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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  July 11, 2017 6:00am-6:42am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday july 11th. matt is off and jeanette reyes is joining us. >> we're following breaking news. philadelphia police are
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looking for a man who stabbed a woman multiple times overnight. >> and authorities arrest a man on a gun violation as 33 search continually for four missing men in bucks county. >> and if you're reaching for a cup of coffee, listen up. we've got good news. new research shows coffee drinking could give you more than just a morning jolt. let's head right over to dave murphy and karen rogers. david, tam says you might be a little overdressed for the weather out there. >> i don't think you need that suit jacket. >> i have to be formal this early in the morning, it's a thing. we have sunshine mixing with clouds early. take a look at satellite. there have been some pop-up little small showers up in chester county that are now off the board but more is possible as we go laid into the morning and through the afternoon. but the big story really is going to be the temperature and the humidity today. right now it's 77 in philadelphia, 74 in wilmington, 72 in trenton. still in the upper 60's in allentown and reading and 74 in cape may and as you take a look at the dewpoints, most of us are in the 70's and that is oppressive humidity so you really feel it as you step
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outside. i'm standing still talking and i already feel like i'm just about ready to start working up a sweat. 76 degrees by 7 o'clock. by noon 88. and then oppressively humid this afternoon with a high of 93 degrees and there is the chance of some pop-up isolated showers and thunderstorms that could produce drenching downpours and also some strong gusty winds today. not everybody sees it but it's possible. and it's hazy, hot and humid the next three days its going to be an oppressive heat wave with highs in the low to mid 90's. the heat index making it feel like it's 100 and more on thursday. karen we'll talk about the storm chance coming up in the seven day and then relief just ahead. >> all right davey bring your sweaty self in and we'll check the traffic for you. looking outside live this morning this is the blue route at baltimore pike looking pretty good good. we're clear and dry. we're starting to get a little bit of that building volume. this is southbound heading towards i-95 and northbound looking a little slow here on the blue route as well near baltimore pike. we have this building fire and
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crews are still responding to the scene right now. church street at south main street here in ambler, montgomery county. live on the roosevelt boulevard extension that's your southbound traffic headed towards the schuylkill. starting to get a little heavy as you head towards the schuylkill 'cause the schuylkill westbound near city avenue starting to get slow in some of the usual spots. we still have this problem right here. 295 southbound past the delaware memorial bridge. construction is supposed to clear but we're seeing only 6 miles an hour as you're kind of crawling along on 295 southbound here. they have the left lane blocked and it's been causing some pretty big delays here in delaware tam. >> thank you, karen. breaking right now philadelphia police are on the hunt for the man who stabbed a 32-year-old woman multiple times. he attacked her around 2:00 this morning in a home on the 2000 block of castor avenue. police got several calls about a woman screaming. officers on the scene then found a woman stabbed in the chest and in the head. they rushed her to the hospital. she's in critical condition. police later surrounded a home on the 1900 block of east pacific avenue.
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that's where they believed the suspect was hiding but when police made their way into the home it turned out the suspect was not there. and also developing this morning, the fbi is searching a farm in bucks county for four missing young men. meantime a member of the family that owns this farm has been arrested. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live in solebury township. that is where crews have been searching. she's got the latest on this mystery that is now getting national attention. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. investigators have been focusing on a property up the way here on lower york road here in solebury township. they're expected to be back this morning to continue their search. according to county records, the property is owned by sandra dinardo a relative of a man arrested yesterday on an unrelated gun charge. 19-year-old dane finocchiaro of middletown township, 19-year-old jimi patrick of newtown, 22-year-old mark sturgis of pennsburg and 21-year-old tom meo of plumstead have been missing
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since last week. it's unclear what relationship the men have with each other. the districter to thinks foul play has been involved in this case. the fbi state police and multiple local agencies have been involved. neighbors are stunned. >> it's sad 'cause solebury new hope, it's a beautiful little town and, you know, you hear this all the time. you never thought something like this would happen here. >> reporter: police have searched several properties belonging to the dinardo family including this home in bensalem. after that search police took 20-year-old cosmo dinardo in custody and charged him with illegal possession of a firearm. back in february dinardo was found with a shotgun and ammunition. despite a however mental illness that includes a involuntary commitment. he's being held on 10 percent of $1 million bail and has not been called a suspect in this case. there's another press conference scheduled for 11 o'clock this morning and we hope to hear more updates on this case then live in
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solebury township, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> katherine thank you. firefighters in wilmington battled an overnight fire. we're told the homes are vacant and no one was injured. pennsauken police suspect foul play in a death investigation. officers were on patrol last night around the 6,000 block of mansion avenue. that's when they were flagged down and made aware of a man's unconscious body. investigators are trying to figure out how exactly he died. >> it is 6:06 and federal authorities are investigating a deadly industrial accident at the port of philadelphia. a worker was crushed under a metal shipping contain heer. the accident happened at packer of a marine terminal yesterday afternoon. officials say a worker operating machinery accidentally knocked over a stack of the cargo containers and one of them fell onto a white pickup truck below killing a 52-year-old man who was inside.
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the pier where the accident happened was closed to business for the day but it is expected to be back opened for operations as of 7:00 this morning. >> your time now 6:06. republicans getting pressure from all sides about passing a healthcare bill. majority leader mitch mcconnell is studying possible changes in his bill. they include rolling back some medicaid cuts, adding more money to fight opioid abuse and beefing up healthcare subsidies. a revised bill could be unveiled this week with a possible vote next week. >> healthcare is a human right. that is why we fight, fight, fight. >> protesters faced off with lawmakers as they returned to work from the july 4th break p more than a dozen demonstrations took place outside the offices of senators and representatives yesterday. at least 80 protesters were arrested. police dragged some away as they chanted not to take away healthcare coverage. >> are you hungry? today is your lucky day if you would like free food.
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several places have some interesting deals. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square. maribel, my kids would love to show up dressed as cows at chick-fil-a. they will do it. >> reporter: tam and i call it a missed attire opportunity. listen break out the cow costumes, it's cow appreciation day at chick-fil-a. the chain says any adult customer wearing cow attire can get an on tray for free. you can go all out with ahead to hoof cow costume or a cow spotted accessory. kids can get a free kids meal. it's good until 7 o'clock. 7-eleven head over there for a free slurpee it's july 11th or 7/11. the freebie offer is good until 7:00 this evening. futures point to a hire -- excuse me a lower open. report on job openings is due out later today. i'll be watching for that. and looking for some cow spots later. back over you to guys. >> i think that maribel has a cow spotted sweatshirt in her
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bag. >> i believe it. [laughter] >> the only good news about this weather is that you'll feel like you've already walked a mile if you go outside. >> that's right only you won't have actually put the steps under your feet. storm tracker6 live double scan right now we had an earlier shower that's gone. little bit of speckled stuff out to the west that could pop through later this morning. as we take a look outside we have warm and muggy conditions. pretty picture when you look at the commodore barry bridge. got some sunshine coming up there, a few clouds around but that's the end of the good news. right now we're at 77 degrees in philadelphia, 68 in allentown, 74 in wilmington, 72 in trenton, 74 in cape may. but dewpoints are actually not far below these numbers. most of us have dewpoints in the 70's and you know of all the years we've been talking about this any time you get a dewpoint over 70 it's oppressive humidity and that's what you've got. once the sun starts hitting your shoulder you'll feel it. warm and humid, going for a high of 87 degrees in the lehigh valley. you get the idea. it's going to be sticky.
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down the beach you can get relief today. highs only topping out between 83 and 84 along the south jersey coast. it will be on the muggy side but a low to moderate risk of rip currents so that's not too bad. swim near the lifeguards of course and the ocean temperature starting to go up, too. mid 80's down on the beach in rehoboth and bethany. 93 is the high in philadelphia today, hot and humid and with the high humidity it will feel like it's around 98 at the height of the afternoon heating. we can't rule out a spotty thunderstorm today. warm and humid with a possible evening storm in a spot or two, 76 overnight otherwise and drying out. in terms of the rain future tracker6 between now and 8:30 or 9 o'clock shows the possibility of a shower popping through especially in the northern suburbs but i'd allow for something farther south and notice how there is some red and yellow showing up there. that could mean a drenching downpour. this afternoon a little bit more of this. not a lot of storm activity but a drenching downpour possible and perhaps a gusty thunderstorm mixed in.
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overnight tomorrow morning we're dry and tomorrow afternoon another possibility of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm, some of these may also produce drenching downpours and maybe some isolated gusty winds. so, overall over the next several days any storms that form are going to produce a high chance of lightning, downpours and strong winds. moderate risk of hail especially on thursday and you want to take cover from any storms that form. indoors, lower floors just in case. 93 is today's high hot and humid. an isolated chance of a strong storm. then humid with a spotty storm tomorrow, 92. 95 i've got the red bar because that's going to be the most uncomfortable day we heat index values up around 104 or so. and a chance of strong storms on thursday. then you can see how the temperature dips on friday. so, it's not as bad but it's still going to be warm and we still have the chance of some isolated downpours that could produce some pockets of flash flooding. that's something to keep in mind any time you get one of these drenchers over the next several days. saturday though partly sunny and nicer and sunday also looking great. so things get better for the
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weekend. >> looking forward to that. thank you david. it is 6:11. new overnight the father of an american soldier arrested as an isis supporter spokes out about his son. >> plus, see how two pilots sounded the alarm and possibly prevented a horrific accident at the airport in san francisco. karen. >> we got a new problem that popped up on the schuylkill eastbound at south street and you see police and penndot on the scene. they were blocking the left lane. they've just pushed them off. they're now blocking the right shoulder so watch for this on the schuylkill eastbound. we'll take another look see if they start to move some of those cars out of there when we come back.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back on this tuesday morning. we're taking a live look here. beautiful live look at the ben franklin bridge via sky6. but looks are deceiving. it's going to be hot and sticky today, possibly wet. 77 degrees right now your time now 6:15. tam i challenge you to find the motivation to go outside with the kids today. >> i will be motivated to play bingo and other board games and watch a movie with the kids about being outside karen rogers. >> you know when you have them with the walls, the loud sounds reverberate a lot. that's your motivation to get outside. this is the schuylkill eastbound at south street and we've got an accident here. it's blocking the right lane. we can see police and penndot on the scene. it was blocking the left lane originally. they pushed it off to the right and now if you're
6:16 am
traveling eastbound on the schuylkill at south street you can see you're starting to get a little slow with this right lane and shoulder being blocked. a couple of cars here, police and penndot on the scene on the schuylkill eastbound at south street with that accident. in new castle our speeds have improved a lot. so we have this construction. it was scheduled to be reopened at 6 o'clock here but we are going to have that ramp schedule continued. 295 southbound the off ramp to 495 is now the problem so earlier we had 295 southbound near the delaware memorial bridge all but one lane was getting by and that was a little late to clear but now the new problem is southbound the off ramp to 495, that's going to be closed until 2 o'clock in the afternoon. we've got two different issues going on that have been creating problems in new castle. also in ambler church street at south main street a building fire has cleared finally. took a while for them to clear out of here. i'm loving these travel times. even though we had that problem on the schuylkill eastbound at south street you can see all the majors in the green. this is summertime traffic.
6:17 am
normally we would be jammed at this hour. i-95 schuylkill eastbound and 42 still moving relative well. we have a problem here on the waze app. we found someone talking about a tire tread in the right lane i-95 northbound in tinicum township. 77 degrees right now headed up to a hot and humid 93, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. new this morning, the father of an active duty american soldier accused of having connections with isis is speaking out. 34-year-old ikaika kang was arrested in hawaii on saturday on terrorism charges. military records show he enlisted in the army shortly after 9/11 and deployed to iraq and afghanistan. his father says he still cannot believe his only son has been arrested for trying to help isis. >> i'm in shock. ii really am. i was quite concerned when he came back from tour in afghanistan, one tour in iraq if he had ptsd but he's never
6:18 am
ever talked about isis or anything like that. >> kang was most recently an air traffic controller. >> your time now 6:18. scary moments on the west coast. the faa is investigating a close call involving several airplanes at the san francisco international airport. one friday night an air canada flight with 140 people on board was coupling in from toronto but the plane lined up with the wrong taxi way and nearly landed on a runway crowded with four other planes waiting for departure. two pilots on the ground alerted the control tower which told the air canada flight to abort its landing. it's unclear how the close call happened that day. scary moments there. >> it is 6:18. a one of a kind wine collection was discovered in new jersey. >> see why 76er joel embiid was getting so much attention during last night's home run derby.
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>> in today's tech bytes the hope spreading on facebook. >> users have been sharing a message that says their friends shouldn't accept a friend request from jayden k. smith but the message itself is a hoax. >> there's no evidence of anyone named jayden k. smith. >> one more note about facebook it is once again cutting the price of its virtual reality headset. >> during the six week sale the headset and its controller are available for about $400. the combo usually retails for about $600. it's the second $200 price cut in just four months. a hot new startup getting tees... giving tesla a run for its motors. a prototype of its electric car hit a top speed of 235 miles an hour. >> that crushes the top speed of the tesla model s of only 155 miles an hour. >> those are your tech bytes. >> ♪ intrucing new parodontax.
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>> ♪ >> hey everybody it's shoshana at soul beats studio with "action news"'s fitness tip. it's summertime. let's tone the entire body with one move. ready? here we go. right leg comes back grab a set of hand weights arms out. give me that lunge with the leg lift and arm raise. lunge and get it up. come on. work through this for 15. on that last one i want you to hold it, balance core tight palms up body step curl with a plie. in and out. 15 on the right, 15 on the left. you're going to feel it and you're going to love it. do it right now. >> not right now. she means everybody at home. >> not you. >> good one, though, dave. >> let's go on outside and check the roads for you right now because we've spotted a new accident. it was blocking the intersection. you can kind of see the flashing lights up ahead on the right.
6:23 am
this is horsham road at stump road in montgomery township. a new accident. they are pushing it off to the right-hand side. it was completely blocking the intersection a minute ago. police and ems on the scene. let's check mass transit for you. so far so good mass transit. the only thing going on is that trolley tunnel blitz that be that will be diverting traffic dave. >> clouds and a mix of sunshine over the horizon on satellite6. some precipitation out to the west could come in a little bit later on in the morning and then again in the afternoon. 77 degrees right now in philadelphia. 74 in wilmington. still the upper 60's in allentown and 64 in cape may. it is humid out there. 73 degrees by 7 o'clock. 86 degrees by actually we are going to go up to a high of 93 around 3 o'clock today and you can see that there is the possibility of some showers and thunderstorms popping through. dewpoints right now are up there. up in the 70's across much of the region and that means oppressive humidity on the way and probably staying with us today. we also have just a slight chance of severe weather, too, so if you hear thunder today,
6:24 am
tam, head indoors, lower floors. >> okay, thank you, david. in health check you can enjoy that morning cup of joe with a little good news. drinking more coffee could lead to a longer life. according to two large studies drinking coffee is linked to a decreased risk of death. both studies were published monday in the journal annals of internal medicine. researchers found the more coffee and people consumed per day the greater the benefit. those who reported drinking four or more cups a day beyond being really shaky and jittery they had an 18 percent decreased chance of death over the 16 year study. >> good to know. i'll live forever and ever. >> and ever and ever on this show yes for sure. >> your time now 6:24. coming up at 6:30 katherine scott is live with the latest on the search for four young men missing in bucks county. >> reporter: jeanette investigators are focusing on a nome bucks county. that story -- home in bucks county.
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joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to launch the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including erin. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >> the restoration project at a north jersey museum has unearthed cases of wine nearly as old as the united states. liberty hall museum in union says it discovered almost three full cases of madeira wine dating to 1796. while restoring its wind cellular. the museum found 42 large glass jugs dating to the 1820s. liberty hall president john king says he sampled the wine and compares to it a sweet
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sherri. >> major league baseball all-star game is in miami. joel embiid caught a ball while sitting in the left field stand. he's like this isn't even my game. aaron judge beat miguel sano 11 to 10 with two minutes to spare the he had a few home they are came in at more than 500 feet.
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6:31 am
6:30 now on this tuesday july 11th. matt o'donnell is off. but jeanette reyes is joining us. >> let's head over to meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. david, you're the bearer of bad news today. [laughter] >> unfortunately, yeah. we've got heat and humidity building. right now satellite shows you that there is a mix of clouds and some early sunshine. not a whole lot of rain out to the west right now but there is the possibility of a pop-up shower this morning and some more of that maybe even an isolated strong thunderstorm this afternoon. right now 77 degrees in philadelphia. in the 70's in fact across most of the region and when you check out dewpoints there are a lot of 70's on the dewpoint scale as well and that means oppressive humidity especially when you start getting up into those mid 70's down in millville, dover and cape may. here's where numbers are going. by noon 88. by 3 o'clock, that's your high, 93. and with high humidity, it will feel like it's around 98 at the height of the afternoon heating and there are those thunderstorms popping up here or there. this afternoon and perhaps into early evening. we're really in for an oppressive heat wave, too.
6:32 am
it looks like 93 today, 92 tomorrow, 95 on thursday. look at the heat index values. by thursday afternoon, it could feel as bad as 104, so thursday's the worst day but for the next three, you really got to take it easy, cool drinks and all of that good stuff. karen when i step inside we'll have more on that storm chance and then some better weather toward the end of the week. >> that's good timing. better weather towards the weekend. i could deal with that. let's look outside live. i was just checking and still seeing traffic move here at the tacony palmyra bridge. scheduled to have a bridge opening right about now but they haven't stopped traffic yet so we'll be watching for that one. if you're about to head out maybe head for the betsy ross instead. looking live on the vine street expressway just within the past couple minutes starting to see a backup westbound on the vine as you head towards the schuylkill. eastbound is moving just fine. don't forget we have construction this week so they'll close the vine downton night at 11 o'clock. this is our accident of the morning causing problems right on the schuylkill expressway eastbound at south street they've moved it off to the side but we have penndot with the arrow board kind of
6:33 am
warning you about it. we still have the two vehicles there, police and penndot on the scene with this one, just a little slowing. this is eastbound on the schuylkill coming from center city towards the walt whitman bridge, you're dealing with this accident scene slowing down at least a little bit now on the schuylkill eastbound. and 295 southbound the off ramp to 495, this closed down at 6:00 a.m. and it's scheduled to remain closed until 2:00 it's our second problem of the morning in the same spot. we also had construction here overnight. once the overnight construction cleared, then they shut down the off ramp so two reasons to have problems here and on 295 coming off of the delaware memorial bridge only traveling 9 miles an hour, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. now to the breaking news. police are investigating two shootings that happened two block apart on germantown avenue. in all, three people were shot. but police don't know if the outbreaks of gun play are connected. now just after midnight, a 19-year-old woman was shot in the foot on the 5200 block of germantown avenue. and as detectives were investigating that case they
6:34 am
heard dozens of gunshots fired off just two blocks away. that's where investigator itss found a woman who had been shot in the back and police think she may have been an innocent victim caught up in crossfire because witnesses say she just left a takeout restaurant. she's now in critical condition. a second shooting victim from the scene which was on the 5000 block of germantown avenue showed up at a hospital in a private vehicle and police do say that witnesses saw two men running from the scene. developing this morning, the search is on for the person who robbed and shot a man at a wendy's drive through in philadelphia. what's more, this all happened believe it or not just feet away from the police district at broad and champlost in fern rock. the shooter toting a pellet gun walked up to a victim and demanded money. during the confrontation the man was shot in the hand. he refused medical treatment. the suspect got away with after all of this seven dollars. investigators continue an intense manhunt trying to come up with some answers on the disappearance of four young
6:35 am
men from bucks county. they seemed to have just vanished. police have been searching a property in solebury township looking for clues t that's where we find "action news" reporter katherine scott who is following the latest developments. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. the fbi, state police and local agencies have been involved in this and the search is expected to continue today up the road here solebury township police issued a traffic advisory for today. expect delays and police activity on route 202 between street and the aqua tong road. the property is owned by sandra dinardo relative of a man arrested yesterday on a gun charge. dean finocchiaro, mark sturgis of pennsburg, 21-year-old tom meo and jimi tar patrick have been missing since last week and the district attorney does believe foul play is involved. investigators have been looking at different properties saying they're
6:36 am
chasing hot leads but there are a lot of questions we don't know the answer to including how and if these men know each other. the district attorney has been in touch with their families. >> have spoken to all of the families of the four young men. they're very prayerful. they're very anxious, they're fearful but they maintain hope and i think that that is the position they want to stay in at this point. >> reporter: police have searched several properties belonging to the dinardo family including this home in bensalem. cosmo dinardo was taken into custody charged with illegal possession of a firearm. according to court documents in february dinardo was found with a shotgun and ammunition despite a history of mental illness that includes an involuntary commitment. he's being held on 10 percent of $1 million bail and has not been called a suspect in this case. we'll hear about about this case later on today at a press conference scheduled for 11 o'clock this morning. live in solebury township,
6:37 am
katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> the action cam was there as officers searched the dinardo home along the 900 block of wayland circle in bensalem yesterday. authorities arrested 20-year-old cosmo dinardo on an unrelated gun charge. according to a police affidavit he was accused of possessing a shotgun and ammunition in february despite a history of mental illness. that charge was dropped but later refiled. >> i don't feel real good about it and i hope that everything works out for him. and the charges don't stick. >> authorities have not called dinardo a suspect in the disappearance of those four men in bucks county. dinardo's lawyer and parents could not be reached for comment. and we do have extensive coverage on this story online just open up our 6abc app. we'll also alert to you any additional developments in this case as they break. >> ♪ >> the penn state hazing case will be back in court after a day of revealing testimony including text messages between the defendants.
6:38 am
prosecutors presented evidence they believe demonstrates a coverup among the fraternity members of beta theta pi in the death of timothy piazza that's the young man pledging the fraternity. fraternity president brendan young allegedly wrote to pledge master daniel casey "make sure the pledges clean the basement and get rid of the evidence of alcohol." casey reportedly texted his girlfriend "it's over. i don't want to go to jail for this ." another text defendant gary dibileo texted a fraternity member it's not the fact that he drank. he drank because we hazed him to. main word being hazed ." whenever the preliminary hearing wraps up the judge must decide which of the 16 defendants will be held for trial and on what charges. >> your time now 6:38. new details are coming out about the meeting donald trump jr. had with a russian lawyer. according to the new york times, trump jr. was told in an e-mail prior to the meeting that the information was part of a russian government effort to aid his father's candidacy. the meeting took place in trump tower last june and was also a attended by
6:39 am
campaign chair paul manafort and president trump's son-in-law jared kushner. trump jr. says the lawyer provide any other useful information and there was no follow-up. >> time now to turn to dave murphy and you have been telling us get ready here it comes and here it is. >> and here it is, yeah. storm tracker6 live double scan and we are basically dry off to the north and west a couple of showers emerging on the other side of pottsville and out by harrisburg. we'll keep our eyes on that especially in those northern suburbs. we got sky6, there's the airport and we have a mix of clouds and building sunshine overhead. the big story is down at ground level and what it feels like. 77 degrees is your current temperature in philadelphia but your dewpoint is over 70 now and anything that's 70 or better is oppressive humidity and that's what you've got this morning. winds out of the southwest at nine and that southwesterly flow continues to bring that humidity into place. ocean temperature 73. you can get relief at the beach today. today's forecast 78 degrees by 8 o'clock. 84 by 10 o'clock. 88 by noon. very humid all the way.
6:40 am
and as we get into the afternoon, we get into the 90's. a high of 93 today with a heat index value making it feel like it's about 98 in philadelphia, and still holding the low 90's by 6 o'clock. there's also the chance in the afternoon in particular of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. in some thunderstorms out there, one or two might be strong. 93 is today's high in philadelphia. upper 80's in allentown and reading. 90 in trenton. 92 in wilmington. 92 in cape may. does look like -- or 82 i should say in cape may. does look like it's going to be better down at the shore. dewpoints stay pretty high through most of the day. this model has us easing back into the 60's later but still some 70's here and there and i think you can basically expect today to be on the humid side and on the uncomfortable side. so let's talk rain. doesn't look like there's a whole lot out there. by 9 o'clock the chance of some of those showers developing. notice how the model every now and then wants to put something highlighted in red and yellow. that's a drenching downpour in this humid air mass that would be possible. later at 4 o'clock it's spotty but again there's the possibility of an isolated shower or perhaps an isolated
6:41 am
gusty thunderstorm, soming to keep in mind as you go out this afternoon in particular. and then 11 o'clock tonight we're dry, overnight we're dry, tomorrow morning we're probably dry but tomorrow afternoon there's another chance in that humid air mass of some showers and thunderstorms popping up. some of those could extend right into the evening and again an isolated strong storm wouldn't be out of the next thrs t-issues. first, hot and humid, heat index values up close to 100 the next few days. up close to 105 on thursday. and some severe storms are possible. the biggest threat probably thursday and then some drenchers could still linger exr 7-day, today's high 93. tomorrow 92. 95 on thursday with the red bar because the humidity and heat will be worse. and there's an even better chance of strong storms but i want you to head indoors lower floors any time you hear thunder in through here. friday a high of only 81. it won't be as hot but it will still be muggy and there's still a chance of drenching downpour producing showers and thunderstorms on friday. in fact i would be a little
6:42 am
concerned about some flash flooding on thursday and friday in spots that happen to develop those heavy showers. still looking better for the weekend though. 84 saturday with humidity dropping and 86, mostly sunny and nice on sunday. >> we're going to have a good time next weekend. we'll get through this. it is 6:42. new information this morning. a military plane crashes killing 16 marines on board. >> plus, there's been an explosion at an airport. karen. >> a new accident that just popped up on the blue route southbound on the schuylkill expressway. so in the process of clearing that out. we can see that truck off to the side at at this point not creating too much of a problem here on the blue route southbound as you head towards i-95. you want to watch for that. we also have an accident on the schuylkill. we'll give you an update on that coming up. >> ♪


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