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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 20, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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that board. you saw four commissioners there. two others are in las vegas. they are deliberating now. we'll come back when . tvs number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." friends watch a driver try to free an suv from the tracks. >> the problem is that there is a train coming. >> see the mad dash to get out of this alive. it's an underwater journey that makes you want to take a really deep breath. the daring attempt at the world's deepest pool dive. a curious fawn spots a koi in the pond. >> bambi must have thought that was a gator. >> why it's not sticking around to find out. >> that's amazing. we're breaking down the best on the web, including a game to tell mom she's gonna be a grandma. >> it's a bun. >> she found a bun in the oven. >> how weird.
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>> see why getting the clues depends on what you're calling an oven. >> what is it? >> it's a range. sometimes could you shortcut through life and they end up being costly, and that's what landed these people in this predicament. >> good grief, what are you thinking? >> according to a loose translation the people in this truck wanted to take a shortcut so they thought they could drive over the train tracks, instead they ended up getting stuck. the problem is that there is a train coming, in fact you can see it off in the distance, as it approaches slowly. the driver relentlessly trying to free that truck from between the tracks but it's not going to happen. the train is moving way if too fast and there's nowhere to go. the people have no choice but to get out of the way. >> oh! >> there's no way they could have survived a hit like that. >> that's a passenger train, too, putting potentially
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hundreds of lives at risk for a stupid shortcut. >> it did cause delays but nobody was injured. the driver and the passenger that were in that truck made it out okay but it was a very lucky escape. >> an old car like that could make it over the train track, no. >> decisions like that lack logic. just like in this next video, this is in mexico on a train, some friends were waiting for the train. one of them didn't make it on but she wasn't going to stay behind so she just grabbed on to the outside of the doors. >> her arms are like this. >> and hung on for dear life. >> what on earth did you have to get to where you couldn't wait five minutes for the next train? >> i agree. >> there is a beautiful irony to the fact she's behind all the warning signs. they just need to add another sticker, don't do this. >> no reports of injury from this incident either. when an eagle is involved, sometimes you are the rescuee or the rescuer.
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we start at the burnaby golf course. >> 2 under par. >> nothing related to golf this time, people noticed this eagle so they gave owl rehab a call. this is a juvenile they believe and they believe that this one had a bruised wing. that's why it was hampered in its ability to fly away. the plan is after they take him back to the center, they'll let the eagle recover and then release it back to the area from wednesd wence they picked it up. >> look at the talons on that thing. do you not want one of those stuck in your body anywhere. >> you are right, you don't want the talons near you or anything you own. this is in juneau, alaska. researcher decided to leave his leftovers so an eagle could come down and scrape up the salmon and coget good video. boy, did he. you could call this video the
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eagle, the salmon and the thief, because let's go back. >> right, the very beginning it was in the distance it was the one. >> that's it, ollie, you are a good sherlock holmes. >> this eagle was going in for that piece of salmon but when the other eagle got it first it settled for the camera. >> nonsense, it's just a jealous eagle. didn't want the other one getting all the attention. just wanted to be in the shot. this video received a gopro award even though it was filmed in may of 2015. the story of how they got it back is more incredible i think. matt says he was out with his dad when this happened and his dad was snapping pictures, his dad snapped the pictures of the gopro in the talon, they were able to figure out where he took it. they found it a quarter of a mile away, up in a spruce. so matt shimmies up the spruce to get it, starts shaking the limbs and boom, down comes the gopro.
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age loo l.a. is on shake patrol in arlington, virginia. >> they said they had their engineers look at it, they fixed it. >> apparently a big issue with this intersection and he's right. >> they shortened the light, if you're in the left lane, i am in the right lane right now. i want to just see how long it's going to take. >> we'll see how long it takes for this red light to turn green. >> okay, i'm stopped. >> let's start the timer, shall we? >> this is maddening. >> you think it's maddening, we're at 30 seconds. >> i've already lost my patience. i'm done. >> well nick his frustration's building as well. >> why in the [ bleep ] do you think you need a left turn arrow at 2:36 in the morning. >> at three minutes is when i start tweeting the city manager. >> three? fast forward seven and a half minutes and a car is coming the other way, they go straight through the green that they have
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on the opposite side. >> oh, man. >> fast forward a little bit more, about i this point he's mulling options to protest. >> what protest would be appropriate? the buddhist who lit himself on fire, but that's a little too morbid. >> don't do that. >> 16:30 minutes in, cars cross-traffic going across. still sitting here with the red. >> this whole thing is [ bleep ]. >> now you've got us at a red light and the car opposite at a red light. >> two people here are waiting on both sides. now the cars are waiting on either side of this street. >> you just want to call the cops, they're never there when you need them! >> police car showed up, oh my goodness. >> no one called them, this is where the cops inadvertently see because as the car pulls up in the left-hand side lane it now triggers the lights, which means after 20 minutes and about 30 seconds -- >> oh my goodness. >> there it goes.
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light goes green. we reached out to arlington des and they said their traffic signal crews will continue to monitor the timing at the intersection. hopefully it will be under 20 minutes. >> that was shameful. >> we all need to take a collective really deep breath because you're going to need every last bit of it. neil is in a pool. he's in the wide 40 deep joy pool and guillhome is a free diver. he wanted to show off his skills one single breath and he dives into the deepest part of the pool. >> this is like 150 feet or something more. >> 131 feet, not only is he doing this but he's got a camera person with him, his wife. >> i don't know how you physically train your body just to keep your breath. >> that's why it's amazing, they learn, they teach themselves how to do this. >> think about the sort of less tangible pressure of realizing
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that every foot you're dropping is another foot you have to get back up and you're always wondering where am i on my oxygen levels. >> it's bizarre and cool all at the same time. head over to blue spring state pa, in florida. greg hammock is doing some diving. exactly what i was thinking was nope, it freaks me out especially when he gets into the dark areas. oh. >> oh, dude. >> sorry, buddy. >> i love being underwater, it's like a completely different world but this is where i draw the line because if you just have that moment of wanting to get up and you've got rock above you, i mean. >> greg has a little bit of help in that case. he's using a seadoo aqua ranger sea scooter, a battery powered motor and this pulls you through the water. >> what if you get stuck? sometimes you can make it into certain crevasses but harder to get back out. >> think about how many what ifs people have asked you every time you start up your motorcycle and head out. this is the way these guys choose to spend their day and
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i'm all for it. it's totally obvious that this toddler -- >> just loves ricky fowler. >> why his golf obsession runs deep. and she's the rally driving champ who made history. now she's behind the wheel of something new. she's nervous, intimidated and not quite sure shoo he'll be able to. ul this off. what happens when she takes the ultimate test drive. brought to you by think thin, 20 grams of protein, zero grams of sugar. think thin protein bars.
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closed captioning provided by -- gold bond powder spray. anytime. anywhere. stay cool, america. some people say when it comes to a passion, a sport it's in their blood, they were born that way. i have a couple of examples. for example sam here, see if you can figure out who he likes and what he likes. >> who do you think is going to win the british open? >> ricky fowler. ricky fowler. ricky fowler. >> ricky fowler, yes, the current number six in the world in the golf in the u.s. but sam here just loves ricky fowler. >> why does he love him so much?
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>> i'll tell you why, because dad is behind the camera coaching him to say get me a viral video, ricky fowler will give us tickets. >> dad is not just behind the cam camera, dad and sam are huge golfing fans. look at sam swing, his follow-through is better than mine. his putting skills are significantly above me. and just watch this. >> oh my goodness. >> remember the videos of young tiger woods, keep this guy's name in your memory banks because we'll be seeing him in the future. this kid obviously a big fan of the tour de france because that one is t. rowe thomas, that guy right there is his dad. it's even sweeter, because lalima is currently leading stage 15 of the tour de france. as his dad goes across the line he's watching and his dad is in france. >> can you imagine how charged he must feel when he sees these
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videos? >> certainly because he shared it on his personal instagram. my name is rosemary smith and my passion in life is driving fast. very fast. >> cool. >> rosemary, i love you! rosemary smith is one for the history books. way back in the '60s and '70s, rosemary broke down barriers, and big ones, becoming a champion rally car driver in an age where women really weren't welcome too much behind the wheel. >> it's very difficult. boys thought oh here is the dumb blond coming out again. it took a long time for the men to actually accept me, that i was one of them. >> yes, i could imagine it was intimidating for a lot of those men to have a woman be such a great driver. >> well, rosemary truly exceled. she claimed all kinds of trophies and championships in her day, leaving the boys in the dust. she had a passion for it, and
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that passion never really went away, and she's had a history with the renault racing team, that renault is very aware of, so she's gone back, and it could be the very first time that she's ever been truly nervous. >> hmm. yeah, i was nervous. i was terrified. i don't blame them for having doubts about me. >> and renault f1 car, a 2017, the new model that rosemary smith, 79 years old, is being seated very tightly down into. she's nervous. she's intimidated, and she's not quite sure that she'll be able to pull this off. and she got instruction from current renault f1 driver julian palmer. >> i have to go ahead with it, i have to. >> wow. >> of course you have to! >> you have the respect of all of these people, enough to let you in that car? that's gangster. >> and this was all part of
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renault's celebration of 40 years in formula one racing. of course they would look back to one of their racers that really lit the fire for them. and i'd love to see more women in current racing. right now in the f1 field there's not a woman in sight. >> all right. it's a whole new card game. >> it's incredible. >> it doesn't make sense what i'm seeing. >> next "right this minute." and still to come a suspicious bush does something unexpected. >> like swamp the o.j. simpson parole hearing. now reporting, george
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stephanopolous. >> we've gotten word from the board of commissions that they will be returning to the hearing in about a minute with their decision about whether or not to give o.j. simpson parole. he has been looking more relaxed in the last couple of minutes since his testimony. obviously, this has to be a nerve-racking moment for him. spent nine years in prison for the armed robbery in 2007. the 1994 killings of nicole simpson and ron goldman not at issue here, not something the board of commissioners will consider. seeing o.j. have a little bit of a laugh right there. he was a little more tense in his exchanges with the commissioners. went on 30, 35 minutes. his daughter, arnelle simpson, moving testimony on his behalf. let's listen in right now. >> who would believe anyone with a mullet like that?
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>> one and only. >> long-time friend, bruce fromong, also giving testimony on o.j.'s behalf in that hearing that went under an hour. you see the stress on his face now. he was paroled -- >> ever. >> he wouldn't be able to -- >> you know when i would see him? we were going to the store, to the canteen. he came out of that area, stand at the fence and tell us these crazy stories. he's funny. i'll give him that. baseball game, refereeing. >> seems to be talking about a former fellow prisoner. >> walks, run.
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the guy is shameless. >> talking about a guard there, i've been told. >> i like the fact that when it seems like he's running out of material and they have more interest in him he has new things that he can say about you. >> these are the same commissioners who did grant oncht j.'s parole on certain portions of the crime back in 2013. >> right. the same six who were evaluating in 2013. he was deemed to be a low risk at that point and, as a result, was granted parole on a number of the charges, which is the main reason why so many of us believe it's likely that he will be granted parole again now. >> let's hear from chairman connie brisbee.
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>> i may say something publicly after that. >> i call this parole hearing on orenthal james simpson back in order. are we ready to proceed? >> chairman brisbee, i'll start off. mr. simpson, you organized this crime in which two victims were robbed at gunpoint. it was a serious crime and there was no excuse for it. you deserved to be sent to prison. you have been in prison now almost nine years, the minimum amount imposed by the court. you have complied with the rules of the prison. you have programmed in an
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acceptable manner. you have no prior conviction of criminal activity. you are a low risk to reoffend on our guidelines. you have community support and stable release plans. we have heard from you and from your victim. the question here, as with all parole hearings, is whether or not you have served enough time in prison on this case. considering all of these factors, my vote is to grant your parole effective when eligible. >> thank you. >> ic concur.
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and grant parole. our decision, although difficult, is fair and just. >> i concur with commissioner and agree to grant parole. >> mr. simpson, before i cast my vote i want to let you know that we believe that we're a fair board. we believe that we're a consistent board. i want to let you know that consistency also goes to parole and we do not look kindly upon parole violations and if i cast my vote to grant and it concludes the hearing, our expectation would be that you not violate even the simplest condition of parole. having said that, i am prepared to cast a vote. i am prepared to ask the commissioners to set conditions
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if that happens, we will produce an order sometime in the next 15 to 20 minutes that will be faxed to you or presented to you at the institution and it will become a public record. so, based on that, mr. simpson, i do vote to grant parole when eligible. and that will conclude this hearing. >> thank you. >> unanimous by the nevada board of parole commissioners, an emotional o.j. simpson will go free on october 1st. [ inaudible ] >> looks like he was saying to
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his friend, bruce fromong he will be getting a call, perhaps his daughter. dan abrams, the commissioners there to say they were following their own regulations and the people of the state of nevada and the united states that they were being fair and just. >> yeah. they read the briefs ahead of time. they know what the arguments are going to be and the proceeding itself, is pro forma. i think they pretty much had made their decision coming into this. that according to their 11 factors that o.j. simpson should be granted parole. if you look at it through that prism it's the right decision as a technical, legal parole matter. i think there were many hoping that they would stray a little bit and that they would expand the definition of aggravating factors. and potentially consider, for example, the civil judgment, the fact that in the late '80s, o.j. simpson was accused of domestic violence, et cetera.
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but none of that came into play. in the end, i think that as a technical matter it ended up being a pretty straightforward, somewhat easy decision. >> and no mention at all of anything that happened before that armed robbery in las vegas back in 2007. deborah roberts, clearly, he was helped there by the victim, bruce fromong. what i'm thinking about now is october 1st, o.j. simpson will leave prison at nine years, still one of the most famous men in the world. >> one of the most famous men but also one thing that struck me there, george, he's also much older. he's 70 years old. that had to have some bearing. when he leaned over he had some gray hair. still fit but an older man, still very fit, very charming. even some of those guys who were with him that night that don't feel very happy about oncht .j. simpson still regard him as
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someone -- >> the first parole meeting when he had no chance of being released and today, 2017, a man in much better shape despite his years. he spent a lot of time on that the last few years in prison. >> one thing that he has struggled with is diabetes. you saw him joking about eating all those cookies the past couple of years. clearly, he has cut back on whatever sugar he has been eating, in far better shape. you saw him trying to hobble around the hearing room. he is not in excellent shape in terms of conditions of his knees after so many years of playing football. clearly, he has been trying to exercise. perhaps, george, in anticipation of being granted parole. he certainly seemed very confident in moments leading up to it. think about it. the fate of this man was in the hands of the parole board. they could have made a decision to keep him in jail up to three more years. i don't think he thought for a moment that was going to happen. >> that parole board pretty
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conscious of the fact that he would leave the state of nevada and head back to florida. >> that's right. they saw it coming. he has petition fod r it. that's something they're going to help him try to do. he is has to remain in contact with a probation officer in florida and in nevada. and, again, made it very clear he cannot violate any of these parole obligations that he is under and could get sent back to prison if he does. of course, mr. simpson said he would abide by every one of those conditions. >> what does he do when he returns to the state of florida? does he simply spend time with the state of florida or does he become somewhat of a public celebrity? >> look, i think he can't personally stay away from the limelight. i think he is going to go out, not just hide underground and, as a result, i think he will crow ate controversy in his
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wake. >> one of the things you did see in his wake, perhaps speaking to the public as much as to the parole board, a real determination to explain himself. >> and basically say that the mistake he made was going there. that's it. he shouldn't have gone. but beyond that, he doesn't seem really ready to accept the details of what happened. but let's be honest about this. o.j. simpson had the book thrown at him. the 9 to 33 years on these particular charges is really a tough sentence in connection with nevada law, not that the judge was out of bounds but it was a very tough sentence. >> and, october 1st he will go free. o.j. simpson free on october 1st, decision from the nevada parole board. much more tonight on world news tonight. you can get the news any time by
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