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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 24, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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♪ ♪ "action news" delaware valley's leads news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. ♪ ♪ >> in the shawed doughs of a rainy morning a woman is found brutally attacked. she suffered stab wounds all over her body. the investigation is under way to answer who did this and why. >> it's saturday night, walter is off, i'm sharrie williams. the big story is the discovery of a woman's body on dobbins high school. they want that killer caught.
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jeff has more. >> the brutality of the crime shocks police at this hour searching for her killer. the woman whose name has not been released was stabbed numerous times and left in the park. families return to the area hours after a woman was found stabbed to death. >> this was a brutal, savage attack. someone wanted to be sure she suffered and was killed. >> canine officers scoured the groundgrounds a passer by founde woman. they stabbed her from the chest
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to her vaginal area. >> from belongings found in the park, police believe they have identified the woman as a woman from the neighborhood, frightening dana harris who has a 19-year-old daughter. >> she walks at night catching busses. >> they hope surveillance cameras offer crews. harris is holding her children closer as her heartbreaks for her children. >> she was on the way to work, play, whatever. she deserved to make it to her destination. >> at this 11:00 hour, if it's unclear if police have a suspect in mind. if you know anything about this crime, you are urged to call police. jeff chirico, channel6 news. >> we ever following breaking news from lehigh county where an
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hour long standoff with police has ended in their deaths. neighbors were told to stay inside and lock their doors as the man and woman were holed up inside a home. it started when police tried to pull the couple over. that led to a foot chase. swat made entry to the home where tear gas was deployed. >> when it was safe to make entry, they made entry and discovered two deceased person in the attic. >> officials have not yet identified the man and woman. >> the university of "delaware tonight" is condemning controversial comments made by one of its professors. kat rip debt whiler reportedly posted on her facebook page that
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the young american mad taken by north korea and died this week "got what he deserved." she said otto warmbier was an example of a lot of rich , while males that come into my classes and said he was like a lot of kids that come into our classes. there were calls for her firing. >> hom homeowner and car claimse in after the storms throughout the area. many people tonight are recounting their close calls with mother nature. >> surveillance cameras in new castle delaware captured video of the storms blowing through. this along the 2800 block of new
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castle avenue. the aftermath of the wood fence pulled out of the ground, some sections in the over headline. the rite aid next to the tow yard had its air conditioning unit blown off the roof. one of the most dramatic scenes was along trenton road near broadway. national weather service investigators have determined this is the result of a microburst of powerful winds. bob brooks surveyed the damage there. >> much of collingswood looked like this today. storms blew through didn't last long, but it was powerful and destructive. >> we thought it was a tornado.
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twows so loud and violent. >> the wind and debris was everywhere. we rabb down to the basement and within seconds, it was done. >> their home on stokes avenue, badly damaged. the car, possibly totaled. >> that was my favorite tree. i'm grieving to lose the tree, but i'm happy we are all okay. >> neighbor tracy willy had a tree fall on her house. >> it sounded like a train. >> you heard the train. >> yes, the shows shook. >> down the street bill had branches fall on his retirement gift, a new red mustang. >> one branch here, another here. i bet $10,000 between the body and roof. >> the damage speaks for itself. you can see utility poles down,
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eight to ten poles are down. it will take several days to get this cleaned up. several poles put back in place. 40 customers remain without power. neighbor john herring has been living here a long time and has never seen anything like this. >> i woke up and saw thunder and lightning. we had no power. this is what i woke up to. >> despite the damage out in collingswood and throughout the area, we don't have a single report about someone being seriously injured. that's what people say they are most grateful for. bob brooks, channel6, "action news." >> witnesses took their cellphones out as a funnel cloud was over the home depot on route
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nine. tuns out the witnesses were right. an ef0 tornado, the least severe. no reports of injuries, but there were plant displayed whipped around the parking lot. >> meteorologist melissa magee joining us now with the first look at the forecast. melissa, it's a tradeoff after being hit with the storms. it's cleared out humidity. >> the rest of the afternoon was strong despite showers and storms earlier today. 88-degrees. ample sunshine and humidity lower throughout the day as well. right now, 78 in the city. 63 in the poconos. coast and cape may, 70 and 73 in reading. the level of moisture in the air is starting to drop.
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earlier we had dewpoint numbers in the 7 0s. right now, 60 in philadelphia. a touch of humidity in the atmosphere now. we have partly cloudy skies, spotty showers in berks county. a lot of moisture dies out throughout the rest of the night. as you look at what we can expect, it's beautiful sunday as we close out the second half of the weekend. humidity stays with us through wednesday. >> sounds good. flash flooding in montgomery county where the water was up to the guardrails. a police officer spoke with a driver stranded in the street that turned into a creek. others splashed through high waters in huntington valley. >> the penny packed creek passed
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flood stage and overflowed its banks. water crept up to the penny packed trail. the creek was flowing fast. the creek crested and the flooding is expected to be minor. >> by the time the storm got to the shore, it had lost its impact, but there was street flooding. >> trees were down at 19th and bainbridge, ripping down power lines. police, peco linesmen and tree crews were on hand to get the clean up done. we invite you to show the action that you took of the storm by e-mailing it to "6abc".com or post it on social media, use the
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hash tag "6abc" action. >> a big honor for philadelphia sons, boys to men. the section between christian and comewood street is known as boys to men boulevard. nate, nuye and sean were on hand for the unveiling. >> the city was gracious and kind enough to give us this honor. it truly is an honor. >> the east side of broad bear is home to philadelphia high school for the performing arts where the group's original members attended. there is more to come on "action news," including two toddlers dying in a hot car and the unbelievable reason a mother says she left them there.
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>> and a plane crashed into a daycare. >> and a separate look for survivors after a landslide buries chai needs villagers. melissa? >> we are dry the rest of tonight. the humidity continues to lower. we let you know how long the stretch is sticking around for the forecast. >> jeff scaversky has the phillies taking on the diamond backs. day two of the flyer's draft is all coming up when "action news" continues. ♪ ♪
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>> in florida a small plane slammed into a building with a daycare inside and the consequences were deadly. >> it crashed this morning in fort myers. the passenger died. the pilot was rush today the hospital. fortunately, since it is saturday, the daycare was closed. >> i saw the plane go low. it flip hit the trees, flipped over, did a somersault, and blew up. >> it was engulfed in flames. it went off two more times after that. >> the faa and nrkt ntsb are
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investigating. >> a texas mother is in jail after locking her kids in the car to teach them a lesson. she left the two-year-old boy and 16 month old in the car intentionally. they were playing in the car and refused to get out, so she left them in the car. she smoked marijuana and took a nap before returning to the car and finding them unresponsive. >> a landslide buried a remote village in province.
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120 people are missing. dozens of homes are buried in mud and rock. members of one family including a baby were rescued from the rubble alive.
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>> it was beer and big catch at the zoo
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the summer ale festival returned. the weather cooperated for that part of the day. it's been beautiful most of the day. >> it has. we have lots of sunshine to enjoy. we look at storm tracker 6, it's dry for the most part. there is a spotty shower moving into reading and berks county. we go through the overnight hours and nothing like we had earlier today tracking severe weather. >> sky 6 live and temple university, we have partly clear skies. earlier today, quite active. we had a microburst about 7:05 this morning. testify difference between a burst and tornado, with a burst, you have straight line winds.
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debris is flown outward from the draft. debris is essentially in one area. the difference for a tornado, rotating winds in the atmosphere so the debris is spread in any direction. that's the notice i believe difference. right now, 78 in the city, 63 in the pok poconos. dover, 70. dry, quiet, mostly clear skies. a lot of this will fall apart as it continues eastward. lower humidity dropping to 60 in philadelphia. 60 in the suburb, 68 in philadelphia with northwesterly winds, 17 miles per hour. it's mostly sunny, high temperatures at 84 in the city. we have a westerly wind and that
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helps to dry out the atmosphere. not a lot of prichtion sunday. sunny and nice, 82-degrees. in the poconos, comfortable and a high of 72. here's the exclusive forecast. tomorrow, sunny, lower humidity high of 84. monday, high of 81. isolated showers likely. there is instability in the atmosphere but it's a good looking day by then. stray shower in the forecast, 77. cool for june. humidity stays low. high of 81. thursday, cranking up the heat, high to 90. on friday, hot and humid at 93.
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the first day of july, next saturday, humid with a thunderstorm possible, high at 91-degrees. we are looking good june flying by, july. time is moving. >> thank you, melissa. >> record breaking travel is expected over the fourth of july weekend. 44.2 million people will travel 50-miles or more. that's more than a million travelers higher than last year making it the most traveled independence day weekend since aaa has been keeping count. the vast majority of people will drive but cruises are also a big draw for the long holiday weekend. ♪ ♪ n you believe this?
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the fireworks were the team's way of celebrating the upcoming independence day holiday early. jeff skversky here to talk sports. let's hope there is something to celebrate for the phillies. they can pick things up a bit. are the phillies about to pick things up in the desert. the phils win their third straight game something they haven't done in two and a half weeks. the force is not with the phils. ben lively, second in arizona. they leave them loaded. bottom two, herrera, dropped the ball. chris owens gets to third, it leadses to a run. next up in the forth, lively f . lively gets the strikeout.
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it's a two run shot, nearly splashed into the pool. phillies and diamond backs tied at two, heading to the bottom of the fifth. >> now that the nhl draft is over, the next priority for flyer general manager ron hextall, finding a trade. steve mason is still in the mix. hextall makes a trade to move up in the she could round of the draft, they take a giant 6' 6 left winger, scouted rated as a first round talent. radcliff expected to be a flyer one day says he's number right now. >> i have been around the guy in the organizations, a guy like travis i have known for a while and others that have gone through the same process going through hockey tournaments and visiting the city as well.
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being in this organization, definitely of awesome for my future. >> here's the flyer future, their entire draft from the weekend, picking up a goalie but seven of nine picks are forward. after trading brayden schenn in the first round, are the flyers rebuilding? >> no. no. are we getting younger? yes. rebuild? absolutely not. we have crowning players that at some point we have to open up opportunity for them to play. >> funny how things work out. flyers trade their seventh round pick to montreal and the canadians use the pick to draft the son of former applier captain keith pree mow. caden played in pe paw talken.
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keith is a proud papa. >> the excitement and to be part of the original six team in canada, we couldn't be happier for sure. >> keith says he's an emotional wreck today. speaking of goalies, still to come in sports, trying to save an early lead in chester. highlights coming up next. nolla


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