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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  July 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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kushner questioned as part of the investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election. president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser was the first member of the president's inner circle to face questions from congressional investigators. in an 11 page statement released before the session with the senate intelligence committee, kushner detailed four contacts with russians during trump's campaign in transition. he said none of those meetings was improperly. >> let me be very clear. i did not collude with russia, nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. >> kushner says he has nothing to hide and will continue to cooperate with the investigation. he meets with lawmakers on the house intelligence committee tomorrow. world news tonight with david muir will have much more on the russia investigation and kushner's meeting on capitol hill today. that's coming up at 6:30 right after "action news." new at 6:00 now the atlantic city prosecutor's office just released dashcam video of a police-involved shooting death from 2014.
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27-year-old antawn watson led officers on a high speed chase from pleasantville atlantic city where he opened fire on officers. the video shows watson refusing to drop the weapon as the officers commanded. instead he exchanged gunfire with seven police officers and an autopsy revealed watson suffered 45 gunshot wounds that he had pcp in his system at the time. the officers used the force found to be justified. none were charged. the prosecutor's office released the video after new jersey supreme court ruling this month that footage of fatal police shootings should be released in most cases. now an update on the investigation into a neighborhood dispute that resulted in the death of two people shot and killed last week in the city's frankford section. tensions continue to run high as the admitted shooter has not been charged with any crime. and today the sons of the woman killed launched their own personal pursuit for justice. "action news" reporter sara
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sarah bloomquist is live in frankford tonight. >> reporter: the memorial continues to ride outside robert depaul's home. neighbors say the ma and who shot and killed depaul and his girlfriend august dempsey is here at his home next door t-not charged with any crime. today dempsey's sons hand delivered petitions to the district attorney's office demanding justice. anthony and nicholas dempsey arrived at the district attorney's office in center city this afternoon petitions in hand, their attorney by their side. he said the young men collected over 5,000 signatures calling on the new interim d.a. kelley hodge to file charges in the murders of august dempsey and robert depaul. >> the families of august dempsey is that robert depaul welcome her involvement and would appreciate any information surrounding this investigation and its conclusion as soon as possible. the family. >> reporter: the dempsey is that depaul the father of four
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were killed on july 16th outside depaul's home in the 4700 block of james street. the next door neighbor admitted to shooting the couple in the head. he claims during an argument the couple scaled his fence so he fired in self-defense. that will neighbor was briefly taken into custody, then released. >> lock him up. >> reporter: over the weekend neighbors rallied demanding to know why no charges have been filed. dempsey's son defendantd their mom. >> she would never provoke any violence because she knows she would have to make it home to me mine brother and i don't understand why he's still here in his his. >> reporter: outside depaul's house a side overhead reads warning the murder of bob and august still free. police are still positioned around the clock now because of fear of retaliation. dempsey's friend barbara miller says it's all too much to bear. >> everybody just wants justice. i feel like it needs to be served and i don't know why
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it's taking so long. >> reporter: philadelphia police tell "action news" they wrapped up their part of this investigation and handed the case over to the district attorney's officers for a review. the d.a.'s office says their investigation is ongoing so at this time they cannot provide any comment. live in the frankford section, i'm sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news." rick. >> all right, sarah, thank you. a 17-year-old driver has been charged for returning into several students with his car. happened july 12th with video of the incident recently surfacing on the internet. police say a fight between ridley high school students and a rival school escalated. the suv ran over a 15-year-old but fortunately only suffered bruises and abrasions. the driver did turn himself in to police and was charged as a juvenile. well, if you live or travel through south philadelphia, then this is a familiar scene. parking in the middle of south broad street. it's become a long standd tradition to park in the median but is it legal. a local organization says no and is suing the city over it. and the lawsuit has created
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quite a neighborhood controversy as you can imagine. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live along broad street tonight with more on the story. bob. >> reporter: rick, you can believe it there's so many people who are passionate about this, again that familiar sight behind me there, parking in the median of south broad street but there's a certain activist group if they get their way no one will be parking there anymore. the view from chopper6 on this summer day reveals a familiar sight in south philadelphia. cars parked in the middle of south broad street. but now there's a group who wants them moved out of the median permanently that's creating quite the controversy. >> there's nowhere to park as it is now. if you start taking all these cars away from being parked in the middle of broad street where do they go. >> reporter: neighbors argue median parking is a south philadelphia way of life. >> this is like our birth right in south philadelphia to park in the middle. >> this has been a tradition for i don't even know, very, very long time. >> reporter: a lawsuit has
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been brought by fifth square. they describe themselves as fill's urbanist political action committee. they're targeting south broad from washington down to oregon avenue stating in their lawsuit plaintiff fifth square's interest in the enforcement of median parking laws laws is to ensure the safety health and welfare of those pedestrians motorists and bike lifts that use or traverse broad street. they say it's illegal in philadelphia code to park here in the median so they want the police to come down here and start writing tickets and they want the parking authority to help enforce that code. many we spoke with say parking is vital to their business survival. >> it would kill us. we can't park we get ticketed every single day trying to be down here to work and then the people coming here to come into the store for two seconds they come out and get a ticket so it's crazy. we need the parking. >> reporter: if it were to be stopped, some neighbors say there better be another alternative moving forward. >> where do you go? that's a serious question and if the city wants to move it and these activists want to move
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it, give us a solution. >> reporter: rick the big question is what is the city going to do about this? i called some officials today. they say they're not going to comment on this because of the pending litigation. for now reporting live in south philadelphia, bob brooks channel6 "action news." rick. >> all right, bob, thank you. people are cleaning up across the tri-state from last night's storms. they've been blamed for flooding in gloucester county new jersey. chopper6 hd flew over rowan university in glassboro. apartment lots looks a lake. eight people were living in the basement for the summer. they have since been relocated. philadelphia's new. district attorney was sworn into officers today. kelley hodge will that spend five and a half months serving as interim d.a. completing the term of seth williams who resigned amid a federal bribery conviction. "action news" reporter vernon odom has more on the city's first african-american female district attorney.
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>> congratulations. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: former assistant d.a. kelley hodge is now philadelphia's 25th district attorney. the first african-american female. with family and colleagues packing a city hall courtroom she vowed to restore confidence in the d.a.'s office in the wake of the scandal that surrounded exd.a. seth williams. she spoke directly to the people of philadelphia. >> the citizens of this city deserve our best as members of the district attorneys office and i hope to inspire you all to always seek to be better today than you did the day before. >> reporter: among those beaming in the audience hodge's parents and husband. she gru up in montgomery county and first told her father she wanted to be a lawyer when she was only 10. >> she's very humble with everything that she does and i appreciate that. to be her father, i love her so much. >> reporter: today's developments were of course triggered by the ouster of seth williams who respect signed in disgrace late last month after pleading guilty to end his federal corruption trial. williams is in federal custody since his guilty plea last month.
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his former sentencing is set for late october. many believe kelley hodge can have a positive impact during the five and a half months she has in filling out williams' second term. >> she can restore confidence to the individuals who work in the district attorney's office. she can restore confidence to the public that were having -- moving forward in a positive way. >> i think for the public what is transpired over the past few months or years in the past we're looking forward. >> reporter: hodge's role in the d.a.'s office may be prominent for some time to come. the could two candidates in the fall election are getting political pressure to name kelley hodge as a top assistant. at city hall i'm vernon odom channel6 "action news." >> still to come on "action news" tonight a new jersey family reveals their harrowing story after coming feet from a water spout while out canoeing yesterday. and ducis rodgers live in south philadelphia tonight for the start of eagles training camp. hey, ducis. >> reporter: hey there rick.
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day one is in the books. coming up in sports we'll hear from head coach doug pederson for his comparison of this roster to that of a super bowl champion. please tell me it will get cooler out here. >> actually ducis it l the reason why, we have a cold front moving in but that's also bringing the threat of strong storms. in fact we have a severe thunderstorm warning for parts of lehigh and berks county tonight. i'll track the storms, talk about the big cooldown on the way in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> all right, cecily. those stories and much more when "action news" at 6:00 comes right back. >> ♪
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>> it was something you don't see every day off the coast of new jersey but some boaters captured amazing images of a water spout that formed during
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yesterday it's stormy weather. and for several moments they feared for their lives. today they shared their video and their harrowing story with new jersey correspondent nora muchanic. >> it was terrifying. it was -- i feared for our lives. >> reporter: roxanne yates was with her daughter jayden and boyfriend adam on a canoe in the marshes sunday afternoon when she saw this water spout churning up the water barreling directly toward them. >> it was really loud. the grass was just flat from how fast the wind was blowing. >> it was several hundred feet high all the way up in the clouds maybe 5 feet in diameter on the ground. >> when the spinning thing whatever it's called, um, when it started spinning, i started crying because it kept getting closer and closer. >> reporter: seven-year-old jayden jumped out of the canoe with her mom who laid down on top of her in the mud and marsh as the water spout sped toward them then suddenly not 20 feet away from them it shifted. >> like it was coming straight
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towards us and then it veered the other way. >> reporter: stranded by low tide and unable to get cell service roxanne hit the emergency button on her phone. cumberland county dispatchers were able to ping the signal. the muddy shaken boaters held up a life vest on top of the paddle. >> they did the right thing by getting out on the shore because you never know what could happen to small canoe if something had gone over top of them. >> these water spouts are mini tornadoes on the water. >> reporter: believe it or not it was jayden's first trip in a canoe. >> not so scary after eight. all. >> reporter: it turned out to be. >> it was a terrifying day. the scariest day of my life. >> reporter: what started out as a fun afternoon of canoeing turned into a terrifying ordeal that no one involved will soon forget. in down township, i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news." >> a 320-foot long vessel that
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used to shuttle passengers between delaware and new jersey is going to be sunk. the mv twin case will be turned into a man made reef next year. it will create habitat for sea life and newspaper and opportunities for boaters anglers and scuba divers. some of the ship's equipment and electronics are being removed so they can be resold
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>> time for sports tonight and it is football season again in philadelphia and ducis rodgers live at training camp on this first day. hey, ducis. >> reporter: hey there rick. from seven and nine last year hopefully the playoffs this year in 2017. the work to that goal began today and things rick will happen rather quickly. the first preseason game is 17 days away and we are less than seven weeks away from the start of the regular season. head coach doug pederson had his players on the field early this morning, 8:50 for the
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start of training camp. the first three days of this camp are just for the quarterbacks rookies and selected veterans. front office made several changes, changes that had pederson comparing the talent on this roster to that of the green bay packers of the 1990's. that team went to back to back super bowls. but coach knows it's not just about talent. >> it takes a coaching staff, takes leadership from the top, it takes, you know, egos have to be put aside and we have to come out here every single day and work hard. i was on those teams in the 1990's and went to two super bowls back to back with the packers and so i've seen what it takes and i got to make sure we're doing those same things here. >> reporter: new eagles wide receiver torrey smith hung out with his family on the field after today's practice. his sons cameron and tj. smith's wife chanel gru up in conshohocken. smith who came over from the san francisco 49ers says he enjoyed his time off but he's
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ready to work. >> it's been fun, enjoyed the break and time to get ready for the real thing. >> reporter: how confident that this could be a playoff team. >> very confident. you see all the talent, see what we were able to build in the off season so i'm just about trying to put it altogether in camp and trying to be the best team we can be whenever that first game comes around. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> reporter: teaching his son at a young age that's the way you raise a young man. now the eagles signed a tight end today to a three year contract. he's got a very interesting background. zaruba is a member of the canadian national rugby team. he last played football competitively in high school. the 26-year-old recently tried out for the team made the team. he's 6-foot five weighs 265 pounds. the eagles tell us he still needs to get a work visa before he can start practicing with the team. moving on now to baseball just down the road at citizens bank park the phillies will begin a series with the
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houston astros. astros one of the best teams in baseball. vince velasquez will make the start tonight. phillies are coming off a win over the milwaukee brewers. yesterday the phils have won five of their last seven games. they have scored five or more runs in seven straight games for the first time since the 2005 season. the skipper says his players are motivated. >> everybody's playing for a job next year. everybody's playing to be part of our future and i think the guys are competing amongst themselves and it's good to see. you know, everybody's more aggressive. they're into the games and obviously our offense has come alive so if that continues, i think we'll be in good shape. >> reporter: phils astros tonight. it's the eagles back on the field tomorrow morning. we're live in south philadelphia with the birds, i'm ducis rodgers channel6 "action news." rick, back over to you. >> all right, ducis and we'll see you tonight at 11:00 thank you. take a quick break. meteorologist cecily tynan has your accuweather forecast when we come right back.
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stay with us. >> ♪
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>> meteorologist cecily tynan is here now. we have some cooler temperatures this week but also some wet weather as well. >> yes, yes, some storms tonight and that's the front that will bring us the cooler more comfortable air but first we have to get through tonight. let's go live on sky6 taking a look at the center city skyline where it's quiet. we've got a good amount of sunshine but there are some very strong storms moving into our northwest suburbs so a severe storm warning has been posted for parts of berks county, lehigh valley including new tripoli allentown kutztown towards boyertown. what this means any storm that rolls through has the potential for wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour and also
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hail the size of ping-pongs and there are more storms moving in from the north and west. let's show you on storm tracker6 live double scan showing that we've got -- this is a cell that i'm tracking. it's hitting allentown right now. it's moving to the southeast at about 30 miles per hour. that's the severe storm. so emmaus line port center valley coopersburg pleasant valley and quakertown all in the path of this storm. this year alone we've had 87 lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes so that's a dangerous storm. there's also another cell moving towards berks county. this has the history of hail the size of dimes. that's not severe but that's still a very strong storm. so we could actually flip this over and we can show you the hail swath because this is the severe storm moving into allentown and you can see all that hail and again, that hail has been the size of ping-pongs. that continues to move to the south and east and this is all with the line of the cold front and that's what will bring us relief but it's also
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bringing pictures like this. mike tweeted this to me. this is the lehigh valley. you can see just how dark it gets very quickly. you get blue skies and then you get the building clouds. heat index shows you it's not a heat wave but it's still pretty hot. philadelphia feels like 90. our high today 88. feels like 91 in millville and wilmington. allentown a rain cooled 81 degrees. the heat index. so satellite and radar showing this is the line of storms. it's a broken line. not everyone will get them but those who did will be getting some brief heavy downpours gusty winds and a lot of lightning. so future tracker timing it out, by 8 o'clock we'll have that line of storms moving into our northwest suburbs hitting new castle county by about 10 o'clock moving through philadelphia into south jersey. then everything moving off shore by about 1 o'clock in the morning. tomorrow morning you wake up, lots of clouds, perhaps some patchy fog but by the afternoon, the sunshine is back and you will feel a difference in the air mass. instead of temperatures in the upper 80's and a dewpoint around 70, tomorrow
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81 degrees, philadelphia, wilmington, millville. many of our suburbs temperatures will be stuck in the 70's with much lower humidity. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, stormy tonight. tomorrow it's cooler with some sunshine especially by the afternoon. the high 81 degrees. wednesday we keep that comfortable air mass, 82 degrees, low humidity. on thursday, it gets more humid, it gets warmer 87 degrees. evening thunderstorms possible. friday kind of a day of transition. early thunderstorms. then by the afternoon some sunshine, 86 degrees and that sets us up for a gorgeous weekend. saturday partly sunny, 85. sunday seasonably warm, low humidity, 85. and monday temperatures start to trend a little bit higher, a little bit more humid with a high of 88 degrees. and i will have an update on the storms coming up on "action news" tonight at 11:00. >> see you then. great day to get outside and enjoy nature. these kids spent the morning exploring at the camden county
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environmental center in cherry hill. they walked down to the water for a nature lesson. an instructor told them all about the different species in the water then scooped out some of the contents of the lake and let the kids look through it. they were pretty excited to find a tad pole. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next here on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rodgers and join us for "action news" at 11:00 on channel6. for jim gardner cecily tynan ducis rodgers, i'm rick williams. have a nice evening. we hope to see you tonight at 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on. the president's son in law -- jared kushner. breaking his silence on capitol hill facing questions about his meetings with the russian ambassador, with the russian lawyer, with the russian banker. >> will you be back on the hill? >> and walking up to the mic outside the west wing. the driver charged tonight. we have new reporting. the horror inside the rig. about 100 people discovered in the back of a truck taking turns breathing through a hole in the trailer. the stunning video just released. the ambush. the army green berets coming under fire. the last stand. this evening, witnessing the fire fight with isis and what our team discovers when isis was using to get


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