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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  June 28, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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ri "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon rick is off
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and in the news this noon. good samaritans coming to the rescue of a woman being robbed and assaulted in sent steer. and local commuters come into danger after a tragedy in washington, d.c. and in south philadelphia, crews spent the morning cleaning vandalism left on homes and sidewalks and police are xrest gating whether there was a hate crime. walter perez is live with more on the offensive messages left in the neighborhood. hey sara police are on the scene right now talking to neighbors and looking for leads and in this case the people behind the graffiti painted anti-authority message with specific message against the police. city crews are on the scene early this morning removing vulgar and offensive graffiti spray painted on homes and sidewalks in south philadelphia.
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one of the homes vandalize said owned by charlie inferso he says this kind of behavior is reprehensible. >> the people responsible hit five properties in this neighborhood spray painting images from the old soviet hammer. and she says she lived here 30 years and first time she has seen anything like this. this should serve as a wake-up call for the neighborhood. >> act responsible. have more responsibility toward our community. the whole community. not just to my house or my profession and things like that. >> reporter: police are talking to local business owners because there is no shortage of
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surveillance cameras in this neighborhood. they are hoping for a lead in that reguard. walt perez, channel 6 "action news." thank you. a 30-year-old woman was assaulted during a robbery in center city. police have a trips of the man they are looking for. he walked up to the victim and tried to pull the purse from her shoulder, when she resisted he began to kick and drag her along the sidewalk when four good samaritans chased the man and he ran away empty handed. it happened june 18th. if you recognize the suspect call 911. a 16-year-old girl is recovering after she was shot three times overnight in southwest philadelphia. at this hour police are still searching for the gunman. jeanette reyes is live at the hospital where the victim is
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being treated. >> reporter: well sara, the 16-year-old girl was shot multiple times hanging out with her friend near the hospital here. they don't know why she was shot or who the shooter was. >> i heard four gunshots and after that i had seen a car go by. tynesia williams was one the first to call 911 after hearing the shots in southwest philadelphia. >> the guy came out of the house and pulled the cops over and let them know someone was shot in the house. >> the call came out at midnight and arrived on the scene to find a 16-year-old with gunshots in her right arm and buttocks and chest area. >> they are out until 1:30 in the afternoon drinking and
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smoking having a nice time before the kids came out. >> the victim was sitting on the steps with several other girls and some boys. >> everybody was devastated. i don't know if it was her son or cousin or whatever. he was mostly devastated crying and hyperventilating and things like that. the girl was put in the back of the police cruiser and rushed to the hospital and she remains in stable condition. >> she got up and walked to the cop car. >> and police found a number of shell casings around the property and knocked on doors looking for evidence and are relying on surveillance cameras for clues. >> we were told that a car was last seen speeding off west on springfield. >> there is a bunch of guys that live in the house. i don't think she was the intended target. probably just an innocent bystanders. >> the victims recovering and is
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in stable condition and the police are searching for clues that lead them to the shooter. and they are reviewing surveillance camera footage and no suspect description released or motive. >> thank you. a man from delaware county was killed after being hit by two different cars on the roosevelt boulevard in philadelphia. police say that 35-year-older roll was walking on the boulevard in logan and was hit first by a chrysler and then hit by an on coming nissan. both drivers stayed at the scene to speak with police and no charges are filed so far. investigators are working to identify human bones found at a local construction site. workers recovered the remains in an empty lot. a laundry mat was torn down a year ago and the bones were
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found underground and the person appeared to bewaring a pink jacket. john rawlins will have a live report from the scene coming up in the next half hour. turning now to accuweather and an absolutely beautiful day across the region and lots of sunshine and comfortable temperatures, as we look live at cape may. i know my beaches, from sky 6 hd meteorologist, david murphy, is outside on the terrace with a first check of your forecast. >> a lot of people no doubt are getting to know that beach better as that day goes on. a gorgeous day at the shore and philadelphia. look at satellite and the lack of cloud cover and lots of blue and every now and then a small cumulous cloud comes through and we maintain bright conditions through the afternoon. warm and 74 in philadelphia, 73 in allentown and 75 currently in wilmington and 73 in trenton and down the shore in cape may 73 pleasant degrees 76 at the airport inland from the beach in atlantic city.
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and the dew points have slipped downward again when are in the 40s in philadelphia. and not only is it comfortable with numbers in the 70s now and also at all humid. really feeling good. if you have plans to head out and swing a golf club and sunny and comfortable conditions, warm 83 degrees at 3:00. and 79 at 6:00. and the humidity is on the low side and checking out the long range, your high today is 81 at 4:00 and by 8:00 tonight. 77 degrees and by 10:00 holding on to 70 and we won't be as cool overnight tonight as last night. probably getting down into the 60s in most neighborhoods. when i step inside a big warm-up higher on the humidity scale as well. details coming up from accuweather. it is the day to get outside and have fun. >> highway headaches for drivers in wilmington, a truck overturned on 95 north
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approaching the split. and more than three hours later two lanes were still closed. police are to block traffic while they cleaned up a fuel spell and wreckage. commuters were told to avoid the highway until 10:00 a.m. amtrak service has resumed from philadelphia to washington, d.c., after it was suspended this morning. no trains were running on the span because of a tragedy on the track. two csx workers were struck and killed near the nation's capital and the investigation is ongoing and causing delays at 30th street station. katherine scott has more on the impact for local travelers coming up at 12:30. police departments here in the state of pennsylvania may soon be able to refuse public requests for audio and video recordings by officers. a bill passed in the state senate yesterday. under pennsylvania's bill a request could be denied in the
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identity of a confidential informant or witness would be identified. they could deny the release. governor wolf says he will sign it. the latest developments on the health care battle after senate republicans delayed a vote on their proposal we'll have a full report from washington. and a stolen police helicopter firing grenades at the government building. and david murphy has your seven-day forecast.
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another wild fire broke out in california, this one close to homes. residents in several sounding towns can see and smell the smoke. as of last night the fire was 0% contained. venezuela's president says the attack on the supreme court was an attempt to oust him from power. he says a stolen police
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helicopter flew over the complex while a person in side was firing guns and launching grenades. authorities are still searching for him after he called for a rebellion against the venezuelan government. in boston a man is under arrest charged with vandalizing the holocaust memorial. someone threw a rock overnight shattering a panel the display representing those killed in the holocaust. and police arrested james isaac facing a number of charges including a civil rights violation. a florida handyman spend 90 days in jail after police mistook his drywall powder for cocaine. he is free again after waiting three months for lab results proving the powder was drywall. the officer did a field test during the stop and said it was positive for cocaine. he was locked up and accused of
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violating probation for a previous arrest in march. he was exonerated by a lab this week. imagine the thrill of winning the lottery and then told you can't have the money. that may happen to lottery winners in illinois. if the state does not reach a budget deal by saturday july 1st. it won't be able to pajak pots over $25,000. and if they fail to pass a spending plan they will stop the sale of lottery and mega million all together. >> a big honor for childrens hospital of philadelphia. how chop is nationally recognized today. and how america's obesity
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the childrens hospital of philadelphia has earned big honors from u.s. news and world report and released the national rankings for childrens hospital. of ten specialties chop ranked in the top three inform nine categorie categories. in health check good news for people that hate getting shot. the flu vaccine could one day come in a tiny pain free patch. it has tiny micro needles that inject you with the same time of vaccine found in a traditional flu shot and they say that the patch is painless.
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researchers in georgia tech are finding it in the early stages of testing it. it could revolutionize the way that vaccines are given. but more trials are needed . the obesity epidemic is not just affecting adults and children it's an issue for our pets. one in three cats and dogs treated at vets were either overweight or obese and minnesota was the worst with more than 40% of pets on the heavy side. and carrying that extra weight can lead to health problems for pets including diabetes and arthritis. a nfl player and south jersey native surprised his brother with a big birthday gift. he delivered a check to his brother for his 29th birthday. it was giant in size and amount. he gave his brother, $82,000 to
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pay off his student loans. the "action news" team is working on news stories tonight beginning at 4:00. let check in with alicia vitarelli with a look ahead. >> reporter: coming untoday at 4:00, almost a year after an explosion in central park there is a renewed push to fine the suspect behind it. it's a story we are following for you here. and investigators hoping that tourists can help solve the crime that severely injured a teenager. and believe it or not the busy holiday is just a few days away and don't worry it's not too late to save on travel. easy tips coming up on what's the deal and something cool happening in philadelphia today. small and local businesses are hoping to make their dreams come true with a push and a pitch to be on shark tank. and we'll show you some of those auditions coming up at 4:00. i love to see the products and
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david is here now with a check of the accuweather forecast. gorgeous out there today. the pick of the week if not monday was the same story. stormtracker 6 live double scan right now shows you that that good beat continues with no rain out there. and as we look outside we have sky 6 hd the ben franklin bridge just a few cumulous clouds real scattered stuff here or there. mainly sunny and mainly it is nice. the temperature in philadelphia is 74 degrees and dew points are way done at 43 and have you to be at 60 to begin feeling humid. winds from the west northwest at 9 miles per hour. ocean temperatures slipped down to 61 degrees now and that is
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typical for this time of year. got to wait until later in the summer and september to get up in the water. 74 is the current temperature in philadelphia and 75 in wilmington and even in the lehigh valley, climbing to the mid-70s and in trenton 75 in millville and if you view us down in cape may, 75 degrees now and 76 at the coast at the airport in atlantic city. satellite shows you the lack of cloud cover. something popping up north and west and we think the air is dry enough to support mainly blue skies and clouds at times and generally speaking mostly sunny skies and lehigh valley a sunny and pleasant high of 80 degrees, nice conditions there and low humid, down the shore great and most of our coastal community, there is the cool ocean water and low humidity. a high of 81 degrees and
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scattered clouds and a breeze. it feels good. for the evening commute warm enough to have the ac on but with low humidity maybe just the elbow out the window. 81 is the 4:00 temperature and 80 by 5:00 and 79 by 6:00 and 8:00 down to 78 degrees. still bright plan on the shades on the way home. mainly comfortable overnight and not as chilly as this past morning, down to 65 in philadelphia and the out lying suburbs probably in the upper 50s and winds are light and mainly clear and just cirrus coverage around and then the temperatures creep on up to 88 for a high and definitely warmer and a touch more humid too. the high pressure center sets up off the coast and we get the southerly flow and the front inches closer to us on friday and saturday and into sunday with the hotter more humid air comes in and you'll see that in
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the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast today's high is 81 degrees lots of sun and comfortable conditions to get to the playground or golf course later today or tonight and breezy or warmer and perhaps more humid and 88 is the high and a good deal of sunshine. friday is when the hot and humid air strikes us, 92 is the high and feeling soupier and a stray thunderstorm in the day and another high of 82 on saturday and sunday night into sunday morning appears to be the best chance of strong storms. that doesn't mean everyone sees them but that is the time period i want you to keep your eyes on now. then monday still muggy 88 and a stray thunderstorm and an early look at 4th of july looks hot and partly sunny and humid and high of 90 and a chance of a stray thunderstorm popping up. >> thank you david. a new museum dedicated to
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the vision and work of george lucas received a unanimous green light. the museum of art is built in los angeles, the $1.5 billion space is being paid for by lucas and his wife dedicated to story telling and the media and surrounded by 11 acres of new park space. there is more ahead in the next half hour of "action news" at noon. after the vote on the health care bill is abruptly postponed. plus, helping moms connect how the peanut app is helping moms make friends with other
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"action news" continues. >> hello again here is the stories we are following for you. human remains are found in a work site in the tioga-nicetown section. plus amtrak passengers experienced delays after two people were killed on the tracks. we begin with the discovery of is the human bones in an empty lot in the tioga-nicetown section of philadelphia. the bones were discovered by contractors yesterday. john rawlins is live now with
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the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: hi sara, well still a lot of questions. it's quiet here at the site now and the focus is on the medical examiners office and the experts that work there and they will examine the remains and say as possibly as early as today maybe the gender of the individual's remains found here approximate age and height. the goal is going to be to determine the manner and cause of death in this case and if possible they will look for evidence that will help to identify the remains found here yesterday. >> there is a skull and a lot of teeth and a lower jaw, ribs, a spine. >> yesterday this vacant lot was crisscrossed with police tape and a small army of investigators and staffers with the medical examiners office worked the scene where human remains were found. markers were around where bones were located.


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