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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  July 8, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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ninth. franco can't do it. phillies lose 2-1. phils have lost seven of the last nine, including five in a row. >> no offense once again. we couldn't get the runs in. we had an opportunity in the seventh, couldn't get those runs in. at least one of them, anyway. tough loss. another one-run loss. it's not fun. >> no, it is not. final game before the all star break is tomorrow. it can't get here soon enough. still to come in sports, a flyers first round pick taking a big shot at a roster spot.
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former fliers first rounder travis sanheim is in the development camp for the fourth year. and even the defensive man admits he has come a long way. he jokes, i look so scrawny back then. now ryan hextall will give him a genuine look. the defenseman will get a shot in training camp after playing all of last season in the ahl in
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the lehigh central. >> going to come down to camp. i feel like i'm ready. i'm going to compete for a spot. and until somebody tells me differently. you know, that's my goal. and i'm coming to make the flyers. >> and that's one of the reasons why he didn't go out and get a free agent defenseman. he wants the kids to fight for a roster spot and win a job. >> we'll be watching. >> okay. >> thank you. a mother in alaska is cherishing the picture of her adorable baby girl and the former president, barack obama. she was at the airport in anchorage when she saw someone who she thought looked like the president. when she got closer, yes, it was. that's when he walked up to her baby and said, who is that pretty girl? she had to snap a few pictures with the president and her baby. the encounter was just five minutes, but the memories, forever. look at the wide eyes there. action news at 11:30 continues next. harrowing video from iraq
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after weary citizens on to the street after heavy fighting. useed as human shields by i.s.i.s. plus the spotlight on pay parity in hollywood after a top actress revealed what she had to do to get paid the same as her male co-stars.
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>> action news update. the big stories. accuweather forecast. breaking news straight from our news room to your desk or device. action news update, brought to you by king of prussia, cherry hill, and quaker village mall pandora a stores.
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♪ >> action news continues. hello, saturday night. walter's off, i'm brian taff. here's what's happening at 11:30 tonight. iraqi officials say they are close to victory in mosul over i.s.i.s. civilians released after being held as human shields. and new video of a car slamming into the suv driven by tennis great venus williams. what this could prove. and the new debate about pay parity in hollywood. the well known celebrity who was revealing that her male co-stars had to take cuts so she could get an equal paycheck. but first, president trump is back from germany after his first major summit with the world top economic powers. the g20 summit featured the
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first face to face meeting between the president and vladimir putin as well as worldwide agreement on climate that did not include the united states. and a new revelation about the trump campaign and russia. elizabeth herr now with the story. >> reporter: president trump's return to washington with the white house declaring his second foreign trip in office with success. capped by the g20 summit in germany. >> rex and i had a tremendous meeting yesterday with president putin. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson said the two presidents connected quickly and had positive chemistry. and vladimir putin seemed to agree. trump on tv, he said, is very, very different from the trump in person. absolute, big difference. and putin acknowledged that president trump had made an issue of alleged kremlin medaling in the u.s. election. saying, quote, the president paid a lot of attention to this. but putin repeatedly denied the
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charge and claims president trump accepted his denial. it seemed to me that he took it into account and agreed. did the russians lie about the meeting yesterday? the president did not answer and the white house would not publicly challenge putin's claim. abc news learned that the president's son, don jr., his son-in-law, jared kushner and former campaign manager, paul manafort held a meeting with a russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin. claiming it happened just two weeks after mr. trump won the republican nomination. in a statement to abc news, don jr. said an acquaintance canned them to attend the meeting and it was about an adoption program. the source familiar with the meeting said the presidential campaign was not discussed. elizabeth herr, abc news, new york. now to a major development in the fight against i.s.i.s. iraqi soldiers backed by
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american forces on the verge of victory in mosul. that center was once the center for the group in iraq. it appeared to be the final battle after eight months of non-stop war. shellshocked residents emerged after being held as human shields by i.s.i.s. homes destroyed, streets are barely passable. officials warn the recapture of mosul is not the end of the war against i.s.i.s. there is the risk that foreign fighters will return to their home to carry out attacks. an acrobat plummeted to his death in front of a packed crowd in madrid, spain. he was dancing in the light box there suspended a hundred feet in the air and fell. the concert, though, went on, stunning the audience. rock group green day took the stage following the accident, apparently unaware of what happened. once they learned of the fall, the group tweeted the message saying a brave artist named
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pedro lost his life in a tragic accident. festival organizers said it would have been unsafe for them to leave all at once, hence the decision for the show to go on. and the moment of a car crash involving tennis star venus williams. the actress left a 78-year-old man dead and his family is suing. brian clark has more on the new images and what that could mean. >> reporter: venus williams trying to keep up her winning streak on and off the tennis court. police released this new video showing that deadly crash last month involving the star's suv. >> she still entered that intersection on a green light. and she had the right to be there. >> reporter: in the video from june 9th, williams car could be seen here, driving through an intersection in palm beach gardens. she has the green light. she slows down to avoid a car turning left. then another car from her right and slams into her. the passenger in that car,
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78-year-old jerome barson was injured and later died. his wife, linda, was also hurt >> the grandfather is now gone forever because of the collision miss williams caused. >> reporter: the barson family attorney contends the new video backs their version of the story that their client had the right-of-way. they are suing williams for wrongful death. initially the police report said williams was at fault. but in a statement on friday, the department acknowledged the vehicle driven by venus williams lawfully entered the intersection on a circular green traffic signal and that officers are still investigating. lawyers for both sides say they will examine the cars involved in the crash in order to obtain key data from the vehicle's black boxes. 4,000 mimes away, venus williams advances to the fourth round of wimbledon in pursuit of her sixth individual championship. >> had to step it up. >> reporter: williams has not been ticketed or charged in the
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crash and she was not distracted or under the influence. brian clark, abc news, new york. closed door negotiations took place in harrisburg over legalization -- rather legislation -- to authorize another big gambling expansion in pennsylvania. some lawmakers are hoping for more casinos to raise millions to close a deficit. looking at a provision to allow casinos to bid on licenses for ten more mini casinos across the state. and still ahead, a new push for pay parity in hollywood. the actresses speak out about being paid less and fighting for more. and the celebration of latino culture at penn's landing. melissa. >> it looks like we are going to have fun. it looks like we've got better days ahead as we get into the second half of our weekend. in fact, as we look at satellite 6 along with action radar, you can see that we do have quiet conditions right now as that cold front is moving offshore.
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we'll take a closer look with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast.
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>> argh! >> hey, we get your attention? authentic pirate crews entertained the crowd at the annual wilmington pirates festival today. pirates young and old at the copeland maritime center at fort kristina park. visitors could take a tour on board one of the tall ships docked there. beautiful blue skies in the video and a whole lot more tomorrow. >> we will, brian. gorgeous day tomorrow. low humidity. enjoy it, things ramp up into
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monday and tuesday. enjoy the rest of the weekend. here's what's going on with storm tracker 6 live double scan radar. no issues with precipitation. earlier today we had some spotty showers north and west of the ate corridor. all of that activity is falling apart and dying down. show you the picture outside sky 6 live in hd from our temple university camera looking at the center city skyline. look at city hall, southbound on broad street. mostly clear sky. very quiet conditions. and it's pretty comfortable outside too. in philadelphia, in at 78. dew point at 60. the dew point temperatures are lowering. throughout the overnight hours and tomorrow morning. sleeping tonight, you might be able to open up the windows and give the ac a break tonight. west and northwestern wind. the. is on the rise. the ocean temperature in the 70s. lake harmony, 63, quakertown,
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64. warminister, 67. kirkwood, 70. down in new jersey, 74. ewing and browns mills, holding at 70. cape may, 76. over in dover, still in the upper 70s at this hour. satellite 6 along with action radar showing you that cold front across the region earlier today sliding on off to the south and east. so as that pushes offshore, look at this. back to the west, clear skies across the ohio valley. heads our way with the northwesterly wind drying out the atmosphere throughout the overnight hours. tonight, mostly clear. moonlit. drop down to 59 in the suburbs. and 68 degrees in philadelphia for the overnight low. fast forward into the day tomorrow, future tracker 6, 8:00 not morning. not a bad start. temperatures north and west in the upper 60s. lower 70% for philadelphia, wilmington and dover. and temperatures in the lower 70s tomorrow. rebound by tomorrow afternoon
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with ample sunshine. by 3:00, temperatures in the upper 70s and the middle and lower oils across the region. so it's a good day to play some ball tomorrow. fills at home taking ant padres. first pitch around 1:45. a comfortable afternoon. first pitch temperature around 81 degrees. once into the ninth inning, 83. so tomorrow, across the region, 83 in allentown, 84 in reading, beautiful by the afternoon. 80 for cape may and at the board walk. toms river, 85. the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast, sunny and pleasant tomorrow. humidity at check. high in at 85. turning humid as early as monday afternoon with plenty of sun. in at 88. hot by tuesday with a thunderstorm overhead. a high temperature in at 92. on wednesday, it's warm and still staying unsettled with the thunderstorm likely. high temperature by then coming in at 89. 90 on thursday with showers and storms, 88 on friday. but as we get into next saturday, brian, it's partly
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sunny, it's warm. we're in at 89 trees. so really not bad considering this is the month of july >> yeah, we should expect a little wackiness. thank you, melissa. >> all right. >> high profile actress speaking about the hollywood pay gap. oscar winner adding her voice to the demands for an equal paycheck. >> reporter: a-lister emma stone sounding off about a double standard in hollywood dollars. in an exclusive cover story for out magazine, stone lamented i've needed male co-stars to take a pay cut to have parity. >> it's going to be worse whether you lose. >> reporter: praising their actions and drawing on her new role at billie jean king. telling the magazine, we are all equal. we all deserve the same respect and the same rights. the oscar winner joining a host of actresses who claim hollywood is no la la land for leading ladies.
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robin wright playing hardball in negotiations with netflix. >> tell me, am i really the sort of enemy you want to make? >> reporter: demanding to be paid the same as her house of cards co-star kevin casey. > i was like, you better paye or i'm going to go public. and they did. >> reporter: and jennifer lawrence pushing for change for future generations. >> there are times where i feel a real need to speak for those girls. >> reporter: some of hollywood's most sought after stars from natalie portman to patricia arquette blasting the business. closing the gap, the glitz and glamour only so far. it's not just the gender gap, two stars of hawaii 5-0 quitting over what they say was a difference based on race. abc news, new york.
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jeff skversky along with sports now. and drama on the court tonight surrounding the sixers number one draft pick. >> supposed to be a happy night, but in tonight's game, moments ago, hurting his ankle. markell fultz signs his rookie contract tonight. a two-year deal worth more than $15 million. fultz includes a sixer's team option for a third and fourth year. here he is on the floor for summer league in las vegas against golden state. first quarter, running the floor, looking good. the finish, eight points for fultz. brett brown likes what he sees. he will not like this. third quarter, running back on defense. his left footsteps on a defender. fultz rolls his left ankle. he is down in pain on the ground for quite some time. holding that left ankle. the 19-year-old has to be helped off the court.
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not a good sign. at this moment we do not know the severity of the injury. but everyone holding their breath. of course, ben simmons missed last year with an ankle injury. joel embiid missed two years. sixers fans, again, holding their breath as fultz is helped off the court tonight in las vegas. the sixers also officially signed j.j. reddick and amir johnson to one-year deals. reddick says he loves philly, one of his favorite cities. history major at duke is one of the best shooters in the nba and the biggest factor in coming to philadelphia, sixers coach, brett brown. >> the spirit of the sixers has never been broken. and i think that speaks volumes to coach brown. he's, you know, to be honest he was probably the biggest factor in this decision. he's someone that i've watched and i've wanted to play for. and i'm thrilled to be playing for him next year. >> happy to be part of the family. i know philly has a lot of
11:56 pm
history and they have been building up to be successful. and i'm excited to go through the process. >> trust the process. lots of buzz for the sixers and, of course, the eagles. the summer is flying. before you know it, eagles training camp kicks off. carson wentz and the eagles rookie report in 15 days. former temple star and camden native, reddick, drafted 13th overall by the cardinals. back in camden today hosting a kids camp. now that he's a pro, reddick loves giving back. >> just to be here and to be in this position is great, man. it's awesome. i'm glad the kids came out. you know? out here trying to send a positive message. trying to show them the right way to do things. you know and try to keep their head on straight. >> it's great that he's able to give back. by the way, the soul, they lose their first game of the season against baltimore. >> all right, jeff, thank you very much. and finally, the sounds of salsa
11:57 pm
filled the air at penn's landing today. ♪ how about it? the 36th annual hispanic fiesta took over the great plaza with music, crafts, dance and all kinds of food. it aims to unite and raise awareness of the latino community. and tomorrow until 8:00 in the evening. castle is next. and action news continues at 6:00 with gray hall. now for melissa mcgee, jeff skversky and walter perez, and the entire action news team, i'm brian taff. hope you have a great night tonight and a great day tomorrow. said the weather is going to be good. enjoy it. ♪
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