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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 14, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." it's july 14th. time to ring cancer's bell with a little girl who conquered chemo and one happy lady who -- >> is sporting a new look. >> her story to a glorious new head of hair. you decide is this is a success or a failure? >> why it depends on who you ask. >> oh! a mom takes a trip down memory lane. the reason she's at a top secret facility 60 stories underground. >> okay. some serious business goes on down there. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle breaking down the best on the web including the glitter chest
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trend. >> i decided i would try this today. >> oh, we're doing you? >> on oli. >> see the reluctant transformation that was so worth all the trouble. >> does it hurt? >> only on the inside. this is a very special day for little e advantage lee that here. she's about to ring that bell. when you're at a children's hospital that means something special. you can faintly hear this man reading the plaque next to this bell. >> when your last chemo has done, ring the bell to tell everyone to celebrate. >> so celebrate she does. >> she's like, ring that bell, girl. ring it, ring it, ring it. >> the fire brigade is like what what what what we good? >> she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor and had to undergo seven months of chemotherapy treatments after she had surgery to remove the tumor and her left kidney. so the fact she is able to say i
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beat this thing is huge. >> yeah. she's a champ. a straight-up fighter. that's why she almost smashed this bell down. let's do it. this brittany here is sporting is new look. she's feeling pretty happy. she, too, has been battling cancer and has lost all of her hair. the stylist is putting her hands through this gorgeous wig they put together for her. she's trying it on for the first time. >> it's amazing. >> here's the best part about this video. this came from hair donated from five different strangers who came together for brittany here. while she was losing her hair, she was facing a $10,000 fee to get a natural wig made for her. a fee she could not afford. instead, her friend decided to reach out to a company in california. hair couture designs. and they agreed to make her a
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wig for whatever her insurance would pay. >> that's amazing. >> and there is a picture of her before the wig and her after. her friend reached out to a community online and five strangers decided to send in their braids for this wig for free. this is lake success in california. >> sounds like a inwither. >> you decide. is this a discuss or a failure? >> it's a win for us. >> exactly. the intention was to send these unsuspecting these people on this tube and get them to high up as fly into the air. >> success. >> success if you were on the tube and didn't know about that plan, but maybe it's a fail. >> they knew, right? >> no. >> according to the information we got, the people out did not know the plan was to send them
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sky high. >> they figured it out quickly. >> don't get in the lake if you're not trying to get wet. >> this is in colorado. the description of this, everybody seems to underestimate the power of this hole. they are just relaxed as they're coming down here. and this hole just seems to eat people up person after person after person. >> there's one of those on every river tubing experience. you know everyone goes through but finish your beer before that. >> finish your beer and maybe hold onto things. this river and little rapid there is like i'll take those glasses, that hat. did you have car keys? sorry, you're not going home today. >> okay. so you can't wear your river wig, that's what you're telling me? >> that's is thing? >> there's something for everything. don't you worry. you'd think by now that drivers in china would pay just a little more attention, because -- >> oh, not again. >> oh, yes, again. that's a 5-year-old little boy
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doing what kids do. he's twirling around enjoying life. as this car comes in life, he twirls right outside to the side of it. and then he and the car kind of merge and then this happens. >> oh! >> oh, shoot. >> how does that happen? >> the vehicle rolls over him twice. >> now this is the point where the child jumps straight up, right? >> this child doesn't jump straight up but he is lucky because he didn't suffer serious injury. he's twitching in pain. people rush to his aid. he was diagnosed with a bruised hip in the hospital. >> amazing. >> it is a miracle that that's all that happened to him. now, the driver is being charged with dangerous driving and will be held responsible for covering the child's medical expenses and the situation is still under investigation. people keep talking about this next video because when it was posted online, folks in brazil was like enough a enough. that's a truck.
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you'll notice it's loading some people. >> it looks like it's pulled up to a hospital. >> it is. these people were injured in a motorcycle accident. they haven't had an ambulance for about the last five years. instead they've been transporting patients in the back of this truck. the problem is they're saying that the ambulance has been out for maintenance but the people in the area are going, how long does it take to get a working ambulance in place? because they're transporting these people, one of them which happens to have a fractured leg, about 67 miles. they're not going up the street. we have seen a lot of surprises here on "right this minute." especially when it comes to parents and things like that. but you've never seen one like this. as you can see at the begin og the video, we're at a canadian military base. inside the car is kevin and his mum. kevin is a host and producer for break it's a tv in toronto. he's taking mom for a little walk down memory lane. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's changed. >> has it ever changed.
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>> she said things have changed. this is where she used to work. suddenly a couple guests come on. >> he has a surprise for you. >> so we're going on a little trip this morning. >> oh? >> yeah. we're going to get on and visit the hole. >> no. >> yeah. we're going to take a little trip. >> did he say we're going to visit the hole? that's prison. >> no, no, no. they are going to a very special underground military facility which she retired from 25 years previously. they load up into this vehicle and they start heading through all of these gates as they head through tunnels 60 stories underground. >> wow. okay, some serious business goes on down there. >> as they turn here, you can see this enormous glass door. right there, you see that? the home of air defense. this was where the canadian
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military monitored and directed air defenses. but then they just start taking her through all these places that she knows and is familiar with. they take her into this room. this was her home away from home. >> oh, my gosh. >> and the thing is the history of this underground but also her space in that history. and they're giving her the tour. but if they sat down, i'm sure grand mom got some stories to tell. >> but i think the highlight of the entire thing is through the whole time she worked there, there was one thing she always wanted to do. she always wanted to move that 19-ton glass door. and here she is because it's so perfectly made, she's able to move that huge glass door. take that one off the bucket list. so respect to kevin and also massive respect to the ka nad yan mi -- canadian military as well. >> this was absolutely so delightful.
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a woman at an exhibit tries to snap an artsy selfie. >> things don't go quite at planned. >> find out why this major uh-oh is raising a few eyebrows. and it's been a rough few weeks for grandpa. >> no one's seen him smile for about a month. he can't really recognize people, can't really talk, can't really eat. >> but see what make this moment with his granddaughters so special. let's talk about haribo goldbears.
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citizens bank student loans, closed captioning provided by -- unisom sleeptabs to fall asleep 33% faster and get all the benefits of a good night's rest. take control of your sleep with unisom. this is security footage from inside an art exhibit in los angeles. the artist simon birch has created an exhibit that goes through 14 different rooms. providing different experiences. in this case, these pillars have been set up with 60 different sculptures. six years in the making have collaborated with 16 different artists, they were designed to look like beautiful crowns. you can see each of them over their own pillar. keep an eye on these girls over here. one has a big camera. she's taking shots of that crown
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right up front. well, it's time for the other chick to take her picture. it looks like she's leaning down to have her head at the level of the crown so it looks like she's wearing the crown. well, things don't go quite as planned. >> oh, it's going to happen. >> in a domino effect, that first pillar falls back knocking every single pillar behind that one down. $200,000 in the hole. here's the thing. the artist was diagnosed with late stage cancer. after he survived it, he decided to destroy as part of an art installation his $50,000 ferrari. >> it seems suspicious not to protect your art. >> when we asked about the video, he denied it was performance art. he also posted comments that only one piece was badly damaged. either way, the video is still getting a lot of attention. people can't believe it.
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say hi. >> this video was sent right to our facebook page. you're seeing two granddaughters interacting with their 96-year-old grandfather. he's a world war ii vet in a hospice now. no one's seen him smile for about a month. he can't really talk or eat. but in this little clip, starts interacting with his beautiful granddaughters. and it's this moment right here that is just so special. >> oh. >> and he's smiling. look. >> exactly. shows how family and love really can break through. >> yeah, you live for those moments. luckily they got it on video. now for another sweet surprise. this time from down under. you can see these kids here already got their eyes closed. a surprise waiting for them. this wis making their way aroun
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austral australia. but outside, knock knock knock. in fact, if you back up, look at grandma's face and the little one's face. they are spitting image of each other. >> yeah, they are. >> they came out to surprise their grand kids. the family is in a special place. you can see at the end of the video. they got themselves not only an incredible experience but got to be surprised by grandparents too. men braiding hair. >> so if you just bring that up into the hair -- >> next "right this minute." and still to come, monkeys mesmerized by the screen. >> and the sound of the birds, the cats thinking i want dinner. >> that's torture now. plus, this 5-year-old's been
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promotional considerations provided by -- and irritation. and get fast acting relief that lasts 10 full hours. that's the power of 10. cortizone 10®. megan's smile is getting a lot because she uses act® mouthwash. act® strengthens enamel, protects teeth from harmful acids, and helps prevent cavities. go beyond brushing with act®. that was good. >> ryder made his first ollie. >> the best of skateboarding tricks, in my opinion. >> he's 5 years old and been at it for quite some time and he finally nails it. andrew his dad got it on video. >> you just ollied. dude! dude, you ollied!
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>> nailed it. all the other kids around him are giving him props, and high fives. dad is so pumped. >> that's what hard work gets you. you stuck with it and you did it. i love you. >> that's a father/son moment. >> teachable moment, right? >> it doesn't end there. dad wants to see if he can try to do it again. >> are you trying a kick flip? >> this is kind of like the first time you ride your bike without training wheels. >> he did it. >> all right. let's try it. >> i want to ollie over the moon. >> that might be tough. >> well, the cow jumped over it. you can do it. >> now he's going to try a trick. >> pretty close to being stuck. i'm calling that a win. >> almost. >> you got it. just like that. >> he's going to have his own video game in about ten years. >> up next, he's going to attempt to jump over dad's bag,
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hit the skateboard. >> that seems kind of like a big advance from the ollie to leaping off a platform onto the board. >> let's just go for it. >> oh! >> few bumps and bruises. >> that smile never leaves his face. >> and dad's there cheering him on. do it again, son. he made it. >> of course he did it. >> we should note his dad owns a skateboard company. so maybe he gets it naturally. >> this kid has been around pros all his life. i'm sure he'll be a pro one day. >> if you had to give one piece of advice to learn how to ollie, what would it be? >> eat captain crunch. >> eat more cereal. yes. this cat is mesmerized by nature. these people are playing a nature video, obviously, on their screen. the cat, i don't know, probably doesn't realize that isn't a
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window and it can't wait to get through it. >> this 4k technology seven fooling the cats these days. >> it's so crystal clear, he's like let me at it. >> it's the clear image and the sound of the birds. he wants dinner. >> i wonder if he's new to the home or if the tv is new. >> it's an outdoor cat. >> that's torture now. >> look at the way it's cocked its head like i know i could get you. oh, i know it. >> just give me a piece. >> you're going to hurt your eyes sitting so close to the tv though, kitty. >> it'll be okay. over to this next video that comes from kruger national park where we see a new baby rhino. it's still learning to hop around. >> it's precious to see because these rhinos are so endangered. they're so hard to protect. and when you see a baby like that, it just gives you hope. >> it is nice to see these rhinos in the wild being healthy
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and happy. eventually it runs right into the brush there. sandy and marcus want to give the glitter chest trend a go, so -- >> they're going to bedazzle marcus' dad bod. >> yes! >> why he's not the only dude getting in on the sparkly fun. >> party! >>joe: hi.this is pennsylvania state treasurer
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joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to launch the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including erin. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at that is your final product. there you go. pretty cool. we want to know about some of the hottest trends out there job line. sometimes we turn to our friends cindy and marcus in san francisco. they're talking about this hot new trend. >> apparently the hash tag right now is glitter boob. so we're going to try to make marcus' boobies glitter. >> they're going to do glitter moobs. >> yes. >> oh, no. >> sorry, ladies, he's taken. >> in case you're not familiar with the trend. it's happening around music festivals and online makeup
2:56 pm
bloggers. this is what it's supposed to look like when done properly. you can find these videos all over the internet. >> so bright. >> it had hurts a little bit. >> glitter can cut you because it's got those sharp edges. that's why whenever we have video about this sort of thing we always say be careful. >> they start off with spray. then sandy transitions to dabbing. >> i don't know what's going on. i'm so freaked out. >> it feels kind of nice. >> very weird and awkward moment between co-hosts. speaking of co-hosts who are really tight, i decided i would try this today -- >> oh, we're doing you? >> -- on oli. are you game to be bedazzled? attaboy! bring on the decoration! >> why wouldn't you let us do you too? >> nobody wants to see that. nice. yes. >> oh, my goodness. all right. step one, take your shirt off.
2:57 pm
>> all right. here we go. oh! oh! >> shake some more. >> ooh. ooh. ooh. >> hey now. >> okay. hold on. this is going right on the nipple. >> i'm already liking this. >> put the other one on too. this is great. >> get a sponge. >> hey! >> yea. you're a pretty little unicorn. >> do it like this. >> whoo! whoo! >> does it hurt? >> it doesn't hurt. only on the inside. thanks for watching. please join us on the next all new "rtm."
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meteorologist adam joseph with this accuweather update. we have severe storms passing through parts of the area. you can see storm tracker 6 live double scan stretching from the lehigh valley west of philadelphia, especially chester county and delaware county and northern parts of new castle county. anywhere from coatsville, ken net square and newark and concordville, winds near 60 miles per hour with the storm. as we close in on the storm, 249 lightening strikes in the 15 minutes. this is a nasty storm you want to take shelter. heading toward chadds ford, media, wilmington, delaware county, the city, montgomery county,


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