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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 20, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, record-breaking heat for millions of americans. the high temperatures are already affecting flights today. we'll show you where it can hit 124 degrees plus, tropical storm watches posted as a storm barrels towards the gulf coast tracking it all. senate standoff. overnight a marathon of protests from democrats holding speeches well into the overnight hours. hoping to draw attention to what they call secrecy surround the republicans' push to repeal and replace obamacare. will this technique work? plus, this. . >> people run for cover as a helicopter gets too close to an airport. what the pilot is aing this morning. a baby elephant falls into a pool. wait until you see what happens next.
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many lines about the unforgettable footage. we won't go. >> >> maybe trying to cool off. >> with the heat burning up this country. good morning tuesday morning. we'll begin with the dangerous and wild weather for millions of americans on this last day of spring. >> take a look at today's expected high temperatures. 116 in las vegas. 119 in phoenix. both close to record highs. 122 in palm springs and that heat stretches all the way to northern california. 107 in sacramento. >> check out another image from downtown phoenix. the sign reading 115 degrees there. forecasters say numbers like that aren't going away any time soon. >> overnight high heat well after sundown. nearly 100 degrees in phoenix at midnight. the extreme heat now impacting travel plans. nearly 50 flights out of phoenix's sky harbor airport already canceled today.
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smaller regional jets must be grounded when temperatures get above 118 degrees. the hot spot, death valley. where it could reach 124. and records could tall in the gambling mecca as well. visitors on the las vegas strip warned not to overexert themselves and in southern california, generators used to keep the lights and ac on as the heat drains the power grid. in the east, the heat giving way to powerful storms. high winds bringing down trees. this time lapse showing the storm as it rolls over manhattan. in the south, a tropical storm watch from southeast texas to louisiana and brett becomes the earliest named storm ever for this part of the atlantic. that tropical storm brett, that is, out in the atlantic expected to become a hurricane before making landfall but it's worth watching. much more on its path from accuweather in minutes. >> turning to capitol hill,
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though where senate democrats are protesting what they're calling secrecy surround the gop health care bill. they held up the floor with a marathon session overnight calling on republican leaders to give them enough time to read an debate the bill before a vote is expected next week. >> what are you afraid of? bring that bill out. >> people are literally in tears on the phone. they are scared and they are angry. >> the press of the united states called it mean. >> there have been no hearings on the legislation crafted by a group of 13 republican senators and even some republicans are now warning against rushing a vote. a big test today for the republican party and president trump as voters head to the polls for special election in georgia. the candidates spent more than $50 million making it the most expensive congress ago race in history. 30-year-old democrat jon ossoff is hoping to flip a seat held by republicans for nearly 40 years. he's taking on karen handel, a republican endorsed by the
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president. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are turning up the heat on north korea after the death of otto warmbier. >> he died yesterday less than a week after he was returned to the u.s. suffering extensive brain damage after more than a year of captivity in north korea. abc's janai norman has the latest for us from washington. good morning, janai. >> reporter: kendis and diane, good morning to both of you. at least one top republican is calling what happened to otto warmbier murder. senator john mccain saying the u.s., quote, cannot and should not tolerate the murder of its citizens by hostile powers. he was the college junior turned north korean prisoner, otto warmbier was enrolled at the university of virginia when he traveled to the communist country captured on video stealing a propaganda poster. state media claiming he was working to defame north korea as a pawn for the u.s. government. he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. >> please save my life.
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please think of my framily. >> reporter: that confession would be the last time otto's family would hear his voice. after 17 months he returned home but upon arrival otto was carried off a plane unable to walk, talk or respond to verbal commands. >> his neurological condition can be best described as a state of unresponsive wakefulness. >> reporter: doctors said they saw no evidence of physical beatings or of botulism which north korean officials otto contracted after taking a sleeping pill but the family isn't buying it. >> even if you believe their explanation of botulism and a sleeping pill causing the coma and we don't there's no excuse for any civilized nation to kept his condition secret. >> reporter: in just six days later otto died. >> he was in very tough condition but just passed away a little while ago. it is a brutal regime and we'll be able to handle it.
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>> reporter: and it's not clear yet what impact his death will have on the already tense situation between the united states and the rogue nuclear power. but at least one top republican wants to ban tourist travel to north korea following warmbier's death. diane and kendis. >> all right, janai norman there, thank you. a shake-up may be coming soon to the white house press office. sources tell politico sean spicer is on his way out and looking for his own replacement possibly fox news host laura ingraham. spicer will reportedly take on a larger role behind the scenes. briefings have become more restricted lately. yesterday reporters from barred from recording any audio or video and no briefing on today's white house schedule. we return our focus to the national weather. here's a look at today's forecast. >> good morning, diane, kendis. scorching heat for the southwest. a strong and stubborn high pressure system will open the
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door for unnecessary sunshine. i say unnecessary because we're looking at record highs challenged in vegas as well as phoenix into the one-teens to 1020, beaches will stay cooler but heat exhaustion risk and elevated fire risk. on the other side we have this system tipping to develop drenching storms from california all the way up towards new orleans. kendis, diane. >> still ahead the new fees coming this holiday season from a major shipping company. plus, a man tries to drag a woman out of a store. the attempted kidnapping caught on camera. a plane touches down with no front landing gear. see how the pilot pulled it off. ok, let's try this.
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looking at a fashion-ing brush fire that triggered voluntary evacuation orders. the holcombe fire grew to 858 acres threatening camp groups and a lake as well as a local dump but no homes are at risk. >> we're finding out more about the suspect in yesterday's vehicle attack in paris along the famed champs-elysees. the 31-year-old rammed a car packed with explosives into a police van. but only had his vehicle burst into flames. a suspect died from the burns but no police or bystanders injured. there's been no claim of responsibility but he was known to authorities with links to islamic extremist. police in wales have been searching for sunday's attack in north london. darren osborne is a married father of four who recently voiced hatred toward muslims. he drove a truck into a group of worshippers outside a mosque
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injuring at least nine, investigators say there's no immediate evidence that osborne was an active member of any extremist organizations. new information on the investigation into that deadly collision involving the "uss fitzgerald." investigators say the other vessel, the acx crystal sailed more than ten miles after the crash and then finally turned back to the scene. the japanese company that chartered the ship hasn't explained why it left the seen. seven americans died when the cargo ship pierced the steel hull flooding the compartment where those young men were sleeping. the president's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner did something he almost never does, he spoke in public. kushner made his comments as head of the newly created white house office of innovation addressing tech ceos about the administration's efforts to modernize government. >> before i came to washington, many warned me that the bureaucracy would resist any change that we tried to implement.
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so far, i have found exactly the opposite. to date we've been working with hundreds of talented civil servants, men and women who want to serve their country and see their government do better. >> we could hear much more from kushner as he attempts to broker a middle east peace deal. 'heading to the region to meet separately with the israeli prime minister and the palestinian president. and you could be paying more for shipping this holiday season. u.p.s. says it is going to charge individual and commercial customers between 27 and 97 crypts extra per package during certain times in november and december. the new charges for oversized and international packages will be much steeper. u.p.s. says this is due to rising costs. when we come back tiger woods releasing details about his struggles with prescription pills. a helicopter does some damage during a landing.
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the hot weather is causing august sorts of problems especially for anyone who wants to go swimming in this backyard pool. this is in central new jersey. the black bear apparently wanted to do cooling off before walking away. temperatures in the area by the way are expected to be around 90 degrees today see watch out for that bear. >> look out for more bear sightings in your pool. morning road condition, nice and dry for most of the northeast and entire western u.s. but there will be some wet conditions near the great lakes, flooding is possible along the gulf coast because of that tropical system we talked about. >> if you're flying expect airport delays in new orleans. the search for a famous hidden treasure has claimed another life. >> pastor paris wallace was reportedly missing in new mexico last week. he had been searching for treasure that author forest fentan fhen. he is the second man to die
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gooking for his treasure. he calls the loss of life a terrible tragedy. we're finding out more about the death of actress carrie fisher. she had a cocktail of drugs in her system including cocaine, heroin, alcohol and ecstasy and her cause of death was listed as sleep apnea along with heart disease and drug use. tiger woods says he's getting professional help to manage medications as well as back pain and sleep disorder. he was found charged driving under the influence after officers found him asleep at the wheel of his mercedes last month. he told police his condition was the result of taking several prescription drugs. in southern california a man has been arrested after allegedly trying to kidnap a woman and it was caught on camera. this happened a baby boutique in the city of irvine. the man grabs the employee by her hair and then he tries to drag her into a back room of the
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store. police say he stopped after the woman told him there was surveillance cameras. she's expected to be okay. can you tell what's missing from this next video? the single engine plane touched down in bremerton, washington, without its front landing gear. had to circle for about an hour to burn off fuel before the pilot brought the plane in. after sliding a few hundred feet, watch as all three people on board jump right out. everyone is okay. >> nothing to see here. thanks for hanging around, firefighters? still don't know what happened with that landing gear. but, yeah, easy day for the firefighters on the scene. check out this one in austria. one of the helicopter blades slams right into an airport building. people nearby raced off understandably so. the helicopter caught fire off camera and the pilot is okay and admits it was caused by what he calls a parking mistake. >> ah.
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i hate when that happens when you're trying to park, you know. >> like parallel parking. >> parallel parking is always tough. now to sports. baseball highlights from our guys over at espn. >> hey, here's your sports. it's pretty late, isn't it? >> mets, dodgers, cody belanger, his dad is from owniata. he hit 21 homers in 51 games, quicker than anybody in major history. clayton kershaw gave up four home run, i fact-checked it. not fake news. >> quit complaining. >> kershaw gave up four home runs, never did that before. chris hatcher gets reyes, swing and the dodgers win 10-6. >> since he won you could say he scattered four home run, marlins/nationals, n.l. east, john carlos stanton hit over fencing set up. his 18th homer, not in this
4:19 am
game. marlins tied at 7. bottom of the ninth, a lot of drama, marcell ozuna puts that thing in the gap. his friend gordon will come and score. a walkoff. nats win it, 8-7. >> you wouldn't believe what was in this one. >> we should probably do that. there seems to be a lot of animosity between us. >> no, we're fine. he's leaving. i'm larry belan. why one groom is taking the bride's name. swift response by two elephants after a baby falls into the pool. happening right now on our facebook page, an amazing rendition of a disney song. you could see her get into it. the must see performance from a 4-year-old that's on
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♪ your tuesday "pulse." we start with a big debate over intelligence and dominant hand. >> a new study says lefties may be smarter than righties, especially when it comes to math. researchers reviewed math tests by over 2,000 people and say when it came to tougher problem solving lefties outperformed the righties. >> there are smart lefties out there like bill gates who is the richest man in the world. >> barack obama also a lefty. >> bieber, also a southpaw. >> okay. >> like we said some of the smartest people out there. mark zuckerberg is a lefty. 13% of the population lefties. others say they're overrepresented among musicians
4:23 am
and chess players. >> eminem is apparently a lefty too. >> that study, by the way, was conducted by researchers in harvard who are all lefty. >> all right, next to some packers that are celebrating for a few reasons. >> so this is mr. ryan packer on the left and his bride dr. marie packer who are just married in chicago. big congratulations are in store. >> the important part, packer is her last name and since he is like a really big green bay packers fan he decided i'm taking her name. >> ah. can't miss those jerseys poolside. mr. and dr. packer are happily celebrating. he says he can't wait to make that name change official by the way. >> and have some young kids name brett and aaron rodgers packers. caught on camera, inside a zoo in south korea. >> watch as the elephant tests the water and then falls into the pool. but some adult elephants, the
4:24 am
mother and aunt rush in to the rescue. >> do you see them all start mobilizing. in the background. the third elephant behind the fence pacing back and forth clearly upset but as you can see both mother and aunt managed to pull the little hope back to safety in under a minute. and in the end, keeping hope alive. >> more news after this. if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer
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>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. it is tuesday june 20 and here's what's coming up on "action news." storms moving through the region bring heavy winds drenching rains and some powerful lightning. a lightning bolt even caused a three-alarm fire in chester county. we will bring you the latest. district attorney seth williams will be in federal court today in philadelphia for the start of his corruption trial. and some new video on "action news." first there was new york's pizza rat now there's pizza rat two dragging a trash bag across a sidewalk. philadelphia school teach terse ratify after four years a new contract. that's all ahead on "action news." >> ♪ often hear new yorkers are tough but that doesn't just apply to the people. >> the rodents are hard core as well.
4:28 am
here's kemberly richardson with something only in new york. >> you got to see this, my man. this dude is dragging a bag of garbage. >> reporter: the dude is a rat who in this show of super rodent strength dragged a bag of garbage. notice his backward positioning. >> get the heck out of here. oh, my lord. >> reporter: across a sidewalk here on dean street. >> that's the whole way coming out. we patch that one, they come out somewhere else. >> reporter: this one made its impressive moves thursday at about 6:30 in the morning. that hole joelle is talking about is where that beast escaped. >> i watch four rats in and three come out. >> reporter: people living on this block -- >> just one. >> reporter: -- tell me day and night the rats are not shy, are very comfortable making their presence known. >> even when i'm standing in front of my house you can see them running past your feet like they're playing tag.
4:29 am
>> reporter: as for where the rats are coming from, that's anyone's guess. this is a real strong possibility. hmm. this is a good guess. i'm getting closer. does it really matter? either way folks living here tell me enough is enough. >> it was on my stove. definitely on my stove. i'm like stomping, doing everything. he's like what you want. >> reporter: joelle tells me he and others have called the city multiple times. >> people on the block got to deal with it. the city doesn't help us. >> reporter: many worry someone will get sick bitten by a rat. he came away with a mini personal size pizza. >> what they going to want to eat next. >> reporter: kemberly richardson, eyewitness 7 news. >> hide your kids in brooklyn. who knows what they'll drag next. it was on her stove. with attitude like what you looking at? >> lady, out of my way. i'm
4:30 am
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's league news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 4:30 a.m. on this tuesday june 20. >> the corruption trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams will get under way today. >> philadelphia public teachers ratify a proposed contract for the school district after working for four years without one. >> video from berks county shows an funnel cloud forming as storms rip through the area. >> see if there's any leftover rain out


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