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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 21, 2017 7:00am-8:57am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking news, state of emergency. the gulf coast bracing for tropical storm cindy. evacuations already under way. a foot of rain forecast and fears of life-threatening flash flooding. the national guard dispatched. and record-breaking heat scorching the southwest reaching 127 degrees. canceling flights. president trump and the republicans declaring victory in the high-stakes special election in georgia. holding off the democratic candidate in the most expensive house race ever. the congresswoman now making gop history. also breaking overnight, uber's ceo resigns pushed out bn the midst of major scandals at
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the nearly $70 billion company. the final straw that forced him to walk away. danger on veone was scared . >> a united night leading for houston going right through tropical storm cindy's path hitting severe turbulence, passengers wheeled off on stretchers. more than a dozen people and we do say good morning, america. a lot of news to get to on this wednesday morning and a lot of eyes were on that big election overnight in georgia. >> of course, president trump and his team declaring victory this morning. we'll have much more on that in a moment. we're watching severe weather, the first full day of summer. >> and it is a hot one out there for so many. they had triple-digit temperatures for an entire week and people were trying to find relief anywhere and any way they can. >> as the gulf coast braces for tropical storm cindy and rough wears in new orleans.
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there are actually urgent warnings about the heavy rain that could cause life-threatening flash floods and we want everyone to take it seriously. ginger zee with us this morning. >> so glad you talked about the impact of flash flooding t storm. however, i want to place it for you so you can see the circulation of cindy. less than 170 miles south-southwest of morgan city, louisiana headed toward the coast overnight tonight into early tomorrow is when it hits and looks bleak. looks like it's going to weaken. don't let that fool you. you could see waterspouts turning into tornadoes. tornado watch from central louisiana up through the panhandle of florida along the east coast and guys, this is a huge storm and we haved in new orleans this morning. eva. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yeah, we are definitely feeling the wind and seen heavy bands of rain just complete downpours and the big thing we're seeing are
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waves crashing up over the seawall here from lake pontchartrain and pushing into the neighborhoods. that is already starting to cause flooding. overnight, tropical storm cindy moving in and dumping heavy rain along the gulf coast. flooding concernsgovernor of ala state of emergency. in, georgia, this family had to be rescued after their home was overtaken by floodwaters. the downpour leaving beaches deserted. along bourbon street people ducking into bars to escapethe rain and miles off the louisiana coast -- >> going down out here. >> reporter: -- oil companies quick to get workers off the rigs. the big fear, flooding. people racing to protect homes. workers building a levee 41/fee mile long. >> it is a serious event that will not only bring us rain and wind but will bring us water.
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>> reporter: after hurricane katrina the u.s. army corps of he can nears spent $14.5 billion to encircle new orleans. the largest flood control structure is nicknamed the great wall of st. bernard parrish. 1.8--long barrier and some steel piles extend 200 feet underground. in addition new state-of-the-art pump stations so powerful combined could fill the superdome with water in less than 90 seconds. and just want to show you some of the flooding we're starting to see. you can see water filling up this ar already down to just abe my ankle right u one of the things the emergency management people were telling me is a major issue. once that water gets in, to pus. the waves don't go out on their own and push the water out. they have to it and that is why those pumps are so critical.
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guys. >> they really is and we are thinking of everybody down that way. in the southwest that record heat also causing major problems as temperatures soar to triple digits and abc's matt gutman is at the airport in phoenix with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning. cities like las vegas and phoenix facing record temperatures for a third consecutive day. that's causing power outage, hundreds of flight delays and here in phoenix, flight cancellations, a regional jets can't take off in weather over 117 degrees. it was 119 here yesterday. that also means it's fire season out west and c battling multipl blazes like this one outside of big bear. lots of jokes over the pasis be officials say heat kills more americans than any other kind of weather. and you can get a burn from touching a slide or even the asphalt in just seconds. worst part of this, this weather will sit over this
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>> all right. i tell you, the weather causing all types of problems. >> speaking of weather affectin incident on a plane heading to houston yesterday. traveling through that tropical storm zone, more than a dozen people injured by severe turbulence and abc's phillip mena is in houston with the story. good morning, >> reporter: michael, good morning. yeah, that frightening flight ending with more than a dozen passengers injured after their plane hit the edge of that storm. these are some of the 14 injured. passengers wearing neck braces, placed on stretchers, seated in wheelchairs and lifted into ambulances after their united airlines jet hit turbulence tuesday afternoon. >> it was like lot of turbulence. the plane started to move very vi like they jumped to the ceiling of the plane. >> reporter: carlos pedron walked away with this gash in his head. >> many people were crying. >> they were scared. >> yeah. >> reporter: the flightrom panaa
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to houston, texas, passing cancun, mexico, on the edge of a tropical storm creating the turbulence that sent passengers bumping around the cabin. >> everybody was scared to death that the airplane was going to go down. >> reporter: first responders rushing to the gate when the plane finally landed. >> ems 92, we're getting an additional call to gate echo 14. >> we had initially about 14 peop evaluated. in the end we ended up transporting seven to local hospitals. >> reporter: united telling us this morning our thoughts and concerns are with those who were injured and our team is reaching out directly to our customers to provide further care and support. robin. >> they need that. all right, phillip, thank you. a lot ofs this morning. republicans and president trump glaring victory in that special election in georgia overnight. this as the president heads to iowa today for his fifth since taking office. and his special adviser jared
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kushner is in the middle east to hold peace latest on that georgia election. karen handel making history in the most expensive house race ever. abc's steve osunsami is following it all for alpharetta, georgia, for us this morning. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. that sound you're hearing is the sound of i told you sos from conservatives who never thought the outside attention that would give this seat to a democrat. karen handel whose campaign headquarters are behind me is now the congressman-elect. this morning the caran who was outspent by her opponent and didn't get half of his adulation is heading to washington. >> thank you for believing in me. as we prepare to send georgia's congress. >> reporter: karen handel kept jon ossoff from flipping the
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6th, a seat held by republicans since 1979 staying red. >> this is not the outcome any of us were hoping for. but this is the beginning of something much bigger than us. >> if this was, indeed, a vote of confidence on president trump then he won. celebrating in a text message to supporters. congrats to karen handel on a huge win in georgia. democrats lose again, 0-4. total disarray. america great a mandate is stronger than ever, big league. democrats across the country wh november will have to regroup. the president is a little stronger this morning. error wa where he lives, which is outside the district. david. >> steve osunsami who has been covering the race for us, thanks. let's bring in jonathan karl and our congressional correspondent
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mary bruce, both up early with us. jon, let's start with you. this was a republican district to begin w the white house has got to be happy this morning, the republicans are now 4-4 in >> reporter: the white house is thrilled. four republican congressmen appointed to the bush -- to the trump cabinet, excuse me, all four of those republicans. in two of those races democrats mounted serious heavily financed efforts and the republicans came away victorious. now, there is a caveat here, david. in each of these races, this was solidly republican territory. and the republicans held on by a smaller margin than they won in november but a win is a win and four wins are four wins. >> you talk about the financing there, jon. what about the democrat, record amount spent in thisnd turmoil washington and they couldn't pull it off. >> reporter: yeah, and, look, if you're going to take over the house of representatives, you'v territory if you're democrats. so, this was a big chance to
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win. they failed and there's a lot of second-guessing here because you had this south carolina race where they spent 1/20 of the amount in georgia and that race ended up being closer. >> stick with us. we want to bring in mary bruce. a lot of pressure on senate republicans this morning. millions of americans want to know, mary, what is the plan they're working on to replace obamacare. you pressed the top republican in the senate on this and here's what he said. >> mr. leonardo, this bill is bound to have a profound impact on the country. do americans have a right -- >> it will have a profound, positive improvement over the status quo. >> so do americans have a right -- >> the status quo is simply unsustainable. >> do americans have a right to see this process? >> walking away from mary bruce. we don't even walk away from mary bruce here. even republican senators haven't seen this. when do americans get to see it. >> reporter: david, this bill is the best kept secret in washington. none of the senate republicans i have talked to have seen their own party's bill.
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even the president doesn't seem to have gotten a look at it. for weeks it's been negotiated behind closed doors. no hearings, no public debates but this health care bill is finally going to make its debut. senate republicans will release a draft tomorrow, david. >> mary bruce, jon karl, great to have our political team with us this morning. overseas, europe on high alert after a third terror attack in just t latest at a ma station in brussels. fortunately no one injured when that explosion went off and police took down the suspect. that attack following those in london and paris. abc's james longman has all the details. >> reporter: the smoking aftermath of a suicide attack in brussels 8:39 p.m. local a manig explosives. according to the prosecutor he approaches a group of passengers and detonates the suitcase failing to injure anyone he runs to a lower level chasing a station worker. >> i felt the blast of warm air
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and saw a fire burning and what looked like broken glass across the floor. >> reporter: a soldier opened the fear that he was on his way to a busier area to cause maximum damage. he's been identified as a 36-year-old of moroccan origin. >> i felt remarkably calm. it's really afterwards when i was thinking about it that i got frightened. >> reporter: today raids where he's from in molenbeek, the district known for radical islam and where other terrorists have lived. and as you can see the station now has re-opened. but you can still see the scorched afterburn of that explosion. this could have been a very, very serious attack. david. >> all right, james longman with us from brussels this morning, james, thanks. we turn to that newly released dash cam video of the fatal police shooting of philando castile. the story making national headlines when his girlfriend live streamed the aftermath. the officer in the video was acquitted just days ago and now the other view from that das al chicago with more for us.
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alex, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, david. you know, this new video allows us for the first time to see moment by moment how exactly things unfolded before the shooting. we do want to warn you the images might be difficult for some to watch. this morning, our first look at the dramatic dash cam video showing philando castile's final moments. it started as a traffic stop. >> the reason i pulled you over, do you -- your brake lights are out. do you have your license and insurance. >> reporter: st. anthony, minnesota, police officer jeronimo yanez asked to see insurance and registration even that's when castile revealed he had a gun. >> sir, i have to tell you i do have a -- >> okay. >> -- firearm on me. >> okay. >> less than 40 seconds later he opens fire. >> don't reach for it. >> i'm not putting it out. >> don't pull it out. [ gunshots ] >> you just killed my boyfriend. >> reporter: yanez firing seven shots and later in that dash cam for the first time in his own words we hear yanez explain why.
7:15 am
i told him not to reach for it and then he kept it right there. i told him to take his hands off it and then he -- he had his grip a lot wider than a wallet. >> reporter: these are the images most had seen of the july 2016 shooting. castile's girlfriend diamond reynolds streaming the aftermath of the incident live on facebook. >> he let the officer know that he was reaching -- he had a firearm and he was reaching for his wallet and the officer just shot him in his arm. >> reporter: on that live stream, reynolds' 4-year-old daughter can be heard comforting her as they sat in a patrol car. >> it's okay i'm right here with you. >> reporter: the images show the young girl leaving the car running into another police officer's airports. yanez was acquitted by a jury last friday. the st. anthony police department say they are working on a separation agreement and that he will not be returning to the force. robin. >> all right, alex, thank you. to you to that breaking
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news, uber ceo travis kalanick resigning overnight amid recent scandals. and rebecca jarvis has been on it from the very beginning. has the latest details. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning. ju employees he would be taking a temporary leave to become the leader that this company needs and that you deserve but this morning, under pressure, kalanick announced his departure is permanent. this morning, uber's ceo travis kalanick succumbing to pressure from at least five uber investors who demanded his resignation from the ride sharing company valued at nearly $70 billion. the embattled ceo releasing a statement overnight, "i love uber more than anything in the world and at this difficult moment in my personal life, i have accepted the investors' request to step aside." the surprise announcement comes one week after kalanick said he would be taking a temporary leave of absence following the wake of companywide changes following eric holder's
7:17 am
investigation into uber's corporate culture and claims of rampant sexual harassment. >> this year uber's had a series of pr setbacks from allegations of sexual harassment to the ceo berating a driver in the back of an uber to another e-mail that came out that talked about a party like culture so this is not a good thing for the company. not good timing. not good optics. >> reporter: in 2013 at a company retreat kalanick e-mailed staffers do not have sex with another employee unless the two or more of you do not work in the same chain of command. the next year in a magazine he referred to the company as boober as he discussed his burgeoning fame made it easy for him to meet women. after this video of him arguing with one of his drivers' pay surfaced. >> i take responsibility. >> they blame everything in their life on somebody else. >> good luck. >> good luck to you too.
7:18 am
>> reporter: kalanick later apologized to that driver and in a note to all of his employees after the incident surfaced wrote i must fundamentally change as a leader and grow up. this is the first time i've been willing to admit that i need leadership help and i intend to get it. as an owner of 30% of uber's shares, kalanick will remain on its board of directors. >> you talk about the employees. what about them and the company now? >> that is the biggest concern, 14,000 uber employees, a million drivers around the world. the number one key here is a new leadership team for the company. >> you've been on it from the very beginning. all right, thanks so much. rebecca. back to ginger. more on that record heat, ginger. >> hottest temperature ever recorded in san diego county. 124 yesterday. look at those extensive excessive heat warnings and advisories. texas involved. let's get to the hot cities brought to you by mazda.
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>> it looks like those earlier showers are now pulling away from delaware and south jersey. stepping outside most of us looking at lots of sunshine early and that would include the airport. temperatures up north around allentown are in the low 60's, low 70's in philadelphia and this afternoon we're expecting 87, partly sunny skies. summer area advised before dawn. there's the chance of a spotty afternoon showehoer. tomorrow hotter but not very humid 90. 90 again on friday, more humid. getting better over the weekend. pouring water
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all over hi hit 117 which is their all-time record so tied for it. i was there on the strip talking to hello kitty about how hot it was.ttuff up. all right, ginger, thank you. coming up, breaking news overnight about otto warmbier's death and the new images and a closer look at extreme tourism. ♪ [laughter] we all drive... some just for the fun of it. ♪
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(announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. >> i am. taking you to new jersey. scene of an accident here. it was blocking a lane. it's now pushed off to the side but it's a busy area and we're slow downed because of it. it's 295 northbound north of route 73. watch for this in that mount laurel burlington county new jersey. we're seeing delays because of it. so 295 jams now from the black horse pike to this point past route 73. you might want to stick to the new jersey turnpike instead. in wilmington delaware you see that stretch of traffic there. it's a mess. we do have -- and now it's green but we have construction on i-495 and it's southbound today. you're crawling at 8 miles an hour. so you may want to stick to i-95 as your alternate for that one. it's expected to be out there
7:24 am
all day. montgomery county fretz road at wambold road. we have an accident. they've had to shut down fretz because of it. there are injuries on the scene. stick to forty foot road or allentown road instead jeanette. >> thank you so much karen. "action news" continues right after this break. >> ♪ it's time that we bring addiction out of the darkness
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>> lots much sunshine to start out across the region. a little warm. take a l philadelphia currently. up in allentown just 62 degrees, a little bit cooler there. 87. exclusive accuweather humidity overall will not be all that bad today. summer did arrive at 12:24 this morning so we're into summer officially and later this afternoon and this evening there could be a spotty shower or a thundershower. tomorrow hotter, no the very humid, a high of 90. 90 with more humidity on friday but tam it looks like things get better origin net i should say over the weekend. >> okay, thank you so much
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david. well, that's it for "action news" right now. we'll be right back in a half hour. i'm jeanette reyes. stay tuned for more "good morning america." >> ♪
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca... ...may be able to help. welcome back to "gma." you're looking live at the rough waters in new orleans. a city that's already seen the effects of tropical storm cindy. >> yeah, the entire gulf coast now bracing for heavyrs of life-threatening flash flooding along with this so ginger is following all of it for us this morning. >> they know it all too this half hour senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says they'll reveal a draft of their health care bill tomorrow amid concerns about the secrecy surround it. president trump is heading to iowa. his fifth rally since taking office and his firstwa. we're going to begin though with new information in the new fallout after american college student otto warmbier's tragic death after being held captiveus
7:31 am
visit that country every year. that travel is now under increased scrutiny. abc's gio benitez is here with a closer look at the company otto traveled with. >> robin, good morning. the company now tells us it is making changes and the state department warns americans against traveling to north korea. but this morning, the trump administration is considering even more action. this morning, with the growing outrage over otto warmbier's death, u.s. considering banning travel for u.s. citizens into north korea. >> it's a total disgrace what happened to otto. that should never ever be allowed to happen. the warmbier family has decided not to perform an autopsy on their son who just last week was released from north korea with severe brain injuries. these photos obtained exclusively by "the daily mail" showing the college student on his trip in the dprk. >> otto is a young thrill-seeking great kid who was going to be in that part of the
7:32 am
world for a college experience and said, hey, i've heard some friends who have done this, i would like to do this. so we agreed to let him do that. >> reporter: this morning, we now know more about that tour company that arranged warmbier's trip called young pioneer tours on their website advertising itself as a budget operation to places, quote, your mother would rather you stayed away from. also including destinations like afghanistan and myanmar. >> the north koreans lure americans to travel to north korea via tour groups run out of china who advertise slick ads on the internet proclaiming no american ever gets detained off of our tours and this is a safe place to go. >> reporter: at the time of warmbier's trip young pioneer tours describing their excursions to north korea online as extremely safe and answering this question, i'm american, is this a problem with not at all. >> i'm streaming livebar in chi >> reporter: the company that
7:33 am
operates at least some of its north korea trips out of this chinese bar even seeming to tout a contest for a free trip to the hermit kingdom on its youtube page. this despite the u.s. state department warning americans to stay away saying citizens are at serious risk of arrest and long-term detention. >> there are no bounds on the north korean side about kidnapping americans and americans should not travel to north korea. >> reporter: this morning the so-called adventure travel company telling abc news, the devastating loss of otto warmbier's life has led us to reconsider our position. we will no longer be organizing tours for u.s. citizens to north korea. >> north korea has been on my bucket list for some time. >> reporter: andrew byrne traveled to pyongyang just a few months ago after warmbier was arrested. >> the people were very clear that any deviation from what's expected of you could result in being detained or worse.
7:34 am
>> reporter: but others who we spoke with who travel with the group before the arrest have complained of improper behavior by tour guides. we reached out to the founder and ceo of the company, but we've not heard back just yet. >> all right, gio, thank you very much. joining us is abc news consultant colonel stephen ganyard and, steve, should travel be banned altogether, tourist travel there to north korea? >> robin, it's not a matter of if, it's if they could so remember these tour groups are run out of china so even a congressional act is going to have very limited way to deter any american that wants to go there. if you d when people wanted to go to cuba they always found a way so i think if people really want to go to north korea no law will stop them. >> what do you make of the arguments the tour company should be held responsible in some kind of way? >> well, part of this is caveat emptor, the buyer beware. you need to you're going and what you're signing up for.
7:35 am
you saw gio put up that site, very slick site that makes it look like some sort of third world disney world. it's not, a dangerous place. >> do you have suggestions on if you are going to travel there how you can try and stay safe? >> ironically, robin, traveling in north korea is actually quite safe. they want tourists to come in. they need the hard currency so otto warmbier was a one-off pla probably ought to put on your first list anyway. >> here it is summertime, a lot of people, of course, want to travel and seen attacks in europe. what are your suggestions there about trying to stay safe this summer season? >> everybody loves travel. i love travel. you love travel so a little bit of prudence and risk assessment, doing things like staying away from very crowded places, so if you're going to go to europe this summer maybe think about going to someplace in the countryside or the coast but it might be the summer to stay away from crowded popular tourist
7:36 am
spots. >> wherever you are, be aware of your surroundings. all right, steve, thanks so much. appreciate that. and there will be a"2 s0/20" on surrounding otto friday. now to amy for the other top headlines including a member of the royal family in the elizabe prince philip in the hospital. it is a precautionary measure to treat an infection from ati con. just last month the plaza announced phillip would step down from public engagements in fall. the 96-year-old is said to be in good spiri comes on the same day that queen elizabeth is delivering her speech at the opening of parliament after what's been a tumultuous few weeks in british politics. well, tensions are escalating between the u.s. and russia after a russian fighter jet flew within five feet of a u.s. spy plane over the baltic sea. the u.s. calls it unsafe. russia claims the american jet made a provocative move. well, a frightening scene here in new york city. an empty run away bus speeding
7:37 am
down the street in reverse. look at this. crashing into cars, hitting a church and started rolling after the driver had parked it. a man changing a tire on the street jumped out of the way, thankfully just in time and no one remarkably was injured. well, former president george h.w. bush made a surprise appearance at atonament days af celebrating his 93rd birthday and thrilled the crowd in kennebunkport, maine, joined by his son george w. as well as actor patrick dempsey who is a maine native. it's the awkward hug everyone is talking about but maybe it wasn't so awkward after all. take a look at the photo in question. ivanka trump appears to be avoiding a hug from senator marco rubio on capitol hill. well, maybe it was just a badly timed photo because rubio later tweeted new photo emerges providing more insight into alleged failed hug. face is blurred to for security purpose, ivanka says fake news,
7:38 am
marco is an excellent hugger. my favorite is marco solo. all fun to be had had. >> thank you, dave. >> that's not fake news right there. coming up two minutes in the middle of the extreme heat. a warning about your air-conditioning. this got our attention. a demonstration and some popular questions answered right after the break. i look in the mirror everyday. everyday, i think how fortunate i am. i think is today going to be the day, that we find a cure? i think how much i can do to help change people's lives. i may not benefit from those breakthroughs, but i'm sure going to... i'm bringing forward a treatment for alzheimer's disease, yes, in my lifetime, i will make sure.
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back now on "gma" with i surprising summer risk. fires caused by your air condition conditioner. abc's david kerley is in maryland with a closer look an important warning for us all. hey, david. >> reporter: good morning, david. you know, we rely on air conditioners to keep us cool in the summertime but believe it or not these units can be a fire hazard in your home. it's the close call no one saw coming. this two-alarm fire in tampa, florida, at an apartment complex caused not by a kitchen fire nor a candle but an air conditioner.
7:41 am
>> i look out my window and the ac unit was on fire. >> you can see the smoke like ten minutes away. >> reporter: while nothing beats the heat quite like a cool blast of air-conditioning there might be hidden dangers lurking in your home. when the temperature rises put strain on an air conditioner and if not well maintained they can become fire hazards. >> they can if they are overworked and overheated or there's some electrical issues it can catch nearby combustibles on fire. >> there were an average of 2800 reports from 2010 to 2014 of home structure fires involving air conditioners causing 20 death, 140 $82 million in property damages annually. what can you do? first of all, make sure to change that filter. ensure you have an adequate power supply. no extension cords or power stri. on the energy source. so try not to share an outlet
7:42 am
with other powered devices. >> when you use extension cords they can be problematic and overheat and can cause a fire. >> get it checked one to two times a year and make sure it has room to breathe. >> make sure it's clear of combustible material. >> from the montgomery fire department, pete joins us. we talk about cleaning the filter and replacing it. this is one you can clean. >> just simply run it underwater, a hose o even the sink dust and debris is clear of the coils. >> that's where the fire can start. believe it or not there is actually another problem with these air conditioners. they do happen to catch on fire, we just saw it. they can actually fall out of the window, so pretty dangerous very quickly. >> you have everyone here their attention in the studio. everybody looked up immediately obviously. poor amy over here. how do you prevent happening? >> well, we actually saved part
7:43 am
of this. tell me what you do to save it. >> in the fire this can melt and cause disintegration of the framing. if you just simply anchor it in >> just a view into the frame of the window holds it in even if a fire and sorts to destroy the window it'll stay here instead of falling down. >> great tip answer way to get our attention. >> amy's reaction. >> you think about that happening in new york city and how scary that would be, whoo. >> that was below as well. we got our big board coming up and about bachelor in paradise. the investigation. production is now set t after those bombshell allegations. that's what we'll discuss when we come back in two minutes.
7:44 am
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frpshare the same values woin helping others.lo. that's why we support service dogs for heroes. we provide well-trained service dogs for veterans in need. our goal? to raise $1 million. visit petsmart to donate at the register. petsmart for the love of pets. we are back now with our"ba resume production after those allegations of sexual misconduct shut down the show. warner brothers announcing it is now completed an investigation and concluded no wrongdoing took
7:46 am
place. abc's mara schiavocampo here with the details. good morning, mara. >> reporter: good morning. the incident in question was all caught on camera and warner brothers says those tapes were a key part of this investigation. but as the cast and crew head back to work, the woman at the center of the investigation says this is far from over. the show will go on. this morning, warner brothers announcing in a statement production is set to resume on "bachelor in paradise" after shocking allegations of sexual misconduct involving contestants demario jackson and corinne olympios. saying we suspended filming so that the allegations could be investigated immediately and thoroughly. our internal investigation conducted with the assistance of an outside law firm has now been completed. the spin-off of "the bachelor" and "the bachelorette" includin >> i'm definitely getting that rose tonight. >> reporter: but filming put on hold indefinitely this month
7:47 am
after reports jackson and olympios had a sexual encounter after drinking heavily on the first day of shooting. a producer on the show later filing a complaint. the entire cast immediately sent home. >> people who have seen the footage say that corinne seems lucid and conversational, which has been a big point of questioning. people show signs of drunkenness differently while people have said that she appears lucid in the footage that doesn't necessarily mean that she wasn't drunk. >> reporter: within days olympios releasing a statement saying i am a vic and although i have little memory of that night, something bad obviously took place. jackson defending himself in an interview with "inside edition". >> my character has been assassinated. my family name has been drug through the mud and only thing i want is the truth to come out and they will through the videos. >> reporter: warner brothers says the tape does not support
7:48 am
any charge of misconduct by a cast member nor does the tape show that the safety of any cast member was ever in jeopardy. in response the attorney for e olympios now saying our own investigation will continue based on multiple new witnesses coming forward revealing what they saw and heard. now, warner brothers also announced changes to the show's policies and procedures to ensure contestants' safety in the future and abc says it will air this summer. we don't know if demario or corinne will be back. now, as for the tapes of the incident warner brothers say they will not be releasing that footage, robin, michael. >> and dan abrams is going to join us now. your take on this and does warner brothers have the final say in any wrongdoing or not? >> they get the final show goesw but you've got to believe that after they've seen the tape and they have certainly gone througb for them to come out and say we don't believe there's any misconduct and the show is going to go on, if they've seen that
7:49 am
tape and reviewed that tape and what they're saying isn't true and someone sues them later and that comes out, that would be devastating for them. so you have to believe that at least there's a good faith belief on their part that we're pretty safe here. i mean, i guarantee you lawyers went through those comments that they made when they made that public statement. >> but corinne's attorney says they'll go forward with their own investigation so this is not over. but what legal options could she have going forward? >> remember this happened in mexico, right? so you're talking any criminal investigation it would be under mexican law. i don't think there will be any criminal investigation. the question is going to be civil lawsuit. could she bring a civil lawsuit? yes, she could. could he bring a civil lawsuit for defamation, sure, he could so you have a number of possible civil lawsuits, i don't know that they'll happen but if they do that tape will become a central part of the , there hase been wrongdoing. there has to have been negligence, et cetera, in order
7:50 am
to win any kind of lawsuit in connection with this. >> warner brothers says it's going to change some of its shows' policies so we'll see if that affects -- >> i believe that will be alcohol and employees' response to it, et cetera. >> okay. >> all right, guys.that. >> we will. coming up as you head outdoors, the foods you can eat to help prevent mosquito bites. >> yes, there is a health alert. you taking too much vitamin d? >> huh? >> it could hurt you if you are later on in the show. ad a lot o. my 30-year marriage... 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i made a point to talk to my doctor. he told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment.
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7:54 am
a front will bring strong wind potential, large hail and even a few tornadoes in the midwest. want to focus on the cindy. hits overnight, yes, the cone is important but look at all the heavy rain that happens right here and that squeezes out as the remnants of cindy comes right through the midsouth. even in kentucky end up seeing flooding for this. a" is
7:55 am
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7:56 am
>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm jeanette reyes. it's 7:56 on this wednesday june 21st. now let's head over to karen rogers with your "action news" traffic report. i'm seeing a lot of red. how is the schuylkill looking. >> a lot of red. look at the travel times, too, on the schuylkill expressway. this is a live look at the schuylkill is the tblund traffi. you can see how jammed it is as you head towards the curve, just past the curve we've got an accident blocking a lane so that's the reason for that. westbound even heavier. 47 minute drive from the vine to the blue route.5 here. this is delaware county. i-95 approaching highland avenue and you see that northbound traffic and at this point you're jammed heading towards the blue route. northbound near 320 an accident blocking lane. nine minutes southbound, 32 minutes northbound on i-95 from delaware to the blue route so really jamming from the delaware state line to 320. big jim on 495. we can see construction
7:57 am
blocking the two left lanes southbound jeanette. >> rough ride. sky6 hd taking a live look at the skyline. we'll head outside where it's looking beautiful. meteorologist, david murphy is outside with the accuweather forecast. you're not looking too bad yourself david. >> thank you jeanette. same to you and if you were out here you would be enjit's n. take a look. we're at 74 degrees currently in philadelphia. allentown has zoomed up to 68. mid 70's in some areas like millville and dover and a little cooler down the shore. slightly humid out therehe gettg better again like yesterday. today's high is 87 degrees partly sunny. summer has arrived officially .s could be a spotty shower this afternoon. tomorrow hot 90 but jeanette not humid. >> okay, thank you david. your top news today an executive at a nursing home will be back on the stand today to testify against philadelphia district attorney seth williams. williams is accused of taking more than $20,000 from his mother. he faces 29 federal criminal
7:58 am
charges including bribery on corruption. that's it for "action news" right now. we'll be right back in a half hour. >> ♪ ♪ this summer in a place where flavor runs deep, any dish and every glass might be the best you've ever tasted as long as you don't forget your appetite. new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your trip to the finger lakes at
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. state of emergency, tropical storm cindy takes aim at the gulf coast. up to a foot of rain expected. evacuations already under way. fears now about life-threatening flash flooding. the urgent warnings right now. also this morning, americans and vitamin d. are we taking too much? new caughts about fall, fractures and kidney stones. how the popular supplement could be hazardous to your health. brittany's battle. while billy horschel was winning big on the course the big struggle his wife was home figh alcoholism. secretly filling water bottles with vodka, struggling to care for the kids. how they fought it together. their emotional live interview this morning. your summer survival kit.
8:01 am
what can you eat to keep the mosquitoes. how to avoid tanning snafus. and look out, ashton kutcher is here. he's back on "the ranch." he just guest starred on "the bachelorette" and anythingould happen here live. and they're here to say -- >> all: good morning, america. >> good morning, america. on this wednesday morning, great to have everybody here with us. >> yen amazing crowd here this morning and also ashton kutcher going to stop by. excited about that. during the commercial break you never know what's going to happen. we don't just sit at the desk. today is international yoga day. check out what robin doing. look at you, shoes off having fun with the group outside. >> did you see those yogis out there. >> the line was around the
8:02 am
block. >> i didn't know you were one of them. >> namaste. >> lori bergamotto is also with us. she has great ideas for secret to keeping your whites whiter and that's one of her warm weather hacks. another one, what you should eat to keep mosquitoes away. >> did you see how it just rolled right off like that. >> need that. >> uh-huh. first, though, let's turn to amy with the morning rundown. >> good morning, everybody. the big story this morning, tropical storm cindy bearing down on the gulf coast, a state of emergency has been declared. up to a foot of rain is possible and residents there bracing for the storm surge. abc's eva pilgrim is in new orleans with all of those preparations. good morning, eva. >> reporter: amy, we are seeing the wind, no rain at this point but we've seen downpour, heavy bands of rain pour down over us. one of the big thing we're seeing is the big waves over lake pontchartrain. these waves as they crash over the water is pushing and
8:03 am
starting to see flooding from that. all up and down the gulf coast we are seeing tornado watches and warnings for flooding, as well, as this water pushes through and because of the rain that this storm is bringing on the east side of it. now, here in the new orleans area and the parishes surrounding, pump systems are in place to pump the water out. concern if the water comes in that it will flood so that pump will get the water out. also building temporary levees, basically 4 1/2-foot walls to keep the water out of some areas. amy. >> all right. a lot of preparations there, eva, thank you. a big win for president trump and the gop after the special election in georgia. the most expensive conditional race ever. karen handel's victory over jon ossoff is being called a wake-up call for democrats who saw the special election has a bellwether for the midterm elections. president trump tweeted this morning saying democrats would do much better as a party if they got together with republicans on health care, tax cut, security, obstruction
8:04 am
doesn't work, he tweeted. speaking of health care a draft of the senate republicans' bill to replace obamacare is expected to be unveiled top. democrats and even some republicans have complained the bill is being drawn up in secrecy. and new details now about that attack at a train station in brussels. the third terror attack in europe in just three days. authorities say a 36-year-old moroccan citizen tried to set off a boom in a suitcase running toward a soldier when he was shot and killed. investigators say he was not on any terror watch list. and the ceo of uber has resigned following an investor revolt. shareholders were not satisfied with his leave of absence after a series of scandals including accusations of a culture plagued by sexual harassment. o.j. for july 20th. he served eight years in prison for robbery, kidnapping and other charges. if parole is granted then he would be released in october. and finally, one mom's walk on the wild side after she dropped her daughter off at her
8:05 am
college orientation. you got to look at what i'm laughing at. adam schiff hanging out with the texas state university football team. look at her. she sent these photos and a message to her daughter saying i made some friends. don't wait up. the school is offering $500 to the student whose parent posts the silliest picture on campus. i would say this is a contender. her daughter called her a cougar but because we're talking about texasstate i think she's bobcat mom. >> nicely done there. >> got to give it to amy. >> that one -- >> interesting. giving 500 buck, she said. would love to see some of the other commissions. >> bring it, people. don't be shy. >> that will be a tough one to beat. >> don't wait up. >> yep, yep, yep. always tough to beat "pop news" with lara spencer. >> good morning. hi, everybody. it is time for "pop news" and we begin with three-time oscar sa good-bye to acting. the esteemed performer
8:06 am
announcing his retirement through his spokesperson saying he is grateful to all his collaborators and audiences over the years. he did not give a reason for his departure. just that it is a decision. no more conversation about it will be had. the master of method acting is the only person to ever win three oscars including "lincoln" and "there which be blood" and "gangs of new york" alongside leo dicaprio and "in the name of the father" and i know we would all give our left foot to see daniel day-lewis do it one more time. thankfully we can. his final film awaiting release, untitled drama set in the world of high fashion scheduled for release christmas day 2017. >> going to miss him on the big screen. >> he is so lovely. >> not the first break he's taken. he seems to have a life outside hollywood. >> he worked as a cobbler and scorsese says he had to bring him back for "gangs of new fil
8:07 am
him. looking forward to that. yeah, give it up for daniel day-lewis. this next story. "the hollywood reporter's" top 100 list highlighting the most powerful people in entertain many and number one spot goes to walt disney chair and ceo bob iger. [ cheers and applause ] the boss. credited with leading the charge to bring revenue to a record $55.6 billion for the disney corp. marking a 6% increase for 2016 but "the hollywood reporter" says his big win was what he did at the box office bringing in a whopping $7.6 billion in the movie division alone. coming in at number nine, own network ceo oprah winfrey who says she'd love to switch seats calling him the ceo o happiness. >> that's true. >> congratulations, bob iger. >> and --
8:08 am
[ applause ] yes. and we would say this even if he didn't sign our checks, one of the nicest great guy and he started from the bottom up. he, worked his way up. >> wabc. >> mail room. >> classic story. he runs this gigantic company and so interested in what we do "good morning america," "world news tonight." >> beautiful relationship with everybody. >> another congrats to him so two pieces of good news then we'll finish with this. remember this. >> you want to know what comes between me and my calvin, nothing. >> well, 37 years late their statement still appears to be true. brooke shields reuniting for a reboot of that controversial ad campaign that made her a household name. she was only 15 years old in 1980 when she made that. many pulled the commercial right off the air claiming too sexual in nature. now, 52 years old she says she's thrilled to be back in her calvins once again. those commercials being made as we speak. >> iconic. >> and we're seeing it with all
8:09 am
these shows now and in these ads. >> reboot. >> reboots. >> why not. that's it. in that's it for "pop news." >> lara spencer, everyone. [ applause ] coming up that new health alert about are you taking too much invit vitamin d and is it hurting you. a golf champ and his wife with a secret struggle at home. billy horschel and his wife are here for a very important interview. you don't want to miss it. is within 1% of the big guys. eir ny and they have the best price for unlimited among national carriers and... wait! are you watching this on the awesome iphone 7? you gotta get iphone 7 from sprint! and they'll give you a second one on them! what are you doing? go switch to sprint! who's he talking to? i don't know. but i better go to sprint. wait! two iphone 7s. love you! (vo) get sprint unlimited. and now, get iphone 7 for people with hearing loss, and get a second iphone 7 on us. visit ♪
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i wish you were here. i miss home. ♪ ♪ for those who find a way. always unstoppable. ask sherwin-williams during the great summer painting party! save 30% on paints and stains june 18th through july 4th. there's a store in every neighborhood. find yours at
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when i was three. ever since, it's been my passion. going somewhere like the juilliard school seemed impossible. now, i am able to dream bigger. >>joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including jason. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >>jason: start saving to dream bigger today. all right. hey, you. we're back now with that health warning about taking too much vitamin d. new research reveals it's more common than you may think. >> it's known as the sunshine vitamin and more popular than ever but overdoing it could lead to health risks and dr. j and i important. great to have you. a lot of people in the northeast have been told we need to be taking it. >> all the rage. >> the northern latitudes, an
8:14 am
incredibly popular vitamin sum many. this latest report took the pulse of what we're doing in this country, how many of us are taking it and how much we're taking so the analysis was done 2013 to 2014. we're taking a lot of it. about 18% of american adults take a thousand units a day, about 3% of us are taking 4,000 units a day. that's significant because that's the upper limit of normal. that's where you can potentially get into issues with toxicity. very popular. >> yeah. >> it can build up. so break it down. who should take it and who shouldn't? >> to be clear the research in vitamin d is ongoing. the conclusive report, the national academy of medicine really says there's good in bone health, other areas of health and wellness still controversial but there are some guidelines so for an adult under the age of 70, the recommendations are to get 600 units a day when you talk about adults over the age of 70, that bumps up to 800 units a day.
8:15 am
however, we have to remember there is a lot of us that could be at risk so you mentioned the northeast. we live in new england. you know, we're not getting 12 months a year of sun exposure, certain groups are at risk so talking people with dark skin, people who are obese, the elderly, people who are home bound or don't get a lot of natural exposure, those people can be deficient. i pick up a lot of low leffs in my patients? because you're a nutritionist 'well. why do we have this sitting here? >> i love it. sushi for breakft.uble with too much vitamin d and it can cause high calcium levels in the blood, weakness, nausea, kidney stones which i have had. not fun. always best to get these from the whole food sources so this is about 140 grams of salmon, this has your daily allotment but you can get it from egg, orange juice, food. always better. >> when the body breaks it down it's always better. >> yeah, i'm going to take it. >> you've been eyeing it all
8:16 am
morning. >> i'm a salmon fan. >> thank you, jen. coming up, billy horschel and his wife brittany here live. what she's reveals about her secret struggle with alcohol and how her husband helped her through it all so come on back. hey scout, what's eating you? fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. got any ideas? not all products work the same. my owner gives me k9 advantix ii. it kills all three through contact. no biting required. so they don't have to bite? that's right. no biting required. k9 advantix ii. wise choice. (roosevelt)smoking just messed thaup your lungs. i never thought
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8:20 am
an update on tropical storm cindy and sustained winds at 60 miles an hour. the track hasn't changed. threae flash flooding and it's not just along that cone. you have to watch east of it. west of it as these bands will wraparound and of course we still have tornado match placen. so much more coming up on this. let's get a check closer to home. >> right now ginger we have showers that have cleared t that's good. taking a look outside we have plenty of sunshine on sky6 and it's warm mperatures in the lows in most of the neighborhoods. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today's high 87 the predawn hours and this afternoon it will feel like it. there's also a spotty shower or a thundershower around. tomorrow hotter not very humid but a high of 90. a friday with a late thunderstorm. gradually getting better over the weekend. exclusive.
8:21 am
pga star billy horschel and his wife brittany are story in their first tv interview since brittany revealed her struggle with alcoholism. now in recovery, one year sober and we'll speak in a moment but first here's their story. in may, 30-year-old golfer billy horschel nabbed his fourth pga title after a difficult year both on the course and off with the private struggle he publicly right after winning. >> this is probably the most exclusive at, most -- i'm sort of speechless. life gets in the way sometimes and i'm not at will -- i'm not able to talk about it right now but it's just a lot of stuff happens in the last year and this is just -- this is nice. >> reporter: the next day his wife brittany with a surprising post online revealing she was an alcoholic and that this weekend
8:22 am
marked one year sober for me but almost marked a hard fought year for billy adding that her husband silently battled through a very sad, scary and trying time, billy, you are my rock and the living testament of unconditional love. and we got to say welcome to billy and brittany. thank you both for joining us. you know, what a remarkable story, incredible story and such bravery for you, brittany, to be here to share this with us.h alcohol but you hid this from billy. is it true you were filling water bottles with vodka. >> yes, for many years, yeah. hiding them around the house. hiding them around hotel rooms. i was hiding how much i was drinking. he knew that, you know, i drank a couple glasses of wine at night but other than that i really kept it hidden from friends and family and especially billy. >> and you had an infant, skylar, you had a baby and so how were you able to make it through the day? >> i would wake up and have some
8:23 am
sort of drink most likely it was mixing vodka with orange juice and then just slowly keep drinking throughout the day. i was able to take care of her but it wasn't at any energy level that was -- it was sad for her because the quality of her life was suffering because of how mie life was. >> and, billy, for you, at what point did you realize that brittany had a serious problem that required help? >> i felt like, you know, we go back to 2012 is when, you know, instances happened that, you know, sort of spark right now that there was an issue but probably wasn't until after skylar was born that probably six, eight months she started drinking again and probably around end of 2015 into 2016 i realized there was a big issue here and we would have conversations about her drinking. i said, hey, how about we just, you know, stop drinking for a couple of week, you know, maybe only drink wine.
8:24 am
but obviously i knew it was a bigger situation than that. >> and after you realized that, brittany, you went to a treatment facility for two months. >> i did. >> which took you away from your child. was that a cary experience. >> yeah, that was the hardest part leaving skylar. i was very hesitant at first but soon realized that it was the best thing for her. the best gift i ever gave her. >> during that time you're in treatment for two month, billy, you have to take on the child by yourself. you stayed on tour. you moved into a new house. was there a point in time where you were like, i don't know if i can hold all this together in yeah, it was tough. i had great support from family and friends, my dad came and lived with me for a months while we moved into a new house. i missed four or five events i played on the pga tour to be at home and be with skylar. only two events were the u.s. open and british open, so it was tough because she ran the
8:25 am
household. she paid all the bills. she did everything. she was great and allowed me to focus on my career and i had to come back and learn what bills needed to be paid. what bills automatically are paid and what stuff t away moving from old house to new house and it was a struggle and i had great family and friend support throughout the entire two months she was gone. >> now, the bright side, congratulations, you've been sober a year now. >> yes. >> congratulations to you. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> so i know it's not difficult -- h for you to tell your side of the story. >> yeah, i mean for me, it was almost just a sense of relief, as well. like billy had said we talked about me coming out publicly and it just with him winning at my one-year mark it was the perfect time for me to tell everybody that, you know, i'm an alcoholic and i'm proud of being an alcoholic and how far i've come and i just -- not everybody is
8:26 am
comfortable with becoming -- coming public and i am so i feel like i have almost a sense of duty to share my story to help others. >> i'm flat you're sharing it. i think this is going to help a lot of us struggling in this way and keeping it to themselves and, billy, seems for you also you've had to change a lot about yourself in this, as well. >> yeah, obviously, you know, she was an alcoholic. she had issues drinking but our relationship together as a husband/wife was not great. you know, we needed to work on that. that was a little bit of the issue that led her to drinking so for me to be more open, more -- communicate better with my wife and our relationship was a massive thing that we learned how to do at a rehab facility for those two months. >> i can't tell you you shared .
8:27 am
>> ♪ >> good morning i'm jeanette reyes. 8:27 on this wednesday june 21st. let's head over to karen rogers with your "action news" traffic report. >> we're still seeing some pretty good delays right now in new jersey jeanette even though this accident scene off to the side on 295. this is northbound near fellowship road which is just past 73. at one point we had ambulance police everyone blocking a lane. it's off to the side but still jammed from the black horse pike to past 73. a 40 minute jam. you may want to stick to the new jersey turnpike instead. the other big delay delaware on 495. you see that that southbound traffic. it is just lined up for miles. two left lanes are blocked with construction. this ongoing construction gives you headaches every day. today it's the southbound side getting the treat, only 3 miles an hour. head to 95 instead. you're at least traveling in the 30's.
8:28 am
that's a lot better, right? this is i-95 northbound in delaware county approaching highland avenue as you head towards the blue route. still heavy from the delaware state line to 320 but that accident scene has cleared. >> thank you, karen. let's go outside to meteorologist, david murphy. he has your accuweather forecast. >> we're off to a warm start. we've got some sunshine, a few clouds around 74 degreesdelphia. 68 in allentown. your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows a high this afternoon of 87 degrees. summer has officially arrived in the predawn h spotty shower is possible, maybe even a thunderstorm in a couple of spots. that's later today and the even. certainly not a washout. then tomorrow hotter but not very humid with a high of 90. that will be a real summer lover's afternoon. and then 90 again but we do have more humidity building on friday an late thunderstorm possible. improvement for the weekend though. a shower early on saturday. after that we're back in the 80's with lower humidity. jeanette in thank you david. that's it for "action news" right now. we'll be right back in a half
8:29 am
hour. i'm jeanette reyes. pass
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "gma," everybody. it is a great wednesday morning here in it was a great audience. i got to say. [ applause ] >> i got to say hearing brittany and billy share their story and, you know how i've often said everybody has something and make your mess your message and i'm so excited we're of our podcast "everybody's got something" and we have an amazing lineup again this season. oh, gosh, i sat down with the godmother of soul, patti el oh, boy. her pearls of wisdom and "glee" singing sensation, lea michele, spoke with her, as well. one of my favorite authors and
8:31 am
e.j., ernie johnson, more than just a caster and it goes on and on and on and we'll kick off the season today with gabourey sidibe and a lot of people know her, first met her through "precious," the movie "precious." you know when you film a movie there's a lot of time between wrapping and it actually being released and there was a lot o w this movie was going to come out. she didn't know she would be nominated for an oscar but a lot of buzz around that but still her everyday life and talked a li >> i know eventually this film is going to be coming out and how will i afford a premiere dress. will i have to go to the mac store to get done. i say at some point knowing that something good was coming for me was just as scary as knowing something bad was coming for me. >> think about that. knowing something good is scary >> the fear of the unknown.
8:32 am
>> so many important messages podcast, the guests. congratulations. it's great. >> labor of love. >> labor of love and we have a lot of fun and do that little she ey just go right in and have to answer the question. >> i want to do it to you all. reach in the. don't think. don't blink. each take one. >> what's yours. >> was's one thing you have to do every morning before "gma"? >> oh, no. >> i have to walk through the hallway when i come in and say hello to everybody along the way to my dressing room. >> he does do that. >> and he kisses everybody tha. >> he does. >> what's yours? >> i love that. >> what's yours? >> i was just thinking he doesn't kiss me on the way down the hallway. what's a song that brings back your happiest memory? >> come on. don't think, don't blink. >> oh, man. my happiest memory?
8:33 am
>> yes. >> ain't nothing going tostride. i'll tell you why. i'll tell you why because i just remember being in the car with my mom. it was like childhood. it's always childhood stuff and she doesn't remember this. it's funny. i tell her but she used to sing this song in the car. one memories. even earlier than that the panel station wagon back when we were kids being in -- i was in the third seat back. >> rolling around in the trunk. >> facing backwards with cars coming at you. that's why that song. >> mom. >> this is why it's so revealing. >> mine is what's a must have in your fridge? i know what you think i'm going to say. >> rose. >> but what i will really say is do you guy -- have you tried the polar seltzers flavored -- the pink grapefruit -- i've given up diet soda. did all these stories on "gma" and listen and care, only the sparkling waters now. >> next to the rose. >>yes.
8:34 am
>> because you watch the stories on "gma." >> thanks for playing along. you can check out the second season of "everybody's got something" found it on and want to thank adt, the sponsor. so, thank you. i really encourage people, everybody's got something encourage people to let us know and we will do a podcast with everyday people about the struggles they have overcome. want to share that with them in thank you for doing this. i think it's very important. so, thank you, robin. you know, now we got an important guest coming out. going to bring him out to the table. very funny. he's talented. he's an actor, he's a producer. >> he does it all. >> starring in the netflix comedy "the ranch." please welcome ashton kutcher. ♪ welcome to my house >> good morning. [ applause ] >> how areyou? >> good to see you. >> how is it going?
8:35 am
>> how are you? >> good to see you. >> what's up? >> good. >> you know, we -- >> i had to go o tippy-toes to hug you. i was all the way up. i was like -- >> as we often say he's worth the climb. he is worth the climb. >> you know, we go back. he actually had me come out when he was coaching football in high school. i came out and gave a pep talk to his team. >> yeah. >> what did he say? what was the pep talk. >> no, you can't repeat it. >> he just got them fired up. i decided -- i had some free time somehow and i decided that i've always wanted to coach high school football and i had a buddy that was coaching a team so i just went out for a season, i coached the defense of the sophomore team. >> how did that season go? >> it was amazing. she's kids like went from their -- junior high, didn't win a game and they went .500 the season i was there. >> that's huge. >> it wasn't me. it was them. [ applause ] >> come on. >> but, but i think they just --
8:36 am
i brought, you know, i brought michael out and a couple other people out and i think it just got in their head that they were winners and i think it's like, half of like being a winner is just having it in your head that you are a winner and -- >> amen. >> and you did that. thank you. >> no, they did that. i was there just for the free drinks. [ laughter ] but i had water. >> gatorade. gatorade. >> sparkling soda. >> yeah, exactly. >> it was great. >> can we talk about this, congratulations, it's a fun, fun series that you got going on. >> yeah. >> "the ranch." >> i'm in love with it. i finished "two and a half men" and wanted to do something different and sat down with the writers and danny masterson my co-star on "the seventies show" and talking about working together again and we wanted to do something that wasn't on tv and when i was a kid, i had the "roseanne" show and was like in the middle of america in iowa and it was this family that i could relate to that felt like my family, where they were going
8:37 am
through financial troubles and the children weren't treated like gold like they'd beat them up a little bit and -- i just felt like my family and i was looking on tv and there was nothing that represented the way i grew up in like middle of the country, slightly conservative values. you know, hard work, dust, you know, shake it off and so we built this show around that idea that there's a misunderstanding of what the middle of america represents and what those values actually are and i think we're sort of seeing it now since we've made the show and what's happening politically in the world but i think the show is about really connecting those ideas and values and gaining a better understanding of what they are and why they are the way they are and these issues aren't black and white. they're gray all the time? super timely. let's take a look at "the ranch," netflix with ashton. >> you don't cook. >> these hotcakes and sausages
8:38 am
beg to differ. >> oh, are you doing that thing where you run to mcdonald's and pretend to cook tore me? >> no. [ applause ] >> i love the accent. >> you love working with your friends on danny masterson on this with you. boomer valderrama, debra -- >> it's like "the seventies show". >> are we going to see your wife? >> there will be other "70" show folks that will probably show up in the future. >> i think that's a very definite maybe. >> there are definitely other people from "70s" we'll see. >> speaking of your wife you guys are mad "bachelorette" fans. >> i'm so happy "paradise" is back. i'm telling you, i was worried.
8:39 am
i was concerned -- this is like our greatest guilty pleasure of all time like we sit down, monday night is like religion in our house and in fact i haven't watched this week because i was here and she was's there and we're saving it because this is our thing. it's unbelievable this show. u.s. like the greatest social experiment of all time. we turn the volume off and we like watch the one-on-one date and she does the voice of the girl and i do the voice of the guy. >> that is a show. >> that's a show. >> it's literally are you going to eat the chicken. no, are you -- do you ever notice they never eat on that show? nobody eat. >> they do drink. >> that's why they look the way they do. >> boy, they drink. >> i love your excitement for that. your excitement for that can the same excitement people should have for season three of "the ranch" streaming now on knenetf. check out ashton kutcher. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you, man. [ applause ]
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
we are back now with the launch of our new series "gma" summer solutions and all summer long we're tackling some of the top issues we face when the weather gets warm and "good housekeeping" style director lori bergamotto is here to help. lori, thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> let's take a look at the number one problem. >> yes. >> how many of you get bit by
8:43 am
mosquitoes all summer long? yeah, pretty bad out there. so what can we do to help that? is there something we can eat? >> oh, perfect segue on this first day of summer, yes, so, michael, the culprit is lactic acid. i'm sure as an athlete you know what that is. it builds up in your body. stay hydrated. so look for foods that high water content and also to neutralize it with things that have high potassium, magnesium and b3. berry, pumpkin seed, nuts, all really good things to do. i'm telling you what to eat. do you know what not to eat. >> i have no idea. >> take a guess. what's under here. >> a burger. >> ooh. very good. very good. oh, good. impressive. >> but that's hard -- it's summertime. barbecuing. >> summer spirit crusher. you want to stay away from things like processed food and the hot dogs, burger buns have a high sodium content.
8:44 am
i don't know if everybody knew that. stay away from those things and sugary beverages because they'll keep you dehydrated. remember, hydration is key. won't exactly keep all the mcs from biting you but it will keep tem away. >> it will help. let them bite me i'm eating the burger. >> i'm with you. >> we love to wear white in the summer. this lady is all in white. how do we keep our whites white? >> okay, so the first thing you want to do is maintenance. you want to talk about you want to remember your yellowing or whites are getting gray, so you look for a detergent that has enzymes in it. that will help break up those proteins and look on the back of the label and say enzyme. it that has enzymes in it it's good to go. get an actual stain, we spilled coffee earlier on this shirt. >> we saw that. >> yeah. >> so now i'm going to show you and used oxyclean and good at targeted removal. only in here 15 minces and it'll just take it away. >> some stain resistant
8:45 am
clothing. >> yes, there is, michael. so we'll bring our model gabriel up here. >> hey, gabriel. >> old navy makes stain resistant clothing. if you do me the honors of taking that bottle of soda and pour it right on his shorts. >> i mean how cool is that? >> i'm with you. i enjoyed it. i'm going to do another one. there we go. >> it rolls off, won't absorb into the fabric? thank you for being a good sport >> that's the greatest thing that ever happened to him. >> i'm glad you said shorts. i almost threw it at him. last but not least. >> how do you solve a self-tanning snafu, right? >> i've never had that problem. >> well, some of us have to cheat so we'll bring our model sarah out here. the "good housekeeping" beauty lab tested these and these were the best of the tests, over 300 people tested. you can see on her leg she used the zen tan, won number one. it gave a nice natural tan and
8:46 am
foolproof application. number two from saint-tropez. most like a professional spray tan and three, we got kiehl's for under $25 and it made their skin soft. can't go wrong there. >> we can't go wrong. how do you feel? >> i feel good. >> you got one tan leg. you should. lori bergamotto, thank you very much. thanks for helping us out and >> i'm here with doug and is from where. >> new mexico. >> where the heat is headed. 122 tied a dale record in parts of death valley. look at that. that's our producer alanna. and that's the face you make when you get off the plane and it's 114 degrees. she was in palm springs. arizona 127 in the car even though that's therma store. hot is hot. let's get a check closer to home. >> all right ginger. warm around the region right now. showers off the coast. your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows a high this
8:47 am
afternoon of 87 degrees partly sunny. summer has arrived officially. this afternoon look for a spotty shower, a thunderstorm. tomorrow hotter, dry e.j., you g stay with "gma." we'll be right back.
8:48 am
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we are back now with our colleague, "nightline" co-anchor byron pitts who is sharing remarkable story, it's a beautiful new book, "be the one." think about it. "be the one: six true stories of teens overcoming hardship" with hope. we'll talk to byron in just a minute but first what do you say we introduce you to one of those incredible people. to see the woman mckayla sanderson gut think is today a social worker who just bought her first home with her husband hard to envision the bumpy road this poised 23-year-old traveled to get here. one of seven children she was raised in deep poverty
8:50 am
surrounded by domestic violence, drug abuse and mental illness. >> a lot of heartache growing up. just a lot of challenges in my childhood. >> reporter: at 8 she stood in horror as her mother attempted suicide in front of her though the gunshot was not fatal her and her twin sister would bounce between relatives and foster care for years and by the time she got to high school she had been to 13 different schools. she poured herself into school graduating at the top of her class while working 36 hours a week. how did you do all that. >> for me there was no choice not to. >> reporter: she calls that challenging childhood a blessing today. >> i say that because i definitely don't know where i'd be. i don't think i would have the same personality, the same drive and all that to be successful. >> oh, we wish her well. it's so inspiring and great to have you, byron. >> thank you. >> you've been doing this for more than 30 years and talked with world leaders. famous celebrities. what was it about these teens
8:51 am
that just grabbed you and why you wanted to share their stories. >> all of us have a back story and things you've dealt with. all these kids are phenomenal from a kid who walked from congo to south africa to avoid war. a kid who battled obesity, battled bullying but it was prompted by a girl i met in baltimore. she was 11. i was talking at her school. you know when we go to schools and talk to kids and they ask questions like ever interview beyonce, jay-z, those questions. this 11-year-old said when you were my age, when you were 11 years old in baltimore, where did you go? where did you hide when the world hurt too much? >> wow. >> she was in foster care being sexually abused. i thought we as adults ask those questions. do as well so i wanted to offer a place where young people could see other young people who have been faced by challenges and who answer those questions for themselves. >> did you find there was a quality they all shared in common. >> two things. they're all remarkably optimistic. not in a naive kind of way but
8:52 am
purposeful and chose to be. the other thing, they're tough. these are kids, alley fight, you want them on your side. >> we're on your side. i don't know if you know this man's incredible story. he was a stutterer all his life up until he was in -- how old. >> i'm still a stutterer. i've learned to manage it. yeah, yeah. >> you're managing it real well. didn't learn to read until you were 13 years old. >> yes. >> so how did you overcome? >> in a word, grace. to find these gifts from god blessed with an incredible mom, great family and friendship in north carolina. great coaches and teachers, a great church family. people who refused to give up on me. robin, i think all of us know life has taught me that all of us need at least one person to love us and i was blessed with a whole army of people like, you know, who taught me wonderful lessons and, again, who just refused to give up on me. when i was in middle school, a group of doctors, experts told
8:53 am
my mother i was mentally retarded and should be institutionalized. my momma said that may be his destiny but i'm not giving up on my child and she loved on me. she also was tough on me. someone asked my mom how she was able as a single parent, divorcee to send three kids to college. she said, oh, it was simple. i told each child you will go to college or i will beat you to death. that old school nurturing. >> you are old school and you've got a great heart and you share it, byron pitts, thank you very much and catch him on "nightline" and his book, "be the one" is out now. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by lumber liquidators. hardwood floors for less. >> one of our espn colleague, maria, great to have you here. say good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> have a great day. >> great job. >> ♪ >> good morning, i'm jeanette reyes. 8:56 on this wednesday june 21st. let's head over to karen rogers with your "action news" traffic report. how is 95 looking.
8:57 am
>> it's going okay except for this guy who is disabled. car broke down in the middle of trying to get to work. i-95 past bridge street heading northbound towards cottman. penndot has the arrow boards. northbound extra heavy from the betsy ross bridge to this point at bridge street. southbound is your usual delay. it's heavy there. southbound jams past cottman to girard. over in bucks county route one northbound at route 13 an accident. police on the scene. it's blocking the left lane and you see those speeds 9 miles an hour jammed from i-95 to route 13. live in wilmington delaware, yup, still see that line of traffic, 495 southbound, that ongoing construction today it's southbound blocking the two left lanes. speeds just in the single single digits. stick to 95 instead jeanette. >> it is rough out there today. thank you, karen. now let's go outside to meteorologist, david murphy. he has your accuweather forecast. david. >> jeanette continuing to warm up. take a look. we're at 77 degrees if philadelphia. 73 degrees in allentown. your seven-day forecast warm today on the first day of
8:58 am
summer. summer arrived just after midnight so we're here and we're getting a high of 87 degrees. not too terribly humid. there's the possibility of a pop-up shower or even a thunderstorm later today and this evening. tomorrow hotter but not very humid, a high of 90, a nice summer lover's day and then 90 again on friday with building humidity. it looks like humidity drops again pretty quick during the day on saturday jeanette. >> thank you david. authorities remain on the scene where chemical explosives and a large number of weapons were discovered at a home in bucks county we'll bring you a live report with the very latest from ottsville. "live with kelly and ryan" is next right here on 6abc. i'm jeanette reyes. have a great one today. >> ♪ it takes a lot of people to make a good school day.
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