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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 13, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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hey, sorry i'm so slow. it's hard for me to ketchup. >> yes! i love these videos! >> and we're only getting started with the puns. >> hey, marissa, why do you look so sad? you're acting quite melon co comely. there are questions i'm trying to grapple with. what's beethoven's favorite fruit? banana. hey, marissa, i had a summer job crushing coke cans. it was soda-pressing. >> that'sou guys are going to u that one. i know pit. >> hey are you going to follow me on my professional page? linked in. >> at this point, the longer they've been there, the more annoyed and ignoring him. >> she's going to want to get out of there as quick as possible switch why
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pit. >> marissa, no need to panic. romaine calm. >> she's had enough. she has something to say about his puns. >> adam, do you know what i think of your cheesy jokes? they're no gouda and i'm fed up. >>legen-dairy. thanks for joining us today. you're caught up. now check out for more fun stuff or catch the next brand new episode of "rtm." no networks, so you get to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. rates are competitive, and they're the only plans of their kind endorsed by aarp. remember - these plans let you apply all year round. so call today.
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a drop of dawn and grease is gone. o oo despite a declaration of victory, the battle for mosul isn't entirely over yet with militants literally fighting to the death. >> three years after isis swept in, shell-shocked civilians are starting to find their way out. ian panel is there with the latest. >> reporter: a lone flag. planted in a wasteland. a milestone in the fight against isis many thought would never come. iraqi forces retaking the city of mosul, but it comes at a heavy price. it's incredible. there are a dozen, two dozen people have just gone by, men, women, old men, children, some of them are clearly very badly
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injured. there's nothing here. there's no facilities, no hospital, no care. the survivors shell-shocked and shattered. soldiers and civilians have paid a terrible price. for a war they didn't choose. 6-year-old malack and her 15-year-old sister were forced to help those who were terrorizing them. they were used as human shields. isis fighters made them run into the line of fire of the advancing iraqi army. their father was killed. both girls more everically injured. you can see where the little girl was shot, she's obviously had surgery here, and she's got bullet wounds as well. she's also got wounds here. you can see three distinct scars there. it looks like the bullets perhaps went through her. it's an absolute miracle that malack is alive. and her name, in english, means "angel." she's a really strong little girl. you're super strong. yeah.
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you are. strong. her sister lost a hand in an explosion. this is your house? isis even used their home as a hideout. for the families that have reached safety, their struggles aren't over. nearly 1 million people are displaced. he stands at his brother's bedside. he's waiting for word from his wife. they were separated as they escaped. so he's asking family members if they have news. he gets word his wife may be coming. event la eventually she appears, injured, but safe and alive. and just feet away, we met samia, standing watch over his
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baby girl. one of the youngest victims of isis. she's malnourished, die hydrated. the mothers haven't been able to breast fied, there's no water. after months living as prisoners in their own homes, denied the basics for survival, by extremists who claim to be men of god, many are overcome by the agony of what they've endured. malack and dalal are trying to reclaim pieces of their life they once had. do you feel angry about what's happened? sad? but these girls refuse to be held hostage ever again.
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dalal wants to become a teacher, to use education as a weapon against isis. her little sister, just trying to enjoy life as only a 6-year-old can. too many children bear the wounds of war. physical and mental scars, symbols of their survival. and miraculously, despite an uncertain future, their hopes and dreams are still alive. for nightline, ian panel, in mosul, iraq. >> our thanks to ian panel for that report. >> we'll be right back. born to outperform the #1... prestige eye cream for better hydration. and your best look yet.
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♪ make me feel like ♪ i've been locked out of heaven ♪ ♪ for too long ♪ for too long >> locked out of heaven. people are looked out of, you could call at that heaven, for some, for some it's opposite. president trump's twitter. >> oh. because they're locked. it took me a while. i'm there. >> he's ruffling feathers, of course, before he won the white house over what some call his obsession with the twitters. >> now he's facing a lawsuit over his twitter behavior. tim barber of wjla has the story. >> reporter: this is all rebecca buck walter has been able to see of president trump's twitter page since the president blocked her. >> it was surreal. >> reporter: in june, the president tweeted, if you'he re
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on fake news he would never have won the white house. >> it's something guaranteed to everybody in this country. >> reporter: six other people are listed in the lawsuit filed by the first right amendment institute. paul schiff berman says the courts have not addressed a case like this one, so it's not clear how it will end. >> the question is whether the government, by setting up this particular twitter account is creating a public forum. >> reporter: the white house has admitted the president's tweets are official statements, so the lawsuit says it is a personal forum under the first amendment. >> i'd love to be unblocked. but it's establishing a constitutional principle that he's violating >> it will be interesting to see that one play out in court. >> thanks to tim barber in d.c.
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6x the cleaning power in 1/2 the time ♪ oh, i just can't wait ♪ no one said do this ♪ no one said be there ♪ no one said stop that frank really is the star of the show. >> now see here, frank. we like our seats. we don't want to give them to you. we enjoy the company. for most actresses and actors making it to broadway is something we dream about. >> but one lucky group of students is seeing those dreams of the neon lights come true. here's deborah roberts. >> reporter: morning's just beginning in east elmhurst. and these students have already been hard at work for months, about to perform "the lion king
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kids." >> my name is anna. >> my name is anthony isaac. can you ask the question again? >> reporter: a question his class almost didn't get to aechlts school plays are a rite of passage. but for districts with shrinking funding. >> i'm involved in a lot of budge tear e budgetary matters. >> reporter: that's where disney, abc's parent company steps in. but disney musicals in school program, offering free performance tools to schools in need. ♪ acuhakuna matata ♪ >> reporter: and for kids in new york city, a trip to broadway. they actually get to perform here at the iconic, new amsterdam theater. with parents waiting in line. it's almost showtime. come on. here's the stage. so you're just about to go on.
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>> yeah. >> reporter: how you feelin'? >> a bunch of butterflies in my stomach. >> reporter: proud parents wait and watch. their little stars take the stage. ♪ [cheers and applause] the reviews? raves. >> it was amazing. it was absolutely amazing. >> reporter: when you go home now tonight, what are you going to feel? >> i'm going to dream about it all night long. >> reporter: a dream come true. ♪ >> say bravo to those kids. disney musicals it's part of a free outreach program available to a lamented number imited num every year
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"world news now," the president on a two-day trip in europe this hour. >> he's expected to face more questions in the u.s. election as he defends donald trump jr.'s meeting with a russian lawyer in a new interview. and breaking news in the disappearance of four young men. authorities announcing a short time ago that they have found human remains. and the person of interest arrested yet again. and we have new details in the deadly beating of an american college graduate in greece. the attack is seen in surveillance for the very first time. what investigators are saying the video shows. and a big night for the espys. we laughed. we cried. we also tried to make sense of what was bill murray doing?
3:01 am
the super stars of sports coming together to honor some heroes you might not have heard of, and the former first lady michelle obama presenting the top honor and looking amazing. a full report from los angeles coming up on this thursday, july 13th. do we ever know what bill murray's doing? >> no. the crazy part is i don't know if bill murray knows what he's doing. we identify with you. we're both like accidents waiting to happen. >> well, we are going to try our best as we always do. and we're starting things off with president trump back in europe after defending his son over a controversial meeting with a russian lawyer. >> the scene at joint base andrews at maryland. the president and first lady departing there. they are on a two-day visit to president macron and celebrate the french holiday.
3:02 am
as he left the white house, he answered a question, one question, this one about terrorism, however, saying we're doing great against isis. >> and the president is expected to face more questions about russia and his campaign as he holds a joint news conference with macron. jonathan karl has more. >> reporter: president trump is coming to the defense of his son. he says he doesn't blame don jr. for agreeing to meet with a woman described as a russian government attorney who claimed to have dirt on hillary clinton. in an interview with reuters, the president said i think many people would have held that meeting. don jr. was told the purpose of the meeting was to provide the trump campaign with documents and information that would incriminate hillary, the information described as high level and sensitive. and part of russia and its government support for mr. trump. don jr.'s response, if it's what you say, i love it. don jr. went on fox news to explain. >> in retro spent, i probably
3:03 am
would have done things a little differently. for me, it was opposition research, it had something, i wanted to hear it out. >> did you ever meet with any other person from russia that you know? >> i don't know. i've probably met with other people from russia but not in the context of a formalized meeting or anything like that. because why would i? >> reporter: when asked in march by the "new york times" whether he'd ever had campaign han related meetings with russian, donald trump jr. said none that were set up and certainly none that i was representing the campaign in any way, shape or form. and just a month after the meeting with the russian lawyer, don jr. angrily dismissed suggestions the trump campaign had anything to do with russia. >> it's disgusting. it's so phony. >> reporter: also entangled in all of this, donald trump's s n son-in-law jared kushner, who aattendanted the meeting with
3:04 am
the russian lawyer after don jr. forwarded him the e-mail chain with the subject line russia, clinton, private and confidence. what do you say to democrats who say that jared kushner's security clearance should be revehicled. >> once again, we don't discuss security clearance, but i think democrats are trying to play political games, and i think it's ridiculous. rar is there any concern over the top adviser -- >> no. >> reporter: aides describe him as angry and frustrated. but these images emerged. the president meeting with faith leaders in the oval office, laying their hands on him in prayer. the president also talked about his meeting with vladimir putin in germany and said that the first 20 to 25 meinutes of the meeting were on russian meddling in the election. i said, did you do it? he said no, absolutely not.
3:05 am
i asked him a second time in a different way, and he said absolutely not. there is no indication in this interview about whether or not the president seaccepted putin' denials. in the meantime, president trump has personally intervened on behalf of a group of afghan girls who were trying to come to the united states for robotics competition. >> the sixteens were denied visas and many blamed it on the president's immigration policies. when the president heard about the girls' plight, he got homeland security to clear the way for them to visit next week. and mitch mcconnell plans to unvail his latest bill to repeal and replace the affordable care act. gop moderates are pushing in another direction. president trump added that he would be very ang rry if the senate fails to pass a bit.
3:06 am
alanis morissette would call this ironic, in a white house video, slamming the cbo for being inaccurate on estimates, the word "inaccurately" was misspelled. it was reposted with the correct spelling. and president trump's pick to replace fired fbi director comey pledged to be independent and never pledge loyalty to the president. >> he testified about russian interference and said did not believe the probe was a witch-hunt as the president has claimed. wray is a high-ranking justice official. his responses appeared to satisfy both republicans and democrats. we want to get to breaking news in the disappearance of four young men in philadelphia. investigators have found human remains of more than one person and identify one of the victims as 19-year-old dean fen chau
3:07 am
row. the bodies were found in a 12 and a half foot deep grave. he disappeared with the other three maen last week. officials say there is no doubt this is now a homicide case. >> we're going to see this investigation to the end. we're going to bring each and every one of these lost boys home to their families. one way or another. we will not rest until we do that. >> that late-night news conference held early this morning. in fact, the discovery comes hours after a person of interest was arrested in the case. authorities took cosmo dinardo into custody yet again yesterday. as of now he's only charged with stealing a car belonging to one of the missing men. >> newly released video shows the deadly beating of an american tourist in fwroois. it comes amid reports that it started over bakari's attempts
3:08 am
to take a selfie with a waitress. we want to warn you it is disturbing. >> reporter:22-year-old bakari henderson seen running from an angry mob of men on the island. he's shoved into a car, violently kicked and punched in the face. his friends say he was pummeled with brass knuckles. the savage attack carried out in under 15 seconds, a man and woman rushing to stop the beating, someone rushing to do cpr, but it wasn't enough. he suffered severe hid true m ni -- this video from inside showing the first punches. henderson's friends back home in austin, texas horrified bie by tragedy.
3:09 am
his friends say they were minding their own business in the bar when several men got in henderson's face the men's attorneys say they never intended to kill anyone. the parents of a young boy, the center of a life and death battle returned to court today. britain's highest court is set to hear new medical evidence about the 11 month old named charlie gard. his parents want to keep him on life support to come to the united states for treatment. he suffers from a rare genetic treatment the treatment is experimental and will not help some say. an fda panel has ground breaking information on a treatment that helps the body use its immune system to fight cancer. the treatment worked better than chemo therapy. the fda's final decision on the treatment is expected in september. coming up.
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. you know, i never thought i'd say this, but peyton manning's kind of killin' it. yeah, we are indoors, though, so. >> ooh, julian edelman getting a dig in on peyton manning, but also giving him props at host of the espy awards. >> he did a great job. there were fun moments during the monologue, but the show was failed with lesser-known folks.
3:14 am
>> reporter: the celebration of the year's biggest sports performers and performances. >> it's been an amazing year full of stories i love. >> reporter: kicking off with some digs from host peyton manning. >> our gymnastics team was so dominant that kevin durant says he wants to play for them next year. >> reporter: athletes, tv stars among the presenters, along with former first lady, michelle obama. >> i am here tonight to honor a remarkable woman. >> reporter: giving the arthur ashe award posthumously to eunice shriver. >> master sergeant israel del toro jr. >> reporter: the night all about meaningful honors. >> i will fight for the ones who cannot fight and finish strong. >> reporter: unforgettable moments. >> 108 years of waiting is hardly a moment.
3:15 am
>> reporter: and of course those fierce competitors. >> patriot nation, we love you guys, thank you for voting for us. >> reporter: with top honors going to best female athlete. >> simone biles! >> reporter: best male athlete. >> russell westbrook! >> reporter: and best team. >> please don't let it be them, don't let it be them, don't let it be them. it's not them! golden state warriors! >> reporter: and those winners were voted on by fans, meaning this was seen by some as not just beiseeing who is the best who has the most enthusiastic supporters. >> we do want to give a shout out to the former cubs catcher, david ross, who came on stage sheing some sort of moves? >> i don't know if he -- >> to bill murray? >> i don't know how this one's going to go. a little rough around the edges to say the least. but they finished strong. check it out. >> oh, he saved some champagne.
3:16 am
>> that's always a great way to give a grand finale. can't really dance, but i can open a bottle of champagne and everybody wins. >> yeah, i would think so. >> we're going to have much more fun from the espy awards in our next half hour as well as a sneaky way that you can make some cash. >> by shopping. but sh, you're not supposed to reveal your identity. we'll tell you how it works. but first, time to get whisked away to the lands where winter has finally arrived. the new season premiers this weekend and we have the cast predictions on who will win the game of thrones. >> who is your guess? >> king geoffrey.
3:17 am
♪ new lysol kitchen pro eliminates 99.9% of bacteria without any harsh chemical residue. lysol. what it takes to protect.
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it says you apply the blue one ok, letto me. this. here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together. all right, conditikendis, i good news and bad news. bad news is you have homework to do. good news is "game of thrones" returns. >> season four, "game of thrones." king joffrey's still there, right? >> we will defeat it. >> i have to say, around a year
3:19 am
ago this time last year, i sat in a room with some of you, and you told me to my face that john snow was dead, he wasn't coming back. i may or may not have believed you, told all my friends. are there any big lies you just want to get out of the way right now that you can tell me i can run with? >> no, it's not a lie. he was technically dead. >> he's still got a role, his annoying sister to deal with. >> and for jamie, the last time we see him, he's now back home, all three children now dead. >> this amazing look on your face at the very, very end, where it's not a look of admiration or love for your sister. >> that's the beauty of being so blank faced and people can just read into it. i mean, that's the whole point. i'm not going to tell you what he thinks, because that would give away what happens. >> for moist st of you, you hav been on the other side of the
3:20 am
world with denarus. >> we had to mess stuff up, a polite way of putting that. >> everything feels like it's coming to a bit of a crescendo, what can fans expect? >> blood. each scene is really vital. and the story that's exchanged. the season is so much about the story. >> i think the major difference of this is the pace at which it moves. it becomes a completely different tv show. >> quick show of hands. how many of you, seriously, are still surprised your character's still alive? that's everybody. one of the things i loved about the show, the fighting scenes and the battle scenes are amazing. but talk to me about the choreography that goes into some of the battle scenes that we see. because it looks incredible. >> it feels like mayhem when you're doing it. you try to do as much as can you in reality rather than just in a big green box. that makes a huge difference.
3:21 am
audiences respond to that. >> people watch the trailer, there's a bigger battle scene in season seven. i've heard the biggest we've seen yet. >> there are a couple. >> couple. >> not just one? >> i'm going to start with you and go this way and just really quickly, blirt out who you think in the end will sit on the iron throne. we'll start with you. >> denarus. >> scary snowman. >> i'm going to say denarus. >> i don't think any win will sit on it. i think will be destroyed. >> reporter: jesse palmer, abc news, los angeles. >> is it over? >> it is. you good? >> i'm good, i'm good. i'm sill like, king joffrey's still alive. hopefully he's doing great. >> mm-hm. >> the dragons are, they're such cute babies when they're that age. >> i can't believe they didn't
3:22 am
assign you to this interview. ooh, that's frank on the iron throne. >> frank! >> now we're talkin'. stains happen...
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and they happen easily. the other side of this... is they can be removed... easily. spray and wash's... powerful formula... removes over 100 stains.
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spray and wash. better on over 100 stains. ♪ your thursday mix. we're going to start down under and a guy who loves his beer so much, he decided that he probably would get a little separation anxiety from it. so he had a flight in australia, decided that, you know what? i want this beer on the other side of this trip. so he had -- >> no, he didn't. >> the beer checked in his luggage, bar code and all. you see it there. on his qantas flight. and four hours later, when he landed in perth, australia, there was his beer. in perfect condition. >> don't they have beer in perth? look at it on the carousel. >> looking so lonely. >> do you think it was flat by the time he got there? >> hopefully they didn't shake it up too much as you can
3:26 am
imagine after all that. >> we admire his tenacity. >> yes, bravo. let's take you to lakeville, massachusetts. you see neighborhoods with speed bumps or, well, this guy came up with a different way to get people in his neighborhood to slow down. that, my friends is a cardboard cutout of a cop car. kelly put it out in front of his driveway because he says cars often go by at 50 miles an hour when they're supposed to be going 25 or 30. this seems to do the trick. kids can play, people can relax, people are going the speed lament. the cops in town love it. an ambulance stopped in to take pictures with it. so then we go back down under and to the cutist photo of the day possibly. two border collies, posing for their family photo with a toy doll. >> i have never seen a dog put his arm around another dog like
3:27 am
that. >> yeah, and around the doll. that's holly and ace in sydney, australia. they do everything together, including taking photos. that is cute. >> so cute. over to canada now where a mother walks in on her daughter putting on makeup, two problems with that. the makeup belonged to mom. and the daughter is a toddler. >> yeah. >> here was the results of little lily's artwork. so mom catches her in the act and tries to be all stern, tell hershey's not supposed to be touching mom's makeup, only mom cannot keep a straight face and continuously loses it laughing at her daughter. >> i think he looks great. >> and lily fires back, i'm mad at you! mom says why? and lily explains she's mad because mom shouted at her. lily by the way does not look very intimidated, mom, you're going to have to work on your stern face. kendis. >> it's only awkward whe
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now." breaking news on those four missing men in pennsylvania. authorities now say they've discovered human remains. we have the latest from the scene. president trump expected to be grilled tonight when he faces the press for the first time following those revelations about his son and that meeting with a russian lawyer. russia's meddling in the elections will likely be the topic of discussion as well, as we go one on one with that russian lawyer that donald jr. met. and new this half hour. the threat of more severe weather is on tap for the midwest. and headaches for many. >> in some places, front yards pouring into basements. we're tracking it all. and the year's main event,
3:31 am
the interessential ception of tf sports and entertainment. but we want to take a look at the fashion here. who made a wrong turn on the red carpet at the espys. we'll take a look at the hits and misses on "the skinny" this july 13th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we can say good morning to everybody on this thursday, but we do want to start with the breaking news overnight. the case of four missing men outside of philadelphia, now considered a homicide investigation. >> authorities announced after midnight that they've found human remains of more than one person. those remains were in a deep grave on the farm where the fbi has been searching. so far they've identify one of the young men who has been missing since last week. 19 year old dean fee know char owe. and officials believe they've already identified a suspect. cosmo dinardo, the son of the owners of that property. >> i feel that we bought ourself an a little bit of time in charging mr. dinardo with the stolen car case today and
3:32 am
getting that $5 million bail. it is my hope that he does not post that. but that's his prerogative, of course, if he can post it. but we are going to look seriously at homicide charges and in fact we have pursued that option. >> and the district attorney wouldn't say if he believed more than one person was involved. >> and the grave was discovered by cadaver dogs, and they were amazed that three could find bodies that were buried 12 and a half feet underground. and president trump faces scrutiny. he says he didn't blame his son for holding the many, claiming many would do the same and called the russian probe a witch hunt. the trofr is following the president as he lands in paris
3:33 am
today to celebrate bastille day with president macron. >> more on the russian lawyer who met with the president's son. she has represented russian government officials and argued against u.s. sanctions for yeef years, but a spokesman for president putin says the kremlin has never even heard of her. terry moran caught up with her in moscow. >> reporter: she's at the center of a global media firestorm. but natalia says she's not even interested in politics. still in moscow, she is known as a powerhouse, politically-connected lawyer, and she's no stranger to washington. there she is in the front row of a 2016 congressional hearing on russian sanction, just five days after she got that meeting with donald trump jr. he was told she was a russian government attorney bringing damaging information about hillary clinton. so we asked her about it. is that true or false?
3:34 am
listen, i've never had compromising information on hillary clinton. her only agenda, she says, relieving some u.s. sanctions. she and trump jr. agree on one thing. that meeting was a bust. he wanted to hear from me that which i did not tell him, she says. he got disappointed from not hearing it. she insisted she was not a kremlin emissary. were you carrying any message, any information from anyone in the russian government to the trump campaign? >> no, no. >> reporter: you seriously think if the russian federation could do something like that they would do it through me, she said? come on, it's just funny. a lot of people are pointing of that striking image of her in the congressional hearing and wondering just how apolitical she is. she says she was there advocating publicly her position on u.s. sanctions, and that's
3:35 am
not something she would do, she says, if she were a spy. terry moran, abc news, moscow. >> and we have an update on congressman steve scalise this morning. you will remember he was shot last month during a baseball practice. he has been transferred out of intensive care but remains in serious condition. he spent the past week in icu for an infection. he's now had several surgeries since the shooting. the fox river is at an all-time high in burlington, wisconsin. this after seven inches of rain fell in a short period of time. the river is expected to peak today at noon. back yards and roads were flooded in chicago after rain in the chicago area that one resident said just wouldn't stop. even six flags, great america had to close as a result of the rainfall there. hot and dry conditions are fueling many wildfires in the west coast. arizona has nine, large, active fires.
3:36 am
more than any other state. the newest fire in the state has grown quickly to more than 2,000 acres. there are about four dozen fires in 12 western states. united airlines has a new plan to deal with overbooked flights. according to bloomberg, they will offer passengers rewards if they give up their seats days in advance. the news comes three months after david dao was dragged from a plane in chicago. he refused to leave a flight after being randomly selected by a computer for being bumped. harvard may soon ban sororities and fraternities. at least one club dates back to the 18th century. they have been blamed for problems with sexual assault and alcohol abuse. the ban, if approved would start next year with new undergraduates. and verizon is confirming a
3:37 am
data breach. but no information was lost or stolen. this contradicts earlier reports that millions of users' accounts were compromised. one of its vendors put information in a cloud storage area and mistakenly allowed external access. and nasa says it has the best images they've ever seen from the fly by of the juno spot. it's more than 2,000 miles wider than earth. researchers believe the red spot has existed for at least 350 years. >> it's burning for a little while out there. >> just a bit. and when a young man agreed to house sit for his aunt it included taking care of her pet. >> but he may not have realized how pampered the pomeranian is. his aunt left him really detailed instructions. for snacks, no carbs, a dog bone every day. >> and it also says, don't yell at pepper.
3:38 am
she also arranged for face time so they could talk. the aunt also warned, don't you hate her? because you ain't her? >> don't yell at pepper. what if pepper's being a jerk. >> don't hit or talk sharply to pepper. >> wow. >> got to let pepper know who the boss is. >> yeah, exactly. >> i don't know about this pepper situation. sounds very familiar to may list. when people take care of frank. don't look at frank, don't talk unless spoken to. >> so nobody speaks to frank. by the way, pepper is on a low-sodium diet. so there's no salt with pepper. >> took you a while to get there. i was trying. like don't blow it, brother! >> coming up, undercover in the retail world. >> the details behind mystery shoppers. people who get paid to shop.
3:39 am
how you might become one yourself. and the red carpet at the espy awards. wait till you see what the guys are wearing. but first, here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather, brought to you by dauchl. my sweetheart's gone sayonara. this scarf all that's left to rememb... what. she washed this like a month ago!
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take a look at this video of a brazen, smash and grab. a man jumps out of a car and tries to enter that suv. he then breaks the glass of the passenger side, the suspect grabs the victim's purse and runs back to the get away car. she says the thieves were likely disappointed. her wallet and phone were on her lap and nothing of value was in the purse. well, the market opened today in record territory. the dow closed at a all-time high yesterday. 21,532. now that after fed chairman janet yellen signaled a gradual rise in interest rates. she back on capitol hill today testifying before a senate banking committee. and amazon broke records in the third annual amazon prime day. this year's prime day was the
3:43 am
biggest single day ever in amazon's history. it's become the biggest sales day of the year, even bigger than black friday and cyber monday with an estimated $1 billion in sales over that 30-hour period. >> and of course there are plenty of brick and mortar stores out there. and for them, customer service is now an a little more important than ever. >> and now a growing army of secret quality control consultants are helping to keep those stores on their toes. abc's linzie janis has more. >> reporter: you won't notice them, but they're out there. in stores and in restaurants. so-called mystery shoppers, hired by retailers to shop under cover and give feedback. you've been a mystery shopper for over 10 years. >> yes, i'm a pro. >> reporter: we caught up with lori chic. she's not on the job today, but when she is, she's like a secret agent on quality control. checking every detail.
3:44 am
>> maybe the carpet in the entry, the stock, the staff. >> reporter: she records her observations and files a report. how long does the job take? >> some of them can take ten minutes, some of them can take two hours. >> reporter: she makes up to $700 a month and gets free food and merchandise. while the pay and the perks may be tempting, the government warns there are several scams out there. so if you want to be a mystery shopper, do your homework. legitimate companies don't charge people to work for them. so never pay fees to be a mystery shopper. and beware of another scam that asking y asking you to deposit a check and wire some of the money back in order to activate your employment. >> when we come back, the hits and plenty of misses on the red carpet at this year's espys. carpet at this year's espys. we'll talk about it. ome...♪ ♪...bounce, to dry.
3:45 am
♪he would be a less wrinkly, winning guy.♪ ♪ new lysol kitchen pro eliminates 99.9% of bacteria without any harsh chemical residue. lysol. what it takes to protect.
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3:47 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny it's a big skinny, starting with the annual intersection of sports and entertainment and fashion last night in los angeles. >> this year's espy awards had quite a few big moments, but there was the big competition, the one on the red carpet. so steph curry stuck with basic black, head to toe, but his wife really took it over with a'70s-inspired sequinned jumpsuit. i thought she looked great. >> she looks really different, the long hair, beautiful. >> john cena showed up in a suit with contrasting tie. his fiance, nikki bella, showed up in gym clothes as well. they look pretty good. >> what was going on back there. >> this travesty, she came out of pilates and said oh, yes, the espys, we got to go, no time to change.
3:48 am
>> he looked awesome. >> i don't like it. it's oversized and he kind of looks like a school principal. >> she does look like she came in from lululemon. but. >> you say you like the outfit? >> i like john cena's outfit. >> matt's our fashion aficionado. >> we got brianna, too. >> what are your thoughts on russell westbrook? >> i like it, he looks an a little prommy though. >> prommy? >> an a little. >> he should have gone with the other lady, with the whole '70s look since he has the wide lapel. >> is that velvet? >> is that velvet? >> apparently elvis lives. >> it looks like the collar's drawn on.
3:49 am
>> it's russell westbrook that we're talking about. but we also had russell westbrook. >> orlando that's what he looks like, like he took someone's bad prom dress, let's redesign this. >> a little project runway prom dress. i'll give you that. >> that is the epitome of bravery. he is pretty in pink head to toe. >> he's going molly ringwold on us. how about devonta freeman with the black and gold, little gothic. >> "game of thrones" inspired. i do like the shoes. you saw a lot of that on the red carpet, like no socks on the red carpet. >> i don't hear you protesting. >> no, i like what he's wearing also. i have to agree with brianna on
3:50 am
it. >> you're not feeling it? >> no, not at all. >> the fashion foes agree. >> memphis grizzlies, mike conley and his wife, going on with a -- oh. what is that? >> i'll tell you what. i just ordered some drapes in that pattern right there. [ laughter ] >> i think he looks great. it's fitted very well. his hair looks great. only he could pull that off. >> all right, you got a colorful apartment going on, but glad you're not wearing a suit that looks like that. brie ah anna, matt, i think we've just invented a new segment, fashion foes. they clearly know way more about fashion than we do, fashion foes. we have a big push for dwayne johnson to run for office. now it seems there's another rock throwing his own hat into
3:51 am
the ring. >> he started something. the keyword there is hat. because we're talking about kid rock. kid rock for senate has popped up. and after getting bombarded by fans, he responded on social media. >> he says the answer's an absolute yes. stay tuned, he'll have a major announcement in the future. you can order merchandise, it includes trucker hats, tee shirts and bumper stickers. >> if the campaign is real, whh expected to run as republican against the third-term >> whoa, is that the first photo? >> maybe it's like the buck stops here. >> party of the people's eyebrow, this is where we should be going. >> 2020. the party of the people eyebrow. >> what the white house is cookin'. >> like what the chef is cookin'?
3:52 am
down in the basement? >> forget it. this kid makes stains like crazy
3:53 am
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woo! yes, sir! you like that? you like that? you know what it's called? it's called winning, it's called being a champion. >> peyton manning, showing off his cheedic chops at last night's 25th annual espys. >> the host had a lot of fun poking fun at himself and his fellow athletes. no more ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ >> or it's a cold cut. let's take a look at the best moments. >> unfortunately, my brother ely can't be here. because that's what i told the folks at the door. i can be a tad obsessive when it comes to preparation but not tonight. i was watching dennis miller's 1994 monologue for the ninth time, i realized, peyton, what are you doing?
3:56 am
you're retired. you don't have to be in control of every single thing anymore. this shot looks a little tight, ross, can we pop out a little bit. i don't need to be worried about all the details. bob, lights go to red. back to blue. i'm not calling any plays tonight. meticulous preparation is what helped me win a couple super bowls and a few mvp awards, hold for applause. bigger applause, bigger applause. yeah. this is a party, star wide. and i am the host of this party, star white. i love that the chicago cubs finally won the world series after 108 years. i mean, that's even more impressive than two years ago when the denver broncos defense won the super bowl while carrying me. and our gymnastics team was so dominant, that kevin durant told me he wants to play for them next year.
3:57 am
right now, my only rivals are in the insurance game. and i play for team nationwide. and i got to compete with flo from progressive, mr. discount double-check, aaron rogers and that damn aflac duck. i know people think i do too many commercials, but i want to tell the haters out there, you're not going to get to me. and there's no chance you're going to get may to sweat, not with all the electrolytes i get from gatorade fierce. it's the papa johns of sports drinks. >> he got them all in. >> bravo. >> he sounded like a nascar driver with all the sponsorships. >> i absolutely loved it. >> the kevin durant is my favorite. >> and i like the eli one.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, a grim discovery in the search for the young men missing near philadelphia. what investigators are now saying about human remains found and the person in custody. we have all the breaking details ahead. president trump arriving in france overnight. he's there to meet with the french president as he defends trump jr. about his meeting with the russian lawyer in a new interview. what would you do if you were locked inside an atm? see how one guy got in there and the ingenious way he got out. and the best from the world of sports gather for the espys. we'll have some of the winners, some comedy and the guy getting a lot of attention for his outfit.


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