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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  June 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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to see family or attend a university or take a job, they can do that. the court said that the circuit courts that blocked the ban went too far. the court said it will take up the full travel ban in the fall. "action news" reporter walter perez is live at a muslim information center in north philadelphia. walter, what is the reaction to this supreme court ruling there? >> reporter: jim, the reaction is shock especially when you consider the decision was made on the last day of the supreme court's term before the summer recess but for the white house, after months of legal setbacks a victory for president trump. >> the supreme court agreed to hear the case which is a good thing for the administration's perspective. >> reporter: he says while today's supreme court ruling was a clear victory for president trump, the version of the travel ban now going into that effect is less stringent hasn't than the
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president's original executive order. it still bans citizens from six muslim countries but makes exceptions. the professor roosevelt says defining those exceptions will likely result in a wave of lawsuits. >> what's a substantial enough connection, was this created just to let someone come into the u.s. which the court said wouldn't be allowed and they have set up some difficult line drawing problems. >> reporter: and for those who do not qualify for an exception anyone else from iran, libya, somalia, sudan, syria, yemen and all refugees are subject to the temporary ban. we speak with iman abdu salaam in north philadelphia who says he's stunned by the announcement. the iman says based on the president's previous comments about islam you don't need a law degree to see this is not a ban on people from foreign countries. he says it's a ban on muslims.
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>> i hate to hear the supreme court make the decision that they made because they should have said, you know, there's no roll lidge. you're stopping a religion from coming into this country and we're supposed have freedom of religion. to me it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: so now the pressure is on the state department to implement this new directive. one state department official telling abc news it's impossible to tell at this point how many visa applications or refugees will be rejected. reporting live from north philadelphia, walter perez channel6 "action news." jim. >> walter, thank you. the congressional budget office said late today that that under the senate health bill, released last week, 22 million more americans would be uninsured by the year 2026. and an amended bill was posted this afternoon after a number of republican senators refused fox5 support the current plan. world newton night with david muir will have more on that new healthcare bill and the supreme court ruling on the
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travel ban that is next at 6:30 right after "action news." a $20,000 reward is being offered tonight for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the murder of debra gulliver. the 31-year-old was found beaten in a park behind dobbins technical high school in north philadelphia just after 3 o'clock saturday morning. police say she was stabbed more than 12 times. gulliver had been out with friends in kensington about an hour before the attack. they are still cleaning up tonight in the wake of yesterday's or saturday's severe storms that raged through parts of south jersey. let's go live to bob brooks in collingswood tonight. bob, what's the story there? >> reporter: well, jim, a lot of progress has been made. i was out here when the storm first happened. there was trees down power lines down all over town. but unfortunately for some people, their backyards still look like this. take a look. this is on park avenue in collingswood. you can't even see the grass
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at this point and the problem for these people is they can't get in there and start cleaning up until their insurance comes in here to get a look. it's a little tough now to navigate through phil giuliani's childhood backyard. the massive twin oak has created quite a problem. >> two days to get out of here. >> reporter: on stokes avenue the van meters are making progress. on saturday a tree fell on their home. they're staying in a hotel and want to thank this community for supporting them through this. >> this is just the best town. i mean, the first responders have been just amazing. >> reporter: while crews are busy removing limbs and turning trunks into logs, campbell has to figure out how he's going to fix his roof. >> the roof is open to three to 4 feet and the chimney is knocked down. >> reporter: out in browns mills what a difference a few days make. you would never be able to tell that a storm blew through here on trenton avenue.
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almost every utility pole was knocked over. >> it looked like a movie set saturday when those huge utility poles and thick power lines came down but after crews worked 16 hour shifts they're back up and today minus the fresh dirt used you would never guess what happened. >> i was impressed. i thought it would take at least five or six days. >> reporter: and for some people they still have to wait. i'm told by the homeowners here they're going to have to wait at least a few more days to get their insurance down here to get things assessed. they think it's going to cost upwards of maybe seven to $10,000 to get their backyards cleaned up. the mayor says give crews time to come out here and get this cleaned up. floral collingswood bob brooks channel6 "action news." jim. >> bob thank you. north wildwood police are working to identify a body that that washed ashore last night. the body was found between 24th and 25th avenues at
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9 o'clock. police say the male victim was wearing these maroon polo cotton shorts. investigators say the victim is approximately five-six to five-eight, 160 to 180 pounds short black hair with a medium dark complexion. he's believed to be in his early 20's. call north wildwood police if you have information on the victim. the second week of the seth williams corruption trial began this morning with deputy police commissioner joe sullivan taking the stand. "action news" reporter vernon odom is live outside federal court. vernon, what happened there today? >> reporter: a lot, jim. before i get to joe sullivan's testimony there was another major accuser of seth williams on the witness stand all this afternoon who says he bribed the district attorney with lavish and expensive gifts. center city bar owner michael wise was the second government witness to testify that he bribed seth williams in exchange for using his influence. in-wise's case getting the
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philadelphia district attorney to write letters to help resolve his liquor license problems for a bar he owns in san diego. wise told the jurors he paid for multiple airline tickets for williams, his girlfriend and his two daughters to take vacations in las vegas, california and florida. weiss is testifying here under immunity from prosecution. the first government witness today a philadelphia police power house. >> i just know that eyeful filled my responsibility to him and thanks to the relationship i had with the other federal agencies, the right information eventually came to light. >> this morning philadelphia deputy police commissioner joe sullivan who was the chief inspector back in 2012 in charge of the department's homeland security unit said he was enlisted by seth williams to help bucks county businessman muhammad ali expedite his passage through airport screening. ali claimed he was being profiled because of his name and religion. he said he felt uncomfortable with ali and williams present
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so much so he went to the fbi who advised him to stay away from ali an advised seth williams the same thing. >> i felt something wasn't right. i felt the best course of action was to run that through my counterparts here at the fbi. >> muhammad ali has already testified. jim, seth williams maintains his lack of any guilt or wrongdoing in this whole case. the defense will probably not present its side until after the fourth of july break. live at the federal courthouse in center city, i'm vernon odom channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you vernon. we heard from another juror from the bill cosby trial today and he revealed new details about the tense 52 hours of deliberations that ended in a mistrial. 21-year-old bobby dugan spoke exclusively to abc news.
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dugan says that while the jurors made a pact not to discuss the break down of the so, it's he felt cosby was guilty. >> reporter: can you say what one particular strong point was that made you think, boy, he's guilty. >> what he said himself i think it was in the 2005 deposition, when they were asking him would you use the word concert he -- consent he said i wouldn't use that word i was like you pretty much said there it yourself. >> reporter:. >> dugan says he regrets that the group could not reach a verdict. coming up former vice president joe biden receives a big honor today at the swimming pool where he once held a summer job. allen iverson is back in the game. the new league where he's taking on the roles of player and coach. cecily. >> possibly cool start to the work week current of currently in philadelphia it's 80 degrees down from our high of 82. it cools off even more tomorrow but later this week i'm tracking the return of
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heat humidity and storms. all the details in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> those stories and the much more when "action news" continues. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> we have breaking news in lower providence in montgomery county. this is what happened on the 2600 block of woodland about half hour ago, a truck lost control, the driver lost control left the road and slammed into the side of a house. we don't know of any injuries at this hour either to the truck driver or anybody inside but police are on the scene.
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we'll update you if we can. [cheers and applause] >> an exciting day in wilmington today. the pool where vice president joe biden worked as a lifeguard has been renamed in his honor. he even returned to his old spot in the lifeguard chair today. mr. biden was also presented were i was painting of his late son beau who died last year. biden moved to tears and shared a hug with his daughter ashley. he also got the chance to thank the man who painted the portrait of his son today. association you know the feeling you get the first day you drive a new car, well, that's sort of the feeling that we have today at "action news" as we're debuting a new environment here in our studio one. but putting aside all the bells and whistles and there are a lot of them the point is we can do an even better job telling you the news thanks to our new studio.
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here's brian taff to show you around. >> ♪ >> good afternoon. >> it's monday afternoon. >> it's big its bold and it's brand spanking new. >> got it. >> this is the new home for our "action news" broadcasts, a stunning and state of the art backdrop to 51 hours of newscasts each and every week. >> you like it. >> i love it. >> our new set is the culmination of two years of planning and execution. first, mapping out the infrastructure to house the newest technology in news gathering and weather forecasting. then translating what's on paper into production. and, yes, it's a huge job. >> we have an amazing group of people here from our studio crew that helped in the construction to our brilliant engineering staff that figured out how to make all the technology work ton our really talented art department that created this fresh into your stunning graphics look. >> the set is shot by nine hi high definition cameras and lit by hundreds of energy
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efficient led lights. it includes 52 monitors fed by miles of monitoring spread out over three enormous video walls. our goal was never to be simply fancy. first and foremost is to be functional. >> for us it's all about the viewers to be able to have all these video walls will help us use video in a better and more complete way and to be able to communicate weather with the viewers exactly what the story is. >> for the last several days our news teams have been rehearsing newscasts here exploring every corner of this cutting edge seven. here's the truth. we hope you like our new home as much as we do but at "action news" it's never been about one single person or for that matter one high tech new set its always about the story and your trust in us to tell it correctly. so consider all of this one really cool new tool to help maintain that trust. in our new studio brian
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>> phillies afternoon action
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in arizona same old story. >> this team has got to get it together. phillies managed three runs in their past 20 innings. it's more of the same as they wrap up the series in arizona. first inning trouble for nick pivetta. chris herman takes him to deep right center. check out where this one lands. in a pool. splash. phils down one-zip. now three-nothing in the third inning bases loaded for daniel. that brings in two. he records three rbi's in the afternoon. five-nothing d-backs. pivetta doesn't make it out of the third. phillies bats doolittle. that's odubel herrera. phillies trail six-one in the seventh inning. sixers. both joel embiid and dario saric named to the all rookie first team. there's the first teammates to share that honor since 2008. they're both finalists for the rookie of the year award. saric averaged three points and six rebounds per game.
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at one point he scored in double figures in 22 straight games. embiid averaged 20-points eight rebounds and three blocks. embiid only appeared in 31 games which makes -- takes away from his chances. last month embiid stated his case. >> i think i should win. rookie of the year is about being the best rookie. no disrespect to the other guys but at the same time i don't -- i don't really care. i say whoever gets it, i'm going to be happy for. >> the new big three basketball league debuted yesterday. a league of 18 that play three on three basketball. allen iverson is the player coach on a team that is named 3's company. he believers it is the next big thing. >> how big can it be. >> it can be mega, colossal. it can only get better and you going have different superstar
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players that played in the league that's going to get that itch and want the come out here and compete so i'm just looking forward to it. >> hockey hall of fame is about to get more of a philadelphia flare. mark recchi has been elected as part of the class of 2017. recchi spent 22 seasons in the nhl. he had two different stints with the flyers. he ranked eighth on the team's all time scoring list. in the 92-93 season he tallied 127 points. that record still stands. the induction ceremony will be held november 13th in toronto. finally if you've ever picked up a golf club you've dreamed of holing one out how about doing it to win a pga event. travelers championship yesterday in connecticut, jordan spieth and daniel berger sudden death playoff. spieth on the first playoff hole from the bunker, boom, from the bunk i would be happy not to skull it. this is spieth's tenth pga victory. you got to keep the club face
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>> kids found a way to keep cool on this monday. they spent the day doing cannonballs and splashing around in cobbs creek recreation center. if you looked at facebook over the weekend you saw ducis rodgers doing something very similar to that. except he landed on his back. anyway it's just one of several philadelphia pools that opened today by saturday all the city's public pools will be opened. >> and the weather is very
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summery outside. >> yes and temperatures are going to be climbing back into the 90's by the end of the week. ducis will be doing the ice cube plunge as we all will. we have a new weather center. >> let's see it. >> we've got some really neat things. so, let's go live on sky6 in the "action news" weather center taking a look at the center city skyline. this is our view from the temple university camera and you can see blue skies and sunshine kind of a chamber of commerce kind of day and temperatures a little bit on the cool side for june. currently look at that, you like that, jim, currently it's 80 degrees in philadelphia, it comes out of nowhere, allentown 78, cape may 75 degrees, our high today 82, 3 degrees below normal and the evening planner showing it doesn't get much nicer than this. very comfortable at 7 o'clock dropping into the upper 70's by 9 o'clock 74 and by 11 o'clock, down to 70 degrees with a few fair weather clouds here and there.
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very low humidity as well. and clear skies currently. satellite6 and action radar showing right now nothing more than a few fair weather cumulus clouds but if you look up to north bay, you can see a little bit of a spin. that's low pressure. that will be heading up to the north but it will pull a trough through tomorrow, dip in the atmosphere and that brings the possibility of showers and thunderstorms. tonight though a great night for sleeping with low dewpoints. dewpoints in the 40's. very unusual for june. it will be very comfortable. good flight to turn off the air conditioners, maybe open up the window let the breeze blow in. 62 in philadelphia, allentown 55, cape may 65 and trenton down to 60 degrees. so, tomorrow with that low pressure up to the north, that trough, we will see more clouds bubbling up with a few afternoon showers and thunderstorms and with the cloud cover temperature even a little bit cooler than today. 79 degrees and then that moves off by wednesday. high pressure building in. another gorgeous day. kind of a repeat performance of today.
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plenty of sunshine. temperatures a little bit cool for june, 81 degrees with low humidity. i think wednesday will be the nicest day of the week. if you are down the shore tomorrow, it's going to be a nice day for pit. little bit on the cool side, partly sunny, low humidity a low risk of rip currents. it's fine to get in the water. beach haven 76, atlantic city 77, the ocean temperature 66. rehoboth beach 78 degrees and bethany 79. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast tomorrow definitely on the cool side for june standards, 79 degrees. some clouds bubbling up in the afternoon with a scattered shower or thunderstorm. wednesday gorgeous, mostly sunny, low humidity, very pleasant, 81 degrees. thursday, though, we get a flow out of the southwest, a bermuda high setting up. it will warm up to 88 degrees and here we go friday, the heat and humidity makes the comeback. 92 degrees and with that building heat and humidity, could see a few afternoon showers and thunderstorms, the same on saturday, 92 degrees. on sunday we keep the hume, we
6:27 pm
drop the temperature a notch top 88 degrees and then on monday, hot, partly sunny with a high of 90. it looks like it stays hot right into the fourth of july. >> do you have a trap door in the floor the thing comes up. >> augmented reality. >> everything here is augmented reality. >> we've come a long way. >> you're augmented -- >> we've come a long way since we have we had magnets. >> "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff sharrie williams ducis rodgers. please join us for "action news" at 11:00 on channel6. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight, breaking news. this just in. the critical new numbers of the senate health care bill. how many americans could be left uninsured? and president trump declaring victory for his travel ban. the supreme court reinstating part of his executive order. raging wildfires in the west. nearly two dozen fires burning. homes in flames. hundreds of families evacuating. our reporter on the fire line. collision course. the new report. the captain of that massive cargo ship claiming the "uss fitzgerald" did not respond to warning signals moments before the deadly crash. and panic in the sky. the passenger plane violently shaking in midair. the possible engine damage caught on camera. the pilot telling passengers


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