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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  June 21, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon we begin with breaking news from burlington
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county where a man was shot to death in maple shade and police are still looking for his killer. the man was found dead at the iron hill brewery on the 100 block of east kings highway. nora muchanic is live at the scene with the very latest. >> reporter: sara and rick police are keeping us as a distance as we process the scene and one person dead with the shooter apparently still out there. but authorities tell us there is not a danger to the community. >> there was an incident one fatality. and scene here is secure. we are making progress on an investigation but it is early and too early to draw conclusions yet. the prosecutor confirms to "action news" one dead in the shooting on east kings highway in maple shade. police believed 911 calls of a shooting at 8:25 a.m. and the
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victim's body is under a white sheet on the loading dock of the property. local police and the prosecutors office are investigating. he has been identify but the name will nod be release pending the notification of the family and possibly identified the shooter and trying to identify that person now. >> we have not secured anybody or arrested anybody and we are finding out who it is, and people around here are safe. >> we feel safe there is no active shooter in the area. we reduced the scene as the prosecutor said. i feel that the people, the business people, everything is open. and business is normal except for what happened in the area. >> reporter: back live now, the body is still on the loading dock underneath the sheet while the scene is processed.
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we don't know anything about motive and the investigation is still beginning and witnesses report hearing five to seven shots and businesses in the area were locked down for a time and all but the buildings involved were reopen for business. sniff dogs were brought in but police would not say if they picked up a scent and police are going door-to-door in an apartment complex or twoing that this morning across the street. so this time we have one dead and a shooter out there but lease say they are getting close to identifying and arresting that shooter that is the hope at least at this point. so this immediate area is still under lockdown but other businesses have opened. nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. now to the very latest from bucks county where authorities have been removing chemical explosives and a large amount of
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weapons from oxville. gray hall is live now. >> reporter: well rick, as you know this was a dangerous situation and centers around this white house behind me, things are quiet now and no one is at the house but overnight it was a different picture and different story. a warrant to serve a mental health commitment. police were there to serve the warrant on a 70-year-old man and discovered chemical explosives and large amounts of weapons and ammunition. >> this is weird to come home. it's oxville. if you blink you are through it, it's a small town. >> detonations could be heard through the night into wednesday morning. chopper 6 hd captured explosive experts wearing masks and unidentified material was carried away from the shed on the property. police told people to sheltner
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place. >> everybody has guns around here everyone hunts around here. nobody has bombs or explosives, don't know what it is but that is not normal. >> the 70-year-old suspect is not identified or any charges they will be facing. >> gray, thank you. a rape suspect is back in custody after philadelphia police accidentally released him from jail. russell bryant was awaiting trial on rape charges at the farm hold fashion ilt and was transferred to be prosecuted on a robbery case. and he was accidently let go. they have located bryant and took him back into custody by 10:00 this morning. the man shot to death in a car in north philadelphia has been identified as 32-year-old
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marvin bunson. police say he was double parked at cecil b. moore avenue when the shooter ran up to the drivers side and began shooting. he later died at the hospital. homicide detectives are still looking for his killer. testimony continues in the corruption trial of the philadelphia da essential williams. he arrived carrying a bible and they cross examined the representative forever the nursing home. they allege that he used pension money to go for the care of his mother to pay his mortgage and other expenses instead. vernon odom will have more in the next half hour. turning to accuweather on this the first official day of summer. going out life on sky 6 hd showing you the view of the beach in cape may. david murphy is tracking the
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latest conditions for us. looks nice out there. >> feeling like summer today certainly. we have a couple of showers that skirted the delaware and new jersey coastline at cape may this morning. a few more clouds to the west starting to pop in and we go for partly to sunny skies for the immediate afternoon and a couple of pop-up showers or thunderstorm is possible. 84 degrees in philadelphia. 85 degrees in wilmington and 75 in more comfortable in allentown and 80 on the nose in cape may as we factor in the dew points we drop through most of the region. the 59 reading inal ebb town and trenton and just a little humid out here. as we go farming south in wilmington and a.c., that 65 dew point anything over 60 you feel humid and then the 70s is oppressive humidity. cape may and parts of south jersey and millville south to
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dover on the sticky side and staying more humid through the day. 87 at 7:00, expecting a high of 88 by 3:00. and 76 by 8:00 and tumbling to 73 by 10:00. most of us getting into the 60s for overnight lows. it's the summer solstice summer arrived at 12:24 in the morning when the rays were facing the tropic of cancer and this is the time we get the most sunlight and the best chance of a sun burn. spf 30 or better on the skin. and cool drinks because it's warm. tomorrow will be hotter and a brief stretch of more humid air sara coming in toward the ends of the week but improvement in the weekend call from accuweather. >> that is good news. thank you. tropical storm cindy is threatening the northern gulf coast and some areas are soggy from a different line of storms are now experiencing flooding and heavy rains from the florida
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panhandle and eastern texas as the storm reaches the coast later today. the fbi released new die tails about a shooting at a virginia baseball park that injured several people including a congressman. that james hodgkinson acted alone and did no the have ties to terrorism. he is accused of shooting several people including representative steve scalise, he remains hospitalized and hodgkinson was shot and killed by police at the scene. >> the shooter was not known to have history of diagnosed mental illness, he was known to have an anger management problem. >> the shooting happened during the republican team's practice during the annual baseball game. and organizers say it raised a record $1.5 million for charity. >> president trump is headed back to iowa for the first time since lerelected.
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now president trump is returning to rally his republican base there and plans to tour a community college in cedar rapids followed by a campaign style rally. pennsylvania driver s licenses are getting a new look. they have a portrait and 2 d bar code. all driver and photo centers are expected to issue the i.d.'s by the end of the year however they are notnt with real i.d. laws. and a bus careens down a new york city street. what the driver did before the bus rolled away. >> and prince phillip is hospitalized this noon, what buckingh buckingham palace says he is being treated for. it's time that we bring addiction out of the darkness
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this is new video of a run away bus careening down a bus in new york city. the empty bus hit several parked cars before hitting a bus at the church. the driver parked early this morning and rolled out and
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suddenly the truck rolls forward and picked up speed. the person on the street was forced to jump out of the way. mandatory evacuations are happening near a fast moving wild fire in california. residents near big bear were told to leave their homes yesterday. the fire burned nearly 1,000 acres since it broke out monday. bags of evidence is taken from a home suspected in yesterday's attack in the brussels station in belgium. police raided the man's home and announced his name but was not on a terror list in belgium after he left a suitcase full of explosives at the station. nobody was injured. it's unclear what kind of evidence was taken from the home. britain's prince phillip is
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in the hospital being treated for an infection. it's a precautionary measure and the print is in spirits. he recently announced he would stop attending public events earlier this year. >> and they are once again rallying over critical issues for patient safety. the employees want medical holdings incorporated for patient safety and health care for the community. they held a strike for similar reasons last march. they claimed that the for profit failed to pay $20 million as part of the sale of the health system. for the first time ever the delaware memorial bridge run will raise money for special olympics in delaware. the organizers announced the run for acceptance. organizers hope the event will be safe and not create significant delays for bridge commuters, it will be limited to
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after a number of recent uber scandals, the ceo of uber has resigned. several investors were pushing for him to leave.
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and uber is dealing with allegations of sexual harassments and lost a number of key executives before his resignation it's unclear who will replace him. a new warning in health check it's possible you are getting too much of a good thing. one in five adults are taking too many vitamin d supplements and some in amounts that could hurt them. and too much to increase your risk of falls and fractures and certain types of cancer. skip the pills and get the vitamins you need at least vitamin d through food and sun. researchers at kings college london says that older fathers are more likely to have geekier sons. that is not a bad thing, the children were smarter and more focused and the study looked at is the link between autism and the age of the father.
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some were related to geekiness and autism overlap and could be more prevalent in older fathers. the news team is out working on news stories for tonight at 4:00. alicia vitarelli is here with a look ahead. >> reporter: from brewery tours to museum outings, beating summer boredom does not have to cost a lot. we'll rundown the free or cheap ways to entertain the entire family. coming up in what's the deal. and in today's show, did you know the way you move your computer mouse reveals whether or not you are lying. scientists explain how and why the research may one day be used for. >> and it's big question in big talkers today. i want you guys to answer. how do you pronounce this candy both words. an informal poll now on my
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facebook page. >> reese's pieces. but there is a trick there because the guy -- >> don't give away the answer. it's a big debate strongly different pronounceations. we'll show you how you really say it and break down the poll coming up at 4:30. >> either way it's delicious. thank you. accuweather is coming up we'll be right back.
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to get the stickier air. future tracker 6 shows you we are not out of the woods in terms of precipitation. later this afternoon at 3:00, 4:00, a chance that the northern and western suburbs are picking up spotty shower activity and a thunderstorm in spots, you can see how some of this is making a run at the i-95 corridor and not everybody sees it and it's fretty spotty and more of that action getting down to the coast. spotty stuff not a washout certainly and nothing like the big line yesterday. 88 degrees is the high in philadelphia today. 87 degrees in wilmington and
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millville. 83 in allentown and 84 in reading and 85 in trenton and down the shore low 80s at cape may and atlantic city. cardinals and phillies at citizens bank park, and a spotty shower be prepared for that and 78 for the first pitch and 73 in the ninth inning and maybe an interruption. but if they have something they play through its light enough for that. 88 is the high at 3:00 and 87 by 4:00 and slide into the 70s by the evening hours. by 10:00, 73 degrees. tropical storm cindy an issue and getting closer to the gulf coast. down to 50 miles per hour sustained winds, still warrants to push into an area right around there many the border between eastern texas and western louisiana. that looks like the most likely
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landfall. galveston, texas could get that and new orleans has to brace for the possible arrival of the storm and will most likely arrive as a tropical storm and after that de janeigenerate qui. nonetheless a lot of rain along this corridor and finally that winds up by memphis, tennessee over the weekend. exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast today's high is 88 and partly sunny and on the warm side and the spotty shower or thunderstorm possible this afternoon and this evening. tomorrow hotter and not very humid really, a high of 90 degrees it's a summer lovers kind of day. and then on friday, hot and 90 and more humid and comfortable and could be a thunderstorm late in the afternoon there. we have an improving forecast for the weekend and clouds and shower or thunderstorm early wrerks now looking at the sunshine returning and things dry out and the system getting through faster and see humidity lower a bit with the 86 degree high and saturday clouds and sun
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and 85 and next monday and tuesday a couple of pleasant days with highs around 80. >> we like that. pope francis may know be a fan of american football, he met with representatives from the nfl at the vatican and they gave him his own yearsy. he spoke about the importance of sportsmanship in modern society. >> thank you. more ahead if the next half hour. doctors of the hospital of philadelphia says keeping people healthy strong means keeping vaccines up to date? >> ali gorman talks about the vaccines for 11 to 13-year-olds. much more when we come right back.
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"action news" continues with rick williams and sara bloomquist. >> we begin with half hour with breaking news from the fairmount section of philadelphia. chopper 6 hd is over the 2900 block of ogden street here in fairmount where medics and police are called out for reports of a shooting, the call came out at 12:10 this
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afternoon. there is no word on who may have been shot. it is believed that the taxi there with the door opened is involved in some way. two males were believed to have fled in another vehicle, reports of a shooting on the 2900 block of ogden street in the city's fairmount section. no word on who may have been hit by bullets, we are gathering this information now and we believe the taxi was involved and we'll keep an eye on this and gather more information from philadelphia police and bring you updates here on the air or online at we want to go back to the developing story out of south jersey where police remain on the scene where a person was found dead. calls to 911 for gun fire in the maple shade area, of burlington county went out at 8:30 this morning, police arrived here on east kings highway and found the victim beh


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