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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 21, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." a suspect in a stolen car leads police on a crazy chase. at very, very high speeds. see the moment you know the end is near. >> oh! what happened? >> you can tell by the mess -- >> this girl is in a lot of trouble. >> how a powder room makeover leads to the cutest cleanup ever. it's a lonely life i suffer. >> imagine getting a package from a serial killer. and you have to try and put all these clues together.
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the story behind one addicting mystery game. >> i gotta know who dunnit. boaters attempt to -- >> a physical prowess. >> what they're throwing. two cars are weaving through traffic at very, very high speeds. this is a ahead is an audi a4 that has been stolen. it is very busy, lots of trucks in both lanes of this highway, that's why both cars finding the shoulder. >> it's only a matter of time before something goes wrong. there's only so much control you have over a situation like this. >> police close in just a little bit. now they're right on his bumper and just what you were talking about, christiane. control is lost. tires go off just a little bit into the dirt. that causes the car to lose
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>> oh! >> and over. >> oh gosh! >> ooh, the door -- ooh. >> oh, worried about the mini van than this guy. >> wait for it. >> oh, now>> this happened in f the video just released because the man has been sentenced and the van, six people in that van, including three children, miraculously no injuries to them. it's one thing to go and ge viral video. these people got two. we start with this elephant encounter. here they are on a roadway, here comes the elephant and istroll. this is not slow motion. >> strolling down the road, i could walk on the grass but why would i? look at me. >> this is so much easier. >> these guys start getting a little before he gets too close. >> don't click. don't say anything. >> yeah, everybody quiet.
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this is serious business. >> goats closer they get more nervous. >> what do i do if he touches us or scratches us? >> holy [ bleep d. i'm [ bleep ]. >> i don't even know if that elephant noticed them but they noticed it. they didn' what else? they saw a hippo ins, lion, lioness, cute little cubs and running in, what would the story be without the cute little cubs. >> they should be careful. hippos are >> they are supposed to share the watering hole but the hippo did not get that memo. >> what is going on with the hippo? it charges, and the lione like hmm? i thought i told you to leave. that's when they get the message, but you don't have to go to africa to get all kinds of animal excitement. go to the golf harbor golf club. >> not the kind of birdie he was looking for.
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>> i can listen to that laugh all day. >> i thought that was the goose. physical correspondenc is so rare that there's nothing special about getting packages and letters from people. >> my dearest friend, thank you for accepting these packages. it is a lonely life i suffer. i wonder what kindness sti plig stranger. >> yeah, a stranger. a rather weird stranger. >> i hope these letters may satisfy our mutual curiosities. i eagerly anticipate sharing with you my most intimate connection. >> now while this looks luke a trailer for a film or a tv show, it actually is an experience you can sign up for called hunt a killer. essentially what this is, a service you can sign up and
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monthly you'll be recrom this m serial killer and you have to try and put all these clues together. >> when we first started we had a medium sized cork board and filled the cork board with all the clues from box number one. >> there's so much to go through. it's really encompassing. >> the mind behind this has got to be insane. >> inside the box you're getting clues and cipheres and puzzles and pictures and articles and find out what's going on in the larger general narrative and the smaller, dark stories told to you. there is a community as well. >> we then found out just about the large community of other hunters who were doing the same thing as us right now. >> because you can ask for a spoiler if if you need a spoiler. >> you can call investigators in other jurisdictions and kind of put your ideas and your theories together to try to solve this mystery. >> it costs 30 bucks a month to sign up for this service.
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it can go as long as you want. >> brilliant idea. so many people are looking to different forms of entertainment. this is a neat way to get back to tactile stuff, ana log form of entertainment. >> with a social media aspect, reaching out to people through communities, facebook groups. >> to pool together your collective genius. >>, or use our mobile app. ♪ how come we have a mess in the bathroom? >> for some, this sort of event is a rite of passage from infant to toddler. at some point your child is going to cover some room, if not all of them, in either flour or in this case it's talc or baby powder or talcum powder. >> is this the trailer for the new season of narcos? >> no, but this girl is in a lot of trouble.
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>> is she though? look at how cute she is. she almost seems very proud of her accomplishment. look mom i covered the whole bathroom. >> in the scheme of things you always got to think of the cleanup with talcum powder it's easy. >> are you going to clean this up? >> i'll help. >> once she realizes she's made a mistake she does help clean up with two little blocks of toilet paper. >> that's adorable. >> she's trying to change the diaper of her doll and got a bit liberal with the powder. >> the good news is she's not going to have diaper rash for a long time. >> she's going to smell great. >> do you want to shower? >> shower. >> you think we need to do a shower? >> shower. shower. it's the picture perfect view in glacier lagoon. >> wow. >> it's like something out of a story for kids. >> but see what they capture in the beautiful blue water. >> it was really cool. and it's time for a driving
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lesson. avery is going to show off her driving skills. dad obviously feeling pretty proud, got the camera rolling and it gets off to a fantastic start. >> or not. is it child abuse if you hit her? ♪
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closed captioning provided by -- gold bond powder spray. anytime. anywhere. stay cool, america. talk about being in the right place at the right time for this bmw owner. here he is driving into this area, you see the trunk is open but that's not what he's worried about. it's what's going on under the hood. do you see anything that looks suspicious? >> smoking. >> it's smoking, the driver gets out, cracks open the hood. >> don't do that, it gives it more air to breathe. >> he opened it up, all that black smoke turns into fire.
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>> carbeque time. >> who drives up conveniently here? >> the fire department. >> he's at the fire department. >> nice move, mate. >> according to local reports the dude saw there was smoke, let me call the fire department. he called and looks up ahead i'll drive over here. they let him in the feat and the fire department came with the truck. >> they saved his car. >> he did save the damage that could have been caused for that car. they are investigating how this started but the extreme heat they've been having in china is believed possibly to be to blame. >> i don't know you'd want to keep a car that caught on fire in the first place, you know? >> good point. >> the guy is on fault for buying fire engine red. >> you know what red is the symbol of luck in china but that guy wasn't lucky and this red light. >> it's so red, it's red hot as in on fire. >> they want to you stop with that traffic light, taking his job serious. will you stop just once? >> ali, nobody is listening to you. even with the police standing
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right there. >> oh my goodness. melting and breaking off into pieces. >> there is plastic and metal on fire, melting, falling down in the street, but do pedestrians and drivers care? no. >> you go to iceland to see ice, right? charlotte gan was on one of the amphibious boats getting up close to the icebergs and glacier lagoon. >> wow. >> something out of a story for kids. >> almost too literal. >> keep your eyes right there. that iceberg is rolling about. this is a natural rollover of that iceberg and they were there to capture it on camera. basically what happens is this iceberg loses its equilibrium as it's floating in the water. it needs to roll over and find its center spot. according to icelanders it was a heat wave, a rare sunny and blue sky day. they were there to capture it on
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camera. >> just the blues of the ice and the fact you can see things you can only see in a certain part of the planet makes you marvel at all the wonder there is out there. >> how was it there? >> it was really cool. >> my favorite part about this video, though, is that charlotte held her camera horizontal. thank you, charlotte. >> crazy. when it comes to family no situation more stressful for child and parent alike than the moment you try to teach that child how to drive. >> i remember that day, yes. >> and of course when you're dealing with family members, no one ever losing their head at all. avery will show off her driving skills. dad obviously feeling pretty proud. he has the camera rolling and it gets off to a fantastic start. >> avery driving, thinks she's a pro now. >> i'm so sorry. >> oh shoot. >> that didn't take long at all.
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>> three seconds, placed it in gear, big smile on her face and gives it right into the back of dad's truck. >> so she put it in drive instead of reverse. >> the confidence. oh, look at the confidence on her face. >> she thinks she's a grownup. >> i'm so sorry. >> why did you hit my truck? >> did you see the look she gave dad at the very end. i'm so grounded. >> right and probably mott going to get the car. >> what car? they're both in the shop. >> why did you hit my truck? >> go away. >> they're having a great time whitewater rafting. >> of course half the fun of whitewater rafting is the dangers involved and maybe getting thrown into the river. >> like in this case. >> almost getting squashed between those boats. plus this pit bull is super excited. >> she hasn't seen her alpha in a while. when she sees him, well happiness ensues. >> witness the tail wagging moment when daddy comes home.
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promotional considerations provided by -- desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine patch. newcleanse, tone, and refresh.h hazel cleansing cloths. dickinson's® the best kept beauty secret since 1866. for special offers visit walgreens today. nature's roller coaster, like david signed himself for 21 miles and eight hours of carnage down this river in california. having a grand old team. this seton pool. having a great time, but of course half the fun of whitewater rafting is the dangers involved and maybe getting thrown into the river, or taking part in a couple of rescues. for example this one happened
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right near the beginning of the trip. everything is going great, but when they look back they can see him floating in the water. he's lost his helmet. fortunately still wearing his floatation device. quickly getting this guy on board. almost getting squashed between those boats. >> luckily they were made out of rubber so kind of like bumper boats. >> teamwork, man, that's what rafting is all about. >> in the end they take him to the side and he gets left on there. >> pleasure having you. >> i did mention carnage and it comes right here, this is hospital bar i believe. look up right here, one raft is trapped and another is headed straight for it and then -- >> the people in this raft with the camera knew what was about to happen. they pulled over and just kind of waited so they could pick up the pieces. >> that's what they end up doing. >> start picking them up. >> there are people everywhere in the water. same thing again, get them in, find their raft, send them on their way.
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>> all right, buddy, come on. >> i love how appropriately named these different areas are. >> funny enough. the last video we've got, the meat grinder, ends up taking its toll even on david. >> oh snap. >> fortunately he was able to grab his gopro and hopefully they made it all 21 miles. does look like a lot of fun. >> good catch on that camera. this is not the same as soccer, david dominguez hits the streets with his soccer ball through the streets of manhattan. the greatest thing is the interaction between david and some of the random people he encounters as he's walking through. >> this is like his city full of teammates here. look at this, people juking with him, taking the one touch, sending it back. >> also shows new york, one of the cool cities where you can
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find people from anywhere. >> and anybody that you walk past could have the same passion that you share. >> he says that there were people not featured in the video, over 100 encounters where he and other people just kicked the ball around together. the video whereas created by david and his buddy zach ellman one of the camera operators. >> does anybody take of a dive, that would be authentic. >> that would be. >> oh! >> fortunately no one did. they just had a really great time and is he usi using #footballforall. [ meowing ] we dedicate this to the u.s. navy. we start with this pit bull, she hasn't seen her alpha in a while but when she sees him, well, happiness ensues. as you can see, there is lots of
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love to go around. he is excited to see her. she is excite to see him. the tail is wagging 100% of the time. thank you for your service, sir. now let's go on to this restaurant. somebody's getting something compliments of the united states navy. that would be grandma, actually. this grandma, she doesn't yell and dance, she just hugs. >> oh. >> and i believe tears are involved. and then one more for the navy. grandma and grandpa are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. no, they're not about to play a fun game of hide and seek. what a striking figure he is, walking toward them, but apparently they're not looking. somebody has to say hey, might want to take a look. >> mom and dad, look up. >> they're playing angry birds on their phones is what they're doing. >> oh!
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>> they were clueless the whole time. meanwhile he's got like this walk and he's want -- >> the whole way. ♪ do, do, do, do, do >> i'm like dad, look up. >> people know how to say welcome home to the navy. they're about to attempt tossing a beer over that bridge, and catching it on the other side. >> can i just point out this is nothing more than a science pir experiment. they're showing momentum. >> whatever you ok, let's try this.
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it says you apply the blue one to me. here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together.
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bathtub chillin'. ♪ we see this on the show a lot. >> i'm proud. >> you should feel very proud about this accomplishment. this feat of physical prowess. >> save! >> these guys out on the boat are coming up under this bridge, tosses the beer over the bridge and they get the


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