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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  August 2, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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and caught fire in western pennsylvania and forced the evacuation of nearby homes and people line up for jobs at amazon warehouses across the u.s. and a developing story the arrest in the murder of a new jersey woman. michelle long was found dead in her home back in june and late this morning officials say her husband is to blame. vernon odom is live in woodbury where the gloucester county prosecutor announced the charges. >> reporter: good afternoon sara, it was a very remotional news conference in woodbury this morning, many victims relatives were there and they are deeply grieving and michelle long's killing is a gruesome case. >> she did not deserve this at all. we are broken without her. just trying to keep it together. britney mcguire is the daughter of slain woman michelle long
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back on june 17th, her mother's husband, norman long has now been arrested and charged with her brutal murder. the victim's body was found in the couple's swimming pool at their home in wood rich township. the gloucester county police have arrested nathan long and charged him with murder for knowingly causing her death to cause blunt force trauma to her neck and head. >> the prosecutor says that norman long a crabber is undergoing psychiatric evaluation in trenton and then he will be put in jail. he made efforts to divert attention from himself as the killer. and he is the only suspect. >> our investigation determined that mr. long killed his wife inside of their home and placed
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the fully clothed body in the backyard of their swimming pool and drove to a local receipt rant and upon his return he pretended to discover her body in the pool and advise first responders that she drown. >> we are glad that the person that did this is now caught. we miss her so much. >> rick, again norman long the husband faces first degree murder and remains in a psychiatric ward in trenton after his arrest yesterday afternoon. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news" at the gloucester county courthouse in woodbury, new jersey. in other news a woman is found after she said she was abducted and robbed by a lyft driver, 31-year-old britney says she and her sister were using lyft and stopped at a gas station in upper darby and one sister went into the store to
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buy water for the driver who said he needed to take medication, and the car and britney were gone. about an hour later britney called police to say the driver took her cell phone and debit card and kicked her out of the vehicle in southeast philadelphia. chopper 6 hd was over the scene of an year turned tanker truck in south philadelphia. it happened at 10:00 near 26th and passyunk. not clear what caused the truck to overturn but no other vehicle was involved. the driver's injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. >> a man is in critical condition after pumping gas in chester county. the victim a man in his 20s was shot several times and right now they don't know why. jeanette reyes has this story. >> a man is fighting for his life this afternoon after being shot multiple times after pumping gas.
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>> i heard gunshots and it woke me up. >> after midnight a bar able of gunshots rang out in chester. >> i know what it was. >> heard about 30. like pop pop pop. >> how many did you hear? >> oh god at least 20. >> a man in his 20s was pumping gas at this sunoco gas station. >> we heard the gunshots and like you said we didn't know a person was hurting until we saw the ambulance was coming. >> the man was shot in the chest and car riddled with bullets and back window shattered and two bullet holes in the front. the victim was taken to crozier medical hospital in critical condition. and the police are looking for any surveillance footage and talked to witnesses. >> we hear the gunshots every other night in this area. >> just normal shooting in a neighborhood that is far too familiar with the sounds of gunshots.
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>> it's so sad, you know that they have to pick up guns, they used to fight with their fists, that is out. >> police have not released deal tails on this investigation and anyone where information is asked to contact authorities. a train derailment in bedford county, pennsylvania prompted officials to evacuate nearby homes. in the town of behindman some train cars were filled with flammable liquid. and some cars caught fire and a residential garage nearby caught fire and residents within a one mile radius were asked to leave their homes. no word on what caused the derailment. >> another hot and humid day out there. storms are popping up in the region. showing you center city from the temple university cam. rain and thunder here outside of
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our station on city avenue as a matter of fact. keep your eye to the sky this anoon. david murphy is in the weather center with the latest. summer storm david. popping in the last 35 month 40 minutes and the picture of center city shows how isolated they are. sunshine over center city but not far away on stormtracker 6 live double scan we have a line of showers and thunderstorms that popped up around lunch time and we can see that these as you see them develop over the last half hour or so. aren't really moving all that fast and they bloom, develop and then slide to the northeast and could be that some of these never make it to center city and they slide by to the north and west. where they are hitting they are isolated and slow moving and dumping a lot of rain. for example if you get caught under this cell here to the north of frankford and philadelphia. this thing stays on top of you for a while. and the possibility of flooding
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on some roadways, they take tear them getting through. another batch of these through the winfield section. and manayunk, this started to bother folks near channel 6 and bryn mawr showing these and wrapping around delaware county and the seat of media, going wide to reenforce that idea. a lot of the idea is kind of dry and getting more active. getting in tighter around trenton these are north of trenton and as i put them in motion they appear to be pushing mainly to the northeast. and trenton not out of the question of getting one and one south of doylestown has formed and dive into the areas north and west of philadelphia, new thunderstorms erupting around reading and another one over by allentown. so guys not only is it getting bumpy in neighborhoods it's getting 80 as well.
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we'll continue to monitor this over the broadcast and the biggest issue is lightning and downpours don't drive through nooded areas. >> thank you. get the updated forecast any time on your phone or tablet. the 6 abc app is a free download for your mobile device. breaking news now out of minnesota where part of a school collapsed killing at least one person. this is in minnehaha academy in minneapolis. officials on the scene say that a gas leak cause the the explosion and people were reportedly trapped in the building after the explosion and some students in the school at the time in a gym but were not hurt because it was not close to the explosion site. we'll look for updates on this story out of minnesota and bring them to you. a prime opportunity for thousands of job seekers in mercer county today. they lined up around the block around the amazon facility in
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robbinsville this morning, thousands were hoping to land a job by the company at the fulfillment facility and around the nation. they hope to fill 50,000 jobs nationwide. more than 70 variety club campers are spending the day at the franklin institute. they hold programs to help build self-confidence in children with disabilities and they got to enjoy lunch and ice-cream bar and dance along to a dj. >> the trip was made possible by first trust bank. more ahead on "action news," prince phillip made his final solo appearance. and kesha going on a solo tour after four years off the stage. when she will perform in our area. when "action news" continues.
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angry passengers called 911 after they were stands in a plane in canada for six hours. airtransity flights from brussels to montreal is diverted to ottawa. and passengers spend time on the plane without air conditioning or food or water. emergency crews responded saying that airtransity blamed congestion and airport staff. but the ottawa airport authority says they had a gate ready and stairs available but it was up to airtrans to give the order to deplane. for over 65 years, he is the unwavering presence alongside britain's longest serving monarch. print phillip made his last solo public engagement. >> prince phillip marks his last
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official solo appearance a parade honoring the royal marines, the 96-year-old prince is joking about his pending retirement saying i'm discovering what the like to be on your last leg and famous for off the cuff remarks for making queen elizabeth laugh. he has been by the queen's side for the laugh 70 years. >> to support the queen? >> yes. >> what does that involve and supporter her and doing everything that is valuable to her. >> despite his advanced years the prince has done more than 50 public events this year and along with the queen they do more events than any other royal. and back in may buckingham palace afounded the prince would put up his royal feet. it has all taken its toll and last christmas the couple came down with heavy colds and the bring was hospitalized several
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times over the last few years, but today looking spry for his 96 years. we'll still see prince phillip from time to time and the queen will soldier on her own, she is slowing down and cutting back and prince charles and the young royals are stepping up and taking some of of the load off the queen. molly hunter, abc news london. employees at a company in wisconsin actually lined up to get microchips implanted into their hands. we told you about this story last month but today was implant day. it allows employees to open doors and log on to computers and get snacks all with the sweep a hand. 81 of their employees agreed to be voluntarily chipped. during a chip party yesterday. >> you don't know how it's going to feel or what it will feel like in my opinion it didn't feel like anything.
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>> the microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and goes between the thump forefinger. it's not gps encrypted so they cannot track employees. >> chocolate chips, a couple of cookies. i'm honestly hungry. >> stepping live outside sky 6 hd showing you the storm clouds coming in over the ben franklin bridge.
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topping our people scene fans waiting to see kesha on tour are finally getting their wish. the first solo tour in four years, in support of her album called rainbow and will tour for 26 weeks wrapping up in november in hollywood, california. it comes to the fillmore in philadelphia on october 7th. david is back with another
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check of the accuweather forecast. a little action on the radar. >> not raining everywhere but where it's raining it's pouring, stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you the scattered precipitation in south jersey and delaware almost completely dry but the closer look at storm tracker shows you since lunch time a pop-up shower and now a line of decent thunderstorms rolling through and lots of lightning here and also heavy downpours, if we go in closer to philadelphia and move this, you'll notice it isn't moving all that much. it kind of slides off to the north and east and one area that gets heave your rain just to the west of frankford is replaced by yet another cell of heavy rain after that. and could be in places like winfield and manayunk and on back in through bryn mawr and media the county seat we see enough of the heavy downpours where backups on roadways, look for flash flooding on roadways. in bensalem it appears that
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stuff is headed in your direction. something to keep in mind there is heavy stuff and more stuff an issue farther away. and farther up by trenton, new jersey, by yardley a heavy hitter, heavy downpours and this one also popping through, perhaps to be followed up by another. as we go out to the western and northern western suburbs, popping up one through reading and again we start this up and it doesn't move all that fast. are you stuck with it for a little bit. western chester county additional stuff to the west an issue for you later on and one cell around allentown and another one south and west of allentown some of these were producing thunder and lightning a while ago and doesn't seem so now and that is a possibility. lots of scattered activity but where it is falling it's dumping downpours. as we look outside a camera parked outside of the window and we were watching rain coming
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down steadily about two or tloo minutes ago and down to light stuff and blue skies in the distance, and it doesn't take much distance at all to transition from the heavy downpour to the sunshine. as we look at temperatures, 87 degrees in philadelphia. the dew point is up there at 66 and some places in the 70s and pretty humid out there and a lot for the storms to work with in terms of moisture and winds at the south at 5, blustery for the downpours and making it feel humid and there are the 70s oppressive humidity and philadelphia noticeable humidity. for the rest of the day more scattered showers and thunderstorms up until 4:00 until 7:00, some of them might dip into south jersey an adjustment in the forecast, and looking like it would be closer to the city. down at the shore today keep your ears out for thunder and 10:00 a little bit left over and temperatures with high humidity across the region and anywhere from the low 80s down the the
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shore to the 90s around philadelphia. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we go for 90 on the nose a high here and spotty drenching downpours in neighborhoods this afternoon and evening. 89 and another chance of scattered downpour producing thunderstorms, less tomorrow than today. and friday a fronts approaches and a couple more spotty showers or thunderstorms and more activity later friday night. something to keep in mind if you have friday night plans. it may start out cloudy and improvement during the day the way things look now. 86 is the high and 82 and nice on sunday. do be careful if you drive around today. if you get under the downpours and see the water backing up on the roads, turn around. >> i'll put my concertable up. >> if you are on the hunt for meatless eats there are some in philadelphia.
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here is the fy i'm special. >> faloffle is the newcomer on trance street. that and salad is the menu. >> have you time to do them really, really well. the pita bread is baked daily at their sister restaurant. >> we give it a pocket. mix the israeli salad and four tahini flavors. >> tell me when. >> dump it all into the pita and top it off -- >> how cute you are. >> add a side of fries. >> these are not your average fries and vegan tahini milk shake. >> and coffee and coconut. >> and the name goldie comes from their sister restaurant. >> it's the name for gold. like the baby sister. >> and when it's time to dig in there is a stem.
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>> you eat it so the it doesn't drip down your arm. >> similar to the philadelphia cheesesteak. >> yes. >> at artisan exchange in westchester, they have created a vegan scrapple. a mix of polenta, buck wheat flour and vegetables and spices it's a recipe that requires muscle. that is what make its authentic, they want it to taste like scrapple and walk and talk like scrapple. and they use flavors from around the world. >> it's not just tasty -- >> and the family is working to make meatless mainstream. >> they were devoted carnivores until five years ago when sylvia suffered a stroke and her chef husband daniel created healthy
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meals as medicine. >> my healing was faster than thought. daniel lost weight and cholesterol dropped and border line diabetes disappears and they hoped love factory and vegan bistro and were mgrys for the vegan cause. >> not just a company to make money but a way to do something for good. >> vegan soups and salads and black bean burger at local co-op stores. >> this is so good. >> actually good. that reaction, the pleasure.
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in patients using anti-inflammatory eye drops or tear duct plugs. to help avoid eye injury and contamination, do not touch the bottle tip to your eye or other surfaces. wait 15 minutes after use before inserting contact lenses. the most common side effect is a temporary burning sensation. your eyes. your tears. ask your eye doctor about restasis multidose. before we go a final check of the accuweather forecast. it got exciting and stormtracker
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6 live double scan showing a cluster of thunderstorms that opened up at lunch time and cruising through and moving slowly and could produce wind gusts but mostly lots of lightning and you see the movement is not all that quick. so drenching downpours producing isolated street flooding possible and the i-95 corridor has this and more between allentown and reading and additional action to the west. this will all die down but not until 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. >> that does it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. have a nice afternoon.
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