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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  June 23, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, as we come on the air, severe storms hitting from dallas to pittsburgh. the east coast. d.c., philly, new york are next. the human chain, the woman trapped in her sinking car. an f-16 flipping in the blinding rain. ginger zee is standing by. also tonight, the emergency landing. passengers reporting smoke in midair. the race to get passengers off. the police shooting, a traffic stop for a missing license plate. the driver does not survive. after the first trial ends in a mistrial, tonight, what's just happened in the second trial. is it a warning shot from the president? what he said about the special council, robert mueller. and your money tonight. the major car deals with the fourth of july coming. tonight what we didn't know. which fees you can bargain down at the dealership, even eliminate. and something else you should ask for. it could save you hundreds.
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good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a busy friday night. and we begin with the severe storms hitting this evening. possible tornadoes and flash flooding threats from dallas all the way up to philadelphia. then, new york city and the northeast. a confirmed ef-2 tornado in alabama, destroying several businesses. that f-16 flipping in the rains in dayton. and look at the map tonight. 30 million in the east at risk. travel will be challenging, as though dangerous storms make it up to new york city. this evening, images of the effort to save a woman and her sinking car. and abc's gio benitez leads us off. >> reporter: tonight, with a deadly mix of flash flooding and severe storms, cindy is not done yet. >> my husband's trying to help. >> reporter: alabama hit hard. rescuers forming a human chain, rescuing a woman from her sinking car, just in the nick of time. >> there she is. she got out!
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>> reporter: the car completely submerged. west of birmingham, where several people were hurt when an ef-2 tornado blew through. they're cleaning up flattened holmes and businesses. our steve osunsami is there. >> behind me is what used to be an oil service station. you can see the winds were strong enough to basically tear this place in two. this was part of a wall. >> reporter: in dayton, ohio, a heavy rain at a thunderbirds airshow possibly contributing to an f-16 flipping on a runway. the two passengers taken to the hospital. >> they had been coming in and executed a missed approach because of the visibility and rain. >> reporter: in perry county, illinois, up to five inches of rain swamped vehicles, big and small. this road in mid land, michigan, has a river running through it. and west of pittsburgh, a man trying to clear debris from a drainage pipe was pulled under. he did not survive. and david, here in the
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northeast, we're expefkting rounds of heavy rain tomorronig into tomorrow. david? >> gio, thank you. let's get right to ginger zee. she's tracking it for us tonight. ginger? >> reporter: and david, there is a severe thunderstorm less than 90 miles southwest of us right here and we are not alone. it feels down right tropical for a reason. the remnants of cindy, plus a cold front causing a severe thunderstorm watch for parts of new jersey, back into west virginia, and look at the one back in arkansas, and western tennessee. the tornado watch still in kentucky. let's take you through the timing. the flash flood potential for one two three inches to fall very quickly. the storm timing even brings another very strong line overnight into early tomorrow morning from washington, d.c. look at 9:00 a.m. in new york city. headlines out west, portland, oregon, now in the heat advisory. could get to close to 100. david? >> ginger zee with us tonight. ginger, thank you. these tomorrows already impacting air travel, but there was another scare today. passengers onboard a jet blue flight from new york to florida
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reporting seeing smoke while in midair. then, an emergency landing. here's abc's eva april grpilgri. >> reporter: first responders on the scene. a jet forced to make an emergency landing. smoke spotted inside the plane. >> heads up. we will stop on the runway and plan an evacuation. >> reporter: flight 913 took off this morning from white plains, new york, en route to ft. lauderdale. about halfway through the flight, passengers and crew noticed a problem. >> people started smelling smoke and there was obviously a little bit of haze in the air. >> reporter: the plane forced to land in charleston, south carolina. >> we did have a smoke event in the cockpit, or in the cabin. >> reporter: all 98 passengers and four crew members onboard evacuate down the slides no one was hurt. >> a few people, i'm sure, were pl praying, thinking that was it. never felt like it was out of control. >> reporter: david, the
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passengers did get to ft. lauderdale tonight. the faa is investigating the cause of that smoke. ? >> eva, thank you. we turn next to a police shooting after a traffic stop for a missing license plate. the driver did not survive. the first trial ended in a mistrial, and late today, a second mistrial now declared. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: tonight, an ohio jury again deadlocked. >> we are almost evenly split regarding our votes toward a final verdict. >> reporter: this now the second hung jury in the case against former university of cincinnati police officer ray tensing. he was charged with murder in the shooting death of sam deboez in july 2015. body cam video capturing the incident. deboez pulled over because his car was missing a front tag. at one point, tensing appears to reach into the car and ask deboez to remove his seat belt. moments later, firing once, killing deboez.
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in court, tensing arguing he feared for his life. >> i reached up as far as i could with my right hand and fired a shot. >> reporter: tensing is the third law enforcement officer in the last seven days to be tried for shooting a suspect. none convicted. and david, jurors in 2 tensing trial deliberated for 30 hours over five days. that's more than jurors did during his first trial. the deboez family calls the mistrial unjust. david? >> alex perez tonight. alex, thank you. we turn next here to president trump and what he's now saying about the special council, robert mueller, who is leading the russia investigation, and who is looking into any possible obstruction of justice. was the president sending a warning shot? here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: president trump today suggested special council robert mueller is tainted and politically biased against him. >> well, he's very, very good friends with comey, which is very bothersome.
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the people that have been hired are all hillary clinton supporters, some of them worked for hillary clinton. i mean, the whole thing is ridiculous if you want to know the truth from that standpoint. but robert mueller is an honorable man and hopefully he'll come up with an honorable solution. >> reporter: today, white house press secretary sean spicer said the president has no plans to fire mueller, but insisted he does have the power to do so. >> while he retains the authority, he has no intention of doing that. >> reporter: trump today also offered a new explanation for why he had hitted he recorded his conversations with james comey. it was a bluff, he said, to force comey to tell the truth. >> i didn't tape. but when he found out that, you know, that there may be tapes out there, whether it's governmental tapes or anything else, and who knows, i think his story may have changed. >> it was a smart way to make sure he stayed honest in those hearings. >> well, it wasn't -- it wasn't
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very stupid. >> reporter: but what trump's tweet about tapes did was trigger a sequence of events that led to the appointment of a special council. now conducting a preliminary investigation into possible obstruction of justice by the president. and comey went on to give damning testimony anyway, much of which the president has said is simply not true. he did say under oath that you told him to let the flynn -- you said you hoped the flynn vest game, you could -- >> i didn't say that. >> reporter: so, he lied about that? >> well, i didn't say that. i mean, i will tell you, i didn't say that. >> and jon karl with us live tonight at the white house. and jon, another headline breaking today. "the washington post" reporting that president obama knew that vladimir putin was directly involved in the russian hacking and that he had words with putin himself about it, but "the post" reports that president obama did not punish russia harshly because he was convinced hillary clinton was going to win? >> reporter: in fact, "the poels" reports that the cia in early august delivered an
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envelope marked eyes only, directly to president obama and three of his top aides. it included a message, saying that vladimir putin himself directed the attack. the president did, president obama did confront putin about that, but did little else and one official quoted in the story saying, i feel like we sort of choked. david? >> jon karl live at the white house. jon, thank you. the senate tonight launching a new investigation, this time focucusing on loretta lynch. looking into whether lynch interfered in the hillary clinton e-mail case. earlier this month, james comey testified lynch told him to downplay the fbi investigation. now, to outrage from some, after that plan from senate republicans were finally revealed. their place to repeal and replace obamacare. tonight, some leading republicans on the hill have made it clear they're not onboard. some arguing the cuts are too deep. mary bruce on the hill again tonight. >> reporter: at the airport, lawmakers leaving washington for the weekend got a harsh sendoff.
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>> take our care, we'll vote them out! >> reporter: anger erupting from california -- >> are you ready to fight! >> reporter: to pennsylvania. if more than two republican senators vote no, the health care bill won't pass. and now, at least five say they're not onboard. nevada senator dean heller today announcing his decision. >> this bill that currently in front of the united states senate is not the answer. it's simply not the answer. >> reporter: heller was confronted by angry constituents at a town hall in april. and today, he did not hold back, calling claims the bill will lower premiums a, quote, lie. >> there isn't anything in this piece of legislation that will lower your premiums. >> reporter: it also slashing medicaid, which provides insurance to 74 million disabled and low income americans, and nearly 40% of the nation's children. kids like 5-year-old tyler brend, who has a heart condition.
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his mother says, without medicaid, they could lose everything. >> it shouldn't be up to lawmakers to decide if, you know, they live or die. >> reporter: at least four moderate republicans are concerned the bill's cuts go too far. but four conservatives say they will oppose the bill because it doesn't go far enough. >> the bill may spend more in the next year or two than obamacare does. all right tonight, even president trump admits getting the votes will be difficult. >> it's a very complicated situation from the standpoint, you do something that's good for one group, but bad for another. it's a very, very narrow path. >> a narrow path, says the president. mary bruce live on the hill tonight. senate leaders can really only a ford to lose two republicans on this. right now, several have either said no or are waivering. when does the bill get scored? when do by get that number, how many americans could lose coverage? >> reporter: david, we could get that analysis as early as monday. that's how we'll learn how many americans could stand to lose their coverage. and how premiums could be impacted.
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but david, tonight, as is this current bill does not have enough support to pass. david? >> mary bruce tracking this all week for us. mary, thank you. next tonight here, the famous actor igniting a firestorm over what he said about president trump. he's already apologizing. and here's abc's matt gtman. >> reporter: tonight, johnny depp's alleged joke met with outrage rather than laughter. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? >> reporter: the comments delivered in dead pan at a british film festival, a likely reference to john wilkes booth who shot abraham lincoln. >> it's been awhile. and maybe it's time. >> reporter: in a statement tonight, he admits it wasn't funny. this comes just a week after that shooting at a virginia baseball field. representative steve scalise nearly killed, prompting calls from politicians on both sides of the aisle for more civility. calls apparently ignored by a nebraska democratic state party official, caught on tape as saying this about scalise. >> i'm [ bleep ] glad he got
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sh shot. >> reporter: he claims he was taken out of context, but but fired by the state's party chair. the white house facing its own criticism today after the president welcomed a former trump delegate who last year suggested that hillary clinton be executed. >> hillary clinton should be put on the firing line and shot. >> reporter: the white house tonight, david, is condemning all comments to violence. law enforcement officials we spoke with said their concern is even a joke by an actor here in hollywood could be taken seriously and trigger violence. david? >> matt gutman with us tonight. matt, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. a teen's mysterious death under investigation. the body of a 14-year-old girl found in a landfill, days after she went missing while walking her dog. what police are now saying tonight. also ahead, your money, and with the fourth of july coming, the major car deems out there. and tonight, what we didn't know. the fees apparently you can bargain down, even eliminate at the dealership, and what else you should be asking for can
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this is my pain. but i am stronger. aleve. all day strong. all day long. next tonight here, your money. you've seen the car ads with the fourth of july coming. tonight, our team back at it, this time with tips. which fees can you bargain down, perhaps eliminate at the dealership? abc's kayna whitworth helping to save your money tonight. >> the ford summer sales event. >> reporter: the summer sales are on. >> what's your best deal? >> reporter: and dealerships are dropping prices for the holidays. but before you go shopping, how do you know if you're getting the best deal? >> ah, i'm not sure. >> reporter: what can we expect from the dealership markup wise? >> a fair profit for a dealership, 200 bucks, everybody is happy. >> reporter: when it comes to negotiating, experts say title and licensing fees, a destination fee are nonnegotiable. but other items on the contract,
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landfill two days after she went missing. police say they have no persons of interest in the case. the police chief said they did not initiate an amber alert because the case did not meet the criteria. no evidence at the time of abduction. tonight, sears announcing it will cause 20 more stores. 18 sears locations and two k-mart stores are being closed, aegd to 260 close sures this year. the iconic brick and mortar department store struggling to keep one the online shopping competition. the unforgettable close encounter. that humpback whale breechbeing close to the ship. and a thrift sheeker that found a camera. mt. st. helens erupting in 1980. a family snapshot. when a facebook user saw the photos online, he realized it was him and his family, include what he says is the last photo
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wisconsin, in may, and he's been riding his bike ever since. he is doing it to honor his late daughter, abbey who he lost suddenly when she was 20 years old in a tragic drowning. in that moment, the family made a difficult choice. abbey's organs were donated. >> she loved everybody. if you were her friend, you were lucky. she loved to laugh, and she's a hugger. and that's one of the things that i've been doing along the ride. >> reporter: her father setting off on a 2,000-mile journey to bring awareness to organ donation. along the way, he's discovered the kindness of strangers. taking selfies with people who have given him so much. >> from the day that i've left to where i'm at today, the amount of people, strangers, that have gone out of their way to take me in, give me shelter, a meal and a shower has just been unbelievable. >> reporter: but it was his stop 1,400 miles in, arriving in baton rouge that left him
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speechless. this is jack, 21 years old, he was given abbey's heart. that father, bill, couldn't let go. and jack, grateful for his daughter's heart. and then, jack walks up to him, saying happy father's day. >> happy father's day. >> oh. >> reporter: he gives bill a stethoscope. he's about to hear his daughter's heart. >> there it goes. the beauty of that was is that there were two fathers that were able to celebrate father's day, because jack's alive, and, of course, i'm there, and abbey's alive. she's alive, to me, she's alive inside of jack. it's not about how many cars you have or homes you have or how much money, i mean, to give somebody life, even in a tragedy
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like this, you're able to give somebody an organ to help them live or live a better life? so, my daughter just, again, set an example for me and i've got to follow it. and that's what i'm trying to do. >> so, we choose bill conner and all of the families in this country who, during loss, find the strength to help save another life. thank you for watching here on a friday night. i'm see you later for "20/20." until then, good night.
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