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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  July 14, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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details from the suspect about how four missing men in bucks county were murdered. and president trump is wrapping up his visit in paris leaving with what appears to be a new-found friendship. >> reporter: a live look sky6 live hd the commodore barry bridge, accuweather is tracking more rain some of which could severe. 5:30, july 14, matt o'donnell is off, jeanette reyes joins us. >> let's head over to karen rogers and david murphy. >> reporter: we are seeing the storms impact the morning commute. >> reporter: we have satellite and there's cloud cover out there, obviously to the west of philadelphia we have had thunderstorms develop and they
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are rumping through right now. storm tracker 6 live double scan they are in the middle of chester county heading toward media, right now arriving in the county seat of delaware county, bell fonlt right about now -- bellefonte, right about now, as well. boothwyn in delaware county looking at the arrival of these. when they get to the communities and everywhere else in between, you can expect heavy downpours of decent amount of lightning and we had gotten 18 lightning strikes within this cluster and gusty wind ahead of it, perhaps a 30-mile an hour gust which could bring down a tree branch or two. that's the cluster moving through chester and delaware county and getting into philadelphia county. philadelphia only five or ten minutes away, as well. as we take a look at temperatures, it's warm 76 degrees in philadelphia. now, 674 in cape may. 71 up in allentown.
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as we go through the day it's going to be a warm one not as hot as yesterday, 81 at 3:00 p.m., showers and thunderstorms a possibility. dewpoints are oppressive. we're in the 70s, so just like yesterday you're looking at oppressive humidity across the region. i want to remind you, if you are driving around today and you encounter the storms and the water starts to rise on the road, remember as you get deeper and deeper through the water you can get problems, 6 inches make the car stall, 1 inches can move a -- 12 inches can move a small car turn around don't drown. lings looking good for the weekend. downingtown, chester county 30 bypass, as you move toward 202 you're driving in the rain in chester county. coming from coatsville you'll be dealing with the rain as the moves closer to the city. the other big traffic issue,
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west trenton lines seeing 30 minute delays, they are having signal problems near the neshaminy falls station. it's oppressive with the humidity, you have downpours and waiting outside for your train. trolley tunnel blitz seeing trolleys diverted taking longer there. we have a downed tree in lower providence partially blocking the roadway. we have a problem new hanover township hill road at henning road. tam and jennette. >> there are on going developments in the disappearance of four men in bucks county. we know they are murdered, cosmo dinardo took part if killing all of them. katherine scott is live for us at the jail with the disturbing details that cosmo dinardo told investigators. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: there's been a lot of rumors and speculation about the case, we're starting to
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learn more about what happened, meanwhile, the man's attorney said he confessed to the murder. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: the only two words uttered to reporters of cosmo dinardo of bensalem after his attorney said his client confessed to the part in the murders of the four missing men in bucks county and the location of their remains. in exchange, the death penalty was taken off the table. >> he confessed to his participation or commission in the murders of four young men. 19-year-old dean finocchiaro of middletown township. 19-year-old jimi patrick of newtown. mark sturgis of pens grove and tom meo of plumstead have been missing for two weeks. their remains were found on the sprawling grounds of the farm in sole burr township. according to the associated
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press, cosmo dinardo killed each of the victims separately after selling them marijuana feeling cheated or threatened by the transaction, and burned the bodies at his family farm. the person said three of the bodies were burned inside a drum adding a coconspirator was involved in three of the deaths. the district attorney say the families are holding up remarkably well. >> i am grateful for their trust in us, it means the world to us, it keeps us going. >> reporter: the d.a. has not announced any murder charges. cosmo dinardo has been held on a 5 million-dollar bail for previous charge. the d.a. will have a press conference later on this morning, we'll bring them live as we get the updates. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> good morning, thank you so much. a former fbi agent said the confession will aid investigators for the clues in the case. >> it will allow them to
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process the scene faster. he will tell them is there more than one spot where the bodies are burieded how did he kill them. these are things they would have to put together like a jigsaw puzzle from the forensic evidence they have to recover. but with him providing information, obviously, presumably, they are trusting the information he is providing a >> anyone with information go to tips right now we have the latest on the confession along with the timeline of this massive investigation. >> it's 5:36 a.m., new this morning, president trump is
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taking part in bastille day celebrations in paris. this is president macron and trump celebrating with a parade, over the champ elysees. . >> nothing came of the meeting, and i think it is a meeting that most people in politics probably would have taken. >> a moment of sticking out for some, president trump was captured on video commenting on the french first lady's figure, telling her you're in good shape beautiful, critics call it sex atlantic city and sexist.
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the vietnam memorial will be on display in bucks county. it was previously on display in florida. over the last few days, dozens of volunteers put it together at penn daily memorial ball field. it will be open to the public beginning this morning at 9:00. happening today a home in philadelphia will have a section to mega music star taylor swift and it could be deemed historic. today the philadelphia historical commission is set to consider 319 green lane in rocks rocks -- roxborough for historic designation. it belonged to a powerful political figure a century ago. he happens to be the great great grandfather of taylor swift. there's a chance of strong storms and drenching showers today. it could be a repeat. strong storms swept through parts of the area last night.
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in berks county, a tree came down along fair view street in muhlenberg township. deluge of rain was splashing the streets there. >> we have wet weather dave. >> reporter: tam was saying we have showers and thunderstorms, i want to take a look at this for you. we're looking at a line of fairly heavy rain along with thunderstorms. there are no warnings associated with this yet, but there's a bit of a hazardous weather statement that has come out of the weather service which suggests there might be 30-mile an hour wind gusts which might be enough to bring down a branch or two. some of you in the towns are seeing some rain there maybe thunder already rumbling and jumping out ahead of the line, some heavy downpours, the main downpour activity appears to be
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about where we've tracked it here, in pens grove you're looking at the arrival of this, somewhere around 5:51 a.m., chester, 5:52 a.m., as we get into wynnfield, i'll move this forward just a little bit, 5:46 a.m. ridley park, 5:47 a.m. landsdown, chester, as well. mcdounagh and collingdale. this is moving into eastern chester county and getting into delaware county right now and pushing up the coast into philadelphia, southern montgomery county picking up some of that, a drenching thunderstorm with lightning and gusty winds ahead of it. as we look outside, sky6 live hd at the airport, dry here, but not for long as the showers and thunderstorms are moving in. temperature 76 degrees, the dewpoint up there at oppressive levels. over 70. the winds right now are light, s.a.t thunderstorm activity comes through, obviously a
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temporary stronger gust. future tracker 6 showing this rifles through the region and get out of here fairly quickly during the rush hour. this new model run shows spotty showers by 3:00 p.m. the model has it by 6:00 p.m. wherever you see something like this like this morning's storm drenching downpours and lighten lightning and windy gus ahead of this. we're looking for potential of severe weather from philadelphia down the shore. by 11:00 p.m. it's out of here, i would allow for a line of strong thunderstorms. anything that pops will have a high risk of lightning and downpours and strong winds. a tornado cannot be ruled out in south jersey later tonight. the numbers, 83 degrees by noon, 85 by 3:00 p.m. that will be the high, it's very muggy today. high temperatures across the region, 85 in philadelphia. 79 in allentown.
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if you're at the shore, looks like low 80s today. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 85 degrees, humid strong storms possible at times, but then we get better. on saturday, partly sunny and nicer, 87 degrees with humidity lowering during the day, might be sticky in the morning, but it's better in the afternoon. mostly sunny and nice on sunday, high of 89. >> reporter: after that, monday and tuesday, back in the 80s higher humidity returning and spotty thunderstorm. looks like the 90s now for wednesday and thursday, and again a spotty thunderstorm can't be ruled out. >> all right, thank you, david. time 5:42 a.m., new this morning, a small plane crash lands on a street knock into a light pole. was it racial bias or regular traffic spot in florida. >> reporter: schuylkill expressway traffic is looking good, it's not going to stay dry long, i'll talk you to west
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chester -- i'll take you to west chester where it's really coming down when "action news" comes right back.
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>> good morning and happy friday, we're taking a look at the center city skyline via our temple university sky6 live hd
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camera, you're in for a wet and sticky day today. time, 545 app, 76 degrees outside. >> what week, man. >> reporter: after a week we have tow get through a difficult friday with storms coming through, you can see how people are having a tough time traveling in west chester. 202 paoli pike they have the splash back coming back, the rain is coming down in west chester. as you come in from west goshen and malvern you're driving toward the rain on 202. mass transit, the big issue, the west trenton line, 30 minute delays on a miserable day. you're out there waiting for a train. watch for that. we have an accident in lower providence township evans burger road at germantown pike as we look live on i-95 we can see the clouds and some rain. i want to show you storm tracker 6 live double scan right now so
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we can watch the rain, it's light in norristown, but heavy in malvern, and in coatsville, the storm is moving east. they are approaching the city in wilmington, right now on i-95. they will be in center city 5:47 a.m., swedes bore 5:50 a.m. gloucester city, 5:58 a.m., you can see it's heavier down to the south. in norristown you're not getting much. in trenton you're not getting much out of this. in wilmington and south jersey that's when the heavy rain is right now. i-95 it's cloudy at this point, the rain has not hit. watch for this on cottman avenue torresdale it's vitality guy showing us that. two people survived a small plane crash landing in miami, nobody was not seriously hurt.
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the pilot told witnesses tried to land the plane because of engine problems nobody on the ground was injured. cans of red bull became weapons of a robbery during a robbery in california. according to the clerk, the robbery started when a woman went to the religionster with two young -- registers with two young boy and tried to distract him. the boys grabbed cases of red bull. they got away with 7 cases of energy drinks which is worthle $700. an attorney who was pulled over in a traffic stop hopes to use the incident as a teachable moment. she is the first black state attorney she was pulled over and questioned in orlando. the officers say they pulled her over after a check of the
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license plate kim up empty because she was in a state issued vehicle. >> we run tags all the time. that's how we figure out if cars were stolen and the windows were dark. >> orlando police say the stop was lawful. she said shell not file a lawsuit but would like to meet the police chief to discuss what happened. >> 5:49 a.m., a celebrity leaves 2,000-dollar tip at a waffle house. the rescue efforts to save an elephant after it got swept out to sea that and more coming up next.
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>> now to an amazing rescue that has gone viral. an out to sea. it was found nine miles off the shore. it was struggling to keep its ae surface. it took several boats and a team of navy divers to rescue the elephant. they used rope guide the elephant from the water to dry land. they are actually good swimmers. rain on i-95, delaware state line, you can see it's wet, the rain is moving through the area. it's a lower commute, that's northbound traffic on the left heading toward the blue route. in lower merion we have a tree branch near trevor lane and downed tree in lower providence at rittenhouse road.
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>> reporter: that's the result winds gusts coming through, like now, it's pushing through new castle county and salem and camden counties and right now or gloucester, at least a lot of northern and western suburbs, the heavier downpours are to the south. all this coming into camden in the next couple of minutes, woodstown and gloucester city along with merchantville and woodbury today we're looking at a warm one, not as hot as yesterday, but muggy, high of 85. more storms possible this afternoon and evening. they could be strong and gusty. hold on to the umbrella. thank you. >> reporter: singer and actor donny walhberg got the royal treatment at the waffle house in north carolina, he took photos with staff and customers and left a 2,000-dollar tip on an 82-dollar bill. he made sure the waitresses had a front-row seat to the new kids on the block concert in charlotte. >> she was so nice.
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>> we're giving her back stage pass passes, tickets for your mom. >> talk about having the right stuff. the restaurant said he stayed for two hours, he was clearly enjoying himself. >> go to the mcdonalds down the street and wait on are? >> upe're following the latest developments in the confession in the bucks county homicide case, a live 6:00 a.m. whoa!
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a roofer who was electrocuted yesterday while working in salem county. 54-year-old jerome dean of pens grove was installing a roof in pennsville when his ladder came in contact with an electrical line. a second worker was shocked with non-life threatening injuries. more than 130 bronze plaques along the avenue of the arts celebrating the city's unique and remarkable music legacy. >> pretty cool. >> time now, 2 of the biggest
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and keep on running all day long. friday, july 14, matt is off, jeanette reyes is joining us. >> we continue to follow the latest developments in the murders of four men in bucks county. the lawyer of the man detained in the case says he has confessed. new this morning, a


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