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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 3, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm EDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> it's a mission giving sneakers to kids in africa, boosted by an all-star social media challenge. >> to say that they were successful is an understatement. >> now meet the force of nature behind kickin' it. >> i'm down. that's my thing right now. threat's make it happen. a traffic zenlt has the web weighing in. >> people on the internet are completely puzzled by this. >> see if you agree who is to blame. >> if the speed doesn't fit, you must acquit. there's something really scary going on in here right now. >> it's a spooky hotel room encounter but look closely. >> you start picking up on something. >> why a new video is deepening the mystery. we're breaking down the best
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on the web, including a little gift for a teen with a good heart. >> i love it. >> why gabby is going to love the big gift outside even more. >> we just want to say we're proud of you. >> oh my god, i love you guys. >> they love their kicks and this sneaker head chris strong decided to take his love for tennis shoes and passion for people and combine them creating an organization called kickin' up. he together they launched kickin' it for a cause. the goal was to gather a thousand pairs of kicks and take them to the children of rwanda and democratic republic of congo. he took it to social media and it went viral. it was like the ice bucket challenge. people got on, they talked about the cause, they shared the tennis shoes they were going to send and they challenged three people. >> millions of people are contracting diseases through contaminated soils in the
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republic of congo. kickin' is liberty university and the t. bonera foundation are putting together pairs of shoes and sending them over to help. these are one of the shoes i'm sending and i nominate stephon kur r i steph curry. >> that was aisha curry, the wife of two-time nba champion steph rur pi. >> 7,000 pairs of shoes. i think one or two. >> steph happens to be best friends with chris. they raise money at events like this, but he also donated 500 pairs of kicks and as a result under armour matched that and sent 100 pairs and so did nike. to say they were successful is an understatement. in july they went to rwanda, they delivered 30,000 pairs of shoes, food, water, soap and medical supplies. to tell us more about the journey how we can help and
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where they go from here, live via skype we have chris strong from kickin' it. welcome, my man. [ cheers and applause ] >> how are you doing, y'all? >> how does it feel to know that you were able to pull off such a successful drive? >> going there and doing this stuff and actually getting down and dirty and getting to work for them was the biggest deal to me. it was amazing for me. i'm happy to see those smiles out there. >> what tea like putting those shoes on those kids? i imagine some of them probably maybe a first pair of shoes in their life? >> for all of them it's the first pair ever. it was the feeling i was searching for but i didn't know until i actually did it, i kept a pair in my book bag to make my video with the first one and i prayed to god and asked him to show me that person that i need to be, size nine right here. i felt one kid that i saw looked like he was a nine, so many amazing times i had sneakers i'm happy he gets those good vibes
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to continue doing what he's doing over here in rwanda. >> chris you mentioned you have several full circle moments. there was a moment you got off the plane and the kids were ecstatic to see someone that looked like them. tell us about that. >> they saw me and kept saying "he's black, he's black." i don't think they're used to seeing people that look like them come and help them out. >> thank you so much. keep doing what you're doing, brother. >> thank you, it's been a pleasure. >> they're headed back in march. if you want to get involved head over to our website and we'll post a link so you can help out. these days the second you walk out your door you are vulnerable. this car with the dash cam comes up on what looks like a driveway. this happens. >> oh! >> she fell. they didn't even hit her. >> no one is wearing a helmet. >> this grandma is on her scooter carrying her 11-year-old grandson, loses control. the kid you can imagine was super scared and freaked out. they have minor injuries and damage to that scooter. >> did she lose control because
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she wasn't paying attention or something else going on? >> what do you think? who caused this incident? >> it wasn't the fault of the driver. because the driver just pulled up. they weren't going to hit her. they were going slow. >> the courts do not agree with you, gail. according to reports this driver ended up being held responsible for that incident, even had to pay a fine. the woman said the speed at which the driver pulled up freaked her out and she thought she was about to get hit. people on the internet are completely puzzled by this. >> why is the driver legally responsible for the other driver freaking out at nothing? >> this one is definitely, got people divided, but unfortunately, the guy still had to pay. this next incident is just so unfortunate on so many levels. as that cyclist is crossing, notice an ambulance that takes that cyclist out.
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they were on their way to the hospital to take a patient that they had just picked up, whom had also been hit by a car. >> come on. >> while trying to cross the street. it's possible that she may have been wearing earbuds listening to music that may have canceled out the sound of the siren. the cyclist suffered minor injuries. he was taken to the hospital but is going to be okay. >> by the same ambulance? >> a second ambulance, followed behind. it's like the ambulance chasing ambulance, ready for all the people from the first ambulance, hey, need a lift? funny i should be here. i was in charge of a hotel and managed to find one downtown half the price of all the other ones because it was haunted and she hasn't forgiven me. this is another video from texas and also getting a little bit -- >> there's something really scary going on in here right now. >> this guy was just in his
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hotel room watching tv and this weird stuff started happening. the phone came off its cradle and one of of the cups had also fallen onto the floor. suddenly -- >> i don't know -- oh, crap. >> the phone. >> goes flying off the cradle. >> this stuff is freaking me out. >> goes to the sink, keep an eye on the towel. >> can you move something else? oh! >> oh, please. >> can you tell me your name? >> speak a little louder. >> that's when you see the phone moving. >> oh, my goodness! >> somebody from the other dimension has a message. pick up the phone. >> he was asking for it to speak louder. >> i think the ghost is telling him to hang on, because the hanger has come off as well. at this point, goes to the door, opens it up and encourages the ghost to get to steppin'. >> you are welcome to leave. >> people are just as skeptical as gail. how do you think he's doing it? >> string. >> fishing wire. >> he posted another hotel, all
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kinds of people are coming out trying to debunk it. he bought fishing line and attached it to show you how it picks up the reflection from light. this is a good point. however, if you do go through it you pick up on some things. >> come on ghostbusters. >> first time the phone came off the cradle looks like he's looking at something. what he's really doing is hiding whatever he's doing with his left hand and then phone also comes off towards the guy with the camera. when the towel falls off he takes a step back, as the towel comes off, same sort of movement. when it's moved across the floor goes over to the towel videoing the wall for no reason. he's reaching his leg up and pulling that towel toward him, oh my goodness look it's moved. happeninger comes off. watch his left foot in the reflection. that hanger moves at the same speed and same distance as his left foot. he's moving something with his toes. this is without a doubt a fake but i'm telling you right now, he pulls all kinds of trickery
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teen follow it up with the debunking video, pretty impressive. >> it's clever. the rnli has been around since 1824. that's the royal national lifeboat institution and they're separate from the coast guard. they survive on donations. >> they're all volunteers as well. >> a rescue at porthcawl headed out to the motor cruiser. the motor cruiser has a big problem. it's taking on water. >> that's not what boats are supposed to do. >> when they get there, they immediately tell the people on the boat what to do. >> put the bow of the boat into the swell and we'll come alongside of it. >> we have no access into the forward cabin. >> a wave broke the window and forced the door closed so they can't get into the cabin to turn the boat around. >> this could be bad. >> it could have been bad but the rnli is there to save the day. they transfer the crew and the salvage pump onto that motor
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cruiser. >> good girl. all right. good girl. >> dog, little pet, wants to make sure the dog's comfortable. they are able to get the people and the boat back to shore. >> rnli are hugely appreciated in the uk. he's reciting a special poem. >> it has a lot of style and emotion. >> now, i, i can't breathe. >> see how the ending takes someone else's breath away. and a man spots something suspicious, so he starts chasing down these guys who have apparently stolen something from somewhere. why there's no sugar coating this confrontation. >> like a child. >> brought to you by sparkle, affordable paper towels that let you shine through. affordable paper towels that shine as bright as you do. own your shine™. sparkle®.
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closed captioning provided by --ms so be wise all take new xyzal®. this is from the youtube cam of trigger moto. he's not actually riding a motorbike. just walking across the street. one guy goes jogging by followed by another dude, followed by a third guy. he's kind of dressed like security. trigger notices this, too. >> excuse me, is thers erer a r?
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>> i'm involved, too. starts chasing down guys who have apparently stolen something from somewhere. >> he catches them pretty quickly. these guys almost kind of give up. then just watch this. the guy hands over the thing that he stole from the supermarket. but the guy asks the question -- he's like fine on that one. and he's like oh, fine. i'm done. he's walking away. no, i just want to, no, i promise. >> your jacket? >> the security guy is trying to carry all this stuff. here, take that as well. trigger was just being a free vigilante for the day, managed to help that guy out but what a weird video. >> no worries. let's go to lamar's house for an evening of arts and entertainment. >> can you believe that? >> this is garnett, reading a
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poem he's rinne for alicia. they were classmates. >> four and a half years since you asked me for my notes in pharmacology, maybe for anatomy. >> this poem is in response to one she wrote three years ago he helped her with. >> i remember looking up finding my breath and couldn't recall it. >> he talks about being her friend, being in the friends zone but whenever he sees her -- >> i can't, i can't breathe. >> fast forward to the first christmas together. struggling to get a grip, my pocket making sure i still have it. i was ranting how i would do it but now i -- i can't breathe. >> for someone that can't breathe he's rather eloquent about it. >> i think so. garnett is quite the guy. and then he starts talking about the future. >> so two-years from now, where is my father? he's holding our hands telling us how much he loves us and how much he's glad to have a
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daughter like you. >> what? how did we get from friend zone to -- >> have a daughter like you. >> he's got something to ask her. >> will you marry me? >> everyone's dead quiet, waiting. >> now she can't breathe. >> yes. >> does that ring fwloe in tglo dark? >> no, it's a lighted ring box. ♪ >> exactly. >> she says yes. >> andhand her a paper bag to breathe in, man. >> they hug and always that one person who has to say something. >> yeah! >> she said yes, y'all! he's on operation surprise mama. >> he's so nervous and you could see the tears flowing. >> next "right this minute." still to come a helicopter pilot shows off their skills. getting really ragged out there. how bringing it in low is almost a showstopper. >> oh!
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rn promotional consideration provided by -- ands. turn off pain. smart relief. i'm a sucker for air shows. i love to go to them. they push an aircraft to the edge. it can get really ragged. this is from the uk, the helicopter comes in really low. >> ooh, no!
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>> the tail rotor makes contact with the ground and you see dirt is thrown up. >> look at that. >> you have no idea just how dangerous that is. >> was that intentional? >> if it was intentional then it's clearly a pilot with a death wish. if that tail rotor goes out your helicopter is out of control and with aviation fuel inside it's a ticking time bomb. >> that was incredibly lucky, and professionally executed. >> i think he was supposed to go low, just not that low. now this next video is called checking the crops. you see why. >> oh, shoot. >> snap. >> he's able to quickly bank away. it was crazy. honestly it was just getting right down there, checking on the corn, making sure they're all growing no problem. this is a red but the al leyte which would explain the
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precision. >> i'm disappointed he didn't reach down for one and grab it. >> i'm alyssa borne and i'm a breast model. >> in this video she talks about being able to model bras mostly. >> people think i'm a breast model they assume i have hypersexual, but there's a difference. >> people think she's hypersexualized. you go through catalogues, somebody has to model this stuff. it's a job, people. the photos are basic and straightforward and showcasing the bra and she doesn't necessarily fit that stereotype of a perfect female body which is one of the things i appreciate about this video. >> i like the fact she's built like a real women. more women are shaped like her than models on the cover of "cosmo" and other magazines. >> if i weren't modeling i'd
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probably be in accounting. i went to school for financial accounting, both my parents are cpas. i had a job lined up to do internal auditing but decided to take a leap and pursue this career path. >> as far as i'm concerned she's using her degree, she's counting them coins all the way to the bank doing something she likes. >> you can get paid to do something like that, get paid. >> for exercise, do high reps of low weight for things that will work out my chest would be pushups, or presses with dumbbells. dumbbell slides. >> she talks about what it's like to stay toned not muscular and the responsibility to have healthy skin because obviously she's a mod some she has to stay as healthy as possible. >> i don't feel like i'm just my breasts because i know that i'm offering things that are beyond just the physical aspects. i'm greater than the sum of my parts, if you will.
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all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to >> i think it would be super comfortable, having a bag made out of a t-irrelevant, auto i'll like yeah. >> gabby just returned from a catholic youth retreat she was serve other teens. her family is proud of her. they gathered to receive her, givinger this this gift, she's opening it up. >> i love this. >> what is it? >> on a car out there, wherever you go. >> she's 15, she doesn't own a car she's like grateful, thanks, cool. >> you saw that moment of excitement and the rug pulled out immediately from under her. well, thanks. >> oh. >> what kind of rosary? >> this is another clue, but she's still questioning it.
2:57 pm
>> where your thumb is. other thumb. >> cool, but i still don't have a car. >> not going to get too excited anymore. >> she's good deep faith. >> do you want to go find your daddy outside? >> does dad have a confession to make? >> he does. they lead her outside. >> keep walking. >> she takes the nicest car, the lambo, you guys are great! >> yeah, oh -- >> and there's her dad. she spots him. oh, cool. >> it's a little mini suv. >> it happens to be a 2015 kia sole and this is her dream car so why not? okay that's all we have time for, for this episode. catch us next time on "right this minute." ♪
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now, here is a good example of a loft bed, the kind we were talking about for spencer. it's not as spacious as his suite at wyndemere, but, you know, it's tough to compete with a castle. but it gives him plenty of room for a desk and... a space where he can get away from us. laura. is everything okay? yeah. yeah. i -- [ sighs ] i'm sorry. i-i just -- i can't stop thinking about everything that spencer has been through. well, that's understandable. he gave us quite a scare. but he's safe, and he's getting back to his everyday life. and it's -- it's great that he felt comfortable about going back to camp today. yeah. he's very resilient. and the man that kidnapped him -- uh, garvey? yeah. he's in custody at the hospital. yeah.


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