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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  July 10, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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help with this investigation. all related to the missing men. it is monday afternoon, i'm sharrie williams. >> and i'm brian taff. the big story on "action news" today is the latest from police on that search. the fbi is also involved today. the news conference just wrapped up in solebury township. that's where we find "action news" reporter walter perez who joins us with the latest on what police and the d.a. are saying today. walter. >> reporter: hey, guys, still a lot of unanswered questions in this case. for example, investigators are still working to confirm any possible link between all four of the men involved in this case and also bucks county d.a. matt weintraub a short time ago came just short of saying foul play is involved but he said he certainly believes that is the case. weintraub also wrapped up that news conference saying make no mistake, they're pulling out all the stops for this investigation. >> amazed and impressed at the amount of manpower that has been dedicated to this and it's really -- we're going to solve this because of all the resources that we're putting
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together and everybody working on this. >> reporter: and so for now the investigation continues. >> as is obvious in a case of this scope and magnitude it's all hands-on deck. >> reporter: bucks county district attorney matt weintraub is referring to the ongoing search for four missing young men in bucks county, they're 19-year-old dean fin car yo', jimmy par at a time prick, mark sturgis of pennsburg. today teams of investigators including the fbi converged on several locations including this property in bensalem and this field in solebury not too far from where police found sturgis' car at the peddler's village. meo sturgis and finocchiaro. authorities admit authorities are not certain what they're dealing with regarding this
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case if we don't know. but we're treating this as a criminal investigation at this time until we know differently. >> reporter: and so the investigation continues at this time barring any breaks in this case the next news briefing is scheduled for 11 o'clock tomorrow morning. anyone with any information is asked to call police. reporting live from solebury, walter perez, channel6 "action news." back to you guys. >> oh, walter, thank you. our coverage of this story continues on the 6abc app. we'll alert you to any new developments in this case as the investigation continues to unfold. well, the second day of preliminary hearing is under way in the case of a penn state fraternity much 18 members of beta theta pie face charges in connection with the the february death avenue pledge after a night of drinking. during the hearing today in belfont prosecutors revealed internet searches and text messages sent by some of the fraternity house members that allegedly show the college students tried to keep the incident under wraps. 19-year-old timothy piazza
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fell face first down a set of basement stairs during a bid acceptance party. it was nearly 12 hours before anyone called 911. some of the members are accused of involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault while others face less serious allegations. a judge will will decide if there's enough evidence to send the case to county court for trial. >> an investigation is under way in south philadelphia after the death of a worker at the packer marine terminal. the 52-year-old man died when a cargo container fell on top of his pickup truck. sarah bloomquist has the latest on this. >> reporter: brian, this appears to have been a tragic accident. officials are telling us that a piece of equipment apparently knocked over one of those giant shipping containsers and brought down a large stack of them. a shipping container landed on top of a small pickup truck crushing the man inside. this was the scene at scene aftr 12:30 this afternoon.
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a port authority official says it appears what's called a top pick or a top reacher, a piece of equipment that lifts the large shipping containers knocked a stack of them accidentally. one of the shipping containers came down on top of a small white pickup truck with a 52-year-old male employee inside. he was pronounced dead at the scene. ray a longshoreman who declined to give us his last name showed us the photo of the type of equipment that he says knocked the equipment down. he says he worked alongside the man who died. >> i knew the gentleman and he was a very good friend of mine as far as coming to work every day, seeing him, you know, so some guys, you know, have different reactions, you know. i had my moment. i gathered myself a little bit now and it will probably come and go. just -- i won't see him no more. >> reporter: ray told us the victim was a checker, someone who makes the rounds at the terminal counting containers and monitoring operations under way.
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in the aftermath osha police fire and l and i arrived at the scene. trucks were turned away at the gate. ray says he's worried about the man that operates the equipment. >> i knew the operator, too. i was told he started throwing up, he was having -- i know him as a person, he's the type of guy, i go got to know him he's a family guy, you know, care about people and, um, i don't know how -- i don't know howl you recover from something -- how you recover from something like this. >> reporter: now the pier did close, this specific pier did close immediately. it will reopen we're told for normal operations tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. live in south philadelphia, i'm sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news." >> sarah, thank you. well, a vigil is that planned to honor the woman who died when her car crashed into a local spca. the organization's campus in new castle will host the
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5:30 p.m. tribute today for latoya cooper. police say the 36-year-old lost control of her vehicle and slammed into the brandywine valley shelter on south street yesterday. cooper and three cats died in this crash that also ensued with a fire but 98 other animals were rescued and many of them still need new homes. >> still have a a lot of dogs moving through from the temporary facilities into our shelters. we've had a great response from the community. here in west chester alone we had 56 adoptions of cats and dogs yesterday but we still have a lot of animals that need homes. >> the brandywine spca is requesting financial donations to help cover the building damage and to pay for the animal's medical care. >> fresh off what it calls a successful g20 summit the white house is once again embroiled in a controversy of its own creation. donald trump is admitting he met last summer with a russia linked lawyer with the promise she would reveal damaging information about hillary clinton. he says that when she failed to provide that, he abruptly
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ended the meeting. the admission represents an evolving version of events from trump jr. who said the meeting was about an adoption program. >> don jr. came forth this weekend and gave more information about the meeting. he also made very clear. >> after denying it. >> that no information that was meaningful and helpful was gained from this. >> well, also in that meeting were then campaign chairman paul manafort and jared kushner. trump are? says he'll appear before senate investigators if they have questions that he can answer. >> it is time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> beautiful day out there today. meteorologist adam joseph enjoying some of the sunshine as we see. adam how are you. >> not bad to start off the week here. sunshine, that clouds, pretty low humidity to speak of but that is all about to change as we take a look at the heat index, how it feels right now 88 degrees if philadelphia. you can see the 90's lurking in cincinnati to raleigh, feels like 102 in saint louis,
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102 in dallas so most of the middle section of the country dealing with some pretty extreme numbers and that starts to move in our area tomorrow. the heat index across most of the delaware valley tomorrow afternoon 95 to 100 degrees and you see a pop of around 100 degrees for wilmington millville and dover. that's how it's going to feel tuesday afternoon. in addition to that humidity increasing along with the heat we are tracking some storms to the west. most of this will miss us to the north overnight tonight but it could clip some spotty areas north of philadelphia in the wee hours of our tuesday morning and this is going to set us up for a very hot, humid and at times stormy week over the next three days the major concerns will be heavy downpours and strong winds again moderate risk for some of those dangerous lightning bolts and thankfully a low risk for large hail and any isolated tornadoes. we'll talk about the timing of the storms and take a look at the heat index which lyme's more as we get into thursday in that accuweather forecast.
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>> adam thank you. you can get the latest forecast including detailed updates plus storm tracker6 live radar any time on your phone or tablet bleat. it's a free download. >> day one of what new yorkers are calling the summer of hell. a big repair project at penn station is under way and riders say it's throwing their commutes into chaos. starting today, new jersey transit and long island railroad commuters are have fewer trains during peak periods until the repairs are complete by the end of august. well, they're fixing old tracks and signals. some riders describe their experience on day one as being packed like sardines on the trains and for others they say their commutes took about 45 minutes longer. >> sounds very pleasant. >> very. >> first check of the "action news" traffic report today. >> less go live to gina began gone. >> hi, guys. nothing too unpleasant on the
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roads like what they're facing in new york right now. we have delays. it's rush hour but it's nothing out of the ordinary, too extreme but we're seeing delays on the northbound side of 95, that's our normal backup always out there from now penn's landing through to allegheny. we're seeing it as well on the southbound side. the vine very crowded eastbound but westbound you're in the clear so we got to love that. the schuylkill is crowded. 8 miles per hour on the westbound side. roosevelt boulevard and also on the pennsylvania turnpike. i'll get to that in a second. i have good news if you're traveling on 95. if you're heading southbound you're in the clear between woodhaven and the vine. northbound side is just about 19 minutes. but if you are traveling on 95 that southbound off ramp to the area of the betsy ross bridge is going to reopen tomorrow after being shut since september for construction so take that tomorrow morning and you should be good to go. let's talk about the vine street expressway. again clear out there on that westbound side. eastbound you're stacked the length from this point at 76 all the way out through to 95. let's talk about the pennsylvania turnpike. we have a very significant delay out there because of an accident blocking one lane on
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the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound approaching fort washington, one lane is blocked and you can see you're in the red so extremely slow out there. give yourself more time and in new jersey things are great on the 42 freeway. guys i'll send it back over. >> good news there. gina thanks. still to come on "action news" at 4:00 wildfires burning in california are so bad that that he scorched enough acres to make the smoke visible from space. we have the latest on the fire fight coming up. >> ♪ >> hundreds of teenagers from all over the country are in south jersey this week volunteering their services. i'm nora muchanic. i'll explain the reach program coming up next. >> also ahead here at 4 o'clock, a shark attack in florida that happened after swimmers and the surf were warned about the danger lurking in the water. details on that and much more coming up next. >> ♪ day 13. if only this were as easy as saving $600
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. >> ♪ >> we want to bring you back to what remains a very active scene along route 202 in solebury township this afternoon what appears to be the nexus of activity in the search for four men missing since last week bucks county the men ranging in age from into tone 21. there's a cad dray -- cadre of officers in bucks county. the d. saying he believes foul play is involved, he's confident they will solve this but suggesting that may take several days and you can see the police on the scene right now, a couple of tents set up there. there are officers scouring the scene as well as that backhoe when is on the property. it's unclear if that was brought in by police or was already there on scene today. we'll follow this and bring you any developments as we get it. in the meantime slightly cooler temperatures and diminishing winds are helping california firefighters as they battle several fires that have forced thousands to
4:16 pm
evacuate. fire officials say the fire destroyed about trent structures along highway 154. the video shows the scene along that highway and here's a look at the damage done so far by that fire. vehicles and cars destroyed. some 5,000 firefighters continue to fight more than a dozen wildfires raging across the state. >> man was rushed to the hospital after being bitten by a shark in florida. officials say he was attacked after police spotted the predator and then started to evacuate beachgoers. this happened in miami dade county. one fire and rescue worker who responded said they were called in to help close the beach and bring everyone up to shore. he said he was shocked when he got the call. >> i've worked here 20 years. i've never had one and after some research i've never seen an unprovoked shark attack in miami dade county. broward had a few. it tends to be north in the palm beaches. >> well, the shark attack victim suffered deep gashes when he was bitten but he's
4:17 pm
expected to recover. >> well, a lot of kids are are spending their summer days free of work or any responsibility. not so for dozens of teens who are using their free time to help others who can't fully help themselves. not only aren't they being paid, they're actually paying to do it. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic has the story. >> reporter: these are among the 200 teenagers from all around the country volunteering in south jersey this week in towns like paulsboro woodbury pitman and deptford. they raised $400 tom parts 98 a reach mission service camp a week of service to the community. the kids are scraping painting weather stripping doing other repairs for free at the homes of elderly disabled and the financially struggling. >> i think a lot of people are less fortunate and i think it's a good idea to get out and help people. >> you know that you're making a difference in the world however small that is it just really makes a difference to you and to the homeowner. >> reporter: the teens are sleeping at gateway regional high school in woodbury heights and they're sponsored
4:18 pm
locally by grace community church of south jersey. organizers say it's a.m. character building experience where kids learn not only practical skills. >> but they learn that other people need help and that we as fellow human beings should help them. >> reporter: the oswald family's house in paulsboro is getting a face-lift, something they couldn't afford on their own. >> it's just amazing to have them out here helping to fix up the house. without them we would have been struggling trying to figure it out. >> being able to see the faces of the people you're helping and like meet them and really hear their story is cool. >> reporter: since 1992 when the reach work camp started, more than 54,000 kids have participated putting in 2 million hours of volunteer service work. >> homeowner, our neighbor we call them is going to be safer and drier and warmer when they leave. it's real and they can feel it. >> reporter: these teen volunteers do feel at this time along with the accomplishment of helping others and knowing they're working hard to make a difference. in paulsboro, i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action
4:19 pm
news." >> really good work and a meaningful way to spend the summer. >> great to see. >> let's talk about the accuweather forecast it's a beautiful day out there. a little on the hot side but no complaints. >> this is the quiet day of the week. tuesday through friday humidity going to spike and it's going to be very uncomfortable every day. as we take a look at the weather center and live on sky6 taking a look near downtown in center city from our city hall camera here, working on that new love park here you can see all that construction, dry road base but again that could change this time tomorrow in spots. how it's feeling out there, 66 is your dewpoint right now. any time these numbers are at 60 or above, it starts to feel a little humid out there. 70 or above tropical and oppressive and we're starting to see that beach haven cape may millville 70 degrees but to the north and west as you can see dewpoints in the mid 60's. as we flip this around and take a look at how it feels when you step out, 88 is a pretty popular number millville wilmington philadelphia as well as
4:20 pm
trenton. 95 is what it feels like in dover. 85 up in the lehigh valley and these numbers are going to jump at least 10 degrees here during the day tomorrow. satellite and radar, we are dry as of right now. you can see not much in the way of cloud cover. some cumulus clouds developing but off to the west there you can see a little complex of storms, most of this is going to head to our north and to our west but it could clip parts of the area very late tonight, especially towards the lehigh valley, but for the remainder of tonight it's warm, it's sticky and humid with a stray storm north and west of philadelphia, 70 allentown, 74 in philadelphia, lower 70's cape may and dover. so, definitely a night the air conditioners will be cranking out there and as we look at future tracker in the wee hours of the morning tuesday 4:00 a.m. you can see that cluster has pretty much fallen apart but there could be some stray storms or downpours popping. most of tuesday morning into the early afternoon is dry. this is 11:00 a.m. and then as we get into the afternoon, there you can see some of these scattered downpours and
4:21 pm
thunderstorms popping and anyone that does get hit by one of these tomorrow they're very isolated but could contain some very heavy rainfall and also an isolated risk that it turns either strong or severe so definitely not something that is going to be widespread here on tuesday but just kind of hit or miss but this is what we'll all feel, that humidity as it approaches, 97 how it's going to feel in the city of philadelphia tomorrow afternoon. and as we take a look at that four day at 4:00 forecast 93 is the air temperature but feeling like the upper nineties with a stray storm. miserable muggies wednesday, 92 feeling like the upper 90's with another stray thunderstorm in the afternoon. steamy with strong storms coming in more than likely for many of us thursday evening. 95 feeling over 100 on thursday and then much cooler but unsettled here on friday of 81 degrees. we'll have the rest that of seven-day forecast coming up, sharrie, in the next half hour. >> sounds pretty muggy. >> yeah. it's july. >> all right. we'll see you in a bit adam. thanks. thanks to red box you can own your favorite movies and
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plan your trip to the finger lakes at >> a group of golfers hit the links today at the bala golf course in wynnefield heights. this tournament and silent auction was part of the fundraiser for the pennsylvania state police troop k. all proceeds support the troop's camp cadet a week long overnight camp for kids ages 11 to 14. this year's camp is scheduled to run from july 30 to august 4th at girard college. >> more than 150 teenagers are using their summer break to help improve the city of philadelphia. the student volunteers spent the day working in popular. they were sprucing up the helping hands rescue mission. the teens came from across the united states and traveled here with their churches top spend an entire week dedicated to community service. they'll be completing a number of other projects during their stay. >> hundreds of dancers from all over the country are in
4:27 pm
new jersey putting their best foot forward. the dance explosion national dance finals are under way at the wildwood convention center. today featured dancers aged 12 and under in solos and also in duets. cash prizes go to the top performers. the competition kicks off today and runs through saturday. admission is free if you would like to swing bike and check it out. >> having a good time. >> yeah. >> there's so much nor ahead in the neck 30 minutes of "action news" at 4:00 including an update on the search for four young men missing from bucks county. >> and don't try to make your own sunscreen. sounds like something that goes without saying but according to consumer reports more and more people need to heed that warning. we'll look into the rise of diy sun protection coming up. >> ♪ at ♪ ♪
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try our new pepper crusted new york strip, our outlaw ribeye, or a full rack of baby back ribs. and for lunch, try our steakhouse burger, or any steakhouse lunch combo. only at longhorn. . >> it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with breaking news from bucks down. >> right now several agencies including the fbi are conducting an intense search for four young men missing since last week. chopper6 now live over one of the scenes in solebury township. this appears to be the heart of activity today and you can see now machines are digging for something. this near route 202. this has been an active scene for several hours now. this front loader and backhoe just beginning to move now and we'll be watching here to see if they begin digging and what they're digging for all of this in response to the disappearance of four men between wednesday and friday of last week. they are 19-year-old dean finocchiaro, 19-year-old jimi tar patrick, 22-year-old mark
4:30 pm
sturgis and 21-year-old tom mayo. at least three of the men are pleased to be friends. officials have yet to release much information about what 33 think happened but the d.a. said today he believes that foul play may be involved here. >> we have been treating this from the outset as a criminal investigation and nothing has deterred that to this point. >> now police are asking anyone with information on the disappearance to please contact them. >> we turn now to another police investigation, this one in philadelphia. police in the city's bridesburg section have been trying to figure out who murdered a man in gruesome fashion over the weekend leaving his body burning in a parking lot. "action news" reporter vernon odom live now where that disturbing discovery was made. vernon, what's the very latest >> reporter: good afternoon, sharrie. more than 60 hours after a gruesome murder, police still have no answers about the case, no i.d. on the victim,
4:31 pm
no i.d. at this point exactly what the motive was. the questions are who is it and whodunit. overnight workers at this transfer station heard what sounded like gunshots were. an hour later a trash truck pulled into the lot. the driver saw something burning. when he put the fire out with an extinguisher he realized it was a man burning. it turned out that he had been shot six to eight times. his arms were bound behind him and the body set on fire. he was also blindfolded. >> we believe that he was probably tortured somewhere else and was killed at the scene. >> reporter: to the police the have victim remains john doe and they can count on dental records or perhaps the public to determine who john doe was. no word yet on what type of accelerant was used. >> the first step will be identifying who he is and then we'll go from there. medical examiner's office and hopefully through dental records we'll be able to identify who he is.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: brian, a note to our viewers to bear in mind if you can help police nail this murderer, a $20,000 reward has been posted and is always posted in case of murder by the city of philadelphia. i'm vernon odom channel6 "action news" in bridesburg. >> all right, vernon thank you. a delaware woman is accused of driving under the influence with her toddler in the car. crystal zimmerman was arrested yesterday after a collision police say they caused in rehoboth beach. now officers found her two-year-old son in the back seat after the 37-year-old crashed her nissan into the back of another car on coastal highway. upon failing a field sobriety test. fortunately her son was not injured. a man is now charged in yesterday's deadly shooting in norristown. investigator its say santiago villian andre said he chased
4:33 pm
the alleged thief and tripped him causing him to drop his gun. he then picked up that weapon and used it to shoot and kill the other man identified as 26-year-old christian green. fill lane andre surrender and was charged with voluntary manslaughter. >> philadelphia police are asking for the public's help to track down a destructive burglar. this is surveillance video from outside the dunkin donuts on the 5400 block in olney last thursday. you can see the burglar use a large stone to shatter the front door that of storm. once inside police say the man stole two cash registers. if you have any information on the break in or who that person is give philadelphia police a call. >> it is time now to turn our attention to the accuweather forecast. >> all right, meteorologist adam joseph joining us now he's talking about a muggy week ahead it looks like. a lot of humidity. >> yes and it's typical july and numbers are going get high especially on thursday when the heat and humidity will peek together and also the
4:34 pm
chance of storms as well but right now as we take a look at the temperature in philadelphia, 87 degrees. that's pretty average for this time of year. it's that dewpoint at 64 that makes it feel moderately humid. that number only goes up by 1 degree with that south-southwesterly wind at 16 miles an hour. but that dewpoint is going to go into the 70's and that's what it's what's going to push those heat indices up the in next few days. sunshine mixing with some cloud cover but it is a quiet afternoon but here are those dewpoints tomorrow upper 60's, wednesday, thursday, busting into the 70's when it starts to feel more tropical and oppressive out there and then it starts to come down a little bit on friday but those high dewpoints mean a lot of water content in the air and that could get us into trouble with heavy downpours and a few scattered strong to severe storms. we'll try to time those storms and show you the pretty high numbers in that accuweather 7-day forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> adam thank you.
4:35 pm
>> yeah. >> septa riders will -- heading to center city will notice a change on their way home tonight. from now on all tickets will have to be punched before commuters get on the train monday through friday from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. punched tickets or passes will have to be presented to the conductor for collection or inspection. the new policy impacts temple, jefferson, suburban, 30th street station and university city stations. well, it's another case of what you see is not necessarily what you get. there's new advice tonight from consumer reports about what to buy and what not to buy in the grocery store. "action news" anchor monica malpass live in our news room this afternoon to explain this one. hi, monica. >> hi brian. this is was need to look for the next time you're in the meat and poultry store. becoming more common to have items labeled "no antibiotics. ." ideally that means the food you're eating does not contain antibiotic resistant bacteria. there's fine print to these labels.
4:36 pm
ali gorman will break it down at 5:00 tonight. also new at 5:00 the goodwill that a a couple from bucks county hoping to bring to villages in africa with their upcoming trip overseas. we'll have that and more coming your way on "action news" at 5:00. we'll see you then. >> sounds good monica. a group of young dancers took the stage in philadelphia and dazzled the crowds. >> ♪ the mann center held its annual young people's concert series. the free dance performance included classical ballet modern dance and hip hop moves. the performers are from the rock school of dance education as they captivated and inspired the children who were looking on. it's all part of the mann's arts in schools program. still to come on "action news" at 4:00 dermatologists have a warning for the diy obsessed. which product they don't want people making at home. >> plus, turn your soccer zero into a soccer hero using dna.
4:37 pm
if you thing this sounds more like parody than reality, a company is actually offering a kit that promises to improve your child's athletic abilities way simple swab of the cheek. >> and driving daddy. what your kid can do with this handlebar helmet if you let them. >> meteorologist adam joseph back with the full accuweather forecast when "action news" at 4:00 comes right back. kids would love that. [laughter] >> ♪
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4:40 pm
chocolate. senator chuck schumer is calling on regulators to investigate the product called coco loko. an orlando based company is offering the powder as a drug freeway to get a buzz. it contains many of the ingredients found in energy drinks which have been known to cause blood pressure and heart palpitations. schumer says can't think of a single parent who thinks it's a good idea for their kids to be snorting over the counter stimulants up their noses. >> a man helped his coworker escape from the top of a burning building. watch as a figure emerges from the thick black smoke there in denmark. you're looking at a man hanging on for dear life as he was lowered away from the flames. the roofer was able to grab onto a crane hook after his colleague steered the machine toward the building. although he was swinging back and forth he eventually made it safely to the ground. >> firefighters in wyoming
4:41 pm
have their work cut out for them over the weekend battling a rare and dangerous sulfa fire. it broke out at a recycling plant. firefighters released this video saying though the flames were beautiful, a fire like this can create an extremely toxic gas called sulfur dioxide. they say they had to use a very small amount of water to cool the surface because too much water might actually create a dangerous acid. a california girl might be the luckiest teen in the world t rosa dominguez won the lottery twice in one week. the 19-year-old bought a few scratchoffs during a pit stop on a long drive. one of her tickets revealed the top prize of $555,000. then just a few days later, she tried her luck again and scored, guess what, an additional $100,000. dominguez says she plans to go shopping and buy a new car and fortunately brian she's not
4:42 pm
one of our friends. >> i say she had try playing again. >> i tell you. >> luckiest woman alive. to big talkers. a promise that's raising a lot of eyebrows and a lot of questions. >> discover your genetic blueprint. let soccer genomics guide you. >> yeah, that's part of a pitch a company is making in an ad that's sweeping across the internet. most people thinking it's a parody. it's not. the company called soccer genomics says a simple swab of dna from your child's saliva can test the genetic makeup of a soccer player to determine their potential and potentially to make them better. now the company claims to have scientific backing from a uc davis scientists but critics are ripping its ad for the potential to turn kids away from sports depending on what the dna reveals. that test by the way costs $299. we turn to hollywood today where a court has granted a temporary restraining order against a member of reality television's royal family, the
4:43 pm
kardashians. rob kardashian has been ordered to stop posting anything about his exfiancé black chyna online and told to stay away from her this after kardashian posted explicit images of the mother of his child on instagram last week during an social media tirade. now the posts became a worldwide trending topic almost immediately. black chyna's lawyer accused kardashian of cyber bullying and violating california's revenge porn laws. kardashian has since apologized through this attorney. finally if yelling go left or faster when on mom or dad's shoulders isn't enough for your assertive kid we have just the thing for them. allow us to introduce you to the piggy back driver a smart helmet with handlebars. the toy allows the kid to steer their human using a series of vibration to tell the parental pony which way to go. it comes equipped with turn signals a horn an turbo button
4:44 pm
designed motivate the child's ride to kick it into high gear with a series of frankly annoying lights and sounds. the only problem, you can't find one yet. the people behind the helmet say they're looking for partners to help them with production. but i don't know. i mean, dad there seemed to be having a good time with it though. >> yeah, beep, beep, kid coming through. [laughter] >> all right brian, we'll see if that works out. >> okay. >> let's get another check of the roads tonight. gina in today for matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. hi, been. >> hi, sharrie. i don't know if we'll be seeing any little cars like that on the roadway but if you're traveling it will be crowded on the schuylkill expressway. here's your live look at the schuylkill at the roosevelt boulevard. very heavy right now although looks like if you're traveling eastbound delays are getting a little better between the blue route and the vine about that 27 minutes. here's the roosevelt boulevard. you are jammed solid eastbound and westbound. westbound you're going to be really heavy from montgomery all the way out toward that conshohocken curve about a half hour with that delay. i want to take you to the pennsylvania turnpike. last we spoke we had an
4:45 pm
accident out there on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound at fort washington. that has moved to the shoulder and you can see they're up to 55 miles an hour so things are getting better but then within that backup at 24 miles per hour we have a disabled vehicle right at norristown so kind of creating insult to injury. give yourself more time its about 35 minutes between valley forge to bensalem. heading out into montgomery county and cheltenham avenue weren't accident with injuries on tookany creek parkway at ashmead road. a little slow going there. also slow going if you're heading out on the roosevelt boulevard traveling northbound you are stacked 76 all the way out through broad street but it looks like are you good to go if you're traveling o on the southbound side. no delay approaching 76. also i'm getting word that we have construction out there on the atlantic city expressway eastbound approaching route 50 to egg harbor exit. that should be out there only until about 5 o'clock. brian and sharrie. >> gina, thank you. and stepping outside as we take a live look through sky6 hd, the view here of penn's landing and not a bad one outside. >> not one bit. meteorologist adam joseph with the exclusive accuweather
4:46 pm
7-day forecast coming up. >> ♪ i love you, couch.
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you give us comfort. and we give you bare feet... ...backsweat and gordo's everything. i love you, but sometimes you stink. ♪ new febreze fabric refresher with odorclear technology... ...cleans away odors like never before. because the things you love the most can stink. and plug in febreze to keep your whole room fresh for up...
4:48 pm 45 days. breathe happy with new febreze. >> meteorologist adam joseph joining us now calling today the stable day of the week. >> yeah, because we don't have extreme heat, humidity or the chance of storms here this evening but that's all changing starting tomorrow. so, as we head to the weather center take a live look on our cape may camera here on sky6, this is the place to beat the heat. you can kind of see a sea breeze kicking up some of those white caps there over the atlantic ocean. a lot of folks enjoying the sand, sun splashed as we are working here in the city. as we take a look at the numbers, 88 in philadelphia, trenton, wilmington. just 80 there in cape may, 82 in beach haven so that's the place always to beat the extreme heat and humidity during the summer season. allentown right now 85 degrees and as we go into tuesday, this is how it's going to feel
4:49 pm
from morning into the afternoon, 10 o'clock in the morning, 89 degrees. already feeling like 91 by 11 o'clock in the morning and then as you can see for many consecutive hours starting around 1:00 right through 5 o'clock feeling like 97 uncomfortable degrees and late in the day that's when it could turn stormy as well. as we take a look at satellite and radar around the region here, sunshine just a few high clouds at times here this afternoon. there is a complex to the west just to the north of pittsburgh. all this heading to the north and west here as we go into the overnight hours tonight but it could clip parts of the lehigh valley. this will be in the wee hours of the morning 2, 3, 4 o'clock in the morning with a scattered downpour or the rumble of thunder. so, tonight warm sticky and that stray storm north and west of philadelphia possible. very late at night. warm, though. 70 to 74 degrees for that overnight low with that south-southwesterly wind five to 10 miles an hour. as we get into 7 o'clock in the morning all those downpours are in new england. here you can see a break with sunshine and clouds, kind of
4:50 pm
the hazy start to our tuesday. not going to take long for it to be very uncomfortable in that direct sunshine and then the afternoon tomorrow there's really no major weather player. there's little ripples of energy throughout this week that will travel through so as you can see it is very spotty tomorrow afternoon during the evening rush where there could be some pop-ups around and any of those pop-ups will bring some brief heavy rainfall so really the flavor for the next three days, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, is oppressive humidity, downpours with any of the storms that do develop and even some strong wind gusts out of some of those storms on the most active day this week looks to be thursday late afternoon during the evening hours. but take a look at the numbers here. how it goes from the high temperature to how it feels is very different. tomorrow's high of 93 will feel like 98 degrees. wednesday's high of 92 will feel like 98 degrees and then thursday before some of those scattered storms that come in especially the high of 95 is going to feel like
4:51 pm
104 degrees. definitely the most uncomfortable day of the year so far. as we look at the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, hot, humid with that storm popping up tomorrow, 93. same for wednesday at 92. we're highlighting thursday 'cause that's the day with the highest heat indices and also the better chance of some strong storms coming through late in the day. and then it cools down a bit here on friday, still humid of 81. and unsettled in the morning and the afternoon with many showers and storms that could pop up and hopefully it all clears out in time, it turns less humid and we kick it back to refreshing upper 80's around here for the upcoming weekend and the start of next week so again, no real rainy day but definitely something to be on guard especially with those heat indices and some of those storms popping the next few days. >> miserable muggies. you like that. >> i do. >> thank you adam. >> all right, if you are one of those people trying to make your own sunscreen at home, don't. what's the deal and the
4:52 pm
details coming up next. >> never heard of it.
4:53 pm
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>> ♪ >> time for what's the deal now and between pinterest and instagram and crafting competitions everyone seems to be looking to diy these days. >> consumer reports warns one thing you should not try to make at home is sunscreen. >> a quick search on the internet and you'll be swimming in recipes and how to videos not for whipping up food but for whipping up sunscreen. these sites may claim to have the formula for sun protection but dr. jessica krantz says it could be a recipe for something else. >> you're at risk for sunburn in the short term but in the long term you're at risk for skin cancer. >> that's in part because there's no way for you to test the effectiveness of the mixture. >> you have no quality control. you can't determine what the
4:55 pm
spf of the product s you don't even know if those ingredients have any kind of spf protection. >> take sink on oxide one of the potential ingredients in homemade sunscreen. this mineral protects skin by deflecting the sun's uv rays rather than absorbing them the way chemical based sunscreens do. while zinc oxide is found in many mineral based sun screens available on store shelves. >> in consumer reports tests of store bought sunscreens the ones that contain zinc oxide or tight taken numb oxide as both as active ingredients have been consistently found to be less effective than those that contain the chemical active ingredients. >> and effectiveness is key. >> in childhood one single blistering sunburn can increase the risk of skin cancer by 50 percent. >> to minimize harmful sun exposure dr. kran says you should not only use sunscreen and use it correctly but also apply a little strategy when heading outdoors. >> the best protection is to avoid strong midday sun and plan most of your activities
4:56 pm
earlier or later in the day and to wear sun protective fabric and sun protective clothing hats and sunglasses in addition to your sunscreen. >> good advice for all of us. good sunscreen doesn't have to be expensive. consumer reports testing found many brands that performed well and cost less than one dollar an ounce. we have more information on our web site >> finally at 4:00 it's a one in 33,000 chance that on july 1st, a colorado family just added another family member with the same birthday. little baby bowdoin was born july 1st which happens to be his father's birthday and his great grandfather's birthday. this was not expected. baby bowdoin's due date was three weeks after july 1st but he came a little bit early. now the family is planning for their next joint birthday celebration. >> how about that. pretty coolly. >> birthdays on the same day. >> love that. >> yeah. >> that will do it for "action news." for sharrie williams alicia
4:57 pm
vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. join me along with sharrie adam ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17 in first "action news" continues next at 5:00 we're continuing to follow the latest developments out of bucks county where officials are trying to track down four men who have been missing for several days. plus, a tense day in court in central pennsylvania. the text showcased in today's preliminary hearing for more than a dozen penn state fraternity members connected to a hazing death. >> new numbers show the impact of the so-called beach gate scandal on governor chris christie's already weakened reputation. those stories and much more next at 5:00ly.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> developing now, the search continues to intensify for these four missing men from bucks county. one has not been seen for nearly a week. the others vanished before the weekend began. tonight officials say they believe foul play is involved. monday night, the big story on "action news" is the search for clues in this
5:00 pm
mysterious set of disappearances. >> "action news" reporter walter perez is live in solebury township tonight with the latest on the investigation. walter. >> reporter: hey, guys, you know, as the search continues for these four missing young men, investigators have a a lot of other information they're working to confirm at this hour, for example, what is the link that connects these four young men. right now authorities are pulling cell phone records and credit card usage over the past week as the all-out manhunt continues. bucks county d.a. matt weintraub says make no mistake, they're pulling out all the stops for this investigation. >> amazed and impressed at the amount of manpower that has been dedicated to this and it's really -- we're going to solve this because of all the resources that we're putting together. >> reporter: a team from several law enforcement agencies including the fbi are scouring several locations across bucks county including this property in bensalem and this field in solebury just miles from the spot where authorities found the vehicle


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