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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  June 18, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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june 18 i'm nydia han along with gray hall. >> here's a look at the stories we're following on "action news." >> a mistrial declared in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. what it means for the comedian
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and reaction from those involved in the case. >> plus, one person is dead after a shootout in the center city nightclub. >> running for a cause this father's day, how hundreds of people remembered gary pappa while raising money for prostate awareness and research. >> let's turn our attention to the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. outside we go to meteorologist chris sowers on a father's day, what have you got for us. >> reporter: it's not too bad, it's humid, but as long as the breeze continues it's helping us out a little bit. 85 in reading and lancaster. 83 in wilmington. 83234 millville. 84 in dover. 75 in atlantic city. 77 in beach haven enjoying a nice comfortable sea breeze. you factor in the humidity, feels like 102 now in dover. 91 in philadelphia, 92 in reading, 91 in lancaster, and close to 90 for just about everybody else, that gives you an idea how humid the atmosphere
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is right now. satellite and radar we're also seeing a couple of showers and storms pop across central pennsylvania this afternoon, most of the activity today should stay out to our west, but one or two stray showers or thunderstorms are possible in and around the immediate philadelphia area, as well. forecast for today, no changes from what we had earlier this morning, three hs, hazy, hot anticipate -- and humid. thundershowers possible, it will feel like 96 in the city. we're on track for potentially violent weather tomorrow. there's a flood watch issued for tomorrow, we have an enhanced risk for severe weather issued tomorrow. tomorrow promise to come very, very stormy around here. i'll have the all the details the latest yup dates on the computer models with the exclusive accuweather seven-day
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forecast in justice a few minutes. >> remember you can stay on top of changing weather at there you will have access to storm tracker 6 live radar at your finger tips, plus the seven day, and the hourly forecast available to download to your mobile device you can get it right now. >> after a mistrial is declared in the sexual assault trial against comedian bill cosby there are many questions about what's next. cosby was accused of drugging and molesting andrea constan at his home back in 2004. >> the jury was deadlocked after days of deliberations. the seven man and five women jury went home without reaching an agreement in the case. >> dann cuellar has reaction from both sides of the case. legendary comedian bill cosby walked out of court raising a triumphant handle, for now a
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free man. >> the rolling stones song says sometimes you don't get what you want, but you get what you need. >> reporter: the after 50 hours of driver's license driver's liy declared a deadlock. >> having 12 perfect strangers deliberating on your faith has to be a strain the -- on your fate has to be a strain i can't imagine. >> reporter: camille cosby painted her house's accusers -- >> how do i describe the judge, totally arrogant and the council for the accuser. >> reporter: from the district attorney? i'm not going to talk about
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camille cosby. >> reporter: excoriated by the defense case, kevin steele promised to put the case on trial again. >> we'll look at everything involved and then we'll retry it. >> reporter: accuser andrea constan shows no signs of disappointment her lawyer saying she is read to give it another try. she is a very spiritual woman she believes things happen for a purpose. the purpose is it should encourage other woman to come forward. we are confident that these proceedings have given a voice to many who felt powerless and silenced. these high profile cases are expensive, but to the critics who question the sanity and rationale to dedicate more time and resources to try the case again, kevin steele said simply. >> you can't put a price tag on justice. >> reporter: the judge hopes the
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next trial will takes place in 1200 days. the question is where will the next jury come from, it seems everybody has heard about the cosby trial by now. at the montgomery courthouse, dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> this is the end of bill cosby legal battle. th fighting lawsuits filed by ten women some pending in massachusetts and in california. cosby has denied any wrong doing in those cases. our coverage. bill cosby mistrial continues in the next half-hour of "action news," hear how cosby plans to spend his father's day as we learn more about the plans for 'retrial. one man is dead another injured after a shootout outside the reserve lounge in the 700
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block of arch street. they found 20 shell casings, a 29-year-old man was shot in the face and another part of his body. he was pronounced at the scene. a second victim drove himself to wilmington hospital is in stable condition. a motive for the shooting not clear. police are questioning several witnesses and hopes surveillance cameras will provide answers. >> in south jersey we now know the name of the person killed in a two vehicle crash in atlantic county. 49-year-old jeffrey wise from mays landing was killed when a car plowed into the back of his vehicle. it happened on tower road in egg harbor township before 7:00 p.m. a passenger in his vehicle and the driver of the chevy were taken to atlanticare regional medical center with serious injuries. the crash is under investigation. 8 years ago our colleague gary pappa died from prostate
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cancer. on father's day we remember car request and make sure others do not -- we remember gary and make sure others don't suffer from the disease. the money is raised for awareness and education on the disease. >> reporter: thisannual gary paa run is in the books, it's a father's day tradition to raise awareness about prostate cancer. whether it was 10k, 5k or one mile, many laced up to honor dad to raise money for prostate cancer. the funds are raised for breast and prostate health in herm of our sports director who lost his battle with cancer in 2009.
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gary's 19-year-old son said he is proud to continue spreading his father's message him. >> it's tan task to be part of something that my dad's mission was we could all sleep in on father's day was his main goal. we wanted to come out and see more people come out and run. >> joe from cellarsville is a secure -- survivor he said a routine screening found cancer. he encourages everybody to get checked. >> that's how i found out, through screening, through psa blood test. while the event is over, there is still time to donate to the cause, you can do so online at gary pappa we're live in eakens oval, trish hartman channel 6 "action news." gray, nydia. >> gary would be proud. trish, thank you. much more to come on "action news" sunday afternoon. we're learning more information about the collision at sea that
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killed seven u.s. sailors. does more sweat mean a better workout, a look at what causes people to sweat more than others. >> get ready to sweat it out today, meteorologist chris sowers will be back with the steamy accuweather forecast when "action news" continues. request.
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>> okay if you go to the beach to surf you can say you're hanging ten, but only with four paws, get it. this happened yesterday in ocean city, new jersey, they were there to kick off the season for the program of hearts of surfing, that provides free surfing lessons for families with autism and other special needs. >> that's nice. >> my three-year-old just told me he wants to learn how to
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surf. >> reporter: and he is three. little murphy we had him in the pool, i held him like this, he doggy paddle, he didn't like it too much. they looked like they were having a great time. let's talk the weather this afternoon, it's steamy and hot, temperatures closing in on 90s. if the air temperature is not at 90, the heat index is, as we continue to see the heat and humidity build around the delaware and lehigh valleys. let's flip it over to the radars, right now we're doing all right, although we have pop ups starting to develop around harrisburg area, that's where we are expecting the activity to stay today, out through here, north central p-a, western berks county and the lehigh valley. most of us stay dry, just a stray shower or storm. dover, 85. lancaster, 85. reading, 85. trenton, 84. millville, 83. the dewpoints continue to climb, 78 is the dewpoint in dover,
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that's almost 80 degrees, terrible. wilmington, millville, 74. trentothere's the scale right t, once you get past 70 that's oppressive. usually we stop the scale right there. look at these awful conditions right now. we have clouds around the delaware and lehigh valleys this afternoon with the pop ups starting out in the central p health care system a. clearing to the west, we're expecting a decent amount of sun mixed with clouds and stray showers or thunderstorms no big deal. future tracker 6 by 4:00 p.m., again, mixed skies nothing real threatening perhaps just a stray shower or two, same thing by 9:00 p.m. overnight tonight it's partly cloudy, warm and humid, dewpoints in the 70s. overnight lows in the low to mid 70s. tomorrow morning waking up to a steam bath. patchy fog and uncomfortable. it's quiet by 10:00 a.m. once we start to pick up the
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sunshine we'll see the explosion in showers and thunderstorms. through the afternoon hours we expect heavy-hitting thunderstorms and downpours and gusty winds and large hail. by 7:30 it's over top the i-95 correspond don't know e and by 10:00 it will be out to sea and gone. what you can expect monday afternoon we're tracking a line of severe thunderstorms to rounlop sometime a across the western suburbs and eventually through the city by 6:00 and down the jersey shore by 7:00. heavy drenching downpours, winds up to 65 miles per hour, maybe an isolated tornado. rainfall totals range anywhere from 2 to 4-inch. the model has 2 1/2 for the i-95 corridor. other models have 3 to 4 inches of rain with the system. get ready we have good thunderstorms heading this way tomorrow. stray thunderstorm, hot animal humid, clouds and sun, 90 in philadelphia. 87 in millville. 88 in dover.
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78 in cape may. allentown, 89. trenton, 87 degrees. jersey shore you're seeing sunshine right now mixed with clouds later on. breezy and humid, 79 degrees is the forecasted high. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, so hazy, hot and humid today maybe a stray shower or thunderstorm, 790 degrees, feeling like 95 or 96. for monday starting out with clouds and sun, heavy hitting thunderstorms later on, 87. feeling like 93. there's a good chance we'll pick up severe weather with this. tuesday, sunny skies, 84. that's the cold front sweeping through, it will feel better tuesday. wednesday, first day of summer, 85 degrees, late-day shower or thunderstorm. otherwise clouds and sun. thursday, clouds and sun, 85. it's a straight up steam bath out there right now. take it easy. >> thank you, chris. in "healthcheck," does sweating more mean an more intense workout? not necessarily. how much we sweat is due to are
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a number of factors due to gender and age. men sweat more than women and younger people sweat more than older people. fit people tend to sweat during exercise than those less fit. if you're taking a fitness class and someone is sweating more than you are, that doesn't necessarily mean that person is getting a better workout. a new study finds vegetarian diets are twos as effective for weight loss, vegetarian groups lose twice as many calories than meet -- meat diets and less muscle fat. stan formed track -- stamford tracked how many people
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ate vegetables depending on the name. the food was the same, but 25% of the people bought vegetables with those names indulgent names. >> not going to work with my kids. >> reporter: it's how you sell it. a woman is accused of setting fire to a house while people recorded it on their phones, the details just ahead. >> the search for seven u.s.
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navy sailors has ended. they went missing after the u.s.s. fitzgerald childed with a cargo ship four times it's size off the japanese coast. bodies were found in the
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destroyers' flooded compartments. the collision sliced a large gash in the fitzgerald and sent ocean water pouring into the ship. much of the crew was asleep at the time. the investigation into what caused the crash is continuing. overseas seven american soldiers were injured in average, an afghan soldier fire grenades at american troops inside the compound yesterday. the afghan soldier was shot and killed. the family of the woman caught on camera starting a fatal house fire in wisconsin is urging her to turn herself in. after the woman is caught on camera asking for a lighter she broke a window at the milwaukee tomorrow and poured gas in the room and lit the gas. the fire raced through the home. it killed a 72-year-old man. neighbors broke down the front door and trying to get into the
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house, they were thrown back by smoke and flames. the woman had a fight with her boyfriend who lived in the home. he was not there at the time of the fire. >> actor steven furst known for his role in animal house died following a long battle with diabetes. he played flounder in the animal house film. he leaves behind a wife and two sons and two grandchildren. he was only 63 years old. >> there's much more to come on "action news," the nba draft days away, big news for the sixers. that's coming up next in sports.
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>> so glad you stayed with us, sports now, the nba draft kicks off on thursday, the sixers are in good position for their first pick. here's jeff skeverski. >> reporter: it is sixers are taking a shot, a source confirms to 6abc the sixers have agreed to trade up with the celtics hours after meeting markell fultz. joel embiid on hand for the workout. fultz was the highest scoring fresh mannor in college basketball. when he arrived on short notice from his home in maryland he was wearing his own personal sixers hat showing love for philadelphia. yes, he wants to play here. >> [inaudible], like i said i'm
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close to home, so a lot of my friends come out and show love, this city has great fans. impede when i was in college, he was a cool guy, he would give me tips and pointers. he is pretty funny, when i seen that, it's pretty cool. i'm happy that the players here want me to come in. i got to get a cheese steak i'm big on that. >> reporter: he already fits in. >> jared eichoff is the first pitcher in 14 years to go winless. highlights they are phew and far between for the -- few and far between for the phillies. it's a one-run game. he is not superman, he can't get to this in the 7th.
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2-run double. phils give up four runs in the 7th inning alone. phils down 4 they can get it back, bottom 7, michael saunders with the bases loaded, caught. phils lost, dropping ten of their last 11 games, unreal. the u.s. open began in 1895. they need playing this major for 117 years. yesterday something happened that never happened before in the long history of the pga major. justin thomas in the pink pants scores the lowest sub par round ever, he does it can flare. how about this shot, and the roll, get in the hole. he shoots 9 under, best round of all time. brian harmon is in control, heading into the final round in erin hills, wisconsin.
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that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski happy father's day. >> another hour of "action news" is straight ahead. >> here's some of the stories we're have for you. with school coming to an end, we'll tell you how thousands of children in south jersey will get the nutritional meals they need throughout the summer. plus, oh, baby why it's a extra special father's day for the carters this year. >> those stories and more when "action news" continues.
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>> happening right now on "action news" following a mistrial in the sexual assault case against him, bill cosby faces more legal battles. plus police officers who responded to a fatal crash in the port richmond section get a visit from the family. >> hundreds laced up their running shoes for the gary pappa run. this year's event has extra special participants. those stories, but first a check of the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. outside we go to meteorologist chris sowers, hey chris, how are you? >> reporter: i'm good, gray, how are you? it's funny i like to come out here, but today i would like to stay in the air can understand room. it's so humid out here. temperatures in the mid 80s the sun makes it feels hotter. we have heat indices in the 90s. 83 in wilmington, 86 in
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philadelphia. 83 in allentown. 86 in reading, millville, 85. trenton, 85. dover, 85. the humidity is so high in dover that 85 degrees feels more like 99, feels like 9 in wilmington. 94 in reading, 92 in philadelphia. 93 in millville. 93 degrees at the atlantic city airport. can you imagine what it would feel like if you had full sunshine temperatures getting into the low 90s. it would feel awful. today, hazy, hot and humid, scattered showers or thunderstorm is possible. we're forecasting a high of 90 degrees with the humidity it will feel like 95 or 96. let's talk about that humidity, when do we see relief. that's the big question not today or tomorrow, the next 48 hours look humid as we continue to see that south/southwesterly flow, by tuesday a cold front arrives and we'll see drier air work its way in and dewpoints will drop back down into the
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50s. the only problem is mother nature doesn't like when a cold front interacts with a lot of the humidity and the end result a lot of times ends up being th. the storm prediction center has most of the mid atlantic risk fe weather. the orange shade is what we call enhanced risk for severe weather. in other words it's a good chance a couple of areas within the viewing area will see severe thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. when i come back i'm time it out for you on future tracker 6 and we'll have look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thank you. questions are swirling about what's next after the judge in the sexual assault case against bill cosby declared a mistrial. the jurors have returned to pittsburgh after deliberating in montgomery county more than 50 hours. the district attorney kevin steele said the embattled comedian is not in the clear just yet. >> our plan is to move this
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case forward. >> can he came here looking for an acquittal like the rolling stolen song says you only get what you want sometimes you get what you need. >> reporter: andrea constan's lawyer said she is ready to go the on the witness stand if she needs to. they hope the trial begins within the next 4 months. >> the 79-year-old comedian will not set food inside a courtroom. instead he'll spend the day at his home in elkins park with his family. >> reporter: the reaction from "action news" from the suv from bill cosby as he entered the he will kin also park home two fists in the air as judge declared a mistrial in the sexual assault case of the 79-year-old. the district teacher steel announcing plans for a retrial. the cosby team was quick to respond. >> i think the d.a. he has to
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say he is going to retry, why keep costing these citizens millions of dollars. you had your opportunity. >> former district bruce castor released a statement saying he is dewpointed that -- disappoind that the effort resulted in failure. he said in 2005 he did not pursue charges due to insufficient reliable admissible evidence adding miss constan was probably the victim of a sexual assault, probably does not win criminal charges. the attorneys for many ray accusers spoke -- accusers spoke out. several sat through the trial. >> it's too early to celebrate, mr. cosby, round two may be just around the corner. >> reporter: outside the courthouse his loyal supporters were there, montgomery county resident gave their thoughts including an opinion on footing a bill for another trial.
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>> no, let him pay for it. he got the money. >> reporter: we don't know if he remains inside the estate, he said he was looking forward to going home with his wife and spending father's day with his daughter and enjoying this moment. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> our website has more coverage of the cosby mistrial for the complete recap of the testimony and latest reaction go to >> no arrests have been made in connection with a shooting in southwest philadelphia that left a man in critical condition. the victim was found on the 600 block of rhinehart street after midnight. police have not released his identity. he was taken to penn presbyterian where's undergoing treatment tore a severed artery. police in new jersey identified the man who died in a crash on woolwich township on friday. it during out he is an off-duty
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vineland police officer. chopper 6 hd over the scene 322 and carwin road. he was a passenger in a minivan hit by a pick up truck. his wife and three children and mother were in the van. they were treated for minor injuries. a 7-year-old boy who survived after he and his mother was hit and killed by a car last weekend had a special message for the police officers who helped him. jaden was standing with his mom rosa lydia rojas, and his 9-year-old sister on aramingo avenue in port richmond when the driver jumped the sidewalk. his mother pushed the children out of the way, but unfortunately she was hit and killed. this weekend jaden and his family went to the 24th split district to thank the officers who responded to the crash. >> thank you for saving. >> i wanted everybody to know
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they did it for my son, i want to do shake hands and congratulate them for saving ply son. >> jaden and his sister gave the officers plaques and hugs. they got a tour of the police district and got to meet the k-9 officer jake. >> for the first time, the bucks county library is offering free lunch for kids and teens. no enrollment is necessary, lunches will be provided at the bensalem and levittown branches. they hope the program will encourage kids to go to the library during the summer. there's help for kids in south jersey looking for summer meals. nora muchanic has the story. >> reporter: in south jersey, 57,000 children are at risk of going hit and run debris everyday. officials at the food bank of south jersey say once school ends, some kids don't know where their next meal is coming from. >> we have access to meals, but
12:38 pm
when summer comes, the meals are not there any more. they have a shortage. food. >> a lot of children are going without because they are award that these programs exist and we're here to help them. >> reporter: through a federally funded summer food program, the food program provides three meals to kids 18 and under. the food bank packs breakfast, lunches and dinner and snacks, it covers burlington, camden, salem and government -- gloucester counties. >> it's making a difference in their lives. >> reporter: the food bank hopes to serve 8,000 kids at 168 locations throughout south jersey, the people say there's no reason for any child to go hungry. the martin luther king christian school in pennsauken is one of the feeding sites. >> to help them with the stuff
12:39 pm
they need when we are growing up they become good solid citizens. >> reporter: to find out where the sites are located check out our website, they served food kitchens and food pantries year round, but the aim of the program so making sure kids don't mitts are -- miss a . nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> this father's day runners and walkers took part in the gp gp -- gary pappa who died from prostate cancer 8 years ago. the events raises money and awareness for disease. trish vanish is live for the special event. >> how was the turnout in. >> reporter: it was cooler this morning when it was overcast, gray, but a wonderful turnout. it's become a father's day tradition for so many runners and walkers raising awareness
12:40 pm
for the important men's health issue dedicated to selling father and the important men in our lives. let's take a look at the video from early this morning. from the start of the 10k race and 5k run and one mile walk. the run raises money for the foundation for breast and prostate health in memory of gary pappa who lost his battle with prostate cancer in june of 2009. the foundation advances treatment and education and awareness providing free prostate screenings at local hospitals. many support the event. we caught up with kathy, gary's wife. >> if they corporate this into their lives there's nothing to be shy about, they have to go out and get checked.
12:41 pm
it's such a simple blood test, just get checked you could save your children this anxiety and sadness. >> so far this year, the run has raised more than $207,000 there is still time to donate -- $270,000, there is still time to donate head to gary >> such a cute picture of you posted on facebook, with you and jamie apody and baby brayden. adorable. >> it was so nice to see her and baby brayden, adorable. >> firefighters are trying to maintain a massive fire in portugal that has killed dozens of people. coming up on 6abc loves the arts, how ballet x is wrapping up up their 11th season. a live look at cape may, new jersey, meteorologist chris
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sowers will have a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" continues. chris christie: addiction is a disease.
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it can happen to anyone. help is within reach. all you need to do is ask. vanessa: i was a full-blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. but i got help, and you can too. james: i just know i didn't want to feel that pain anymore. i got help. you can too. aj: most people think addicts are beyond help. when i see an addict, i see hope. chris christie: don't suffer. don't wait. call 844 reach nj or visit
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father's day barbecue. >> reporter: it's steamy out there, i'm happy to be back outside. live sky6 live hd, we get you outdoors, platt bridge, we have clouds, all the breeze is doing is stirring up the humidity an uncomfortable afternoon around the delaware and the lehigh valleys. we're clear around the immediate philadelphia area, we're starting to see cells pop up to the west around harrisburg, we'll see the progress where they track here. we are expecting some storms across western portions of lee high and berks county over the next couple of hours. most of us stay dry today. 86 in philadelphia. 85 in millville. dover, 86. trenton, 85. cooler 70s down the jersey shore and that's all compliments to a nice little sea breeze that
12:45 pm
developed. oppressive humidity continues through monday night. as the cold front slides through after midnight, that's when the humidity leaves will start to decrease. by afternoon on tuesday we'll get the canadian air in here for a change. satellite and radar sun and clouds of the rest of the way, we're watching this cold front right here, it's out to the west today. as we move into monday it sits over top of us, there will be numerous showers and thunderstorms along the front system. the question is how intense will the storms become. future tracker 6, 3:30 p.m. sun and clouds, maybe a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. it's isolated most of us us stay dry. later this evening, same thing. hit or miss hour or thunderstorm, otherwise cloudy skies, monday, increase in clouds, steamy, patchy fog first thing tomorrow morning.
12:46 pm
watch what happens once we see the sun break through the clouds all of a sudden we get the explosion in thunderstorms. 5:30 p.m. heavy showers and thunderstorms blasting the western suburbs at that point. probably in the city by 6:30, 7:00 p.m. and that line marches through south jersey, 7:30, 8:00 p.m., out to sea by 9:30 p.m. or 10:00 p.m. heavy-hitting thunderstorms on the way. high probability of numerous cloud to ground lightning strike. probability of flooding with this system. wind gusts as high as 65 to 70 miles per hour across the midwest that's what's on deck here monday afternoon. large hail there's a probability of that and isolated tornado. the storm prediction center has this area right here, the enhanced risk as the location had a has the greatest chances of seeing severe weather. that includes our viewing area, reading, lancaster, allentown,
12:47 pm
philadelphia, the i-95 corridor and western portions of salem, gloucester, camden and salem counties in south jersey. looking for a combination of sun and clouds, hazy, hot and humid. 90 degrees in philadelphia. 78 in cape may. 89 in allentown. 88 degrees in reading. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, hazy, hot and humid today, 90 degrees. afternoon thunderstorms tomorrow some of them will be strong to severe, 87 feeling like the 90s with the humidity. tuesday, less humid, 84 and summer arrives on wednesday, sunshine and 85 degrees. >> ballet x is considered philadelphia premier ballet contemporary ballet company. karen rogers has 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: ballet x is known to push the boundaries of
12:48 pm
classical dance. the end of the summer season is diverse program. the show kicks off by ballet x could founder, who is a resident choreographer for the pennsylvania ballet. >> my kept tore -- for the piece is authority how one is in power and one is not. the piece is inspired by current world leaders and choreographed the dance selecting music to compliment the work. >> i'm actually taking a bit of a risk. with the ballet x dancers i can try new things with them. >> reporter: former pennsylvania ballet dancer, jody gates. >> it's about how we can stress classical ballet and the show closes with a condemn commentary
12:49 pm
of the singers in spain of the 16th and 17th industry the piece dives into the -- century, the pieces dives into the lab how they miew trait -- mutated their bodies, it's kind of beautiful. i think the audience is going to love this program. >> ballet x performs their summer soar at the prince theater. the links for tickets and showtimes are on our website 6abc/loves the arts. for 6abc loves the arts i'm karen rogers. ♪
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injured after a deck collapsed at a camp in montana. a group of people were attending a memorial service when the
12:52 pm
balcony on the second story of bun building collapsed. 6 were airlifted to air hospitals. five are in critical condition. raging forest fires in central portugal have killed 63 people many dried if their cars trying to get away from the fire. this is the country at greatest wildfire tragedy in recent years, aside from the dead, 50 people were injured including four firefighters. about 700 firefighters have been trying to put out the fire since yesterday. >> it's an extra special father's day for jay-z there are reports that his wife beyounce has given birth to twins. beyounce announced her pregnancy back in february on social media. the two twins, or the twins, rather, there are already twins. have a big sister blue ivy.
12:53 pm
>> and he can count. a new miss new jersey was crowned in ocean city last night. katie schofel will represent new jersey in miss america pageant in atlantic city. karen rogers was the emcee of the event looking beautiful as every she talked with her moments after the pageant ended. >> it's been a life long dream of mine, words can't describe how i'm feeling right now, i mean, the support from everybody, and i have no words. >> now our karen rogers was the first runner-up herself in the miss new jersey pageant. this is video of karen watching the talent portion of the could not test from behind the stage. this year's first runner-up
12:54 pm
performed the same piece on the piano that karen performed when she was a contestant. i posted on my facebook page if i didn't love karen, i would hate her, because she has everything. she is beautiful. >> as you are. >> when we return our top stories.
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>> recapping our top stories on "action news," the montgomery county district attorney said he will retry bill cosby on sexual assault charges. the judge said he hopes the new trial will start in 120 days. the judge declared a mistrial
12:57 pm
yesterday after the 12 jurors deliberating in the case told him they were deadlocked. an early early-morning shog outside a center city nightclub has left one man dead and another wounded. police found 20 shell casing outside the reserve lounge on arch street. today on father's day, hundreds of runners honored their dad and late colleague and friend gary pappa. the 35k and 10k races bring in thousands of dollars for the fight against prostate cancer. gary lost his battle with the disease in 2009. >> a final check of the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast before we say goodbye. a little steamy, very high humidity leaves that will continue through tomorrow, hot and humid, high of 90. feeling like 96. the headline for tomorrow heavy hitting thunderstorms maybe a rounds ever severe weather, the timing looks to be between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, once the front crosses we'll see lower
12:58 pm
humidity level and the return of stein on tuesday, much cooler temperatures, only a high of 84. summer arrives on wednesday, high of 85. thursday, friday, saturday, look good, comfortable with high temperatures in time mid to upper 80s. not bad. >> thank you chris. "fyi philly" is next on channel 6. >> "action news" returns tonight at 6:00 p.m. >> now, for chris sowers, gray hall, and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. happy father's day to all the dads out there.
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>> i'm melissa magee. >> and i'm karen rogers. tonight on fyi philly. >> i love this! >> it's our annual summer fun special. >> i feel like a kid whenever >> i come here. >> your go-to guide for cool things to do. >> time to get moving! >> when the heat gets high >> we're building >> places to play for kids and adults. >> blast off baby. >> and we're giving away vip tickets to a legendary show. >> hi everyone and welcome to our fyi philly summer fun guide >> we are in manayunk on the riverdeck of the isle manayunk's newest apartment complex right on the river >> how about those views?! >> next weekend this whole neighborhood transforms into a giant outdonayunk arts festival draws a crowd. >> we get about 200 thousand people over the course of 2 days. >> nearly 300 artists from across the country converge on


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