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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 11, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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he's using his force. >> absolutely fake. come on! this guy doesn't appear to be working hard. you know how heavy that is? >> i think someone's hating. >> it's hard to tell because you can't see what it's front of the car. he looks like he's working hard and you can't really tell what angle the track is. whether it's tipped down a bit, dead flat. and he doesn't look that amazed with himself. i'm going with the majority, i'm going real on this one. >> smart move. >> no way. >> video number two. >> okay. watch really closely. >> you actually see the arc of the static electricity between the fingers. >> those things are so staticy, your hair is like this at the bottom. >> it's like sliding down a giant party balloon. totally real. >> i'm going with real. every time my kids go on it, they try to give me a hug and i'm like no, no, no. >> this happens to everybody
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when you're outside, you can see the static electricity, those sparks. this is real. they just caught it in the daylight here. >> all right, then. video number three. >> oh! >> holy cow. >> you know what -- >> that's got to be a friend. >> and that's why it's real. because they out here goofing around, probably got some beers going on on this golf course. >> there's literally one word. men. >> real. >> i'm going with awesome. >> ouch. >> i didn't know golf carts hunted in packs. >> we're going real? >> yeah. real. >> we'll go real. because men are stupid. >> completely. completely. too many beers on the golf course. not a good combination. this one's definitely real.
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more than 600 swimmers have been rescued over the past few days from strong rip currents along california beaches. more than 200 happened at huntington beach alone. swimmers are being asked to check in with lifeguards before they get into the water and stay near the towers if they're not
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strong swimmers. even experienced ocean swimmers can get in trouble. >> not having control of the situation. and then the panic sets in. and that's when you start losing oxygen, and you exert too much energy, you get tired and -- >> trouble. >> yes. >> just don't go out too far, and make sure there's a lifeguard on the sand there. >> the high surf and strong rip currents are expected to last at least through tomorrow evon l.a and orange county coasts. and we're hearing new information on a bear attack in colorado. >> but we're also finding out that new questions are being raised this morning about why that bear was so aggressive. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: this 4:00 a.m. wakeup call nearly killed dylan mcwilliams. >> it was a large crunching sound and a lot of pain. i could hear the bear, i could
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smell him. i could feel him, and it wasn't stopping. it was growling. >> reporter: a280-pound male bear dragging him out of his sleeping bag. but he fights back. >> yelling, screaming, hitting it and trying to poke its eyes. anything tender. i was pulling on its noise as hard as i co. >> reporter: his injuries, severe. >> hostile bear attack. lots of bleeding. >> reporter: but with the help of his co-workers, mcwilliams gets away. >> very lucky. i feel god had a hand in it. >> reporter: officials say bear sightings are up because they're hungry. >> freakin' bear, get out of my garage! >> reporter: and no rain means food sources are drying up. this bear in colorado springs. the bear that attacked mcwilliams was trapped and killed now wildlife officials want to know if the bear was injured or sick and whether that might explain his very unusual behavior.
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>> very uncharacteristic. especially black bears, they're pretty docile. >> apparently, but when startled, they will run away from you. >> just dance. just dance like kendis. scare away the bear. a groom's proposal in handcuffs. >> he a big day planned, but when the police showed up, he had to impro vief. oh, dishwasher, why don't you dry my dishes?
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♪ so by now you've probably heard about all those great mid-summer sales out there, especially with amazon prime day getting under way, but amid all those deals there are plenty of items to stay away from. here with the good news and the bad news, vera gibbons is going to guide us through.
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let's start with the amazon deals. >> a lot of junk. >> it's overwhelming. >> it's overwhelming, over 100,000 products. i would hone in on amazon products, kindle, echo, fire. they have the ongoing deals and the flash sales. >> right. >> and then they have specials and exclusives for alexa users. if you are shopping the amazon sale specifically, i would hone in on the amazon-specific products, then maybe a tv and amazon unlimited music for th99 cents a month. >> is it a good time to buy electronics? >> no. apple watches are telling me forget about it. buying laptops in general, you're better off waiting until back to sales schools, you get
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the sales tax break in various states. >> guess what i just bought, vera. >> no. >> i bought a laptop. >> no, no, no. i should have come on. >> i know, he should hai should you. get me back in the green. >> really good time to buy summer apparel. shorts, tee shirts, sales at 60% to 70% off. we are halfway through the summer retail season. >> swimsuits! >> great time to buy a swimsuit. did you buy one for national bikini day? >> when was that? >> that was a couple days ago. >> maybe i celebrated without realizing. >> they become incentivized after the fourth of july. >> what about grills? >> no, you want to wait on that. >> oh. >> we saw sales over the fourth of july, but you're better off waiting until late august, if you can wait until after labor day that would actually even be
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better. >> right until you don't need it anymore. >> no one wants them and the selection is limited. yes, exactly. but in terms of what you should be considering doing, if you haven't taken your summer vacation july airfares, there are sales out there, if you haven't gone anywhere. >> that's convenient. >> good time to book for august, september. >> now i'm feeling better. any other things that we should be -- >> national ice cream day. buy ice cream day. sunday, july 16. >> free ice cream! >> it's ice cream day. so you've got baskin robbins and dairy queen, i'm sure they'll be handing out free ice cream and treats. >> forget prime day, free ice cream is even better. >> thank you for coming on. even better if you bring ice cream next time. for more info or all of these deals, you can head to our web page at
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oh, yes. this happened. and we're going to start off with a selfie that happened. as they often do. but not too many like this. can you see what happened here? so -- >> he's got a two-headed girlfriend. >> yeah. so this guy, he put, his camera has one of those things, those selfie modes that kind of makes it, puts it in a pan rannoramic frame. so his girlfriend sneezed and that's what happened. >> when you shoot it, anything that moves comes out in multiple photos. and this one resulted. >> and you try one. >> it is almost as scary.
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>> there's another example of it. there goes more panel fail. >> that looks like a scene from inception. >> it kind of does. >> oh, this looks like a kaleidoscope. a funny face in the middle. it's stretched out. >> ah, they're stretched out. wait for it. 's like those little holograms that why popular in the '70s and '80s, you have to stare at it long enough. >> oh, and it will come out with a picture? on to a more romantic story. >> this is a beautiful, oh, my god. >> oklahoma on july 4th. this gentleman decided to throw himself a birthday party. police came to the party and learned he had a few warrants out for his arrest. so he convinces the cops, can you just let me do this one thing i was planning to do before you haul me off to jail? they took off one handcuff, and there you have it, he proposed. gets down on one knee, pulls out
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the ring. >> love. >> and to the surprise of all of us here at "world news now," she said yes. >> and she did what most brides would do, or would-be brides would do. i love this about her. she bailed him out the day after his arrest. that is relationship goals right there. >> romance. >> yeah. >> true love. >> that's why i'm still single. i can't find somebody who's willing to bail me out after i get arrested. >> no, good luck. we'll just call nick watt again. >> too soon! holy cow. all right, so how whabout this? this guy parks his car overnight. didn't realize the location of where he was parking his car. this is $258,000 ferrari by the way. >> must have parked it someplace really safe. >> came up the next day and realized there's entire flea market around this car. >> who does that? guess what. >> you did. >> yeah, i did
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. breaking news this morning on "world news now." a military kc-130 plane crashes into a field in rural mississippi, killing at least 16 people on board, we'll bring you the latest. >> debris is scattered for miles, and authorities are warning caution, saying there is fuel everywhere. the new images coming in. and a new politically-charged e-mail scandal. this time it's donald trump jr. at the heart of the controversy. the president's son was informed in an e-mail that he would be getting critical information from a russian official that would help his father's campaign. then protests, blocking hallways and taking over offices on capitol hill as senators return to work. see the outcry over their plan to repeal and replace obamacare, with president trump stepping up pressure for a new bill.
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♪ i'm singin' in the rain ♪ just singin' in the rain >> ah, we're playing some of the best hits of 2017. and most of us aren't like gene kelly, happen to get caught notice rain the rain, it can be miserable, but not anymore, because a new service offers umbrella rentals right on the street. great idea, right? >> yeah. >> except it's already failed. we'll explain why on this tuesday, july 11. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> and we say good morning to everybody on this tuesday. we'll get to that a little bit later on. but we're going to start on a serious note and the breaking news we're following at this hour. some 16 people dead after a large marine corps plane crashed in mississippi. >> that kc-130 had taken off from a base in tennessee. it's not known if there were any civilians on board. the plane came down in a soybean
3:02 am
field but left debris in a wide area, leading to speculation it exploded in midair. >> the firefighters first on the scene were driven back by explosions. the site remains dangerous. >> we don't want nobody out there. we have fuel everywhere, we don't want anybody without responders in the area. >> marine corps has not released much information including where that flight originated. the fbi is assisting with the investigation, but not the enit is -- ntsb, a military plane going down 85 miles from jackson, mississippi. at least 16 people are dead. and the other breaking news. there was an explosion at the air force recruitment center in south tulsa, oklahoma. the pictures from our affiliate on the scene show damage to the building, including doors that are blown off. there's no report of any
3:03 am
injuries and no cause at this time. also breaking overnight, there are new details about the preelection meeting with the president's son and a russian lawyer linked to the kremlin. >> the times reporting that trump jr. was informed in an e-mail that the effort was part of an effort by the russian government to help his campaign. >> trump jr.'s attorney released a statement saying he did nothing wrong. emily r emily rowe has more. >> reporter: team trump playing defense on monday after a "new york times" report revealed the president's eldest son agreed to a meeting with the russian lawyer in exchange for damaging information about hillary clinton. sarah huckabee sanders saying nothing about don jr.'s meeting was inappropriate. >> there was no collusion, that they keep trying to create that there was. >> reporter: kellyanne conway
3:04 am
coming to his defense on gma. >> he had no idea who this person was until she entered the room. >> reporter: now that detail raising eyebrows. why donald jr. would agree to a meeting at trump tower with an unknown russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin and invite two of the most powerful people on the trump campaign, jared kushner and paul manafort, to join him. after first saying the meeting was to discuss russian adoptions, he now says it was to learn about information that would hurt hillary clinton. trump jr. saying the statements about the democrat were vague, ambiguous and made no sense. when the topic turned to russian adoptions, he claims the meeting ended. democrats, not satisfied. >> this revelation should be the end of the idea pushed by the administration and the president that there is absolutely no evidence of an intent by the trump campaign to coordinate or collude. >> reporter: but republican senator roger whittaker down playing its significance on cnn.
3:05 am
>> i just think that's pretty much of a great big nothing. >> reporter: donald jr. has hired an attorney to represent him in the russia probe. he's lass tweeted that he is willing to work with the senate intelligence committee to share what he knows. diane and kendis? >> thanks, emily. number two in the senate says that a health care bill will be revealed this week despite opposition from his own party and the public. eight protesters were arrested yesterday. president trump turned up the pressure saying that he can't imagine congress would leave washington without a new bill. and vice president pence saying that they may have to repeal obamacare now and replace it later. an active duty soldier has been arrested on terrorism charges, ikaika kang tried to provide documents and a drone to
3:06 am
isis. he is a native of hawaii and served tours in iraq and afghanistan and was highlighted and decorated and once awarded the global war on terrorism service medal. police have made an arrest in connection with the disappearance of fire men in pennsylvania. cosmo dinardo is being held on a gun charge. his family owns the farm where the fbi is searching north of philadelphia. the young men disappeared over the course of three days and police now say they knew each other. and while investigators suspect foul play, deninardo is not currently being called a suspect. firefight otheers are makine progress against the wildfires in the west. a new brush fire erupted late last night in the hills above a south san jose neighborhood, prompting evacuations of homes within a one-mile area.
3:07 am
fires at opposite ends of santa barbara county are 15% contained and keeping people away from their homes c. and severe storms across the outer banks spawned multiple water spouts along the coastline, including one that moved onshore for a brief time near kill devil hills. honda is making another death on takata's defective air bags. the victim was repairing a honda accord when it deployed. it exploded and shot out metal fragments. the incident happened last year but honda says it just learned about it. this is the 12th death in the u.s. and the 17th worldwide linked to takata's air bags. now police are warning parents with razor blades found on slides in city parks. vandals are melting portions of the slides, sticking razor
3:08 am
blades inside of them. so far, no injuries have been reported. and in festus, missouri, razor bla blades have been found in shopping carts. a woman was cut last week as she was cleaning the handle bar with a wet wipe. so your 11-year-old fishing in south carolina and you're like, wow, this is great, i need a really, big catch here. this is awesome. >> exciting. but? >> it wasn't a fish. >> oh, no. so he was all excited to reel in that catch. turns out it was an old purse. here's the thing, though, still kind of cool, because inside, there were i.d. cards, photos, credit cards, all from stores that no longer exist or are no longer open. the boy conditions realize the purse had belonged, actually, to a family friend. so they got in touch. turns out that pocket book had been stolen from a boat in that same area, 25 years ago. >> man, maybe you could use that
3:09 am
blockbuster gift card, oh, wait, no. circuit city? >> not going to work. no. >> darn it. >> but, you know, he went fishing for fish. he got a time capsule. >> worthless one, except for the memories. coming up, blowing up the bathtub with pizza. >> oh. looks like a slice you can eat, but it's minneapoleant for bath fun. now a mom is making serious side cash. >> taste the rainbow. and reality star and model blac chyna went to court getting a restraining order against rob kardashian. we'll have her exclusive interview about that case. you can follow kendis and me on instagram at abc wnn. you're watching "world news now." i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out
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a dangerous rescue in sarasota, florida, after a construction worker's scaffold malfunctioned. he was left dangling ten or 20 stories above the fwrouptd. they were eventually lowered to the ground safely. a dockworker has been killed in philadelphia after a shipping container fell on his truck. it's believed a crane knocked over a container from the top of a stack, causing it to fall on the truck. the 52-year-old worker was a checker who counted containers and monitored operations. the accident is still under investigation. we're going to turn now to the high profile mud slinging between reality tv stars blac chyna and rob kardashian. >> yesterday, she was granted a restraining order against kardashian after he posted explicit photos of her online, an act that could be illegal. >> reporter: after being the victim of her ex's vicious
3:14 am
attack last week. >> i would like to thank the judge first and foremost for granting me this restraining order. >> reporter: granted against the father of her 8 month old baby daughter dream. >> we had a complete and total victory. >> reporter: the incident that started it all? kardashian posted personal and graphic images of china withoyn social media. instagram has since shut down his account and chyna has denied all allegations. >> i was devastated, and i'm looking at this and i'm like, how could somebody do this to me, and i was very fearful. if you could do this, what else could you possibly do? >> reporter: it started off with a video chyna sent to him of her kissing another man. why did you send rob a video of you kissing another man? >> if somebody keeps poking at
3:15 am
you and poking at you and poking at you, you're eventually going to pop. and i was like, maybe if i send this video to him imaybe he'll leave me alone. >> reporter: and mr. kardashian's lawyer. >> we offer our regrets for what has taken place in the last couple days, and now we move forward to do one thing and one thing only, whatever's in the best interest of this child. >> reporter: it's chyna's past that seems to have colored incident. born angela white, she once worked as a stripper and has previously posted intimate, semi-nude photos of herself on her own social media accounts. >> just because something i used to do, i shouldn't be bullied to say okay you used to do this so you deserve that. >> any explicit photos that she may have chosen to post no the past, that's her choice. she gets to choose this time if these photos are made public,
3:16 am
and she did not consent to it. >> reporter: 38 states and the district of columbia have made revenge porn a crime. in california it's personable by $1,000 fine or up to six months in jail. chyna says a restraining order was necessary for another reason, clapg he has gotten physical with her. >> he has hit me, yes. >> reporter: was this recently? >> that was in april. >> reporter: kardashian referred to the attorney's statement regarding allegations against him. since last week, the kardashian women have been uncharacteristically silent on rob and chyna. kim's representatives e-mailed a non-disclosure agreement she signed to be on the kardashian shows. chyna has not filed charges with the police and says she is not trying to get sole custody of their daughter.
3:17 am
>> i would never try to take dream from her dad. >> reporter: how will you go forward co-parenting dream with her dad without animosity? >> hopefully me and rob can learn to have common ground and be the best co-parents as we can be. >> reporter: for now, she says she's just focussed on her children. what is dream up to now? >> dream is growing two of her two front teeth and her bottom left tooth. it's so funny, i'm looking at her trying to make her laugh. >> reporter: i'm linsey davis, in los angeles. >> beautiful kid. coming up, it's a popular summer activity, but paddleboarding in the wrong conditions can be extremely dangerous. >> we'll see how far off course a little wind can take someone on a paddleboard. you're watching "world news now."
3:18 am
3:19 am
it's the "it" sport of the summer. go to a beach or a lake and you're bound to see stand-up paddle boards. >> while the sport has grown, so have the number of rescues and in some cases deaths, largely due to an unknown danger. we see how our reporter learned about it first hand. >> reporter: paddleboarding. one of the fastest-moving sports in america, it seems so simple but experts say it can suddenly turn dangerous. >> i didn't prepare enough.
3:20 am
>> reporter: nancy cuppa says she was paddling back from a lighthouse in delaware when a wave knocked her off her board. she wasn't wearing a life jacket or a leash and the current swept her board away. >> i was way too far offshore for people on the beach to hear me. >> reporter: she says she would have drowned if a passing boat didn't rescue her. 15 paddleboarders died in 2016, three fatal accidents in one weekend. and in many cases, an unknown danger. wind played a huge part. to show you how the wind can wreak havoc, i become the experiment. with the coast guard watching over, i put on my personal flotation device. beautiful day to go paddleboarding. even though it's blowing 10 miles per hour at my back, when i turn around the ferocity of the wind surprises me. getting back took me three times as long as the paddle out. imagine if i'd gone further. oh, man.
3:21 am
did i have to work out there. i don't know how long i could keep that pace up. it's just scary. then to show how fast this can go from scary to possibly deadly, we wait for the wind to pick up. it's now howling, upwards of 18 miles per hour. after just a few minutes of it at my back i amway out here. i'm on the board for five minutes and i'm 700 yards from shore. it's so choppy i have to get down on my knees to try to turn the boat around and get back to shore. the wind churns up the waves. oh, boy! i get back on the board, but the wind knocks me off. boom, i'm in the water again. the coast guard pulls the plug for safety concerns. i'm certain i wouldn't have been abe to ma able to make it back to shore. >> she's a very experienced
3:22 am
paddleboarder. so her good tips were to always wear a life vest, always wear that leash and be aware of the true of the water. there's a new essence
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♪ ♪ ella, ella, ♪ under my umbrella ♪ ella, ella, ella, >> theis song's about ella fitzgerald, right? >> we're going to focus on startups to start this mix, because a new one in china is off to quite a start. they've decided to start a sharing umbrella service. >> okay. >> put out 300,000 umbrellas in is 11 different cities. they figure, take an umbrella when you need it, put it back and someone elsewillgraban umbrella when they need it. want to know how it's going? they have now lost almost all 300,000 umbrellas.
3:26 am
>> that's how popular it's been. people have been we'll grab them and put them back. >> but they have forgotten the last part of that step. people are take the umbrellas and taking them home and not returning them. so the whole leave a penny take the penny thing doesn't work if no one leaves a penny. in this case no one's leaving the umbrellas. now we know they like them. >> maybe it's a monsoon right now. >> citi bike, you borrow a bike. you need to take it inside. >> genius. this was genius. this woman in maryland has posted video of what is a booming business. her name is ashley stewart. and she started her business as bath-esda. it's like a bath bomb. she has a pizza bath bomb.
3:27 am
you put it in there, the shape of a pizza. >> looks delicious. >> tastes great. and then ooh. >> that's really cool. >> she started a little while ago with minion bath bombs to get her two boys into the tub, and now that is just awesome. and it's a soap. so it's kind of, it's one way to get them to clean themselves and also to taste out. >> i think i would bathe more often if i could do it with pizza. >> i would do a lot more things if it had pizza involved. >> on that note, anything better than a pizza bath bomb? mac and cheese pizza. it's happening people, pizza hut is out with mac and cheese pizza. they're coming out with a barbecue mac and cheese pete sac -- pizza, only problem? currently only available in the uk. what's more popular than mac and cheese and pizza how could you have it in
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," wildfires in the west. several new fires popping up overnight. exhausted firefighters working around the clock. we'll tell you where the danger remains right now. and new development surrounding donald trump jr. and an e-mail he got before meeting with a kremlin-linked lawyer. and forget tonight's big all-star game. the big show actually happened last night. >> it was bombs away at the home run derby with the major league's biggest sluggers putting on an impressive show, especially from baseball's brightest young star. and poor rachel. it's getting down to the wire for "the bachelorette," having to send two dudes home last night, and just a fear some foursome is left. who has the best chance of getting down on one knee and proposing.
3:31 am
jack knows, but is he telling? we're going to find out in "the skinny." it is july 11. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> it's getting serious on "the bachelorette." >> it is. is his pick still in it? >> is his pick? >> yes. and i think is the front runner. >> oh, no. my two are on there. we'll break it down so you don't have to. we'll start this half hour with the frustrating fight against dozens of wildfires in the west as crews get control of one fire, yet another one breaks out elsewhere. >> this is the latest to break out in california, a brush fire burning dangerously close to homes in san jose. a one-square mile has been evacuated. abc's matt gutman has more on the battle to contain those
3:32 am
fast-moving flames. >> reporter: those fires ripping across california, the aerial assault. more than 6,000 firefighters deployed. some 8,000 evacuated statewide. the alamo fire consuming 45 square miles. the nearby whittier fire trapped a group of 80 campers and 50 counselor over the weekend. >> they had flames where they could not access these children. >> reporter: a bulldozer finally breaking through to kids like this 9-year-old. >> we were in the car and drove straight through the fire. there were these trees super high that were exploding. >> reporter: with towels on their heads and tears in their eyes, they were bussed to safety. >> i'm going to go see if my house is still here. >> reporter: michael lopez taking our marci gonzalez along. >> it didn't burn the field. >> reporter: their home gone. matt gutman, abc news, santa barbara county. >> and the question is, will the forecast help or hurt those
3:33 am
firefighting efforts. >> accuweather meteorologist paul williams joins us with that forecast. good morning, paul. >> good morning, kendis, diane. the interior stays hot and way too parched, utah, nevada, arizona and southern california. and for this week, we'll have a few isolated thunderstorms, but not enough to make an impact with these fires. from the alamo to brian head. high temperatures, low humidity and gusty winds, and the same dangerous heat eases to the north with near record highs in the pacific northwest. breaking overnight, we have new details on the run-up to the meeting between donald trump jr. and the attorney who was allegedly offering damaging information on hillary clinton the new york times is reporting that the president's oldest son was informed by e-mail that the information discussed in that meeting would be part of the russian government's effort
3:34 am
to help his father's candidacy. donald jr. has denied any wrongdoing and has offered to work with the senate intelligence immunity. to share what he knows. and the republicans remain deeply divided as lawmakers returned from their recess. ten gop senators are opposed to current legislation which could leave 22 million more americans uninsured in ten years. president trump is urging the party to have a bill approved and ready to go before they break for the entire month of august. the parents of a seriously ill british baby are getting one more chance to make their case. charlie gard's parents want him kept alive and brought to the u.s. for experimental treatment. the hospital says that's hopeless, the one in the uk that is. now after an emotional hearing, a judge says charlie's parents have until thursday to show him new evidence to keep him on life support.
3:35 am
and back here at home, there is another hearing that resumes today for 18 fraternity members accused. this 19-year-old died after falling head first down the stairs in february after a night of heavy drinking. the judge will decide if there is enough evidence to go to trial. authorities have arrested a man in connection with the disappearance of four young men outside of philadelphia. the fbi is searching a farm that belongs to cosmo dinardo's family. that's based on tips that investigators have received. they do have dinardo in custody but say he is not a suspect at this time. he's being held on an earlier gun charge. officials say that four young men between the ages of 18 and 22 appeared on three different days last week. >> i have spoken to all of the families of the four young men. they're very prayerful, they're very, very anxious. they're fearful, but they maintain some hope. >> reporter: investigators are
3:36 am
releasing few details about the case, but they say the missing men know each other. two new studies claim that drinking coffee could extend your life. researchers found that people drinking two to three cups of coffee per day have a 18% lower risk of dying from any cause than non-coffee drinkers. and even one cup has benefits. we are screwed, as two non -- >> two people who don't drink coffee. >> wow. one family in littleton, colorado is now celebrating a new member of the family who could not have more perfect timing. >> we're talking about little boden who was due on july 17, but on july 1st, his mother underwent an emergency c-section, and it turns out the family was hoping for a july 1st birthday anyway, that's because boden's father was born on july 1st, 1990. and his great-grandfather was
3:37 am
also born on july 1st, 1931. >> i didn't cry this time. i was just joyous. that's what your daddy said. >> having him come on my birthday and my grandfather's birthday is a pretty amazing thing. >> the odds of three members of the same family in different generations sharing the same birthday, about 33,000 to one. >> 10,000 times more likely than winning the megamillions jackpot. >> so this kid should play the lottery. >> yes, they all should. breaking skinny news involving the most famous frog in the world. >> yes, we're getting word that kermit is out. but is he gone forever? >> what? >> this is legit breaking news. >> big time. and governor chris christie is still in office. but some new jersians are ready to see him go, including one
3:38 am
radio show listener who let christie know all about it live on the air. first, here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather, brought to you by fisher investments. brought to you by fisher investments. olay eyes
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you're looking at troubling video out of amsterdam. it shows a stay at an air b and b getting violent, with the host pushing one of his guests down a flight of stairs. one of the victim's friends says the argument was sparked by four women checking out of the man's apartment late. the woman suffer injuries and bruises, the host reportedly has been arrested. and back here at home, new jersey governor got an earful while guest hosting a sports radio station yesterday. >> one week after he and his family were caught enjoying a beach that he had actually closed to the public over a budget dispute, it appears many of his constituents aren't letting it go. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: on one of america's most popular sports shows, america's least-popular governor, chris christie feeling the heat for that new jersey
3:42 am
beach day with the family. >> what's up? >> next time you want to sit on a beach that is closed to the entire world except you, you put your fat [ bleep ] in a car -- >> reporter: christie's beach outing caused a national scandal, because this particular beach was closed to the general public due to a state government shutdown. >> you know, mike, i love, i love getting calls from communists in montclair. >> you're a bully, governor, and i don't like bullies. >> i'm not the one who came on the air, hey, hold on. i'm not the guy who came on the air and swore on the air. >> who swore? >> you did. >> get the heck out of here. >> you swore on the air, you're a bum. >> reporter: first there was bridge gate and now beach gate. it's taken a serious toll on christie's popularity, his
3:43 am
approval rating is languishing at an all-time low, a dismal 15%. david wright, abc news, new york. >> brave of him to go on the air and take on this radio show knowing that his approval ratings are so low and right on the heels of this. >> just shows that his approval ratings have nowhere to go but up. i will tell you some of the memes that have been out there have been absolutely amazing, showing the governor in all sorts of situations. broadway shows. >> sitting in the chair. we had a few of them on the show. people are creative at times like these. we are going to move on and talk about baseball, because aaron judge has added another accomplishment to his incredible rookie season. >> he beat miguel sano. 11-10 in the final round of the home run derby. overall, he hit 47 home runs, and his longest shot was 513
3:44 am
feet. in batting practice, he hit one off the stadium's retractible roof. >> judge is a triple crown contender at the season's halfway point, .329 batting average, 66 rbis. another player described judge, as, quote, freaking unbelievable. he's actually doing great. >> good time to be judge, right? >> giancarlo, you thought he would be great. >> no, but there was one image from the futures game that was too good to pass up. ronald acuna and moncada. check it out. >> so you have acuna and moncada. >> acuna moncada. ♪ acuna moncada ♪ ♪ ain't no catchin' rays ♪ no worries moving on.
3:45 am
rap, cue. >> for all mercy, stop singing. coming up, "the bachelorette" narrows down her option. the full wrap from our analyst in "the skinny". the skinny's next. ♪ philosophy ♪ hakuna matata philosophy ♪ ♪ acuna matau da ♪
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny ♪ ♪ so skinny it is exciting. >> it's skinny time! and we get to talk about the dwindling number of dudes hanging out on "the bachelorette." >> that's a good thing. she's down to the final four. and here to tell us how rachel got there is our senior bachelor international expert, jack sheehan. >> i love it. it's massaging my soul.
3:48 am
i brought the rose, since the dwindling numbers. i'll leave that right there. >> you're not asking me if i accept the rose. >> would you like to accept this rose in. >> yes. >> all right, diane's rose for the segment. >> aren't you allergic? >> we had six guys that started this whole mess. they started in scandinavia, they go to geneva, switzerland. okay, roll that beautiful bachelorette footage. we'll start with a one on one date with the analyst pick, brian. they're driving a bentley around. then they hit the breitling store. rachel, rachel gets crazy, she's buying the breitlings. that's where the kiss came in, not to mention the champagne. so they both walk out of there with breitling watches. that's a pretty good investment. leads to a boat ride. eventually, they get to dinnertime. not only did brian get the rose, brian got the breitling. next, one on one date with dean.
3:49 am
dean's a little young. their date started out with a not-so-rollicking mass at a catholic church in french, so who knows. they're walking around. dean didn't quite seem to be able to get serious. he was talking about dinosaurs, flowers, whatever. rachel seemed to be a little frustrated by all that. finally, dean breaks down a little bit. he starts talking about his father who he describes as dysfunctional. if you survived all the way to the promo at the end of the episode, you saw what some of this disfunction was all about. dean probably saved himself right there. dean got the rose. by the way, dean did not get the breitling. next we move to the mountains with peter. a favorite area of the analysts of the world, the tour de france goes to this area next week. there's dogsledding. it looked a little chilly at
3:50 am
altitude, but they were talking, excuse me, had a very nice time. when everyone got back down and thawed out, they had a dinner. peter's talking about his family. his ex-girlfriend, blah, blah, blah. peter, eventually, gets the rose. peter does not get the b breitling. >> see the pattern. >> yes. >> there's only one rose left. this is adam, matt and eric on the boat. and there goes matt. matt gets the boot first. he might be the nicest guy. we never knew all that much about who got ousted this late in the game. >> he did not get the breitling. >> he did not get the breitling either. comes down to adam and eric. eric gets the rose. adam gets a ride to the airport. [ laughter ] >> both of these guys who were ousted last night unfortunately
3:51 am
were dignified on their way off the show. >> fortunately. >> it was what it was. brian dean and his dysfunctional father. peter, eric, hometown visits next week. analyst out. >> hometown visits. >> hometown visits. those are interesting, especially if you have a dysfunctional part of the family. we're going to move on to news about an amphibious friend of the show. >> kermit the frog is being replaced after nearly three decades. >> but don't worry, kermit the character isn't going anywhere, but steve whitmire has played him, taking over the role from jim henson. back in 1 the -- 1990, he took over this role. >> his replacement will start next week with the muppets thought of the week. >> so first we lost mr. met, and now the person who plays kermit.
3:52 am
this world losing its heroes. >> kermit the frog, friend of the show. ♪ g, friend of the show. during your period?
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♪ ♪ des pa see toe ♪ >> i wonder if he knows the words to that yet. >> i'm going to say no. >> so daddy yankee is one of the other guys on that song. he knows the words to des pa see toe. >> he's been around for years and now is conquering the world. >> reporter: it's been called the song of the summer. now despacito is helping to break barriers. daddy yankee officially being the first latino artist to earn the number one spot on spotify, and he's largely got this track to thank. the streaming service confirming
3:56 am
that the puerto rican artist surpassed well over 44 million listeners to unseat "shape of you" singer, ed sheeran. it means "slowly." the remix with justin bieber skyrocketing to number one on billboard's top 100. the song's popularity, a global phenomenon. ♪ >> reporter: daddy yankee going viral just days ago for this duet with a young cancer patient in madrid. the reggae tone star taking to instagram to thank his fans for their continued support. >> we've been on this road for a long time. it feels good that the whole world gets to surf with us. >> reporter: that wave boosting tourism in daddy yankee's native puerto rico. dan harris, abc news, new york.
3:57 am
♪ >> i love it. so one last thing. it has nothing to do with that. but we want to give you. ♪ >> a wonderful moment at a coldplay concert. >> we're not talking about daddy yankee anymore. >> a young man named rob was hoisted into the air. after people bumped into his wheelchair. they apparently wanted to apologize, so they got rob a better view. >> he crowd surfed all the way to the stage where chris martin invited him on for the thrill of a lifetime. the entire stadium there in dublin, ireland, screaming for rob. >> and then rob put on a performance of his own. >> he got to play with them! he got to play with chris martin. >> what are the odds that rob can also rock out on the harmonica? ♪ despacito >> i don't think that's what he was playing. >> no? >> does he play the "world news now" tune?
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, new revelations about the meeting that the president's son had with the russian attorney. it describe what is donald trump jr. knew before the meeting. full details from washington. breaking news the deadly crash of an american military plane with more than a dozen people on board. the plane slamming into a farm field. this morning no signs of survivors. investigators on the scene trying to figure out what happened. we have new details about the case of four missing men near philadelphia. what we're now learning about the man in custody and his possible connection to the case. baseball's new home run champ. aaron judge of the new york yankees living up to the hype ahead of tonight's all-star game.


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