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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  July 12, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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coming out of bucks county a week after the man disappears. >> we have team coverage tracking the investigation and begin with "action news" reporter sara bloomquist live at bensalem police. >> reporter: rick and monica, 20-year-old cosmo dinardo was just arraigned here at the bensalem township police department by a video conferencing, this just happened a new charge the theft of one of the vehicles of one of the missing men. the da argued that dinardo was a flight risk. this is video of him departing from the bensalem police department in the back of a police van. they are trying to figure out what happens here in bucks county. investigators kept up the search for clues in the property on solebury township owned by the family of 20-year-old cosmo dinardo a young man credited a person of interest in the
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disappearance of four young men. the district attorney says that important evidence was already uncovered but the intensive work continues. >> we will fine something for sure, i have no doubt of that. >> dinardo posted 10% of a million dollars bail on a weaponed charge in bensalem. and today they took him back into custody at his family's home. now under arrest for the theft of a nissan maxima belonging to tom meo of plumstead. >> we allege that cosmo dinardo attempted to sell meo's vehicle for $500 to a friend whose identity we know but are protecting in the court documents. >> that was on july 9th one day after meo's family reported him missing and found inside of his
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car his potentially life saving diabetic kit something that they say he never would have left behind. the bail is set at an astounding $5 million cash and dinardo is on route to the correctional facility. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. and "action news" reporter gray hall continues the team coverage now from buckingham township where that bail hearing for cosmo dinardo was held in the last hour. >> reporter: we can tell you that judge maggie snow was swift and her ruling was very severe as you heard sara say, she set a cash bail at $5 million, she says this the highest bail she ever set. just a few minutes ago inside of this bucks county district courtroom the person of interest, in 20-year-old cosmo dinardo faced the judge, no cameras allowed.
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wearing a tank top and glasses. it's centered around the theft of thomas meo's car. detectives say he tried to sell it for $500 and later found on the property. and today he faced the judge on the theft charges and they say that the da knew about this, and should have brought it up before of this. they wanted something to keep dinardo in jail because he was in jail for the unrelated firearms charges. they say he is a light risk and suffers from mental illness. they say he does not have a passport or prior criminal history the judge decided because of the gravity of this case she had to set bail at the stiff $5 million cash bail. in the family is able to make the $5 million cash bail is he
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ordered to stay at home and no access to weapons as to what is next in this particular theft charge? a preliminary hearing is set for july 31st. that is the latest from here channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. get the latest developments in this case through our 6 abc app and find a recap of what has happened so far and see raw video from the scene it's a free download for your mobile device. >> all right now turning to the heat and humidity gripping the delaware valley. the action cam was along kelly drive. lets look live right now, parts of penn's landing tonight. if you thought today was hot well get ready for tomorrow. accuweather says it's down right oppressive and even dangerous. live team coverage and annie mccormick is live down at the shore for a big event about to happen but we begin with adam joseph at the big board.
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>> 91 today and so far matching that at 91 degrees above the average of 87. we don't look at just the air temperature. you have to look at how it feels with the oppressive humidity. the highest heat indexes dover peaked at 103 and felt like 100 in wildwood and the shore, no break from the heat and humidity with a sea breeze. atlantic ci atlantic city 99 and allentown 92 degrees. it would be nice to get' breeze but but south of boston and cape cod but for us an isolate the shower here or there but should remain quiet. tomorrow excessive heat warnings go into effect at 8:00 in the morning for the highly urbanized areas, the pink zones here the highest heat indexes but advisory for remainder area, for
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the lehigh valley and shore. not in an advisory, what does it mean for the advisory instead of the warning. 105 and the advisory between 100 and 105, and the shore lehigh valley between 95 and 100. dangerous heat tomorrow and then as we head towards friday we'll see a stormy end to the heat wave. and we'll chat about that in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is in atlantic city and people are there to see a pop star with local roots. >> that is right pink our local girl from doylestown is expected to hit the stage in a couple of hours, behind me there are so many people waiting here for her arrival. these people are not seeing red because of the heat they are seeing pink and they are excited for the 2017 atlantic city beach fest concert serieses to start.
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before the gates opened. the fans started to line up for the 2017 atlantic city beach fest concert series and the heat was not phasing pink's fans. >> i love it. a nice ocean breeze it feels good. real good. >> we bought these tickets when they first went on sale, we can't wait. >> it's easy to spot pink's loyal followers. it's the big draw on tonight's ticket. >> she is amazing. definitely work it. >> the concert seriess part of a multimillion-dollar agreement with the casino reinvestment authority hosting concerts in atlanta too will draw 30,000 people this summer and next. crews began to assembly the stage earlier this week and place fozer vendors too. and they were happy to plunge down for concert tees.
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>> waiting for merchandise and then the gates open and we are on the beach. >> there are several opening acts before pink is expected to hit the stage around 8:25 tonight. we are live from the caesars entertainment tent in atlantic city. channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you. hot ticket in more ways than one. with the hot weather expected to continue stay with "action news" and for the latest weather videos and updates watch double scan radar for wet weather that may be heading our way. >> investigators say that a shooting left two women dead in philadelphia overnight may have been a case of mistaken identity. the shooting happened at midnight on the 30 hundred block of lawrence street. and gunman pulled up to a vehicle that two women were in and fired at least 20 rounds killing both women.
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investigators say that the women had borrowed that vehicle from someone else. >> the windows were dark, and with the time the shooter pulled up next to the vehicle they may not have been able to identify who was inside. police say there was more than one gunman and they are looking to see if the crime was recorded. election day in new jersey is four months away but there appears to be an early leader for governor. new numbers show that democrat, phil murphy getting the majority of the support. lieutenant governor, kimong -- getting half of that support. hi rick and monica, the latest is delays.
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traveling on the schuylkill expressway expect delays in and out of south philadelphia. you are in the red if you travel on the eastbound side. heading out right now from the vine out to the walt whitman bridge, 16 minutes right now, about 11 on the westbound side of but looking live at university. this is your big westbound delay delayed from there to the vine. crowd fuzz travel out on the schuylkill expressway and affects you on the vine and it's roosevelt boulevard. because the westbound side is crowded that affects you as well out here. we are jammed right now on the roosevelt boulevard northbound up and over the twin bridges from this point at 76 through to broad street you are heavy. and a new accident, a person was struck on the tracks here on route 611 northbound between easton road and moreland road. heads up there. >> thank you. meantime more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. president trump playing defense how the president is now stepping up for his son as details continue to come out
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with a meet weighing russian lawyer last year. >> ain ground breaking cancer treatment first tested in philadelphia is a step closer to fda approval. >> cecily tynan is live at the philadelphia zoo. what is up tonight cecily? >> hi guys i'm here with danny who has got a lizard on a leash. this is bob the savannah monitor they will be found in the wild in africa. and bob is actually a female because bob started laying eggs, they love the hot weather, and bob's heating lamp is 130 degrees and if you look at the body here it looks a little jiggly and gloated because they are like camels in a way they can hold a lot of liquid in their body and go days and days white house water. i will be with big tortoises later on. (male announcer) are you ready to take the scenic route?
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heroes will rise. bonds will be forged. and memories will be made to last a lifetime. new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer trip at some scary moments at chicago airport this plane skidded off the runway just hours ago you see the tire marks on the grass where the plane went off the asphalt there are
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no reports of injuries. health check an fda panel approved a break through cancer treatment first tested here in philadelphia. health reporter and registered nurse, ali gorman is following the research and joins us from the big board. >> reporter: if the full fda accepts this recommendation the first gene therapy to win approval. it was first tested at childrens hospital and the university of philadelphia. it uses the patient's own immune system and reengineer t cells to fight the patient's specific cancer cells. emily whitehead was the first pediatric patient treated for an aggressive form of leukemia. chemotherapy was not working and got the experimental treatment. she has been cancer free for five years.
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since emily 500 have been treated. but it comes with risks and we don't know the long term affects yet but the fda has to make their final decision. also on the cancer front there pay finally be a way to detect pancreatic cancer earlier, typically later stages when it's tough to treat and a new study shows two tumor markers in the blood could help spot the cancer sooner in people that are considered high risk. and it's not just your weight but the quality of your diet that can effect your life span. researchers followed more than 70,000 people for 12 years and found that making even small changes to your diet like eating more nuts and legumes and cutting back on red meat can cut the risk of death by 15%.
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bottom line just try to eat healthy. >> all right sounds good. thanks ali. still to come on "action news" at 5:00, the sales record shattered by amazon on the sales day this year. and the $100,000 donation to give kids meals in philadelphia. and follow us for breaking news, on facebook, twitter at 6 abc.
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amazon's prime day marked the biggest sales day in the company's history. retail giant's third annual sales blitz posted record sales seeing a 16% spike and higher than last year's black friday and cyber monday shopping period combined. the most popular item was echo dot speaker with the personal assistance alexa. some local young women are calling for diversity in the transportation and engineering fields. the currents and former students of drexel and temple and university of pennsylvania talked about the struggles they
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have seen in the workplace and the need for a more diverse workforce. that was amid a conference for state transportation officials. future police officers got to go to a camp the legacy law enforcement cam in bear for the five-day academy style camp. participants are 11 to 17 and learned skills and cpr and physical fitness and get to watch this the k-9 teams and of the course talk to real officers, the ronny williams foundation funds it. hungry kids have more food applications tonight thanks to a big donation to philabundance, they presented a $100,000 check to support the backpack program to make foods they can take home on the weekends and vacation breaks when other programs are not available. >> very nice. more to come on "action
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news" at tonight. the accuweather forecast right around the corner. >> and live in doylestown where cosmo dinardo is arriving at the bucks county facility right now, arrested on the stolen car charge today and continues to be at the center of the missing persons four person case in bucks county. stay with and chopper 6 hd is live for you over the scene as he arrives at the correctional center.
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time for a check of the sweltering accuweather forecast. cecily tynan is live at the philadelphia zoo where it's certainly hot. hey cecily. >> hi guys it's certainly very hot and that is why we are focusing on reptiles and animals that handle the heat. this is kenya the sand boa, found in northern and eastern africa. i want to hold up her head. what makes these guys interesting if you see the shape of the head it's wedged shape and shaped like a shovel and they use the head to burrow under the sand and then to catch their meals they just stay under the sand and sometimes here is the tail, they kind of poke up the tail through the sand and animals think that is something to eat and they will ambush the prey and they can conserve their
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energy and let the food come to them. the females can also be double the size as the males and these are a snake that gives back to live young. you think about snakes actually hatching eggs but the eggs are held internally and hatch inside of the body and then the babies come out alive. an interesting animal and people that are afraid of snakes it's none venomous and not slimery at all. and interesting animals. >> lets talk about the weather because that feels like we are in kenya right now. philadelphia 89 and allentown 85 and trenton 88 and cape may 88 degrees. factor in the humidity the heat index these are the numbers that are meaningful. dover feels like 103 and philadelphia 96 and cape may 98 degrees, feels like 94 in trenton. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have clouds up
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to the north and showers across upstate new york and thunderstorms moving off the coast of new england all with a front that bring an end to the heat wave than does not move in until friday and tonight north warm and stuffy night under partly cloudy skies and overnight low 72 degrees in the cooler suburbs and philadelphia we won't drop below 78 degrees can and tomorrow this is when we reach the peak of the heat, the heat index the way it feels for the i-95 corridor into south jersey and most of delaware, higher than 105 degrees that is dangerously hot and the surrounding suburbs 100 to 105 and go along the coast and the lehigh valley and the poconos to get relief and even there the heat index 95 to 100 and we have excessive heat warnings and advisories in effect tomorrow. and storms are on the way. 3:30 tomorrow afternoon we'll likely see scattered thunderstorms developing with heavy downpours, ahead of that cold front and friday an active
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day as the front slips through, 5:00 friday evening for the evening commute. heavy thunderstorms developing to the west and they have the chance to be strong to severe. so the five-day at 5:00 showing one more day we can get through this. oppressive tomorrow and the high up to 97 degrees, the heat index the way it feels above 105 for philadelphia and friday it will be hot and humid with heavy thunderstorms and that front is slow to move through and actually moving the high up to 90 degrees and saturday bright and warm and less humid and 86 and sunday mostly sunny and warm and 89 and monday a high of 90 degrees that is the forecast that kenya, the sand boa will really like. i will feel the tortoises later on from the zoo. >> thank you cecily. stay cool and drink something cool. we'll be right back.
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> >> "action news" at 5:00 with breaking news just in. this is 20-year-old cosmo dinardo the person of interest in the disappearance of four missing men in bucks county. chopper 6 hd of head minutes ago as he was escorted into the
5:31 pm
correctional facility in doylestown where he is now held on $5 million cash bail as we reported at the top of the hour. >> he was just rearrest aid short time ago charged this time with stealing a car. it belonged to thomas meo and now dinardo is held on $5 million cash bail. >> meanwhile police activity has dramatically increased at the 90 acre farmland in solebury township. chopper 6 hd is over as the fbi and local authorities set up more tents and brought in more heavy equipment at noon today. during a news conference this afternoon. bucks county district attorney matthew weintraub says that important evidence was recovered from the site but did not go into detail of the nature of the evidence. >> weintraub added they have no doubt they will find out more clues about the disappearance of the four men.
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>> and we'll continue to alert you to new developments in this story throughout our 6 abc app. right now you can find the latest details about the case and along with raw video from the action cam and chopper 6 hd the 6 abc app is a free download. in other news tonight, donald trump jr. is speaking about that meeting with the russian lawyer last summer. and we are hearing more about it from the president and his nominee for fbi director. abc correspondent emily is live in washington with the details. >> reporter: rick, donald trump jr. and his father continue to call the russia investigation a witch hunt but it's not going away any time soon. >> i did not consider director mueller to be on a witch hunt. >> that is the nominee for fbi director chris rey during his confirmation hearing. >> if i got a call from somebody
5:33 pm
that said the russian government wants to get lindsay graham elected and has dirt on his opponent. should i take the meeting. >> i would seek a lawyer. >> the interview coming the same day don jr. released the -- to help the campaign. and an acquaintance said that the russian lawyer had incriminating evidence about hillary clinton and this obviously high level and sensitive information and part of russia and the government's support for mr. trump and don jr. responds if it's what you say i love it. and now they are talking to his son-in-law and white house adviser at the time who was in the meeting. >> the president tweeting his
5:34 pm
strong support for don jr. tuesday morning writing he was open, trance parents and innocent. this is the greatest witch hunt in political history. sad. >> two democratic congressman formerly introduced an article of impeachment saying he impeded justice. the white house responds calling it rid ariclous. >> and christopher rey told lawmakers he would never let politics get in the way of the agency's mission. rey fielded questions today about his views on russia. >> is russia our friend or enemy? >> senator, i think russia is a foreign nation that we have to deal with very wearily. >> do you think they are an
5:35 pm
adversary of the united states. >> in some situations. >> do you think trying to influenza our election is that an add variousal move? >> yes. >> he served as a top just is department official as well in the bush administration. senator majority leader mitch mcconnell is ready to unveil the republican plan for the health care bill. and another top republican says the measure will keep a pair of tax hikes on wealthier americans that president obama imposed. and world news tonight will have more on capitol hill and more on the trump camp's meeting with the russian lawyer. another man is expected to be okay after he was rescued from 80 feet above the ground while on a work site in newcastle. officials say he was work on a platform. when he suffered a back issue
5:36 pm
that kept him from getting down and the threat of storms made the rescue urgent and they climbed up the tower and lower him with ropes on a stretcher with a crane. it was at the facility on cherry lane and that company issued a statement thanking the first responder. and police have arrested a couple for allegedly breaking into homes in sussex county. they have both been charged with break-ins that occurred between april and june in lincoln, delaware. police say that the duo would take electronics and cash and jewelry while nobody was home. and "habitat for humanity" broke ground for a project in wilmington. they shoveled the first dirt on the project called hope run. it brings four new townhomes to the east side bringing lower income families the first time
5:37 pm
to own a home. >> and thanks to vouchers handed out today low income seniors came to terminal market to get vouchers from fresh predeuce. they can be used at many market throughout the city and there are nutrition classes and good news the vouchers will be handed out next wednesday as well. >> that is good news. time for an update on the highways and by ways tonight. lets go to gina gannon. >> we are trying to get you through the week, here is a look at the big picture, there are red on the map but the schuylkill seeing yellow and 20s. things could be improving but i'll have been update on the schuylkill in just a second. on i-95 a disabled vehicle, we see the 12 miles per hour and a delay, the walt whitman bridge to allegheny and the vine is crowded but here is the
5:38 pm
schuylkill expressway, if you try to make your way to the western suburbs to stenner city it's a slow crawl. and this is eastbound 202, and making your way on the schuylkill you are jammed. from the pa turnpike to the blue route 21 minutes and the eastbound side very, very crowded and if you head out tonight give yourself more time. i'll see you tomorrow. >> thank you. well, the eagles and their quarterback continue to get ready for training camp in the wilds of north dakota. still to come on "action news" ducis rogers has more from carson wentz on how it has been to host his teammates in his home town. >> and horses helping humans heal. a program that is saving lives in new jersey and we'll show you how it works. >> and cecily tynan live at the philadelphia zoo. >> reporter: my monica, speaking of jersey this is jersey a corn snake and they are a local snake
5:39 pm
and called corn snake because they are typically found in cornfields they like to be there because they eat the mice. it's important to have them in cornfields and they are threatened in the state of new jersey due to the loss of habitat and a lot of farms are being converted to developments and an active and pretty snake as well. i will be feeding some very, very big tortoises later on and talk about the oppressive heat and humidity and the heat wave will go out with a bang. live from the philadelphia zoo. back to you guys. >> sounds good. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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talking about the grow up camp with carson wentz. >> different than the camp we went to. >> are they crying for their mommies. >> it continues in north dakota and carson wentz had his teammates on the fields for workouts and on the lake for fun. he was happy to host them in his home town. >> you set it up and orchestrate it all and everything. that is what we did last summer
5:43 pm
and that is what we are doing this summer. being the quarterback and everything the leadership come as long with that and i take it in stride. >> baseball's all-star break continues but comes to an end for the phillies on friday and they begin a serieses in milwaukee. pat kneeshack represented the phillies well and pitched a scoreless frame and tied in the 10th inning when seattle's robinson cano smacked a homer and he was the game's mvp and he got to pick a vehicle to take home, he chose the corvette. a very good choice. >> the camp officially ended today and did so on a light note. it hit the shore and in stone harbor for a trial on the aisle we'll call this water aerobics, they mixed it up with bubble soccer.
5:44 pm
as the name suggests in a bubble playing soccer and some players loved bubble soccer and others not so much. >> i don't know i thought i was good in the bubble soccer but we lost 25-3 so i guess that didn't translate well. >> loved the bubble soccer and it's tough you have no idea who is coming at you from any angle but fun running your friends over. >> a wild day at wimbledon roger federer is on to the semi finals. and djokovic retired with an elbow injury. here is murray and queery up top enjoy this from the first set -- oh! queery pulls up the upset in five sets and on to the semi finals tonight is the night for
5:45 pm
the beggest sports show there is, a night for the espys here on abc. the 25th year for the event at the microsoft theatner los angeles. the host is super bowl winning quarterback peyton manning and he says it will have a bit of everything. >> a show that will make you laugh and cry. and you know make you certainly inspired if you love sports especially. >> one of the best things about this is the athletes get to meet each other, athletes that would never encounter each other are able to interact and make new friendships and it's a lot of fun. >> a night when sports and entertainment come together and the espys air live at 8:00 people here on 6 abc. always a fun night. >> look forward to that. thank you meantime a fun new twist to summer, reading in fairmont park. children can read aloud to a therapy dog cat or bunny.
5:46 pm
they are trained therapy pets and bring a boat from home or choose a book from paws library and an audience that doesn't judge them if they stumble. a therapy program in south jersey is partnering patients struggling patients with addiction with horses and nora muchanic found out learning how to handle the gentle giants help people fine peace and sobriety. >> at harmony hollow farm recovering addict christie is through and now an assistance trainer with the equine assistant program. >> he doesn't know what i have done or where i came from or where i'm trying to get to. and he doesn't judge me. >> it's a partnership between the bensalem living well foundation and addiction center and another non-profit, farm. it has patients work with hortss
5:47 pm
like cutter and in doing so they deal with the challenges this he face in recovery. >> i'm working through fear, fear of trying something new and patience and you have to be patient with them. >> compassion, i was not a compassionate person for a long time. >> and they worked with brad a former addict who says being out in the country relaxes people and has them talking. >> there is something being around that horse and nature it make its so much easier. >> it may seem unusual that working on a farm with horses could help addicts on the road to recovery but another tool that helps them regain control of their lives. >> when the patients go back for their psycho therapy it changes the way they are communicating and giving them a confidence and confidence they will need when they go back to their lives and jobs and families. >> equine therapy seems to make a difference just ask christie.
5:48 pm
>> if it doesn't do one thing therapy outcly but something else as in serenity. nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to
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time to talk with about heat and humidity and a hot day to be out at the philadelphia zoo.
5:51 pm
>> lets see who cecily tynan is hanging out with. >> hi guys i'm here with a bouquet of celery it's feeding time here at the zoo. and i have pommy here and kristin is here as well. mommy is the oldest animal here at the zoo. >> yes she arrived here in 1932 and believe she is 90 to 100 years old. >> she is a galapagos. where can they be found in the wild? >> they are on the galapagos islands, off the see shells island. and this species you can tell them apart and they look different than the others. she has a round head and has mud on her chin but it's pinkish
5:52 pm
yellow underneath. >> it looks brown to me. this is mommy and how much does she weigh? >> about 200 pounds. females 200 to 250 pounds, the males can get to be 500 pounds so double her size. >> so now we go over and see bubba, big guy, bubba. i am going to him because he won't come to me. >> bubba is a lot bigger and looks different. >> yes, you can tell him apart because he has a pointy head and a scale on their head. that is the way to tell them apart. >> how old is bubba and how much does he weigh? >> he is close to 500 pounds, the largest we have at the philadelphia zoo. he came here in 1947 so -- >> not quite as old as mommy but
5:53 pm
pushing close to 80s. >> how many do you have at the zoo? >> we have these two galapagos and eight all together. >> very quickly i know your daughter seventh birthday and she tried out the winter exhibit. >> delaney give its two thumbs up and tried out everything. fantastic time. >> thank you kristin and bubba. i'll talk about the weather. we are in day two of our fourth heat wave of the year, one more piece and i'll talk about the weather. 91 today and we match that and tomorrow is quite a bit hotter. philadelphia holding at 91 and atlantic city airport and dover 89 and allentown 85 and poconos down into the 70s but the heat index this is what matters. this is how it feels on your body. it feels above 100 in dover. and 96 in philadelphia and feels
5:54 pm
like 99 in millville. satellite 6 along with action radar showing clouds up to the north and showers in upstate new york and thunderstorms moving off the coast of new england with the cold front that ends the heat wave and doesn't move until friday. and partly sunny skies 72 to 78 degrees, and tomorrow excessive heat warnings in effect. this is the reason why the heat index the philadelphia area most of delaware into south jersey it feels above 105 degrees that is dangerous heat and humidity, west of i-95, 100 to 105. we have the threat of storms, future tracker 6 showing by 3:30 showers and thunderstorms and an active day on friday with strong to severe storms to the west. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow the heat is on, 97 degrees but the heat index higher than 105, and
5:55 pm
the heat holds on friday and 90 degrees and thunderstorms and clear the air by saturday. lowering humidity 86 and sunday warm and 89 and back into the 90s and could be heading into our fifth heat wave of the year. stay cool and take it easy like the tortoises do here at the philadelphia zoo and eat your veggies, back to you guys. >> thank you cecily. looks like fun. >> a lot of fun. >> meantime, this graduation ceremony in philadelphia city hall represents a sec chance for these five men and women. they received their high school diploma from a program, the choice is yours giving a first time drug offenders a chance to get their education rather than going to prison.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
that is it for us "action news" is next at 6:00. see you tomorrow.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. you are looking at ground zero in the search for four missing men. chopper 6 hd is over the keep as the fbi and local police continue to dig for clues and dig for whatever they may find. this is the way it looked several hours ago after law enforcement brought in more tenting to keep what is going on out of the view of appearing helicopters above. and a major development today within the last hour, cosmo
6:00 pm
dinardo is back behind bars. there he is. this time on five million dollars cash bail. it is wednesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight. breaking news in bucks county the search is intensifying for four men and grim happenings in solebury have developed an audience across the country. "action news" reporters walter perez and gray hall are on this story tonight. lets begin with walter perez with the latest on the search scene. >> the size and scope of the search scene in bucks county is nothing short of jaw dropping but the headline is the rearrest of the person of interest in this case. >> it was 6:30 yesterday evening when 20-year-old cosmo dinardo posted bail on an unrelated weapons charge and left the bucks county jail. less than 24 hours later he is back in custody. >> this is


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