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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  June 22, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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turned unintended abductor. the repo man had no idea that the car owners 7-year-old daughter was asleep in the back of the minivan when he drove the vehicle away at 2:45 this morning. needless to say that set off all kinds of alarm bells. sara bloomquist is live in the 4500 block of chestnut street in west philadelphia. police hope that the surveillance video hopes to clear up what happened here last night. they believe that the child's mother was working as a delivery driver with her 7-year-old daughter in the minivan. the vehicle was double parked out front here last night when it was repossessed with the child asleep inside. >> it was unavoidable. in my eyes. >> carmino was doing think job when he hitched hi tow truck up to the minivan under orders to
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repossess the minivan and searched the vehicle and had no idea there was a 7-year-old girl asleep in the backseat. >> the girl was in the third row of the minivan underneath a blanket laying down with what looked to be like a box under a blanket or something. >> police say that the child' 26-year-old mother works as a delivery driver at the dominoes and went inside at the end of her shift leaving the child in the van. >> and when he pull add way she could hear screams from the mother and others and that happens when he repossesses cars. >> that happens all the time. >> he was stopped by a bike office that searched the van from outside and saw nothing. then at 50th and woodland he met up with police again and this
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time the officer spotted the girl's leg. >> and i guess he saw a piece of clothing and looked really hard and said the kid is right there underneath the blanket. the girl was reunited with her mother and police will decide in charges are warranted. >> in the middle of the night you don't want to leave a child out there. bad things can happen this time of year and got up until around 90 we definitely don't want that. >> he says that police let him go without any charges. the girl is now said to be in the care of other family members, her mother is being held on an outstanding warrant on a burglary in camden county and has not been charged in connection with this case. live in west philadelphia, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. today for the first time we are hearing from one of the 12 cosby jurors. two jurors held out for acquittal as you no 'causing the judge to declare a mistrial
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but cosby will be retried by delaware county d.a. kevin steele this juror did not say how he voted but made this comment that seemed sympathetic to the comedian. >> i don't doubt what he she said happened but asked for an apology and he gave her two apologies and she refused any other aid that he offered. >> and he called constand, well coached. >> and the body of the second teener that disappeared has been recovered. a person walking the beach near morris avenue found the body of ramon quinn at 9:15 this morning and they captured video of the recovery here. quinn and hand got caught in a rip current and hand's body was found in margate on monday.
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in hamilton township authorities recovered the body of 17-year-old marty barshoe this morning. he went missing yesterday afternoon when he and three friends went swimming in rowan lake. and the boys were celebrating the first day of summer and got caught in a pop-up storm and the intense storm triggered strong concerns and he did not make it out of the water. a scaffolding collapsed after 9:30 this morning on the 400 block of walnut street. two workers suffered cuts and were rushed to thomas jefferson university hospital. life live on the scene is gray hall. >> reporter: well jim, workers were removing bricks when they got more than they bargained for. the cult -- is up in the sky.
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they are making sure everything is safe before they remove it. chopper 6 hd captured the aftermath of the scaffolding collapse. ashley and her co-worker work in an office billing next door and watched the heart pounding moments unfold. when her boss called 911 she took out her cell phone and started to record. >> the scaffoldinged looked like a v and the white shirted man was dangle from the harness. the guy in the white t shifrt was hanging there holding on a rope. i don't know if he was harnessed but hanging on to a rope and the other guy was climbing up at the time. >> the incident happened at 9:22 this morning. license and inspections says that crews were there making repairs to the outside web sections gave way. >> when they were working on the repair some bricks from the
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facade came down and crashed into the scaffolding causing the scaffolding to buckle and to of the worker who were up there were hurt. >> gus says that the construction crew had a permit and the proper netting that prevented debris from falling to the ground and injuring anyone. >> there are structural engineers looking at the wall figuring out what is the safe move. the safest thing to do next. >> in such a busy area things could have been worse. and nobody walks by was hurt. >> every day i walk underneath there. i am glad everybody is okay. >> back out live we are told that the workers will make a full recovery and this is an active investigation and the building will remain closed until crews deem the wall out here safe. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a wealthy bucks county businessman testified today that
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he foot the bill for lavish gifts and vacations for philadelphia district attorney, seth williams, day three's testimony centered mostly on muhammad ali and his relationship with williams. in return for the gifts he asked williams to look into a drug case for a friend and other favors. he plead guilty to tax evasion and bribery and hopes for leniency. >> this is a huge night for sixers fans with the nba draft kicking off with the sixers making the first pick. jeff skversky is in brooklyn where we are just a short time away. an exciting night. >> reporter: it is a big night indeed jim, for the first time in sixers history they have the number one overall pick in back to back years. last year ben simmons number one
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and this year markelle foltz and sixers fans are trusting the process and hopefully foltz is the final piece to this long and drawn out process. the sixers traded up efrlier with the celtics for the number one overall pick with the intention all along with the intense of drafting markelle foltz out of washington who they think clearly is the best prospect. during the workout in camden think foltz talks to simmons and joel embiid and he made him feel comfort right away and. >> he is a jokester and being with him, he is a good dude and wants the best for you. that is all it is cracking jokes and giving me advice for this whole weekend. >> i think he could be a good pick for us if we draft him. he has the chance to be the number one pick. >> embiid of course tweeted out
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this could be ledgery tweeting a picture of foltz as well as simmons and robert covington and sixers fans envisioning what this could be. foltz wants to win multiple nba championships before it's all said and done. this could be the final piece to the sixers pussle. >> thank you. ducis rogers and sharrie williams will be live on channel 6 and and on facebook live. discussing the draft as it happens, as you watch the draft on television you can watch them online. from our delaware newsroom a legal giant was celebrated in wilmington this afternoon. friends and family and colleagues gathered to remember the life of sydney ballic the first family court master and served six years for the state senate and former vice president, joe biden, called him amen terror and credited him
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with giving him his first job in the law. ballic died last month he was 85. >> a day in the line of duty. coming up a south jersey 4-year-old gets the chance to work his dream job. >> tracking a line of thunderstorms and downpours heading towards the city. we'll let you know when they arrive and tropical rains for friday and saturday if the accuweather forecast.
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"action news" was at the murphy recreation center in south philadelphia.
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everybody in the pool include the first councilman. he jumped in with happy children to celebrate the summer opening of philadelphia's public pools and mayor jim kenney on hand but kept his clothes dry. he is smart, he is mayor. he may have some serious physical obstacles but the sky was the limb the today as a young boy fulfilled a dream. nora muchanic was there. >> i -- say your name. >> chase. >> little boys have big dreams and chase's dream is to be a cop. he has a rare brain cancer and was sworn in by chris chu as an honorary member of the evesham police department. one day on the job he is complaining about the uniform.
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>> it's not really comfortable. >> chase's visit started out with a ride to headquarters in a real police car and got his own uniform shirt and an i.d. and was given an electric cruiser donated by wal-mart. >> he has the official shirt and official police car he will go nuts he is loving it. >> he looked at the patch and his name on it and the police car, it was awesome. this is what it's all about. >> this is my bestest day. and the show was my second. >> this came about when the gill crest family if there was way chis could visit. it turned into more than a visit. >> i was thinking a tour of the police station but this went above and beyond. >> chase and his brothers austin and blake got an up close look at a k-9 demonstration he is currently in remission, but
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because of the kind of cancer chase's life expectancy is limit the. >> to give someone his dream. lots of kids want to be a cop but this one has it in his heart. >> it seems like chase is a natural. i'm nora muchanic channel 6.
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unless there is some bizarre surprise in the offing. markelle foltz will be the new star in the philadelphia of philadelphia stars. >> we have to make sure he is healthy and ben simmons is healthy and joel embiid is healthy. we'll use that first pick but you never know. jeff skversky joins us from brooklyn new york with what to
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expect. >> reporter: a lot of excitement and buzz for sixers fans in this arena, right now on stage markelle foltz and the nba prospects with the photo-op and in an hour from now foltz will be on stage going number one overall. a lot of lofty goals and wants to win rookie of the year and mvp with his first season with the sixers lets look at foltz moments ago last minute wardrobe help for the number one overall pick. get the bow tie right. his rise to the number one pick is remarkable. he was cut from his basketball team and from that point on ironically he would tell himself trust the process and now he will trust the process in philadelphia with the sixers. >> i use to the say when i was younger i got cut from jv as everyone knows, trust in the moss he is and stayed in my
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school and fought through adversity. i didn't find out about the sixers trust the process my senior year and i thought it was cool. shows how bad they want me and everything like that. and i get a chance to go down and give it my all. foltz is the perfect fit trust the process and six ofs have four other draft picks in the second round and we'll see what they do with all of those. they can't possibly fit all the players on this team. >> we'll talk to you tonight we invite you to join us on and facebook this evening. sharrie williams and i will talk about the big moment as the sixers use the number one overall pick, join us online as you watch the nba draft. to baseball a glimpse every once in a while the phillies give us a taste of what things could be.
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in st. louis it was one of those rare occasions, herrera had a rough night thrown out at the plate and picked off of third base today. not good. the phillies were able to overcome that, 1-5 in the fifth tommy joseph a shot. and he allows just one run nola strike out a season high eight batters and the phillies win. >> and one thing i complain about is starters are not giving us lengthth now six or seven into the eighth inning and now length from the starters and we played three extra innings games in a row. and when you have starters going deep into the game it gives us a chance to win. >> and thankfully the bullpen held on today and the phillies are in arizona tomorrow night. coming up adam joseph with
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those storms continue to sink to the south and east and 13 lightning strikes in this cluster of a strong one at spruce hill and harrisburg, we
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watch them clip lehigh county and will make it into philadelphia if they hold together in the 10:00 hour. temperatures in the upper 80s now we hit 89 in philadelphia today and 85 wilmington and dover equally as warm to the north and a sea breeze now ocean of 61 in the 70s. we are watching the circulation this was tropical storm cindy now it is a depression just a weaker low but still pulling up a lot of moisture and severe weather in the panhandle of florida. with all the moisture and spin that continues to work into the tennessee valley and eventually work into the ohio valley is picked up and pulled into a cold front north of chicago. the two of those meet and push through our area friday into saturday. here is the cluster of storms 10:00 working into philadelphia, wilmington and camden, shouldn't be severe but we'll watch these work in with lightning and thunder and gusty winds and heavy rain and the first round
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of tropical rains arrive tomorrow morning 9:00 a.m. and heavy at time, that lifts out and brings in a steam bath here for friday afternoon. tremendously tropical out there and with scattered downpours and thunderstorms sparring up if the afternoon it wouldn't be an all day rain event and in the morning and scattered in the afternoon and the actual front along with the remnants themselves, at least the heart of it is passing through saturday morning with flooding rains here to start the weekend and all of that pushes off the coast and drys out for the second half of the weekend. we take a look at the tropical human we are dealing with the next few days, a half inch at least for all areas and maybe up to 3 inches but localized downpours could bring flash flooding because they are tropical in nature with the heaviest saturday morning. melissa magee is down at the shore at tuckerton sea port and you are at the lighthouse it's a
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beautiful view where you are. >> it really is. you can see the entire sea port behind me 40 acres of history to explore and it's really beautiful this evening. so a lot to see if you head to the tuckerton sea port into the weekend down the shore on friday we track the scattered showers with a high temperature of 80 degrees again these will be the remnants of cindy. for the next two days. it won't be a washout but pretty wet and not too nice. saturday humid with downpours overhead and high temperature of 81 and sunday we start to clear everything out and sunny and gorgeous sunday afternoon with a high of 81 and the ocean temperature coming in at 63. we are atop the tucker ton lighthouse not as many steps as the ones we have climbed in years past together three flights, fyi. >> it's a pleasure seeing you down there today.
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the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 87 tomorrow and breezy and muggy again with on and off showers and downpours a rocky start in the morning and beautiful sunday and monday temperatures below average, cool for june tuesday and wednesday before it warms on thursday. >> abc world news next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17. with brian taff, sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rogers. and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan adam joseph ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team. we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the secret plan revealed. plans to replace obama care and what about pre-existing conditions? groups standing by. president trump and that tweet. days later revealing there are no recordings. how the white house responds. as we come on tonight, the tornado watching and warnings right now. concern around atlanta at this hour after twisters already tear through an american town. the injuryors speak. how many wanted to acquit bill cosby? the story from inside the jury room. and your money tonight as millions


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