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tv   Action News 11pm  WPVI  July 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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plus images of the truck driven behind the person in the deadly road rage case. "action news," next. ♪ ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. ♪ ♪ >> it was a stormy start to the holiday weekend. after an unsettled day the skies
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opened up to a fast moving storm complete with thunder and lightning. a spectacular rainbow afterwards. i'm walter perez. the big story is the aftermath of severe storms to kick off the holiday weekend. the skies darkened and opened up with rain and thunder. tomorrow is shaping up to be a lot nicer. melissa magee is here with a first check of the forecast. melissa? >> walter, we had strong showers and storms across the lehigh valley. a lot of damage as the line of activity moves through. we had trees and wires knocked down. same in compton. berks town, trees and wires down. allentown, winds 65 miles per hour. there were reports of small
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planes flipped over because of gusts high as 64 miles per hour. the good news now, the severe weather is starting to exit. you can see it now on storm tracker 6 radar 3d unsettled moisture off the coast. the cold front to the west. that makes progress eastward overnight tonight. the hot air sticks around. we get relief from the heat and humidity. temperatures are in the 70s. 74 in philadelphia. uncomfortable outside. in the poconos, 69. cape may, lower 70s. if you are in the shore, or poconos we have you covered for the weekend. tomorrow at the shore 83. mostly sunny and stays hot but the humidity lowers. poconos, 80-degrees sunshine and less humid. we have more details for the holiday weekend with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> as melissa mentioned, the
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weather left its mark on the > lehigh valley. winds flipped over at least one small plane. nobody was injured. here's an image that caught our attention. the rainbow that developed afterwards. skies are still dark. as things cleared up, it took shape thanks to all of our "action news" viewers for sharing photos with us. there is a search under way for the man that shot and killed a teenager in a fit of road rage in west goshen. the case is receiving national attention and police are receiving new tips. police released the picture of the red pickup truck the suspect was driving when he opened fire on bianca roberson cutting short her life. annie mccormick has more?
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>> detectives have gathered images from businesses and personal residences that people have. because of that, we are getting a better look at that pickup truck they are looking for. west goshen township police continue to post new pictures and videos they have of the red pickup truck investigators believe belongs to the suspect wednesday night deadly road rage shooting. police believe the man is between 20 to 40, medium build and blonde hair. it was here on southbound route 100 wednesday evening when police believe 18-year-old bianca roberson and the suspect were trying to merge into the same lane. >> it was -- i use the term cat and mouse game between two vehicles. >> investigators believe the pick up driver shot the teen in the head. she died he scene.
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investigators believe the shooter merged on 202 south to the payly pike exit, heading on 352 south toward delaware county. the community is responsive to the college bound teen. tonight, members of the brewing company felt compelled to help. they are collecting proceeds from the best selling beer, bo bonco, for bianca's family. >> we try to stand on charitable contributions. >> again, people are hoping that someone recognizes the image of the pickup truck or screch may jog someone's memory from that day. you have information
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(610)696-7400. annie mccormick, channel6. back to you. >> investigators were called to oriana and cumberland street 4:45 this afternoon. the victim was shot twice in the stomach now in stable condition at pennsylvania hospital. >> now to the latest on the new jersey state government shutdown. parks and dmv were shut down after governor christie ileto and others couldn't come to an agreement. governor christie blamed the speaker. the speaker pointed the finger right back. >> this is the order governor
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christie shut down at 11:00 last night. >> an executive order was put into action keeping open essential government functions like the state police and state run hospitals. at the root of disagreement, governor christie insists the budget include blue shield help combat opioid addicts. >> horizon is a $12 billion industry behemoth and must appropriately and transparently fulfill. but it's not full fulling the mission. >> the speaker is the one who refused to post the bill that passed the senate.
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it's incumbent upon him to come back with an alternative. >> the speaker said -- >> it came over and it must be vetted. >> you hear the speaker saying he will deal with horizon middle of the month. governor christie wants it in the budget now. it's a waiting game to see how this plays out. bob brooks, "action news." >> the shutdown is affecting many facets of life in new jersey. the state department is shut. welcome centers are closed. from the department of transportation, dmv agencies and inspection centers are shut down. you can't renew registration in person. insurance claims can't be processed. unemployment insurance remains up and running. for a complete list of what is open and what is not, go to
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"6abc".com. >> the state of delaware is running without a budget. lawmakers worked late last night. the senate adjourned at 5:30 this morning, still no deal. legislators passed a temporary deal. a return to dover tomorrow afternoon to resume negotiations. we are told both sides remain far apart. >> in harrisburg, the legislature sent a $32 billion spending plan last night. lawmakers must look at liquor license sale, expanding gambling and possibly borrowing money to get the budget passed. the fourth of july weekend may be coming off of a soggy start. check out all of the people on the boardwalk to b tonight. a perfect night for sweatshirts
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and shorts. no visit is complete without ice cream. >> those are the sounds of the u.s. army band playing for the crowd at penn's landing, playing a free concert as part of the weekend festivities. the music helped get the crowd ready for the fireworks. >> as you can see there, the red white and blue lit up the sky. independence day is tuesday. >> they are calling this one a fourth of july miracle. a bald eagle was rescued in washington d.c. a report came in the eagle spotted in south dc injured. teams were able to capture the eagle and transport him to a
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veterinary hospital. so far the bird's prognosis is good. no word on the how the bird was injured in h the first place. >> terrifying video shows the moment a gunman opens fire inside a crowded nightclub injuring two dozen people. >> and the sixers are set to sign another player for a multimillion dollars deal. >> you have been sending us fourth of july pictures. here are some of the best. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> gunfire erupted inside the power lounge in little rock arkansas. it was part of a dispute in the audience. 28 people were injured. the mayor says the club will be shut down for good. the incident may be linked to several incidents over the last week. >> it's not clear if dr. bello opened fire randomly yesterday at the hospital in new york. he killed one doctor and wounded several others before taking his
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own life. bello left the hospital on bad term it is two years ago and investigators believe that was his motivate. >> president trump marked his first fourth of july as president to honor the nation's veterans. he renewed his promise to take care of those that served our country pointing to a new office in the v.a. for 40 years, you couldn't fire someone doing a terrible job for the veterans. robbing, hurting, stealing. you couldn't do anything. it's called the veteran accountability act. now you can say, you are fired. president trump promised to fortify the nation's borders. the president's speech was a decisive tone he set over the fast two days with a public feud
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going on for days taking attention away from plans for healthcare and other items on his agenda. the promoter behind the failed festival in the bahamas is free on bond a day after he was arrested on a wire fraud charge. the acting u.s. attorney says mcfarland presented fake documents to investors that gave him a million dollars. there were headliners including blink 182. several performers bowed out and organizers were forced to cancel the show. >> in wisconsin, an el friend wandering around backyards checking out the scenery. this is miss kelly.
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she broke loose and decided to check out the local sights. >> kelly decided there was an open door and luscious greenery on the other side so it was time for a stroll. the pachyderm left giant footprints in the way. she enjoyed her freedom for an hour before trainers showed up escorting her back home. >> a better day on tap for tomorrow. melissa magee has a check of the "action news" forecast when "action news" comes back. [ crickets chirping ]
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>> time for a check of the forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. >> it's hot tomorrow minus the showers and storms. humidity is lower on sunday. outside sky 6 live, a lot of folks out and about under partly cloudy skies. folks are enjoying. at the weather center, you can see the picture more as we look dry and quiet. storm tracker 6, dry with no issues of precipitation. going in tighter, you see the wet weather and unsettled weather starting to depart out of the delaware and lehigh valley. temperatures right now are still warm.
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you have the humidity factoring in as well. 69 in beach haven. 75 atlantic city. cape may, 72. allentown, 72-degrees. as we look at what's going on in the dewpoint numbers across the region, you can see dewpoints and what we'll be dealing with throughout the rest of the day. satellite 6 with action radar showing you it's dry, quiet in the wake of unsettled weather lifting north and east. there's the cold front to the west. the front working eastward with little fanfare overnight tonight. it lowers humidity and tomorrow morning, you will notice a drop in the dewpoint numbers. the rest of tonight, cloudy, warm, humid. dropping to 68 in the suburb, 73 in philadelphia for the overnight low. future tracker 6 showing you by
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midnight, a few left over showers and storms in allentown and the poconos. the moisture is out of here as we move north and east. 9:30 in the morning, mostly sunny, dry and we don't have clouds over head like we had across the region earlier today. the place to beat the heat, down the shore. monday, partly sunny, a high of 84. tuesday, sunny and pleasant, 78 for the high. a moderate risk of rip currents with southerly winds. the poconos, sunny and a high of 80 tomorrow. monday, 79. fourth of july, sunny and dry, temperatures in the middle 70s. exclusive accuweather forecast, hot tomorrow, less humid, high of 91. showers and storms go away. monday, plenty of sun, 92. tuesday, warm and mostly dry for
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the fourth of july, high of 87. a seasonably warm day. wednesday, thunderstorms around, high temperatures coming in, in the 80s. as we get to thursday, cloudy with showers and storms possible, high of 89. friday, partly sunny with humidity returning 91. seasonably warm with a high of 87. stickiness goes away for now. >> not bad. thanks, melissa. >> when the weather clears, the life guards will be waiting for u. several pools opened including the cease siel pool and schuler pool on north 27th street. take us with you this weekend, storm tracker 6 live radar and more anytime on your phone or tablet. the "6abc" app is a free download for your mobile device. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> time for a check on sports, ducis in for jeff. >> the master plan coming together. j.j. redick is getting a one year deal worse $23 million. he averaged 15 points per season for the l.a. clippers. leddic is deadly from downtown, a shot of 43% from three point range. league average is 36%. center joel embiid took to twitter to celebrate. after the news broke he said trust the process. it's happening. trust general manager brian colangelo. >> sixers bringing in power
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forward amere johnson. last year 6.5 points and 4.6 rebounds per game. sixers wrapped up minicamp today. monday night a game against the celtics. mark kel fulfillments has been working on moving without the basketball. so far, so good. when i was in high school, i you played multiple positions. it's pretty cool. i can score the ball or get people more involved. it's another part of the game i'm learning. >> one run game, the phillies kryptonite. today they lost their 21st. phils and mets, tommy joseph fifth inning, doubles in aaron altair tieing the game three
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apiece. seventh inning, joseph again, three run homer, 14th of the season, phillies lead 6-3. bottom half of the inning, jeremy hellickson. phillies lead, 6-4. later in the evening, pete mackanin pulls hellickson. cabrera there, phillies lose 7-6. still ahead in sports, the flyers say goodbye to one goalie and hello to another. we give you details on another free agent signing. stay close. ♪ ♪
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