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tv   ABC World News  ABC  July 29, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, who's next? the shake-up at the white house. president trump ousts his chief of staff. replacing him with a retired four-star general. can the new faces in the west wing rescue the president's agenda? breaking news. the massive fire at an outdoor music festival. more than 20,000 people forced to evacuate. also breaking tonight, the major terror bust. front door bomb. tonight, the new video. the mysterious package the doorstep, exploding and critically injuring the man who opened it. border outrage. reaction to the abc news investigation. the encounter between a mexican
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teen and two border officers that left the teen dead. members of congress speaking out. and dangerous dosage. the urgent warning using medicine to get children sleepy. the consequences could be deadly. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with that shake-up at the white house. chief of staff reince priebus is out, replaced by homeland security chief john kelly, a retired four-star general. priebus seen getting in an suv. he joins an already-long list of departures. take a look. press secretary sean spicer last week. before that, a communications director, a fbi director and the deputy chief of staff. does president trump finally have the staff he needs to tackle his big promises on health care, tax reform and infrastructure? abc's david wright starts us off from the white house.
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>> reporter: president trump erupted at his own party today. taunting republican senators as total quitters. unless they vote again on health care reform. earlier today, he insisted, they look like fools and are just wasting time. trump is still fuming over the senate's failure to pass its version of an obamacare repeal. a signature campaign promise. killed off with a thumbs down from senator john mccain. >> boy, oh boy, they have been working on that one for seven years. can you believe that? the swamp. >> reporter: the president 's white house struggles to regroup after that shake-up. the new chief of staff set to start monday, the old one left last night in the rain. >> hitting a reset button is a good thing and the president did that and so i think he's happy. >> reporter: speaking to fox news, reince priebus refused to comment on the in-fighting
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amongst white house staff especially those harsh words about him from the new white house communications director. >> i'm not going to get into that subject. it's getting into mud. i think the palace intrigue stuff is annoying. and think it's a distraction. >> reporter: today in the west wing a glimpse of outgoing press secretary sean spicer, still helping out. as the administration regroups, one big question -- who will take over as secretary of homeland security? when general kelly becomes chief of staff. abc news has learned some senior white house aides are urging the president to move attorney general jeff sessions over to that role, but some republicans are already pushing back on that. today senator lindsey graham tweeted, dhs secretary jeff sessions doesn't sound right, doesn't feel right, bad idea. >> lindsey graham with some
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advice for the president there. david wright joins us from the white house. david, this shake-up comes at a time when the president is struggling to repeal and replace obamacare and tax reform and infrastructure plans are still on the horizon. >> that's right, heading into the august recess, he has zero legislative accomplishments to boast about. losing reince priebus in losing reince priebus that lost one of their institutional links to the gop. all that doesn't bode well for the president's agenda. >> navigate to capitol hill tomorrow morning on this "this week," a complete wrapup of the white house shake-up. we want to turn now to some breaking news coming in from australia at this hour, the prime minister of that country says the plot was to bring down an airplane. abc's jennifer eccleston with what we're learning. >> reporter: we're learning
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chilling new details about those four men arrested saturday in australia as part of a terrorism operation. late tonight the prime minister say the four were plotting to bring down a plane. australian police said it was islamist inspired. they were arrested in sydney during raids earlier today. right now, we know that additional security measures are in place at airports across australia. the officer of air transport security, screening will now take longer. all of those added security measures going into place as the counterterrorism operation continues. at this hour, the national terror alert level remains at high. details are still coming in. we'll continue to follow this story. tom. >> jennifer with that breaking news from australia, thank you. next tonight, the first images of north korea's ominous new missile launch. a rare nighttime launch. they traveled higher and longer than any other previous attempt. now, potentially able to strike
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deep into the u.s., including chicago and new york. abc's gloria riviera on the growing threat and what options the u.s. might have. >> reporter: blast off in the dead of night. these new images show north korea's latest, and most alarmingly successful, missile launch. >> we think that these missiles could now reach the center of the united states. los angeles, chicago. >> reporter: north korea claims it can now make a surprise launch at any time, in any place, proving the whole u.s. mainland is in the firing range. this latest missile shot 2,300 miles into space and landing in the sea of japan. but north korea can angle that trajectory to extend the reach dramatically. this latest test did not demonstrate whether north korea can successfully arm the war head with a nuclear missile but -- >> revised u.s. defense intelligence estimates now say that the north koreans could have a nuclear missile capable
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warhead within a year. >> reporter: after the president trump conferred with his national security team. they issued a statement -- united states will take all necessary steps to ensure the security of the american homeland and protect our allies in the region. already, the u.s. and south korea conducted military exercises near north korea. but with diplomatic negotiations stalled since 2009, further options are unclear. any military action could prompt a catastrophic response from north korea, an acute concern with some 82,000 u.s. troops in the region. south korea's president is asking the u.s. and the u.n. to consider tougher sanctions against north korea. the regime's leader is vowing more tests to come. tom. >> gloria with that latest missile launch, thank you. next to the mysterious package left on a doorstep, exploding and critically injured the elderly man who opened it. neighbors rushed to his side. with wet towels to cover his burns. tonight, he remains in the
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hospital as federal investigators join the hunt for who ever sent it. abc's adrienne bankert is on the scene in queens, new york. >> reporter: tonight, the fbi and other agencies on the hunt who put a bomb, disguised as a package. >> the explosion happened outside the residence. >> cell phone video shows a land jr. lord knocked to the ground, this moments after he was consumed by flames. >> we have a person burned at this location. send ems. >> i saw a man on fire. screaming out in pain. lot of pain. he was engulfed in flames. >> reporter: investigators examining this cylinder. seen this this image, possibly filled with gun power. neighbors in the queens, new york, community stunned. >> i heard boom, this big explosion. >> the family who lives here say they saw the package but since it wasn't addressed to them, left it outside. >> god forbid if we took it inside the house, it would have
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been much worse. >> reporter: the 73-year-old now in critical condition with second and third-degree burns over most of his body. investigators are testing residue from the blast found in the home. the family tells us that pack package could have been on their doorstep for as long as a week. tom. >> adrienne, thank you. the austin police department has taken its entire fleet of ford suvs off the streets after officers reported getting sick from carbon monoxide fumes. now government safety regulators are looking at ford explorers going back to 2011. abc's marci gonzalez explains. >> reporter: tonight, the austin police department pulling their entire fleet of nearly 400 ford explorer suvs from the streets, concerned about possible carbon monoxide fumes
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they say have sickened more than 60 officers there and created dangerous situations like this. >> i had absolutely no clue as to what was happening. >> reporter: former newport beach, california, officer brian mcdowell, now suing ford, saying he believes he blacked out behind the wheel of this ford explorer because of an exhaust leak. >> i began to get a severe headache and began to feel nauseous. >> reporter: officers in at least four states reporting similar symptoms. ford, saying their investigation is ongoing, but they believe the problem may be coming from modifications made by police departments when installing the equipment. the national highway traffic safety administration is expanding its investigation of all model year 2011 to 2017 ford explorers. they've now gotten nearly 800 complaints, many from regular ford customers reporting suspicious odors. the company assuring those instances are unrelated to the carbon monoxide described by some police departments.
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>> if you're the driver of a nonpolice ford explorer there's no reason to be concerned. >> reporter: and ford is now offering to cover the costs of fixing the problem in all police ford explorers. tom? >> marci, thank you. next, to the reactions are pouring in tonight to the video obtained exclusively by abc news that shows two officers at the border allowinging a 16-year-old mexican teen drink a suspicious sub stan. the official report called it an accident and described only one voluntary drink. take a listen this from brian ross. >> reporter: the two officers encouraged or at least the permit young man to drink it. >> cruz now points at the bottle and she's saying, okay, drink it. she makes the gesture that we associate with "to drink." now watch the male agent. he says drink another one.
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you see them exchanging glances and smiles. >> reporter: then it happens again. >> two more since. >> reporter: four drinks in all, within a half-hour, the drugs take effect. the teenager can barely stand. a massive overdose with symptoms like a heart attack. >> you saw the video there. tonight, strong reaction and outrage. zoe lofgren saying this teenage boy did not deserve a death sentence. congressman adriano espaillat saying -- this incident happened back in 2013. the officers involved in it haven't been fired or disciplined next to the dangerous storms and flooding across the east. a state of emergency for parts of west virginia. water rescues in western pennsylvania as well. overflowing creeks in maryland and washington, d.c., more rain falling there today before the front moves out.
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now, to an urgent warning to parents about a dangerous practice that some health officials say is becoming more and more common. giving children medicines to make them sleepy. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, growing concern over infant deaths blamed on benadryl. police say a lethal dose killed 4-month-old adam segall. >> when we found out that it was in his system, i were in complete shock. >> reporter: police say the baby died in march at carol cardillo's unlicensed home day care after getting an overdose of benadryl. >> we were completely betrayed. we couldn't believe that someone we trusted with the care of our son would do something like that. >> reporter: segall the latest infant to die after being given the drug. in ohio, this mom was charged with involuntary manslaughter after her 3-month-old died in
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march from a suspected overdose. and just this week, a columbus babysitter pleaded guilty to killing 8-month-old haddix mulkey after giving him benadryl to sleep. >> it should never, ever be used as a sleep aid. this is not a sleep aid. it is not indicated as a sleep aid. >> reporter: the fda does not recommend giving benadryl to children younger than 2 because of the potentially life-threatening risks. even for those older than 2, medical professionals say it needs to be appropriately dosed based on the child's size. >> parents think, well, it's safe because it's not a prescription. that's not the case. these drugs can be very dangerous. >> reporter: as for little adam segall's case, the daycare owner rejected a plea deal this week, her case is now expected to go to trial in november. tom? >> eva, thank you much more still ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday -- the incredible images coming in from barcelona, the massive fire breaking out at a music festival. plus, what a woman is accused of doing to mothers on a popular facebook site. the baby products she claimed to be selling.
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purchases like car seats, then offer moms smaller ticket items like diapers, and not deliver. this mom said she she would out more than 1,000 bucks for a deal. >> she made it so believable. when you first got added on you did get things. all of a sudden it just stopped. >> reporter: only to discover she had been duped. >> i was angry and i was so mad. >> reporter: in an apparent post last year, sbeih blaming delays on delivery companies. the facebook group, now deactivated. we reached out to sbeih for comment, so far no response. but tonight, a warrant for her arrest. tom, the moms we talked to said they paid through several different vendors. authorities tell me there could be many more victims. tom. >> erielle, thank you. and when we come back. that horrific ride malfunction at the ohio state fair. what we're learning. and maybe one of the strangest 911 calls ever.
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and physicians involved in opdivo clinical trials. time now for our index. and the raging blaze in barcelona, some 20,000 people forced to evacuate a popular outdoor music festival. those fires breaking out on stage. so far no injuries reported. and back here at home, a the coroner's preliminary finding that 19-year-old died of blunt force trauma after he was hurled from the fire ball ride. at least seven other riders were injured.
6:53 pm
and a warning when you're at the atm. police in fairfax, virginia, on the hunt for this suspect sneaking up on atm customers. that suspect shoving a woman out of the way. the customer fighting back. the crook seen climbing into another customer's front seat. and the unusual and desperate call to 911 east of cleveland. >> i have a boa constrictor struck to my -- my face. >> you have a what sf. >> boa constrictor. >> that's right. the woman known for having nearly a dozen pet snakes was attacked by one in her driveway. a firefighter was able to free her. the woman was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. up next the remarkable moment neither doctor nor patient will ever forget. the special delivery, times two, stay with us. day. and we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression, including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2
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finally, the doctor always on call even when she's a patient. tonight, she's america strong. >> it just hit me very intensely and i suppose i was not at all quiet about it. >> reporter: that's kentucky resident leah johnson talking about the contractions she felt just before delivering her beautiful baby daughter six days ago. the problem, her doctor was on break at the time. >> i wasn't even aware of what the situation was, but yes, i was ready to see a doctor. >> reporter: down the hall, amanda hess, also ready to give birth to a baby girl. >> my husband had said, "is that lady screaming?" and i said, "i think so." >> reporter: so amanda, who is an ob/gyn, jumped into action. turns out dr. hess was one of leah johnson's doctors. >> i didn't notice anything out of the ordinary at all and my husband noticed that she had a hospital gown on.
6:58 pm
>> i said you know the baby's heart rate keeps dropping with your contractions i think we probably ought go ahead and break your water and let's have a baby. >> reporter: and she did, a perfect delivery. >> i walked back into my room, where my husband had been waiting and he said, "did you just deliver a baby?" and i said, "yes, i did," and i was ready to go. i got all my nerves out and i was like it's our turn, let's go ahead and have a baby ourselves. >> reporter: and dr. hess did, little ellen joyce. >> i felt like the whole pregnancy, this little baby girl was my sidekick. all of the surgeries that i was doing, she was always there with me. and i feel like just there up until the last minute she was working with me and delivered a little baby with me before she came into the world. >> tonight, we salute amanda hess for being america strong. thanks so much for watching. i'm tom llamas. "gma" first thing in the morning. i'll see you right back here tomorrow. have a good evening.
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