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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 27, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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so yeah, you have to tend to it a little bit and give it water, but not much. that's how it works. one impressive balancing act. ♪ >> well, as you can figure out from the way that this video -- they got themselves married. cole and savannah have a youtube channel. they have many subscribers. >> and the subscribers get to see the dances from the wedding. >> of course it got rambunctious. ♪ cole and savannah's dance got off rather traditionally. all lovie dovey as they whisper into each other's ears and talk
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about who has the nicest hair. and then -- >> i wanted to say congratulations, guys. we are so honored to be here. >> but here's all kinds of people doing a dance to a song, but if you're cole and savannah, you get the person who wrote and performed that song to have a video. that's russell dickerson. he let them know he can't be there and there's the daughter/daddy dance, everyone is having a dance with somebody's daddy. time for cole and his mom to have a bit of a dance. this is the point where i believe charity would refer to it as they get a bit turn tough. >> what? >> wait, it's supposed to happen? >> so crazy. >> what is the deejay doing to us right now? we better go with it. ♪ >> i have to be honest during this entire dance never once did i look at cole. >> i know. his mom is kind of captivating. she's beautiful and she's got
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moves. >> you can see where he got his luscious looks from. >> if you're a follower of theirs, this is something you want to be part of. and the dancing is a key part of the wedding so i can see why they want to share all of the dances with their followers. thanks for spending part of your day with us. check out right this for more fun stuff or catch the all new "rtm." clearasil rapid action begins working fast for clearly visible results in as little as 12 hours.
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but can ot fix this teens skateboarding mishap? nope. so let's be clear: clearasil works fast on teen acne, not so much on other teen things. you...smells fine, but yourin your passengers smell this bell dinging new febreze car with odorclear technology cleans away odors... ...for up to 30 days smells nice... breathe happy, with new febreze. the death of an american college student at a resort in mexico triggered a warning from the state department. >> the warning pertains to allegations of tainted or substandard alcohol in the country. this after the student's family speaks out about whether alcohol that sunny was given at a pool side bar was tainted. here is abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: the state department issuing a warning over allegations of tainted or substandard alcohol in mexico. this family from wisconsin,
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believes their adult children could have consumed it just six months ago. 20-year-old abby connor and we found unconscious, floating face down in the five-star resort's pool. >> bartender pours out a line of shots. and lights when out. woke up in the ambulance. >> reporter: you went from, fine, to blacked out. >> yep. >> reporter: in seconds. >> lick i said i felt normal. >> abby had a broken collarbone and passed away on thursday, january 12. the family is convinced this was no accident. and they're concerned the resort didn't conduct more of an investigation. they say they haven't interviewed the bartender or guests and there is no video. abby and austin's blood alcohol level its said to have been .25. austin can't remember how many shots he had. >> is it at all possible that you just drank too much? >> i have thought about it. and, i mean it is a possibility. but, how, how if we are in a
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group of people do two people at the same exact time, just pass out in the pool. and no one sees it. >> the hotel insists they did everything they could for abby and austin. saying in a statement to abc news, from the moment in which the guests were found, iberostar personnel acted with urgency following protocols. the on site doctor, security personnel and paramedics responded. iberostar takes this matter seriously and has remained cooperative. abby and austin are not the first people to report having suddenly blacked out after a few drinks during visits to resorts in mexico. >> i thought i was dying. because i couldn't get out of whatever state of mind i was in. you just couldn't wake up. i remember thinking how are my six kids going to find out. you know? what's going to them. >> jamie and rick told the "milwaukee journal-sentinel," their vacation to mexico all most turned deadly when they say they both blacked out after a few drinks at another resort's
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beach bar. >> the next thing that i remember is -- my husband screaming. i scud hecould hear him scream, couldn't see him. >> i believe the resorts are trying to hide the fact that dangers exist. >> she created mexicovacationawareness about potential risks of traveling to the resorts after her 22-year-old son, unconscious body was pulled from ape waist deep resort pool and heap later died. she says a nurse tried to help her son. but the hotel doctor pulled him away saying he was just drunk which webster denies. >> all the cases that i have received on my website. the resorts are quick to blame the guests. so i am not stopping until something changes. >> mexican officials tell us they have no record of tainted alcohol at iberostar resorts. the family plans on filing a lawsuit in hopes of getting more information from that resort. gio ben spichlt tez, abc news, new york. >> austin connor says he scant
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remember exactly how many shots he had. the investigation continues there. >> coming up. of what you will need to start taking out of your bags at the airport. >> plus, new rules that will soon be rolled out, all across airports, all across the country. you're watching "world news now".
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♪ i only fly away ♪ i don't know where my soul is ♪ >> i don't know where my soul is. where my home is. >> like where my homies are. >> i don't know where my soul is. i don't know where my home is. >> thought sunny was saying homies. >> i don't know where my homies at. >> fly away. we are learning new details this morning about the time line for
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a new set of rules if you are planning on flying away at the nation's airports. >> it involves what will be forced to take out of our bags once we hit the security lines. abc's linzie janis has more. >> the new tsa electronics policy, revealed. passengers already askus tumed to taking out their laptops will be asked to remove all electronics, larger than a cell phone. for individual screening. already tested at 10 u.s. airports including boston and los angeles. the new requirement will be rolled out across the country in the coming weeks. >> so now in addition to removing your laptop, you will have to pull items like this f the carry-on placing them in separate bins. the concern, terrorists including isis are focusing on taking down planes. and they're getting better at it. a laptop bomb blowing a hole inside of a somali jetliner last year. the department of homeland security saying, theydevices, a results were deaf state we test.
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on the airplane. on the ground. pressurized. destroyed the airplane. >> the tsa saysse lines at secu. by taking out electronics at the start. fewer bags need to be pulled for secondary screening. linzie janis, abc news, at la guardia airport. >> tsa instagram page loaded with stuff people thought they could get away with frying to bring on board the airplanes. >> the best follow by the way, instagram page for the tsa. take a look at some items, folks thought. >> that's not a knife. that's a knife. >> in case you have a steak on board. >> how else will you get through the filet mignon. hatchet on the plane? >> not allowed? >> how about this guy. when did that change? i see no problems with that. >> it looks like a grenade. >> a sculpture. >> a sculpture. you sthuhouldn't bring anything that looks like a grenade vapor.
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>> dodge the whole grenade thing. the bowling ball candle. blow dryer with a scope. >> is there a vapor for everything. un-stop right there!
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olay eyes collection. ageless. ♪ ♪ >> a bit of a baby boom hitting, sweet home chicago. peculiar length of time. >> yeah, so if you do the math. you will realize it was nine month as go that the chicago cubs pulled off their historic world series win. >> yes, they did. >> our chicago station has the story. >> a maternity ward is a busy place. but bring the babies conceived under the stars when the cubs won it all and it is bedlam befitting history made that
2:56 am
night. >> i think we were hopeful it would work out that way. when we found out we were pregnant made it that much more special. >> born july 17th, the hading errs, named their world series baby, theo. >> great leader. somebed to look up to obviously. what the cubs representative for us. >> baby booms ebb and flow. when something overwhelming happens. the north american blackout. there are noticeable waves, especially now at the hospital closest to wrigley. >> have the folks beat the odds to be able to have a baby in the way they seem to have planned it. >> there is definitely luck that comes into the fact that they all got pregnant around the world series. some times people get lucky. >> if a 0 woman consults her care giver, a conception date can be determined. >> we found out the day after the cubs won the world series we were pregnant. a huge moment to us to celebrate. >> they say they didn't plan this.
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but their july 16th baby is named, addison. wrigley would have been the name had he been a girl. >> really looking forward to being able to share this moment with addison once heap is older and go to many mob cub games with him. a dream come true. kind of. >> with the world series trophy twinkling, the little boy, born monday, basked in glow of being a world series baby. even if his father says his name means soccer player. >> their excited and emotional. >> our thanks to our chicago station. >> not a common name. ivy was popular. as well. >> addison. >> addison. probably a good name because of the location of where it is. was there, was there a baby boom in portugal after they won, like -- what did they win? >> a lot of people named christiano in portugal. lot of people. off awe all his babies. ha-ha. that's because they're all his
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breaking news this morning on "world news now" -- horror at the state fair. >> an apparent ride malfunction turns an evening filled with family fun into a scene of carnage. one person was killed. others were rushed to the hospital. we'll have the latest just ahead. >> the president surprise announcement banning all transgender service members from the military. citing health care costs, spa sieve tubing transgender people, as a reason for the ban. but, how much of the defense department's massive budget will actually be impacted. >> then the new development for the california teenager accused of live streaming while driving. just before crashing and killing her younger sister. how she is pleading and what her lawyer is now saying. ♪ get ready to get creeped out.
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because, for the right price, you can have the privilege of serving continental breakfast to clowns. by owning a motel dedicated to them. yeah, so if they've don't care about jacuzzis and free hbo, what are amenities that clowns can't travel without? we'll answer it thursday, july 27th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to all. we begin with the breaking news. a tragedy on the opening day of the ohio state fair. >> take a look. here is the incident. a ride called the fire ball. swinging, spinning. and then all of a sudden. breaking apart. and in midair. riders can be seen actually after that. plummeting to the ground. it is footage too disturbing to show. >> 18-year-old man was killed. seven hurt. three are hospitalized in critical condition. the fair had just opened for business hours earlier. all of the other rides were shut down. so additional safety inspections
3:02 am
could be completed. >> the governor of ohio, john kasich, spoke emotionally after the incident. after ordering a full investigation of it. >> it is kind of hard to imagine. that you have family that goes to a state fair. and those calls come. that there was a terrible accident. terrible tragedy. and somebody you love was involved. >> the company that provided the ride says the fire ball has been used at fairs and carnivals for the last 15 years. state official says the ride that mall functioned, passed all interinspections before it opened for riders. in california, a similar ride was shut down at orange county fair. in order to be reinspect the. and we will continue to stay on top of those developments from ohio. >> such a sad story there in ohio. we will move on to focus now to president trump's unexpected ban on transgender people serving in the military. it is drawing widespread criticism on capitol hill.
3:03 am
from both sides of the iemt. off off the criticism is spilling on to the streets. here in new york, demonstrators, swarmed a military recruiting station in times square, carrying signs that said reap cyst. abc's jonathan carl has more on the president's announcement. >> as a candidate. donald trump promise protect. gay, lesbian, transgender rights. the first nominee to ever make a promise at a republican convention. >> as your president, i will do everything in my power to protect our lgbtq citizens from the violence and oppression of the hateful foreign ideology. believe me. >> a sudden reversal, the president surprising even his own top advisers with a major change in military policy, announced via twitter. please be advise heed declared, the united states government will not accept or allow
3:04 am
transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the u.s. military. our military cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruptions that transgender and the military would entail. the pentagon directed all questions to the white house. making it clear the change came from the president himself. we will continue to work closely with the was to address the new guidance provided by the commander-in-chief. but the white house couldn't provide answers to the most basic questions. >> what happens to transgender service members now? are they immediately thrown out of the military? >> that's something that the department of defense and the white house will have to work together as implementation takes place and is done so lawfully. >> a study commissioned last year by the pentagon estimates there are roughly 2500 transgender service members, on active duty. one of them, air force staff sergeant logan ireland. profiled in a "the new york
3:05 am
times" documentary, while he was serving in afghanistan. >> there is not a lot of people that know i am transgender. very much on a need new know basis. >> responding to the president, staff sergeant ireland said i would look to see them try to kick me out of my military. i would challenge them in court. you are not going to deny me my right to serve my country when i am fully qualified and able and willing to give my life. the new policy, and how it was announced, was quickly criticized by fellow republicans in kong regs. >> i want a strong, vibrant military. i want to be fair. best way is have a hearing not a tweet. >> the president's most prominent transgender supporter, caitlyn jenner, retweeted trump's words from the campaign. thank you to the lgbt community. i will fight for you while hillary brings in more people that will threaten your freedoms and beliefs. jenner is now asking what happened to your promise to fight for them? the president's tweets caught leaders of the senate and house
3:06 am
armed services committee, complete leap by surprise. the chairman of the senate committee, senator john mccain, said that the president's tweets were unclear, and he added there is no reason to force service members who are able to fight, train and deploy, to leave the military. regardless of their gender identity. jonathan carl, abc news, the white house. the whole thing sparked debate online. one of the big points that some critics are making is, the small fraction of costs. >> costs of all of this. part of this is the president was citing the military, cost and all of this. military spends $8.4 a year. in transition related medical care for active duty transgender service. one of the things many people are pointing out. the military spent ten times that amount for erectile dysfunction medications. $84 million. there in the military. reaction from all over the world.
3:07 am
canadian military tweeting that they the support awful their service members. including and especially transgender service members. we are going to move on though and republicans are defending attorney general jeff sessions after another unprovoke add take from president trump. >> this time the president blasted sessions for not replacing acting fbi director, andrew mccabe, whom he depicts as a hillary clinton ally. sources say the attorney general its not stepping down. he attended a meeting at the white house yesterday in fact. but did not see the president. >> press secretary sarah sanders says, even thoech the president is disappointed in sessions, he still wants him to do his job. former senate colleagues and conservative media have criticized the president's attacks. >> speculation intensifies about sessions' fate, another high profile member of the administration is shooting down rumors about his future. secretary of state, rex tillerson denies he is leaving his post.
3:08 am
>> are you committed to staying in your position as secretary of state. >> how long will you stale for? how is your relationship with the president right now? >> good. >> there have been reports about tillerson becoming increasingly frustrated with the white house over policy differences. and the effort to fill top state department jobs. and the president left his son-in-law, jared kushner. take the lead on middle east peace. a role traditionally filled by secretary of state. >> running out of options. the senate rejected a repeal and replace bill. and repeal only plan with a two year do lay to come up with something new. they may now consider a so-called ginny repeal. that plan would roll back parts of obama care, like the mandate that all americans have insurance. and leave the rest intact. could drive up premiums and leave 15 million people uninsured.
3:09 am
>> two police officers, face charges after deadly encounter with a mentally ill man. investigators release aid video of the incident that led to the barehe'll defendant. shocked with afl stun gun. then beaten. police say he had been acting erratically. scott gee payne, and ryan were fired. >> mean have revamped their camera rolls in response to the killing. shot after calling 911 to report a possible assault near her home. the department requires oic cam all calls and traffic stops. where there is a will there firefighters. >> key they're buff. >> four guys from the new york fire department. got off their truck. picked up a small car.
3:10 am
partially on to the sidewalk. there is the front end. then the back end. >> they were having trouble getting by with the firetruck because there was a pickup truck double parked on the other side of theat so, other person, some times you just got to dupe what you got to do. awe all hear them saying in the background. impressive, guys. >> thought they would be strong enough off to lift the whole thing though. >> lack at you, you are not impressed. like mykella. >> i am impressed. >> can you make the face? >> yeah. >> coming up. sending loved ones off in time. see where dancing are the hottest thing in funerals. yeah, it is real. coming of later in the mix. makes you want to attend the funeral. the you erased video.
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a mandatory evacuation order in place this morning after a new brushfire erupted in southern california. the wildwood fire broke out near burbank near the police department training academy. then quickly spread. that evacuation order includes a nature center. >> small plane crashed on a highway north of salt lake city killing all four people on board. in fact there were two married couples on board. they were on their way to idaho for a vacation. one eyewitness says the plane's engine made a loud noise and then that plane nose-dived on to interstate 15 there. it then exploded, there were no injuries on the ground. and no other vehicles were
3:15 am
involved. >> a california teenager charged in a live streamed crash that killed her sister, made her first appearance in court. >> yeah, her attorney says she is absolutely broken apart. here is abc's marci gonzalez. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the california teenager accused of live streaming on instagram the moments before and after a deadly crash -- [ screams ] on camera again this time from jail. where she pleaded not guilty to charges including manslaughter while intoxicated. >> do you understand the charges? >> a little bit. >> prosecutors say 18-year-old sanchez was drunk friday with two 14-year-olds include herring sister in the back seat not wearing seatbelts when she lost control, flipping the car. her sister jacqueline killed in the crash. >> i [ bleep ] killed my sister, i know i am going to jail for life. i understand that. >> but the stream. >> baby, wake up,
3:16 am
>> she feels terrible. for anybody to say she doesn't feel bad. or she was doing this for social media purposes that is absolutely terrible. >> reporter: officers arrested sanchez, the other passenger seen hereafter the crash, heard in an earlier post, allegedly recorded by sanchez as she drove. survived with some injuries. >> i never thought this would happen. >> reporter: sanchez faces a maximum of 13 years behind bars if convicted. >> interesting, the attorney said, she is not denying that, she actually believes she killed her sister. but the attorney says the question is was there a crime committed here. it sound like that is what the case will senter around. >> on video you could hear her say that. her bail was set at $560,000. the court date is set for august 9th. thanks to marci there in los angeles for the latest. >> coming up in the next
3:17 am
half-hour, angelina jolie opening up for the first time about her panful split from husband brad pitt and latest health scare. the details she is sharing with us in "vanity fair" magazine. >> first three prison inmates who actually turned their brazen jailbreak into their own minidokoupil men terry. you are watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ now we get way cleaner clothes way faster he turbo clean. 6x the cleaning power in 1/2 the time you get to do the dishes.ed... bring 'em on. dawn ultra has 3 times more grease-cleaning power. a drop of dawn and grease is gone.
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♪ ♪ ♪ i feel like busting loose busting loose ♪ >> chuck brown, soulsearchers might be on the sound track for the new documentary. if the guys turn their work of art into a documentary. because we are getting a first look at newly released video of an escape from a prison in southern california. >> here is the thing. not surveillance video.
3:20 am
the three men recorded themselves. here is abc's correspondent. >> reporter: their video starts inside the maximum security wing of the orange county jail. ♪ under pressure >> reporter: set to the song "under pressure" filmed by three inmates using a cell phone. the firsthand view of their daring escape last year now surfacing through an attorney connected to the case. the alleged mastermind, even narrates. >> as far as setup goes, well, we had a duffel bag and a backpack full of stuff. >> reporter: he shows a sawed off bed leg, lifts a metal screen to slip out. giving a thumbs up to the camera. set to the theme of mission impossible. you can see their journey through the jail walls along a make shift ladder, eventually they get to the roof. authorities say that fugitives cut and moved aside that barbed wire. then anchored their ropes to the wall right there. and rappelled down the building.
3:21 am
the three men were being held in jail, over charges, ranging from murder to attempted murder, kidnapping and torture. later showing themselves nearly 400 miles away in santa cruz. and holed up in a van in san francisco. >> friday night. in san francisco. where two of the suspects were later caught. the third, surrendered to police. after eight days on the run, all three were back in jail where they remain. now facing several more charges, related to their escape. >> going to be tough to deny the charges i think? >> no it wasn't us. it wasn't us. >> escape, me? >> me, no. it wasn't me. the video is right. pretty well done. looked fairly professional. >> the music. >> the music. narration. >> maybe they get out get a job at "world news now." >> that's way too professional for anything we put out there. hey, man, could be like the new
3:22 am
prison break on fox. >> coming up. >> sequel. >> dancing pallbearers. >> awesome. >> it's happening.
3:23 am
3:24 am
3:25 am
time now for the "the mix." we start off with funerals. but this is not going to be a sad story. so, in different cultures, funerals take on a different tone. some are somber events. others celebration of life. >> yeah. >> in ghana. they're taking it to a whole new level. introduce you to the dancing, pallbearers. so this whole concept has now, completely blown up. families are increasingly paying, for pallbearers to put on the dance reteens. >> kidding me. send their loved ones off in style. >> something additional you can add for the funeral. do you want the dancing pallbearers. >> yes, coffee with or without strobe lights. >> look at them getting down. that is a celebration. >> it is indeed.
3:26 am
another reason to dance and celebrate. this created more than 100 job for young men and women struggling with unemployment in ghana. >> dancing pallbearers. >> improve the economy. dance at the funeral. >> it is a talent. give you that. if you suffer from a phobia, the fear of clowns. >> huh? >> the fear of clowns. this is not the motel you will want to stay. in nevada just near reno. it is a clown motel. it has some 31 rooms. each with its own different sort of like -- clown theme. there are over 500 clowns on property. they have -- >> oh, heck no. >> figurines right there. >> in the rooms, clowns staring at you. >> yeah. this hotel is actually up for22. condition of the sale is that the clown motel must stay true to its self. >> the one with the parachute is extra scary. >> really, really nightmare.
3:27 am
like they have the bride of chuckie. >> no need. >> chuckie. >> no need for ghosts at the hotel. good. they're covered. >> open your eyes. >> by the way, giobenitez may have been bethroned as the biggest disney fan we know. emily simpson. 21 years old. apparently has now spend $20,000 on disney memorabilia only over the last three years. yeah. >> wow. >> she fell in love with disney, toddler, watched the films. been to disneyland paris three times. but also now has a whole collection of clothing, handbags, bedding. crockery. stationary, jewelry. and 1,000 cuddly toys. she says my friends think i'm crazy. can't imagine why. >> you i had a stuffed polluto that i traveled the world with me. >> did you pay $30,000. >> negative. >> of a
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on world news now, the commander-in-chief swift move, barring transgender people from the military. the president's announcement comes after past promises to protect both service members and lgbtq americans. so why the new ban? >> breaking news from ohio. where a ride accident at the state fair left a teenager dead. others hospitalized. witnesses describing bodies flying everywhere. the new details we are just learning. >> new this half-hour, angelina jolie is opening up for the first time about her painful split from brad pitt. >> what she is telling vanity fair about a new health scare, and what she and brad are doing to heal and move their family forward. >> rihanna goes to work, work, work, work, work. what she did during a big day in
3:31 am
paris meeting with the france's president and first lady an what they had to say about rihanna. >> all coming up in "the skinny" on this thursday, july 27th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. we are going to start with the sudden surprising announcement from president trump banning transgender people from serving in the military. in any capacity. >> as a candidate, donald trump promised to protect, gay, lesbian, transgender rights, never talked about those rights in relation to mill fare service. >> protesters are hitting the streets like these in new york's time square who say they're outraged by the president's move, but not totally surprised. here is abc's correspondent. >> reporter: 69 years to the day, president harry truman desegregated the military, president trump is making his own change jes. but ignored questions about his
3:32 am
tweets that are making headlines. in a series of tweets announcing mate your change to military policy and huge blow to president obama's legacy, tweeting that the u.s. government will not allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the u.s. military, citing tremendous medical costs and disruptions. >> it is a very difficult decision, not a simple one. but the president feels the best one for the military. >> doing it on -- on the 69th anniversary of president truman's integration of the military. is really a particular slap in the face. we are preparing to see if this becomes real policy. >> many critics are pointing out the fact that the president received several deferments to avoid serving in the vietnam war. and what some are calling a giant step back, is leaving a giant question mark. >> what happens to transgender service members now, immediately thrown out of the military? >> that's something that the department of defense and the white house will have to work together as, implementation takes place. and is done so, lawfully. >> i don't think there is any
3:33 am
question that this is going to increase the danger factor for transgender folks who are already serving. they will in all probability, once again, become something of a target of witch hunts. >> former defense secretary ash carter remains choosing those who serve on grounds other than military qualifications is social policy and has no place in our military. >> thank you. >> the president's decision is rocking transgender people now serving in the military as well as those who have already served. >> one veteran speck tonight line's juju chang. >> it really saddened me. took the air out of me. i really couldn't, i was shocked and in disbelief. one of the reasons that held me back so long was fear of losing my job. i didn't know what was going to happen when i told them i was transgender and needed to transition. they have been brave and courageous, those publicly out right now. been on a path to being accepted. they have been accepted within
3:34 am
the units. and, their commanders accept them. they're able to serve for who they are. >> the american medical association says there is no medically valid reason to bar transgender individuals from the military. >> there is a recent study by the rand commission, rand commission, department of defense, that found the military spends ten times more on erectile dysfunction medication than it does on transgender medical expenses. >> now to breaking news from the ohio state fair. a teenager is dead after a ride broke apart midair. >> the ride is called fire ball. looking at it right there. but as the ride was swinging and spinning, some sort of malfunction, cause caused it to fall apart. the footage too graphing for us to show you. >> an 18-year-old man was killed.
3:35 am
the fair opened for business beforehe place. all ride were shut down. fair officials say they'll remain closed until declared safe by inspectors. we did not rush inspections. >> our inspections take place, amusement rideom checked several times, why they're being put up. and each and every day. you know the fair is about -- the best things in life. and -- and then tonight with this accident, it becomes a terrible, terrible tragedy. >> similar ride in a southern california fair was shut down and ref fairs and carnivals more than a decade. the last 15 years in fact. >> turning now to the middle east and the fight against isis in syria. there is progress being reporte battling the terror group for control of city of raqqa.
3:36 am
one estimate says isis is still only in control of about half of its self-styled capital. but, no one is even estimating when that battle might be over. >> thousands of palestinians this morning are celebrating a victory at a holy site in jerusalem. israel removed some of the recently installed security measures at the temple mount which muslims call t n shrine. muslim leaders aren't satisfied. they want israel to remove more of the equipment and installed after recent attacks from within the compound. >> developing overnight. the new white house communications director is already on a war path. threatening to call the fbi on a leaker. anthony scaramucci sparked confusion tweeting in light of the leak of my financial disclosure info i will contact the fbi and justice department. and he tagged the white house chief of staff. priebus in the tweet, fueling speculation he was implying that priebus is the leaker. scaramucci says that is not the case. deleted the tweet. public notice to leakers all senior administration officials
3:37 am
are helping to end illegal leaks. more republicans are coming to the defense of attorney general jeff sessions after yet a broadside from president trump. senator bob corker declaring, i wish he would stop. lindsay graham saying the president's efforts to pressure sessions to resign instead of firing him is a sign he says of weakness. the white house insists the president is not trying to push sessions out. we get more now from abc's pierre thomas. >> the attorney general, under intense scrutiny. capturing jeff sessions leaving the white house after what they're calling a routine meeting. president trump was not there. what sessions is facing is hardly routine. the president again, hammered sessions with a tweet. why didn't ag sessions replace acting fbi director andrew mccabe. this after calling sessions beleaguered and weak in recent days. >> i am disappointed with the attorney general. >> the white house pressed why doesn't the president simply nee is so unhappy with him.
3:38 am
>> look, you can be disappointed in some one. still want them to continue to do their job. that's where nay are. >> we're learning the two men haven't spoken in days.akameric. >> a stunning reversal for the first u.s. senator to endorse candidate trump. has no intention of resigning. some republican senators have been lining up behind the attorney general, not the president. >> jeff has been very loyal to the president. i think he deserves loyalty back. >> jeff sessions is an honorable man. >> for the first time we hear from a u.s. attorney inside the sessions justice department. >> does he have support in the >> i can say that the attorney general in, enjoys wide support in the u.s. attorney community. and-in times like this men and women of the department of justice continue to do our work. >> sessions has been at the white house twice this week. easy for the two men to eat. but it is pretty clear that the president does not want to talk to sessions at least not yet. he would rather tweet about him. sources tell me, sessions plans to keep his head down, and do
3:39 am
his job. pierre thomas, abc news, at the justice department. >> amazon has announced plans for a massive job fair. it hopes to hire 50,000 new employees with 40,000 working full time. the job fair next wednesday will be held at a dozen locations around the country. ten of them amazon warehouses. amazon is calling august 2nd. jobs day. and promising to make on-the-spot offers to thousand of candidates. chinese electronics giant, foxconn bringing jobs to the u.s. as well. building a factory in wisconsin. it will make display panels used in televisions and products and employ 3,000 people. the announcement was made at a white house ceremony, president trump, is taking credit for the deal. saying foxconn's decision was the result of election victory and white house officials note ptd trump's direct negotiations with the company for the project. >> it will be built in speaker paul ryan's district as well.
3:40 am
>> when you go to a job interview, do a little research on potential employer. >> exactly. go back to anthony scarmucci appears to have done a lot of his research. so much so he and the president look like mirror images. the daily show taking note. putting together this montage that shows he has his boss' hand gestures down pat. >> scaramucci, point, palm wave, and kiss to the room. here is the thing. i'm from long island. this is just how we talk. >> well, no, but, a, first of all you dropped the g on the long. isn't it more. >> i'm from long island. this is just how we talk. i don't understand what is so strange about this. >> but the president. >> notice when i do my long island accent. i automatically move my hand. see. it goes with the whole thing. yes. this is just what we do. >> base like you have the same moves.
3:41 am
>> yes. >> it is, a part of choreography. this is just, automatically do this. >> the president is from queens. where did he get the moves? >> people in queens do it too. a whole new york thing. this is how we talk you, know what i am saying? >> all right. well coming up. breaking news, actually, involving justin bieber. we are learning something new that he may have actually hit a celebrity photographer with a vehicle. it is unfolding right now. >> in "the skinny," the titanic reunion of one of hollywood's most famous love triangles. what brought billy, leo and kate back together again. first, here's a look at today's forecast. honey, we need to talk.
3:42 am
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prepare to be amazed. [ male announcer ] don't wait. call today to request your free decision guide and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. we have breaking celebrity news out of los angeles. >> justin bieber involved in a collision in bev beverly hills, that sent a paparazzi photographer to the hospital.t driving a black dodge ram. it appears to have been an accident. be cited or arrested. >> quite a celebrity scene. kourtney and khloe kardashian at the scene but they were not
3:45 am
involved in the collision at all. more as we get it on that one. >> angelina jolie in the meantime is opening up about adjusting to life as a single mom now. her divorce as well. and another health challenge. >> jolie appears on "vanity fair" looking stunning by the way. but revealed, last year, she battled bells palsy which caused one side of her face to droop. jolie tells the magazine, that she and brad pitt care for each other and family and are working toward the same goal. >> she talked about set noolg her new l.a. home. with her six kids. saying it has been the hardest time. and we are just coming up for air. this house is a big jump forward for us. and we are all trying to do our best, to heal our family. >> we wish well well. >> absolutely. >> when we come back, rihanna, the ambassador, meeting with the french president. >> ooh-la-la. >> reunion of titanic proportions. literally. "the skinny" is next. reunion of titanic
3:46 am
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time for "the skinny." we are starting with working girl. rihanna. her music. and, a diplomatic role. >> she was welcomed at top of the steps of the french presidential palace by dressed down first lady. so, rihanna wearing an oversized coat though by dior was invite ford a sit down with the president macron to discuss education, funding, she happens to be a global ambassador for education. >> macron tweeted he is committed to help address the challenge of 264 million worldwide people being out of school.
3:49 am
he mentioned social action platform represented by rihanna global citizen and referred to the nonprofit she founded. ♪ work work work work ♪ work work work work ♪ work work work work >> she has come into her own on that. where she has taken on education. good to see her. two world leaders there. at the palace meeting. macron/rihanna. >> keeping it mellow. just hanging out. >> just me and my girl. besties. >> next, they may very well have been the most explosive love triangle in hollywood history. >> this year marks 20 years since we met billy zane, leo dicaprio and kate winslet on board the titanic. >> i have an arrangement, on the other side of the ship. jack and i can get off safely. both of us. >> safely? >> i got my own boat to catch. >> hurry. we're almost full. >> step aboard, miss. >> so it didn't work out too well for them.
3:50 am
on board the titanic. >> wait, no, no, no, no. i don't know how much it turned out. don't tell me. >> however. they are back together in real life. this happened yesterday. at leo dicaprio foundation annual charity auction in saint-tropez. awe zane wrote, gang is back together now. we are saving icebergs. go figure. >> ah, comes all around. >> last i saw jack was there on the iceberg. just kind of look on the clinging to the boat. he survived, right? >> i didn't want to finish it. at that point. the movie was like, two hours. >> hanging out. >> okay. they're good. >> they're fine. yeah. >> cool. most explosive love triangle by the way? >> think of another.
3:51 am
>> vicky christina barcelona. >> off the top of your head. >> next question. >> next. star for a star whom we watched grow up on tv. >> jason bateman started out as a child star back in the 80s. on little house in the prairie. the family. well now after 30-something years, he finally has that hollywood star on the walk of fame. >> he was roasted by his office party co-star, jennifer aniston who couldn't reap cyst reminding him of his humble beginnings. >> i mean you remember this little guy. then there was this cutie. come on. oh, and then, this little muppet. i mean, who doesn't love, honestly. i mean, once you have made it on the cover of "muppet" magazine, haven't you done it all? >> so the 48-year-old bateman brought his wife and two daughters to celebrate his special honor. >> usually in those things who ever speaks on your behalf says all these lovely things about you. and your accomplishments. in this case, the jason bateman roast.
3:52 am
>> guess what? coming up, a c list actor in a movie with an a list one. >> what? lilly.
3:53 am
3:54 am
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3:55 am
it is a sequel that has been 35 years in the making. >> unbelievable. now we are actually counting down todays before the release of blade runner 2049. abc's jesse palmer scored interview with the stars including the a list actor harrison ford and his intern, ryan gosling. >> reporter: blade runner 2049 poised to be one of the biggest movies of the fall. featuring two of the biggest stars in hollywood, harrison ford and ryan gosling. >> things were simpler then. >> reporter: who we caught up with at comicon.
3:56 am
the original blade runner released 35 years ago, a sci-fi classic. >> he say you blade runner. >> about police officers called blade runners, hunting down androids or replicants. >> you do not know what pain is. >> what can fans expect from blade runner, 2049. how is it different? >> it is just a fantastic ride. visually stunning, moving. complicated. intensely developed plot. and character relationships. it is a fantastic experience. >> i think i found him. >> that's not possible. >> gosling was 2 years old when the original was released. as for his new role now. he isn't revealing much. >> tell me about your character. he is an lapd officer. a blade runner. all i am allowed to say.
3:57 am
that's it. sound like he has got a mystery. he is almost obsessed with trying to solve. >> yeah. initially starts just as any other case. it becomes very personal. >> they know you're here. >> for sci-fi fans the enduring mystery is whether ford's character is or is not a replicant himself. >> there is a test you can take. it turns out. >> i'm not, i'm not authorized. not authorized to reveal the source. >> well, human or not. ford's character is back. about as much as he will tell me. jesse palmer, abc news, new york. >> thank you. at least tried to get a little info out of them. >> yeah. >> very tight-lipped. >> really think ryan reynolds should have starred in that though. they wanted like, an actor, who, with gravitas. >> instead of harrison ford. >> personality. instead of the other ryan fellow. >> the intern. >> the understudy. >> that one. don't miss our updates on facebook. lots more about ryan gosling. intern. >> the
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, a ride malfunctions at a state fair sending people flying through the air. the details on injuries and the concern at other state fairs. there are new protests after the president's announcement that transgender people will not be allowed in the military. the new reaction overnight and what's next for the thousands of transgender military members already in service. breaking news, justin bieber involved in a collision. allegedly hitting a member of the press with a vehicle. the new video just coming in. and what happened nine months ago in a particular city that is causing a baby boom. we do say good


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