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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  June 28, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. s andmatt o'donnell, tamala meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 4:30 on this wednesday june 28th. >> good morning everyone. we're following breaking news here. someone opened fire on a crowd in a southwest philadelphia neighborhood sending a 16-year-old to the hospital. remains of what appears to be a woman in a tioga-nicetown neighborhood. >> and get out and enjoy today. when the sun comes up in about an hour, it will be beautiful however, nothing lasts forever. >> well, you don't have to throat 10 me with a good time. i'll get out there and enjoy
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it. let's get to dave murphy and karen rogers. >> nothing lasts forever. today enjoy. >> you can see how satellite shows you that cloud cover really pushing off the coast. we've got clear skies across the region this morning and it looks like we'll maintain lots of sunshine today. as we take a look at temperatures, 63 degrees currently in philadelphia. and still in the 50's in wilmington and allentown and reading. 60 degrees in trenton. 53 in millville reason 67 down the shore in cape may at this early hour. as we go through the day, it does the get warm. 76 degrees by noon and by 3 o'clock, 80 degrees. looks like we'll get a high of 81 around 4 o'clock today. and then by 7 o'clock, 78 degrees. and no chance of rain today or tomorrow, so looking ahead, maybe today's a good day to get the car washed. you can see, however, that we are looking at an increase in the chance of rain on friday, saturday and sunday. could that some thunderstorms around and saturday night is looking like a volatile period. more on that when we check out exclusive accuweather 7-day.
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>> karen. >> all right dave. we have an early morning accident in new castle town i-95 northbound right at 295 its an overturned tractor-trailer and it's blocking two lanes. watch for this one if you're headed out in new castle. we're hearing there are injuries and a fuel spill. this might be a little tricky to clean out. let's go out live on the vine street expressway. we are dry. we are not so clear. we've got overnight construction blocking it right now in both directions so watch for that overnight closure of the vine. crews return again tonight at 11 o'clock and shut the vine down. it should reopen by about 5 o'clock this morning o northeast extension in both directions we've got construction out here blocking the right lane. and that's between lansdale and quakertown. should be wrapping up within the next half hour, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. we're start wind gust starting with breaking news. a group of teams were gathered outside a home in southwest philadelphia when someone opened fire. a 16-year-old girl was shot several times. the suspect took off.
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"action news" reporter jeanette reyes is joining us now live from southwest detectives in west philadelphia with the very latest on what investigators know. good morning, jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, to you tam. we know that the search is on for the shooter here. witnesses were being interviewed at southwest detectives not too long ago. police say that this girl was with a group of friends when the hail of gunfire began. this began around midnight when the girls were outside of a home where they just had a barbecue earlier in the day. this is along the 5900 block fox5 of springfield avenue. shots began and then a barrage of bullets p she was hit multiple times. other bullets pierced a home and shattered windows. the 16-year-old girl was hit multiple times in the car and
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was rushed to pen presbyterian by police. the shooter sped off. friends were taken to be interviewed in hopes of getting a suspect description. >> a description of the shooter. we're just told that a car was last seen speeding off west on springfield towards 60th street. now, we did find some private surveillance cameras in the neighborhood and those cameras are facing in the direction towards where the ballistic evidence is. >> reporter: now, the victim is listed in stable condition. she was the only one injured by the gunfire. we just know that the suspects, police say, sped westbound towards 60th street on springfield a they're trying to get ahold of that of surveillance video. jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> police are investigating the discovery of a human
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skeleton in the tioga-nicetown section. the body was that found 6 feet under what used to be a laundromat. part of the corpse was covered in adult female clothing. private contractors first made the discovery back on june 19th and at 1st they thought it might have been animal remains. they contacted police yesterday when they found a human skull and jawbone in an abandoned suitcase. residents say the laundromat was torn down one year ago. >> a drug raid in south jersey is highlighting the dangers agents face on the job. dmv ea agents recovered fentanyl and pill presses from a house on the 200 block of broadway in carneys point yesterday. residents took photos of the agents in hazmat suits. fentanyl is synthetic opioid pain medication is so potent officers must take extra safety measures. >> took a little bit out into my hand. if that was fentanyl that would be enough to kill four
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or five of us in this room. >> yesterday chester county district attorney tom hogan announced the results of a special investigation dubbed operation wildfire saying it has netted 46 arrests. the operation focused on street level heroin and opioid dealers. >> republicans suffered another blow in their efforts to repeal the affordable care act. senate leaders failed to rally enough support to pass a healthcare overhaul bill. they could not find enough votes to bring it to the floor for discussion. abc's janai norman has more from washington. >> >> reporter: a major reversal from senate republicans. >> yes, we will work this week. >> reporter: abandoning all hope of passing a healthcare bill before the july 4th recess. >> we will not be on the bill this week but we're still working towards getting at least 50 people in a comfortable place. >> reporter: gop senators hung their heads when it
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became clear the vote simply weren't there. >> this will be great if we get it done and if we don't get it done it's just going to be something that we're not going to like and that's okay. >> reporter: the deal cut behind closed doors and drawn up in secrecy was immediately met with fury an grim outlook from the nonpartisan congressional budget office isn't that helping. that analysis revealing 22 million more americans will be uninsured in 10 years under the senate bill, 15 million more uninsured next year alone and nearly $800 billion cut from medicaid. democrats united in their opposition held pictures outside the capitol of the americans they say would suffer as a result of the bill. >> this is not a bill frankford just paper and pencils. this is not just abstract numbers. these are real people. >> reporter: republicans could only afford to lose two votes but there are nine gop senator who's say they cannot support this bill. now, the republicans have
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pushed the vote until after the july 4th recess. it gives them more time to work on a new version of the bill that conservatives say doesn't cut enough and moderates say cuts too deeply. janai norman abc news, washington. >> today will mark day seven of seth williams corruption trial. yesterday weiss continued his testimony. he said he bribed williams with gifts so the d.a. would help with his liquor license problems for a club he owns in california. >> the will hear a the ncaa sued the state in 2012 after lawmakers passed a law to allow gambling on games. governor chris christie has been a big proponent of the plan as a way to boost the state's casino and horse racing industries. voters backed it in a 2011 referendum. the supreme court will hear the case in the fall.
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>> an nfl player in south jersey made a surprise to his big brother with one huge birthday gift. logan ryan posted a photo of himself delivering a check to his brother for his 29th birthday. the check was giant in both size and a ryan gave his brother $82,000 to pay off his student loans. now, that's a great gift. >> brotherly love right there, hm. >> yes. >> 4:39 now and brand new overnight, smoke billows into the air from what is being called a thwarted terrorist attack in venezuela. >> if you love it it could be yours for the right price. how you could earn the piece of iconic philadelphia history. >> 81 degrees, below average low humidity. what about the rest of the work week and thatup tick in temper
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. >> david, tam and i are already discussing what we're going to be doing outdoors today. >> way to go. >> go for a ride. >> wash the car would be a good idea. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you we are rain free this morning t and as we take a look outside we have sky6 and everything looking good. lots of sunshine getting ready to come up over the horizon in just a little bit and it does look like it's going to be a nice one today. temperature is 63 degrees, comfortable with that dewpoint as expected back down into the 40's. that's well below the threshold for what we would consider humid air. winds west-northwest at 10 miles per hour. ocean temperature about 63, still kind of cool. satellite shows you how the clouds from yesterday have really swept out of here and while there could be a little fair weather cumulus development again i do think high pressure is going to knock out a lot of that and
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we'll wind up with lots of sun from start to finish today. today's forecast, 65 degrees by 8 o'clock. by 10 o'clock, up to 73. by noon a comfortable 76 degrees and with low humidity another great day to get out there and grab lunch on a park bench or maybe just get outside and get some stuff done. by 3 o'clock 80 degrees and i expect a high of 81. holding about 79 by 6 o'clock. high temperatures looking pretty good. 80 in allentown, 79 in trenton, glynn philadelphia, wilmington and reading. 80 this afternoon in millville and down the shore not much different. upper 70's on the beach a very pleasant day. tomorrow's high is 88 degrees t we'll start to warm up with a warm front getting past us. a touch more humid as we get past that warm front as well and then the big humidity comes in as this cold front gets a little bit closer to us and we continue to get that circulation from the south for friday, saturday and sunday. that front out there is also going to help trigger is a couple thunderstorms as we go
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through the friday saturday sunday period. here's your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast t a high of 81 today, lots of sunshine historic low humidity. today is a great day to get outside and get stuff done. matt is going to finish cutting his lawn i believe and i'll do a little bit of yard work, too. tomorrow breezy but a little bit more humid and it's also going to get gradually warmer. we'll wind up with a high of 88 in the afternoon and you can see how the overnight lows in through here are also getting warmer. on friday hot and humid, a stray thunderstorm can't be ruled out, 92 is the forecast high. and hot and humid on saturday, and we're now shifting the focus for severe thunderstorms potentially to saturday, saturday night and maybe into sunday morning. 92 is the high there. that would be the active period. and then on sunday it's humid, hot, 90 and another lingering thunderstorm isn't out of the question. on monday, still on the muggy side, 88 degrees, partly sunny, very warm, another pop-up thunderstorm is is possible but not a washout certainly and the early look at the fourth of july looks
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hot, partly sunny, 90 degrees and a pop-up thunderstorm here or there. that's pretty typical for the fourth of july. right now it's not looking super active but we'll keep our eyes on that. >> thanks, david. new this morning, the president of venezuela is condemning what he called an armed terrorist attack on the country's supreme court. nicholas madero says a helicopter flew over firing guns and launching grenades. he claims the attacker used a stolen police helicopter. opponents accuse him of trying to spread fear to justify a crackdown against venezuelaians seeking to block his plans to rewrite the constitution. >> human error is being blamed for a subway train deflate new york -- derailment in new york city. the derailment caused a power outage and suspended service on four lines. heavy smoke could be seen inside the train. nearly 40 minor injuries were reported. >> federal prosecutors charged
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a 90-year-old philadelphia man with trying to rip off the government. they say william louis collected more than $450,000 in social security benefits that he was not entitled to since 1991. a grand jury indictment unsealed yesterday says lewis escaped from a maryland prison in 1970 applied for a social security number using an alias and started collecting benefits under both his real name and the a fake name. >> you now have a fans chance to own a piece of philadelphia home. on the stainless steel pedestal will soon long to the highest bidder. the latest auction on the is just $140. but there's at least one downfall to buying the 1700-pound statue stand. you would have to move it yourself. the second one is you have to find a statue to put on it. >> yeah, that's a good point 'cause love doesn't come with it. >> no. >> 4:46. a new iphone is heading your way soon potentially.
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>> ♪ >> good morning, everybody. we're looking live at philadelphia international airport right now and traffic there moving -- looking in towards that direction moving pretty well. let's check the current conditions for you. we're looking live on route 42, that's northbound traffic coming up from deptford or turnersville. you've got a pretty good start to your day. we're dry. we're clear and no problems heading towards the walt whitman bridge. outside live here in cherry hill, this is 70 eastbound between haddonfield road and kings highway. we do still have that construction going on so watch for it blocking the left lane until about 6 o'clock in the morning but you can see very light volume starting off right now so not causing a big problem at this early hour that's for sure. but here's an issue in new castle county. an overturned tractor-trailer. we're understanding someone was injured on the scene and there's a fuel spill so watch for these delays on i-95 northbound at 295. two left lanes are blocked right here. also outside live on the schuylkill expressway, so far so good approaching spring garden. that's eastbound traffic
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headed towards center city and moving nicely, matt. >> thank you, karen. happening today, history will be made for catholics in el salvador when pope francis elevates five cardinals at the vatican. bishop josé gregorio chavez has been the auxiliary bishop since 1982. the other cardinals come from laos mali sweden and spain. the pontiff appointed monsignor alfred shlerd as the fifth bishop of allentown. he was ordained in allentown in 1987. he says his focus will be to bring young people to the church and help those hurt by abusive priests. he will be installed at the cathedral of saint katherine of siena in allentown august 31st. >> time to get going on your first look at business. a delaware bankruptcy judge is allowing air bag maker tack today the to move forward with its reorganization plan. that includes the sale of most of its assets to a chinese owned rival.
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the move follows a worldwide recall by the company after it was found that their products could explode too forcefully sending shrapnel into people. the faulty inflaters have been linked to at least 16 deaths and nearly 200 injuries. turning to the stock market the call yesterday to delay the senate vote on the healthcare overhaul bill until after the fourth of july, that spurred a bit of a selloff and futures today are pointing to a lower open as well. now, the iphone eight is not expected to go on sale until september but anticipation is already running really high. the new model is predicted to smash records set by the iphone 6 and sell over 240 million in the first year alone. the iphone eight will have major updates like changes in voice assist siri, augustd reality and artificial intelligence. >> it was a big night for the graduating class at leap academy university charter in camden. "action news" was at a packed bb&t pavilion last night.
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100 percent of the charter senior a class is graduating for a 14th year in a row. all 118 students have been accepted into college as well and they have received $3 million collectively in scholarships. >> now, that is something to cheer about. well, it is 4:53. and we have brand new video coming up. it's a brawl in aisle four. details on what sparked this scuffle. >> we're following breaking news as well. a 16-year-old girl is shot several times while standing outside a southwest philadelphia home. ♪
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>> more than a dozen people were standing on a deck when it suddenly gave way sending them into the water below. this happened yesterday in boca raton florida. police say 15 people were on the deck at the time. three people were hurt. an investigation is now under way to determine what caused that deck to collapse. and video of a brawl at a georgia store is going viral. the fight broke out at a dollar tree in the city of columbus. one of the women claims the chaos began when a group of girls bumped into one of her family members. police charged four women with disorderly conduct. >> a bucks county gas station says it will pay for repairs for drivers whose cars were damaged by tainted fuel. county officials confirm the diesel mixed with gasoline in a tank of a shell station on new falls road and hood boulevard. the contamination from wednesday or lasted from wednesday of last week to friday. the station has since removed the mixed fullerene placed it with regular.
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contact information for affected car owners is on and we've also a posted a link on my twitter feed. >> it's 4:57. some construction projects are now on hold while workers decideed to walk pout at. >> a freak accident at a swimming pool. they were poisoned by gas. >> a teen is (man vo) dad forgot how to brush his teeth.
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(woman 2 vo) i'm caring for someone with moderate alzheimer's. if you are too, ask about namzaric today. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning.
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it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday june 28th. we're following breaking news. >> a gunman sprays bullets across a philadelphia neighborhood. a teenager suffers several gunshot wounds and police believe she was the target. >> also breaking, a deadly collision on the roosevelt boulevard. two cars hit a man as he was trying to walk across the street. >> soak it up now. we have one more nice day with low humidity and then summer begins banging on the front door again. >> all right. let's find out more about that in accuweather. dave murphy has that and karen rogers is looking at your traffic. good morning. >> sounds crazy but i wore a light jacket this morning. it was little cool. >> a little cool, yeah, in some neighborhoods. some of you got down into the 50's overnight. as we take a look at the weather sent we have satellite showing you cloud cover from yesterday really sweeping off the coast at this point and we are looking at plenty of sunshine on the way. temperatures this morning are a little cool as karen mentioned. we're only 52 degrees up in allentown. 54 degrees in reading. 56 in wilmington. in philadelphia a little better at 63. 54 in millville and down in cape may 67 degrees.


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