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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 26, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. showdown. clocks ticking on the senate health care bill. the crucial vote could come this week. president trump fighting to get his own party on board amid fierce opposition. >> it's a very narrow path but i think we'll get there. >> a huge day at the supreme court. will they rule on the travel ban and is one justice about to step down? raging wildfires. nearly two dozen burning across the west. hundreds evacuated. this man trying to battle a blaze with water from his pool. homes already destroyed. now fierce strong winds will fan the flames. new warnings about that deadly triple-digit heat. abc news exclusive. a jury in the bill cosby trial speaks out on camera for the first time. >> i thought he was guilty. >> you didn't always feel that way. >> no. >> what changed his mind?
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inside those grueling 52 hours of deliberation and the one thing they vowed thought to talk about. only on "gma." ♪ i'm on my way and the sweetest swing. jordan spieth defying the odds with this sudden death 60-foot shot. the crowd going wild. what he did that only tiger woods has done before. ♪ good morning, america. great to have george back. >> good to be back. thank you. >> how about that great shot? >> boy, you think of jordan spieth. let's show it one more time. we were just saying we could watch this all day long. he's normally such a cool customer but amazing what he did right after. >> the reaction with the caddie. >> that was so great. >> yep. >> more on that coming up. a very busy morning in washington. supreme court, summer recess
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starts today after the justices hand down final decisions, the big one, what will they say about trump's travel ban. all this amid speculation justice ken day may retire. the president focused his tweets on russia taking a new tack appearing to admit russia interfered in our election for the first time and blamed president obama. the showdown in the senate. gop still short of votes and today will the congressional budget office reveal its score, how much the bill will cost, how many millions will lose insurance coverage? a lot coming up and mary bruce starts us off with all the latest. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning. by the end of the day we are likely to know how many americans could stand to lose coverage. and how premiums could be impacted but this report card is likely to complicate this race to negotiate. republican leaders have just a few days to wheel and deal with members of their own party. they are barreling towards a self-imposed deadline and this
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morning the list of republicans voicing concerns is growing. with the clock ticking president trump is cautiously optimistic that senate republicans will pass their health care plan. >> i don't think they're that far off. famous last words, right? but i think we're going to get there. >> reporter: but members of his own party aren't so sure. >> we should not be voting on this next week. >> reporter: republicans can afford just to lose two votes. five others have serious concerns. conservatives say the bill doesn't go far enough to repeal obamacare. >> the obamacare subsidies in this bill are actually greater under the republican bill than they are under the current obamacare law. that is not anywhere close to repeal. >> reporter: during the campaign candidate trump promised not to trump medicaid. >> i'm worried about the medicaid cuts. what it means to our most vulnerable citizens. >> reporter: during the campaign he vowed not to touch medicaid. >> save medicare/medicaid and
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social security without cuts. >> reporter: the senate bill is projected to slash spending on medicaid by $800 billion but the white house insists this keeps the president's promise. >> we don't see them as cuts. it's slowing the rate of growth in the future and getting medicaid back to where it was. >> reporter: at least one republican governor disagrees. >> over a ten-year period medicaid funding will be significantly curtailed. >> reporter: across the aisle democrats aren't budging. >> we are doing everything we can to fight this bill because it's so devastating for the middle class. >> reporter: republicans are now scrambling to negotiate with both opposite ends. the challenge is can they strike that balance or will any concessions anger and frustrate the conservatives and vice versa? can they find the middle ground? >> that is the big question, thank you. as george mentioned president trump's tweets focused on russia appearing for the first time to accept the fact that russia
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interfered in the election but now blaming president obama for not doing more to stop it. our senior white house choernt correspondent cecilia vega has more. >> reporter: it could be china and lots of other people but now he points the finger directly at moscow. president trump now seems to concede what 17 intelligence agencies previously concluded russia did indeed interfere with the election. his strategy, blame president obama. >> well, i just heard today for the first time obama knew about russia a long time before the election and he did nothing about it. >> reporter: the shift comes after a "washington post" report detailing russia's role in the election and president obama struggled to stop them. president trump tweeting since the obama administration was told way before the 2016 election that the russians were meddling, why no action? focus on them and not ""t."
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>> i know you thought hillary would win. how could you not reveal important information about russia hacking? >> reporter: but democrats too. >> he should have spoken out to the american people and said, this is what russia is doing. russia has had better stop it. >> reporter: not just russia. six months on the job and he's still tweeting about the election and his opponent writing hillary clinton colluded with the democratic party in order to beat crazy bernie sanders. is she allowed to so collude? unfair to bernie. a lot of tweets this weekend but today president trump meets with india's prime minister right here at the white house. they are expected to issue statements together but they are not expected to be taking questions from the full white house press corps, george. the president has only had one full white house press conference since taking office. >> a long time, cecilia, thanks very much. more from our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl and
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matthew dowd. welcome to you both. let me begin with you. so much at stake for the president on health care. he is up against a wall right now of republican opposition and it's hard to figure out exactly what he's doing about it. >> reporter: well, i do know this, george. i am told the president made calls over the weekend to some of those wavering senators getting directly involved at least with the lobbying push if not with the negotiations over changing the bill. and i'm told he'll be doing more of that in the coming week, of course, the stakes are incredibly high for the president. he wants to see this pass and he wants to see it pass soon. >> reporter: matthew dowd, stakes incredibly high for the president for the american people as well. >> absolutely. i think what we've learned even when you hold all the leverage of power which the republicans and president do, an unpopular president can't get an unpopular congress to pass an unpopular policy. the problem with this, if this fails all those other policies because if you don't get health care you can't get tax reform, infrastructure becomes more difficult, this really is that
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line that if he can't get over it will hard for him to pass anything. >> meantime, the president simply can't help himself on those tweets about russia. >> no, he has an obsession on this and i was thinking about. the one person that questions donald trump's legitimacy the most for holding his office seems to be donald trump. donald trump constantly raises questions about his own electoral victory, about whether or not russia interfered with it and i'm reminded of a quote, to cure one obsession you usually have to adopt another obsession so donald trump would be much better adopting another that was more beneficial for the public. >> doesn't appear he will do that. this appearance from the president that he's accepting that russia interfered in our election now puts the ball back in his court. what is he going to do about it? >> reporter: he's been all over the map on this and his tweets over the weekend, i counted at least four related to russia or the russia investigation, only two on obamacare. but he does now say that he does appear to be accepting the fact that the russians interfered and
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he is criticizing the obama administration or president obama for not doing more which raises the question what will he do about it? you don't see much activity on that front. >> they are facing a possible -- the senate vote on sanctions for russia. the president resisting that. >> reporter: well, the president believes that that -- the administration's position is that that kind of hems them in, that they want the flexibility. they have, by the way, stepped up sanctions on russia, you know, laterally so aren't opposed to the idea of sanctions but opposed to congress telling them what to impose. >> jon karl, matthew dowd, thanks very much. to that big day at the supreme court. the last day of the session before the summer recess begins. the court handing down its final ruling today and as we mentioned it could take action on president trump's travel ban so let's go to terry moran who covers the supreme court for us and is there right now and let's start with that travel ban, terry. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is a huge day for president trump up here and one of his signature policies which has had
7:10 am
a really rough go of it in the courts so far. now the supreme court steps in and the real issue, does president trump as a national security matter have the authority to ban immigration from the six predominantly muslim countries or is that really an unconstitutional muslim ban? the lower courts have stopped this policy from going into effect and pointed to the president's own tweets and words saying that is unconstitutional, what he really wants to do there so the court could do a couple of things. they could take this case, agree to hear it next fall, in the meantime, keep blocking that policy from going into effect. huge defeat for the president or they could take the case and allow the policy to go in effect and say we'll see how it works in the real world, a victory for the president and say we aren't taking it and keep fighting it out in the lower courts and would not go into effect so a defeat as well. >> growing speculation justice kennedy would announce his
7:11 am
retirement. >> reporter: this in many ways is the kennedy court, the swing vote for more than a decade on crucial issues, abortion, affirmative action and he has been the crucial vote. if he decides to retire and signs that he would, it would be a war for this court. like nothing seen in the past 30 years since the nomination of robert bork was defeated and justice kennedy took his seat. >> that's right. >> all right, terry, thank you. >> everything changes in washington if he retire, seismic. we'll stay on top of that but turn to massive wildfires in the west forcing hundreds of families to evacuate in utah, nearly a thousand firefighters are battling the largest active wildfire in the country, already consumed more than 40,000 acres. abc's matt gutman is on the ground in pafguitch, utah. good morning. >> reporter: officials calling it unprecedented saying they never expected it to grow this big this fast so early in the fire season already consuming an area larger than washington,
7:12 am
d.c. they have 1100 firefighters here already but say they need more. this morning, fast-moving flames in utah forcing more than 1500 from their homes. more than 1100 firefighters keeping an all out assault battling this nearly 43,000-headacher fire. >> relatives on the west side of the valley lost everything. >> reporter: more than a dozen homes destroyed as firefighting planes and choppers battle it from above. >> a fire of this magnitude with this much energy just does what it wants. >> reporter: much like 21 of the wildfires burning across states officials blaming triple digit heat and dry terrain feel the heat. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: this brush fire near los angeles driven by wind and heat racing up hillsides. more than 750 acres burned as the fire jumped a highway and
7:13 am
motorists trying to keep that smoke in their rearview mirror. officials had to shut down a major highway. the fire threatening dozens of homes. this resident frantically trying to battle the blaze using water from his pool. in arizona, the governor declaring a state of emergency, the fry fire chewing up more than 35,000 acres. this time lapse captures the flames consuming the hillside. >> be ready and get out. >> reporter: now there are red flag warnings here today which means more heat and more wind could make this fire again into an intern another and firefighters talking about 100-foot-high flames and concerns it will push it back toward residential areas. >> we'll keep on this and go to ginger with new fire warnings across the southwest. >> robin, matt is right. it's going to be the wind as we get rid of some of the heat and suppress some of it red flag warnings but phoenix has been
7:14 am
110 degrees plus today for ten days in a row so the heat is real then you put on the critical fire danger not just in the rockies, parts of idaho, eastern oregon but through las vegas and into arizona, because that ridge is going to break down, the heat, yes, still very hot, 118 needles. 115 yuma but as that flips through that's where the wind comes from. it also is where the cooler air comes from, burbank, 111 sunday. 79 by thursday. robin. >> see those digits. already. the latest into an airasia flight shaking for a full two hours and the pilot asked passengers to pray and made an urgent plea. david wright with the latest. >> reporter: something you don't want to hear from a pilot. pray but this happened about 90 minutes into the flight, frightening times for passengers as their airbus jet started shaking. you can see the tray tables and seats all shaking.
7:15 am
passengers as well. this happened as they're heading back now. it took them more than an hour and a half to get back. one described it as being in a washing machine. the pilots of the airasia jet from perth, australia, to kuala lumpur pleaded with passengers to pay attention and to pray. >> please, listen to everything. our survival depends on your cooperating. hopefully everything will turn out for the best. >> reporter: upon landing the pilot reportedly told passengers that he thought a fan blade broke in one of the engines. you can see the engine shaking in the video shot by one of the passengers. airasia is just calling this an engine incident saying in a statement that it is investigating with its engine supplier, george, which is rolls-royce. >> they don't know for sure whether it was the air blade that broke. >> reporter: they don't know exactly but i got to tell you, george, that analogy of a washing machine on balance is a pretty good idea because if a fan blade breaks the engine
7:16 am
starts moving even though it's shut down the air start going through and would shake like it did all the way back to perth. >> thanks very much. >> every time you see that. speaking of video turning to that incredible moment on the golf course. jordan spieth winning his -- winning the first major of the year. that shot right there, every time you see it you still can't believe it, paula faris. still can't believe it. >> i don't know if it actually happened. we'll show it to you again, everybody. in any sport it helps if you can actually see the target that you're aiming for. well, jordan spieth couldn't. he hit a blind shot and afterwards admitted it was a whole lot of luck. >> right in the hole. >> reporter: it was a moment of pure celebration. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: golfer jordan spieth defying the odds making an incredible 60-foot blind bunker shot in the first hole of
7:17 am
a sudden death playoff. >> right at it. >> reporter: watch again as he makes the shot. throws his club in the air and leaps into a chest bust with his caddie as the crowd goes wild. >> and the place was shaking. i mean, i've never experienced a roar like that. >> reporter: it may have been an unbelievable shot but at least one person saw it coming. fellow golfer justin thomas actually predicted the shot on twitter right before it happened. >> not an easy shot here. >> reporter: maybe because it's not the first time he's gotten himself out of a tough spot. back in 2013 at age 19 he pulled out from a bunker in a similar fashion winning the john deere . spieth now joins tiger woods as one of only24.
7:18 am
he's impressive. so rare to win from a bunker shot his caddie took something unusual as a memento. he took the bunker rake, you guys. that sounds like a great idea until you get it home and then what do you do with a bunker rake? it doesn't fit in with the motif? >> not going to forget that. go back to ginger. severe weather coming to the plains. >> tough to put it in a shadow >> let's get to the select cities brought to you by carmax.
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>> reporter: good morning everyone, storm tracker 6 live double scan showing you we are dry. as we look outside, plenty of sunshine across the region. better yet, we have cool and comfortable conditions this morning with low humidity. it stays that way today. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it will get warm later today, high of 81. we are looking at comfortable conditions low humidity and lots of sun. spotty shower tonight. tomorrow, not as warm and 77 and after showers and thunderstorms possible. cosby's jurors speaking out. why he thinks cosby should have been found guilty. the 14-year-old trapped dangling from a six flags ride. watch how she was saved.
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♪ edwards, 7:23 a.m., monday, june 26. let's see what's going on i-95 with karen rogers. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam, we have a disable vehicle that was in a bad spot on i-95 northbound in bucks county. they pushed it off. southbound at broad street we had an accident that cleared there, as well. we have a vehicle fire cheltenham avenue watch for this in montgomery county causing a problem. on the schuylkill expressway we'll have rolling lane closures this will slow you down 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. today and tomorrow westbound between the blue route and 202 and wednesday and thursday, it will be eastbound, so rolling lane closures that will cause problems. more construction on the schuylkill expressway, tam. thank you, karen. we'll take a short break
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and come back to accuweather. perfect dasure huh? i don't know about you gus, but i think a foul ball's coming our way. i'm ready! (crack of the bat, crowd cheers) whoa! almost had it! maybe next time.
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gorgeous start. lots of sunshine, low humidity, 68 in philadelphia. 63 in lancaster. low # 70s in cape may. in the spots to the north we're getting into 60-degree range. 81 is the high. comfortable, low humidity, lots of sunshine and later tonight spotty shower possible. tomorrow, not as warm, 77. clouds and sun. there's a chance of a shower or gusty thunderstorm popping up in parts of the region. wednesday, beautiful and comfortable. thursday a tad more humid and warmer. hot and humid air returning on friday. >> coming up on "g.m.a.," the details of a shooting of a an american tourist vacationing on
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♪ what a show last night. bruno mars opening the b.e.t. awards with electrifying performance. there was so many surprises there on that stage. chance the rapper, the huge award of the night. at 24 years old the youngest person to get the humanitarian award. he raised 2 million for chicago public schools and also a special message from former first lady michelle obama. we went backstage with a whole bunch of people. >> a lot of good work. only 24. a live look at the supreme court. summer recess starts after the justices hand down their final decision. will justice kennedy retire? it marks the two-year anniversary of the supreme court decision to make same-sex
7:31 am
marriage a right nationwide. two dozen wildfires tear through the west destroying homes. the biggest in utah consuming an area as large as washington, d.c. this incredible moment in the waters off new york city, a humpback whale. you don't see that often. shocked boaters. look at that breached the water and came within feet of them. thank goodness no one was hurt. >> a little too close. no one hurt. we begin with those exclusive new details about bill cosby's sexual assault trial. a juror going on camera for the first time speaking only to abc about those tense negotiations, deliberations and why the case ended in a mistrial. abc's linsey davis sat down with him and joins us now from pittsburgh. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. bobby dugan says he grew up catching reruns of "the cosby show" and at one time he would have considered himself a fan and there he was helping to decide the comedian's fate and while he admits to waffling back
7:32 am
and forth, guilty, not guilty, he says in the end he had no doubt. new details this morning about the tears and tension during those grueling 52 hours of deliberations in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. >> the most intense moment i think was when there's about four people crying in the room. one was out in the hallway out pacing, you know, visibly upset. >> what was the reason for the tears? >> we couldn't really get anything down to like a solid thing and that frustrated people. >> reporter: 21-year-old bobby dugan says more than a week later he still agonizes over the fact that the 12 jurors could not agree on a verdict. >> i have regret i, guess, when we came to the final deadlock decision and it kind of has been in my mind like this could all be said and done. >> do you think there's something that could have happened differently to change the outcome? >> evidence.
7:33 am
if we all said it a million times in the room, if there's other evidence, more substantial evidence. we would have had a better verdict than deadlock. >> you can't say your opinion one way or another about where you fell. >> in my opinion, yes, i can. i thought he was guilty. >> but you didn't always feel that way. >> no. >> what swayed you? >> people's opinions and hearing their arguments and just hearing what they have to say about everything. >> can you say what one particular strong point was that made you think, boy, he's guilty. >> what he said himself, i think it was the 2005 deposition, when they were asking him would you use the word concept, he said i wouldn't use that word. i was like, pretty much said it there yourself, man. somebody brought it up inside the room, deliberation room and so when we went back out to hear it, just like lit a light bulb
7:34 am
in my head. >> in the end he said it was bill cosby's word versus andrea constand what says cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her back in 2004. cosby says the encounter was consensual. >> it was all he said/she said and the -- what it really comes down to, who are you going to believe more? that's all it was. >> reporter: he describes the fifth day of deliberations as the point at which the group became stir crazy. >> you're stuck in a small room with 11 other people and even if you do become good friends with them, it's still like the one little thing that one person might do will drive you insane. >> did you feel like the size of the room had any impact on -- >> it got smaller every day. >> why deliberate for so long. >> you don't want to quit right away. if you quit, just like that, he could be getting away with something. you want to be that extra sure whether he's guilty or not guilty. >> did you get the sense in the
7:35 am
room that the idea that this was bill cosby, that that played large in the room? >> definitely. i think if it was like a regular, average joe it wouldn't wouldn't have taken that long. >> reporter: he says the group still keeps in touch and vowed to not talk about one thing. >> what was the pact? >> not just the vote. >> why not. >> the judge told us not to. we didn't want to mess up a future tliel. >> do you think another jury will have a better chance at a different outcome? >> i can't say for definite. i mean i hope there is one because the mistrial i don't think was right. you should always have a verdict or -- one way or another. >> reporter: bobby says the jurors grew extremely close. they still keep in touch regularly on texts and ultimately plan to have one big group dinner but he says for now they're just trying to recover after what he calls two weeks of agony. robin. >> linsey, thank you. we bring in dan abrams and
7:36 am
enlightening listening to that young man. what did you make -- ? first of all that's exactly what jurors are supposed to do. they're supposed to listen to the other jurors, keep an open mind, the judge tells them in every case keep an open mind and try to reach a verdict. but let's be clear. it's really rare that you have people sort of swaying the way we've heard this jury swayed going from almost all of them if not all of them from not guilty to so many of them to guilty, et cetera, but one thing he said really struck me which is he's saying in effect if it hasn't been bill cosby we would have been able to reach a verdict, he thought, and it sounds to me like what he's saying is i think there would have been a conviction because he was for a guilty verdict and it sounds like he is suggesting that if it had been somebody else they might have been able to reach a unanimous verdict. >> we're listening closely to what he is saying to the other jurors. how closely are the defense and
7:37 am
prosecutor listening. >> very closely. interviews will go and interview the jurors after the case. this judge put very firm restrictions in a very unusual way on what these jurors can and can't say about the deliberation process. but no question, each side is going to want to know what did we do right, what did we do wrong? how do we change our strategy next time around to present a better case? >> have you heard anything so far that leads you to believe that there will or will not be a retrial? >> i think it's pretty clear there will be a retrial. you know, the prosecutors have come out and said that they're going to retry bill cosby and i think take them at their word and i think the prosecution's going to be at a little advantage the next time around. >> all right. thanks so much. coming up here that terrifying six flags ride. see a 14-year-old dangling two stories above the ground. two good samaritans who helped her are taking us inside that moment. lilly.
7:38 am
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we are back with that amazing rescue caught on camera. the video shows a 14-year-old dangling from a ride. there you see her 25 feet in the air before a whole crowd rushed in to catch her. adrienne bankert here with that story. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: wow, yes, look at that video. videos to six flags shocked by what they saw. two kids screaming. that 14-year-old in serious danger. a day of fun turns terrifying. watch as this 14-year-old girl dangles more than two stories above ground saturday night
7:42 am
hanging from the sky ride gondola at six flags in upstate new york. her little brother sitting next to her screaming for help. >> please, please, help me. >> reporter: panicked onlookers assembling to break her fall fearing she's trapped. >> her neck is stuck. >> here's the heart-stopping scene from a different angle. >> oh, my gosh. >> the crowd tells the seen to just let go. >> just let go. >> they'll catch you. they'll catch you, honey. go ahead. >> reporter: that's what she does, she falls through tree brancheses into the arms of good samaritans below. >> unconscious at the this time. th the teen was airlifted suffering no serious injuries. matthew howard and his daughter among those who rushed to the rescue. >> i said, just let go. i promise you i'll catch you. i asked when i seen her in the hospital if she heard me. i said didn't you trust me. she said no. >> reporter: it has no right
7:43 am
requirement and was functioning normal. they will conduct an internal review. in 2016 a girl in nebraska severely injured when her hair got caught in 347bry on a carnival ride. last summer three people fell from a ferris wheel in tennessee and last august a 10-year-old boy was killed going down a giant water slide in kansas. >> a parent is the most appropriate person to know what their child is capable of. not the ride operator, not the amusement park. you need to make sure your children can handle a ride. >> reporter: and that father and daughter duo who helped catch that girl one man rushed over to help save her but they knew he'd need more help. several coming to assist and said it was a team effort to save her. i mean you watch that video and just like, oh, my gosh and then she's caught. >> as you said, everybody just rushing over there doing
7:44 am
whatever they could to help. >> dropping their corn dogs and sodas and saying -- >> i'm not dropping the girl. >> not hurt. >> adrienne, thanks so much. coming up on our big board the 9-year-old making college football history getting the offer of a lifetime. could he be one of the best in the game? he's just 9 years old. come on back. (avo) come with us... a new world. deeper than the ocean. as unfathomable as the universe. a world that doesn't exist outside you... ...but within you. where breakthrough science is replacing chemotherapy with immunotherapy. where we can now attack the causes of disease, not just the symptoms. where medicines once produced for all, are now designed to fit you. today 140,000 biopharmaceutical researchers go bodly to discover treatments and cures unimaginable ten years ago...
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can we just see this great crowd that's outside? all the monday motivation you
7:48 am
need. this huge group of women from the great state of kentucky. went out during the commercial break. not an anniversary, not a birthday just wanted to come to new york city. >> looks like they're having a lot of fun as well. back here at the table for our big board. incredible story, 9-year-old making college football history. got a scholarship offer from the university of nevada. >> you heard that right. he is just 9 years old. ryan smith is with us. you got the details but first let's talk about his father. we spoke to him last night. >> my dad was keeping it a secret but then he told me like i was happy. i was excited. >> it's motivation to stay consistent and to continue to work hard. >> you heard it. 9 years old. now, a couple of weeks ago it was an 11-year-old then a 10-year-old. >> right. >> now a 9-year-old. >> getting younger and younger.
7:49 am
>> more about headline grabbing and establishing attention with kids. kind of like dating. that first impression matters and if you look at this kid and think, hey, he could be a superstar. i get him early. he's going to remember me when all those other schools like alabama and -- >> on tape. they're making training videos and guys see this and say, he could be something. think about the headline. we're talking about it. the school is getting on the headlines. this kid is getting in the headlines. >> that was a nice move but he is 9 years old. my gosh, you have seen the video. how good is he? >> he's good. this kid is really good. i mean he's catching with one hand. he's doing all the drills. he's better than i ever was. look at this. he's got some skill but he's 9. i mean -- >> we don't know how big he'll be. >> hard to tell. he's got a lot of size. his trainer talks about how he's got some prototypical size but
7:50 am
this is so early so how do you know for sure? and that's one of the problems with all of this. i mean i wish him the best. i love his parents but i wonder where are this leads because you never know. >> you made the point this is not binding. >> no, and that's the key. not binding, on either side. question go somewhere else. they can. but that's part of the problem. if the coach leaves and something happens to him or switches sports that might not be here and i'm so glad his parents are front and center as being supportive and letting him understand that this is just motivation. it is not firm. it is not definite. i hope the ncaa can regulate this stuff a little more. >> the parents are key here and have the right attitude. >> all right. ryan thank you. a new warning about snapchat. the feature that could allow it to track your children and how to prevent it.
7:51 am
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ah...we still say pretty sweet. it's basically the same. back here on "good morning america" the first hurricane of the season happening in the pacific ocean. you can see it there off the west coast of mexico. you can see the defined eye even this morning, category 1, 80 plus mile per hour max sustained wins and it's moving away from land. still rip currents will be ripping at the beaches and so will the waves and some of the
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by bush's beans. whatever your mood, we've got a bean for you.
7:56 am
next! come on, come on. i haven't got all day here! it doesn't come with peppers! you know you told me you wanted mustard. back of the line! excuse me! edwards, 7:56 a.m., jewel -- july 27. let's go over to karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: this was a spot an accident 309 southbound at 202, watch for the left lane blocked, tow trucks on the scene looks like they are about ready to take this out of there, but causing a little bit of a jam. an accident lower merion hard haverford road. someone flipped over on lafayette street at hamilton street in norristown. they are trying to clean that up. i-95 southbound traffic jammed cottman to girard, a 30 minute ride from woodhaven to girard.
7:57 am
sky6 live hd, a beautiful day if you're lucky enough to be down the shore. let's go outside to david murphy. >> reporter: not a bad day in philadelphia. 68 in city. 66 in lancaster. 70 in beach haven. some of the northern suburbs not reporting, but climbing into the low 60s in allentown and trenton. a nice high of 81 degrees. still comfortable there's a possibility of nighttime showers possible, but the daytime is dry. tomorrow, 77 degrees, clouds and sun mix. there's a chance of a pop up afternoon shower or thunderstorm in spots. wednesday beautiful and tranquil conditions low humidity high of 81 all over again, tam. >> a hit-and-run driver barreled through a crime scene nearly hitting philadelphia police officers. the officers had to jump out of the way as the vehicle drove over their bikes.
7:58 am
the driver kept going. detectives believe this was intentional. police are searching for a black nissan possibly a black you will will -- ultima. coming up "g.m.a.," new research for people suffering from migraines. we'll see you when an update in 30. >>jason: my dad taught me to play the piano when i was three. ever since, it's been my passion. going somewhere like the juilliard school seemed impossible. now, i am able to dream bigger. >>joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program,
7:59 am
a savings plan for people with disabilities, including jason. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >>jason: start saving to dream bigger today.
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. showdown in the senate. clock ticking on the health care bill. key republicans putting on the brakes. the president still optimistic he can get it passed. prince harry's startling confession saying he wanted out of royal life. the one reason he says he didn't quit. ♪ and new this morning, finally relief for millions suffering from a migraine. >> migraines have completely controlled my life. >> the treatments for so many trying to cope. dr. ashton is here live. parenting alert. is the brand-new innovation on snapchat making it all too easy for strangers to track your child? what you need to know to protect your kids. and look who is in our house, michael keaton, 50 cent and naturi.
8:01 am
>> good morning, america. how are you. >> the nicest guy. >> very cute couple. we'll be there in a little bit. good morning, america. happy monday. great way to start the week with you. >> we get to say 50. a big night at the b.e.t. awards. michelle obama made a special cameo appearance. and the reunion, oh, yes, new edition took the stage, showstopping performance by them. mara schiavocampo is going to take us behind the scenes a little later. first the latest out of washington. health care showdown starting this week in the senate. that is the capitol right there. our mary bruce is there. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, this is a make or break week for health care. republican leaders are scrambling to negotiate with members of their own party. but this morning, the list of republicans voicing concerns is growing. conservatives argue that the bill doesn't go far enough to
8:02 am
repeal obamacare while moderates say the bill goes too far and rolls back too much and concerned about cuts to medicaid spending and plans to defund planned parenthood and possibly complicating this fight the congressional budget office and their analysis. we could know how many americans could lose their coverage and how your premiums could be impacted. now, republican leader mitch mcconnell is still hoping a vote is possible this week but, robin, even the president admits this is going to be difficult. >> all right, mary, now to terry moran so supreme court. key rulings are expected to come down today on the final day before summer recess begins. good morning again, terry good morning good morning, robin. this is shaping up to be a very big day. first president trump's travel ban as he himself calls it controversial since he issued it in january. lower courts blocked it. now the supreme court gets a chance to act and it may be that the whole case will turn on president trump's twitter feed. several courts have said the president's own tweets show that his real motive isn't national
8:03 am
security. but unconstitutional religious discrimination against muslims. today we'll find out how much the supreme court agrees on that and then the real buzz about justice anthony kennedy. will he retire? the crucial swing vote for more than a decade. there are signs he will retire. it'll start a war for this court like nothing the town has seen in decades. >> goodness gracious, seismic as you said earlier. paula faris has the other top stories. >> happy monday. great to be here. amy on a much needed and much deserved vacation and begin with a massive rescue operation we've been following overnight. at least 28 people are missing after this tourist boat sank in colombia in this sped up video we're showing you, yeah, that's frightening. you can see people scrambling as the ferry begins taking on water. nine confirmed dead. some survivors say the boat was overloaded. back here at home better weather conditions are helping firefighters limit the growth of
8:04 am
the largest wildfire in the u.s. right now. it is in southern utah and has spread to an area larger than washington, d.c. forcing 1500 evacuations, nearly two dozen major fires are burning in the west amid that record heat that ginger has been talking about, a car crash ignited this fire north of los angeles. and tense moments in northern california as this swimmer gets stranded near the top of a waterfall. luckily he found that rock and a chopper lifted him 40 feet to safety. conditions are treacherous right now because of record snow melt in the mountains. it appears facebook is going hollywood. the company is reportedly talking with hollywood studios about producing scripted programs with a budget that could rival top cable tv shows. "the wall street journal" says the programming could be launched by late summer. and some welcome news for all of you at the pump. a new survey, survey says, as robin likes to say, finds gas prices have dropped another 7
8:05 am
cents in recent days. many drivers are paying under $2 a gallon. the national average right now is $2.26. john mcenroe serving up controversial analysis of gender differences in tennis while promoting his book. he called serena williams the greatest woman to play tennis but claim fundamental she had to play on the men's tour her ranking would fall to 700th in the world. >> oh, no, he didn't. in yes, he did. he's just trying to set up a little game, a match between the two of them. >> the new bobby rigs. >> in the past he has said men's and women's tennis are almost two separate sports. a new bombshell from prince harry. a week after saying nobody in the royal family wants to inherit the throne. at one point he wanted out of royal life so badly he considered giving up his title but said loyalty to his grandmother, the between, prevented him from doing so but
8:06 am
his army it was the best escape for him. he felt he was finally meeting people from different backgrounds and did so much for wounded warriors. who at one point or another hasn't wanted out of their family. >> the family business. >> exactly. >> survey says -- >> i know. i can't replicate it like you. thank you, paula. brand-new migraine research. what causes it. could relief be ahead? >> we have a parenting alert. if your kid is on snapchat, is it too easy for a stranger to track them. lara has much more. so much to get to. a huge night at the b.e.t. awards. leslie jones kill the it and show-stopping new edition performance and a great audience so don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. people ask why i switched to sprint. well, their network reliability is within 1% of the big guys. and they have the best price for unlimited
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♪ oh, what a wonderful monday morning audience. all the monday motivation thaw need and we have jesse here with us, as well. >> good morning. >> yes. [ applause ] and your reward? "pop news" with lara. >> i come in peace. good morning, everybody. we're going to begin with kim kardashian west. channeling her inner jackie o. tmz reporting that kim was the anonymous buyer of her beloved cartier watch auctioned at christie's for a staggering $395,000 and understated piece it was expected to sell for just $120,000.
8:12 am
it is a simple watch with a leather strap and no diamonds but a message engrafred, observers speculating it will fit in with prince stanislaw radziwill. wear it in good health. >> and get it insured. >> exactly. exactly. >> practical, jesse. i think i woulden too afraid to wear it. >> i would too. eva gabor. her home actually in the news. she did not think "green acres" was the place to be in the popular '60s series and now i can show you why. she was probably very comfortable in her mansion in los angeles. go ahead. let's show that house. there it is. she called this home for over 20 years classic architecture. large columns sitting on an acre of lead complete with private tennis court, staff quarters, just listed for $14 million.
8:13 am
the mansion has a beautiful staircase leading to six ensuite bedrooms built for the head of columbia pictures built by paul williams deemed one of the famous properties due to the star-studded list of previous owners including frank sinatra, mia farrow and the went and only audrey help burn. >> wow. >> pretty neat. >> what a list. >> if those walls could talk. >> i know but now the green acres theme is playing in my head on a loop. >> you're welcome. >> thank you for that. ♪ green acres is the place to be ♪ also in "pop news" finally, the 29th annual world's ugliest dog contest. thank you, it's back and the competition was fierce this year. entrants judged har already/on unusual attributes, crowd reaction. >> put the pictures of the dogs up. >> there she is, everybody, martha, 125 pounds of love. >> oh. >> her droopy jowls, her serious
8:14 am
slobbering, that won. she beat out a blind 16-year-old brussels frif ton pug named mo. i wish you could take down that thing because his tongue hangs out. there you go. there you go. the tongue never goes in the mouth. it's always out so he was tough competition, you have to admit. also 14-year-old chinese crested named chase. but it was martha who took home the glory, $1500, an ugly trophy and some mastiff attention. >> she's beautiful. >> she is beautiful. >> martha. >> gorgeous rolls. congratulations, martha. do i have time for one more? i do. >> one more. >> bonus. >> but, wait, there's more. >> but, wait, there's more. >> do it again. >> you get a knife. remember the iconic scene from "flashdance." jennifer beals stomping, flailing to the rhythm. well, we offer you this morn on "good morning america" the primate version.
8:15 am
♪ maniac on the floor >> this is zol a, rest doesn't ham at the dallas zoo. >> is this for real. >> it's for real. >> it's a robot. >> that is a real gorilla. >> that is not. >> no. zo l.a. a is famous forher moves. it's actually a boy. a reporter from the dispatch created this remix. his last home, the calgary zoo also has videos of him doing incredible dance routines as well. his keepers say it's a great form of mental and physical enrichment which we know to be true when we do our own moves. zola, we thank you. happy monday. >> thank you, lara. ah. >> it's real. >> all right. >> i can't move like that but i'm going to move on because we have a "gma" health alert and go over here to -- how are y'all doing? i'll talk to jen ashton about that. something very important to shaffer with you that affects
8:16 am
many. talking about promising new research. aren't we? >> that's right. >> debilitating condition that affects so many but there is new hope and before we talk to jen about that, here is a look at someone's story. >> migraines have completely controlled my life. i hate to say it but it's true. everything i do is planned around migraines. >> reporter: 23-year-old kate is not like most college students. and enjoying freedom and fun of campus life because on most days she is in pain. >> i don't really go out that much. it's hard to be around a lot of people. so i am very reclusive. >> it's had an effect on your relationships and friendships. >> yes, it's too difficult to like go to a party. that's like just not fun for me. so i spend a lot of time by myself. >> kate's struggle with migraines is one her mother jill knows all too well. because migraine runs in her family. but for kate, there has been no
8:17 am
medication or treatment that has helped ease the pain. her childhood was marked by frequent visits to neurologists, migraine specialists and hospitals. desperate to find relief. >> my 17-year-old, 18-year-old, 20-year-old, for days and days in the dark with her head on the pillow saying i'm dying. there's nothing i can do. that's hard. >> how do you deal with people who don't understand if you have -- it's an illness and any other illness, if you are going through cancer like i did and lost my hair, people could understand that. but there seems to be as your mother was saying earlier, oh, come on, just. >> tough it out. >> tough it out. so how do you handle it and make people understand, no. >> honestly i don't really tell people. because i can tell when somebody thinks i'm lying and i don't want to subject myself to that. >> migraine right now is
8:18 am
synonymous in the public with a headache. well, it's so much more than a headache. it's an inherited neurological disease with functional and structural consequences on the organ most affected which is the brain. >> reporter: for now kate is focusing on something else she says she has inherited from her family. resilience. >> what is your message for somebody seeing this who is walking in similar shoes as you? >> don't let other people's impression of your illness define you. that i've really struggled with that and to just keep going. just keep going. >> kate is a remarkable young woman. that's just a sneak peek of my series from my production company in partnership with web mvp d called "in their own words: moving beyond migraine" and the root cause of the pain and symptoms and there's some
8:19 am
really breakthrough research here. but going back to kate, you know, spending time with her and her mother and is there a genetic component? >> there is and it's not the whole familipicture. if you have one parent who's been afflicted that increases your risk. if you have two it increases your wristing even more and people with migraines that they're the first one in their family but like anything in medicine your family history is important. >> breaks now? >> there is and in the migraine world a lot of the buzz is about something called cgrp, targeted therapy discovered as one of the key factors in causing migraines so a lot of our treatments are based on just band-aid, treating the symptoms. this molecule goes up in the blood and triggers and activates all nerve pathways. t trygeminal nerve that start the cascade of migraine symptoms so, again, the treatments now in development could be out as early as 2018.
8:20 am
block the molecule or reseptember tore they attach to that is causing a lot of optimism. >> hopefully relief there. >> yes. >> it is thought a headache. don't even say migraine headache. >> right. >> so separate. >> i think the analogy is a migraine is a headache like a blizzard is a few snowflakes. a migraine is a neurologic disorder and just to range a few of symptoms so you can distinguish it's really not subtle. typically people with migraines get light sensitivity, they are nauseated, some of them are vomiting. there can be something called an aura, flashing lights that you see in your visual field and migraines can last for hours to days. you know, a headache comes, goes and it's not interfering with the quality of your life. >> any other treatment options. >> take a look at this list. i put it up there. there is a plethora of things on this and i want to draw your attention to the last two on the next page, complimentary therapies abound. things like botox, a device that
8:21 am
goes around the head and caffeine and it treats the acute symptoms. the buzz is to prevent it from beginning. >> thank you so much. we really appreciate that and you can see the entire series tomorrow on webmd. now to that parenting alert about snapchat. have you heard about this? what you need to know about the new feature called snap maps and concern about how easy it is to track your children and jesse has more on red flags it's raising. good morning again. >> good morning. that's right. snap maps seems innocent enough. the ability to let your friends and followers know where you are instantly. but there are some serious concerns about your privacy. thanks to a new snapchat feature called snap map. not only can you see exactly what your friends are doing you can track them down to join the fun. but this morning, many parents of younger snapchat users are worried that the sharing has gone too far. putting their kids' privacy at risk. >> this is particularly concerning to parents because,
8:22 am
well, knapp is one of the most popular social networks. >> reporter: how does it work? if you update your snapchat app you'll be promised to either opt in to sharing your location on snap map or stay in ghost mode so you can see where others are but they can't see you. according to snapchat it's impossible to share your locations with someone who isn't your friend. you can even select which friends see you and which ones don't and the map only updates your location when you're actually using the app. still, some parents fear this type of visible makes their kids vulnerable. >> so you as a parent want to know who your children's friends are in snapchat because they can at any time toggle the settings to share the location or not with those people in snapchat. >> reporter: it may be alarming for parents but location sharing isn't new. apps like facebook messenger and apple's find my friends allow you to share your specific location with others and since this type of technology isn't going away any time soon experts suggest talking to your kids about who they add on snapchat.
8:23 am
being selective about what the word "friend" means and above all when your kids update their apps make sure you're up to date on what that means for them. snapchat released a statement saying the location sharing feature is completely optional and if someone wants to use it they can control who sees them and only people they're already friends with on the app. outside to ginger. >> thanks so much. and back here with the group from chicago. i love this. they're from chicago. they're from kentucky. it was hot in seattle. all right that's the big picture let's get a check closer tow home. >> reporter: we have storm tracker 6 live double scan right now showing you that we are high and dry across the region. as we take a look outside, there's sky6 live hd we're looking at sunshine aplenty, low humidity with a nice start most of us in the 60s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's
8:24 am
high, 81. still comfortable out there. there's a possibility of a spotty shower later tonight. not as warm tomorrow an afternoon shower or thunderstorm can't be ruled out. 77. nice again wednesday. awards. backstage access joining us live from los angeles. good morning to you, mara. >> reporter: hey, lara. good morning. it was a big night for chance the rapper, his first ever b.e.t. award and all six members of new edition hit the stage for a reunion here people can't stop talking about. ♪ ♪ that's okay with me >> reporter: chance the rapper's big night. >> chance the rapper. >> reporter: taking home best new artist and the humanitarian of the year award. >> getting something like this at 24 doesn't feel deserved yet but my god is putting the pressure on me to become who i
8:25 am
am supposed to be. >> reporter: what inspired you to step up. >> my mother and father have always been active in our block, in our neighborhood and in the whole city. >> reporter: the 24-year-old rapper strided by a message from a notable fan. >> i am thrilled to celebrate you here tonight and honor to call you my friend. >> reporter: social issues front and center at the 17th annual show. >> we honor our fallen brothers and sisters with a few of their names. philando castile, eric garner. >> today is tamir rice's birthday and so amidst the celebration i'd love to honor his life. >> reporter: and on this life what was old is new again. the most anticipated moments reunion. ♪ telephone man >> reporter: new edition bringing down the house. >> all: new edition! >> reporter: to aaccept the lifetime achievement award. >> y'all have been there for us through thick and thick. >> reporter: feels like you're
8:26 am
in the moment. >> i realized the older we've gotten to appreciate every second every minute and not take it for granted. ♪ >> reporter: yother big reminis kendrick lamar, bruno mars and beyonce. new edition is gathering up for a national tour but told me the one place they really want to moral next is "good morning america." >> oh! all right. [ applause ] >> get those moves ready. >> mara, medley hits from them, from bobby and the guys. >> yeah, right now they're performing their greatest hits so that's what they're doing all around the country. that's what we want to see. >> mara, great job. coming up, sarah jessica parker revealing her best book of the summer.
8:27 am
>> good morning it is 8:27 a.m., monday, june 26. i'm tamala edwards. let's head over to karen rogers starting with 42. >> reporter: yeah a lot of people coming back from the shore after a beautiful day. we have heavy traffic on 42. northbound traffic a 21 minute jam from the ac expressway to 295. if you're using new jersey transit, atlantic city rail service is suspended in both directions. they are dealing with an issue from absecon, new jersey. you can use buses instead. but the ac rail line suspended. lansdale doylestown line 27 minute delay. 295, 168. southbound traffic heading toward 42. here's the schuylkill expressway
8:28 am
approaching belmont, 42 minute jam from the vine to the blue route. don't forget the construction that starts at 10:00 a.m. let's head over to david murphy to give you a sense of what to expect today. >> reporter: it feels great out here now tam. 71 degrees in philadelphia. some of our northern reporting stations not coming in this morning. even in allentown in the mid 60s. 74 in cape may. this afternoon a high of 81 degrees, sunny skies, a shower possible tonight, the daytime looks dry. tomorrow, not as warm, 77. there's a chance of a pop-up shower or gusty thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. wednesday, tranquil, comfortable conditions. none of the next few days seem humid, 81. thursday, breezy, warmer, 88. the hot and humid stuff comes back full force on friday. >> that's it for us for now,
8:29 am
james blunt is up next on "g.m.a." we'll see you in 30. sty to play fast and win instantly from the pennsylvania lottery. pick a game, get your ticket and see if you've won. i won! pretty fast, huh? fast play. play fast. win instantly.
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "gma." great monday morning here in times square and we have something we want to share. anyone looking for a good book to read? >> always. >> always, always. well, our dear friend sarah jessica parker herself is teaming up with the american library association to launch book club central and sarah jessica has her summer book pick. take a look. >> hi, "gma." it's sarah jessica. i'm very excited to share with you and your audience the title of a debut novel by a very gifted american writer, her name is stephanie powell-watts and the book is "no one is coming to save us." there is much to praise about this very special book and for me it's always about the
8:31 am
characters and miss watts has a gift for allowing a reader to know her characters immediately and not only that but to feel deeply for them, to wonder about them when you close the book for brief periods, i feel jealous of everyone who will read it for the first time. >> sarah jessica. >> quite an endorsement. >> she is the real deal, that woman. and you can check out the new book club at reading anything right now? i can't -- >> this one looks good. >> i just started "feud." the divine feud between joan crawford -- >> oh, yeah. >> bette davis. it's a must read. >> i have a nerdier book. i got done "the picture of dorian gray". >> really? >> yes. i want to start reading more classic novels which i've never read before. it's not really the lightest reading for the summer. >> sit in a cafe with your oscar
8:32 am
wilde, little dog -- i got the whole picture. >> i got to make a plug. john farrell, a friend of mine wrote a fantastic biography of richard nixon. you think you know everything about him. you don't. >> great endorsement here. >> absolutely. we'll get to another big reader, and a big friend of ours from summer reading to one of the hottest summer blockbusters. our next guest stars in "spider-man: homecoming." you know him as batman and birdman now vulture, giver it up for michael keaton. [ applause ] >> how are you doing? >> how are you? >> just in case. >> yeah. >> how are you? >> nice to see you. >> right there. >> all right. [ applause ] >> michael. yeah.
8:33 am
>> how is everybody this enthusiastic this morning? >> on monday too. >> how do i look in these? >> hey, those are good on you. >> not bad. >> you've got your paper. >> i know. sorry, i got to shut this off. i got some little -- >> congratulations. >> on this -- >> take it. >> yeah, please do. >> i see four. >> you can have one. >> really. like i was in school. >> sarah jessica parker wants you to have one. >> yes, she would. >> you were always asked do you enough gum for everybody? you know what i mean. >> we're busted. >> you got a book for me. >> throw it on your pile. >> we were never allowed to eat the last thing because there were like 19 of us. there were seven kids so you'd have like a minuscule amount of corn left like one kernel because no one would say, hey, i'm not taking the last one. >> does that make you jump in first. >> well, yeah, you kind of take what you think you should have, you know whey mean and like all the other kids, what should you
8:34 am
do? you know what i mean but nobody wants to be the guy to take the last. >> you have to learn to share. >> absolutely. my mom drilled that in us. >> makes awe a good person. >> you bet. >> not such a good person in the film. nice segue there. >> oh, wow. >> you're a bad guy. >> misunderstood. >> that's right. >> a guy named vulture is just misunderstood. >> it's true. i think what was kind of smart about how they went about this -- i basically know nothing about any of the lore of -- >> spider-man if or any comic book so i had to catch up and when they told me about this guy that i was going to play, i thought it was really interesting. he doesn't have any really -- isn't from outer space. he's a real guy who has a legitimate argument when you see the movie, you'll see why he thinks that, you know,'s not getting what he deswerves.
8:35 am
works hard. big family guy. interesting approach to -- >> a little layered. >> very good. george just said it was a little layered. he's right. >> let's see a little bit of it. >> let's see some layered. >> how many times have i told you not to fire when i'm out in the open. >> you shouldn't move the merchandise. >> under the radar. under the radar. if you bring damage control or the avengers down here we're through. you're up there wearing that goofy thing lighting up cars calling yourself the shocker, i shock. what is this, pro wrestling? [ applause ] >> layered. >> she's a wise -- she's a smart aleck even early in the morning. >> you enjoy playing that type of role. >> yeah, and those guys were fun, in my crew, were fun to hang around. this movie is really a fun and
8:36 am
probably going to be huge. >> i saw the movie and it's awesome. and you're fantastic. >> thanks. >> i loved your costume. throughout your career you've had some amazing costumes. batman, beetlejuice. birdman. >> i made my own costumes. >> well multitalented. what's your favorite costume to wear? >> well, birdman i was in my underwear, that was one of my favorites. when i was a little kid i was almost always in nye underwear. i'm serious. i was. >> thanks for sharing. >> thank you. >> really well built little kid. i was. no, i'm serious. i would wake up the morning and i do not have time to put my clothes on. i just -- yeah, such a great thing to say that to but i'm not going to. >> so, yeah, it was -- i don't know what my favorite costume was i don't know because it's like, 7:30. i'm barely awake to be honest
8:37 am
with you, jesse. i barely know where i am. >> plug really quickly, i heard that you might reunite with tim burton. is that true. >> i am reuniting with tim burton. >> play a villain again. >> i know. it's getting old. geez, i'm not making this costume. >> i warranted to tell you, i thought you and tim together create magic. >> i'm telling you -- you just -- [ applause ] yeah, you just want to be around that guy. you know, you want to be in that -- in his sphere because he's original and unique and an artist. >> oh. >> just like you. >> oh, god love ya. >> michael keaton, always a delight. >> thanks. >> thanks for making time for us and being here. michael keaton. >> thanks. >> "spider-man: homecoming.home" great holiday movie to see. from "power," 50 cent and naturi.
8:38 am
[ applause ]
8:39 am
8:40 am
oh, back here on "good morning america," i am >> reporter: getting carried
8:41 am
8:42 am
away there, storm tracker 6 live double scan, we're dry, and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows we'll be warm today, but nice, low humidity, high of 81. lots of sun, a shower holding off tonight not as warm, 77. a spotty afternoon thunderstorm. >> we won't ask you to do the same. no worry, 50. you're okay. >> he worked out for weeks. >> we got the stars of the hit show "power" with us here. [ applause ] naturi naughton and he is also the executive presidential about a man trying to change his life
8:43 am
but that dark side just keeps pulling him back in and in this scene we see that character ghost pleading with his wife tasha played by naturi. >> when i get out i'll make it up to him, okay. i'll make it up to all of you. >> there's nothing you could do to make it up to me. >> tasha, tasha, i didn't do this. [ applause ] >> crazy. >> i'm on team tasha. i'm on team tasha all the way. you're strong. >> thank you. >> caring matriarch. >> thank you. >> you, well, i'm not so -- >> trying to take us out. >> a little worse. i'm the nemesis of the project. >> that's what makes it so good, the best characters. >> you know what's interesting is they sent me to jail. nobody cares about me. you know, i sat in the jail ten years. >> now he's the vic, right? >> yeah, right, right, right. >> you know, i was being wronged.
8:44 am
>> yeah. >> in the situation and i come home and they just keep forgiving him because they -- >> that's your story and you sticking to it. >> where do we see your character, tasha, this season going? >> ooh, tasha really evolves and she becomes a stronger woman. she has to kind of take control as a mother, he's in prison and she honestly has to ping up the pieces. when you watch this season you'll be like, he left her with a bunch of mess and -- >> everyone is like, he's at the center of everything so when he's incarcerated everybody adjusts. >> we don't know what to do. our lives are kind of shaken. >> it's called power but isn't it about influence? >> it is. power is influence. >> yeah. >> you know, if we take away money it would be actual influence. >> that's power. >> well, you've got a lot of superfans and some of them -- >> we do. >> some of them are here and one has a question for you.
8:45 am
naturi. >> hello. >> i've never had the pleasure of meeting anyone with the name same as me but you. i do have the same name as you? >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> your name is naturi. i spell it with a-t-o-r-i. with an "o." >> well, she's beautiful, thanks. >> thank you. >> so nice to meet you. >> anyone's real name is curtis. >> there are a lot out there. that's crazy. >> i was wondering the influences of your name if you knew why you got it and how? >> oh, wow. that's -- my parents actually created my name and it means nature's girl and naturi is an original that my parents put together. that was like the deepest question. i was like, season four, power -- yeah, thank you so much. what a great question and so nice to meet someone that shares the name. >> what does curtis mean? >> what does curtis mean. >> i don't know. >> that could go -- >> i'm the third after my
8:46 am
grandfather. >> are you really. >> like george foreman. they was going to name six of us. >> how many curtiss can say they stood next to helen mirren on the red carpet. >> yeah. >> you all had a moment. you had a moment. >> i sat next to meryl streep at the ball game and then i hung out with helen. you know, and we had a love thing. >> you can't see is her husband was right on the side of the camera. >> he was keeping that. >> it oents on for about ten minutes. >> you're about to be a momma. you say that's the biggest role. >> i am. >> we have some gifts for you. >> yeah. >> we have some gifts and also something you have been craving. we were told you were craving this. >> crispy treat. and what does it say. >> i love ufk 50. and this one. >> girls have power. >> right, ladies? >> all right. [ cheers and applause ] wait a minute, guys. you guys are going to have the power. it airs stun night on starz.
8:47 am
everyone is going home with dvds of it. [ applause ] >> yes. this is so cute. >> curtis, just has that little shine in his eyes. >> he's something. >> ufk 50. >> james blunt is performing next live. come on back. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ you're beautiful ♪ you're beautiful it using artificial tears often
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"good morning america" is brought to you by ford, going further so you can. ♪ >> we have to thank james blunt. way more than okay. >> thank you. >> it was wonderful. >> great to be back here in the states. >> have a great day, everybody. >> good morning, 8:56 monday, june 26. i'm tamala edwards.
8:57 am
let's head over to karen rogers with a last look at traffic. good morning let's go outside live on the schuylkill expressway check the traffic, past montgomery drive, we can see jammed traffic from past montgomery to belmont. on the schuylkill expressway westbound we'll have construction begin very shortly now in just an hour, it lasts until 2:00 p.m. it westbound between the blue route and 202 today and tomorrow, wednesday and thursday it will be eastbound. construction continuing with the rolling closures. we have big problems with the ac rail service being suspended right now in both directions. you have to use the bus service instead, tam. thank you for that karen. let's go over to david murphy what beautiful monday. >> reporter: gorgeous to start out, tam. 71 degrees in philadelphia. lancaster, 70. 75 in cape may. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, shows a nice high of 82 a little below average low humidity and lots of sun affirm shower is possible later tonight and tomorrow not
8:58 am
as warm, 77. in the afternoon there can be a spotty pop-up shower or gusty thunderstorm in a couple of isolated spots that's tuesday afternoon. wednesday, gorgeous weather, beautiful, comfortable, low humidity, 81, a little more humid on thursday, 88. hot and humid conditions return on friday. 90 the high there, 91 on saturday. >> coming up on "action news" at noon, investigators believe a hit-and-run driver sped toward philadelphia bike officers and try to run them down. 50 cent is live on kelly and ryan that's up next. i'm tamala edwards. have a great monday!
8:59 am
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today from the new film "spider-man: homecoming," marisa tomei. and actor, producer, recorder artist curtis "50 cent" jackson. get ready to meet martha, the 2017 winner of the ugliest dog contest. plus cat deeley joins ryan add to the cohost. all next on "live"! [cheers and applause] and now, here are ryan seacrest and cat deeley! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> cat


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