as well. a father of three students at the school would be the big sendoff during a charity auction. there is more to come on the
4:27 pm
next 30 minutes of "action news" at 4:00. including a hot debate this time of the year are shorts ever appropriate for the office? >> plus a scary stunt in south jersey. an "action news" viewer showed us a video of a young man hanging out the window as the driver sped down the atlantic city expressway. what we know about the reckless ride. i'm nydia han before you drop off or send your clothes for consignment listen up. one big retailer its closing this week. what you need to know coming up in what's the the deal.
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it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with developing news from outside of washington, d.c. right now the house majority whip is in critical condition after a gunman opened fire during a practice for a charity baseball game. staffers and security were fielding balls in alexandria, virginia when gunshots rung out. steve scalise was one of the first to be hit shot while playing second base and the security detail returned fire including three officers wounded themselves. >> our thanks to the police officers including the alexandria police who arrived quickly and who attacked -- i can't emphasize this enough -- they attacked the shooter and that saved our lives. >> the gunman identified as
4:30 pm
66-year-old james hodgkinson of belleville, illinois, was shot by officers. and hodgkinson a one time campaign volunteer for bernie sanders died at the hospital. all are expected to be okay. tomorrow's game between republicans and democrats will still be played as scheduled. our coverage of the shooting in virginia will continue throughout the evening here. stick with "action news" both on air and online for the very latest developments. well, we turn now to montgomery county where jurors are still trying to decide the fate of comedian, bill cosby, for the latest on the day three deliberations we go live to vernon odom, outside of the courthouse in norristown. >> reporter: good afternoon sharrie. it had been a low key day here on the third day of deliberations on the bill cosby
4:31 pm
case of course charges brought against him by andrea constand a former temple university employee, but by mid-afternoon the jury asked to hear portions of constand's testimony from last week. >> moments before 2:00, the cosby jury asked steven o'neil for a read back of portions of andrea constand's testimony from last week about the night in question january of '04 at cosby's home where cosby drugged her with three pills and proceeded to sexually assault her while she couldn't resist him. resuming more than 20 hours of deliberations over a three day period. that was question five of this jury of seven men and four women. all chosen from a pool of western pennsylvania voters. cosby never took the witness stand. >> sharrie still no clear signal at all for the jury chosen from the pittsburgh market area.
4:32 pm
still no indication that a verdict is anywhere near. and the deliberations continue at this hour. >> live at the montgomery county courthouse vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> we continue to monitor the developments from the courthouse minute by minute, be sure to stay with trial for all the breaking details. and a dent in a drug crisis gripping the city of wilmington. this is a photo from the police showing a haul from the narcotic unit raid. showing cash, guns and heroin linked to a batch of of drugs plaguing the area. there were 35 overdoses in 12 days in upper darby and this may be the source of the recent overdose crisis. philadelphia police are looking for a violent robbery suspect that stole a cash register at gun point and surveillance video shows on the 88 hundred block of oxford
4:33 pm
avenue, the suspect hit the 61-year-old worker in the head twice and demanded money from the register and then grabbed the whole thing and ran away. the worker was treated for a head injury and released if you have information on this robbery or the suspect in it. please can't philadelphia police. meteorologist, adam joseph, joining us now a cooler day than days past for sure. >> it's humid and warm out there. compared to the last three days. it still feels nice out there. as we take a look at sky 6 hd you get the typical summer haze kind of hanging over the center city skyline. the temperature of 83 degrees and dew point 68 that is high and the heat index is 3 degrees above the air temperature. if this was an early spring day would you say it's kind of disgusting out there. it's refreshing compared to the 96 of yesterday. 86 philadelphia and 92 in
4:34 pm
raleigh. 92 in atlanta, all the 90s are pushed to the west and to the south temporarily. we'll hit the heat index of 90 as we go into the upcoming weekend and it's wednesday evening and i'm skipping a few days because we want to look towards the weekend. saturday clouds and very, very humid and 85 degrees with an isolated downpour or thunderstorm around not a washout but unsettled at times and father's day hot and humid and hazy sunshine and 90 degrees could be a pop-up late in the day of the thunderstorm. you see the heat and humidity make a come back after a bit a relieve here on thursday. we'll show you the rest of that seven-day forecast with a very unsettled day coming up in just a little bit. >> a state appeals court decided to uphold philadelphia's soda tax. that the tax does not duplicate the state's sales tax.
4:35 pm
it backed a decision by a city judge in december. city officialed say that the tax has brought in more than $25 million since taking effect in january but will fall short of projected revenues this year. teachers at the east town school describe staged a walk-in today at conestoga high school. the demonstration is to call attention to their contracts that expire at the end of the month and dozens of teachers and employees filed into the high school and custodians and secretaries and kitchen workers could also be impacted. the current contracts are expected to expire june 30th. people took part in a naturalization ceremony in camden, new jersey. >> under oath -- >> the participants held the small american flags on this special flag day as they took their oath.
4:36 pm
freeholder, susan the first korean freeholders elected in the state of new jersey and a naturalized citizen herself delivered the oath there. and 23 veteraned including three marines and three air force and three navy and 15 army were honored for their service and each received a flag and lapel pin and a certificate. still to come on "action news" at 4:00, we have harrowing new video of the scene in alexandria, new jersey as lawmakers were attacked by a gunman. and a young man caught on camera hanging outside of a car as it sped down the atlantic city expressway. what police are telling us about the dangerous stunt. and temperatures are soaring and it's the question being asked across the delaware valley. is it okay for men to wear shorts to the office as women are allowed to wear dresses and
4:37 pm
skirts. >> can i vote? i say yes. end of story. you don't know if i'm wearing shorts right now.
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at the ball field in alexandria, virginia where a gunman shot five people including a congressman. dramatic video caught the shooting as it happened. nathan mow yeah was walking his dogs when the gunman opened fire. -- ow where he is at?
4:40 pm
>> he is behind home plate -- >> i assume people are calling 911 already. >> they better be. >> incredible video there and some of the nearly 50 shots that rang out there this morning. authorities are expected to hold another news concerns in 30 minutes and we'll bring that to you live right here. police in new york city are searching for two men accused of assaulting a store clerk with fresh produce, surveillance video shows two men pelting a 22-year-old worker with fruit. the assailants were seen hurling avocado aftvocado at the man an they broke the employee's jaw and fractured a bone in his face. a worker was able to walk away after a car slammed through the wall of a restaurant and pinned him against the wall. look at this, my goodness. the car comes through the window
4:41 pm
and hits blair robinson. robinson is a psychic but didn't see this coming. he was eating lunch with a friend also a psychic both walked away with minor injuries. it's unclear what caused the driver to slam into the restaurant. time for big talkers, beginning with a shocking sight on a new jersey road that sparked and investigation. you are looking at a young man hanging almost completely out of a car window as it sped down the atlantic city expressway. the suv was going 80 miles per hour as the shirtless passenger pumped his fist and holding on to the car roof with just one hand and the new jersey state police were called out but the suv was already gone.
4:42 pm
they are looking to find this car and the reckless passenger. and now trying to change the digital game by cutting out the chatting and hostfully the ghosting. it's a high stakes blind date app. users looking for love post a date idea, and a time and open feed that is linked to facebook. other daters then search through categories ranging from movies to adventures to drinks. and filter by who is going to pay. and if a potential match likes the idea they submit to join and the user picks a winner and the date is set. in addition to not exploring your match's profile there is no contact information exchanged that means no option to chat ahead of the date. to make sure daters really show up. it's a no flakes policy, if you bail on two meetups you get banned and they hope it will put
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a stop to the whole swipe ban repeat. and temperatures rise so do hem lines and with that comes a hot weather debate. is it ever okay to wear shorts to the office particularly for the guys. no matter how professional the workplace we see women in airy skirts and dresses and for decaded men have shunned shorts thinking perhaps they are too casual and perhaps inappropriate. the summer dressing double standard so divisive it sparked a hashtag with male professio l professionals beg one another to free the knee on twitter. if you are in favor of office shorts there are a few things to remember. if you have never seen a male colleague wearing khaki cutoffs if you dare to bare the legs they suggest fitted shorts and a
4:44 pm
conservative fabric and eye suit like this one. ma means the male rompers and the lace short sets are gratefully out. do not wear that to the office. >> it sounds like i hear several men in the studio with an opinion. if a couple of you get together -- >> that is a new standard -- >> chico are you in? >> no. >> chico is out and adam is in. >> matt is the tie breaker? >> i need to get mortan on my legs before i can do that or a tighter shot perhaps. i'll tell you what is not short this afternoon brian and sharrie your ride home. here along 95 northbound side locked up from 452 through this point going from 322 up to 320, that is where we have a crash on the on ramp that is cleared out
4:45 pm
of the way and still extra heavy on 95 northbound in delco this afternoon. in springfield township a crash along baltimore pike at the office depot and earlier the broken down truck on broomall and still speeds in the teens. it's extra slow this afternoon because of the earlier broken down truck and the motorcycle crash along north brood street at pike. and here is another one whitpain township a crash that brought down wires blocking arch road and stick with 202 and sheffield drive. it's another alternate. a crash along 611 at fitz watertown road at the dunkin' donuts and bucks curb an accident at oxford valley road if you head to the oxford valley mall. and mount laurel 273, 295 the northbound crash is gone but the heavy traffic remains here in
4:46 pm
both directions. delays are not too short this afternoon. >> looking good as all matt. thank you. meteorologist, adam joseph, standing by with the accuweather forecast.
4:47 pm
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award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer. adam joseph with the accuweather forecast. we are broken the heat and humidity out there. warm and humid in many locations we get a cleanse here tonight and tomorrow before we refuel the humidity over the weekend. we look live right now on sky 6 hd we head to the shore in cape may a beautiful spot and a couple of things are going on here. number one a cloud in the sky. and number two you notice the white caps the strong winds coming in off the atlantic bringing in the drier air so that is the place to be this
4:49 pm
afternoon. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we started the morning with scattered downpours and a rumble of thunder south and west and east of philadelphia. it looks ominous at times and temperatures though at the shore beautiful down there, and beautiful temperature 63 and inland 80s for philadelphia wilmington and dover and mid-80s reading and allentown and the other thing going on is we are dropping the humidity levels. all summer we'll talk about the dew points, your measure of how much moisture in the air. below 60 degrees you say it's comfortable when you step out. when it's at 65 it's humid and 70 it's oppressive. we are starting to kick the numbers down along the shore and bringing the numbers down in allentown and the poconos but holding on in philadelphia and wilmington and millville. but the drier air will continue
4:50 pm
to push to the south and west here tonight. satellite 6 along with action radar the front is to the south at this point it has take and the extreme heat away and all the showers and thunderstorms from pittsburgh to the virginias. partly cloudy and turning less humid. 59 in the suburbs and 63 for center city. and the front is still to the south and west on thursday, the pick of the week low humidity and comfortable temperatures 82 degrees with sun and clouds and the high breaks down and the front inches its way back to the east on friday and a lot of clouds come with it. and temperatures of 80 degreed and showers as we get into friday afternoon before the haze and heat and humidity are back over the father's day weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 82 and nice low humidity tomorrow and 82 on friday and dew points get back to near 70 in the upcoming weekend and 85 on saturday and
4:51 pm
scattered downpours and storms. and hot and humid for father's day 90 degrees with a late day pop-up and unsettled as another front comes through on monday and numerous downpours and storms and 88 degrees and tuesday and wednesday not bad in the 80s and higher humidity over the weekend any downpours or storms that develop could contain heavy rainfall. but not a washout this weekend watch for some to develop here and there. >> that is the summer forecast. what's the deal is coming up next.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
time for what's the deal. before you consign your stuff to a consignment shop you need to
4:54 pm
listen up. >> it's consignment chain second time around used to have 40 stores across the country now all of them including the center city boutique are closing their doors leaving many, many consigners outrages and possibly out of luck. >> the larger amounts have you not received. the $500 the $725. >> right. >> she says that they owe her $2,160. back in april the company told her they were experiencing technical difficulty. >> that everything was fine and bear with them. and nine stores in manhattan already closed. some shutting down before consigners could pick up the remaining items. >> they took my items and sold it and then completely disconnected from me when he
4:55 pm
call called. >> a company that acts as the bankruptcy took over the -- for the business. and they blame market forces hitting brick and martyr stores. including online retail competition. >> they did a bad job and it's completely unfair to everyone. a huge trust relationship you have with the kind of business you with them for years. >> the company's website says that all consigners whose items were sold from may 1 on ward will be paid in full. but cannot commit to people that sold items prior to may 1. here is what to do to minimize your impact. if you have items there pick them up now. cohen got an email that the center city location is closing this friday. we contacted second time around for a comment and never got a response and i alerted the city
4:56 pm
of philadelphia for this they have a plan to help affected consumers, more info at nydia han, channel 6 "action news." >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 today. for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. >> coming up next at 5:00, cecily tynan is live at the philadelphia zoo. >> reporter: hi sharrie. we are talking about warm weather animals that is probe with today's weather. danny is holding the african millepied. they tend to bite because they have pinchers they are interesting they live on the forest floor in africa and eat the plant materials and have thousands of legs, 256 pairs but it changes when they hold they can lose legs and add legs, when they feel threatened they curl
4:57 pm
up in a tight ball or excrete an irritating liquid. we are starting small and getting large i'll be up close and personal with ronny the white rhino at the philadelphia zoo and talk about comfortable weather tomorrow. coming up. back to you guys. >> all right busy day there. >> i saw a caterpillar in my base many and picked it up and thought i was brave.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. we heard a loud noise sounded like a construction site like someone drop aid piece of metal and then someone yelling run he has a gun. >> i am shaken up and my colleagues were targeted today but someone that wanted to kill on them. >> an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. >> tonight lawmakers from around the country are calling for calm. this after a baseball field full of congressional staff was
5:00 pm
ambushed by a gunman. at least five people were shot including one of the highest republicans in the house. at this hour a motive is still unclear. >> it is wednesday night and the big story on "action news" is the early morning shooting just outside of the nation's capital. >> this is the man identified as the shooter, 66-year-old james hodgkinson of illinois. he opened fire on a group of congressman practicing for a charity baseball game. and steve scalise from louisiana is currently in critical condition a congressional aide a lobbyist and two capital police officers. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle is calling for a show of bipartisan support at tomorrow's game. today president trump praised the the quick actions of scalise's security detail that helped to take down the shooter. >> in lives would have been los


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