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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  July 4, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone. it is 6 o'clock on this tuesday fourth of july. tam is off. nydia han joyce joins us. >> philadelphia police are trying to figure out who left a baby's remains in a cassette on a north philadelphia sidewalk. >> new jersey governor chris christie signs a state budged deal early this morning ending the government shutdown. >> it's an extra long weekend for people soaking up the sun at the shore this fourth of july. >> get you set with dave murphy and matt pelman who is filling in for karen rogers. good morning. >> little bit warm, a little muggy to start out. doesn't feel bad on the terrace right now with the clouds still obscuring the sun. take a look at satellite. we have some cloud cover in place with some breaks and we are expecting a sun and clouds mix as we go through most of the day. storm tracker6 live double scan does show you one shower that's on the other side of
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pottsville and it is barreling in towards slatington. it might catch hamburg and looks like allentown might catch a little bit of this later this morning. give it another maybe hour or so. as we take a look at 76 degrees in philadelphia, you can see that it is warm to start out in most neighborhoods. 71 71 in wilmington, 72 in trenton and 69 in cape may. and again, the dewpoints are running a little bit high in some southern areas but now at the top of the hour we have seen things improve in philadelphia. that number has dropped from close to 70 down to 65 and that's probably part of the reason why i'm not feeling all that humid here on the terrace. those 70's and upper 60's down by the shore indicate higher humidity. overall today, just a little bit humid. a mix of sun and clouds and warm. by noon, we're up to 85 degrees. by 3 o'clock, 89 and then by 7 o'clock tonight, 79 as we're heading out maybe wrapping up some barbecues heading over towards the fireworks there is the chance of a spotty isolated shower at times today or a thunderstorm. most of your picnics should be okay.
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most of the fireworks okay but a couple will probably see a delay or have some problems there tonight. i'll show you future tracker6 and some of that spotty stuff showing up on the models that's coming up in just a little bit. matt that's a empty road. >> we like that part of the story. we we don't like from a traffic standpoint are all the closures we're dealing with but they're for a good reason in preparation for all the events fireworks, concerts along the parkway in front of the art museum. now the ramp from the schuylkill eastbound to spring garden street is blocked. spring garden itself is blocked off as you head in toward eakins oval and both drives inner and outer on the ben franklin parkway are shut down for preparations for tonight's events. they likely will not open until early tomorrow morning. also have closures around independence hall. fifth street, sixth street, chestnut, later on afternoon walnut street will join the party so olde city is also partially blocked off this morning. but, yes, on the highways speeds are great. no volume problems on the blue route, the schuylkill or i-95. we are watching this, though. tacony palmyra bridge, there
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it goes in the up position for a northbound ship. all traffic stopped on both sides. betsy ross in the background is your alternate. expect an opening at the burlington bristol bridge coming up in probably about 45 minutes, probably around 7 o'clock this morning. live look at 42. no northbound volume problems this morning. if you're a shoe-bie nothing in your way as you head for the garden state parkway. >> new jersey governor chris christie signed the budget deal early this morning. the agreement ends the three-day government shutdown meaning state parks will be back opened today for the fourth of july holiday. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live in our satellite center with the full story. jeanette. >> reporter: well, good morning, mat. the shutdown ended just in time for the fourth of july. a lot of people around the region will be celebrating more than just the holiday. workers will get back pay as well as holiday pay but all of
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this came with quite a compromise. new jersey state leaders reached a compromise after a three-day government shutdown that included some controversy and thousands of frustrated residents and tourists looking to celebrate the long fourth of july weekend. the stalemate forced the closure of state beaches parks and historical sites during one of its busiest times of the year. >> i'll say to everybody in the state that i wish that the legislature would have chosen one of those two paths that they chose tonight on june 30th. >> we are getting something done that i think is good for everybody. the most important thing is we opened the state of new jersey again. >> reporter: governor chris christie officially ended the shutdown after signing a $34.7 billion budget. the agreement includes legislation to overhaul the state's largest health insurer horizon blue cross/blue shield. christie called for annual audits of the nonprofit's reserve level. the compromise also sets a range for their reserves and
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requires excess to be spent on policyholders. >> people are tired of ever creeping health insurance premiums and i was tired avenue excessive process from taxpayer financed medicaid. this bill is a long overdue significant reform that will have a lasting impact on new jersey residents. i'm proud of the result. >> reporter: the deal comes after governor chris christie gained national attention for enjoying a closed beach during the fourth of july weekend with family while residents were kept out because of the shutdown. he addressed the controversy again monday night. >> i don't apologize for it. i don't back away from it. and i think my poll numbers show that i don't care about political optics. >> reporter: state offices and departments will open tomorrow. reporting live in the sat center jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> thank you jeanette. there is still no deal in harrisburg to pay for pennsylvania's $32 billion budget with the clock ticking. governor tom wolf has until midnight on monday to sign it
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or it becomes law without his approval. the spending plan was passed on friday but without an agreement on how to pay for the whole thing. lawmakers need to figure out how to cover a $2 billion hole. >> ♪ >> we continue to follow a developing story out of north philadelphia. that's where police are investigating a disturbing discovery of what they say are organs found in a child's casket right on the sidewalk. authorities were called to the 3,000 block of west clearfield street just after 9:00 last night. when they arrived they found a closed but unlocked casket on the sidewalk. police say inside there was no body but there was a.m. bag -- a bag containing what appears to be human organs from a infant or child. a witness tells "action news" he heard a man calling for an officer and he ran over and saw the casket with his own eyes. >> i didn't know if someone was alive in there. it didn't really have no smell to it but whatever was that found in there was i guess -- it's kind of crazy. >> police continue to search
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two nearby cemeteries for freshly dug up graves. they've been contacting funeral homes in the area. authorities are looking into whether this could be part of some sort of satanic ritual. the remains have been taken to the medical examiner's office for investigation. new this morning, firefighters in alden delaware county battled a house fire that went to two alarms and damaged two homes. the fire broke out at a three story home on bonsall avenue around 2:00 a.m. a flames then began spreading to the home next door. a neighbor tells "action news" the house where the fire started was vacant. no injuries were reported. >> happening today, communities across the delaware valley and the united states will celebrate independence day. >> ♪ delaware county community put on a dazzling fireworks display last night. the shooting stars and streamers exploded over upper darby high school in drexel hill. and it should come as no surprise that the boardwalks are bustling down at the jersey shore.
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the action cam was in ocean city yesterday as people were enjoying the pre-july 4th holiday. the beach was packed with umbrellas, sunbathers and people just simply cooling off in the atlantic. for most a trip to the shore is a tradition. listen to this trio's long to-do list. >> went on the rides and now we're going to go boogie boarding. then we'll go to the ocean. >> reporter: then the ocean okay. >> then we'll see charlie. >> reporter: ahh the payoff. >> yeah. yeah, then get some pizza and then go back home. >> the trenton budget impasse also left some campers who were hoping to stay at state run parks scrambling. operators of the privately owned avalon campgrounds say they took in 12 reservations by those looking for somewhere to stay but as we have reported, the budget impasse is over, state run parks back opened. >> this fourth of july holiday is a good time to camp or watch a good parade or do anything outside. >> it is. we have just a spotty isolated shower or thunderstorm today. you'll have to watch out for
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that. otherwise it's pretty typical july weather. storm tracker6 live double scan shows us that we are mainly dry. as we take a closer look on the northern and western areas it looks like that shower continuing to push out of sealines grove is getting ready to go into pottsville. slatington in line for that. perhaps in another 30 minutes. as we take a look outside we have sky6 and there is some sunshine mixing with some clouds ohio river valley philadelphia this morning. and we expect that to be the case for most of the day. 76 degrees in the city right now. still a bit on the muggy side but humidity is beginning to drop a little bit and it should overall be not too bad humidity-wise across most of the region. 70 in millville and 69 in cape may. down in here the humidity levels are still rather high. 68 degrees currently in allentown. getting ready for a possible shower. up in the lehigh valley, overall clouds and sun. at times there could be a shower popping in and out of play. i would allow for that through the morning hours although it will not be raining all the time. a high of 86 and the good news is that in the afternoon and evening for your picnics and
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fireworks up in the lehigh valley and many northern suburbs you'll be dry. down the shore looks like it's the 70's up and down the beach today, low risk of rip currents but also a good idea to swim near the lifeguards. more 70's in cape may rehoboth beach and hitting about 80 in bethany beach. showers and a thunderstorm possible as we move later into the morning and afternoon in areas south. delaware in particular, southern delaware looks like it might have some downpours at times today. clouds and sun in philadelphia. a spotty storm or shower can't be ruled out especially later in the afternoon and evening and 89 is the forecast high. for your barbecue forecast overall, well, as you're getting things set up in the yard at 7 o'clock, 75 degrees. maybe you're an early go-toker and then 83 degrees by 11 o'clock. by 1 o'clock 86 and 87 by 4 o'clock with that high of 88 about 3 o'clock. notice how i am posting the chance of a pop-up shower or a thunderstorm the later we go into the afternoon and evening. future tracker6 picking up that part of the story. again, up in allentown,
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between now and 10, 11 o'clock there is the chance of some spotty off and on shower activity, maybe a rumble of thunder. then we get later into the afternoon and the action is centered down south. again as i mentioned, southern delaware, areas around dover down to rehoboth and llewes could see some at least isolated occasional showers on downpours. then we get later into the afternoon and the model still for the second straight day stubbornly wants to put some stuff up by philadelphia by 6, 7 o'clock. the placement of these showers is not exact on this model but it gives you an idea that there is the chance of at least some of us seeing some of this kind of action. by 9 o'clock we're getting ready for fireworks, there still may be an isolated shower hindering some of your shows but obviously most of them will probably go off okay and by 11: ooh, 11:30 we are done with all of that. 69 degrees is the overnight low then. drying overnight. and as we head into tomorrow, better weather with lower humidity. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today's high is 89 degrees. a mix of clouds and sun. bit on the humid side but not too bad. cool drinks all around at the
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barbecue. nonalcoholic is best but do you what you feel. we've got a thunderstorm possible in a couple of places this afternoon and this evening in particular and then tomorrow, partly sunny, less humid, a nice day with a high of 86. we're down to 84 for a high on thursday. once again, a little more humid, a spotty thunderstorm possible. friday a front comes in, gives us a better chance of an afternoon or evening thunderstorm. and still warm there. and it looks like in the latest model projections that that front is off the coast in time for the weekend so now we're going for sunshine on saturday sunday with highs in the 80's. now, if that front hangs up, showers will be possible on saturday but right now things are looking better. >> few days off. >> yeah. >> thanks, david. >> thanks, david. >> 6:12 now and break down at wimbledon. a line of questioning reveals an emotional side to venus williams as she recounts being involved in a car crash that left man dead. >> tech stocks had traders doing a double take. we'll explain why shares belonging to different companies were all going for the exact same rate. matt. >> nydia, northbound ship has gone through.
6:13 am
tacony palmyra bridge is on its way back down but the ship is headed for the burlington bristol. the opening there around 7 o'clock. we'll head into the neighborhoods, talk about some parades today when "action news" continues on this fourth of july morning. >> ♪ ♪ pro-tip for making ribs: don't go it alone. get these great smoked ribs. thanks. sure. twenty minutes on the grill.
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>> not a very good picture behind you matt. >> well, no, but it's for a good reason. >> okay. >> for our fourth of july independence day festivities. for the most part this morning we're saying go forth. everything is blocked off by the trash trucks. access from mlk drive and
6:16 am
spring garden street is closed and the ben franklin parkway both drives both directions also shut down likely until after cleanup is over tomorrow morning. getting into the neighborhoods we've got a whole bunch of parades to watch out for later on today. it will mean street closures like here in marple newtown much. the parade starts at 10 o'clock proceeding to the broomall fire company. elsewhere in delco one at 10:00 this morning along east broadway at marple in clifton heights. there's one at 9:00 an hour earlier in prospect park starting at baltimore and 16th avenues and then continuing to park square. over in burlington county, they like to sleep in a little bit so noon is your start time for the moorestown parade. this year's theme we the people and it's going to mean chester avenue is blocked off from 11:30 to 1 o'clock because of that parade. one in haddonfield at 10 o'clock this morning. kings highway will be blocked as a result n audubon camden county one at 8:30 this morning, early start time there. starts at amherst road and paris avenue and then
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continues to the high school and if you're down the shore north wildwood has a parade and the patriotic pooches parade as well. that's 9 o'clock this morning starting at ninth and atlantic continuing to first and surf. matt in thank you, matt. new on "action news," a family had a scary ordeal with wild monkeys at a state park in florida. >> run, run. run! run. behind you. >> the monkeys growled hissed and started chasing people. the video was taken in suffer spring state park in ocala on thursday of last week. no one was hurt. they have inhabited the park for more than 75 years and the population has grown to roughly 200 monkeys and i guess some of them are a bit ornery. >> an emotional venus williams had to step away from a media appearance at wimbledon. after winning her first match the tennis champion was asked
6:18 am
about the car crash she was involved in last month which led to a 78-year-old man's death. williams struggled to address the incident. >> there's really no words to describe like how devastating and -- yeah, i -- i'm completely speechless and it's just -- i would ask you to are her wishes, please. >> venous left and then returned moments later but would not discuss the florida crash. she hasn't been charged but she is being sued by the victim's family. >> in today's tech bytes some tech stocks started independence day with a bang. >> for a few moments overnight it appeared share prices for amazon microsoft and others had crashed major financial services were showing all of their prices at $123.47. >> turns out it was a glitch in the data the nasdaq exchange was providing. no actual trades were affected. >> and reports say microsoft
6:19 am
is set to announce thousands of layoffs as early as this week. >> the software giant is reportedly trying to reorganize its sales force. the move combines with microsoft's plan to push customers to buy more cloud services. amazon's echo will soon face more competition. a new smart speaker have a fellow e commerce giant. >> alibaba targeting the chinese market the virtual assistant will allow customers to purchase products from alibaba's shopping sites. >> those are your tech bytes. >> ♪ with safelite autoglass, you get a text when we're on our way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive. i'm micah with safelite. customer: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care. kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace. it was love at first touch met
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i'm proud to make dog chow in (vodavenport, dog chow's been a part of my family's life for over 40 years. my grandfather made it and now i'm making it. as a micro-biologist i ensure that dog chow leads with high quality ingredients. >> hey everybody it's shoshana at soul beats studio audubon pa with "action news"'s fitness tip. let's work those lower abs. grab a dust cloth to you
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westerly or a fancy slider. we'll work those lower abs keeping the belly pulled in nice and tight pulling the knees into the chest and back out. remember, keeping those shins nice and parallel. 15 of these, then i want you to stop and do it all over again, three more times come on. you can do it. don't give up and you are going feel it in those lower abs for sure. >> see it's the sliders i'm missing. that's my excuse. >> great for working out and moving fun furniture. >> and cleaning the hardwood floors. >> vine street expressway there's the police officer in the distance blocking off the westbound off ramp to 22nd street and the parkway. because of those preparations and the closure of the parkway, about six different septa bus routes are running with detours but septa is operating extra late night service on its subways, the broad street line, market frankford line and a bunch of the regional rails to help you get home after the festivities. overall, though, today we're
6:23 am
on a sunday schedule on mass transit, david. >> all right, matt and on the big board here over at the weather sent we got clouds mixing with some sunny breaks. a shower heading over toward the lehigh valley or points just north of the lehigh valley before too much longer. temperatures this morning are on the warm side. 76 degrees in philadelphia. 68 in allentown. 71 in wilmington. 68 in cape may. a little bit sticky out there but humidity dropping a bit as the day goes on and as we roll through the afternoon it does look warm. by 3 o'clock, 89 that's going to be your high. as we go later into the afternoon and evening there is the chance of a spotty thunderstorm in at least a few neighborhoods. i think most of your picnics and fireworks celebrations are dry. it will be a bit humid tonight with temperatures falling from 82 at 6 o'clock down to 75 by 10 o'clock. but in some cases there will be a spotty shower or a thunderstorm that hinders your activities and you'll want to keep your eyes to the skies. accuweather app on your smartphone's a real good idea today and tonight, matt. >> you got it. thanks, david. the phillies host the
6:24 am
pirates again this afternoon. freddy galvis and maikel franco hit two home -- two run homers against pittsburgh last night. aaron nola struck out eight. phillies win four i've -- four-nothing. >> ♪ just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're all right with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling all right, baby? ♪
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that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you >> today is the annual nathan's famous hot dog eating contest. joey chestnut faced challenger matt stonie at the weigh in. stony won two years ago. chestnut has taken the title
6:27 am
ix out of the last 10 years including last year when he devoured 70 hot dogs in 10 minutes. >> no comment. there is no better time than the fourth of july holiday to practice patriotism and it appears the tri-state area could use a little practice. according to a study on wallet new jersey is the least patriotic state in america. pennsylvania ranked 42nd. delaware the first state ranks 41st. veteran population volunteer rates and percent of voting population were used to determine the list. virginia ranked most patriotic followed by alaska wyoming, south carolina and colorado. >> ♪ >> somewhat subjective. >> i'd like more information on this criteria. >> 6:27. meteorologist, david murphy has your fireworks forecast coming up. >> and there's been a break in the search for the female bandits accused of a two county crime spree. police say what makes this case even more troubling is
6:28 am
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>> developing now on "action news." a small casket is discovered on a philadelphia sidewalk. what's inside have police baffled and alarmed. >> back in business. governor chris christie signs a budget deal overnight just in time for state parks and beaches to reopen for the fourth of july. >> from parades to concerts and fireworks, accuweather is keeping an eye to the sky for your independence day celebrations. good morning everyone, 6:30 on this tuesday. happy fourth to you all. tam is off. nydia han joins us. >> let's get right to meteorologist, david murphy and matt pelman in for karen rogers. good morning, guys. >> good morning. and happy fourth everyone. we have sunshine up over the horizon, just a few clouds around now. satellite shows you that the cloud cover is out there but it's high and thin and we're getting a lot of sunshine in
6:31 am
currently. little more cloud cover the farther south you go through the region this morning. and there is a little shower that's popped up to the north and west of philadelphia. this is now in pottsville. looks like the intensity might be breaking apart a little bit. but if you're in hamburg or allentown over the next half hour, hour you are going to be looking at at least a short period where you're getting wet for awhile. 76 degrees in philadelphia, dry across most of the region this morning to. 71 in wilmington. 68 up in allentown. 72 in trenton and now down to 68 in cape may. your dewpoints are still rather high in the southern tier of the region so pretty sticky as you go out for a jog in millville or even down toward dover and cape may. things are getting better though. that's the lower dewpoint number in philadelphia than what we had about an hour and a half ago. it's going to be a warm fourth of july with a mix of clouds and sun, 75 degrees by 7 o'clock, 85 by noon. after we get finished with a couple of showers up north, we should be dry across the region through the midday hour and then down south some showers and thunderstorms will begin to develop.
6:32 am
your high is 89 degrees by 3 o'clock in philadelphia. and then 86 by 5 o'clock. 79 by 7 o'clock and later this afternoon and this evening there is the chance of a spotty pop-up shower or thunderstorm even in and around the i-95 corridor and then especially in areas down to the south. i'll show all of that to you on future tracker6. matt pelman it looks like most of your picnics and fireworks displays will be okay. but there is that chance that somebody gets bumped by one of these showers. >> we'll be watching and we're mainly watching two situations on the traffic fronts this morning, david. one is the lack of traffic on the highways. like even on the schuylkill expressway here at spring garden street, but the second all the local closures that we have in place because of independence day festivities. for instance, this ramp from the eastbound schuylkill to spring garden street is blocked off. spring garden itself is closed. mlk drive adjacent to eakins oval is blocked and that's of course all because of preparations for the concert and fireworks tonight on the oval in front of the art museum and franklin parkway also blocked both drives in both directions.
6:33 am
you see that down there at the bottom of the screen. the vine street expressway looks good. there was no overnight construction. crews are off for the holiday. they will come back tomorrow night, wednesday night and close the vine starting at 11 o'clock. and we have closures today around independence hall because of festivities there. fifth, sixth, chestnut all blocked already. walnut will be blocked later as the parade marches through olde city around 12:15. had an opening at the tacony palmyra bridge. it's finished now but the ship is headed northbound. i would expect an opening at the burlington bristol bridge. matt. >> thank you, matt. new jersey governor chris christie made it official before midnight the government shutdown is over. that means state run parks and beaches will be opened for the july 4th holiday. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live in the satellite center to break down the deal for us. >> reporter: jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, matt. new jersey is back opened for business just in time for the fourth of july and many people this morning are breathing a sigh of relief in what lawmakers are calling and
6:34 am
describing as the best deal they've seen in over a decade. this morning state beaches, parks and historic sites will open for the first time after a three-day government shutdown that furloughed an estimated 30 to 35,000 state workers. this after the legislature went back into session monday to try and break the deadlock and come to a compromise. >> finally tonight i'm very pleased that both the speaker and the senate president have reached an agreement which will result in the legislature fulfilling their obligation to deliver a budget to the governor. i'm saddened that it's three days late. but i'll sign the budget tonight. >> reporter: governor chris christie officially ended the shutdown after signing a $34.7 billion budget. the agreement includes legislation to overhaul the state's largest health insurer, horizon blue cross/blue shield. christie called for annual audits of the nonprofit's reserve level. the compromise also sets a range for their reserve and
6:35 am
requires excess to be spent on policyholders. >> we're getting something done that i think is good for everybody. the most important thing is we opened the state of new jersey again. >> i just want to add one thing. i know i'm going to be asking the governor, i think the speaker feels the same way, the workers aren't at fault at this we couldn't get this done. >> i agree. >> and hopefully we'll pay the employees for monday. >> reporter: there was money on the line there as you can see -- as you heard from -- for state employees. they will get back paid for furloughed monday and holiday pay for today as well. reporting live in the sat center jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." nydia. >> the agreement coming just in time. jeanette, thank you. we continue to follow a developing story out of north philadelphia. that's where police are investigating a disturbing discovery of what they say are human organs in a child's casket left right on the sidewalk. authorities were called to the 3,000 block of west clearfield street just after 9:00 last night. when they arrived, they found a closed but unlocked casket.
6:36 am
police say inside there was no body but there was a bag containing what appears to be organs from a baby or child. >> the coffin appeared to be a fresh coffin. it was possibly taken from a funeral home or possibly just dug from the ground from a fresh grave. >> police continue to search two nearby cemeteries for freshly dug up graves. they've also been contacting funeral homes in the area. authorities are also looking into whether this could be part of some sort of satanic ritual. the remains have been taken to the medical examiner's officers office for investigation. a 16-year-old girl is being charged as an adult for an alleged robbery spree through philadelphia and delaware county. kimoni mckee is accused of holding up taxi drivers and two tourists in upper darby where she is facing charges. authorities are still looking for her accomplice who the
6:37 am
17-year-old -- who is a 17-year-old girl. two men believed to be the teens' get away drivers also remain at large. >> though there was no specific threat to the nation's largest independent day celebration. boston police are using a tethered degree. the nypd launched its water unit protect the macy's fireworks barges. in washington, d.c. there are security checkpoints in place for the capitol fourth show on the national mall. >> celebrations for the fourth of july are in full swing here in our nation's birthplace. >> ♪ last night the philly pops held a free concert in front of independence mall. it capped off a day long block party p foods were lined with dozens of food trucks. musical acts took over olde city and the kimmel center showcased some of its upcoming performances. the party drew locals as well as out of towners celebrating
6:38 am
the fourth here in philadelphia. >> it's so weird to think that like the 300 years ago our founding fathers were just walking down these streets establishing like our country. >> today's celebrations in olde city as well as the party on the parkway on the art museum are expected to draw large crowds. >> david joins us. some storms coming our way. >> possible. spotty stuff. storm tracker6 live double scan this morning shows that you we're mainly dry up to the north and west we go and we're continuing to plot that shower activity getting through pottsville getting close to slatington and allentown might catch a little bit of that as well perhaps over the next 30 minutes or so. it is losing intensity. as we take a look outside we have sky6 and sunshine over the commodore barry bridge and we're expecting a mix of sun and clouds overall today for your fourth. 76 is the current temperature. the dewpoint which was up closer to 70 about an hour and a half ago is now down to 65 and we do expect the afternoon to be just moderately humid over most of the region.
6:39 am
the farther south you go in delaware and south jersey the better chance you have of maybe a little bit stickier weather but then you got the ocean to sit next to and that's always nice. ocean temperatures still cool at 58. satellite shows you cloud cover out there but it is pushing down to the south. there's probably more of this over parts of delaware and south jersey than there is in philadelphia right now. but everybody's seeing some sunshine popping through and there again are those showers we just tracked on storm tracker6. couple of more behind that and up until about 10, 11 o'clock this morning you could have a passing shower up in those northern areas like the lehigh valley. 76 degrees by 8 o'clock in philadelphia. 80 by 10 o'clock, dry. by noon, 85, still dry. around midday there could be some showers developing down south. and then by 3 o'clock, 89 degrees. that's your high today and 82 by 6 o'clock. and there is that chance of a shower popping up at times this afternoon and this evening in philadelphia as well. all of this stuff's isolated as you'll see in a moment. highs today in allentown 86. 86 in trenton. 87 in reading. upper 80's in philadelphia and
6:40 am
wilmington. yes ick in millville down the beach it looks like we'll sit on or about 78 degrees. phillies playing baseball this afternoon 4 o'clock game trying to get you out of the stadium in time to go out and have your fun tonight. clouds and sun, 87 for the first pitch. 79 in the ninth inning there's a chance of a shower popping through at times during that game. here's the rain situation. this morning it's all up north. maybe a shower in and out of the picture in places like allentown and reading. that's the 10:00 a.m. view. then we get up to noon to 3 o'clock and down south in that time period we'll start to seat development see the development of thunderstorms. later in the afternoon and evening and the model wants to put something up around philadelphia into central south jersey and over to the southwest and by fireworks time there may still be a couple of those isolated showers around, maybe a thunderstorm. so, your fireworks and your picnics today mostly look okay. but there is the chance anyway of a pop-up shower hindering some of those activities in a
6:41 am
couple corners of the neighborhoods later today and tonight. 89 is today's high, clouds and sun, mainly dry, isolated showers and storms. tomorrow a beautiful day, partly sunny, less humid, a high of 86 and then thursday a little sticky again, clouds and sun with a high of 84 and a shot at a spotty thunderstorm there. on friday, it looks like a front comes in, makes us more humid, gives us a better chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. but the latest projections now have that front off the coast on friday night and that would leave us with a sunny saturday an sunny sunday. hoping that pattern holds. >> great news. thanks, david. >> tweaking the knob. thanks. thank you david. 6:41. north korea fired off some sort of missile overnight but how far it went and how far it could go is still up for debate. >> and an elderly driver crashes into a hotel pool. you will hear from one guest who helped save her from the sinking car. matt. >> nydia, this is where we had that overturned truck last night on the blue route northbound that shut it down for hours and hours.
6:42 am
it's a distant memory now. nothing like that this morning. traffic is moving fine along 476. we'll check traffic on 76 and talk about people coming back from the shore today when "action news" continues on this tuesday morning. >> ♪
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> ♪ >> happy fourth everyone. taking a live look at sky6 philadelphia international airport kind of continuing with this story of where did all the people go. oh, yeah, there's no morning commute on a holiday. >> yeah, traffic is pretty light out there, right, matt. >> it sure is. a lot of them went down the shore. i was down there for part of the weekend and it was mobbed down at the delaware beaches and i know the same is still
6:45 am
in south jersey. i want to share with you some thoughts on shore traffic later on today. i think we'll have a decent amount of it coming back from the beaches this beaches this afternoon and this evening but i think a lot of people were stick around for the fireworks shows and i think some people will be probably staying down for the entire week so i don't think we'll see the sort of volume we see on memorial day afternoon and labor day afternoon but i think it's going to be heavy this afternoon and this evening coming back from the shore points. it will be busy here along the schuylkill expressway at girard avenue. you know why. it's the exit for the zoo. it was busy here yesterday. it will be again today. zoo is opened from 9:30 until 5:00 so a lot of people will spend their independence day there but right now you're feeling very independent along the schuylkill expressway, not a lot of other people in your way. and of course in the towns we've got a whole bunch of parades. parade a palooza starting in just a few hours in oreland one at 10 o'clock springfield township start from pennsylvania avenue and goes to marlo field. the glenside parade, the grand glorious patriotic one isn't
6:46 am
until this afternoon at 4 o'clock starting on jenkintown road at roslyn avenue and ending on keswick avenue. also one in jenkintown itself this morning starting at 11:30. norristown has a parade as well. following a 5k that starts 8:30 parade is at 10:00 starting at airy and dekalb going to elmwood park. skippack 11 o'clock start time this morning along route 73 which of course is skippack pike. nydia. >> okay, matt, thank you. north korea has launched another ballistic missile and there are conflicting reports about just how far it went. north korea claims it tested its first intercontinental missile. but the u.s. military described it only as intermediate. according to the u.s. specific command the missile does not pose a threat to north america. in response to the launch president trump tweeted suggesting north korea's neighboring countries will not stand for the test launches much longer. >> an elderly woman had to be rescued from a hotel pool in colorado because she drove her car into the deep end. the driver told police she
6:47 am
thought her brakes were not working. police believe the woman, though, hit the gas drove up a hill went airborne smashed through the resort fence in colorado springs and splashed into the pool. a man walking nearby jumped in to help. >> another gentleman had opened up the back door to try to get her out there and at that time the vehicle just started to flood. i grabbed her, pulled her out the window and got her inside the pool but it was -- in an instant the car was submerged and under water. >> the hotel pool had to be drained so that the car could be removed. the woman is okay. >> ♪
6:48 am
♪ this summer in a place where flavor runs deep,
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>> 6:50. time for a preview research "good morning america." >> paula ferris filling in. welcome paula and happy fourth of july. >> happy fourth of july to you matt and nydia. happy fourth. great to be with you both this morning. hello philadelphia. coming up on "gma" that breaking news on the fourth of july north korea says it has successfully launched an intercontinental balance lift missile. what experts are saying this means for the u.s. we'll have the very latest. also ahead weekend event some are now calling beach gate. new jersey governor chris christie in the hot seat after he was seen in these photos at an empty beach that he had closed to the public. how the internet is responding and what christie had to say about the situation. plus, tennis legend venus williams breaking down while attempting to answer questions about that fatal car crash she
6:51 am
was involved in. leaving the press conference in tears when trying to speak about it publically. pat mcenroe will join us. it's coming up this "gma" tuesday morning. happy fourth. hope you have great man's ahead. >> -- plans ahead. >> you too paula. >> i'm coming back this afternoon. can i tell you, though, it's so nice when all the closures i have to talk about are because of fireworks and concerts and parades and not terrible accidents. this morning it's all festivities related. but here are the ramps from the vine street expressway eastbound at 23rd street is blocked as we get ready for those festivities tonight along the parkway. six septa buses detoured because of the closures on the parkway. septa running extra late night service to help you get home later throughout the day today though we're on a sunday schedule on septa, holiday which in mostly sunny cases is a weekend schedule on patco and njt. david. >> a little bit more cloud cover down to the south on satellite right now and there are a couple of showers off to
6:52 am
the north. one of them looks like it's getting ready to pop in toward allentown, probably over the next 20 to 30 minutes i would say. the intensity here is dying down but there are little bits and pieces of the yellow and the orange there so some rain for awhile in the lehigh valley this morning. kutztown might get caught in another 10 or 15 minutes with just a little bit of that. that's the only place it's raining right now. elsewhere it's just warm. 76 degrees in philadelphia, 68 in allentown, 69 down in cape may. and as we go through the afternoon, it stays warm. 85 degrees by noon. 89 by 3 o'clock. there is the chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm later this afternoon. some of that could come in in time for a few fireworks displays here or there across the region. if you are taking a look at fireworks tonight, keep your storm tracker6 app or your accuweather app on your smartphone. there is the chance of some spotty stuff but nydia, most of the fireworks displays and picnics should be okay today as this is pretty isolated activity. >> okay, thank you, david. a north carolina police officer became a real hit with
6:53 am
some kids when he took a ride down the street on a slip and slide on sunday. officer joe jones was responding to a report of the ride blocking a road in ashville. but instead of making a fuss, he took part in the fun himself. firefighters then handled the cleanup. we'll be right back with your weekend. >> ♪ using artificial tears often and still have dry eye symptoms? ready for some relief?
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>> top stories here at 6:55. police investigating a disturbing discovery of a casket left on a north philadelphia sidewalk with the organs of a child inside it. authorities are searching nearby cemeteries for dug up graves and are also calling local funeral parlors. new jersey governor chris christie has signed a new budget ending a three-day government shutdown. that means state run parks and beaches will be opened for the july 4th holiday. >> trash truck is out. not collecting garbage this morning but blocking off eakins oval and spring garden street on the ben franklin parkway as we get ready for all the festivities this evening. also lots of local closures this morning and this afternoon because of parades. david. >> very good looking trash truck there matt. >> really. >> for your fourth of july looks like it's going to be warm this afternoon, 86 by 1 o'clock, 87 degrees by 4 o'clock, your high is 88. there is the chance of a spotty shower or a thunderstorm especially during the afternoon. and future tracker6 shows you that by about 9 o'clock when fireworks displays are rolling there's a chance of a spotty
6:57 am
shower. i'll not going to vouch for the location the model is showing but the idea is there. most of you are okay if you get wet. >> hope you all enjoy your independence day and "good morning america" is next. for karen rogers, matt pelman, dave murphy, nydia han, tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. see you later. >> ♪ [laughter] >> ♪
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good morning, america. breaking news overnight, north korea's stunning claim saying it has launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile, the long-range rocket traveling hundreds of miles. quite hit the u.s.? the incredible new pictures of kim jong-un celebrating the launch, the u.s. now assessing the claim. president trump condemning the action on twitter overnight. face-to-face, president trump ready to square off with russian president vladimir putin. the high stakes first meeting with the man accused of meddling in the u.s. election. will the president confront putin about the alleged hack as putin brings his new demands to trump. venus williams breaking down. the tennis superstar overcome with emotion. >> really no words to describe


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