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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  July 5, 2017 1:35am-2:10am EDT

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♪ ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. >> america's birthday. the sights and sounds of
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celebration from the shore to the city to the suburbs. this year's fourth of july holiday was filled with concerts, parades and precipitation. it was all draped in red white and blue. jim is off. i'm rick williams. the big story on "action news" is america's 241st birthday. there were showings of patriotic pride with festivities and fireworks. we have live team coverage. adam joseph has the forecast. reporter chris christie is live in buck's county with a look at how residents there spent the holiday. let's begin with jeff chirico with the good, the bad and the soggy, jeff? >> that's right, rick. the fireworks ended minutes ago. it ended an eventful july 4th
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celebration here on the parkway. a stunning display lit up the night sky at the art museum capping off a week long celebration in the city where it all began. >> happy fourth, philadelphia. >> th they wowed thousands. many decked out in patriotic finest for a food and fun. ♪ ♪ >> it. i'm having a great time. >> what brings you here? >> mary oblige and boys to men and the whole stick fromiladelp. nothing like living in center city. it's the place to be. >> the senate family says philadelphia itself is the true show stopper that has them
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coming back every fourth of july. >> this is our thirdare so nicey is so clean. the historical stuff -- i really like it. >> not everyone was smiling. this group was among 500 that got fraudulent tickets and were turned away. >> you come to see an artist you and your family like but you can't enter the show. >> around 8:30, fast-moving storms moved in. the concert went on, celebrating america in its birthplace, particularly meaningful for this army vet from west philadelphia. >> the country is basically united. people can get along, you know at different events to honor our forefathers in a way. >> more good news to report.
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i checked with city officials. i'm told there were no major incidents or arrests on the day long event on the parkway. jeff chirico, channel6 "action news." >> now live to south philadelphia bucks county with christie ileto, a celebration with something for everyone. >> hey, rick. from the parade to the grand finale of the fireworks, the festivities at the suburbs didn't disappoint. >> it's beautiful. >> that is the thunder sound of freedom, hundredses gathered to watch the finale of the festivities. >> we love them. it's the first year coming to south hampton days. >> earlier in the day, dropping the beat, and it's a patriotic
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party in glen side. >> happy fourth of july. >> it's one of the oldest parades in the state. >> yes, it is. we have a good time when we come. >> the festivities are a chance to acknowledge first responder, celebrate america's many cull churks and thank those who protect and serve. >> how does it feel to see the people come out? >> it's great. gratifieding. >gratifying.>> it's our country. we have freedom. >> as a veteran, what does today mean to you? >> this is what i fought for. >> it's an awesome parade. >> you feel the american spirit today? >> absolutely. every year. happy fourth of july. >> happy fourth of july. >> we were lucky out here this evening. it seemed a couple of hours
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before the fire work started, the clouds would bring rain to wash out the festivities, but we dodged that storm. the party over my shoulder, still happening. christie ileto, channel6 "action news." rick? >> christie, thank you. meanwhile, they are rapping up the holiday weekend at the shore. many procrastinators tried to pack in every last minute before heading home, there was plenty of traffic coming back from the jersey shore point. chopper 6 over the split in the past hour where the headlights were headed westbound to philadelphia and plenty of them. >> now to adam joseph in for cecily tonight. a lot of folks heading back to work tonight. what can we expect? >> dry conditions as humidity
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lowers. we hit 90-degrees briefly this afternoon in philadelphia. three consecutive days 90 and above. this marks heatwave number three, three days above 90-degrees. the boundary sinks to the south. that's going to move a northeasterly wind in here tomorrow, pushing the front away from us, temporarily drying us out. as we wake up for the forecast tomorrow morning, rush hour, not too humid. 8:00, 73-degrees. as we go through the day planner, wednesday, temperatures climb to near 80 lunchtime, afternoon, middle 80s. nowhere near 90 tomorrow afternoon. the humidity makes a comeback with many downpours and storms. end of the week we talk about the changes in the full forecast.
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>> heavy rain dampened spirits during the concert in camden this evening, but eventually the storms moved out and showers of light stop second-degreped peopr tracks for the fire work display. they were expecting 150,000 visitors at the water front park for the night's festivities. >> a steady steam of red, white and blue lit up the night sky for the fire work display. they tried to get the epic flashes for the finale. >> the echoes of history could be heard outside of independence hall 241 years after the declaration was signed. a crowd gathered to watch the ceremony with portions of the declaration read by iconic r & b
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group, "boys to men." >> all men are created equal. >> passing through independence mall was a parade down market street where ben franklin and other revolutionaries were remembered. even dart vader and storm troopers. >> one of the 14 copies of the declaration of independence was put out for display. they showcased massachusetts version at a museum in baltimore. it famously bears the signature of john hancock, president of the continental congress. >> politicians on hand this afternoon in delaware. senators chris koons and tom carper and congresswoman lisa
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blunt rochester took part in the annual march along lancaster park, fire trucks, marching bands and uncle sam. >> patriotic songs and plenty of red white and blue as new jersey celebrated the fourth. there were floats, processions of girl scouts and veterans taking part in the holiday parade. >> tractors took over in burlington county. the yearly parade includes farm equipment decked out in the flag. >> we have been receiving scores of videos and pictures of "action news" viewers enjoying the fourth of july. these are some of them. we invite you to share your pictures of the patriotic atti
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attire. >> a sky diver spent more than an hour stuck in a tree after the parachute got caught coming down. near the 300 block of dahlia avenue, you see the tangled parachute in the woods. the sky diver was dangling until 6:15 tonight. > little remains left of this hamilton home in township, new jersey. chopper 6 over lake side boulevard as smoke wafted from the home. no one was hurt. firefighters have not released the cause of the blaze. >> tonight we have a look at dramatic video from yesterday's blue route accident that shut down the highway for hours. victor shot the video and spoke
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to "action news" today. >> i expected what was going to happen. didn't want it to happen, but there was no way to stop it. >> at the broomall exit, you see the truck violently crash and flip on to the blue route. they rush today the driver and broke out the windshield. they said the driver was not responsive when asked repeatedly if he was okay. state police are investigating the cause of the crash. >> police were investigating the disturbing discovery of an infant or infant remains found last evening in a casket on the 3,000 block of west chestfield street across from the cemetery. police are searching to see if graves may have been disturbed.
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>> new jersey state government will reopen tomorrow morning following a deal to end the shutdown. governor christie signed the budget this morning allowing state parks to open for the holiday. the now infamous island beach state park is open as well. photos of governor christie with his family lounging on the beach during the shutdown have gone viral. he says he has nothing to apologize for. he will choose to spend time with his family whether the optics look bad or not. >> and rocket science. danger after another north korean missile test as officials confirm this one could reach the u.s. >> and treatment for people who are allergic. bee stings coming up. >> adam? >> temperatures right now 72 in
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philadelphia. the dewpoint, 66. we drive that out tomorrow before it makes a return end of the book. details in the seven day. >> jeff scaversky looking to keep their winning ways alive against the pirates. that and more
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>> north korea is celebrating the successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. it reached 1700-miles high and is capable of reaching alaska. president trump responded with a tweet stating, does this guy have anything better to do with his life? perhaps china will stop this nonsense once and for all. >> the president has directed us to not do that and to prepare a range of options, including a military option which nobody
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wants to take. >> the u.s. plans to bring north korea's action between the security council. >> president trump hosted a picnic at the white house for military families. melania was on hand as well. it was to include fireworks. president trump is meeting with vladimir putin this week. officials described the friday meeting at the g20 summit as a bilateral meeting. the question everyone wants to know, what topics will the two discuss? will russia's election hacking come up? will the seemingly friendly relationship from afar stay that way once they get down to business in person. 44 states refused to turn
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over personal voter da data to e trump administration. they have asked for names, birth dates, political party, what elections they participated in and the last four digits of social security numbers. some cited privacy rights while others questioned the reasoning? the officer stabbed during an attack at the michigan airport last month made an appearance at the fourth of july parade today. sergeant neville had to undergo an operation on his neck. doctors said the wound was millimeters from an artery. since the attack he's received lots of support from fellow officers. >> i have had muslim police officers that reached out to me from new york city and new
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jersey coming in next week to meet me. they are coming a long way to do that 6789 the suspect has been charged with violence at an international airport. the fbi is investigating the incident as an attack. for people that are allergic to stings, doctors are warning there is a lack of ingredient for one type of medication. they have stretching out time between doses. one of two manufacturers of the drug was shut down last year for contamination concerns. the shortage may not be resolved before next year. adam joseph back now with a closer look at the holiday forecast. over all, not a bad day. >> we had pop ups around the
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region. more coming in, in thursday and friday. looking at the weather center, my buddy pat sent me this photo he was at. a gathering on the rooftop in part of the city. the invasion of rain over south philadelphia as a downpour blossomed out of nowhere keeping half of the city sunny. you can see where the sky opened up right in the center of south philadelphia, cool shot there. as we get to wednesday tomorrow, sun and clouds, east southeasterly winds 6-12 miles per hour. keeping the shore cooler. inland, 80s. we break down the day for you tomorrow, 73 at 8:00 in the morning. slightly humid through the afternoon with sun and clouds, temperatures in the middle 80s between the 2:00 and 5:00 hour and sliding back to the upper 70s, 8:00 at night.
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temperatures around the region, philadelphia, 72. 72 allentown, 75 in dover. trenton low 70s at the shore. the pocono, if you looked at that number, 57-degrees. right now, a cool shot of air coming in from the north. satellite and radar showing the boundary that sparked the pop ups this afternoon. it's now to the south continuing the journey temporarily over the virginias and carolinas before a low pressure linking with the front, a spin in parts of missouri, rolls along the boundary, the tennessee valley and arrives here end of the week. tomorrow, we push the front to the north. 85 inland, again at the shore, temperature in the mid 70s. toward the end of the week, whatever happens on the west coast, opposite on the east
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coast. we have the building ridge, core of heat over the rockies, as well as the northern plains. for us, the jet stream dips over us. as it passes through, it's going to spark the storms end of the week. the exclusive accuweather forecast, quiet around here tomorrow, 85-degrees. temperaturesknock down to 80. numerous downpours and thunderstorms thursday night and first part of friday. starting to turn oppressively humid as well, drying out friday afternoon, 87. that sets up for a beautiful weekend, average temperatures and continues into the beginning of next week. this is typically the hottest period of the summer season. no 90s for the next seven days. >> all right, adam. we like it. we'll take a quick break. jeff scaversky has sports when
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"action news" comes right back.
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>> six decades rolled in today. it's the soap box derby day. 44 drivers between the age of 8-18 completed the year in the homemade racers. for many families, this is an activity passed down through generations. the ride down fayette street is not only a right of passage, but qualifying for the championships later this month. you were going, weren't you? >> i was, but my wheels fell off. >> when you use masking tape that happens. phillies trying to get a third win in a row? >> not so much. if you are a phillies fan, not much to celebrate. no firework, a dud at the ballpark. they strike out 14 time, o for
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10 against the pirates. phillies honored veterans that served their country including their own employees. down one at the fourth, runner, first and third, no dice. jamison tyone, a career high 9ks today. >> the only thing shooting into the sky, andrew mccutcheon, off the second deck, 422 feet. phils down three. the fanatic trying to pump life into the offense. it doesn't work. phillies lose 3-0. they strike out 14 times and leave 11 on base. jarred eickhoff making his first start for reading since being on the disabled list two weeks ago. eickhoff is eyeing sunday as his return to the phillies from his
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back strain. >> if the sixers want to be the beast of the east, they have to fight for it with the boston celtics. celtics number one in the division last season got better tonight. a green light for gordon hayward leaving utah after seven year, deal worth $128 million. sixers add another shooter. last year's 25th over all draft pick. it has not been determined if he will play in the nba summer league. markel fultz is expected to play in the summer league game tomorrow against the jazz. the sixer number one pick is trying to work on timing and pace, defense and leadership skills after scoring 17 in his debut. >> i show people our defensive end. i think i play hard.
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i play five on five. i think i did a good job competing. >> if you don't trust the process, maybe you will after this. ben simmons, you know where it's going, full court shot. nothing but net. take another look. posting this on his instagram page today. ok, let's try this.
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it says you apply the blue one to me. here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together.
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>> finally, if you eat a little too much on your july 4th
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barbeque, you are not alone. on the hotdog eating contest coney island, joey chestnut does it again beating out carmen. the average american eats 70 hotdogs a year. chestnut chowed 72 hotdogs in ten minutes. rick, that adds up to 20,000-calories. can you imagine how long that will take to burn off? >> i'm glad i don't live with the guy. finally tonight, it wouldn't be the fourth of july without fireworks even in atlantic city. plenty of colors exploded in the night sky to honor america's birthday. "jimmy kimmel live" live next followed by "nightline." "action news" tomorrow morning, for the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams.
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have a nice evening. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪


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