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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  July 13, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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missing men case. a scheduled news conference this afternoon for the bucks county attorney was canceled with no explanation. we have team coverage once again nora muchanic and gray hall is live in solebury township. gray we begin with you. >> reporter: well brian and sharrie, i can tell you i just checked the twitter feed for the district attorney, no information when to expect the next news conference. this is wa we can tell you, tonight one body is recovered but three men are still missing. >> i know more than i'm sharing on the relationships. and i have to keep it that way unfortunately to maintain the integrity of the investigation. >> da matt weintraub says it will continue until all four missing men are accounted for.
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this mysterious cases continues to unravel. came the sad news of the family of dean finocchiaro. it was found in a grave over 12 feet deep. and the families of the other missing men wait in limbo as they work to identify the other human remains. >> they are side by side combing through vast fields and building and down 12 foot deep in a hole that is getting deeper by the minute. >> cadaver dogs led the crew to the spot where the discovery was made. it's now a crime scene and it's land is owned by the family of the person of interest in this case. 20-year-old cosmo dinardo, police arrested him wednesday afternoon and the first time was an unrelated firearms children and later released on bail. the new charges alleged that he tried to sell a car belonging to one of the missing men thomas
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meo. and a judge set a $5 million full cash bail in this case. >> one victim is accounted for. mark sturgis and tom meo and jimmy patrick are still missing and investigators are still searching the dinardo family's property. >> all right so back out live tonight we have not learned the cause of death for 19-year-old finocchiaro, this investigation is in full throttle. when we get information when the next press conference will happen we'll bring that right to you. >> thank you. today a grand jury convened in the buck county courthouse in doylestown in regard to this case. "action news" was there as perry jr. arrives. the attorney for the parents of the dinardos. they own the property where the human remains were found. sara bloomquist as more on the grand jury and its role in this
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investigation coming up in a live report at 5:00 tonight. in the meantime, lets go live to nora muchanic also there if solebury township. you spoke to a co-worker of one of the missing men. >> reporter: i good brian, and he is heart broken and traumatized. he saw and talked to tom meo the day he disappeared. >> that is the last image i have of him and the last that will stick in my head. >> dwayne is remembering his co-worker and friend meo who is one of the missing men. so far only one dean finocchiaro is positively identify. he last talked to meo on friday when he stopped at the gas station where they both worthed. >> he was on the right track and sometimes they slip off and get into the hands of bad people and evil comes out of it.
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>> he would not elaborate but described cosmo dinardo a person of interest, being held on $5 million bail this way -- >> people knew of him. that he was crazy and stuff. but nobody could expect the worst like that. >> as the massive dig along 202 continues the grandparents of jimmy patrick asked to release a biography of the missing 19-year-old. he attended loyola on a full scholarship and awarded academic recognition on the deans list. >> can't imagine the pain they are experiencing at this time. i'm a parent myself and can't even imagine it. >> the parents of wawa delivered hoagies and spoke with family members nearby. >> it was heart breaking for myself and area manager, went up with us, and it's hard to imagine having kids my own that
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age. >> the search site nearby remains active. it's a brutal wait for the friends and family that want to know for sure exactly what happened to all of these young men. live in solebury township, nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we'll continue to alert you to every new development in this story through the 6 abc app. right now you can find all the latest details about this case along with raw video from the action cam and chopper 6 hd the 6 abc app is a free download for your mobile device. all right now to an accuweather alert. another day inform 90s making this our fourth heat wave of the season and it feels a whole lot hotter. we remain under an excessive heat warning and now a thunderstorm watch for parts of the area. the action cam found a landscaper working under the scorching sun in logan square and before noon at that time and he said he had another brutal job ahead and on to the square there. the flash area was on and parents used to to keep the kids
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busy and cool today. >> sky 6 hd giving us the view from penn's landing lots to do down the delaware but today make sure you drink water and take breaks in the shade. >> and now adam joseph is here now letting us know when the conditions will break and watching storms as well. >> the humid conditions will not leave the area so to speak until the upcoming weekend and another storm chance tomorrow. and we are under heat wave number 4 and same for yesterday and peaking at 94 degrees above the normal of 87, you factor in the oppressive tropical humidity and the peak heat index was 111 degrees, felt like 109 in millville and wildwood and atlantic city no break at 104 and the city of philadelphia 101, and all the humidity and intention heat and energy coming in it sparks storms we have a
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severe thunderstorm watch for all the areas in yellow, that is three quarters of our area. does not include the shore or southern delaware or new jersey. the winds could be as high as 70 degree and the biggest concentration is new york into new england and a clustner central parts of pennsylvania and we'll watch this as it sinks to the south and east and nothing imminent in our area and a couple of downpours popping at this time. any of these storms, the highest risk is the dangerous lightning and torrential downpours and tornadoes and hail. we'll look at the storm tracker coming up in the full forecast. president trump and first lady melon -- tonight they join president macron and his wife for dinner at the eiffel tower. they held a joint news
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conference and president trump fielded a round of questions whether russia interfered in the election and more on his son's meeting with the russian lawyer. >> i have a son that say great young man a great person, took a lawyer from russia that lasted for a short period and nothing that came from the meeting and a meeting most people in politics probably would have taken. he is sending a letter to donald trump jr. to ask him to testify about the meeting with the russian lawyer. senator chuck grassley says he would subpoena the president's oldest son and would like to see it happen as early as next week. >> all right alicia. there is a new proposal to increase the prison time for pennsylvania's heroin dealers, state senator is introducing the
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bill with the support of the law enforcement community the measure calls for a mandatory minimum sentence for first time heroin offenders. >> these guys that sell heroin are murderers, pure and simple. murderers. and take the kid gloves off and whack them and put them in jail where they belong. >> the same bill would demand harsher penalties for drugs that cause serious harm. the site of two recent overdoses where the victims fortunately survived. time now for a first check of the "action news" traffic report. lets go live to matt pellman. >> reporter: good afternoon a hot one out there. and the traffic is not so hot. like here along 95 northbound side at cotman and academy remnants of a crash taking out the right lane and the penndot
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truck and tow truck out here clearing the accident. that is the good news and extra heavy northbound on 95 with speeds in the 20s from the betsy ross bridge to the accident scene at cotman and academy. even worse speeds on the schuylkill expressway in the typical slow spot. just 9 miles per hour westbound as you travel by city avenue. springfield township, montgomery county, a crash along bethlehem pike at wissahickon avenue by the paint store and in chester county a crash along the southbound side of the route 1 oxford bypass near 796 that cleared out and head to nottingham, are you good to go on the southbound route 1 oxford bypass and southbound side of blue anchor road, but we are better this afternoon on the rails in new jersey, patco high speed line back to normal after all the problems this morning. the trolley blitz continues, 10,
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11, 34 and 36 remain diverted to 40th and market. lets do the commuter report. a crash along the blue route 476 approaching westchester pike and that is the spot that would normally be bus in the afternoon. we'll check it again if the next-hour. >> nice to have you back. >> still ahead on "action news" at 4:00. the third time is the charm for war torn robotics team they are finally being allowed into the united states. >> and melissa magee is down the shore today live in sea isle city. >> reporter: hi there brian and sharrie. it's a good day to be down the shore because the heat is on inland and here it's pretty hot too but a bit a breeze in historic fish alley in the bay and marina and i have captain eric and stand by because we are doing a little fishing because
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our outlaw ribeye, or a full rack of baby back ribs. and for lunch, try our steakhouse burger, or any steakhouse lunch combo. only at longhorn. republicans unveiled the latest version of their health care bill. senator mitch mcconnell released the bill highlighting changes for skeptical conservatives. letting them sell bare bones policies, it could win over conservatives and scare some moderates. chuck schumer call tropical disturbance -- a group of tech savvy girls
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in afghanistan are finally allowed to compete in a robotics competition in washington, d.c. the team originally was not able to go because they had their visas denied by the state department but after a third attempt and help from president trump the girls were given the proper status to be allowed in the states. the competition begins on sunday. verizon is confirming that personal information of 6 million customers leaked online but it did not get into the wrong hands according to the company. it causes names, addresses and pins to leak. verizon was made aware, and still the mobile giant was seen by the company that alerted verizon to the problem. they were urged to update their pin codes. prime time emmy nomination is out and two shows lead the pack.
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"saturday night live" got 22 nods and one for alec baldwin and the hbo - and the second for davis. and tracy elis ross was nominated for lead actress in blackish and her second nomination and still going for the win. her costar anthony anderson god a nod his third straight nomination and up for outstanding comedy series and we see them on the list, modern family to date has won more than 20 emmys and nominated around 70 times. i have lost track. the emmy awards will be presented on september 17th.
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>> thanks. coming up tonight on 6 abc it's an all new episode of battle of the network stars, abc revised the classic with a mix of familiar faces and new stars, tonight it's the white house versus television lawyers, including matt mcgory who play a law student in philadelphia on abc's how to get away with murder. >> the fun of this show is there are so many events that require so many strengths and skills. and we all have to compete in so many different things that inherently everyone is out of their comfort zone. >> and tonight's prime time lineup begins at 8:00 with the boy band and battle of the network stars and "action news" at 11:00. all right meteorologist, adam joseph joining us now with more on it's intense heat. blanketing the region.
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chance of severe storms for the region and parts of our area. and looking at where it is. north western parts of berks county. near wolmersdorf west of reading and hamburg this warning until 5:00 p.m. and winds near 60 miles per hour as it's storms push into the county it's just to the north and west of the county right now. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan local here, we have the flair-up that occurred in parts of chester and montgomery county and phoenixville and spring city along egypt road and german town pike heading to the east at 25 miles per hour. and winds could be 25 miles per hour and not severe just moving to the north of king of prussia. this is the severe strong near bethel and pottsville. and just to the north and west of hamburg, not in our viewing area yet but warning you ahead of it as it sinks to the north and east and its journey towards
4:20 pm
the region half hour to around 45 minutes and it's all fueled by that intense heat and humidity out there this afternoon. right now it feels like 99 degrees in philadelphia. 103 in millville and 106 at the atlantic city airport. 116 degrees right now in dover. the peak in the area. and notice storms in allentown they have a little bit of rain and the heat index sitting at 78 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar we are dealing with high clouds through much of the day after morning sunshine. and now fueling up the storms, the severe thunderstorm watch in effect for philadelphia points to the north and west especially here as we watch the storms fire up and start to push in. we have the brutal heat and humidity this evening. scattered storms coming in and not everyone will see them but if you get hit with them they bring torrential downpours and high water content in the area and that is the humidity you feel and powerful wind gusts with the storms. spotty in nature and
4:21 pm
tremendously humid tonight and 71 to 75 degrees and quiet things down after the 9:00 hour that is when the watch is up until. and 6:00 we see the storms popping around philadelphia to millville and 10:00, 11:00 tonight effect is quiet and remains quiet into tomorrow morning and more storms here firing up tomorrow afternoon. this is friday at 3:00 and that will be the final kick to the heat and humidity once again tomorrow a slight risk of severe storms that are scattered again across the area that could bring again damaging wind gusts along with heavy rainfall. 87 tomorrow and oppressive humid again with the gusty thunderstorms in the afternoon and saturday a breath of fresh air, 87 and low humidity and returning sunshine and then we start to heat back up on sunday and the humidity comes up at 89 degrees and humid again and back to 90 on monday with thunderstorms popping in the afternoon and it looks like we'll have another heat wave next week brian.
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and projects across delaware. well, it may be summer break but kids are working hard at edison's charter school. they researched a topic important to them and gave the results today part of the leading youth through empowerment program helping to further the education of low income students. the intense heat and humidity moved the university of delaware's farmers market indoors. the market is open every thursday through september 21st. usually at mentor circle. they have locally grown produce and baked goods. animal lovers have a -- a glimpse of a giant sea creature, this is a time collapse of a blue whales skeleton being installed at the history museum in london. it took hours and hours to assemble the 82 foot long spectacle.
4:27 pm
the gigantic spectacle is hovering in midair and it's all for sunts and to draw attention to vanishing species. >> incredible to see it like that. still to come on "action news" at 4:00 includes a look at the dance moves that made some of of the biggest singers around. >> i'm nydia han and i have chemical freeways to keep tics at bay coming up in what's the deal.
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it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with the missing persons turned murder case that has captivated the delaware valley and beyond. we watched closely as search teams scoured the solebury fine looking for evidence of four young men that simply vanished last week and the grim discovery, the body of 19-year-old dean finocchiaro found in a 12 foot grave. and the da confirmed that more human remains are found in the hole. he has yet to say if they belong to the other missing men. mark sturgis and jimmy patrick and thomas meo are still missing. it's unclear if he knew the person of interest, cosmo dinardo. >> i know more about the relationships and i have to keep it that way and i have to keep
4:30 pm
it that way. >> dinardo remains behind bars on $5 million cash bail, arrested wednesday for allegedly trying to sell one of the missing person's stolen cars and bucks county authorities are asking for the public's help today. the fbi has a new tip line to gather information to help this investigation. call 1-800-call-fbi and hit option 7 or go online to and we'll bring you updates on the search for more bodies on air and online at turning now to another big story. the dangerously hot weather. lets turn to adam joseph with when the oppressive heat will break. >> the oppressive park will break but uncoverage tomorrow and big changes by the weekend. and storms are popping across the area because of the intense heat and humidity.
4:31 pm
stormtracker 6 live double scan a severe thunderstorm is working into parts of berks county just to the north and west of hamburg, pottsville and dangerous lightning and winds possibly up to 60 miles per hour with that storm. in addition to that, we take a look at satellite and radar and more off to the north and that continues to pinwheel through the region and downpours popping in chester county and montgomery county and a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for all the areas highlighted in yellow at 9:00 and does not include the state of delaware or extreme south jersey or the shore. even there you can see the pop-ups and may not turn to the severe side. what to expect torrential downpours and ponding on roadways where the storms pass through with dangerous lightning and winds up to 70 miles per hour. we'll take a closer look at stormtracker 6 live double scan and more storms tomorrow and a nice weekend ahead in the accuweather forecast. >> even though it feels like it's in the triple digits outside. philadelphia's health department
4:32 pm
has not declared a heat emergency but that does not mean that people are not taking precautions to stay safe. vernon odom is live now in logan square to explain what has changed. >> reporter: good afternoon sharrie. citing statistics and their analysis the city's health department we are enduring here we have not fell into death valley days, as long as people and senior citizens follow rules like getting as much cool air inside as possible and drinking lots of water. craftsmen hard at work installing windows today as the temperature and humidity continued to rise, they know that it will eventually feel like over 100 degrees and the veterans are well schooled in all the proper precautions, lunch time is coming up soon and we get hydrated again by lunch time. a lot of water. >> hydrate gatorades and water.
4:33 pm
>> moving around too much it's getting hot. despite the impress he heat philadelphia's health department says that the updated analysis shows it's not the proper time to declare an emergency and this kind of weather triggered emergency measures for the elderly and it's not necessary. >> this is not really high enough or long enough and because this is ending. today, tonight and tomorrow. we are not going have high temperatures tomorrow greater than the low to mid-80s. it's not going to escalate to the emergency level for this event. >> the department of aging says that it's time to be on guard. but they cannot activate the emergency phone lines unless the health department gives the okay and the senior center gives the hours today and the experts warn a time of potential peril for
4:34 pm
seniors. heat and humidity make it difficult for older adults to release from hire bodies. >> i have water and an inhaler. >> the heat can be dangerous? >> i know. >> sharrie the health department says that we are in a cautionary advisory period and not a state of emergency. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> okay vernon thank you. you can keep track of the latest heat wave with the 6 abc app. in addition to the updates on the temperature find stormtracker 6 live double scan radar and the 6 abc app is a free download. we have now learned the names of the two women shot and killed as they sat in a car in north philadelphia. police say that 35-year-old illy mendoza and 19-year-old marie torres were inside of the red pickup truck at lawrence street when each were shot in the head.
4:35 pm
police have not made arrests or suggested what the motive may have been here. >> a man's failed burglary attempt was caught on camera in sommer beton it shows him trying to get inside of the philly gas station on bustleton avenue. he first tries to pry open the door using a tool and then broke out a blow torch and after several minutes of blasting the door with heat he was not getting inside and left in a ford escape. police are hoping someone will recognize this man and turn him in. firefighters learn how to protect their own lives during a safety lesson and a large fire was set at delaware county's ems center and how to avoid injuries putting the fire out. they were specifically focusing on the basement fire and the type of fire that joyce craig died after fighting a fire in
4:36 pm
2014. it was a key recommendation of a federal report following craig's death. >> the camden county police department. hosts a training session that was highly snare driven and centered around policing tactics. and they launchd this two years ago and fully integrated that program. part of it focused on safely defusing encounter for people that may suffer from mental or behavioral challenges. >> the vietnam memorial is set up in bucks county. a smaller remember can an of the wall in d.c. and prieviously on display in florida. and they brought it in three individual pieces and over the last couples days they put it together on pens memorial ball field open to the public tomorrow starting at 9:00 a.m. one place to try to beat the
4:37 pm
heat is the jersey shore. >> this is where we find melissa magee live in sea isle city. looking at places to dine down at the shore. going fishing melissa? >> reporter: you know i'm up to something. we are going fishing and also crabbing, because this week it's about the new jersey state crab festival. and what timing to beat the heat it's stifling at the shore and a nice breeze coming in from fish alley here in the marina, not just mikes it's not the only place to dine outside of the jersey shore. check out a few places you can check out this weekend. >> cabin on the bay sat somers point sits on the water. >> that is the atlantic ocean there. the skyline is also in view whether you are fine dining inside or unwinding on the back deck. >> we offer a tommy bahamas type
4:38 pm
vibe. >> you can enjoy scallops or crab cakes. >> would i go neck and neck with maryland for the best crab cake. >> and lob ter house is one of the most iconic spots. >> it's amazing and a great way to enjoy the atmosphere. >> the schooner is docked off the lobster half. >> the view is something you can't enjoy anywhere else. >> the only restaurant that sits on the water on the seven mile island. with 300 seats the view of the bay is active during the bay and breathtaking as the sun drops. >> people get excited and start taking photos. >> and the steakhouse inside of atlantic city offers fine dining and a stunning view. >> the menu is a mix of surf and turf from veal no new york strip
4:39 pm
to the seafood sampler. >> one time they discover us they will come back over. >> it's a great day to be at the shore we have chase from harbors outfitters. he is on the supboard. to get relief from the heat and humidity. last year they made me hold one on the air and i don't know if i have the nerve this time. but we'll responsibly put mr. crab back in the water and coming up it's time to eat some seafood over at mike's seafood and doc restaurant. we'll have fun this weekend down the shore. make sure you stay hydrated in this heat. >> unreal. she says that sitting on a boat. rub it in melissa. stage fright is not one term that one philadelphia child knows you don't want to miss the dance moves that make a local singer invite the little girl
4:40 pm
into the spotlight. and american airlines wants to sell your seat to someone else for more money. >> it's not a mouth guard or pacifier, you are looking at the strangest product to hit the or alomarket. the worlds first hands free tooth brush.
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a call to fix a broken atm led to a surreal situation after the contractor got stuck inside of the machine. ironically the repairman was working to fix a different lock when he got locked in the small room that houses the atm. without his phone the contractor started to slip messages to customers through the cash slot
4:43 pm
and understandably most people thought it was a prank and left without doing a single thing. it took two full hours for someone to call police and they contacted the man's boss and he was hot and thirsty and otherwise okay. big talkers and still recovering from the viral jove booking crisis american airlines is doing something to avoid a repeat but it ends up making them money. it's the flex schedule program. ahead of your flight american will ask how flexible you are. if the airline thinks your ticket is a hot commodity and can you change your itinerary and they give you $250 and you will get rebooks in 24 hours and then united can resell your seat at a higher price to business travelers. >> a lot of people are talking about that. it's a hands free world we just live in it.
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4:45 pm
♪ ♪ >> she has the whole thing down. that is jay la and she is 10 years old and her brother said with no hesitation she showed out. she is about to be ative and grader and to be a huge star. she is dancing since she was 3 years old and they even bowed down to her colony herself. arms up and nice bow here. she got the moment. she soaked it up and took the stage over. >> she owned it. we'll see a lot more of her i suspect. >> lets get a check of the roads now. matt has the update for us. >> we are dancing around traffic troubles keeping our speeds down
4:46 pm
taking a few extra moments on the schuylkill expressway and because of this accident that did involve a tractor trailer. the truck is now gone but the other vehicle involved is still there with police and a tow truck on the scene. this is the eastbound side of 76 the schuylkill underneath the blue route and we are jammed through kin of prussia to 202 and it remains heavy on into the conshohocken curve and westbound is no better 7 miles per hour although on the westbound side all the lanes are open. no accidents over there at this point at least. >> on 95 northbound between cotman and academy the crash is gone and looking at speeds in the 30s and 40s as you come out of center city. and springfield township minneapolis county, the crash at bethlehem pike, that too as cleared up out of the way. and one that sounds like a nasty one in chester county by it's doe run road and buck run road.
4:47 pm
and in the state of delaware the normal delays, while i was off the last couple of days, a new traffic pattern on newcastle off the delaware memorial bridge. watch for that this afternoon. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you. meteorologist, adam joseph, standing by with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. the heat will break next.
4:48 pm
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meteorologist, adam joseph and the heat is about to break. another day or so the intense heat and humidity starts to pull back tomorrow and we have severe storms tonight and father-in-law chance for tomorrow and big changes for the weekend. we head to the weather center and dealing with severe thunderstorm warning wolmersdorf
4:50 pm
and just to the west of reading and the problem is winds probably gusting to 60 miles per hour. as we take a look at stormtracker 6 live double scan of this storm, that is now coming in from the north and west speeds between 30 and 40 miles per hour. near i-78 in hamburg and bethel, you see a hook kind of doing something funky there right now. we have to watch this storm sliding south and east of i-78 south of fleet wood and tremendous heavy rain with this towards kutztown and parts of the lehigh valley. pop-ups not severe in this region and montgomery county sliding towards bucks county and chester county near honey brook and downingtown and thunderstorms fueling up here releasing a lot of heavy rain briefly across it's area and 22 lightning strikes this vantage point. these are popping anywhere and
4:51 pm
it's all being fueled by the intense heat and humidity. feeling like 98 degrees in philadelphia and 99 in trenton and dover and down in cape may and feels like 96 degrees in cape may. a couple of batches of storms in new england and one in central pennsylvania, and severe thunderstorm warning in effect for a good chunk of our viewing area north of wilmington. 6:00 this evening. you see the storms in and around philadelphia as far south as millville and then they are pretty much out of here at 8:00, 9:00 and that is when the watch expires and a fairly quiet night overall. we get into the friday afternoon and more storms pop up as the final wave of energy comes through to finally ring all of this moisture outs of the atmosphere.
4:52 pm
the storm prediction center has us in a slight risk for scattered severe storms and wind being the threat tomorrow especially the lehigh valley and down to the south and 87 degrees and the cold front approaches with the storms and still very humid tomorrow and the front comes through and high pressure comes in, our best friend here on saturday. less humid and temperatures 87 degrees with sunshine. we head to the shore melissa magee in sea isle city doing crabbing in the bay, haven't seen the old bay. with those crabs. >> old bay. right yes. but old bay seasoning on the crabs that we eat in the hour adam. a great place to be down it's shore because as you said it's hot inland and hot everybody and we get relief right now, we have the numbers as we head into the weekend down the shore. it's still humid tomorrow and thunderstorms are still likely a high temperature coming in at 76 degrees and on saturday, nice
4:53 pm
mixture and sunshine and clouds and we like high pressure, a high temperature of 85 sunny and nice and high of 83 degrees, it looks like some relief is coming into the weekend and we have the guys say hi. they are waiving trying to get on camera and they rushed down when they saw us live on the air with their tubing. isn't that refreshing we'll have more adam on what to do down the shore in the next half hour. >> as we look at the exclusive accuweather forecast temperatures in the upper 80s and humid tomorrow with the gusty thunderstorms and low humidity saturday at 67 and the humidity returns and another heat wave on the way and more "action news" coming up.
4:54 pm
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to limit the number of tics in your backyard. consumer reports experts explains, the company sprays it's cedar oil treatment that keeps tics at bay. >> it's a low risk product and pesticide free application. >> certain types of cedar oil treatments prove effective against tics and take chemical free steps in your yard. trim tall grass and weeds and keep the lawn short. >> consumer reports advises letting your grass grow on the long side but if you have tics, cut it down to 2 to 2.5 inches high. and get rid of leaf piles with a blower or rake and pay attention to the trees. tics love the shade and if you have trees with low hanging branches it's not a bad idea to clip them 18 inches from the ground. >> they prefer open areas rather
4:57 pm
than grass, so building a mulch gives them another barrier. >> use wood chips or bark and not the shredded mulch. do a tic check on the family before coming back if the house after being outside. when in the woods use a repella repellant. consumer reports recommends off deep woods with 30% deet. >> always important advice that does it for "action news" at 4:00. i'm brian taff hope you'll join us all for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17.
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4:59 pm
a 12 foot deep grave is the mystery surrounding the four missing men in bucks coins and one victim is identified and police say that more remains have been found and officials continue to search for evidence the main person of of evidence in the case is fighting a legal
5:00 pm
battle of his own charged with a crime relating to one of the men still missing at this hour. the big story is the missing men investigation. we have team coverage for the legal fallout and the investigation. we begin with sara bloomquist live near the bucks county courthouse in doylestown. >> reporter: a lot of commotion here around the doylestown courthouse this afternoon. bucks county district attorney matt weintraub is in the courthouse with attorneys associated with the case. an investigative grand jury is meeting here as work goes on in solebury township to recover and identify human remains. >> the fbi and other law enforcement kept up their work on the solebury township farm owned by the family of the person of interest in the


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