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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  June 15, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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5:00 a.m., thursday, jurn -- june 15. >> two people are injured after a serious crash police are looking for the driver who smashed into them and left the scene. injuries clearly fatigued will try to reach a decision in the bill cosby trial. tenses running high as they begin the 4th day of talks.
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robert muller is looking into trump trmp for obstruction of justice. details of the firestorm. >> what a day to be outside. >> reporter: this is the day we were waiting for all week. the heat is down, humidity took its time in dropping. we have the cold front that came through yesterday and parked well to the south. we'll start out with sunshine and clouds to the west. we'll start to move in. 65 degrees in philadelphia. 60 in trenton. 64 in wilmington. 63 in cape may. up north in reading and allentown, # -- 70 degrees. the dewpoints are in the 50s, even those spots around 60 are not that humid. it's a very comfortable story. that's where they stay today as the numbers climb on the thermometer. 66 degrees by 7:00 a.m. 77 by noon.
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today, 82. we have low humidity all the way. that changes a bit tomorrow and definitely through the weekend, karen rogers we'll have the changes and higher numbers coming back in play in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: dave we're hitting the roads, the vine street expressway construction has left the scene, westbound and eastbound reopen it will close tonight at 11:00 p.m. on the picket, no problems, blue route, schuylkill expressway, i-95 in good shape. the overnight construction is cleared here, as well in delaware county, i-95 near 320, northbound traffic as you head toward the blue route all lanes open we're dry out there. it's a good start to the day unless you're on the new jersey turnpike, southbound past exit 2, the exit for 322. we have an accident partially blocking the right lane. we're seeing police and emergency crews on the scene with that. that may cause you a little bit of an issue. mercer county, downed wires route 1 is blocked both ways at
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washington road. stick to 206 to get around that closure. >> breaking news, police are on the hunt for the driver who crashed into two people injuring them and fled the scene. this happened on sewell road nearby berry road in summer ton section of the -- somerton section of the city. two people were sitting in the car when the driver slammed into the back of their car. that driver backed up and drove away from the crash scene. the 23-year-old woman and 25-year-old man was transported to the hospital in stable condition. a person was injured in a shooting on conrad street. police responded to a call to shots fired they found the victim in the street shot multiple times. no word on a suspect or motive. 28 hours later and no decision, jurors in the bill cosby trial will be back this
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morning trying to come to anan mouse verdict. it is clear they have -- unanimous verdict, it is clear they continue to have questions. jeanette reyes is live at the montgomery county courthouse. >> reporter: the jury is struggling to come up with a verdict going on 27 hours of deliberations. as for bill cosby you may remember a couple of days ago he was smiling to the crowd and playing to them, giving them a thumbs up, it is getting to him, as well, and looking more and more tired, as well. >> reporter: on day three of deliberations the jury in the sexual assault trial had more questions and no verdict. >> they have a point of view and they want testimony read back to approve to the juror on the other side of the argument
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will say you see what i am saying. >> bill cosby who was all smiles was looking tired and worn out. >> reporter: they heard a court reporter, reread the testimony of cheltenham detective's interview with bill cosby about what happened the night of 2004. the jury asked to hear portions of constan's 300 page testimony saying that he gave her pills. >> seems like we have intelligent jurors who want to get the facts right, that's important right now. they missed a parade for the penguins today, they are here and trying to get it right. >> reporter: bill cosby's attorney says this is good news for him, it could point to a not guilty verdict. he is facing ten civil lawsuits
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three for sexual battery, he denies any wrong doing in those cases. if he is found guilty in this case he could spend the rest of the his life behind bars. jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> thanks, jennette. we're awaiting the update on the condition of louisiana congressman steve scalise, the hospital where he is being treated said he is in critical condition along with lobbiest matt mika. a man shot republicans as they practiced for baseball game yesterday morning. two capitol police officers shot and killed the gunman. the officers were there with congressman steve scalise. james hodgkinson was critical of president trump on social media. the president and the first lady visited steve scalise last night. lawmakers plan to play the game
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as scheduled as a show of solidarity between republicans and democrats. special counsel is investigating president trump for possible obstruction of justice. the report indicates robert muller is looking into the president's action with fired fbi director james comey. muller will speak with three top intelligence officials, rich aider ledgeit and mike rogers and dan coats. >> we know that president trump called mike rogers and dan coats to come out and say there was no evidence of collusion. >> 5:07 a.m. new jersey chris christie approval rating has dropped to historic lows according to a
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quinnipiac poll that finds only is is 15% of the voters approve of his work in office. 81% of voters said they disapprove of his job performance. jim kenny hopes the beverage industry will drop their case against the sweet beverage tax. this follows the decision of a municipal judge last year. mayor kenny said he is pleased with the ruling. >> we hope the beverage industry inside they have not prevailed and they would get out of the way and get the help they need. >> the tax is 1.5% per ounce it has brought in $25 million since
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january. it will not reach the $46 million the city hoped to take in to go toward education and infrastructure repair this fiscal year. rocky statue is back open to the public. the statue and the area around had been closed since the end of may so improvements could be made. >> reporter: i remember seeing that original movie with my dad that was a long time ago. people still come. >> creed was a big movie and all, it's still a thing. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan we're looking at no rain. as we look outside it's a nice morning building you can see sunshine a pretty picture of the ben franklin bridge there, looks like a tugboat pushing a barge down the river. winds are light. 65 degrees in philadelphia.
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comfortable in wilmington, 64 on the thermometer. 60 in trenton. looks like 70 in reading and allentown, along with the numbers you have low humidity this morning. humidity leaves and the heat leaves were down yesterday, but today will be more comfortable. you can see that you will need sunglasses early on they highways and byways, we'll get the cloud cover swinging in from the west generally speaking, a clouds and sun mix today. in the lehigh valley, partly sunny overall. not humid 80 degrees is the forecast high there. at the shore we're looking at partly sunny and pleasant conditions with highs getting up to the mid 70s maybe low 70s down by cape may partly sunny and pleasant in philadelphia, high of 82. below average today. low humidity winds light at 7 to 14 miles per hour an occasional breeze kicking up. for the phillies looks like a nice night for baseball at citizens bank park partly cloudy
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and pleasant for the first pitch. increasing clouds overnight tonight 64 degrees and toward morning there's the chance of a spotty shower developing as we check out future tracker 6 by tomorrow morning when we're on the air we may have something to show you on radar in some neighborhoods looks like the northern suburbs have the best chance of seeing something early. as we go into the afternoon there's a chance of a another shower popping through at times, just spotty stuff for the most part, maybe a couple an isolated good downpour, but y and nice today, clouds tomorrowd out. excuse me there's that's just beenhen, there's a chance to there, as you just
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saturday, clouds and sun, 86 is th definitely more humid, you may feel the but it definitely kicks in onof a spotty drenching times on saturday. sunday, hot and for father's day, a spotty shower can't be ruled out. monday, 86 degrees is the high. possible downpours there, as well. that will be the most active day as the cold front comes in. after that on tuesday and wednesday it looks comfortable with low humidity. >> 5:12 refusing to let go, a woman is seen holding on to the side of a car as the weaves in and out of traffic on a freeway. details on how this unfolded. >> let the trash talking begin, floyd mayweather is coming out of the retirement for an
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unbelievable fight. >> reporter: looking good on 202 baltimore pike, we'll look at the schuylkill expressway next. this summer, journey into the adirondacks where campers carve through stone.
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everyone, there's that lonely early morning travel across the delaware river on the commodore barry bridge. today will be a good one for many reasons, but weather particularly. >> reporter: i think so. >> let's hope the traffic is a reason for a good day.
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>> reporter: i think we like a lonely ride in, don't we? >> we have one every morning. >> reporter: have it wide open, it doesn't happen too often. let's look outside, bucks county a little lonely here, as well. a couple of cars on i-95 near the scutters falls bridge. we have construction on the shoulder, both lanes open southbound towards levittown. west windsor route 1 shut down in both directions, we have and accident at washington road stick to 206. on the parkway we had an accident southbound near forked river it has cleared. commuter report on the waze app we have an accident on the schuylkill expressway westbound near university city. checked the cameras, doesn't seem to be causing a problem. just watch. let's look at the temperatures, 65 degrees in philadelphia. that's nice, right. dewpoints in the 50s, under like the past couple of days, roughly
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1 degrees cooler than yesterday hospitals morning. feels refreshing out there. sunshine and clouds dry during the day. 82 degrees for the high temperature get out there and enjoy, tam. >> we have new information about the deadly workplace shooting at a upstairs packing facility in san francisco. upstairs employee jimmy lamb killed three co-workers and himself. he specifically targeted the other drivers he killed chasing one of them out of the building. other employees scattered trying to find safety from the hail of bullets some ending up on the roof. a woman grabbed on to a car as it took off in an apparent road rage incident in southern california on monday night. a witness said the woman got out of a white car and started pounding on the woman of the black car. cell phone video shows the black car weaving through traffic, the
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woman holds on. she is not letting go. the woman is dragged a short dance before she turns the vehicle loose. not much did z going right for the phillies who who have the worst record in baseball. they lost to the red sox, 7-3. that's 8 straight losses. the final game of the four game series with boston is tonight at citizens bank park. the mega fight is on, floyd mayweather junior will fight connor mcgreger on august 26. promoters have been working on this for nearly two years. may weather retired after winning all 49 of his pro fights.
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>> ben stiller and vince vaughn i -- are back. they are creating a charity sweepstakes going to the stiller foundation. donors will get a chance to play dodge ball and take a team photo and let's take you outside and check the roads for you this morning, what's that we see. sunshine without humidity, looking bright out there, already on i-95. beginnings of it at any rate. delaware state line, southbound traffic on your left heading toward wilmington. you're clear and dry, it feels good out there. firefly weekend at the woodlands, expect extra traffic on 113. maybe i sounded too excited about that. expect restrictions possible
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through the area, dave. >> reporter: all right, karen, on the bus stop, cool and comfortable, 63 degrees by 6:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m., 69 degrees. low humidity, you feel that difference. 66 degrees by 7:00 a.m. noon, 79. the high today is 82 degrees around 3:00 p.m. by 7:00 p.m. we'll be down to 76. low humidity, sunshine early and a few clouds digging in as the day goes on. few you're leaving town, too bad, it's nice weather around here, all green acraft and no -- aircraft and no signs of precip in our travel destinations. >> long term use of aspirin may be dangerous for elderly patients than perceives vowsly vowsly -- previously thought. to minimize the danger, people
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should be given heartburn drugs. >> golden state warriors celebrate a championship. this is something you don't want to see before takeoff fuel spilling from an airplane. >> reporter: a death defying stunt at these famous falls with a twist. >> it is something we train for. >> reporter: the wife of daredevil tightrope walker will dangle by from a helicopter it's going to takes place on the anniversary of the tightrope walk across the same falls. the heart pounding act has not always gone smoothly. five members plunged 26 feet to the ground while rehearsing a never before performed 8 person
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pyramid like this. we'll have the latest on the teeth gripping stunt coming up at 7:00 a.m. abc news new york. summer took a hit this morning when frankie popped the alligator floaty. plus, the snacks andrinks are gone, people. and onof us used up all the sunscreen! i wonder who... . we're gonna need some reinforcements...qck.
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temple university camera trained
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on center city philadelphia. 65 degrees, only getting up to 80 today, only because we had these hot stretches of days earlier this week. 65 degrees right now on city avenue. >> in the morning buzz, the golden state warriors will celebrate their championship with a victory parade city officials expect 2 million people to show up in downtown oakland. one of the super fans expected to be there, ronnie reyes and his tosser. thompson said he never forget about signing the toaster and ended up inviting reyes to the parade. >> the toaster being the 6th man. >> overheating cars and trucks happens to you.
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>> another bear spot understand bucks county. "action news" continues.
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>> happening now on "action news," three women are hurt during a wilmington, delaware. >> congress make a showty we hee lone gunman a lawmakers spectators on both sf the bill cosby trial are>> goos reporter: it happened to me on tuesday morning, it's wednesday, i didn't put o storm tracker 6 live showing we're dry this


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