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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  July 25, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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rescue two men found climbing the bridge overnight. and now the details, the1ye 2-month-old baby have gone missing from a group home in roxborough, today the police are asking the public for help in the search. vernon odom is live with the latest. >> reporter: police are looking for the child and at this hour their intensifying the search for the missing teen mother and her infant child and asking the public's help now to determine their whereabouts. this is the missing teenage mother and her 2-month-old daughter. she is 16 and her daughter is 2 months old and they are missing since the 4th of july when she walk add way from her youth services home in roxborough. she lived there by court order
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and are missing for three weeks and police and all involved are increasingly concerned. >> a small baby and 16-year-old mother young herself, a bran new mother and in my opinion does not have the skills necessary to be on the run, so to speak way with a 2-month-old child. she needs to come and talk to someone. and work things out. >> it should be shown she has a history as a run away. police are talking to her relative that claim they have no idea where she and the 2-month-old child are. >> she is not facing criminal child here but a clients of the city's court system therefore she and her daughter must be found and accounted for. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news" the search going on for a person missing in the brandywin.
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the person fell in at 5:00 near the falls at runs state park. heavy rain and the brisk concern hampered the search last night. the ben franklin bring had to be shut down overnight when two men were spotted climbing up a bridge cable. just before 11:00 a.m. whe the port short introduce detection system when off. they found the men dressed in black wearing backpacks with they put on the harnesses and went up to get the men they were arrested and face several charges. republicans are showing signs of o up the health care bill and being called mitch mcconnell's moment of truth work margin there are two votes to lose, if the republicans hope to move forward and repeal obama
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>> ailing republican senator, john mccain, returned to washington to vote. he returned for the first time since being diagnosed with brain cancer, president trump described his move as brave and called the senator an american hero, mccain campaigns heavily on the obama care issue. turning now to the accuweather forecast. it's less humid and the temperatures are not too warm. accuweather says we can enjoy the break for at least one more day. >> lets looks live at sky 6 hd showing i center city from the temple university camera. a mix of clouds and sun today. meteorologist, david murphy, is out on the terrace with the details. >> lots of clouds in the region and just as you were getting ready to toss to me. g today and satellite and the cloud cover pouring through the region and every now and then there is that break and we'll
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call it mostly cloudy with sunny breaks and not a lot of rain out there now. along the coast we got a tweet from someone on the beach of sea isle city. showing me a picture of the thicker clouds and told her you need to get in soon creeping down the coast from surf city to atlantic city and headed down to ocean city and eventuallily cape may. probably picking up a bit of that, that will die down over the next hour or e else we'll b the lookout for spotty shower activity like what you saw there. allentown. starts to be warm. again it's cool ande sun and comfortable, the dew points are part of the reason why. 62 in philadelphia and over the 60 degree threshold. the northern two-thirds of the you head to down to the 67's and
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68's and humid in numbers are dipping a bit in the afternoon. 81 is your forecast high and we may have to wait late in the day to get there. say around 4:00 or so. and we zip back to 76 by 6:00 and 74 by 8:00 and notice through the afternoon it's not a washout but i'm posting the possible of a pop-up light shower. we'll track it again on future tracker 6 a great day tomorrow and of course we have to talk about the return of humidity and another thunderstorm chance coming up in the seven remember you can get the latest forecast including detailed updates and stormtracker 6 live double scan radar any time on your phone or tablet. the 6 abc app is a free download for your mobile device. >> road closures are expected to linger today in the city's fishtown section wheremain brea. that buckled the intersects at thompson streets and there are
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still customers area without water service. storms are causing traffic troubles in hock utility pole s wires with it. >> two women are want ford assault and robbery at a bank in center city. police released this video of the suspects, the investigators say that the pair punch aid woman in the face on july 18th, it's on the 100 block of broad street and the woman is accused of stealing her bank card and cash. police in south jersey have released a sketch of the suspect they hope to identify and arrest for robbing a bank. surveillance cameras captured images of the robber when he walked into the fulton bank on july 6th, the man passed a note demanding cash. anyone with information about
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the bank robbery is urged to contract the police. and water fountains and the vatican afounded overnight that found ans will be shut off because of italys drought. molly hundredor has more. >> for vacationers on the french island of -- a relaxing beach vacation turned dangerous. the second hottest summer so far and the temperatures are wre wreaking havoc. the firefighter planes are fighting wild fires and waiting for replacements. and in portugal. 2,000 firefighters are back at work in the same area ravaged last month. 64 people died back in june and
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the same hazardous conditions have returned. a strong winds and below average rainfall. more than 1,000 blazes last week in italy some believe to be arson and in the country's driest spring in 60 years, the city's famoous found ans may be going dry. >> well, the vatican is in the course of shutting down the town ans now and there are a lot o doing their part to help rome get through the crisis. beware the iconic drinking fountains may take a break too. >> the first time that the vatican shut off all 100 fountains, the city's mayor will decide today to start rationing water in homes and businesses and hotels.
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>> more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, a woman in her 70s gets stranded for almost a week in washington state. here how she managed to stay aliv rescued. and burglars target hilary duff at her home in beverly hills
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came within inches of a car in oklahoma. police dash-cam video shows police trying to help the woman out of of her flipped car and was trapped because of her seatbelt. seconds later the train barrelled through missing the car by a few feet. the woman was not injured. a 71-year-old woman and her dog are safe after they became stranded in the wilderness for six days. she and her dog, yoda when to
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the park and she became d disoriented. she ate pine needles and ants and after six nights she saw a held cop and was lifted to safety. >> started to wave my hands waived at me --lease see me. the pair were fatigued and thirsty. it's almost 20 years now since princess diana's death. and they are sharing information about her. >> and opened up about how the divorce affected them. >> they are speaking publically about princess diana's death.
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how many people that never met this woman, my mother, could be crying and showing morey motion than i am. people deal with grief in different ways and my way was just to shut it out and locking it out. >> her young brother, charles showing home movies of a young diana we have never seen before. >> she was always caring of little people. i was the first little person she cared for. >> her family opens up about the trials and trouble especially the relationship with the paparazzi referencing a ski vacation. >> i don't believe being chased by 30 guards on motor bikes, i don't think that is appropriate. >> prince harry revealing the
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struggles they faced as children of divorce. >> we were bouncing between the two of them and probably never saw our mother enough or far enough. >> both talked about how loved she made them feel a love they feel 20 years later and still feel their mother's presence with them and william even filter at his wedding. >> when it came to the wedding i felt she was there and there are times when you look to someone or something for strength and i very much thought she was there for me. philadelphia is home to many state of the art hops and medical centers and that is the case for hundreds of years, in this week's featured episode of hidden philadelphia we look inside of an operating room that is cutting edge in the early 1800 and part of a hospital that is in operation today. check it out and the rest of this digital special series by
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going to philadelphia. still ahead on "action news" at 12:30, another check of your forecast, stepping live outside. sky 6 hd showing you a busy beach here in cape may. david murphy has the update from accuweather. copd makes it hard to breathe.
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this 31 pound stray is called mr. handsome and is staying in north carolina. he is so big and cannot fit into a kennel like all the other cats. he is sleeping under the kitchen counter. cat lovers are calling to adop him and they are holding a raffle to see who can take him home. >> hopefully he has a treadmill. >> and a good food budget. storm-shows us mainly dry and if we go in closer on storm tracker down the showers that a
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through atlantic city down toward sea isle city, myon twit starting to rain and she hopes it gets on past may slide to the east. cape may may the stuff farther to the northern of atlantic city has to creep down the coast. and as we take a look at sky 6 irport some sunny breaks and clouds. 73 if philadelphia we expect to add 8 or 8 degrees to that number. cool for now. 62 is the dew point. that is cool and some spots humid but not in philadelphia. the ocean temperature is 75. future tracker 6 showing the cloud cover is going to be hanging with us pretty significantly today and at times there could be a pop-up shower, every now and then it may pop up in your neighborhood
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and it looks like spotty precipitation. nonetheless if you have plans to head out you will probably want to bring rain gear just in case. i think they will get the phillies game in tonight. 81 is the high in philadelphia this afternoon and 81 in wilmington and mid-70s in trenton and toms river and 77 in cape may and 77 in reading and 79 in cape may and the boardwalk in atlantic city 77ing for a high. the dew points are no longer in the 70s across the region and future tracker 6 shows you between now and 8:00 tonight, mid 60s and the farther south down to the bay. 78 degrees by 2:00, we expect the high of 81 if philadelphia probably at 4:00 this afternoon and i am allowing for that pop-up shower all wait through this period. although it won't be raining as
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tracker 6 houston and philly looking comfortable with the humidity on the low side but mostly cloudy and the chance of a pop-up dur game. and 77 first pitch. and anything that pops through the stadium is probably light enough to play through and if yo lucky nothing happens and sun comes back tomorrow. and 83 is the high and dew points should be in th mid-60s, to worse than that and enjoy it while it lasts and t o humidity returns and we get some thunderstorms. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 81 and mostly cloudy with a spotty shower today and comfortable and 83 for the high and a tad humid and nice weather for the union fans and phillies fans in the evening, two games to go to. thursday the humidity building back in and by evening the threat of a thunderstorm or two.
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some of them could be gusty and those continue overnight into friday morning. that will be the period that bumpy weather is possible in your seven-day forecast. and we get into friday afternoon. still sticky and we expect drying with sun coming back. saturday morning may start out muggy but we expect the humidity to drop during the day and by afternoon it should feel better, 85 degrees there and partly sunny and 86, not too shabby. and a new twistn johnny depp's legal battle. >> reporter: johnny depp is accusing his former business managers of publically shaming him by saying he has psychological issues and spending disorders. another turn in the ongoing legal battle after he sued his
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exmoney managers for $25 million earlier this year accusing them and their manager for treating their income as if it was their own personal business accounts. they sued saying he refused to take his advice and spent $2 million a month and spending $30,000 a month on wine and this morning the former management company claims of the alleged psychological disorders and spending habits should be stricken from the claims. >> he has been a star for 25 years, i don't think it will bring him down. does it help him? probably not but people don't make the judgment whether to see a johnny depp movie on his spending and personal life. >> and now johnny depp is doing
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everything possible to prevent the truth from coming out and the claims against tmg are fictitious and he knows it. actress hilary duff was the victim of a burglary, thieves broke into the beverly homes while she was on vacation with her 5-year-old son in canada. authorities say the security alarm did not go off when they broke down the door to get inside. >> pop singer and philanthropist, bono met with president in paris. they spend about an hour yesterday to talk about the u-2 front man's none governmental organization, one. to prevent poverty and diseases in africa. and he was awarded the lesion of honor the highest none military honor back in 2003.
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final quick check of the accuweather forecast. nice out there. >> not as warm as yesterday as we take a look at the morning western suburbs. we can't rule out a spotty shower, these are decent numbers with a lot of you holding in the 70s, not much over 80 in the warmest spots and spotdy shower at times. not a washout and winds from the west fairly light out of the northwest i should say and flipping to the northeast. and a shower is possible down the shore. 78 if sea isle city and right now the l creeping along the coast. a california couple is getting a lot of attention for ditching tradition during the t have a pinata, shaped like a wedding cake and had traditional
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cake toppers and it took a while and then the nearly 200 guests were happy with the surprises inside. >> a look at stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00. brand new video of the moments that the suspect attacked a septa officer, an update on her condition and a search for the suspect at 4:00. and truly affording your mortgage and saving money at the same time. making sure your eyes are not bigger than your bank account. coming up at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for david murphy, rick williams and the entire "action news" team. i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon. ♪
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