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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  June 26, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> >> good morning it is monday, june 26, matt o'donnell is off, jeanette reyes is joining us, we're following breaking news. a driver takes aim at a philadelphia police officer narrowly missing a police officer and taking off. and the republican senate healthcare bill is hitting road blocks as lawmakers push for a vote this week. we'll get to that in a moment, yesterday was a beautiful day, hopefully david murphy says we can have more of that and karen rogers is watching the commute.
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>> reporter: thank you, sir, may i have another, it was a good one. we can clouds dishing off the coast. we'll have clouds holding off a spotty shower here and there. allentown waking up to a cool and comfortable 56 degrees. 65 in trenton, 65 in wilmington. 57 in millville. 72 in cape may. the dewpoints are in the 40s and 50s across the region that means it's not very humid at all, 61 is margally humid in cape may. it will be a nice one today. 7:00 p.m., 67 degrees, noon, 78, looks like a high of 81, still warm, but below average and with low humidity it should be comfortable. that comfortable pattern continues through the workweek before another heat up and juice up before the end of the weekend weekend, i'll have details on
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that and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: juice up, that's a new one. looking at the vine street expressway, we had an accident westbound on the shoulder that just cleared, so traffic currently moving better as you head toward the schuylkill expressway. we can see the vine is open in both directions. here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway westbound past city avenue we've had construction between city avenue and conshohocken. it has been blocking the right lane, traffic is moving nicely, the flashing lights up ahead. 422 eastbound approaching oaks we have an accident watch for some restrictions out here, they were blocking a lane, they just moved it to the shoulder. traffic is moving better here. a live look from i-95 coming in from langhorne or bensalem is looking good so far, tam. this is breaking this morning, a driver plowed through a crime scene nearly hitting several police officers and detectives believe it was an intentional act. katherine scott is live near the
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scene near east erie avenue and i-street in juniata park. >> reporter: good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, there were no serious injuries, i'm getting out of the ware, because they are moving the bikes that were mowed over this morning. they are putting in the trunk of the vehicle. erie and i in juniata park is closed off, the drivers just missed the officers, but they mowed down the police, they were placed up right so the police could take a look at them, they were bent and mangled. police are on the scene looking at a carjacking. they stopped a chrysler at an intersection and made the arrest and recovered the gun. the officers had the car in the
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carjacking surrounded when a speeding black nissan came barreling toward them, they believe it was going 60. the officers jumped out of the way, but the driver slammed into the three parked philadelphia police bicycles and drove over them. the driver sped away. >> the vehicle may have marks on it, recent scratch marks or dents because it did strike at least three police bicycles throwing some of them, causing some of the officers to jump out of the way and narrowly missing injury. >> reporter: so far police have not been able to track down the driver, they believe the vehicle is a black nissan possibly an ultima with tinted windows. the road is closed off while police investigate.
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there are nearby cameras and police are hoping to find footage that can help in the investigation. live in juniata park, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> we're following some breaking news out of the city's kensington section. a man was shot and killed in an execution-style ambush this happened in front of the victim's girlfriend and another friend. the 26-year-old man was at d and allegheny late last night with his girlfriend and another male friend when the suspect walked up to him and shot him once in the head and the gunman took off. police are checking the area for surveillance cameras they are hoping will find the suspect. also breaking a fast-moving fire damaged at least three row homes in chester, delaware county overnight. crews were called to harrison street at 1:30 a.m. flames broke out on the first floor and quickly spread. smoke and water damage to
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neighboring homes on both sides. no reports of injuries. a massive three-alarm fire at the shore has destroyed two homes in cape may county. you can see the flames and smoke pouring from the homes on park boulevard in wildwood crest. the fire was so intensity jumped from one house to the other. you could see the smoke from miles offshore. one resident said he heard an expoargs. >> expoargs -- comploargs. >> -- explosion, i heard an explosion, it was a huge explosion. >> the owner lives at the shore full time. the investigation is focused on the area between two of the three impacted homes. a shooting inside a west philadelphia bar left a man critically injured, police were called to eddie's cafe.
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he was found with a gunshot wound to the chest. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. police in camden county identified the woman found shot to death inside her home in winslow township. the body of 45-year-old diana marie scortto was found inside her home and had been shot repeatedly. detectives scoured the scene for hours looking for evidence. 4:37 a.m., the healthcare showdown ramps up after both sides spent the weekend making their case, thousands of protesters organizing across the country. abc's emily row has more. >> reporter: a catylist for town halls and rallies over the weekend and embarked debate on sunday morning tv, the fight
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over our nation's healthcare system is heating up. >> this legislation will cause devastating pain to millions of american families. >> reporter: potential cuts to medicaid a key holdup for many, but the implications of the senate's 142 page bill are very different depending on what who you ask. >> we call them cuts we don't call them cuts. >> it's hard for me to see the bill passing this week. >> reporter: with democrats unified in opposition republicans can afford two no votes. five gop senators saying they do not support the bill in its current form. rand paul does not support it. >> there's no way republican bill brings down premiums. >> the plan will bring premiums down. congressional budget office could put out a score outlining
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how many americans will lose coverage as soonls -- as soon as today. president trump is still hopeful. if mitch mcconnell has his way there will be a vote by the end of week before the senate breaks for the 4th of july holiday. emily row, abc news washington. seth williams corruption trial is set to review. he is charged with exchange of $100,000 in cash and trips. muhammad ali pleaded guilty to bribery. williams faces 29 counts of bribery and fraud. he has maintained his innocence. new on "action news" 20 workers sickened by pesticides sparks investigation out west.
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crews rescuing a woman from a river in reno, nevada. she jumped into the river from a downtown bridge and was swept downstream. rescue crews reached the woman who was clinging to a willow tree. they pulled her over the banks to dry land. lucky woman. >> time to turn to david murphy saturday morning, what a soaker.
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things got better, what have we got now. >> reporter: soaker and stormy, the rest of the weekend looked pretty good. we're in the same pattern for the most part. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing you a dry start for the weekend. sky6 live hd gorgeous morning building over the commodore barry bridge. we're expecting sunshine to start out today. the temperature, 68 degrees, the dewpoint in the 40s, that's definitely not humid. it is crisp and comfortable this morning. got a couple of spots in the 50s as we head toward dawn. wind north/northwest 7 miles per hour. getting breezier as we head into the afternoon. satellite and radar shows not a lot of action to the west, late today and this evening, we might develop a couple of clouds and weak disturbance where we might get showers through, the day looks great.
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noon, 78 degrees, again very low human -- humidity and the temperature at 3:00 p.m. is 81, that's the high we expect. 79 degrees by 6:00 p.m. comfortable by 6:00 p.m. high temperatures across the region, 78 in allentown. 79 this afternoon in reading and it looks like we'll stop in the upper 70s in lancaster and trenton. low 80s in philadelphia. wilmington, millville and dover, if you're down the shore upper 70s at the boardwalk in atlantic city. 78 in cape may, new jersey. comfortable there, as well. in terms of any rain, i'm starting future tracker as 7:30, you can see by then there's a chance of a spotty shower popping through areas are to the north. poconos might get a thunderstorm, this is certainly no washout. it looks like overnight we transition to clear skies again, and tomorrow morning we start out sunny and in the afternoon developing a few clouds maybe a spotty shower or thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon well up to
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the north and the poconos, perhaps the lehigh valley, and by 7:30 looks like most of the area is drying out again, with the exception of the poconos. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 81 degrees, still comfortable out there. we have a chance of a spotty late shower later this evening, and most of you stay dry. it feels great today. not as warm tomorrow, 77 degrees, there's a chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon or evening. wednesday it's the continuation of beautiful, comfortable weather, low humidity lots of sun and high of 81. like today, wednesday is going to be nice. thursday, breezy and beginning to warm up again. 88 degrees, clouds kicking in. by friday hot and humid conditions, 90 is the high, there can be a stray thunderstorm developing on friday. for the weekend, hot and humid on saturday, looks like a better chance of thunderstorms particularly in the afternoon and evening the way things are timing. 91 the hot high. 88 on sunday, clouds and sun,
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spotty thunderstorm there, as well. >> you can always get the seven-day forecast and live look at storm tracker 6 live double scan radar at any time of the day that you wanted it's on our website head to and this is the aftermath of a deadly explosion along a pack taken -- pakistani highway. an oil tanker flipped on its side. residents rushed to collect the valuable fuel the tanker erupted into a fireball. 150 people were killed and another 50 in critical condition. british authorities say the list of highrise apartment buildings fitted with external claddings that failed fire safety tests stand at 60. the exterior panels fitted to hiersz -- highrise apartments
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are being tested to see if they are similar to the grand field tower. nearly two dozen field workers at a california celery farm were sickened when they exposed to pesticide. the workers were taken to the hospital with symptoms of dizziness and vomiting and abdomin pain. passengers flying on the airplane saying what the pilot told them, made things worse. hopefully everything will turn out for the best. >> dramatic video shows the plane violently shaking in the sky. one witness said the cabin was shuttering like a washington
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machine. the plane was forced to turned around and make an emergency landing. >> people were crying and they were preparing, we thought there was a good chance we were going down. >> the pilot was able to land the plane back in perth. nobody was hurt. the airline was shaking with a technical issue with the engine. you don't want 4 1/2 hours to go and you're shaking like that. an air bag maker overwhelmed by lawsuits and recall costs files for bankruptcies. wildfire tears through the west, what authorities say could have sparked the fire. more on that when "action news" continues.
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everybody, how you doing today, it is magnificent monday as my stage manager rich just told me. this is the traffic moving nicely, no problems on the roads on 42. mall functioning traffic lights at franklin quarter road. let's check the blue route approaching the schuylkill expressway, northbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill
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expressway moving nicely no big issue there. we spotted a disabled vehicle blocking the right lane on the northeast extension southbound past mid county not causing any slowing because it's early out there. we had an accident on 422 eastbound approaching oaks that just cleared, jennette. >> a space x rocket successfully lifted off from vanneddenberg air force base yesterday. they are going to eliminate black zones where commercial airplanes can't be tracking by providing global surveillance of all flights. japanese air bag maker takata has filed for bankrupt in u.s. and tokyo. most of the assets will be sold to key safety systems for $1.6 billion. takata could not stand the hefty
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penalties related to the air bag inflates. they can explode with too much force and hurl shrapnel killing people. futures are pointing to a higher open across the board this morning. transformers the last night made $45 million. it's the 5th insult in -- installment in the franchise. i gave my money to transformers my little guy loves to roll out. he was very happy. i was happy that he was happy. 4:53 a.m., a hit-and-run driver narrowly missing several philadelphia police officers and investigators believe it was intentional. a live report ahead at 5:00. first a young girl dangling from an amusement park ride
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takes a dramatic leap of faith. ♪
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>> fire crews on land and from the air continue to battle a raging wildfire burning in southern utah. so far the brian head fire has scorched 42,000 acres burning for 8 days. homes and buildings have been destroyed. empty dorms at the university of utah have been made available for vac -- evacuees.
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a young girl survived an amusement ride fall, the 14-year-old from greenwood, delaware, was dangling from the sky ride after it came to a stop. the a man promised to catch her, and with a little help that's what he did. the girl was not seriously hurt. park officials say the ride and the seat were in working order they are looking into how the girl slipped out from her seat. she is a lucky young lady they were there. >> your time, 4:57 a.m., breaking overnight, a driver speeds toward philadelphia police officers forcing them to jump out of the way, they are now searching for that driver. we'll have the latest in a live report. the winner of best female hip hop artist talks about second chances in her acceptance
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>> good morning it is 5:00 a.m., monday, june 26. matt o'donnell is off, jeanette reyes is joining us this morning. we're following several breaking stories for you, philadelphia police officers jumped out of the way as a driver barreled toward them running over police bikes. a woman's x boyfriend is accused of ambushing and shooting her new boyfriend overnight. sky6 live hd it's gorgeou


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