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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 23, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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ing. it's an all-new show with great viral videos, "right this minute." armed robbers in a getaway car lead police on a high-speed chase. >> officers do have their guns out. what happens when the robbers do, too? a family follows the noise to find a raccoon. >> stuck between two trees. >> how a tough predicament leads to one bizarre rescue. dad is suspicious because -- >> what's in her hands? >> see if the little girl will
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finally cop to the truth. >> i don't think so. and kids of all ages answer the question -- >> what they would ask their moms if they could. >> what it was like with her first crush. >> the responses that could spark a conversation of your own. >> i've always wanted to ask my mom if she's had any regrets in life. >> knowing my mother if she had any regrets, she's going to get you. do you believe that this got quite the surprise as their day took a turn for the worse. suddenly a gang of masked robbers come rushing into the store, guns ready to rob the joint. that guy has a gun on them. she has the two robbers, go to work. >> these guys are using a high level of aggression to control the people. >> covered head to toe. >> reports say they got away with about five million rubles, about $82,000 u.s. you notice one heads to the door, the others hop bag over the counter. a bag full of jewelry and they take off as well.
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>> they couldn't have been inside more than 30 seconds. >> the time they took them to get in and out. as they rush out. one of the employees run behind them and call the police. >> we pick up as the police chase them down the highway. >> whoa, whoa! >> gurkts? >> the officers have their guns out. gunshots. the robbers are now shooting back at the officers. they clipped them. they got them right at the eyebrows. >> one of the officers was grazed just above his left eye. >> holy cow! >> it's just some jewelry. >> one of the officers pull over and those guys got away. the gang of robbers is still on the run and hundreds of officers in the area are casing it. because they got to bring these guys in. the robbers are facing serious charges and the man who shot the officer could face up to 20 years in prison. >> just crazy. >> nothing like a walk in the woods for the angus family. but this, it takes a dramatic
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turn. >> is it a horror movie? >> it is for me. what's the one thing i am not a fan of? >> raccoons. >> but this raccoon was where it should be, in the forest, minding its own business and this happened. >> this one needed a helping hand. look where it stuck. >> did it fall out of a plane? >> what was it doing? can you see right there, stuck between two trees. >> oh, man. >> the raccoon is so lucky. they happen to walk past this particular tree. that's the noise it's making when they get to it. it's a young male and this one is stuck and good. >> they try to go in and help him. they realize that's not it. they said there was a nest nearby with other little raccoons, because this one is pretty young. finally somebody is able to come along with gloves on because that's what you want to use when you're working with little
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raccoons. listen to him. >> aw. >> i love when they bring the hockey stick out. >> where did the hockey stick come from in the middle of this forest. >> i was confused. but i how he handles it. you know what, y'all? maybe no. >> but the guy comes back with the glove and -- he pulls him up and -- >> where did ge? >> he went nearby. he said after they got darker, they did see some young raccoons hanging around and mom not far away. >> he's like let me go. >> maybe that's exactly what's happening. >> got him. if you got tools, the skills and the know hp how, then why not get to building. start creating, that's what these mechanics in russia have decided to do. they took three ladas, cut the cars in half, discarded the rears of the cars and now are
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rewelding the three fronts back together. >> where is the third one going? like that can you tell what they're trying to make? >> the craze has gone round the world, they're making the world's largest fidget spinner. it doesn't seem to work at the beginning, the cars are all obviously fighting against each other. they don't even seem to be turning the wheels in the proper direction to make the thing spin round and round. they never got it going as fast as they imagined it would go. so it doesn't ever really work. >> it was better on paper. >> yeah, yeah. but who cares. >> we did it, we said we could do it. we thought about it and made our dreams reality. >> this is so ridiculous and stupid and goofy, it's awesome. >> you could totally justify the amount of time you spend on
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this. >> we have a mystery on our hands, little girl, is she the culprit? in this video from joking. >> so there were balloons and they had what? >> red. >> red markers. >> show me your hands for a second. >> red on her hands. >> that's just circumstantial evidence, your honor, that's red-handed but pure coincidence. >> did you put that balloon in your mouth? >> no. >> no. >> what makes you think that. >> i want you to think about it, okay. that balloon had red stuff all over it. did you put that balloon in your mouth? >> mmmm. >> she's going to play dumb. >> i don't think so. >> if you've got red all over your mouth, you know what that tells me? >> what? >> it tells me you put the balloon in your mouth. >> what are you, sherlock all of a sudden? >> did you put that balloon in
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your mouth? >> i don't think so. >> i ain't saying nothing! over to this next incident with the sisters adelie and annie. we've had them on the show many times before. >> what is that? >> lotion. >> who gave you lotion? >> um, amy. >> you gave her the lotion? >> yeah. >> and you told her to put it all over her face and all over my chairs and -- all on the window? >> this is very telling of their relationship. the sisters -- >> she is just joking, she's trying to not get a whupping so i'll get a whupping. she's lying. >> that's the opposite of what is happening. you're the evil twin and it's this one. >> daddy's coming. now you'll get a whupping.
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and momma clean it all off. and you'll still get a whupping. >> we would love to teach her the code. >> because clearly she's in violation. >> she's lying. >> she's lying? coy fish get into formation. >> i kind of expect to see somebody with a remote control. it feels like somebody is -- >> see the unbelievable footage. >> plus it's her 13th birthday and mom has a huge surprise. >> she's speechless. >> hear the story behind this touching moment. >> oh wow. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay. yep. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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is closed captioning provided by -- nasacort stops more of what makes you miserable. ready?
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it's not a kidnapping at all. it's this girl's 13th birthday and her mom, amanda has a little something up her sleeve. >> is she going to send her to boarding school? >> we have a surprise for you! >> bye! >> reagan's mom is help guiding her, she didn't want her to trip and fall as they make their way across the parking lot. they get closer. >> summer school! >> she positions her, you notice there's a man standing there right in front of her. his name is jane, mary beth takes her blindfold off. she's in slow motion now. she's speechless. because james is her dad and she's meeting him for the very first time. >> meeting him? >> yes. >> meeting him for the first time in 12 years. >> oh my goodness. >> shy is she meeting him for the first time. was he in a different state,
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different city? what's up? >> apparently his job took him away more often than not. they decided it would be best that he stay away and now was the time to re-enter her life. >> ooh, wow. >> that's a big surprise to drop on a kid. surprise, here's your dad you've never met. >> yeah. >> there's no time like the present. >> let's move on to these two cuties. this is schuyler and raylee, they're three and five months old. >> they've not met each other for their entire life up until now? >> yes. >> three months is a long time. >> it's your whole life. >> are they just looking in a mirror. >> i look different. >> a 3-month-old says man, you look old. >> mom casey shared this on our facebook page. this is cute. >> diapers, three, two, one, go! better luck next time.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> all right! >> the coy, it's a japanese carp, but in china, it is the symbol of good fortune and luck and here at this beautiful coy pond in china, the coy are doing something quite peculiar. formula line and when they get closer to where the tourists may feed them something, they form a circle and they start spinning in the same direction. >> i kind of expect to see somebody with a remote control. it feels like somebody is -- >> somebody who has been visiting the park for the better part of ten years says he's never seen the coy do this. but on this particular day they
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formed up this line and they went in a circle. it seems like what the coy have learned is if they go to this part of the pond, tourists might feed them. >> wonder if they're creating a little whirlpool and suck up all the little treats that people throw in the water. like a drain, a toilet. >> or if this one was in charge and went around and see if you dummies would follow me and they did. down in maui, trilogy excursions were out and look what they ran across, a turtle getting a little shell cleaning. >> i think this is a swim-through, because we pan over and there's a whole line of them. who come to this area to get cleaned regularly, they say. >> i kind of want a turret toll go up and it to go ding-ding! they've taken it to the
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track. >> this is kathy listen behind the wheel at a race course in australia. >> but see what goes wrong. >> oh! and who needs an oven when you live in arizona. >> we got ourselves some mini chocolate chip cookies. i'll take them and put them inside my car. >> find out if his baking method worked. grandpa!! got it! get everyday low prices on everyday essentials, targetrun and done. hdid you get that email i sente wyou...before you wake up. ... when life keeps you up... zzzquil helps you fall asleep in less than 20 minutes. because sleep is a beautiful thing.
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australia. >> will you look at that. >> you can see the steel jacked up and everybody jams on their brakes. kathy manages to avoid rear-ending the car in front of her. but you can't say the same for the person behind her. she gets punted. pushed into the orange car, her right front wheel connects with the left rear wheel and that just sends her up and over, her head smacks right off the pavement there. >> oh. >> her husband was in a car ahead of this one. they got to the pits and ran over to find her already in the ambulance and cracking jokes. ? she's okay. >> she's totally fine. she says she's got a sore neck and some bruising. >> look at that from the view of the orange car. you get an idea of the amount of force that was thrown up into the air with.
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>> these guys are doing the act opposite this is from the 150 channel, instead of taking it to the track, they're taking it to the streets. this is the street-gasm rally. this is day two of the rally. they're starting off from the hotel in stuttgart. they move through the streets, pass a couple of cops who seem to pull a few of the guys over. but once they're free of the shackles of law, they hit the autobahn, schmee is in a ferrari, they hit an even cooler section of road. very famous section of roadways called the schmogenpas. if you love beautiful cars and beautiful scenery. you're going to want to check this entire thing out. click on tv show or check it out using our mobile app. if any of our new season
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glance at the news or social media. just how hot it is in the american southwest. specifically phoenix, arizona, where planes couldn't even fly. now they may not be aware that if you want to draw a map, at the very epicenter of the heat wave is what? us. the "right this minute" television studios. faced with the fire of hades, our producer came up with a great idea. >> i ran to safeway and picked up the goodies, some mini chocolate chip cookies and a cookie pan. i'm going to take them and put them inside my car and let them roast. predicted to get up to about 120 degrees fahrenheit. >> it's going to be over 140 inside a hot car. this should serve as a psa if can you do this in a car, imagine what it's going to do to a living thing. >> they look a bit melty.
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he goes back an hour later. a similar kind of thing. >> it's 119 degrees. this is not okay. >> no, it's not. >> but the cookies are looking better. >> they still look all gooey. >> what do you think? >> i feel like they're not done. but they're definitely cooking. >> he's roped in a producers, s. >> it's so hot her hair caught fire. >> they smellcookies. >> who cares about the new car smell. it's the fresh cookie smell. coy do that every day. >> i'm going to takeing them in host try them out. >> first two "right this minute" resident cookie expert. >> i think they're pretty perfect. >> >> dale also tried them out. >> these are better than the hooky pucks i brought in the other day. >> jack took them all over the office. >> i'm eating a salad for a
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reason. >> that is my bra. >> you can bake cookies inside your car and feel sorry for us. is there anything you never asked your mom? >> that you always wanted to ask. >> hear what people of all ages would like to find out about their mothers. >> i think i would like to >> important message for women and men ages 50 to 85. please write down this toll-free number now. right now, in areas like yours, people are receiving
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work? the lights come on and everybody runs! all of us here are still blessed to be able to pick up the phone and call our moms and talk to her.
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but has there been anything you've never asked your mom? that you always wanted to ask? >> can i have more pocket money? >> i think my mom and i are pretty open. >> i don't feel like there's anything left unsaid. >> well it's saul asked people from zero to 100, what they would ask their mom if they could. they got some interesting responses. >> that's a question that's been with me all my life. >> i i've always wanted to ask my mom if she's had any regrets in life. >> that's one thing i always wanted to ask. >> but some moms became very int spektive and very thoughtful. >> i wanted to know what her mom was like because i never got to meet her real mom. >> there were questions that dealt with the matter of the heart. >> what makes you happy, mom. >> it's really interesting as a woman to learn about your mom as she was a young adult and then becoming a


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