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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  July 21, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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"action news" reporter bob brooks has more on how folks coped today. first let's go to meteorologist melissa magee. when will all these temperatures break melissa. >> looks like we have one more day of these heat and oppressive humidity. day four continues of heat wave number five. it started on tuesday with a high of 91 wednesday at 96. yesterday's high 95 and today in philadelphia we maxed out at 93. so, you look at the heat index numbers across the region. still pretty oppressive. it feels like 96 in philadelphia. 100 in dover, 90 degrees the heat index value in cape may. are heat index numbers anywhere from the upper 90's to close to 100 degrees. changes are coming and they're going to be pretty stormy. storm tracker6 live double scan radar 3-d showing you a complex of showers and storms moving across minnesota and wisconsin pressing into the great lakes. this will work its way to the
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south and east as we go throughout the day tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night. so, what to expect for our saturday. it stays pretty hot and humid. thunderstorms will be bubbling up early in the day but the main activity moves in as we get into the evening hours and this will bring the possibility of damaging wind gusts and the possibility of hail. we'll take a closer look coming up with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast, monica. >> thanks melissa. to "action news" reporter bob brooks. bob the heat is not only uncomfortable it could be dangerous for folks spending too much time outdoors. >> reporter: monica absolutely could be dangerous i think it's safe to say it is extremely hot today especially in the city. people most at risk kids and senior citizens those are the people we really need to keep an eye on. it's the kind of heat that is dangerous today. in a big city with big buildings concrete and limited green space that means it's even hotter. to sight see in olde city they had to wait in line. people weren't happy. are you looking forward to the day of sight seeing then. >> we were until we saw this line. [laughter] >> reporter: in her food stand at sixth and chestnut.
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>> oh, my god. >> reporter: too hot in here e lindsey's grille sent our heat gun into temperatures well into the hundreds. but she had to cook. she had to make money. >> i got to feed the people in philadelphia. >> reporter: everyone needs to be careful in this heat. but at hahnemann hospital dr. earnest lieber says they're seeing more calls come in especially for those with preexisting conditions. >> asthma heart problems like congestive heart failure and also those on certain medications. >> reporter: that's why the philadelphia corporation for aging has their heat line opened until 11:00 p.m. tonight. we spoke with chris gallagher earlier today. he told us an alarming fact. in weather like this senior citizens might not even know they're in trouble. >> senior's body may not be telling them they're not doing well with the heat or they might have a medical condition that doesn't allow their body to deal well with the heat. >> reporter: prolonged heat can also mean big trouble for your car and as a result big bills. according to aaa, the heat has made car trouble for a lot of
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drivers. >> what we see over an extended period of heat like this is a toll taken on batteries and a a lot of tire blowouts. >> reporter: even are car can be at risk. if you can, stay inside, stay in a cool place. if you happen to know a senior citizen feel free to check on them a couple times a day during this hot weather. reporting live bob brooks channel6 "action news." monica. >> thanks bob. the philadelphia corporation for aging's heat line is opened until 11:00 tonight. that number is on your screen (215)765-9040. staffers can counsel you about precautions to take in the heat and detect signs of heat stress. you can also find the number and information online at as the extreme heat continues, use our mobile app to stay informed from tips to staying cool to storm tracker6 live. the 6abc app is a free download for your mobile device. firefighters say they have the upper hand on a forest fire burning in you were of
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burlington burlington county. the fire has consumed 2,000 acres in wharton fire. firefighters have been lighting back fires to contain the flames. conditions have been brutal for folks working the fire line. >> yesterday when we were doing the back fires we were doing the fire in operations, the temperature indicator on the truck said 107 degrees. >> the fire is remote so it is not a threat to homes or businesses. folks living nearby or in surrounding counties may smell smoke. firefighters hope to have the fire fully contained sometime tonight. who viciously stabbed a montgomery county woman to death in her home before dawn this morning? and why? that is the question pennsylvania state police have on their minds tonight. "action news" reporter john john recall joins us live in perkiomen township. police have a person of interest or not. >> reporter: that's correct. they announced this afternoon they have a person of interest
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and that they have been speaking with that person. they released that person in part to allay fears in the neighborhood. neighbors say the victim was well regarded. >> she was a very lovely person. >> reporter: neighbor andrea martin talking about 54-year-old annette house who was that found just after 3 a.m. dead stabbed inside her perkiomen township home. martin who dropped off flowers said house had reached out to her when she need help. >> i had been injured last january and she was the first person to offer to come and help me. she ran errands for us. >> reporter: this is a comfortable quiet suburban neighborhood some say they sometimes don't lock their doors. the police investigation and report of a suspicious death this morning, though, was disconcerting. >> it's nerve wracking. my wife is still shaken up. she's at work. she's on her way back and she thought it could have been one of my kids you know. first thing she did she went in the bedrooms. >> reporter: police say house often traveled for business. she had lived on abbey lane
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for years. she was frequently seen here with her daughter aleena. this afternoon police say they have been talking with a person of interest in the annette house death. >> we do have a person of interest and i just want to stress to the community that they were safe. like i said we do have a person of interest. once the autopsy is complete, we will be able to tell the cause of death. >> reporter: so, police at this point still waiting on the results of that autopsy. no indication at this point when it will be completed. live in perkiomen township, john rawlins channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you john. a man in a wheelchair is dead gunned down overnight. police are still searching for two gunmen. police say the 36-year-old victim and his caregiver had just entered his home here in the 3300 block of north gratz street. that's when two men forced their way inside. the man in the wheelchair was shot and killed. his caregiver was shot in the leg and wounded. police are not sure of the motive but think it may have been a deadly end to a home
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invasion. philadelphia police identified 65-year-old betty thomas as the woman arrested for stealing a taxicab early yesterday. surveillance video shows the incident playing out. police say thomas asked a cab driver to stop at a gas station in the hunting park section so she could get a drink. well, the driver also got out to help her get inside. but she had other plans and went back outside jumped in his cab and drove off. police later found the woman who had actually picked up a customer during her cab get away. thomas now faces a number of charges including theft. the leader of a large organized shoplifting ring that targeted stores all over south jersey was sentenced today. a judge ordered chiara pender to spend five years in prison. she must pay restitution to at least nine stores including kohl's wal-mart lowes and tj max. prosecutors say pender and her crew made off with more than 20 grand in stolen goods. attorney general jeff sessions was in philadelphia this morning to talk to
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sanctuary cities and efforts to combat crime. sessions told a room full of federal prosecutors and law enforcement that cities like philadelphia are giving sanctuary to criminals in his opinion. he urged philadelphia to rethink its policies and cooperate with federal authorities. >> let's see if we can't get on the same path and we've had some good meetings with a number of cities in that regard. if we're going to stop the rise of violent crime, let's work together. sessions also condemned immigrants living in the country illegally who commit crime but police commissioner richard ross said the bigger problem he thinks is philadelphia's young men who are hopeless and living in poverty. >> i don't personally believe we long in the immigration business. i think that's the people around the corner and i also believe that given the fact that we want to cultivate as many relationships with our communities as possible, that we need to have people feel that they can come forward and work with us without fear of
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being taken away. >> president donald trump has tried to cut funding for cities that limit cooperation with u.s. immigration authorities. coming up on "action news" tonight meet the four legged heroes who are credited with finding the bodies of those four young men who went missing in bucks county. a delaware native who is hoping to have a big impact with the eagles this season. ducis rodgers with that story and more ahead in sports. melissa. >> monica, we are tracking some severe weather. in fact storm tracker6 live double scan radar 3-d showing you a cluster of showers and storms out across the great lakes. that heads our way and will likely bring it into this oppressive heat wave. details coming up with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪
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>> another victim of the gruesome murders in bucks county was laid to rest today. family and friends gathered for the funeral of jimi patrick. the 19-year-old graduated from holy ghost prep school and was headed into his sophomore year at loyola university in maryland. >> ♪ >> now an "action news" exclusive. philadelphia police k-9s are credited with leading investigators to the bodies of three of the four young men who went missing in bucks county. well today we got a look at those dogs in action and spoke to their handlers. "action news" reporter gray hall with that story. >> he knows that it's time to go to work. >> reporter: you may not know hank the golden retriever or storm the german shepherd but these philadelphia police cadaver dogs were a huge reason a recent murder mystery were solved. the dogs were instrumental in locating the bodies of the men found on the farm in solebury
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township. police say the k-9s are a important part of the force. >> we have our bomb dogs who work every event in the city and we also have our cadaver dogs which sometimes their finds are bittersweet. >> reporter: the dog's handlers officer alvin outlaw who works with storm and officer richard preston paired with hank say it was the weeks of training and guidance that prepared them for the heavily wooded conditions in bucks county. hank sniffed out first and storm followed up. >> hank and stop have been training together since 2015. they're very distinct and different in the way in they -- the way they indicate the way they search but they complement each other. >> based on what hank did there was an outcome where the investigators were able to recover the missing men. >> reporter: handlers and their dog work as a team and the k-9 alerts his partner when he makes a find. it's more than a working relationship but the dogs are
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part of the officer's family. the human partners say the k-9 success is their success. >> it's very rewarding 'cause it's a different aspect of the job being a police officer. you are relying on a dog. >> reporter: the work and training for hank and storm will continue until they retire and their human partners say when duty calls, they will be ready to respond. reporting in northeast philadelphia, gray hall, channel6 "action news". >> a memorial and road in salem county dedicated in honor of a man killed by a drunk driver. family and friends of john elliott gathered off route 40 at the spot where he was doiled unveil this new memorial and road sign. steve sweeney and pushed for the street renaming was there. in the years since his death elliott's family started a organization promoting the use of designated drivers. troopers from the pennsylvania state police dropped in on campers at the rocky run ymca. they spoke to children what it's like to be in law
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enforcement. helicopters that the troopers get to use to get around.
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>> ducis rodgers here. three days and counting until eagles training camp. >> we'll focus on a guy who hopes to make a big impact. wendell smallwood was limbed to 77 carries. as jeff skversky saw firsthand smallwood is healthy and ready to break out. >> move it move it. >> reporter: eagles running back wendell smallwood is trying to make a big three his second -- big leap in his second season. 100 percent healthy from the knee injury he suffered last year he's spent this off season working heavily on pass blocking and conditioning. >> when they draft donell and when they signed garrett does that make you work harder and put in extra workout. is it self motivation. >> yeah, some people can ignore it. it's definitely for me self motivation for me to get
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better and just with that competition i think it's driving everyone in that room. >> reporter: after all the changes the eagles made, small wood believes they're ready to make a run. >> definitely thing we can go worst to first with all the work we have been putting in and the guys we've brought in to make the team better. >> reporter: nobody wants to see this happen more than he does. smallwood gru up on this street in wilmington, delaware. a big eagles fan. what would it mean to you to win a super bowl. >> i have been living in the pain and it's funny when that people come to me and say i'm in the same boat as you i've been wanting one, i've been wanting so for me to do it on the team and finally get our first super bowl i think it would be a dream come true. it 23-year-old's dream of playing for the eagles started here as a kid. >> this the place i gru up in the i lived here probably about eight, nine, 10 years. >> reporter: how many memories does this bring back when you see your childhood house. >> brings back plenty. man, i used to play in this yard. i actually broke that window throwing a football i was broke that window right there.
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>> yeah, he broke it that window right there, he broke it. >> reporter: was he grounded for that. >> i'm not sure if he was grounded but i was pretty upset because i had to pay to get it fixed. >> reporter: well now smallwood is aiming to break records for his favorite team. jeff skversky channel6 "action news". >> the eagles safety rodney mccleod outfitted a youth football team with new equipment. he took the team from chester township to modell's. they had their football equipment stolen. as for mccleod he sees big things for the birds. >> i just want to get better from last year to this year. i think we have from ota's we just want to carry that momentum into training camp and then into preseason games and then game one versus the redskins but the goal is playoffs. that's what we set out and then once we take that first step, you know, sky's the limit. >> the phillies begin a 10 game home stand tonight. the brewers are in first. aaron nola is on the mound.
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nola will not have the to face ryan braun. he's outweigh sore wrist. >> brawn is a pretty good hitter but they still have a good lineup. they have a bunch of aggressive hitters and we've got nola going who i think has been pitching extremely well and if he pitches the way i know he can, hopefully he can stifle those guys. >> the second round of the open championship is in the books and jordan spieth has some breathing room and he does it despite the windy conditions at royal birk dale. the wind isn't sergio garcia's problem. his anger is. check him out on the fourth hole. he's not happy with that shot. garcia takes a swing at the bushes and ends up hurting his shoulder. two over par. spieth has an up and down day but this eagle on 15 is huge. spieth owns a two hot -- shot lead. he's at six under par. round three tomorrow morning. >> intense pressure. melissa magee with that accuweather forecast for your weekend ahead when we come right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> we have some breaking news to report to you. as you can see from one of our sky6 cameras there's a fire burning under the base of the walt whitman bridge on the philadelphia side right there next to i-95. fire crews are en route. we're not exactly sure what is burning whether it's grass or something else that's growing but again, avoid that area if you can. it's becoming a smoky mess. fire under the walt whitman bridge on the philadelphia side near i-95. all right let's talk about that accuweather forecast. serious stuff here. meteorologist melissa magee in for cecily with details. >> it's hot and humid and strong showers and storms tomorrow monica. sky6 live in hd shows as we
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are down the shore in cape may, it's a good place to be on a friday afternoon. a lot of folks still enjoying their beach with the summer wind so really comfortable across this area in comparison comparison to inland locations. the heat index value at the coast in cape may feels like 89, feeling like 96 in philadelphia, 97 reading, 95 degrees in trenton. it feels like 89 degrees in beach haven. as we go throughout the day tomorrow how it will feel as you look at the heat index tracker, feeling like 91 at 10 o'clock in the morning in philadelphia. by lunchtime tomorrow 94 degrees at 1 o'clock. as we go throughout the afternoon and early evening hours temperatures will feeling like still we are in the middle and upper 90's. satellite6 along with action radar showing you we're tracking a little bit of activity to the south of our region. this will skirt to the south but it could provide us with more in the way of cloud cover. widen out the picture and go off to the west. you can see a complex area of showers and storms. there's actually an enhanced risk tonight of finding some
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severe weather across portions of the great lakes from green bay over into chicago. so, this will work its way to the south and east as we go throughout the day tomorrow. future tracker6 showing you 8 o'clock tomorrow morning it's a mostly cloudy start. still very hot, still very humid so a couple of pop-up showers and storms are likely across the area. 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon we're still tracking some activity in philadelphia and also into south jersey but the main batch of unsettled weather moves in as we get into tomorrow night. so, 10 o'clock you could see those showers and storms from the poconos down to lancaster into philadelphia and also into south jersey. but by sunday morning, 11:00 a.m., it's mostly cloudy, still a couple of spotty showers are likely but the atmosphere is going to be completely exhausted by sunday morning because of the very severe weather that we're tracking on saturday. so, the storm prediction center has placed our region in a slight risk of finding some scattered showers and storms. the biggest concern tomorrow will be damaging wind and the possibility of hail and also some very hard downpours as
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well. so, place to be tomorrow down the shore. it's warm and humid. the majority of the day tomorrow should be dry. there's showers and storms coming in late tomorrow night. high temperature in at 87. cloudy on sunday with a couple of showers around. the ocean temperature in at 79. up in the poconos tomorrow, still pretty humid with scattered showers and storms and at 83, mostly cloudy on sunday with a high coming in at 77. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast showing you we're tracking those strong showers and storms tomorrow. the heat wave continues. high up to 82. we'll break the heat on sunday with a high temperature of 85. it's cloudy with showers and storms overhead. then on monday that heat comes right back with a high temperature in at 90 degrees. on tuesday relief arrives with a high coming in at 83. wednesday it stays comfortable, a high of 85. seasonably warm as we get into next thursday with a high temperature of 88. and the upper 80's on the way as we get into next friday, monica, so very stormy on the way tomorrow night. >> sounds good. thank you. a fun day for folks on thompson street in west
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philadelphia. officers from the 19th district hosted a day of food and games for families to enjoy an opportunity of course to strengthen the relationship with the department and folks who live in that community where they serve its part of a larger city wide effort by the philadelphia police police department. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next here on channel6. join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel6. for that jim gardner cecily tynan melissa magee ducis rodgers the entire action news team, i'm monica malpass. hope you have a good night. see you right back here at 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight, the white house shake-up. press secretary sean spicer is out. spicer, who famously sparred with reporters in defending the president, becoming instantly famous, suddenly resigns. who's in? and why was the west wing blindsided? the outrage tonight. the man in desperate need of help in the water. teenagers recording him from the shore. laughter as they do nothing. the man does not survive. the tornado touchdown in the northeast. now three confirmed tornadoes. the severe storm threat as we come on the air. just in tonight. the wife who tried to hire a hitman. the moment she cried for police. what she didn't know was, her husband was still alive. the decision from the judge moments ago. o.j. simpson tonight. where they've now moved him, and why. and, the pictures coming in.


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