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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 29, 2017 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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donald trump is a very nice person. i'm really rich. putin called me a genius. i know words, i have the best words. society loves me. i'm one of the smartest people in the world. i'm much richer than almost anybody. i've done an amazing job. people that know me like me. i've made billions and billions of dollars. i have so many websites, i have them all over the place. donald trump is maybe the best interview there is. i was the best golfer of all the rich people. i'm a smart person. i have a store that's worth more money than mitt romney. i think i'm much more humble than you would understand. happy birthday to me. >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight - jamie foxx. nba champion draymond green. and music from trace adkins. and now, without further ado, here's jimmy kimmel!
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. thank you very much. i appreciate that. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. today, you know -- [ cheers and applause ] very nice, i appreciate it. today -- today was an upsetting day. we had a shooting this morning near washington, d.c., i'm sure you know, of a congressman, a police officer, and two other people on a baseball field. fortunately the only person who was killed was the man who shot them. and hopefully, they expect that everybody is going to be okay. but the attack put a cloud over what is supposed to be a special day for the united states. not only is today flag day, on this day 71 years ago a bolt of lightning struck a clump of hair in a golden shower drain and a
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president was born. donald jennifer trump turned 71 today. [ cheers and applause ] at the white house they had a little party for the president. they played pin the blame on the press secretary. [ laughter ] melania jumped out of a cake and made a run for it. [ laughter ] vladimir putin didn't show up but he, you know, gave trump his present back in november. [ light laughter ] it's hard to believe on this day -- 71 years ago donald trump was just a little baby with little hands and feet going wah-wah-wah all day long and nothing has really changed since then. [ cheers and applause ] there's a major report from the "washington post" just a couple of hours ago. it says that the special counsel led by robert mueller is now officially looking into whether president trump attempted to obstruct justice in his dealings with james comey. as far as presidential birthday presents go, not exactly marilyn monroe singing to jfk.
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but i like to imagine trump found out about this just as sean spicer was handing him his birthday present. [ laughter ] the president had an interesting lunch yesterday with republican senators where he had some surprisingly strong criticism of the republican health care bill, the american health care act. he called the bill mean, cold-hearted, and a son of a bitch. which he knows a bill's a piece of legislation and not a person named -- he does know it's not bill cosby or bill o'reilly, right? it came as quite a surprise because publicly at the time it was passed he said the bill was a great plan incredibly well crafted. now he says it's a mean son of a bitch. those three ghosts that visit in the middle of the night must have made a very convincing case. dennis rodman, a former celebrity apprentice, is spreading diplomacy and who knows what else in north korea right now. he's on a trip there today. he went bowling and on a visit to the zoo. that's not a diplomatic visit. that's what you do with your dad
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on the weekend after your parents get divorced. you hear the words north korean zoo it sounds depressing. but this is the zoo in north korea that he went to. the entrance is a tiger. north korea has a lot of the problems? seems like they've got zoos pretty well figured out. [ cheers and applause ] so kudos to them on that. you know, in north korea being eaten by a tiger is considered the luckiest thing that can happen to you. so we'll wait and see if rodman's trip does anything to ease tensions with the north koreans. some people think it might. it's really amazing. we're at a unique time in american history when not one but two former reality stars have the power to start nuclear war. by the way, we have a great show for you tonight. jamie foxx is here with us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] music from trace adkins. and from the new nba champion golden state warriors draymond green is here with us. [ cheers and applause ]
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draymond's team the warriors is a great team. those who follow basketball know they don't have an official mascot. most teams have one but the warriors don't. so one of our writers, gary, made it his mission to come up with a mascot for them. the other day we spray painted him gold and he did this. ♪ >> jimmy: that was the golden skater for golden state. needless to say it didn't catch on. gary is debuting a new and he thinks improved team mascot. ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for the golden state worrier! [ sirens ] >> it's too loud! too loud! >> jimmy: what? >> i feel this is disturbing my eardrums, it's hurting.
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stop the clapping! >> jimmy: everybody stop clapping. they stopped already by the way. they already stopped. you didn't need to tell them to stop, they stopped almost immediately. anything you want to say? >> yay warriors! we're the champions! [ cheers and applause ] but i'm worried about next year. what -- what if steph curry gets injured in the offseason? what if kevin durant misses oklahoma city and he moves back? what if draymond's mom won't let him play next year? oh my god, i'm getting a rash! look at this! does this look connectictagious? i think it's shingles! oh my god! 1 in 3 people are going to get shingles and i've already had it twice! >> jimmy: that's terrible. that is a basketball yarmulke you have painted on your head? >> yes, it is. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: just to clarify for the audience, you help me with this. you are the golden state worrier
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because you worry a lot? that's what this is? >> why? does this bit not make sense? it doesn't, does it? i thought it was so great when i pitched it. but now i'm just worried that it's stupid and nobody likes it. oh my god. am i fired? >> jimmy: no, you're not fired. >> i'm fired, aren't i! >> jimmy: you're not fired. >> how am i going to pay for my mother's hospital bills if she ever goes to the hospital? >> jimmy: i don't think you need to worry about it but i think we're done with this now. we've got and it we've experienced it. >> i'll see myself out. >> jimmy: okay. the golden state worrier! [ cheers and applause ] what he does is he worries about the team. all right, maybe the warriors don't need a mascot, i don't know. i don't know if people watching this oliver stone interview with vladimir putin on showtime, but it's -- it's not very good, actually. it's just weird. it's oliver stone, who's a movie
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director, sat down with putin for a series of chats that included little gems like this. >> you do realize how powerful your answer could be that you said subtly that you preferred "x" candidate. he would go like that tomorrow. and if you say you didn't like trump or something. right? what would happen? he'd win, right? you have that amount of power in the u.s. >> jimmy: he almost started laughing, right? [ laughter ] in poker that's called a tell. [ laughter ] i'm convinced. back to the united states. i mentioned before that today is flag day. so by the way, please call your flags. they love you. flag day is not a particularly exciting holiday. you don't get drunk on flag day. there are no special cocktails. you don't dress up. there's no turkey, no gifts. best case scenario, it's windy on flag day. so that's about as exciting as
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flag day gets. this year the flags got together to remind us of how important they are. and to ask our leader for some respect this year. >> dear president trump. today is not only your birthday. it's also flag day. our day. a day when people honor the stars and stripes with pride, loyalty, and above all, respect. so please refrain from groping us, fondling us, hugging us, squeezing us, spanking us. for just one day can you please keep your tiny little baby hands off of us? and please put a stop to this. happy flag day. >> jimmy: all right, happy flag day, everyone. [ cheers and applause ] you know, with everything that's going on in the country and the world right now, there's a lot to be upset about. these are divisive times. but this is something i think we can all enjoy. this is a video of a man, older man, listening to metallica in his car. ♪
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introducing the hallmark step-father's collection. tell your stepdad how you feel. with a gift he will treasure for as long as he's around. >> this is going on the mantel. >> he may not be perfect -- >> what do you mean flood insurance? i need it? i'm not paying for that. >> but he makes your mom -- not single. so -- whatever. and don't forget the guy you see every other weekend. let your first father know you love him too. >> hey, dad. i got this for you. >> with something from our new sad dad collection. the hallmark step-father collection. look, your mom really likes greg so you'd better just get used to it. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tonight on the show we have music from trace adkins, nba champion draymond green is here, and we'll be right back with jamie foxx! [ cheers and applause ]
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♪ >> jimmy: all right, welcome back to the show. tonight, from the golden state warriors, he's a freshly crowned nba champion, draymond green is here. then, his latest album is called "something's going on" trace adkins from the mercedes-benz stage. you can see trace on the cma fest august 16th here on abc. tomorrow night, andy samberg will be here, jillian bell will join us, and we'll have music from 2 chainz featuring trey songz and ty dolla sign. so please join us then. our first guest is a
11:52 pm
platinum-selling singer and game show host who is an oscar-winning actor on the side. that's his side job. his new movie "baby driver" opens in theaters june 28th. please welcome jamie foxx. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> i like that. [ cheers and applause ] come on, come on, come on! >> jimmy: the wave is -- >> the lady in the front is, hm hm, come on, jamie, give me some of that. >> jimmy: we've got a lot going on with the ladies in the front.
11:53 pm
>> i see. i see the lady in the pink, i'll take that. i'll take her, let's get out. >> jimmy: the lady in the pink will make you lunch every day. >> is that right? okay. >> jimmy: lunch every single day. >> got to get there before 9:00. get there before 9:00, we get it free before 9:00. >> jimmy: how are you doing? how's your life doing? >> how are you doing? >> jimmy: doing well, thank you. >> i know i'm breaking protocol but i saw something about you and your kid, it was fantastic. [ cheers and applause ] just had to say that seeing you in person. >> jimmy: thank you. doing very well. he's doing very well. he's doing great. >> that was the most incredible moment, for one i'm crying because it touched me. but you were absolutely hilarious at the same time. and that just -- you know, for us comedians, man, we always have it when we just get a chance to see you just do your thing. [ cheers and applause ]
11:54 pm
>> jimmy: that's nice. i appreciate that. he's doing great by the way. people keep -- i feel weird because -- >> it makes you feel weird. when i did that, oh goodness, i've got to be serious. i was crying. you know i'm emotional. >> jimmy: i didn't know, are you an emotional guy? >> i get emotional, i cry especially on planes. >> jimmy: you do? >> i don't know what it is about the altitude. i just start crying. i'm watching a movie, it was a bette midler movie, i don't know how i was watching that. [ laughter ] i'm in the front crying. one of my -- the black dude in first, hey, look at jamie foxx crying like a bitch. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you really have to hide the screen. bette midler. >> damn, bette. >> jimmy: have you ever cried during a sporting event? >> hell yeah. >> jimmy: you have, yeah. >> i cried last year. >> jimmy: you did? >> when lebron won the championship. [ cheers and applause ] i cried with joy. >> jimmy: wow.
11:55 pm
[ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: are you and lebron -- >> lebron right there. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm shocked by this. are you and lebron that close? >> i'm a lebron fan, he doesn't know how close i am to him. >> jimmy: he doesn't know. >> something happened. something happened, i'm still trying to figure out what happened between us. like when he first got into the league and i was -- i was doing a -- the espys and we had a connection. then something -- i think it was a commercial that i did with steph curry. >> jimmy: oh, that -- put a wedge between you? >> i don't know, i can't explain it, but i don't get that heat. sometimes i see him, l.b.! all right, all right. >> jimmy: and that's it. >> he doesn't give me a real --
11:56 pm
>> jimmy: you're silently weeping on his behalf. >> i am, i am silent. i just need that connection. we even wrote a movie about it. we did a movie called "all-star weekend," one guy loves steph curry, other guy loves lebron james, all they're trying to do is get to the all-star game, we shot it. >> jimmy: it hasn't come out yet? >> me, jeremy piven. i'm supposed to be here promoting another movie -- >> jimmy: well, listen -- >> just trying to get it all in. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i don't know why but i thought you were a big dallas mavericks fan. >> i am a dallas mavericks fan. >> jimmy: you are. lebron was playing against mavericks, who would you root for? >> oh, that's tough. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i would -- i would root for the dallas james. >> jimmy: really. >> no, it's just tough. i just -- i mean, i -- that guy right there, man. i watched his career. i just -- he lived up to the expectation.
11:57 pm
there's always still tough on him too. i dig it. the past series, it was just crazy. >> jimmy: you cried with him when he won, you did not cry when he lost? >> yeah, i cried when he lost. >> jimmy: you cried when he lost too? >> it wasn't as bad. i ran into draymond green, come on man, in the back? >> jimmy: he's here. he's going to be mad when he hears all of this. he's going to be like, why didn't you cry for me? >> i said, what's up, draymond? he said, what's up, foxx? how you doing? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: like an action figure. >> yeah, it was crazy. >> jimmy: you are -- i want to know about this. because you're turning 50 later this year. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: i'm also turning 50 later this year. [ cheers and applause ] what -- i mean, you have crazy parties just on a wednesday. what in god's name do you have planned for your 50th birthday? is anything set yet? >> i am going to -- i can't say that on camera. i am going to just -- i'm going to go crazy.
11:58 pm
there's an island and there's people -- >> jimmy: you're going to an island? >> yeah. >> jimmy: will there be a lot of people on the island? >> there will be a few -- it will a progression of the people that, you know -- i'm down to like the -- my real dogs. it will be family, family, family, okay, y'all get out of here. and now -- >> jimmy: you will be eliminated from the island like the reality show. >> yeah. but how do you feel -- i don't feel -- i don't feel old. i still feel young and goofy. >> jimmy: i know, i know. but it's true -- you know, when you think about what you thought of someone who was 50 when you were 40 years old, that's what they're thinking about us. >> you know when you get old where you run into people -- i saw tristan thomas last year at the game. you know, i'm like, what's up? he's like, what's up, o.g.? i said, damn, okay. or, or, or, i can't go to clubs in l.a. >> jimmy: you can't ever? >> no. >> jimmy: really? >> it's all young people in clubs in l.a. >> jimmy: and you feel weird about it? >> yeah it's older people in new york and miami.
11:59 pm
in l.a. it's too young. my daughter's in the back. i was going to one oak. and as i'm about to walk in these girls pull up. oh my god! jamie foxx! i'm like, what's up? we go to school with your daughter! oh. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's no good at all. >> are you going in the club? no. it's a open house i'm going to. >> jimmy: jamie foxx is here. he's 49. we'll be right back! [ cheers and applause ]
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what's with the airbus? recording this or something? >> just his music. >> yeah, he's looney just like his tunes. what's he listening to? let me check. tequila! which reminds me, why the mexican dude throw his wife off
12:05 am
the cliff? oh, ruined it. i ruined it. >> we met before, right? >> oh, you still alive, right? >> uh-huh. >> then i guess we ain't never met. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's jamie foxx? "baby driver." i just want to say something very serious right now. that -- i saw that movie last night. that's a great movie. i mean, it is fantastic. >> thank you. >> jimmy: it is really, really good. you must be very pleased. >> i'm very happy to have a movie that i can go out and promote and it's actually good. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: it's not just good. >> less then. edgar wright is absolutely amazing. you know, "sean of the dead" and all of his movies. he has a huge following. this is the quentin tarantino moment for edgar. what i mean by that is, quentin tarantino, all of the movies that he did, to me, sharpened
12:06 am
him for the movie "django." all of his things that he wanted to get out of a movie, he got it in "django" and "inglourious basterds." you look at edgar wright, all the movies that he's done comes together in this film. anson elgore, kevin spacey is amazing. i know you love both of those guys. [ cheers and applause ] they both did a great job. >> jimmy: jon hamm is very scary in the movie. you're very, very scary. >> jimmy: have you ever played a scary guy like that before? >> to my kids probably, yeah. [ laughter ] but it was great to play it did. when we talked about playing it i said, i want to be able to compromise these guys. meaning like -- bats is his name but he has to compromise him. as men, with our ladies or whatever like that, if a guy comes into our space and he's, you know -- he compromises you only got a couple things you can do.
12:07 am
i can sock this dude, we can get into it, whatever it is. so i wanted bats to be that type of person who compromises jon hamm, compromises ansel, to where, what are you going to do as a man? because i'm the dude. i'm the guy that wrecks the party. and i know guys like this. like, i will -- i pattern this guy after a couple of friends that i know. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> oh yeah. >> jimmy: will they be on the island, those friends? >> they will be they'll actually be at the screening tonight. one of the guys i met years ago, and the way i knew him is because when i first got to l.a. i didn't know anything about l.a., i didn't know anything about bloods and crips, anything like that. i'm doing standup in this club, and this dude, yo, what's up? what's up? come to my house, dog, and do jokes. i didn't know. [ laughter ] i didn't know what he was. when i got to the house i was like, oh [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] these are gangsters! [ laughter ] and so my whole -- the guys that are still alive -- [ laughter ] are the ones -- of my homies that i pattern after. they're going to wreck the party. we could go somewhere, why you
12:08 am
do that? no, no -- i said, don't do that in here! it's crazy. so people that are watching that are from the hood really understand what i'm saying. >> jimmy: i think i know what you mean, yeah. >> don't do that right here. no, ima do it! you can't even get to them. you want to get me too, i'll get to it. that's who bets is. to be on set with those great actors -- i mean, i'm watching kevin spacey, i've never done a film with him. >> jimmy: yeah he's great. >> you know, i'm stupid, i keep saying lines from other movies. "you didn't know, did you?" anyway. >> jimmy: does he like that? of course he likes that. >> he likes it. >> jimmy: he loves it. you have something special prepared for us tonight. >> i hope i do. >> jimmy: something that really shows your sensitivity, something that i think is going to go a long way towards consoling certain people in a certain part of the country that had disappointment. >> cleveland. shout-out to cleveland. i know it's tough. it's tough for me.
12:09 am
we lost this time. but hey, you know what? i got some music to make you feel better. and that's the way it should be. >> jimmy: i think that would be a wonderful -- [ cheers and applause ] >> if only i had a piano. >> jimmy: we do have a piano. [ cheers and applause ] if you would be so kind. jamie foxx. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> cleveland, this is for you. cheer up, cleveland. you know why, cleveland? you'll always have cleveland. even though you lost the game --
12:10 am
♪ you still got the rock 'n' roll hall of fame ♪ ♪ and the mighty king james ♪ dammit you're okay cleveland ♪ from the great erie lake why is it so eerie? ♪ to those pierogis that you make ♪ is that pork? ♪ from the home of halle berry [ cheers and applause ] who doesn't want to make love to halle berry? ♪ from the "price of right" drew carey ♪ does anybody want to make love to drew carey? ♪ of course they do because he's from cleveland ♪ ♪ he's from cleveland he's from cleveland ♪ ♪ he's from cleveland drew carey halle berry hall of
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fame you lost the game but you still got king james say you still got king james ♪ and you'll always have cleveland ♪ >> jimmy: jamie foxx. we'll be right back with draymond green! [ cheers and applause ] so that's the idea. what do you think? hate to play devil's advocate but... i kind of feel like it's a game changer. i wouldn't go that far.
12:12 am
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♪ >> jimmy: we're back. still to come, trace adkins. on monday night in oakland, california, our next guest and his teammates capped a remarkable season and postseason with their second nba title in three years. from the golden state warriors, please welcome number 23, draymond green! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: that is quite beautiful. congratulations. >> thank you, thank you. >> jimmy: thank you for bringing this to me. now you have two of them.
12:18 am
you can give one away, that's very nice. >> they took one away already. >> jimmy: they, did huh? >> i don't have any more to give away. >> jimmy: do you get a miniature version of this for your house or anything? >> i get a ring. >> jimmy: you get a ring, yeah. >> yeah. >> jimmy: that's pretty good. a ring's a good thing to have. hey, congratulations. have you had any sleep at all since monday night? [ cheers and applause ] have you been going nonstop? >> so -- monday night? oh, yeah. >> jimmy: was the night. that was the game. >> tuesday morning. i slept on klay's couch. i don't know if that's the best place to sleep, honestly. you never know with klay. >> jimmy: how did you wind up on klay's couch? >> klay got the -- we call it the trap house. he got a swimming pool. >> gotcha. no guest room? >> klay got a million people living with him. >> see. >> it's weird. >> jimmy: who's living with klay right now? >> his brother. then his home boy. >> jimmy: his home boy couldn't get out of the bed and let you have it?
12:19 am
>> i don't have a home boy. he used to have like some random living with him. i don't know if the random -- so that's just -- slept on the couch. >> jimmy: on bill simmons' podcast this morning, kevin durant your teammate was on and he said that of everyone at the party after the game, you were number one drunkest. congratulations. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] is that true? which by the way a couple of years ago andre iguodala was here and i asked him who was the drunkest, and he said you also. >> i'm just the easy target. >> jimmy: you are. >> if you say that, everyone's going to believe it. >> jimmy: i see. >> so they -- >> jimmy: because it's true? >> they throw me under the bus. it's not true but those guys they throw me under the bus because i'm the easy target. if you say steph, your reaction would be like, no, not steph. you say draymond, oh, yeah, for sure. definitely him. i'm the easy target. >> jimmy: bus steph get crazy at those things?
12:20 am
or is he pretty reserved at line? >> i mean, he's -- you know. steph is -- [ laughter ] steph has fun. >> jimmy: he does, good. >> he has fun. >> jimmy: did you have like musicians there? surprise guests and all that? >> too short, too short, yeah. >> jimmy: did he perform? >> freaky tails. yeah. >> jimmy: yeah. too short must feel even shorter around you guys. >> yeah. >> jimmy: he must wish he was a baller even more. >> you know, he the king of the bay. so we just follow his footsteps. >> jimmy: did you get on stage with him and rap? >> i stood on stage the whole night. on top of the deejay booth. it's not really like -- it's on line. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: who gets invited? the whole team obviously and their families. can you bring anybody you want and all your friends? >> yeah, you can bring anybody you want. steve kerr was there. >> jimmy: steve kerr was there. how's he doing? >> doing great. he just won a championship. he's good. >> jimmy: i love steve kerr.
12:21 am
i assume you couldn't say if you didn't enjoy coaching -- >> i would say it if i didn't enjoy it. that's my guy, he's amazing. bob myers was there. how many teams you know the gm and the coach are going to party with you after the game? >> jimmy: i have no idea what guess on, i don't know anything. are they all smoking pot? [ laughter ] >> no, no, no, no, no, no, no. >> jimmy: okay. >> although there's a video that caught steve kerr with a huge bottle of champagne. >> jimmy: who had it? >> it's online. >> jimmy: it is? >> yeah. >> jimmy: what, they were smoking out of the bottle? >> no no, no, no, no. [ laughter ] just champagne. >> jimmy: it's california, it's perfectly legal here. >> yeah. >> jimmy: by the way, not only as a player did you contribute a tremendous amount to this team, as a recruiter you contributed a tremendous amount because you actually kind of -- well, i mean, cinched the deal with kevin durant, right? after game seven last year, tell me if any of this is false, you september a text right after the game while you were in the
12:22 am
locker room, naked -- >> whoa. >> jimmy: i added that. [ laughter ] to kevin durant. and said what? what did that text say? >> i told him, you know, that we needed him to join the force. and let's win some championships together. and he -- i mean, let him tell it, i'm lying. i don't know if you saw the report a few days ago -- >> jimmy: i've heard he's denying. >> ridiculous. >> jimmy: i'll go right to his phone and we'll see who's telling the truth. >> for sure. i told him we wanted him here. and he said, let's do this. >> jimmy: beautifully done. [ cheers and applause ] we're going to take a break. we'll reset, polish the trophy. draymond green is here! we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
12:23 am
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this is my guy. from the start of training camp he hated me. that's no lie. he probably still hates me. that's no lie. but we going to keep winning these championships. and that's no lie. my guy.
12:28 am
>> hey, you know how they start playing music at the oscars when it starts to go on a little long and security comes and grabs the guy? that may happen here in a few minutes. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: steve kerr and draymond green at the parade three years ago. now you've got another parade tomorrow morning. >> yeah. >> jimmy: that will be a lot of fun. everybody comes out, everybody gets crazy, everybody has a few drinks. >> yeah. by the way, that was our first year with steve kerr. did you see how uncomfortable he was standing there? >> jimmy: he did look a little bit uncomfortable, yeah. does he still -- has he loosened up? >> no, we're good, we're fine. but he was uncomfortable there. parades are fun, they're amazing. >> jimmy: sure, everybody's screaming and cheering for you. i mean, what's bad about that? >> make songs about the cavs. >> jimmy: people do songs and all that stuff? >> i made a whole song about the cavs. >> jimmy: about the cavaliers? you're going to sing it? >> nope. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: do late bit. do a little bit. >> we won, yep. they suck, yep. lebron, nope.
12:29 am
splash brothers. >> jimmy: yep. >> i can't really remember the rest, i wasn't in my right state of mind. i can't remember the rest. i remember bits and pieces. >> jimmy: bits and pieces. you don't mind -- i saw an interview you did where, after that, you were almost accidentally thrown out of the game, where you said, ah, people in cleveland, they don't know what they're talking about, i don't listen to what they're saying anyway. you like being the villain? do you like trash talking? >> i mean, i am a trash talker. i'm from saginaw, michigan. that's the way i grew up. i talk a lot of trash. i don't mind being the villain. it gives me more energy. >> jimmy: what's the key to being a great trash talker? >> having cleveland fans booing you because they're under your skin. >> jimmy: that help? yeah. [ applause ] >> to be a great trash talker, though, you have to be able to come back like that. like for instance, the one that got a lot of publicity was the paul pierce thing. man, you studied that? no, i didn't study that.
12:30 am
he said something to me and boom. >> jimmy: does that affect the play? do you think that gives you an advantage in the game? >> i think so. there's a lot of guys you start talking to trash to them and their game goes like that. >> jimmy: really? who's the number one? who succumbs to trash talk more than anyone in the league? >> i still got to play in this league. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: when you retire, when you come here that next day, and you -- we'll destroy everyone. >> i'll tell you who's really bad. it will completely hijack the game. i'll tell you when i retire. >> jimmy: oh, good, excellent. >> hijack the game. i'll tell you after i retire. >> jimmy: congratulations to you. [ cheers and applause ] what a great team. really very happy for you. the golden state warriors championship parade tomorrow morning in oakland, it starts at broadway and 11th at 10:00 a.m. draymond green! we'll be right back with trace adkins. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:31 am
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>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: i want to thank my guests and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. he will be rescheduled. "nightline" is next but first, his new album "something's going on" is available now, here with the song "watered down" trace adkins! ♪ ♪ i don't go all in but i'll take the gamble and i don't burn both ends ♪ ♪ of the candle anymore i take the corners slower and i take the corners slower and
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steady ♪ ♪ this chip on my shoulder it ain't so heavy anymore we still fly like gypsies ♪ ♪ just a little closer to the ground and we still love our whiskey ♪ ♪ but now it's just a little watered down couple girls i could've ♪ ♪ married married someone else these torches i still carry don't burn like hell ♪
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♪ the way they used to the back side of 40 ain't near as crazy and sunday ♪ ♪ morning ain't near as hazy anymore we still fly like gypsies ♪ ♪ just a little closer to the ground and we still love our whiskey but ♪ ♪ now it's just a little watered down those old ghosts still ♪ ♪ chase me but feels like they're losing ground yeah i'm still crazy ♪
12:36 am
♪ but now i'm just a little watered down ♪ ♪ ♪ watered down [ cheers and applause ] captions by vitac
12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight, pregnant and shunned. punished for getting pregnant. >> this has been a breach of a standard of abstinence. >> and banned from walking in her graduation ceremony, filging back against what she call a public shaming. >> i need your love and support more than your judgment. >> the anti-abortion advocates now coming to her defense. >> all of us are in -- we're all sinners. >> brave wilderness. >> let's see what we can find. >> he may have millions of fans on youtube. >> i'm about to enter the sting zone. one, two, three. >> but his job bites. showcasing the cute and cuddly and the downright ugly. >> one of the ugliest creatures you've ever seen in your life. >> also tonight


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