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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  July 27, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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6:00 a.m., thursday, july 27. matt is off, jeanette reyes is joining us. >> we're following breaking news, the coroner is on the scene after a home was engulfed in flames, we're live at the scene with the details in montgomery county. >> an armed man points the gun at police and officers open fire. >> you probably saw this
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comfortable after a few comfortable days, the heat returns. accuweather is tracking possible showers now. >> david murphy says what do you think this is? it's not fall, it's still summer. and matt pellman is in for karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: govern everybody, we expect the humidity to rise as the day goes on. we have sunshine to the east and generally speaking we've clouds and sunny breaks and we may see a pop-up storm later. humidity on the low side, 68 in allentown and reading, 71 in wilmington, 71 in cape may. 68 in dover, delaware. your call for this afternoon 68 degrees by 7:00 a.m. noon, 80 degrees, later today 85. by 3:00 p.m. i expect a high of 86 around 4:00 p.m. notice how i'm posting a chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm later this afternoon and into the evening.
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where those hit you want to take cover because there's a small chance of an isolated storm that produces strong gusty winds. take cover if you hear thunder. when i step inside we have more storms on tap and another chance of strong gusty weather and chance of downpours. matt, looks like you're looking at the bridge open. >> reporter: tacony-palmyra bridge is back down there goes the line starting to move across the tacony-palmyra bridge. slowing on either side. busy on i-95 coming off the bridge southbound side heading toward center city. the travel time 13 minutes, we're good on that front. not a bad ride on i-95 the boulevard or the schuylkill expressway or the blue route 476. getting off girard avenue heading into fishtown frankford
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avenue is blocked because of the water main break a couple of days, we're getting word from the water department they expect to get it reopened tomorrow afternoon. that's good news. vine street expressway, disabled vehicle on the westbound side approach the schuylkill expressway off to the side. we have fire location from the overnight in abington township, avoid garfield avenue at jenkintown road. piles ford road is blocked. way road the way to go instead. >> breaking this morning, firefighters are on the scene of a fire in abington montgomery county. we just learned in the last hour this has been deadly blaze. in fact flames were shooting from the home on the 600 block of garfield avenue as the fire crews pulled up to the curb. katherine scott is on the scene
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gathering details. she's got the very latest. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, we learned a man died in the overnight fire. his name has not been released. firefighters continue to do work on the scene in abington township. they are going through the home to make sure all the flames are how out. they have run into challenges because there were hording conditions inside. it's difficult for firefighters and makes it hard to move through the property. there's major damage to the home. let's go to the viewer picture of the flames burning overnight in abington township. the firing broke out on far field avenue before 2:00 a.m. a neighbor called 911. police a enunits -- and units from four companies responded. the flames ripped throot roof and severe -- through the roof, and severe in the bedroom. firefighters found a man lying
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on the living room floor he was unconscious. after he was evaluated by ems he was pronounced dead. >> it's tough to negotiate if you're just walking through the house, but with the gear that the firefighters have to wear and the air packs and dragging hose lines it makes it extremely difficult, it's already a dangerous thing, but it makes it that much more dangerous for firefighters. no audio. #. >> on the scene in abington. we continue to follow breaking news today. police-involved shooting in the rawnhurst section of philadelphia. action cam is live. a traffic stop went south when a man jumped out of a car and pointed a gun at police. the officers fired at the suspect who was running away
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into the woods. police followed and caught up with the man taking him into custody later. new officers were injured in the pursuit. police charged the man they say attacked a septa transit police sergeant. 39 correll groves turned himself in. sergeant lynn parone was pushed to the ground in southwest philadelphia. she is at home recovering. police say groves is a career criminal with arrests going back to 1997 including a prior assault on philadelphia police officer back in 2008. 2012 congressional primary race is at the focus of a federal investigation. congressman bob brady campaign aid is a i accused of paying off his rival to drop out of the race.
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she helped moore set up a fund to get $90,000 from the campaign. brady's lawyer said his client has done nothing wrong and cooperating with federal investigators, brady and moore have not been charged. one of philadelphia's best known restaurants has settled a class action lawsuit from a former server who was angry about splitting her tips. she was fighting with an unfair policy she had to give five dollars per shift for the person who polished the silver wear. the chef took home the outstanding which everybody award this past may. word of a major supplier to apple and other tech companies is coming to the united states.
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maribel aber is live at the cnn center. >> reporter: foxconn will build a major plant in wisconsin they make iphones and other devices for apple. they will make display panels for tvs and other products employee $13,000 worker as ten thousand construction jobs. the dow blue chips soared to record highs, futures are pointing to a higher opener. we have jobsless claims out today. that's the latest from biz. we have some pop-up showers out there later today. >> reporter: we have a blip on the other side of new castle county new maryland, that's the only rain i see. as we look outside, we have sky6
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live hd some sun early over the commodore barry bridge. you can see there's a fair amount of cloud cover. as we go through the day overall we're expecting clouds and sunny breaks, to the left side of the screen, talen energy, union big win last night. 71 in wilmington, 64 in trenton. down the shore 61 at the airport in atlantic city. 71 in cape may. sun early, clouds and sunny breaks, as we get into 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., we'll look out for a spotty pop-up shower here or there. 7:00, a little more. a little more as late as 11:00, 11:30, there's a chance of a storm. if you hear thunder take cover. in the lehigh valley, humid, 82, spotty thunderstorm can't be ruled out. down the shore, high in the upper 70s, clouds and sun and
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getting humid as the day goes on. 86 in philadelphia. clouds and sun, growing more humid as the day continues. spotty thunderstorm out there, not a big chance, but take cover if you hear thunder. 72 spotty storm chance dieing down after midnight. tomorrow, warm, high of 81 degrees, we're looking at the area of low pressure barreling toward the east coast. it looks like it will past to the south. which may diminish the amount of storm activity we get tomorrow, but we'll get some, though and drenching downpours. there's a chance of an isolated severe thunderstorm across the area. the storm is in southern delaware ascertain clipping cape may. by noon we're basically dry and after that we're off to the races with the potential spotty stormy activity south of philadelphia even as late as 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. by the way if you get a
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drenching downpour look out because the grounds is saturated, some areas could get as high as 3 inches of rain. we could see that on friday and friday night. 86 today late spotty storm. tomorrow, humid, better chance of spotty storms in the afternoon and evening. look out for flash flooding where drenching downpours pop up and strong storm is possible. saturday we start out with potential showers in the morning. we hope the system gets off the coast fast enough to allow for drying and the return of sunshine later. stick with us on that, because there's a chance we dry out in the arch. sunday, 80, 84 degrees on monday, nice monday, tuesday, more humid on wednesday. >> okay, thank you, david. 6:11 a.m., killed on a cruise ship fbi is investigating
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a possible murder on the high seas. ripped from a horror movie a man is walking the streets with a clown mask and car with a machete. crazy stories. live route 1 the super highway oxford valley road no issues on one or i-95 through bucks county we'll check i-95 elsewhere and head to south jersey when "action news" continues on this thursday morning.
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>> all right this shot has gotten the director's stamp of approval here, nice shot. it's baby friday, friday eve we're almost there. 615 is the time and 68 degrees. one thing that will get you in the right mood is no traffic. let's see what matt pellman can do for you. >> reporter: i've got a couple of things you might not like, but overall it's not a bad day. it is national refreshingment -- national refreshment day and natural scotch day and national cell -- national new jersey day. in new jersey, cherry hill,
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overnight construction in the eastbound lanes has cleared out you're good to go along 70. watch out for work in moorestown burlington county pleasant valley avenue cruise church street to get around that work zone. there's a work zone in winslow township, tansboro road shut down stay on 73 to get around that closure. outside live, the girard point bridge, construction crews return here today to the northbound side of i-95 at the girard point bridge double decker, you will see delays. they will be working i-95 at walt whitman bridge, so traveling through south philadelphia along i-95 you'll see restrictions later on. right now slowing on the southbound side near allegheny with just 36 miles per hour. and zooming to transit, a new
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chunk of ridge avenue will close around 8:00. a chunk of girard closing at 7:00 stay on broad street for the next week or so to avoid the work on the tracks. there's questions and concerns about president trump's sudden policy change banning transgendered people from serving in the military. in a series of tweets, the president announced members of the transgender community will not serve in any capacity. openly gay vietnam vet calls the policy change discrimination at its core. >> people have the mental and psychologic act to serve they should be allowed to. >> the white house will not say what will happen to the thousands transgendered troops who are currently ens listed. other republicans leaders were caught off guard by the move.
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princess cruise say 39-year-old woman died thursday night in what was described as a domestic dispute. the cruise ship docked ahead of its scheduled arrival time. the week long trip left from seattle on sunday. coming up, a fitness tip. >> i'm locking forward to that one. 6:30 a.m., breaking overnight, justin bieber is swarmed by paparazzi and one of the cameramen become a story. >> reporter: amazon is hiring. >> reporter: they want to 50,000 jobs so they are holding a nationwide job fair in a dozen locations around the condition. they promise to make thousands of job offers on the spot. a new shopping app from ebay that will help you find your favorite things.
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everybody, it's shoshanna with the "action news" fitness tip. i have a total body move that will get the heart rate up.
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coming down to the floor with me, get in the plank, belly tight, right foot up to the right hand give me the hop switch can you do it for 30, for a minute, how long can you do it for, push yourself and feel that burn. >> if you could see dave's face. >> people are taking about it. [laughter]. >> reporter: good files for -- good times for sure. let's head outside, columbus boulevard. behind the tree on the southbound side there's southbound construction in queen village southwest get into the rush hour we'll see delays. tee tours on the septa bus -- detours on septa bus routes 5
6:23 am
and 25. ac rail line in the running between absecon and ac. >> the knee okay david. >> reporter: it's fine, go ahead and workout, i walk all the time, that's what i do. we have cloud cover out there, a little bit early sunshine we have rain to the west of us, we might get a spotty shower popping up later in the afternoon. that's going to be few and far between. 68 in philadelphia. 71 in wilmington. 68 in allentown. as we go through the day we're looking at a warm afternoon with human gradually rising. later today it will be more humid, high of 86 around 4:00 p.m. i'm posting a chance for an afternoon or evening thunderstorm if one hits you want to take cover indoors on the lower floors. a quick look airport, all green aircraft, doesn't look like we have any rain in our travel destinations, ladies? >> new information on a deadly
6:24 am
ride malfunction at the ohio state fair. >> katherine scott is live in montgomery county breaking news, katherine. >> reporter: jennette, that's right a fatal fire in abington township overnight we're live with the details on the investigation coming up at 6:30. "feeling alright" plays ] with simply right checking from santander bank,
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with simply right checking from santander bank. department is searching for a man wanted in in connection with two shootings, he shot two men
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during two different incidents span ago month. the victim is still in critical condition. they say he shot a man back in june after an argument. montgomery county prosecutors are blaming 29-year-old man for a patient's deadly overdose inside a hospital. they say he sold drugs to the woman at her hospital bed side multiple times this includes heroin and fentanyl. he was seen on surveillance einstein medical center on five separate days. this is the 4th time this year a drug dealer has been arrested for a deadly overdose. we're following several breaking stories including a confrontation between philadelphia police and mantua gun. new at 6:30 arc masked man who looked like something out of stephen king's it, police where not clowning around when it came
6:28 am
to this case. >> breaking now on "action
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news," a one man is killed when fire engulfed an montgomery county home. >> a teen is killed at one of the country's largest state fair when a thrill ride breaks 'part. breaking overnight, a pop star saying sorry just like his hit song after strike ago photographer with a truck. matt o'donnell is off, jeanette reyes is joining us. >> let's go over to matt pellman in for karen rogers, david how is it feeling out there. >> reporter: it's pretty nice, we have high clouds and sun to the east. the closest rain is by toronto, but we could see a pop-up shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon or evening, basically dry now,
6:31 am
though, 68 degrees in philadelphia. humidity on the low side to start out. 68 in allentown and reading, 71 in boston -- wilmington, dewpoit all that bad, 63 is higher in philadelphia than a couple of hours ago. we're seeing the change. as we go into the afternoon it will feel stickier. 68 degrees and fairly comfortable by 7:00 a.m. 80 by noon, a bit more humid and 85 by 3:00 p.m. this afternoon with a high of 86 degrees i think we'll hit that probably by 4:00 p.m. this afternoon and you can see how there are showers and thunderstorms in store and while they are going to be fairly isolated even spotty today anything that does pop would have a small chance of becoming a small storm with damaging winds gusts. most of you avoid that today. better chance tomorrow, we'll detail that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and track the storms or future
6:32 am
tracker 6. what you got there, matt. >> reporter: we have a vehicle that doesn't want to run on the southbound side of the route 1 the boulevard extension, the twin bridges right here as you head toward the schuylkill expressway taking out the right lane, so everybody has to get to the left as they head toward 76 that's not an easy feat as people coming down from fox street at a good clip. delay forming on the southbound side of route 1 the boulevard extension. broken down vehicle on the westbound side of the vine just cleared out of the way. just starting to tap the brakes on the westbound side of the vine approaching 76. speeds in the 20s from bridge into girard if you're getting off on girard heading toward fishtown frankford avenue is blocked because of the water main break, we're hearing from our friends at the water department that will be reopened
6:33 am
tomorrow afternoon. garfield road in abington township we have a detour because of the fire. >> fire coosming -- consuming the montgomery county home, when firefighters got into the home, they found a man who did not survive. katherine scott has more details in abington, good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, one man perished in the fire overnight. his name was not released. his age was in the 50s or 60s. firefighters remain at work on the scene in abington township. it's taken sometime for them to go through the home and make sure that there were no additional flames, parentally there's a hording situation inside that complicates matters here, let's go to viewer picture of the flames burning overnight in the abington township home.
6:34 am
the fire broke out on the 600 block of garfield avenue before 2:00 a.m. a neighbor called 911. police and units from four abington companies responded when police and firefighters arrived they saw heavy flames in the rear of the home. the flames had tore through the roof and severe in the rear bedroom. firefighters searched the property and found a man lying on the living room floor. he was already unconscious, after ems evaluated him he was pronounced on the scene. there was past contact between property maintenance and property owner due to the hording complaints. the hording conditions posed challenges for firefighters. nearby resident came running when they saw the smoke and flames. >> i ran out and saw tons of smoke, i ran up here and saw over there there was lots of fire. there was like a huge fire. >> when i got here they were
6:35 am
hosing down the roof. >> reporter: and back here live on the scene you can see firefighters remain about 4 1/2 hours after they were called here, again they were going through the home making sure there were no hot spots. the fire marshal is on the scene they are hoping in the daylight they will learn more about what happened overnight. live in in abington township ask katherine scott. we know a police officer fired on a suspect after a carjacking in the city's rawnhurst section. the suspect jumped out of the car and pointed a gun at police after they pulled him over at strahle street. then there was a foot chase and officers firing as the suspect ran into the woods. we'll take a live look from the action cam, police still on the scene. they say two suspects are in custody and they are searching
6:36 am
two cars nearby that were reported stolen. we know no officers have been injured in all this. >> and there's in information about a shooting that wounded two teenagers in wilmington. police found the two crowning victims inside a house on the 2400 block of north madison street last night. it is believe they were shot nearby 16-year-old boy and 18-year-old boy suffered wounds in the leg. they are in stable condition this morning. no arrests have been made. >> two lower mayors in play to pay schemes are scheduled in court today. allentown mayor is accused of pay to play. long running fbi investigation led to 6 people close to the mayor. the mayor said the corruption did not reach to the top. he said he has no plans to resign. >> i want to make it clear to everyone, i have done nothing
6:37 am
wrong. nor have i ever personally accepted a dime beyond my salary as mayor. i never accepted anything but legal campaign contributions. >> former reading mayor is accused of similar crimes for alleged scheme to boost contributions to his campaign which he lost. senate republicans in pennsylvania will vote on a revenue plan to close a 2 billion-dollar hole in the state budget. it includes a new tax on the marcellus shale natural gas drilling and higher taxes on utility bills. governor wolf allowed 32 billion-dollar spending plan to become law without his signature earlier this month. the question is how will we pay for it. lawmakers have been harshing out hashing out how to come up with the money. this is not over because it could face opposition in the house. the eagles hold their first
6:38 am
full team practice this afternoon. veterans returned to the nova care complex yesterday said they feel like a playoff team. >> it's a great feeling, man, it's all about us as leaders going out here and making sure we demand what we don't get done. >> everything looks good on paper, we have the talent and the ability it's time to get focused own get our minds right and play well. >> two former veterans won't be suiting up. the eagles played alan when i think about eagles i think winter coat and hat. >> reporter: no, not in summer training camp. we are dry he and we have showers north of the poconos and blip in maryland. as we look outside sky6 live hd this morning we're looking at cloud cover over the airport,
6:39 am
some sunny breaks here and there across the region. generally speaking we're looking at clouds and sunny breaks as we go through the day. the temperature 68 degrees. it's fairly comfortable with the dewpoint climbing over the last couple of hours. winds out of the south at 6 miles per hour bringing the humid air up as we move through the day. there's a chance of precipitation 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., look out for spotty showers or odd thunderstorm. a little more of that possible at 7:00 p.m. this is spotty, but there's a slight chance of an isolated strong thunderstorm. if if you hear thunder it's a day you get indoors. comfortable by 8:00 a.m. 10:00, 75. noon, 80. more humid by 3:00 p.m., when when we hit 85 degrees, the high of 86 is around 4:00 p.m., the spotty pop-up shower or thunderstorm late.
6:40 am
83 in reading, 84 in trenton. mid 80s in philadelphia, wilmington and millville, upper 70s down the shore where we have a low risk of rip currents. tomorrow's high, 81 warm and humid. we're looking at an area of low pressure to the west. it now, however, appears it will feel travel to the south. future tracker 6 no rain until 2:00 and then that it's spotty. then there's a chance of something popping around philadelphia. notice how the northern suburbs have less of a chance of this. later in the evening, the heaviest concentration of cells is in the southern half of the region, because the storms are farther south. the storms could produce strong damaging winds gusts because of the shift in the storm track. the yellow area which is prevalent for scattered thunderstorms puts cape may in
6:41 am
the path. tomorrow, more prevalent tomorrow. models have 2 1/2 inches if you get a heavy hitter with a saturated ground you have to be weary of flashing. more humid today, late day spotty thunderstorm. i'm keeping the accuweather alert on in the seven-day forecast tomorrow better chance of drench hing downpours and -- drenching downpours and flash flooding. saturday, showers in the morning. running sun. sunday looks great, 80 for the high, monday and tuesday looks nice, more humid wednesday. >> we're following breaking news involving justin bieber and paparazzi. a terrible accident at a state fair kill a teenager and
6:42 am
hurt others. a creepy clown with a machete roaming the community. >> reporter: downingtown, tam we're not seeing a ton of traffic on the 30 bypass eastbound, just a gathering crowd heading toward exton. we'll check a disabled vehicle on the boulevard when "action news" continues on this thursday morning.
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don't touch container tip to your eye or any surface. remove contacts before using xiidra and wait at least 15 minutes before reinserting. chat with your eye doctor about xiidra. coffee cup heading to the door. what can you tell them, matt pellman. >> reporter: i love to tell you good news a good samaritan helped out on the boulevard. southbound lanes reopened toward
6:45 am
the schuylkill expressway, cross that dv off the list. also the one on the vine street express way is off the list. schuylkill expressway speeds 23 miles per hour by belmont. i-95 in the 20s as well as you travel southbound to bridge and girard avenue. girard avenue, new closures go into effect along girard in francisville close to girard college. this has to do with the 15 trolley traction reconstruction project these closures along girard and register last until august a 5. 42 in south jersey, a sluggish pace, but not too terrible. winslow township, a 61 closed
6:46 am
today and tomorrow. -- 561 closed today and tomorrow. 73 gets you around that. >> a person was killed when an amusement ride broke a part at a ohio state fair in columbus last night. one of the large arms struck the ground and broke off throwing riders into the air. an 18-year-old died. seven others injured. ohio governor john kasich ordered all rides shut down until safety inspection can be completed. >> it's hard to imagine that you have family that goes to a state fair and those calls come that there was a terrible accident, a terrible tragedy and somebody you love was involved. >> officials say the ride passed all the standard inspections hours before the deadly accident. breaking overnight, justin bieber struck a member of the
6:47 am
paparazzi with his truck, the swarm of photographers captured the incident on video. he was leaving a church service. bieber stayed at the scene, no citations will be issued. he canceled his world tour due to unforeseen circumstances.
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6:50 am
>> file for a -- time for a preview of "good morning america." >> robin roberts is here, we heard the story about the ohio state fair, the victim and the families watching. a terrible story. >> reporter: the ohio state fair tragedy the compartment breaking off, killing one and injuring several. we'll speak to the crong man who caught -- to the young man who caught it on camera. he was waiting online shooting the video we'll talk to him. strong reaction to president trump's twitter announcement that transgender people cannot serve in the military. what it means for those currently serving live from the
6:51 am
white house this morning. a new warning as families head out on the water this summer. we're investigating how the age of your boat can increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. we have all the information you need to know. tam and jennette that's coming up on "g.m.a." >> we'll see you soon. >> reporter: you're not going for the boat, but going for the car over the river this morning. let's check the ben franklin bridge. our good buddy ben looking fine, stick with the eastbound ben instead of the walt whitman bridge, there's a construction pattern and one lane is getting by. the ben is the way to go. on mass transit we have railroad bridge stuck in the up condition that means you're on the buses between absecon and ac. signal problems on the warminster west trenton and lansdale line, 15 minute delays on each. >> reporter: fair amount of cloud cover across the region. we have rain moving in by
6:52 am
toronto and areas to the north. that will won't be an issue until this afternoon. 68 in allentown. as you look at the numbers, keep in mind dewpoints are on the low side. we're starting out okay, but it will be more humid this afternoon. noon, 80 degrees, 3:00 p.m., 85 degrees. later in the day we're in the 80s and there's a chance of a spotty pop-up shower or thunderstorm at least in a couple of spots. tam? >> thank you david. this is a little different. new the 6:30, maine state police arrested a creepy clown wandering the streets with a machete. police say he duct taped a machete to his amputated arm. the man was arrested after he walked out of the woods two miles from where he was spotted. >> he saw the police officers coming around that, this was something that was wrong, it
6:53 am
wasn't a joke. you watch movies like that you say why would someone do that and someone comes out of the middle of nowhere and does that? >> it's a heart attack. the man behind the clown mask said he was playing a prank, he was charged with criminal threatening. pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once.
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stories an early-morning house fire claimed the life of a man in abington montgomery county. hording conditions inside the homemade it harder for firefighters to fight the flames. police fire on a suspected carjacker, officers say he jumped out of the car and pointed a gun at police. two suspects are in company no officers injured. >> reporter: same set up on the schuylkill expressway, slow going on in the eastbound side in conshohocken one lane paved one not as you travel eastbound. >> reporter: we have a warm one this afternoon high of 86. there's a chance of a spotty pop-up thunderstorm. as you can see an isolated storm
6:57 am
here or there. take cover if you larry thunder. there's a better -- if you hear thunder. there's a better chance of this tomorrow than today. >> that's it for us, for matt o'donnell, karen rogers, matt pellman, jeanette reyes, and david murphy, i'm tamala edwards. whew! >> reporter: good job. from the time i was pregnant with him, had so much life and energy in him. he wanted out, and he wanted to conquer the world. right now, quinton's goal is to be a doctor. it's not easy being a single parent with three kids
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, a tragic accident at the ohio state fair. at least one person killed. seven others injured when this popular ride malfunctions breaking apart in midair sending people flying. the governor ordering all rides shut down. we are live on the scene. outrage growing on president trump's ban on transgenders serving in the military. the military blindsided. his own top advisers surprised. fierce reaction on both sides of the aisle as the white house leaves questions unanswered. what will happen to those already in uniform? suspicious death on the high seas. the fbi investigating after this woman was found dead on a cruise ship. witnesses saying they heard her scam


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